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Impowered to keep & preserve till the further Order of the
General Court, a certain parcel of Goods now in their
Custody, taken from & out of the House of Thomas Coulson
in the County afore** in the month of May 1775, by a Party
of the Militia under the Command of Col° Phinney amount-
ing as per Inv. here and annexed to 141. 1. 1. and all
Persons are hereby strictly forbidden to use or dispose of the
same till the further Order of this Court." Which Order
hath hitherto been strictly comply'd with so far as the
utmost exertion of the Committee would effect, till lately the
captors of the s^ Goods in the s'' Petition mention growing
almost desperate, being kept out of what they call'd their
just claim : Your Hon" Petitioners had drafted a second
Petition praying your Honours to order them some Allow-
ance, that their minds might be quieted but immediately
after, viz : the S'^ of June inst., a number of persons
encouraged by others did enter the Dwelling House of One
of the Committee & with force & arms broke the same, took
and carry'd away the said Goods out of your Petitioners
Possession. As by the s** special Order of Court the s**


Goods were vested with us, We think it Our bounden Duty
to take the Earliest opportunity of Remonstrating to Your
Honour's against the s'^ Illegal proceedings of some of the
Captors of the s*^ Goods Humbley praying Your Honours to
take this matter into your wise consideration & be assured of
the Loyalty & best endeavours of your Petitioners to pre-
serve inviolate the Authority of the State, and give some
Special Orders relating to the Premises as You in your great
Wisdom shall see fit & your Petitioners as in Duty bound
shall pray.
Gorham June 5, 1777

Edw*^ Phinney per Order
In behalf of Committee


I hope you will excuse my freedom in troubling your
Honour with the inclos'd : as the Selectmen and Committee
of Safety, etc. of this Town were strangers to the Members
that compose the Hon^^^ House the present year: & being
anxious for a speedy answer injoin'd it on me to do as I have
done the first opportunity : I therefore in the Name & behalf
of the Selectmen & Committee of this Town pray your Hon-
our to lay our matter of complaint before the House as soon
as may be : that we may have a speedy answer.
From your very humble Servant

Caleb Chase
Gorham June 7, 1777.

To the Speaker of the Hon^^® House of Representatives of
the State of Massachusetts Bay.


To the Honor^^* the Council and Assembly of the State of
Massachusetts Bay in General Court Assembled

The Memorial of Stephen Smith of INIachias
Most Humbly Sheweth

That a pernitious practice prevails among persons of no.
Principle but that of Avarice — of Selling Rum and Spirits
to the Indians, and by getting them Intoxicated defraud
them of their furrs and other articles of trade — by which
the State is deprived of the chief profitt of their valuable
Merchandise — and frustrate in their good Intentions of
preventing of and deceipt in Trafficking with those people —
The State in General acquires a bad Name and those who
are Employed by the publick to traid with them are obliged
to trust them with cloaths Bread and other Necessarys
because evil disposed persons have got them drunk and
cheated them of what they have to purchase with besides
the Honest tiaider often Suffers ill language and other abuse
from them because others got them drunk. He therefore
prays Your Hon'^* to pass some act or resolve — or by such
other Means as in Wisdom you shall see fit to prevent such
Iniquity for the future.

And as there has been some Extraordinary Demands for
Stores of late for special occasions, He begs your Hon" to
take into Your wise Consideration the State of the Stores
now at INIachias and the Many advantages derived from the
traid with the Indians there, Espeacially as it is the only
place in their troubles from times from which we can with
Safety get any furrs.

and give Such Orders thereon as Your Honours in Wis-
dom shall think proper —

and Your Memorialist as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray.

Stephen Smith.

Boston June 7, 1777.


A Return of the Sixth Regiment in the Count}' of Lincoln.

