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Sep"" Last Respecting Blankets, they Exerted themselves to
Procure the dumber of Blankets Requested of this town, but
Could not at that time, Xcithcr Can they at Present Procure
any in the town of Falmouth, in addittion to those that were
Lost When the town was Burnt, the Repeated Loss of that
article by the Seamen of this place <&: those Lost by the
Penobskut Expedition — has Striped the Tiiliabitants to that
Degree that tlicy liavc not Enough to Cover themselves, we


would farther Inform the Hon"''' Court that we have Done
to the utmost in our Power in Procuring Shurts Shoes &
Stockings — we are with all Due Respect your Honors Most
obedient Hum"^ Serv*^

Richard Codman [ Selectmen
Benj. Titcomb } of the town
Daniel Dole ( of Falmouth

Falmouth March 7"^ 1780

In Council March 2T, 1780
Read & Sent down

John Avery D Secy

Geyieral Wadsworth to Board of War.

Boston S'"" March 1780

I think it would be for the good of the Service, if in Addi-
tion to the Orders I have already received, of the hon"'*'
Board, I might have orders to raise a Company (or at least
a part of one) of Voluntiers. There are a considerable Num-
ber of good Men that are driven from their Habitations, in
& about Penobscott who would gladly engage in such a Com-
pany, & whose Assistance will be necessary as Pilots, Spys
&c &c & who, if not enlisted cannot be had without ready Pay
I should also be glad to be furnish'' with Six Stands of Arms
& Accoutrements for Security of my Passage down.

Also the Treason Act, if it is not thot fit to declare the

martial Law, & two Blanketts from Sir Your most

obedient & very humble serv*^

Peleg Wadsworth
Hon*"'^ Jeremiah Powell Esq""

In Council March 9', 1780
Read & Sent down

John Avery D Sec'y.


Communication of Council to the General Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber March 8: 1780
Gcutleiiicii of tlie House of Representatives

By the best Intelligence from Europe it Appears highly
Probable that the King of Oroat Britain is determined upon
pursuing Measure 1o Reduce the United States of America
to a State of Abject Slavery. He is reinforcing his Army
& Navy; Another Campaign therefore may be expected, and
the most Vigorous Exertions are necessary on our Part that
we may have a respectable Army early in the Feild, Xo Time
there fore should be lost for compleating our Quota of the
Continental Army, Congress, sensible of this, have in their
Letter of the 10"' of February last, which will be laid be-
fore you by the Secretary, Hecommended in the strongest
Terms a punctual Compliance with a Resolution they passed
the 9**" of February requiring the States respectively to fur-
nish by Drafts or otherwise, on or before the first of April
next, their respective deficiencies of the number of Thirty
five Thousand Two Hundred & Eleven men, exclusive of
Commissioned Officers, which they think necessary for the
service of the present year, Our Proportion as Settled by
Congress, amounts to Six Thousand and seventy. ^Ye are
perswaded, that at this critical stage of the present glorious
Contest, you will not be wanting in the most zealous Efforts
to Comply with this Requisition; at the same time we are
constrained earnestly to recommend it to you & take the most
speedy (S: effectual Measures that the Militia of this State
may be properly Equipped with Arms & Ammunition —
that the Several Fortresses nuiy be garrisoned with a suffi-
cient number of ^len &, put in the best Posture of Defence,
and that such ([uautities of Provision & Ammunition may
be provided as to put us in a scituation to rcpell the Enemy,


if they should Attempt an Invasion of this State the Ap-
proaching Season. We have directed the Secretary to lay
before yon Sundry Letters & Resolutions of Congress that
have been received during the recess, one dated the 14^^
Dec'' last inclosing a Resolution "that all the States shall be
called upon to furnish their Quotas of such supplies as may
from time to time be wanted for carrying on the War," 'Ro
requisition, in pursuance of this Resolution, has yet been
made upon this State for any Specific articles: Had this
Measure been adopted by Congress early last fall, it might
have been practical)le at that season of the year, for this
State to have furnished the articles that might have been
required ; but under present Circumstances we Cannot think
of any other way more expedient or Effectual for this Pur-
pose, than to furnish the Agent or Agents appointed by the
Commissary General to purchase Provisions & Stores for y®
Army within this State, with Cash out of the money raised
for y® United States, certainly is best acquainted with the
Business, Can Effect it with the greatest Ease & Dispatch,
& will be accountable if it is not accomplished, provided he
is supplied seasonably by us with Money for this Purpose,
and upon this Subject we cannot omit to observe, that as
farther Emissions of Continental IMonev have Ceased &
Congress depend for the future on Loans & Taxes for the
Sums Necessary to Carry on the War, It will be for you to
take decisive & Eifectual Measures for seasonably levying
& Collecting this States Proportion of the Continental Taxes,
Congress have pointed out what sums they Expect from this
State by the Month of October next ; and unless their Requisi-
tions are punctually Complyed with the Consequences may
be fatal. The Alacrity with which the Assemblys of this State
have hitherto Enacted Laws for raising Taxes & the ready
Compliance of the people therewith leave no room to doubt
but that you will still Continue to manifest your zeal for


