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late Resolve of the General Court.

read & Accepted

Jn" Avery D^ Secy

Penobscot April 12 1778
Sir I arrived here after a long Passage of three weeks I find
the Indians and the Inhabitants of this River in very Distres-
ing Circumstances for want of Corn M' Preble has borrow'd


all the Corn of the people here that he could git in order to
supply the Indians and now he cannot even Replace it againe
it is not to be bought he has had no Stors from Jpsurg this
Winter there is not Corn enough in this River to Supply the
people for three weeks and what the Indians Avill Do I Cant
say M' Preble & Treet has bought about 40 bushel this Day
but what is that amongst so maney I hope you will bring
some for the Indians if possable thay think very hard oft
that you stay so long and Dont send them aney thing tliay
Expect to have Every thing when you Come at the price
CoP Allen Lett

I Remaine your friend and HumW Serv*

Josiah Brewer

N. B. as to their is no Potaters in this River to plant this
year if you Dont bring some for your Self and me we shall
have none to plant

P.S. as to matters Respecting other affairs in this River all
things Remain very still as some Persons find they have
Done their bes* and it turns out very Contrary to their

150 bush^ Indian Corn 2 Teirces Flower

Account of Rations Due to Cap' Rubin Dyer & officers in
the Staits Service at Mechias from July 3*^ & to the 9 of
octob^ 1777

Due to Capt Dyer 160 Rations Due to Left Allin 112
Ditto Due to Left Longfellow 97 Ditto Total 369

Thease may Certifie that I have Deliverd the above officers
one Ration each from the first Day of Sepf to the Ninth Day
of October and No more

g Robert Foster Quarter-Master.


This may Sartify that I have Dehvered the above offsers
from the first Day of August to the Last of August 15
Ratious m the hole.

g Elijah Ayer Quarter-Master.

Boston April 13»M778
Pleas to pay the above account of 8/ g man and Rations
that is Due as g this account to Capt. Jonas Farnsworth

P' Ruben Dyer

Account of Rations Due to Capt Jabez West and officers
in the Staits Servis at Mechias from the 24 day of June 1777
to the 9 day of October

?"■ me Jabez West

Due to Cai>t West 106 Rations Due to Left Scott 127
Ditto Due to Left Allbee 84 Ditto Due Engine Stone

These may Certifie that I have Deliver'd the above officers
the one Ration each from the first Day of Sepf to the 9 Day
of October and no more

g me Robert Foster Quarter-Master.

Boston April 13, 1777.
Pleas to Pay the above account to Capt. Jonas Farnsworth
and Likewise the Rations.

Jabez West

State of Massachusetts Bay

April 13"» 1778
The Com'*^ of both Houses, this day appointed, to con-
sider the Representation of the Town of Falmouth, respect-


ing the raising Volunteers for reinforceing the Continental
Army, beg leave to Report at large.

That it be earnestly recommended to the Several Towns &
Plantations in this State, immediately to furnish by volun-
tary inlistment, for a term of Nine Months unless sooner dis-
charged, as many Men as they can Spare for the Continental
Service ; to be formed into companies & Regiments under
officers of their own choosing, & to Serve under Such Gen-
eral-Officers as the General of the American Forces shall
order ; to have Continental Pay & Rations, & a Bounty of
Twenty Pounds for each & every Private Soldier & Non-
commissioned officer. Provided That they shall inlist as
aforesaid on or before the Tenth of May next & every such
Town & Plantation, having previously furnished their one
Seventh part for the Continental Army, shall have Credit
for all Such Volunteers as they shall furnish in manner as
aforesaid, so as to be considered in future Levies.

That the conduct of said Town of Falmouth is highly
approved for their manly, generous & patriotic behavior in
this affair; & that their volunteers be accepted ; & that the
Gentlemen recommended for Officers, be commissionated by
the Council accordingly : & that this conduct in the Town
of Falmouth be reconunended for general immitation. —

J Palmer g order

In Council April 13, 1778

Read & Sent down —

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

In the House of Representatives April 15, 1778
Read & committed to the Committee to whom was recom-
itted the Resolve for raising men for the North River &c :
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 16, 1778 J Pitts Spk' g Temp