Com-i Officers 28 ; Clerks 8 ; Serjents 33 ; Corporals 31 ;
Drummers 6 ; Fifers 2 ; Rank & file 325 ; Alarm List 109 ;
guns 355; Bayonets 63; worms 375; Priming pins 357;
Hatchets 88 ; Catrage Boxes 29 ; Buck shot 100 ; Jack knives

443; T 315; Flints 1390; Powder lb. 167; Ball lb.

799 ; Knapsacks 427 ; Blankets 444 ; Canteens 396.

Officers mentioned :
Capt. Joseph Sevj, Cap* Henry Dyer, Cap* George Haslcm,
Cap* Samuel Libby, Cap* Daniel SuUaven, Cap* Ruben
Dyer, Ezra Young Cap*, Cap* John Hall, Cap* David Long-
fellow, Lew*^ Joel Whitney

Benj"^ Foster Coll

Machias March 1777. P' Jonas Farns worth Adj*

Norrigwalk, June 8, 1777. We the Lihabitents & upermost
Settlers on Canebec River once more Implore the assistance
of The Hon"" Court of the States off this Collony to Look
Crittically into our most Fearfull Situation in Regarde to the
Enemy with an Eye of Pitt}^ & Compation For We live
intierly Exposed to the Rage of A Merciless Enemy who
have Hier*^ Sum of the Indians Belonging to the Norrigawalk
tribe to Asist them in there Helhsh Design & to keep the
Same in Practice a Party of them consisting of English &
French Piletted by the Indians Come to the Great Carrying
Place & on the First of march sent in There Spie & took
two of our Hunters in about Half a Days travil of the Upper
Inhabitent & on the account off a great thaw at that time we
Conclude thay ware oblidged to Return without doing any
more Damage Therefore we your Humble Petitioners
Liveing in such a Dangers Situation And Loth to move inn
Humble Pleed our Necessity of Being Gearded & Regearded


Being Great Sufferers in the cause of Liberty Having No
chance to Defend the same

Our Friend Indians this Day Have niov*^ inn & gon down
the Reaver & Two Families Have moov'^ in order to go to
Groton from Norrigawalk and others are upon a mooving
order & Except we have Help Directly we shall be Oblige'*
to Leve our farms & seek for shelter M^e Know not where —
these our Imperfect Writings we send to Be Laid Before A
Coart of Justice Where the Prayers of the Distressed are
Heard and Ansered tho Ever so Emperfect.

James Waugh George Gray Thomas Waugh

Robert Whitcorab Lowell Fairbrother. Sylvanus Sawyer
Oliver Willson Jn° Clarke W'" Fletcher

P. S./ the information we have of this Party of the Enemy
coming Threw is from Two Hunters that Came in on the
first of May & inform'* us that They Saw where these two
men were taken and Sence confirm'* by our Hunting Indians
who Saw two Long Camps and Great Signs of a large Party
— and told us we had better take our families and move
down the River for thay said the English would hire a tribe
of Very Bad Indians that Lived Beyond Canada Reaver for
wliich Cause & Causes of the Like Nature the Indians have
mooved & moving into By Places intierly out of the way of
the Enemy.

State of Massachusetts Bay

To the Hon**'^ the C'ouncil of said State the Petition of
Abiel Wood liumbly shews — that 3'our Petitioner, sometime
in the year A.D. 1775, thro' the malevolent suggestions of
some of his assiduous Enemies, that he was an Enemy to
& had deserted the American States, had a sum of money
to the amount of two thousand Dollars by virtue of an order


of the Congress detained in M"^ Pelatiah Webster's Hand not
to be paid to your Petitioner without an Order or permit
from the Council of this State for that purpose — Your Peti-
tioner therefore humbly prays your Honors to take the
Premises into your wise Consideration & Grant him an order
or permit to receive his said money from said Webster &
your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray

Abiel Wood.

