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other LTnited States to defend the eastern parts of this State
from the Encroachments & Depredations of an unprovoked,
but persevering Enemj^ —

Therefore Resolved — That Six hundred Men properly
officered & equiped be immediately raised within the State
&; stationed as follows (Viz*) One hundred Men at Machias,
— Two hundred Men at Campden in the County of Lincoln
Three hundred Men at Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth in the
County of Cumberland — And that the Commanding officer
be empowered to raise a Company of Volunteers in the
County of Lincoln to consist of fifty Men properly officered
& to be stationed at Campden —

Resolved, that Thirty Whale Boats be procured — Twenty
of them to be appropriated for the use of the Troops at
Campden ; & Ten, for the Troops at Falmouth & Cape
Elizabeth. —

Resolved that the commanding officer of the Troops


stationed at Campden, be empowered to exercise martial Law
in the County of Lincoln, from the Sea Coasts ten miles back
& the Ishmd adjacent when he sliall judge the Good of the
Service and the Safety of the State shall necessarily re-
quire it

And also that an Enoinecr of Experience be immediately
procured <S: ordered to Fahiiouth, to view the Works already
constructed there & to lay out such other Works as he may
Judge absolutely necessary for its Defence — )

In Council March 18', 1780
Read & Sent down

John Avery D Sec'y
Coll Dawes M"" Rawson Jen Titcomb

In the House of Representatives ^March 22, 1780
Read & pass'd as taken into a new draught
Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk''

In Council March 24'" 1780

Read & Concurred as taken into a New Draught as re-
ported by the Committee of l)otli Houses appoint'd yesterday

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Secy

In the House of Representatives March 24, 1780

Read & concurred with the following amendments viz.
At D-E- and F- insert "from the Line of the Militia
At C-dele- Chaplain —

Dele from G to H and insert ''shall give orders for that
purpose accordingly" And the Council are

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council March 25' 1780
Read & Concurred

Jn° iVvery D Secy


Consented to

Jer Powell S Adams A Fuller

W. Sever T Danielson J Simpson

A. Ward N Gushing Jn° Pitts

T. Gushing Tim Edwards N Goodman

D Davis B. White E Gutts

Watei'tnan Thomas to the General Court.

To the Honorable Gouncil and the Honorable House of
Representatives for said State — Memoral of Waterman
Thomas Humbly Sheweth

Your Memoralist being Appointed by Brig"" Gen' Gushing
June 26*" 1777 Gommissary for the Troops Detached from
his Brigade in July last, greatest part of said Troops, being
Supplied with Provision One Month at Gambden, by your
Memoralist, before our fleet arrived from Boston, also the
Troops after the Defeat, & Maf Lithgow Detachment untill
the 1^^ November, and being Supplied by your Hon' with only
3001" bread 11786" Rice 2013^' Flower and an Order on
the Treasury for £4000, at which time I Rec^ but about One
half of the Money which was in Sepf Your Memoralist begs
leave to Inform your Hon'' that he has been Oblidged to Ad-
vance large sums of Money and Borrow a Quantity of Bread,
Molasses & Goffee by reason of the extream Scarcity of bread
in that Quarter in July Last was Obliged to Issue Goffe and
such Articles as I could obtain by Gol° M'^Gobb Orders, your
Memoralist haveing Received no Satisfaction for Money Ad-
vanced, or Articles Supplyed the Troops, and as the Price
of every Commodity is so much enhanced, your Memoralist
cannot think of Receiveing, the Nominal Sum, the said
Articles then went at, as I have been kept out of my Money
so long though, I have often applyed for the same and great
part of the Articles, above Mentioned being Borrowed of


Orphan r'hildicTi ; iuul tlic Inlia])itants, who have forsakeing
their lioincs at PciiolKscnit, Fox Island & Long Island, Sup-
plied your Memoralist with most part of tho Beef, for s**
Troops, being most of what they saved from faling into the
Enemies hand, and being promis** by your Memoralist to Re-
ceive, what your Tldii'^ Allowed for the same, theirfore your
Memoralist cannot tliink of making up his Accounts At the
Kegulatcd Price in Justice to said Destressed Inhabitants,
Wherefore your Memoralist Prays your Honour would take
the Matter into your Wise Consideration, and Appoint a
Committee, to Settle with your Memoralist so as to enable
liim to Discharge his Obligations, given, on the faith of this
State with Honour & Justice and as in Duty bound shall ever

pray &c

Waterman Thomas
Boston March 20^"^ 1780

Certificate in behalf of William Morgan.