Read & Concurred

Jn" Avery D^ Secy


State of Massachusetts Bay

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representa-

Whereas by a Resolve of the hono^« Court of the S** March
last ordering that the Schooner Two Brothers seiz'd at Fal-
mouth by George Deake Commander of the Fort at Casco
Bay be released and permitted to proceed to Boston where
upon her Arrival Report was to be made by the Commander
of said Vessell to the Board of War under whose direction
said Ebenez' and Benjamin Furnass proceeded to Nova Sco-
tia in a Scliooner also called the Two Brothers and the said
Board are directed to make needfull Enquiery whether the
Conditions in the permission granted by a Resolve of Court,
of the 30 Septem last to s'^ Thayer & Furnass have been
properly complied with. In pursuance of which order the
said Schooner hath been removed from Falmouth and is now
in the Port of Boston, and the said Commander hath agreea-
ble to said Order made Report thereof to this Board, and the
said Deak hath laid before us a number of Papers found on
board said Schooner from which it appears. That there are
sundry Invoices of Goods, found on Board, which do not
express whose property they are, or to whom they are con-
signed ; neither doth any bills of loading appear, expressing
at whose risque, or to whom the goods are shipped. Besides
the Clearance is for the Bay of Fundy & thence to the West
Indies; and the Shipping papers fill'd in like manner. More-
over tlie Vessell in question is three or four times as large
as that Permitted to fetch up the Effects of Ebenez"" Thayer
& is iKjt Command* by Cap* Williams, according to the afore-
said pcrmitt. But by a Cap* Thomas Lowden, who is aflirmed
to be inimical to these states, & to have been in arms, &> to
have fought against us. Li fine there is a Certain Bill of
Exchange for 112 £ sterhng which appears not to be drawn
in tlie usual form, or negotiable in the usual manner; all


which Taken mto consideration, as well as many Dark hints
and inuendoes Scattered through the whole of the papers in
question, utterly inconsistant with fair dealing, makes us
apprehensive that their real design was, under false & feigned
papers, to carry on a Contraband trade bet\\'een our Enemies,
the Subjects of Nova Scotia, and the disaffected persons re-
siding in the Eastern part of these states ; By which means
it might be practicable to supply our Public Enemies, now
in arms against us, or others residing in the West India
Islands, or in Nova Scotia, with Provisions. —

We therefore are clearly of Opinion & are Confirm'd there-
in, By the Concurrent advice of the Attor^ Gen\ That the
said Vessell & Cargo/ which have been already libelled/ be
prosecuted in the Court of Admiralty & the matter deter-
min'd according to Law ; to the End that the particular cir-
cumstances of this transaction may be brought to Light

Sam Phps Savage Prest g order
War Office 13^'' April 1778.

PS. Wee would also Inform the Hon'* Court, that yes-
terday ]VP Sheriff Greenleaf did in consequence of a Writ
given him by William Bant of Boston, seize the said Vessell
& Cargo, & bring her to a Wharf in this Town, Causeing her
Sails to be unbent & Stored Whereby we apprehend that
the said Vessell & Cargo may be unsafe without a guard.

Col° Jon*^ Lowder Dr for Sundrys for Penobscot Indians,
Apl 13 1778

[ Here follows a list of articles.]

The Petition of Rebecca Callahan.

To the honorable Council & House of Representatives in
in General Court assembled at Boston, March ye 7th A D



Humbly slieweth Rebecca Callahan wife of Charles Calla-
han late of Pownalborough in the County of Lincoln, that
her said Husband some time since, absented him self from
this State, and is supposed by the Select-men of said Pownal-
borough to have gone to the Enemies of the united States of
America, and that his Estate is to be taken into ye Hands of
the Connnittee of Sequestration to be disposed of according
to a late Act of this honorable Assembly respecting the
Estates of such Persons as have joined the Enemy afore-
said ; and Nathaniel Thwing of Woolwich in s* County Esq'
has been appointed Agent for the said Charles, and has
taken Possession of the real Estate, and has applied to your
Petitioner for all the personal Effects of the s*^ Charles but
your Petitioner not thinking that the said Charles had,
according to the spirit of the said Act, forfeited his Estate,
and that she had no other Way of supporting her Self &
Family and that the said Charles had left an aged Father
intirely dependent on said Estate for his living, refused to
deliver the personal effects into the Hands of said Thwing,

Whereupon your Petitioner humbly prays this honorable
Court to consider her distressed Situation, and permit her to
have, and keep Possession of her s*^ Husband's Estate both
real & personal for the necessary Support of her Father, her
Self and Family. But if this honorable Court should not
think proper to grant your Petitioner the Prayer of this Pet-
ition, She prays that she may be permitted to go to her Hus-
band carrying with her the said moveable Effects ( which are
but of the Value of three hundred Pounds ) as necessaiy to
defray lier Expences & supi^ort her Self till she can be pro-
vided for by her Husband — And as in duty bound will ever


Rebecca Callahan

In Council April 14: 1778 Read and thereupon Ordered
that Benjamin Austin Esq'' with such as the Honble House



shall appoint : be a Committee to consider the same & report

what is proper to be done thereon

Sent down for Concurrence

Jn° Avery D" Sec^

In the House of Representatives April 14, 1778

Read & concurrd & M' Ely and M" Sumner are joined

J Pitts Spkr p Temp.