June lO*'^ 1777

Govern* thinks fit to advise you thro this Board that on

Sunday last 11 o'clock A. M. a sloop was chased off the

Gurnet as far as the Heights of Marshfield by 2 Frigates &

one other very large Ship which from the Distance between

her Masts where she put about appear'd to be at least a 50

Gun Ship — Our Informant had a full view of these three.

Ships & judged them to be British though they showed no

Colours. We make no doubt they are still in the Bay & are

very apprehensive that the ship with Hessians as well as

other vessels bound in may fall into their Hands unless they

receive timely notice of their danger. We therefore entreat

You will publish as expedily as possible this News to the

Eastward to the end that all concerned may be upon their


S. P. Savage Pres*

To the Com*® of Correspondence Inspection & Safety for

the Town of Falmouth

War Office Boston 10 June, 1777, 12 o'clock

As the Board of War hath positive Intelligence from

undoubted Authority that there is now in our Bay three


British men of war one of which is judged to be a fifty Gun
Ship, & tliat they are likely to cruise there or off the Capes
for some time, it is desired that you will detain the Ships
you are now loading, should they be ready to sail until you
shall receive further Advice or Intelligence from this Board.

W" Frost Esq.

You or the Com®" of Falra'' will forward this Intelligence
of British Ships cruising in our Bay as far East as you think
fit immediately and at the charge of Government.

Falmouth 11"' June 1777

I am sorry to acquaint you that i have Not been Able to
get Men for the Ship though I have Dun all that lay in my
power since my last I have Shipt one man at 25 Dollars pr
month Sailors are very Scarse & what few thare is hear are
not fond of such a Voige I have now five Men Besides My-
self & Mate the Ship has been loaded, wooded and watered
this 10 Days only Waits for men Should you think proper to
offer eney more Incouragment Or to have the Ship brought
to the Westward I should be glad to have your orders. If
the Ship is to lay hear till Man'd as it May be Sum time
Should be glad if you would send Down Sum more Rum
Coffe or chocolate & Sugar as I am oblig*^ to find the Sailors
& have not got a Suffeshency on bord Neither is it to be had
hear I Rec'd your letters for Messrs. Jacques Gruel & C.
Shall take perticuler Care of them We hear ther is four or
five saile of Crusers on the Coast one of them was cruising
of this harbor last Sunday I shall still Exerte myself as much
as possible about getting men though I have but poor
Incouragment as men are very Scarse. I am Gen*^ your
humble Servant Will'" Haynes.

To the Hon'"« Board War


Machias June y« 12**' 1777
To Capt Stephen Smith

Take this opportunity to lett you know that Last Saturday
morning Embarked Maj"" Shaw with foi'ty-five men for S*
Johns to joyn with M"^ Allen it was attended with Great
Difficulty to Repare boat for them to go in and attended
with much Expence to gett Nails, Pitch & so forth, to
Repare the Boat which hindred Maj"' Shaw from setting out
so sune as we Expected. How Ever we are in hopes he will
arrive seasonable to Meet the Enemy according to the last
account the Enemy nor Mr Simonds had not arriv'd thare
but was hourly Expected. Will™ Albey arrived hear Last
Sunday with a prize schooner, the Industery, Richard Velpay,
Lieu* master which schooner was taken last week by Cap'
West & Company & sent in hear M"^ Albey Seems to attend
to the Business of the prize more than the safety of the
States that Layd those matter before tlie Committee but
thayr being no letter from Mr. Allen and but a very Blind
acount from Cap* West Did not verily well no how to prosed
but Recommended to M^ Albey from him and his party to
Secure the Prize in the Best maner thay Could and Return
to thar Duty agin which M^ Albey Declined but M'' Hall
one of the Gauerd with him Expressed his Desire to Return
to Cap* West agin and he with the Rest Setts off this Day
for St. Johns, Mr. Albey seems Intent upon Libeling and
getting the vessel Condemened amiadiately the Committee
Recommended it to Mr. Albey not to prosced any further
upon the Business until he Notifies Mr. Allen of the matter
and send to him a Coppy of the Vessels papers and an
account of the Whole proceedings so that he may be con-
sulted in the matter as Mr Allen was upon the River with
the Indians when they took & Brought of said prize away
And the Committee told Mr. Albey it his present designs
seems to carry an appearance of thare Trying to Get the