the Common Cause by immediately making ample Provision
for this Purpose.

The Secretary will also lay before you a Letter of the 18
of January last inclosing a Resolution of Congress of the 13
for the Regulation of Prisoners of War; and a Resolution
of tlio 14th of January recommending that Provision be
made for Conferring like Privileges and immunities on the
subjects of his ]\Iost Christian Majesty within this State as
are granted to the Subjects of the United States of America
within the Kingdom of France Agreable to the Eleventh
Article of the Treaty of Amity & Commerce

These Resolutions are important, the one as it may re-
spect the more speedy enlargement of Unfortunate men in
Captivity, and the other as it will afford us an opportunity
of testifying our Regard to the Interest of that Prince with
whom the United States have formed so happy a Connec-
tion —

A Committee of Several town plantations in y^ County of
Lincoln having represented that the Inhabitants of that part
of the Eastern Country had been greatly distressed & Im-
poverished by the guards y' have been kept up for their de-
fence Against the British Forces Stationed at Majorbigwa-
duce and that there was a necessity of some Assistance being
immediately afforded them, by a supply of Men & Provisions
for their Support, The Council have thought fit. Agreeable to
V* Powers with which thev were Invested the last Session, to
order two Companies consisting of fifty men each Including
Officers to be raised, one in the County of York & the other
in y® County of Lincoln, to Continue in Service for the term
of three months from their arrival at Camden (the place of
their Rendezvous) unless sooner discharged there to follow
the orders of Brigadier Wadsworth, whom we have appointed
to take y° Conmiand of such men as shall be raised for
y^ defence of y® Eastern Country and have also Issued


Orders to the Board of War to supply Waterman Thomas Esq,
whom we have appointed Commissary to y^ two Companies
before mentioned, with such Camp Equipage Provisions &
Ammunition as shall be necessary, f We have also Issued
a Warrant on the Treasury for a Sum of Money to purchase
Eight Whale Boats which we apprehend will be absolutely
necessary for y^ use of y^ Troops before Mentioned % We
have Endeavoured to obtain the best information possible of
y® circumstances of that Country & of the Strength & Situa-
tion of the British Fort at irajorbigwaduce & have made a
representation of y^ same to the Delegates of this State at
Congress, & Instructed them to lay y^ same before that Hon'''^
Body & to Urge the Necessity of their taking some effectual
Measures, as soon as possible for the removal of y^ Enemy
from the Post they now possess We rely upon the success
of this application

We have been Informed by the Board of War that not a
twentieth part of the Debts contracted by means of the Ex-
pedition to Penopscut have been discharged, We recommend
this matter to your immediate Attention, The Creditors of
this Government upon this & other occassions are very great
sufferers & the Reputation of this State requires that Pro-
vision should be immediately made for the Payment of the
Debts Due to them

We shall cheerfully Concur with you in all such Measures
as may be thought necessary for the advancement of the In-
terest of this and the United States —

Enoch Ilsley to Board of War.

