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your Petitioners therefore begs leave to Lay before your
Honors certain facts & Submit them to your Wisdom —

1** That your Petitioners in Carrying this New Settle-
ment have gone through great hardships and the late obstruc-


tions of their Business : occasioned by the Public Calamity-
has driven them to great Difficulties —

2°^^ That your Honors have been Inclined to give them
some Relief by some Articles sent down but it unluckily was
put into such peoples hands belonging to the upper District
who made use of a Considei'able part of them for their own
Emolument —

3^*^ That the Company of Soldiers that are Established
upon this River no way answers your honors designs, which
undoubtedly was for the good of the People here as well as
of the State in General but those affairs had been Conducted
as to be no service to the State and greatly Injurious to the
Settlers ; this Company is attended with considerable
Expense to the public and Answers no one purpose for the
Protection of the River: for the people cannot have any
Dependence upon protection from this Company and Rely
wholly upon their own Strength to defend in case of an
Invasion, and as this Company is wholly inlisted among the
Settlers here, they lessen the Labors and at the same time
are not to be depended upon for defence.

4'^** That the Regiment under Colonel Josiah Brewer may
amount to 150 men including Officers — The Indians on
penobscot River ma}'- come up to the Number of 45 able
bodied men which facts we think it proper your honors
should be acquainted with —

5^'' That the Truck trade as it is Carried on is no Emol-
ument to the State Injureous to the Settlers upon the River
which we are Ready to make appear —

These and many other particulars, your Petitioners would
Say before your TTonois if they had Opportunity which
rightly understood may be of Public Utility —

Penobscot March 30'" 1777 —

James Philbrock John Colwell David Bowell

John Toms Jonathan Pierce Jacob Dennet



John Cular Joshua Cular

Benjamin Wheeler Ephraim Grant
Robert Treatt Keneth Mc Kinzie
John Smart James Mc Curdey

Abram Preble James Dunnuig
Eliphalet Nichorson Abner Crosby
James Grant jun Ephraim Grant jun
Michael McMahon Tliomas Harding
Simeon Smith Samuel Killam
Peter Sangster Freeman Knowles

Gustavus Swan
Nicholas Crosby
Moses Wentworth
Andrew Grant
Stephen Littlefield
John Crosby
John Mansell jun
Zethem F'rench

Silas Heathern
Joseph Pomroy
John Mansell
John Sally
Simon Crosby
Jacob Busell
Caleb Goodwin
Haf^ Colson

Reuben Goodwin Joshua Ares

Joseph Avy
Thomas Campbell
Coinelas Cooke
Ephraim Downes
John Emery
Moses Crague
Robert Man
Edward Smith
Elisha Grant
Benjamin Higgins
Nathaniel Mayhew
Andrew Webster
Andrew Patterson
Joshua Walker
Henry Kinney
Jonathan Pendleton
John Sweetser
Simeon Johnston
Simeon Gorton

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Sep'' 17"' 1777 On the
Petition of Benj« Wheeler Eph"" Grant & Tho« Campbell a
Committee of a Settlement called Wheelersborough —

Resolved that the above named Petitioners or either of

them serve Colonel Josiah Brewer Jon. Lowder & Andrew

Gilman or either of them with a Copy of said Petition and

Depositions accompanying said Petition and this order thirty

days before the second Wednesday of the next Siting of this

Court & that the said Josiah Brewer Jonathan Lowder and

Andrew Gilman be and they hereby are directed to attend

this Court on the aforesaid second Wednesday of the next

Siting thereof, to make answer to the Petition aforesaid —

Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Spk'^


111 Council September 18"' 1777 Read & Concurred

Jn** Avery D^ Secy

Consented to by the Major part of the Council

A true Copy Attest

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

In Council Dec 12 1777 Read & Reviv'd Ordered that
David Sewall Esq"^ with such as the Hon'ble House shall
appoint be a Committee to consider the above and to hear the
Parties who are now attending &, report what is proper to be
done thereon