Navv Board E. D. Boston 20^'' March 1780

This may certify that William Morgan, mariner, served

on board the Continental Ship Warren Dudley Saltonston

Esq"" Commander on the late expedition to Penobscot

To all whom it may concern

W™ Vernon for

the Board

To the Jlon'''^ Council and House of Bepresentatives

John Lucas Commissary of Pensions, in behalf of William

]\[organ Mariner Served on board the ship Warren Dudley

Saltonston Commander, and was wounded in his right Arm

In the Attack made on the Enemy the V^ of Augs' 1779 at

Penobscott by his Certificates —

John Lucas Com'''"''
Boston Mar 21, 1780



Conimittee of Congress to the Council.

Philadelphia 20'^ March 1780

Since the Receipt of your letter of Feb^ %^^ the attention

of Congress has been so engaged with y^ affairs of y^ Army

& Finance as to preclude an opportunity of making any

propositions respecting y'' Expenditures of y® State in y^

penobscot Expedition : but We hope this Business will not be

much longer delayed: The Resolution mentioned in your

letter w^ould be useful on this occasion, & not being able to

find it in y^ Journals, after y^ most careful Examination

thereof, We are under y'^ necessity of requesting you to point

it out- — • We are nevertheless convinced of y^ Justice of y^

Claim & shall prefer it to Congress by y® earliest oppertunity,

being Sir with great Respect

Your most obed* & very hum'^ servt

E Gerry

James Lovell

S Holten

Ge° Partridge
In Council April 8, 1780

Read & sent down, with Several

Papers accompanying

John x\very D Secy.
Hon^ Jeremiah Powell Esq'' President of y'' Council of
Mass'' Bay

Resolve of Council.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives March 20, 1780
On the Petition of Lieu' William Albe Praying that he
Might Receive the Cloathing which he in Justice is Entitled
To for Reasons Set forth in s*^ Petition —



Kesolved that the Prayer of s'' Petition he granted and

That the Board of war 1)C and they are herel>y directed To

Deliver to Lieu' William Alhe the Same quantity of Cloath-

ing and on the same terms whic-li the Officers in Col Craffts

Kegi'"' of Artilery are Tntitled to Receive —

Sent uj) for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk'^
In Council March 21 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Consented to —
Jere Powell
W. Severs
A Ward
T. Cushing
T. Danielson
J Fisher

B White
O Prescott
Jn° Pitts
Sam' Edwards
Sam' Niles
J Simpson

A Fuller
Edw*" Cutts
Aaron Wood
IN" Cushing

Resolve for raising a Number of Men.

State of IMassachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives :^^arch 21'' 1780
Whereas it is of the greatest consequence to this & the
other United States to defend the eastern parts of this State,
from the incroachments & Depredations of an unprovoked
hut persevering Enemy — therefore Resolved that Six hun-
dred men Xon Commissioned Officers included be immediate-
ly raised in addition to the two Companies already raised
from the Counties of York & Lincoln to serve in the Eastern
parts of this State, and to he uniler the Command of Briga-
dier General Wadsworth excepting such as shall be ordered
to Machias those to he under the Command of Col° John
Allan during their Continnani'c those for the term of eiglit
months from the tinie tliov shall arrive at the place of their


Destination unless sooner discharged, in the following man-
ner Viz* That the Brigadier or Commanding Officer of the
County of York, detach or cause to be detached from the
Brigade under his Command, Two hundred & sixty Men,
to he formed into four Company's of sixty five men each,
with proper Officers ° to Command them — That the Briga-
dier or Command"^ Officer of the County of Cumberland de-
tach or cause to be detached from the Brigade under his
Command, two hundred & forty men, to be formed into four
Companies of sixty men each, with proper Officers ^ to Com-
mand them — That the Brigadier or Command^ Officer of
the County of Lincoln detach or cause to be detached from
the Brigade under his Command, one hundred men to be
formed into two Companies of fifty men each, with proper
^ Officers to Command them — The aforesaid six hundred
men ^ to compose One Regiment: The Field Officers
Chaplain, Adjutant Quartermaster, Surgeon & Surgeons
Mate, to be appointed by the Hon'''^ the Maj'' Part of the
Council from the Militia or otherwise —