Falm° y^ d'"" March 1780

Inclosed is Cap' Waites Receipt for one Cask & one bundle

of Clothing & Blankets for the Soldiers, which John Lewes


Esq"" Agent Directed me to send to your Hon", whidi Pleas

to Receive & pay the freight, the Cask Contains, — titty four

{/ Shose 20 shirts & 22 p"" Stokens the bundle 10 shirts, 5

p"" Stokens k 1 1 hhinkets I should have pack** them all in a

larger Cask, Imt the bundle I Rec** Since the Vessell was

loaded & a larger Cask Could not be put under Deck —

Your llumb Serv'

Enoch Tlsley
The Hon"' Board of Warr

Chairman of Convention at Narraguagus to Gen' Court.

jMost Respectable Sirs,

Narraguagus 9^^ March 1780

The Deligates from the Townships Laying between
Machias and Frenchmans-Bay in Convention Assembled,
Beg Leave to Address your Honor's on the present unhappy
Situation of this Country, and Inform your Honor's that
ever since the Commencement of this unnatural and Horid
War, the Inhabitants of these Townships have Indured every
Hardship, (depending on the Assistance and Protection of
your Honor's) with Patience and Resolution becoming Men
Determined to be Free We Humbly represent to your Honor's
that the Method of Raising Men in this Country for it's De-
fence, does not by any Means Strengthen us, as the In-
habitants are still unanimous in Defending their Country
can they be supported with the assistance of their Country-
men, that the season fast approaches, when We may Expect
that our Enemys will Visit this Extensive sea-coast, at pres-
ent Intirely unable to Defend themselves — that we have
already received their Threatning Advertizment, wherein
they Command all the Inhabitants of these Townships
Immediately to present themselves at Major-Bagadiice to take
the oath of Fidelity —


and We are happy to further Inform vour Honor's that
even at this day of great Distress, we are Unanimous and
Determined in opposing the Enemy to the Last Extremity,
and We Flatter ourselves that should We be assisted by our
Bretheren from the Westward, We shall he able to avoid our
Threatned Distruction, Hourly Expecting, and Impatiently
waiting your Honors Determination in favour of these
Settlements, and Assistance, we Remain with all due Sub-
mission, bv order of the Convention —

Your Honors Most Obed^ Hum Serv*

Daniel Merit Chairman

Paul Bevere to the Council and Gen^ Court.

To the Hon*''*' the Council and House of Representatives of
the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court assembled.

The Petition of Paul Revere Lieut Colonel and Com-
mander of a Corps of Artillery in the service of said State

That upon a charge of Misconduct in the late Expedition
to Penobscot, exhibited against him to the Hon^' Council by
Thomas Jeners Carnes, he was by Order of the said Council
on the Q^^ day of Septem'' last arrested and Ordered to resign
the Command of Castle Island and remove himself to his
dwelling house in Boston there to continue until the matter
complained of could be duly inquired into, or he be dis-
charged bv the General Assemblv or the Council.

That on the 9"" of the same month Septem"" your Petitioner
received another Order of Council, wherebv the Arrest afore-
said was taken off and he directed to pass an examination
before a Committee of the General Assembly appointed to
enquire into the Cause of the Failure of the said expedition,
which Order as in duty bound, he obeyed ; but the said Com-


mittee after enquiriiij^ into his conduct neither acquitted nor
Condemned him.

That your petitioner did petition this Honorable Court
on the last day of September Session praying for a Court
Martial to try his conduct agreeable to the Continental Regu-
lations under which his Corps of Artillery, was put by a
Resolve of the 29"' ol" J unc 177'.» ; whi.-h Petition was refered
to the Committee above named, who afterwards reported par-
ticularly respecting him, l)ut the Report, as he understood,
was not agreed to by both Houses

That in such a situation as must be deam'd grievous to
any officer, Your Petitioner has three several times requested
the Hon""" Council to order a Court Martial upon him, but
has been so unfortunate as not to ol)tain one; for want of
which he has been six months suffering all that Indignity
which his Enemies, who he conceives make it a personal
affair, are pleased to impose upon him.

Your petitioner therefore most earnestly prays this

Honorable Assembly to take his Case under Consideration

and Order a Court Martial to try his conduct as commander

of the Corps aforesaid, either generaly or particularly during

the said Expedition to Penobscot, and your Petitioner will

ever pray

Paul Revere
Boston March 9'"^ 1780

In the House of Representatives Marh. 16, 1780

Read & thereupon Orderd That jNIr Greenleaf 6c ^fr Fes-
senden with such as the Hon*''^ Board shall join be a Com-
mittee to consider the same — k report what is proper to be
done thereon

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council March 10'" 17bO

Read & Concurred & Tim" Danielson Esq"" is joined

John Avery D Secy


Petition of John Megoff.