Sent down for Concurrence Samuel Adams Secr^

In the House of Representatives Dec. 13 1777

Read & concurred & Mr Sewall & Mr. Parker are joined

J Warren Spk''

In Council JaiP' 9, 1778 Read & revived & Ordered that

Nathan Cushing Esq with such as the Hon^ House shall

appoint be a Committee to consider the Petition of Benjamin

Wheeler to hear tlie Parties & report what is proper to be

done thereon

Sent down for Concurrence

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

111 the House of Representatives Jan 9 1778 Read &

Concurred & Mr Crane & Mr Brown of Framingham are


John Pitts Speak"" g Tim°

Feby 13"' 1777 Att a Precinct meeting in the East Parish
of Pownalborough being Legally warned the following Votes
was Passed —

Viz To Chouse a Committee to Apply to the General Court
for leive to Clioiise a Collector in the room of Rogers Smith
wlio Refuses to Serve —


Voted That Tho* Rice Esq' Micbal Sevey & John Huse be
the Committee —

a true coppy from the Record Atts*

Jon* Williamson Precinct clerk

State of the Massachusetts Bay
To The Hon^i« Assembly of the s'l State

now sitting at Boston Humbly shews the Petition

of the Committee of safety & inspection for the Town of
Kittery. —

That in pursuance of the duty enjoined us as a Com*%
and at the earnest request of this & some of the neighbour-
ing Towns for application to y'^ Hon" for Assistance to
enable us to oppose the landing of our Enemies in this part
of the State ( which from our exposed Situation & the late
advice sent by his Excellency General Washington recom-
mending it to all the Sea posts to be well prepared ) it is
highly probable we shall be attacked this Summer, and the
necessity of our request will appear the more just & reason-
able by pointing out some particulars which possibly may be
worthy of notice.

as 1'* This Harbour is undoubtedly inferior to none on
the Continent & this Town directly opposite the entrance in
which ships of whatever size may anchor within one quarter
of a mile from the Shore.

2"*^^^ If the Enemy should make a lodgment here there
are many advantageous posts for them, which being the case,
This Town, with Berwick, Lebanon & other Towns must be
greatly distressed if not ruined we being as it were a Barrier
to them.

3*^^y If our communication with the Sea is cut off & not
able to procure fish, upon which we greatly depend for sup-


port, we shall undoubtedly be a great burthen to the Com-
munity and would be very disagreeable to us.

4thiy ^g y^Q have more than our proportion of men
engaged in the present war it is highly needful that we be
well fortified as our trade by sea is at an end, and no ships
built here ( tho perhaps the most convenient Harbour on the
Continent upon every account except our defenceless State)
Our Carpenters are obliged to go into the army & navy for a
living thereby reducing us to a still weaker State, and as our
exertions as to men is so great it would be very liard indeed
for us left behind to fall a prey to those whose tender mer-
cies are cruelty.

5thiy -pj^g advantage of this River to the Community are
more than at first view may be imagined as the chief part of
the masts for our navy have been procured here at a cheap
rate, considerable stocks of cattle of all kinds here & lumber
of every kind, and provided we are not blocked up will
always afford a Supply. —

This being our situation ( without mentioning many other
circumstances of consequence) We humbly hope we shall
meet your Hon""^ approbation in applying for one Company of
Artillery-Men, three or four pieces of Cannon not less than
twelve pounders with a sufficiency of Ball for one good
Brush — The Cannon we should not have asked for but it
has been our great misfortune to find that four we were at y®
Cost of weighing out of the water & transporting from the
Isle Shoals to be unfit for use, being growii too thin and
honey comb'*^ — This favour granted will give us fresh Ufe &
vigour & raise our drooping Spirits, as it is the only hope
left for the protection of ourselves & family's from the Rav-
ages of unreasonable men.