Vessel Condemned to a few Individuals and give up thare
Pretentions of being in the State's Service we told him that
if so, the Committee would Insist upon the Expences of thare
Provisions, Boats & Amunition to be paid out of the prize.
How ever that was a matter he Give himself no trouble
about, and without the advice of the Committee on his owne
account Landed the Cargo in Esq*' Jones' store and we
supose either by himself or attorney will soon have her
Libeled at Pownalborough and if the Captors are in the
States Service you will acquaint the States Agent of
the matter also you can get the Tryal putt off till Mr Allen
Can have an opertunity to putt in his clame if he has any as
it may be asserted that he is among the Meckmack Indians
& we think those Persons that Seeks thare owne Interest so
much more then thay Do the safety of a Bleeding Country
Disarves no preferment in it Captain West was considerate
Enough to write to the Committee To Suport his family
while in the Sarvis but not anything how to have the Prize
Proceeded with, by Inquirey we understand her Cargo is

2 H*^' W. I. Rum 2 H'^« Molasses 5 Tearces Rice 2 Bar-
rels Pork 1 Bowl Tobaco about 300 lbs Cotton 20 thousand
Nails a good schooner about fifty guns, som English goods

She apears by the Papers to be from Halifax about fifteen
Days ago but brings no Material advises, the Lieut Capt.
seems to have great Pretenchens to Liberty and has a permit
from the honorabal Council Dated Last October to Remove
his family and Effects from Yarmouth in November Into
this State but it seems was upon a Very Different Business
it is plain to be seen how the Honorable Council are Imposed
upon by such Villins, that under a cloak of Liberty are
Daily Selling thare Country. We have no account from
you Since your arival at Casco Bay and are Impatient to
hear, hope you will Lett us Know as sune as Possibel. our
Expences in litting out this Expedition has been much


Greater then we first Expected. We Look for an Express

from M^ Allen through the woods in a Day or two, and are

In hopes that the News will be favorable about the Indians

god only Knows what is Designed for Us etc.

as to John Anderson Goods

upon Examination thare are two Terces Rum which are near

one half Spiled we supose in Long's Schooner about half

way up the casks had been wast and sune as we Discovered

it we shifted it and the wast part was almost Rotten which

is very near one half which had it not been shifted would

sune ben all spiled etc. We were obliged to borrow four

Barels pork and two Barels flower. Since you went away to

fitt out Maj. Shaw & party also was obliged to Borrow a

hundred weight of Balls or the Truck house would be Left

to Bare as we Look upon it our Duty, as far as in us Lys to

see the Truck house is well suplyed at this Critikel Day as

the Indians are Dayly making Very unreasonable Demands

so must Conclude your Sencear friend and well Wishers the

Committee of Machias

James Flinn clerk

In Council July 1, 1777 Read & Comitted to the Comittee
to whom was referred the Representation of the Comittee of
Correspondence etc of Salem relative to M'' Valpey.
Sent Down for Concurrence

Jn" Avery Dpy. Secy

In the House of Representatives July 1, 1777.


R. T. Paine Spk"^ pro. tem

To the hon*'^ The Assembly of the State of the Massachu-
setts Bay.

The Memorial of Pelatiah Webster of Philadelphia, hum-
bly Sheweth


That about Two years ago Abiel Wood of Pownalboro' in
your State sent his Sloop Betsey of about Eighty tons
Burthen to Philadelphia to be there Loaded with flour &
iron — That he Addiess*^ said Vessel to your Memorialist

That the Committee of Inspection of said Philadelphia
Refused to Suffer said Sloop to be Loaded or Sold for Acc°
of said Wood by Reason of Exceptions taken to y*" Political
character of said Wood — That ab* Nine months ago the
General Congress gave permission to your Memorialist to
sell said Vessel Requiring him to Vest the Real proceeds of
said sale in Your Assembly or their order.