Resolved that the aforesaid Brigadiers or Command^
Officers of Brigades shall forthwith make said detachments,
or cause them to be made indiscriminately from the Train
Band & Alarm List ; and all other male persons above the
age of sixteen years: excepting ministers of the Gospel,
Grammar School Masters, Indians iSTigroes & Molattoes, &
form the Men so detached as aforesaid, and cause them to
be mustered before some Muster Master, appointed in the
said Counties and marched without delay by the most Con-
venient Rout, those raised in the County of York to Fal-
mouth, those raised in the Counties of Cumberland & Lincoln
to N^ew Meadows excepting one Company of forty men w*"^
proper Commission Officers raised in the County of Cum-
berland are hereby directed to rendezvous at Falmouth with
those raised in the County of York — Then to be disposed


ort" iu the ful lowing' luanner Viz' one hundred, tor Alachias,
Two hundred for Camden — Three hundred to remain at
Falmouth, But in case a different disposition at any time
shall appear to he more for the advantage & security of the
Inhabitants in that Quarter, The Command*' officer ^ will
receive orders from the Hon' the M^j" part of the Council
for said purpose who are hereby requested to give their orders
accordingly, — They are also ^^ hereby requested to give
orders to the Board of War to furnish without delay thirty
whale boats, twenty of them to be appropriated for the Troops
at Camden and ten for those at Falm° also to furnish said
Troops with such Transports Provisions Stores & Convoys
as their Honors will judge necessary for the service — Re-
solved that the Brigadiers aforesaid make returns to the Hon^
the Maj"" Part of the Council of the men by them respectively
raised & actually marched, on or before the tenth Day of
April next — Resolved that there be paid out of the public
Treas^ of this State to the Officers & men who shall perform
the service prescribed by those Resolves the following sums
p"" Month & one Ration p"" Day in full satisfaction therefor
Viz^ A Lieu' Col' one hund^ & twenty pounds, Two Alajors
Xinety Pounds each, Lieu' & adjutant sixty four pounds,
Lieu' & Quarter Master sixty four pounds — Surgeon seventy
Pounds — Surgeons Mate fifty five Pounds — Cap' seventy
pounds — Lieut fifty five pounds, Sergeant thirty nine pounds
— Drum thirty two pounds four shillings Fife thirty two
pounds four shillings Corporal Thirty two Pounds four shil-
lings Private thirty one pounds — And that ample encour-
agement may be given to men, charfully & speedily to turn
out on this Occasion it is further Resolved that there be paid
out of the Treas^ of this State the sum of thirty pounds, to
each non Commissioned Otlicer & private soldier detached &
mustered as aforesaid, being properly armed and etjuipped —
and the Major Part of the Council are hereby requested to


draw Warrants on the Treasurer of this State in fav"" of the
muster Masters in the three Eastern Counties for sums of
money proportionable to the number of men which each of the
said Counties arc directed to furnish pursuant to these Re-
solves ; And also the further sum of tliree shillings p"" mile from
such Towns as they shall march from, to the place of their
destination, and the Selectmen of Such Towns are hereby di-
rected to pay the same & lay their accounts therefor before
the Commtt^^ on Accounts for Examination & Accruance —
It is further Resolved that if any person shall be detached
by his officer for the service aforesaid & shall not within
twenty four hours after he is so detached, pay a fine of sixty
pounds to procure some able bodied man in his room properly
armed & equipped he shall be held as a soldier in said De-
tachment and treated as such, & the Officer who shall receive
such fines shall proceed to hire men therewith or detach
others as the case may be, until he hath Compleated his Quota
and all Militia Officers, Selectmen or Committees who shall
receive any fine as afores*^ are hereby directed to account with
the Treasurer of the Town or Plantation where they dwell
for the same within three months from the time he or they
shall so receive the fine or fines aforesaid — and any Militia
Officers & where there are no Militia Officers the Selectmen
of the Town «& where there are no Selectmen the Com"""^ of
Correspondence fc*^ are hereby authorized & impowered to
take up & by Warrant commit to Goal or to convey to the
said Reg*^ or Corps any Soldier that may be detached as
aforesaid, & shall either refuse to join said Reg'' or Desert
and any Soldier behaving in the manner aforesaid shall be
held to do a Tour of Duty whenever he may be found, either
in Guarding in this State, or in the Continental Army, twice
as long as the time prescribed in the Resolve in consequence
of which the soldier was drafted — Resolved that where there
are no Militia Officers the Selectmen & where there are no