And as in duty bound will pray y'' Hon" dutiful Petitioners

liy order of the Com*''^

John H Bartlett "> ^^^'^^^

Kittery March 1777


In the of Representatives March 31, 1777

Read & Committed to y^ Comm^*'*' on the State of the Sea

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council March 31, 1777

Head & Concurred

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy.

1777 State of the Massachusetts Bay to Daniel Sullivan


To Billeting 66 Men in my Company at three different

times in their March to Machias 322 days —

Errors Excepted

Dan^ Sullivan Capt

To the Honourable Council and Honourable House of Repre-
sentatives of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New
England; The Humble Petition of Thomas Berry, Calvin
Cowin, Thomas Ferrin James Fitsgerrell, John Henderson
and Benjamin Thompson and John Coombs, Humbly Show-
ing to your Honours that your Petitioners Inlisted under
one Cap* James Curtis of Brunswick on the fifteenth Day of
may Last; for the good of the Contrys Cause to Guard the
Sea Coasts: and after your Petitioners had bin Inlisted
Two months under the aforesaid Cap* Curtis he Left his
Station and went to the Head Quarters at Cambridge to get
further Orders and Insisted upon your Petitioners going
with him, which was Contrary to our Inlistment : for he
might have stayed at Brunswick : However after the Depart-
ure of Cap* Curtis your Petitioners to fulfill their Inlistments
for the Contrys Cause, Inlisted under Cap* Nathaniel Larra-
bee of Brunswick : and have Continued in the Service ever
since the said 15*^ Day of May and have always been Ready
and willing to do our Duty by Night or Day for the Contrys


Cause. Now your Petitioners will Inform your Honours the
State of the Case, which is as followeth : the said Capt. after
his return from the Head Quarters was ordered to go Down
East under the Direction of Cornel Cagill ; and wliolly
Kefuseth to allow your Petitioners any Wages or biliting
for the two months Servitude that we Served under him :
Now your Petitioners Humbly Prayeth that your Honours
will Take the affair under your wise Consideration and
Releave your Petitioners by allowing us the Pay for two
months wages and biliting under Cap* James Curtis, and
your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray, etc —
Brunswick November 27, 1775

Thomas Berry John Henderson Benjamin Thompson

Thomas Ferrin Calvin Cowen James Fitsgerrell

John Coombs

Brunswick December 11, 1775

We the Subscribers Committee of Brunswick & Harpswell
Would Inform whom it may concern, that the within named
Thomas Berry, John Henderson, Benjamin Thompson,
Thomas Ferrin, Calvin Cowen and James Fitchgerrell and
John Coombs did Inlist under Captain James Curtis for the
Defence of the Country and did Duty of Soldiers under him
till he went to Cambridge, then they Inlisted under Capt.
Nathaniel Larrabee to guard the Sea Coasts at our Desire.
We therefore think they are Deserving of their Wages for
the time they were under Captain Curtis as any of his other
men though we understand he is determined not to make
them up in his Roll.

Nathaniel Larrabee Thos Thompson Isaac Snow
Nath' Purington John Snow Thos. Cotton

Consented to

Jer : Powell W. Spooner Caleb Cushing

J. Winthrop R. Derby John Whitcomb

Moses Gill Benj. Austin S. Holten


B. White W" Phillips F. Gardner

E. Thayer J' Jos. Gushing D. Hopkins

ApL 3, 1777.

To the Honourable Gouncil and House of Representatives of

the Golony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in

General Court Assembled

The Petition of the Towns of Cape Elizabeth, Windham,
Gorham and Pearsontown in the County of Cumberland