Your Memorialist therefore prays the" order of your
Assembly to pay said Nett proceeds to said Wood or Order.

Pelatiah Webster
Boston 12t'» June 1777.

Falm** 13, June 1777

Mr. William Newman has just arriv** here from George
Town & informs that he Arrivd at Booth Bay in a Brigan-
tien from Nants in France Nicholas Bartlet jun"^ Master. He
apply*^ to Us for assistance in forwarding him to Boston —
We have Supplyd him with three pounds Twelve shillings &
have procur'd him a horse to prosecute his journey — he has
a letter for the Board of War. As we choose to be properly
informed We took the liberty to open the letter — we think
it at present Dangerous in Going from either this or George-
town to Boston by water As A frigate is Cruising between
this & Small point. Mr. Newman Likewise informs that
Capt. Bartlet has a pacquet for the Continental Congress we
are sorry we have not the pleasure to forward it — but Capt.
Bartlett No Doubt has reasons for Detaining it — we make


no doubt you will see that we are reimburs'd for the charges

we have & may be at.

We are with due respect Y^ friends & Serv**

John Waite Chairman
per Order of the Committee

An Inventory of Sundrys Delivered John Allan Esq'' Conti-
nental Agent for Eastern Department on the River St. Johns
June 15, 1777. Viz'

3 Bails Blanket^ Cont^ 43: 131. 21 ^^ yd« Oznabriggs 15
yd* Linnen. 33 yd* fine Linnen check 29 }4 yd* coarse Linnen
check 5 Hatts Sy^ Doz" Knives 10 P* Gartering 4 P* Yal-
low Quality 5 P* Silk ferret 30 yd* wide ferret 75 yds Rib-
band % Cask Raisins 27 y^s blue Duffle 60 lbs Bread 2
bbls Molasses 68 Gallons 1% Ct. Balls 1 Bble Rice cont^
ic 2<i^ 12^^ 24 lb* Chocolate 10 lb* Tobacco 2}4 Doz"
Needles 10 y*^* in three pieces Calico 51 y*** in three pieces
Calico 124 bbs Beaver 87 Musquash Skins 8 Minks Skins
4 Martins Skins 2 Peequands Skins 4 Otters Skins
From the precariousness of matter on the River St. John's &
the critical situation of the place : it was thought Expediant
to take out of the hand of M'^ John Preble such things as he
had belonging to the State. I acknowledge therefore to
have rec*^ the above articles for which I will be accountable.

Machias Sept. 2"^ 1777 J. Allan

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives, June 16, 1777.

Resolved that the doings of a Town Meeting of the Town
of Windham in the County of Cumberland held in said Town
March 31**^ A. D. 1774, be & hereby is established and con-



firmed as they stand recorded in the To-^ai Book by Richard
Dole the standing clerk notwithstanding the commission of
Richard May berry the clerk for the Day aforesaid being
sworn any Law usuage or custom to the contrary Notwith-

Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Spk"^

In Council June 7, 1777

Read & Concurred as taken into a New Draught.

Sent doAATi for Concurrence.

Jn° Aveiy, Dpy. Secy.

In the House of Representatives June 21, 1777
Read & concurr'^

Consented to
Jer. Powell S. Holten

A. Ward
W. Spooner
Jedidiah Preble
N. Cushing
Dan^ Davis

Jabez Fisher
F. M. Dana
Oliver Prescott
John Taylor

J. Warren Spk'

B. White
H. Gardner
Benj. Austin.
I. Palmer
Tim** Danielson

State of Massachusetts Bay.

In the House of Representatives, June 16, 1777.