State of Massachusetts Bay —

I John Allan, Do Acknowledge, The United States of
America, to be Free Independent, and Sovereign States, and
Declare that the People Thereof Owe no Allegiance or
Obediance to George the Third King of Great Britain, and I
renounce refuse and Abjure Any Allegiance or Obediance to
him. And I Do Swear that I will to the Utmost of my
Power Suport, Maintain, And Defend the Said United States,
Against the Said George the third, King &c — his Heier and
Successors, and his or their Abettors, Assistants and Adher-
ents, And Will Serve the said United States in the Offices of
Superintendent and Commander in Chief of Indians Eastern
Department, Which I now hold, With Fidelity, According to
the Best of my Skill and Understanding So help me God —

Jn*' Allan.
Lincoln Ss. Mechias Apr^ IS''^ 1778

This day the Above Mentioned John Allan Esq'' Person-
ally Appeard & Made Solemn Oath to the foregoing Declara-
tion By him Subscribed —

Before me Alex: Campbell Jus* peace

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives April 17 1778

On the Petition of Andrew Oilman Setting forth that he
left his home in Canada, in the year 1775, to serve this State,



in engaging the Penobscott, and Several other Tribes of
Indians to Engage in our Service, or Rather not to take up
the Hatchet against us, and that he has served faithfully from
the month of May 1775: until Jan^ y« 22*^ 1778 at whicli
time he was Discliarged, — and Prayuig that he may be Rein-
stated in his former Service &c, —

Resolved that, Lieu't Andrew Gilman, be & he is hereby
appointed, a Lieut in the Service of this State, to Reside at
Penobscot & with the Penobscot Tribe of Indians, to watch
their motions and inclinations, as well as the dispositions of
all other Indians that may come within his knowledge and to
do such other Services as he may be appointed to by the
General Court of this State, —

it is further Resolved that s*^ Andrew Gilman be allowed
the Same pay and Rations for his Services as a Lieut in the
Continental Army to commence the 23 of Jan'' last aforesaid,
untill the further order of this Court, ^ — and the Honorable
Council are hereby requested to Commis" and direct the Said
Gilman accordingly. —

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spk'' p'' Temp

In Council April 17' 1778 Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery D^ Secy
Consented to

Jer. Powell

R. Derby

S Holten
A Fuller
B White
John Whitcomb

W Sever
I Gushing
Jabez Fisher
J Stone
D Hopkins

A Ward
I Palmer
Benj Austin
N Gushing
OUver Prescott

State of Massachusetts Bay
In tlie House of Representatives April 17"' 1778

Resolv'd that there be paid out of the Public Treasuiy of
this State to Col° Joliii Allan the sum of Two Hundred &


Thirty Seven Pounds Seven Shillings & Nine pence Half
Penny, Beiug so much due him on his Accounts as Com-
manding Officer of the Troops Stationed at Machias. —

Resolv'd that there be paid to said Colo' John Allan Con-
tinental Agent for the Eastern Indians, out of the Public
Treasury of this State, the sum of Twelve Hundred Pounds on
account of the United States, to Enable him to Discharge
the Debts already Contracted & to carry on the Business of
Agency with the Indians, Said Allan to be Accountable for
the Same, —

Resolv'd that the Board of War be and hereby are
Directed to furnish said Allan with four Whale Boats and an
Oyl Cloath marque

Resolv'd that Lieu* William Albee with Thirty men now
under his Command & whose time of Service expires in June
Next be Continued in Service untill the first Day of Decem-
ber Insuing, and the Board of War are hereby directed to
furnish Stephen Smith Commissary at Machias with Provi-
sions for the Same, —

Resolv'd that Major George Stillman be and hereby is
Impowered to Engage in the Service a good Surgeon for the
Troops at Machias, and said Surgeon to be allowed Ten
Pounds for Each Callander Month and Two Rations of
Provisions. —

Resolv'd that the Council be and hereby are Directed to
write a Letter to Congress, Inclosing all the Letters Colo'
Allan hath wrote to this Court, Together with his Accounts
as agent to the Eastern Indians, acquainting them with what
they have advanced Said Allan & Desire that they woud
take some proper order respecting his further Supply, —