Humbly Shew

That the said Towns lay bordering on Presumscutt River,
so called, and for many years after the Settlement of this
Eastern Country were plentifully supply'd with Salmon, Ale-
wives, Shad & other Sorts of Fish that frequented the s*^
River in great abundance it being peculiarly commodious for
the Spawn & increase of Fish by reason of a large pond
called Sebago or Sebacook which extends upwards of thirty
miles from the mouth of the s"^ River as far as Pondicherry
as also the many branches of s"^ River that used to bring a
plenty of the aforesaid Fish near to many of our doors, your
Petitioners further shew that by reason of several Mill Dams
being built quite across the s'^ River, without leaving a sluice
way for Fish to pass up, as by Law is directed, and since
the s*^ Mill Dams have been erected on the said River the
passage of all kinds of Fish as afores"^ has been totally
obstructed & stopt in their course up said River to the great
prejudice of many back Towns which depended (in their
Inland state ) on the said River for a part of their support,
as Also to the prejudice of all the Inhabitants of the Sea
Coast near the mouth of s'^ River by causing a scarcity of
Codfish, Haddock, and many kinds of Fish that frequent the
mouths of such extensive Rivers after a Quantity of small



Bait that abound in such places. And our fishing on the
Banks as well as on our Coast off Shore being in a great
measure impracticable by reason of the Enemy's cruisers that
infest our Coast, reduces us to the necessity of Adopting
some method whereby the Fish may come to us. And the
Laws of this Colony have been found ineffectual hitherto for
the removal of your Petitioners cause of Complaint, Where-
fore your Petitioners pray Your Honours to take the matter
of our Complaint into your consideration and Grant to your
petitioners such relief as in Your great Wisdom & Clemency
You may Judge meet & Your Petitioners as in Duty bound
shall ever pray. —
Gorham August 22^ 1776

George Strout
Harry Dyer

Committee of
Cape Elizabeth

William Elder
Zerubebell Hunewell
Thomas Trott

William Gorham
Prince Davis
Caleb Chase

Daniel Cram
Jn° Deane
Ephraim Rowe


Committee of

Committee of

The (/ommittee apointed to Take into Consideration the
Petition of Calvin Cowen and others mentioned in said Peti-
tion beg leave to Report facts as apeared by Inquiry to us
Viz : we find that Calvin Cowen, Thomas Ferrin, James
Fithsgerrell John Henderson, Ben* Thompson, John Coombs,
Thomas Berry was Inlisted in to the Sarvis under Capt.
Curtis to Defend the Sea Coast on the 15"* Day of May last


and faithfully Performed the Sarvis under hmi Til the 18*^
Day of July at which Time Cap* Curtis marched to head
quarters at Cambridge to joine the Contanentel Army and
took into his Company Seven other men, Namely : — Jona-
than Thomson Alexander Gray Uriah Gray, Thomas foote,
Sam^ Patten, John Dunlap, Simon Walker, and made them
up in his Roll for Payment and left out those Seven which
were first inlisted under him and was by order of Court
ordered to Strike them out of his Roll and it further apeared
that the Petitioners Inlisted under Capt Leatherby and
Sarved under him The tearme they first listed for, and was
not made up in any Roll for Pay the first two months the
Committee beg leave to Report by way of Resolve — Viz :

In the House of Representatives March 24, 1777
Resolved that there be paid out of the publick Treasury
of this State the sum of Sixteen pounds five Shillings to Thomas Berry or Order for himself & six others men-
tioned in the within Petition in full for their Wages while
on Duty under Cap* James Curtis ; further Resolv'd that
Cap* Js. Curtis be directed to pay to the within named Per-
sons their Billeting which he has received taking their
Receipts for the same.

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 4, 1777

Read & Concurred J Warren Spk'^

Jii° Avery Dp^ Secy

State of the Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives April 4, 1777.
Resolved that John Lewis Esq' Joshua Fabyan Esq., Saml
Thompson Esq. be a Committee to view the mill dams upon
Presumscott River in the Town of Falmouth & County of



Cumberland, which have been represented to this Court
totally to obstruct the Salmon, Alewives, Shad &c in their
passage to Sebago pond to lay their Spawn & that said Com-
mittee be directed to Confer with the owners of said dams &
view & Examine where proper sluice ways may be made for
the passage of said fish & report a State of facts to the next
General Court on the Second Tuesday of their first Session.
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 4, 1777 J. Warren — Sp'^^

Read & Concurred

Jn" Avery Dpy Secy.