To the Houble the Council and House of Representatives of
the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court As-
sembled —

John Megoff begs leave humbly to shew to your Honors
by this his Memorial — That he was a Sailor on board the
Brigantine Tyrranicide Allen Hallet Esq' Commander in the
Service of this State, and that in an Engagement with the
Enemy when the Armed Brig* Revenge was Captured by the
Tyrranicide, your Memorialist lost his Leg by which mis-
fortune he is totally deprived of the means of procuring a
livelihood and is now in an extreemly distressed situation and
as it has been the practice of all Nations to make a Provision
for Persons in circumstances similar to your Memorialist,
and as Your Memorialist conceives such Provision to be
founded upon the Principles of Justice & humanity he
humbly prays your Honors to take his distressed case into
your wise consideration and afford him such relief as in your

Wisdom may appear proper

John X Megoff

Petition of Town of Cape Elizabeth.

State of the Massachusetts Bay to the Honourable the Council
and the Honourable the House of Representatives in General
Court Assembled March 1780

The Petition of the Town of Cape Elizabeth Himibly
Sheweth that the port of Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth is
in a poor State of Defence & if the Enemy make a Deccent
on the port the whole Eastern parts must suffer and as the
Honourable Court have allowed but twenty four Matross for
the Defince of said port this year & our fears Greater then
Usual Would pray the Honourable Court to Augment the


JNTumber in the Fort at Cape Elizabeth to one full Company
&; Supply them with some more & heavier Canon & amunition
& Supply them with provisions without the Crossing the
River to Fahiiouth which will he Difficult it' the Enemy
should Send Shipiug in, but if it is incomputable with the
wisdome of your Honour, would pray that we nu\y not be
Weakened by Drafts on our .Militia this Summer as their
Number is Greatly Decreased from what it was heretofore
— As we Never had any Coulars for said Foart would pray
the honourable Court to send Some & provide a Guard J3oat
k men to make Discovery without the barber if your Honours
in Wisdom see fit and your j)etitiouers as in Duty bound

shall Fvcr l)ray

George Deake 1 Selectmen of
George Stuart j Cape Elizabeth

P. C. We also pray your Honours that we may have a
good Spay glas for the yous of the fort on Spring Pint
Henry Dyer Charman

Commity of Saftey for Cap Elizabeth

In the House of Representatives March 14^'' 1780

Read & thereupon Order'd — that ^raj"" Osgood Mr Lewis

& Coll Dawes — with such as the Hon*"'^ Board Shall join be

a Committee to consider the same — and also the Letter &

Petition from Coll Mason Wheatou — & report what is proper

to be done thereon —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk'
In Council March 14'" 1780

Read & Concurred & Samuel Adams and

Joseph Simpson Esq""^ are joined

John Avery D Secy


Resolve of Council.

State of Mass*' Bay

In Council March 13^^ 1780

Whereas the difficulty & hazzard of Travelling on the First
Tuesday of January last prevented the Justices of the In-
feriour Court of Common Pleas, or any two of them meeting
together for holding or adjourning the Inferiour Court of
Common pleas in the County of York, and as a failure of
Justice may arise to the Suiters thereat unless a remedy is
provided in that behalf — It is therefore Resolved that all
actions pending in the said Inferiour Court of Common
pleas on the first Tuesday of January last & all Writs and
other processes returnahle thereat, may be returned taken
up acted upon & have day in the Inferiour Court of Com-
mon pleas by Law appointed to be held at York within and
for the County of York on the Second Tuesday of April
next, as fully and effectually as they might have been on the
first Tuesday of January last, of which all Persons Interested
are to take Notice & govern themselves accordingly

Sent down for Concurrence

Sam' Adams Secr^
In the House of Representatives March 14, 1780

Read & Concurred

John Hancock Spkr
Consented to

Jer Powell Moses Gill Sam' Baker

A Ward B. White J Simpson

Caleb Cushing T. Danielson Aaron Wood

T Cushing iST Cushing E Cutts

J Fisher Jn° Pitts Sam' Niles

Resolve on the letter of Col° Noyes.