Militia Officers or Selectmen; the Committee are impowered
and directed to do all Duties l)y this Resolve enjoined upon
Militia Officers or Selectmen — Resolved that if any person
shall be detached as aforesaid, shall neglect to procure an
able bodied man, Armed & equipped in his Stead or pay said
fine for the space of twenty four hours (unless in the judg-
ment of the Major part of the Selectmen of the Town to
which the person so drafted belongs is not of ability herefor ;
he shall in that case pay such part of said fine as the Select-
men aforesaid shall determine does not exceed his ability)
The Clerk of the Comp^ to which he belongs or a Constable of
the Tow'n ship by virtue of a warrant from the Command^
Officer of such Company proceed to recover said fine, in the
same manner as Constables are authorized to proceed to re-
cover taxes of those persons who neglect or refuse to pay the
same, any law or resolve of this Court to the Contrary not-
withstanding — T[ Resolved that the men who shall be in-
listed or drafted from the ^Militia of the several Towns in this
State by force of the foregoing Resolve shall be held & re-
turned for the Towns whereof they are Residents, and no
other & not all contracts bargains & agreements made with
any person to serve for any other Town than that whereof he
is a Resident, shall be null and void unless a certificate be
obtained from the Major part of the Selectmen of such Town,
that their Quota is compleat, in order that from the returns
made due credit shall be given to such as do comply with
the regulations aforesaid — Resolved that ^ Brigadier Gen'
Wadsworth be and hereby is impowered to execute ^lartial
Law in the County of Lincoln from the Sea Coasts ten miles,
and the Islands Adjacent agreeable to the Rules & regulations
provided for the Government of the American Army —
provided he shall judge the good of the service & the Safety
of the State shall require the same —

Resolved that the IIou. the Major Part of the Council be


requested to procure and order an Engineer of Experience
immediately to Falmouth to view the Works already con-
structed there, and to lay out such other works as he may
judge absolutely necessary for its Defence — Resolved that
^ Brigadier General Wadsworth be & he hereby is impowered
to raise Comp^ of Volunteers in the County of Lincoln if the
good of the public will appear thereby to be promoted

In the House of Representatives March 23, 1780
Ordered that the draught of a Resolve for the defence of
the Eastern Parts of the State be committed for considera-
tion to Coll Dawes & Maj'' Cross with such as the Hon*"'®
Board shall join —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council March 23'' 1780

Read & Concurred and Artemas Ward Esq is joined

John Avery D Secy

The Committee of both Houses appointed as above men-
tioned have attended the service assigned them & Report the
Xew Draft herewith exhibited

Which is Submitted

Artemas Ward p"" Order.
State of Mass"^ Bay

In Council March 24*, 1780

Ordered — That Artemas Ward and Sam^ Adams Esq""^

be a Committee to confer with such a Committee as the

Honble House shall appoint Upon the Subject Matter of the

Resolutions of the General Assembly respecting the Defence

of the Eastern parts of this State & report —

Sent down for Concurrence John Avery D Secy.

In the House of Representatives March 25th 1780

Read & concurred & Gen Titcomb and Coll Freeman are
appointed on y® part of y^ House for the purpose aforesaid —

John Hancock Spk""


Order of Board of IV'ar to Joseph Ingraliam.

War Office, Boston, March 21, 1780
Cap* Josepli Ingraliam

You being Master of the Lincoln Galley now loaded will
embrace the first Wind & proceed to Broad Bay & if on your
Arrival there you may judge it safe to proceed to S* Georges
you will go there & deliver your Cargo to the Order of
Waterman Thomas Esqr taking his Receipt for the same —
And as Brig"" Wadsworth goes in the Vessell with you, he has
engaged to load you back to Boston with Salt or Wood, you
will receive iether of those Articles he may Ship on board &
return to Boston — As Brig"" Wadsworth will be with you,
Vx'ho is well acquainted with the danger of Coasting along
that Shore, we would recommend, that you take his Advice
about Proceeding to S' Georges We recommend the greatest
Vigilance & dispatch, & after wishing you a good Voyage &
safe return are Yours &c By Order of the Board

S. P. Savage Pres*

I acknowledge the above to be a true Copy of my Orders

received from the Board of War & promise to govern myself


p"" Jo^ Ingraham

Deposition of John Bakman.

John Bakman saith that he had bin acquainted with Joseph
Young a Numbr of Years & has known him Since the dis-
pute Arose between Briton and America to be a Enemy to
this Countery & woud not Assist in Subduing their Enemy
for when Calchorn burnt the Houses at Naskeeg they stud
down the Neck for Cape Prozua and they thought that they
were Determined to Land there and Come to our Assistance
& y® Said Young Absconded & wou'' not Join y^ Party & I