Consented to

Jer. Powell
J. Winthrop
H. Gardner
B. White
Benj. Austin

W. Spooner
R. Derby
W"" Phillips
E. Thayer J'
Jabez Fisher

Caleb Gushing
John Whitcomb
Moses Gill
D. Hopkins
Dan^ Davis

Falm° April 6*" 1777
may it please y'" Honours

I just saw an Order of the Gen'l Court for continuing the
two Compy* here, for One Month from the first Cur* and
your Honours probably expect I must Supply them with
Flour, Pork, Beef, Wood, C'andles & Sauce Money — I have
now on hand about 20 t Flour & 4^ lbs. Pork — and there
is due to me besides as Comis^ near £200 Lmy (Lawful
money) for those Articles Supply'd S'^ CompJ"' Since Dec""
last. Shall therefore want more Provissions etc to last 'till
this month is Expired — I remain your Honours most ol/ S'

W"' Frost.

P. S. I have deliv'd the Ship Union agreeable to y"" Hon-
ours desire to Capt. Haynes. Shall endeavour to get her



Loaded as soon as possible — have also rec*^ the Articles sent
by Capt. Jo: Greenleaf.
The hon' Board War.

State of Massachusetts Bay.

In the House of Representatives April 5, 1777.

Whereas it is Represented to this Court, that the Petitioner
Joseph Sargent of Georgetown, now a Prisoner in Pownal-
borough Goal, near Sixty years of age and low Circumstances
in life, also said Prisoner has two Sons Inlisted into the
Continental army for the term of three years, and one of
those sons a minor — It is therefore Resolved that the Militia
Officers, Selectmen, and Committee of Correspondence,
Inspection & Safety in Georgetown, be and hereby are
directed and ordered immediately to liberate the above men-
tioned Petitioner from his Confinement any act or Law to
the contrary notwithstanding.
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Apl 7, 1777

Read & Concurred Sam^ Freeman Speak''

Jn" Avery Dpy. Secy.
Consented to

Jer. Powell A. Ward

Caleb Gushing John Whitcomb

S. Holten Benj. Austin

I. Winthrop R. Derby

E. Thayer J-" D. Hopkins

W. Spooner
Moses Gill
W"^ Phillips
B White
H. Gardner.

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives
of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court


The petition of the Committees of safety of the several
towns in the County of Cumberland Humbly shew that there
has been a vast deal of Work done in making Forts and
Batteryes in the Town of Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth in
the County aforesaid for the defence of the same and four
hundred and fifty Men will in our opinion be Absolutely
necessary to be station'd in Falmouth and one hundred and
fifty at Cape Elizabeth to keep the Forts and Batterys
aforesaid until they are reinforced by the Militia of the sev-
eral Towns in the County and as there will be a necessity of
Calling in the MiHtia untill the aforesaid number of men are
Stationed we hope your honours will provide a sufficient
Magazine to supply them when they are on Duty which will
not only answer at present but will likewise be necessary in
Case of an Alarm as the several towns in this County are
scarcely able to provide for there 0"\ati Families, your petition-
ers beg leave to mention that the situation of the people of
this County was such formerly that each Family was obliged
to keep a Gun for there Defence and that when the people
of this State were called out to Defend there Liberties
almost every person from this County that went into the
Army carried with him a gun many of which were stop'd
and kept for the use of the Continent and they have since
been unable to replace them, and as we are informed there is a
number of Small Arms in Boston for the Use of this State
we think it would Contribute much to the Safety of said
State if your Honors would order at least four hundred and
fifty Fire Arms for the Use of this County to be stored at
Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth that the people of said County
may be able to Equip themselves therewitli and also four
Eighteen pounders for Cape Elizabeth with a sufficient quan-
tity of Amunition. We hope your honours will readily
Grant us the aforesaid Articles as they are more immediately
for the protection of those Towns who have manifested their


Zeal in the American Cause by furnishing many more Men
than their Quota in the Continental Army and your petition-
ers as in Duty bound shall ever pray etc.
By order of the Committee

John Waite Chairman
Falmouth 8**' April 1777.