And whereas it is Attended with Great Charge & is highly
improper for this State to Keep a Truck House at Machias
as the Indians there are wholely under the Directions of the
Continental Agent, Therefore


Resolved that the Truck House at Maehias ought in future
to be Carry'd on at the Charge of the United States, under
tlie Directions of Colo^ John Allan Continental Agent for
tlie Eastern Indians, and the Council is hereby Directed to
Inform Congress of the Same, —

Whereas the Penalty mentioned in the Resolve of this
Court of the 27'''' of June Last hath been found insufficient
to prevent the Evil Practices therein Complained of, in
respect of Trading with the Indians Therefore —

Resolved that no person ( the Truck Master Excepted ) be
Allowed to Give, Sell, Truck, Barter or Exchange, with any
Indian or Indians, any Strong Beer, Cyder, Wine, Rum,
Brandy, Strong Liquors, or any other Articles, for clothing
or any other thing whatsoever the Indians may have in Pos-
session, wheather. Intoxicated or not, on the Penelty of Fifty
Pounds, to be paid one Moiety to him or them, who shall
Inform or sue for the Same, and the other Moiety to the
Treasurer of this State for the use of the State, for Each and
Every Offence above mention'd to be recover'd at any Court
proper to Try the Same or Twelve months Imprisonment. —
Sent up for Concurrence

J Pitts Spk"" g Temp

In Council April 17, 1778

Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery D^.Secy

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of R(!presentatives April 20, 1778

On the Petition of George Stilman in l)ehalf of Capt"
Stephen Smith who was appointed Muster Master for the
County of Lincoln in this State Praying alowance for Cash
he has paid in Bounties to Non Comissioned officers & soul-
diers who engaged in the expedition against St Johns



Resolved that tliere be paid out of the Pubhc Treasury of
this State to Capt" Stephen Smith, tlie sum of two hundred
& fifty seven Pounds in full Discharge of all Demands h'^
Smith hath against this state for Mony paid by him as
Bounties to Non Comissioned officers, and soldiers, who
Engaged in the Expedition against St Johns.

And that the Board of War be Directed to settle ace*' with
Cap' Smith as Commissary, & Truck Master.

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p'^ Tem

In Council April 21' 1778 Read & Concurred

John Avery D^ Sc^

Consented to
Moses Gill John Fisher

W. S. Spooner Benj Austin
D Hopkins Oliver Prescott

A Fuller

B White

John Whitcomb

Josiah Stone

To the HonV'' Council & House of Representatives of the
State of the Massachusetts Bay in general Court Assembled
the Petition of Andrew Gilman of Penobscot Humbly

That Whereas your Petitioner had a Company of men un-
der Command Stationed at Penobscot which Company was
discharged in Jan^ Last and as your Petitioner together with
Insign Jeremiah Colborn have two Rations Each Due from
the ll'^' of Sept' to the ll*'^ of Decem' 1776 and one Ration
Each Due from 11*^ of December to the 22 of January 1778
the time said Company was Discharged, and as your Peti-
tioner is in great want of Provision he Humbly Prays your
honors to take the Matter into your Wise Consideration and
point out some Method Whereby your Petitioner may be en-


abled to Receive the Provisions Due on the s*^ Rations and
your Petitioner as in [dut}^] Bound shall Ever Pray
Roxbury April 21" 1778

Andrew Gilman
The Committee on the within Petition having attended the
Severel Report, that the Petitioner have Leave to withdraw
his Petition.

To the Honorable Council of the State of Massachusetts
Bay —

Joseph Noyes of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland,

Commasary to the Forces stationed at said Falmouth & Cape


Humbly shew that he stands in need of money to Purchase

Provisions &c for said Forces therefore pray your Honours

to give him a warrant on the Treasury of this State for five

hundred Pounds and as in Duty Bound shall ever pray

Joseph Noyes
Roxbury April 21" 1778

In Council April 21' 1778 Read & Ordered that a War-
rant be drawn on the Treasury for .£500 in fav' of the said
Noyes for supplying the Sea Coast Men with Necessaries he

to be Acc''^® for the same

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

State of Massachusetts Bay —
In the House of Representatives April 21, 1778
On the Petition of Joseph Chad wick praying Allowance for
his time & trouble in Protracting a Plan of the Inland from
Penobscutt to Quebeck
Resolved that there be paid out of the Treasury of tliis State



to the said Joseph Chadwick the sum of thirty Pounds in
full for said Service —
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 21' 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to
Jer : Powell
I Palmer
Moses Gill
John Whitcomb
Josiah Stone