am knowing to Young's going to Magerbigwaduce the Sunday
our army came to Pernopscut as I Suppose to help the Regu-
lars Build their fort as ISTathan Phillips came to the Cape
that Morning to .warn the Inhabitants to w^ork on s*^ fort &
I had orders from General Lovell to Inlist Eight of the nigh
inhabitance to Join the Hospital Guard & I went to said
Youngs on v*^ 5"^ of August & shew'' him ve General's orders
k Desir'^ him to Join y*^ Guard which he Absolutely Refus''
and I told him that he must do Duty some where or another
for his Countery & he told me he did not owe the Countery
so ]\Iuch Service & I might Get the Men When I Cou'^ & the
Cape People if thej^ Join'' the Guard were fools & I Suppose
Discouraged y^ Inhabitance as none of them won'' Sarve after
that and I was Oblig'' to take men that was agoing to Join
General Lovell at the Loins to fill my Guard I sent my son
John Bakman by Doctor Downings orders to Buy a Lamb
for y^ Sick & Wounded men that were at my house & he
Refus'' to Let me have one as my son informed me

John Bakman

IST. B. as for his Conduct wnth Regard to the Britons in
y^ Year 17Y5 When they Came to Load Wood at the Cape
I Desire Cap' James Curtis may be Summons'' as a Evidence.
Cumberland Ss. March y^ 21^' 1780

then the Within Xamed John Bakman Personally appear*'

and Made Solemn Oath to the truth of the within Deposition

before me William Sylvester

Justis Peace
A True Copy of the Within Deposition

Attest Anthony Coombs Clerk of ye Comm.

Deposition of Susanna Bakman.

Susanna Bakmans Deposition She said he y® said Young
Refused any Assistance of Supply to her fathers house as an


Ilospitfle and Exclaimed !Mucli against y® American forces
& adds fail her She liear(.l him the said Young Say y*
Congress arc a Porcell of hotheaded fools & Likewise She
said she heard him say the Britons must Take all as far as
Georges or Else they Cou*^ not have the Trade She Said a
Man came from y® Ship Albany to our house and Call'' my
Brother John a Rebell son of a Bich and said your father
was not Like Cap' Young for when he Cou*^ not come himself
to give information against y^ Americans he wou"' send his
Daughter & farther says not — Susanna Bakman

Cum!)erland Ss. March y'= 21^' 1780

Then the Abovenamed Susanna Bakman Personally ap-
pear'' and made solemn oath to the Truth of the Above Depo-
sition before me William Sylvester Just. Peace
A True Coppy Attest

Anthony Combs Clark of y® Comm®

Deposition of Copt. James Curtis.

Harpswell March 21^' 1780

The Evidence of Cap' James Curtis Reletive to the
Carector of Cap' Joseph Young is as follows viz he says that
he y" said Young wanted to Trade with y^ enemy and was
counted by all y* People around him not friendly to America
&; said he wou** Trad with the Britons I Must What Shall I
doo says he the knowledge said Curtis had of said Young
was when he Command'd a Scouting Company in y* Year
1775 and Says farther that S*" Young Xever appear'* with
arms When the other Tnhaliitniits did in favour of his Coun-
try & farther says not. —


Cumberland Ss. March y' 21'^' 1780

Then Cap' James Curtis Personally appear*^ & made
solemn Oath to the Truth of the Above Deposition before me

William Sylvester Just. Peace

A True Coppy Attest

Anth° Coombs Clark of y' Comm^^

A Coppy of Tootliackers oath.

Harpswell March 22°*^ 1780

The Evidence of Nath" Toothacker is as follows viz. one
day Cap* Fernham sent his Boat from the Ship Xaughtless
to Cap' Youngs my self for one in the Boat Cap' Young Wife
k Daughter Came on Board the Ship with us and Cap' Fern-
ham asked them Down the Cabin afterwards as the Officers
was walking the Quarterdeck I heard them Say we Shall
have a fine Prize for Cap' Young has informed Cap' Farn-
ham that Cap' Long is Coming up the Kiver Loaded with
Westindia Goods Cyder, &c, A Privateer was Affixed and
sent away next morning and Brought her in and along side
the Ship about 8 o Clock & was Condemned Likewise I Saw
Cap' Young one Lane of Fox Islands & another man Came
on board & they brought about a bush^' & 1/2 of Turnups I
understood them he made a Present of them to the Cap' &
to my knowledge Cap' Young has Kec"^ Presents from s^
Fernham one Sunday Evening I heard Said Young say he
had one of Mr. Bakmans Cows in his keeping & one of
Pirkinses & one of Dices and farther says not

I^^athaniel X Toothacher
Cumberland Ss. March 22°'^ 1780

then Nath' Toothacker Personally & made Solemn Oath
to the Truth of this Deposition before me

Will'" Sylvester Just. Peace
A True Coppy Attest Anth° Coombs

Clark of y® Comm^^


Cojnj of Sam^^'^ Smalhys Deposition.

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