Falmouth 9 Aprill 1777.
Gentelmen this is to acquaint you I got Doun hear Last
Wensday. the Weather has Been So Blowing ever since
We have been able to do But little towards loding. I have
got the Ship up the River at the Place for loding, have got
in a quantity of Oak planks & Staves & Expect to begin to
take in masts tomorrow. Shall do all in my power to make
dispatch Mr Frost says he will assist me all that lays in his
power. I think the Ship is Verry Badly found for riging as
well as for many other necessarys. I shall send you a mem-
orandom of some things which I should be glad you would
send down as they cant be got hear. I have shipt a mate &
two men Which is all I have got I engag'd Several More in
Cape Ann but after I came away they got more wages to go
sum other way ; the Sailors Expect to be found in Small
stores. Your humbl Servant

Will'" Haynes

Elisha Maynard, Elisha Maynards heirs, John Whitcomb,
Ephraim Bobbins, Robert Barnard, Joseph Haild, William
Keyes, John Forbush, John Gardner, Robert Barnard, Joel,
& Solomon Barnard his heirs, John Sampson, Jonathan &
David Sampson his heirs, Philip Brookens, John Gardner,
Hilkiah Boynton, The heirs of said Boynton, John Hapgood,


The heirs of s*^ Hapgood, Joseph Whitney, Same Blood
Benj" Wood Esq% The heirs of s*^ Wood, John Maynard,
Stephen Maynard, Wilham Holloway, The heirs of John
Oaks, John Whitcomh, Pubhc Lots, Public Lots, Benj Woods
Esq^ The heirs of Said Woods, Thomas Gates, Charles
White, Josiah Stone, The heirs of said Stone, William Keyes,

Amos Brown, Charles Brown, Isaac Burr, Burr heirs,

Saml Hale, Joseph Beaman, Ben^ Rolfe Esq"", The heirs of
said Rolfe, John Hapgood, The heirs of said Hapgood, Benj''
Woods EsqS The heirs of said Woods, John Whitman Esq.,
Chas. Whitman, Benj-' Whitcomb, Timothy Walker, Jona-
than Eager, Noah Church, Amos Brown, Charles Brown,
Joseph Stone, The heirs of Benj*" Rolfe, Esq^ Jeremiah Hol-
man, Jeremiah Priest, Joseph Brown, Benj'' Brown, Benj*
Woods Esq^ The heirs of said Woods, Joseph Stone, The
heirs of said Stone, Peter How, Abner Cranson by Hows
order, Benj* Woods Esq., The heirs of s** Woods, Jonathan
Bush, The heirs of s*^ Brush, Benj" Hale, Noah Church, Jon-
athan Houghton, The heirs of s'' Houghton, William Keyes,
David Smith, John Hapgood heirs, W'" Whitney, John Saw-
yer, Jonas Warrin a sufferer in Rockingham No 2 W. of
Con' River, Richard Whitney, Daniel Whitney & Richard
Whitney Jun' by verbal order, Benj* Woods Esq% The heirs
of H^ Woods, Nath' Smith, Jonathan Green a Sufferer in Rock-
ingham No. 2. W. of Con* River, Benj* Rolfe Esq', The heirs
of said Rolfe, Nath' Hapgood, Daniel Hapgood, Abraham
Gibson, Hilkiah Boynton, The heirs of s** Boynton, Public
Lott, Charles Brigham, Noah Church, Jabez Richardson, The
heirs of said Richardson, Seth Rice.

Boston April 15*»^ 1777

The foregoing is a list of letters admitted by a Committee

of the General Court, appointed for that purpose. In a New

Township granted on the East side of Saco River, to those

that were Sufferers by the Runing of the hne between this

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