Resolved, that the Sale of said Articles as Represented in
said Letter & Confirmed by the Accounts of some persons


present were couducted in a. manner Injurious to the Repu-
tation of the American States, and of this Government in
Particular. And as all Flaggs are under the protection of
Government & no loss or Embezzlement should be suffered
to take place —

Resolved, that Peter Noyce Esq"" be & hereby is Impowered
lo receive into his possession all & every Article saved out of
said Cartel, to be kept in his Custody untill the further Order
(»f the Council of this State, & that the present possessors
be & hereby are requested to deliver the same to the said
Peter Noyce Esq"" — who is to return an Inverrtory thereof
into the Secretary's Office as soon as may be & the present
possessors may Exhibit to the General Assembly their
Accounts for any Advances or Expences made by them on
Account of said Articles — all which is humbly submitted

In Council March 18, 1780
Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec'y

In the House of Representatives March 25 1780

Read & concurred as taken into a new draught
Sent up for Concurrence —

John Hancock Spk""

In Council March 25, 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to •

J ere Powell D. Davis N Goodman

W. Sever T. Danielson Edw*" Cutts

A Ward N Gushing T. Edwards

S Adams J Simpson A Fuller

IJ. White Sam JN'iles J no Pitta


Resolve of Council in tlie Case of Col. Revere.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In Council March IS''^ 1780

Whereas Lieut Col° Paul Kevere of the Trans belonging
to This State has petitioned The General Court that a Court
Martial might be called to try his Conduct while serving in
the late Expedition to Penobscutt

Therefore Resolved That the Council of This State be
and hereby are impower'd and requested to appoint a Court
Martial to consist of such Militia ^ or Continental Officers ^
or officers of the Train or of all or either of them ^ as they
may think proper, for the Tryal of Lieut CoP Paul Revere
touching his Behavour, as is particularly set forth in The
Report of a Committee of the General Court appointed to
examine into the Conduct of the Officers of the Train em-
ployed on the Expedition to Penobscutt

Dated Nov"" 16 1779

And it is further Resolved that the Council of This State
be and hereby are impowerd and requested to examine, and
allow the reasonable Accounts of the several Members That
may be appointed on the aforesaid Court Martial for their
expences while sitting, and give Warrants on the Treasurer
of this State for the Payment of the same

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Secy

In the House of Representatives March 21 — 1780

Read and concurred with the following amendments viz* at
A dele Continental & dele from B to C
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council March 21 1780

Read & Concurred John Avery D Sec'y
Mr Tudor Col Aspinwall Capt Wales


Consented to —

Jere Powell T. Danielson 'Tu° Pitts

A Warfl Tim Edwards N. Gushing

T. Cushing J Simpson A Fuller

J Fisher Aaron Wood X. Goodman

15. White Oliver Prescott Edw'' Cutts

Resolve of General Court respecting Schr. Nancy.

State of the j\Ias6achusetts TiavJ-

The Committee to whom was coniniitted the letters of Col"
Peter Noyes together with the report of the Committee of
liolh Houses upon that Letter, ask leave to report the follow-
ing resolves.
In the House of Representatives March 25, 1780

Whereas it appears to this Court that the Schooner Nancy
a Vessel in the service of the Encniv »fc duly commissioned as
a Cartel on her passage from Halifax to this State was cast
ashore on or alwut the 12**' day of Feb^ last at Cape Elizabeth,
and whereas it appears tluit the Articles saved from the
Wreck were afterwards unfairly iV illegally sold

And \\'hereas all (^irtels with their a])purtenances are
under the special protection of the State in whose Ports they
arrive & the reputation of the Government is interested in
preventing any Embezzlement or unnecessary Loss to the
Enemy, who in such instances by the Laws of Nations have
a richt to confide in the Faith & Justice of the Government
to defend & secure such property : And Whereas it appears
that the Ajipnrtcnanccs saved luit nf the aforesaid schooner
were sold »t the Shell burni wilhuut the permission or knowl-
edge of proper authority —

Therefore resolved thai the saiil Peter Xoyes be (Jc he here-
by is authorized «Sc impower'd to demand &: receive of each


& every Possessor of the several articles which were saved
from said Cartel, all such articles & in case of refusal to make
return of the name of each Person so refusing to the Council
of this State, in order that a due process of Law may be had
for the recovery of the Property so irregularly obtain'd, &
injuriously withheld

And the said Peter iSToyes is hereby directed to make &
return to the Council an exar-t inventory of the Articles he
may receive in consequence of this resolve & to hold such
Articles in safe Custody untill he shall receive the Orders
of Council concerning the same.

The Committee of both Houses appointed to consider &

report what is necessary to be done for the Defence of the

eastern Parts of this State beg Leave to make the following

Report which is submitted

Sam' Adams pr order

Whereas -it is of the greatest Consequence to this, & the

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