Whereas tis represented to this Court, that at the annual
meeting of the Town of Windham in Cumberland County on
the 31 day of March 1771 one Richard May berry a tem-
porary clerk of the meeting, was not Sworn to the faithfull
discharge of that Trust : That the Votes and transactions of
the said meeting have since that Time been Recorded in the
Town Book of Windham by Richard Dole the standing


Town Clerk for that year, from minutes made on Paper at
said meeting by the said Richard Mayberry, and as doubts
may arise whether the Votes and proceedings of the said
Town meeting can be in law considered legal.

It is therefore Resolved that the Votes, and proceedings
of the Town of Windham aforesaid at their March meeting
in 1774, as Recorded in their Town Book by Richard Dole,
shall be as Valid and effectual to every intent and purpose,
as tho' the said Richard Mayberry had been duly Sworn :
any Law usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

To the Honorable the Council of the State of the Massa-
chusetts Bay New England

The Memorial of Nathan Jones of Goldsborough in said
Humbly Sheweth

That at the Superiour Court of Judicature next to be
Holden at York, will come on the Tryall of a Certain Vessell
the property of your Memorialist, and that the personal
attendance of your Memorialist is absolutely necessary in
order that the same cause may be Justly litigated, and that
your Memorialist is necessitated to make application to your
Honours for Liberty to attend said Court by reason of Your
Memorialist having given his parol of Honor that he would
not goe at a greater distance from the town of Boston than
Twenty Miles, without Liberty first had & obtained of the
Hon^'^® the Council or General Assembly of this State.
Wherefore your Memorialist prays your Honours would
grant Liberty for to goe not only as far as York to attend
the Tryall aforementioned but also to visit his family at
Goldsborough haveing been absent from the same for a very
considerable time, at the same time subject to such restric-


tions as your Honours in your Wisdom shall Judge fit &
proper & as in Duty bound sliall ever pray.

Nathan Jones

Boston June 17 - 1777

Council Chamber June 10, 1777

Nathan Jones of Goldsborough is hereby permitted to go
to York in the County of York in this State to attend a
cause, pending in the Sup. Court there respecting the capture
of his Vessell and in case the Said Cause should be continued
to Falmouth Court which ( will be the first Tuesday of July
next. The said Jones is permitted to attend the said Court
at Falmouth But not otherwise. He the said Nathan Jones
giving his Parol of honour for his Returning to the limita-
tions and restrictions he is now under as soon as his said
Cause shall be determined or ( in case it is tried at either of
the Courts aforesaid ) or as soon as the same shall be con-
tinued over to a future day.

Falmouth June 17, 1777.

I receivd Yours of the 5 of this ins' by the 14 by which
I was informd that Your Ship Gruel had been sail from
Marblehead then about 10 days but she had not arived at
Sheepsgut which Gave me Reason to feare She was taken on
the 15. I was inform'd there was a Ship at Falmouth which
came from Marblehead and that the men had Left her which
gave me hopes that Your Ship was not taken, on Monday
the 10'*> inst. I came for Falmouth to Sea if it was Your
Ship if it was to assist the Capt. to remove her to Sheepsgut
on arrival I found Your Ship Gruel here Joseph Proctor
Master, he had onbent his Sails and on-ballasted the Ship.
Capt. Proctor then deliver'd your Letter of the 16'^ of May.
I then asked him the reason of liis stoping at Falmoutli and


conducting in the manner he had. He replied that Col°
Glover Gave him Verbal Orders to Come to falmouth with
tlie Ship and there discharge his men, and that Mr William
Frost had ordered him to haul the Ship to the Wharfe &
unbend the Sails and on ballaste the Ship. I then showed
him Your Letter and Desired him to Ballast the Ship again
and get her in Order to prosed to Sheepsgott as quickly as
possible and offered him all assistance necessary, he replied
that he should not for he was employed by Col. Glover. As

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