A Ward
T Cushing
Benj Austin.
D Hopkins
A Fuller

J Pitts Spkr g Tem

John Avery D^ Sec^

Warrant drawn

R Derby
S Holten
B White
Oliver Prescott
Jabez Fisher

In the House of Representatives April 23'^ 1778 On a Pe-
tition of a Number of Inhabitants of a Place called Raymond
Town in the County of Cumberland praying for an Abate-
ment of the Publick Taxes, assessed on them by the assessors
of the Town of Windham, for the years 1776 and 1777; for
reasons set forth in said Petition

Resolved that the Prayer and Petition be granted, and
that the assessors of said Windham be, and they hereby are
ordered and Directed to abate all the Publick Taxes that
they have or shall have Levied, or Assessed, on the Polls,
and Estates of the Said Inhabitants for the years 1776 and
1777: Provided, nevertheless That nothing in this Resolve
shall be Cause to or tend to any Abatement in the Taxes
imposed on the said Town of Windham by the General Court
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p' Tem

In Council April 24, 1778 Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery Dy Secy
Consented to

Jer Powell A Ward

Moses Gill S Holten

Oliver Prescott W Spooner

I Palmer
Jabez Fisher
D Hopkins



In the House of Representatives April 25 1778

In a letter from Col. Josiah Brewer at Penobscut, to Col.
Jonathan Lowder Truck Master to the Penobscut Indians,
Representing the Great want the s*^ Indians are in of Corn.

Resolved that the Board of War be, and they hereby are
directed to deliver to Col. Jonathan Lowder Truck Master
for said Penobscut Indians one Hundred and fifty Bushels of
Com for the Use of the Said Indians, He, the said Jonathan
Lowder being accountable to the Court for the Same.

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Tern

In Council April 25, 1778 Read & Concurred

John Avery D^ Secy

Consented to
Jer Powell A Ward

B White Josiah Stone

Benj Austin

Moses Gill
Oliver Prescott

In the House of Representatives April 27"* 1778
On the Petition of Ziphion Thayer praying that the Con-
duct of his Brother Ch Thayer relative to the Schooner
called the two Brothers might be enquired into and that the
said Schooner her Cargoe &c be tried upon the Libel of John
Dixey, for Reasons set forth in said Petition

Whereas the said Schooner was Captured and carried into
the Eastern District, where she was first Libelled by George
Deak Commander of the Fort at Casco Bay, as well in his
own behalf as in behalf of this State, — since which she has
been removed by a special Order of tliis Court to the Middle
District, and there libelled by John Dixey and some doubts
may arise which of said Districts is the proper place for
Tryal — therefore Resolved that the Judge of the Maritime
Court for the Middle District be and hereby is impowered


and directed, to proceed to the Tryal of Schooner called the
Two Brothers, upon the Libel of John Dixey and that the
said George Deak be and hereby is also impowered to file his
Claim to the s** Schooner her Cargoe &c in behalf of himself
& of this State, in the same Court as well as all others con-
cerned either as Captors or Claimants and that they be
allowed to give the same Evidence as they by law might have
done in Case said Schooner had been tried in the Eastern
District, and that the Judge of said Eastern District, be
and hereby is directed to dismiss the libel first mentioned,
any law Usage or Custom to the Contrary Notwithstanding —
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Tern

In Council April 28' 1778 Read & Concurred

John Avery D^ Secy
Consented to
Jer Powell A Ward W Spooner

J Palmer Benj Austin John Whitcomb

T Cushing D Hopkins Oliver Prescott

Council Chamber April 27, 1778
Lieu. And'*' Gilman Sir

I am directed by the Hon'ble Board to signify to you that
as you have been lately appointed by the Gen' Court a Lieut,
in the Service of this State to reside at Penobscot in that
Capacity mentioned in your Appointment it is their Expecta-
tion that you Officiate as an Interpreter whenever the Public
Service require it between Col° Lowder and the Indians at

By order of the Council John Avery D^ Secy

To the General Court now sitting at Roxbury

May it please Your Hon" Your Petitioner asks your Pa-
tience amid all your attention to the public Interests of our


injur'* Country to the following State of Facts ; — In Sep''
after the Lexington Battle, pursuant to a recommendation of
the provincial Congress to the good People of this State to
use every Means to prevent supplies being carried to the En-
emy your Pete'", together with the other Members of the
Cora*® of Safety, &c at Frenchman's Bay, took under their

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