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Harpswoll .Marcli y" 22°'' 1780

Samuel Smalls Dcelaration is as follows as a States Evi-
dence Being at Cape Prozua in Company with the Persons
Set fnrlli in the Complaint l>y Cap* Joseph Young against
Cornelius Thompson .lolni ^r;i1ciiiii Halsoii Bishop and one
Ellit a wai- fairing man Cap^ Youngs (Question did you know
said mens Entcriiig my house A. Yes says Small l)ut in
What Manner I know not hcing a little in the Rear I went
not in l)nt was Set a Centery at the door Q did you See any
Gowns A Yess one Black Gown & 4 or 5 more Q. did you
see a Large Bedquilt i\l)out half Worn A. Bather more than
half worn Q. did You See a Coverlaid A Yess Q did
you see 2 Bedblankets A. but one Q. did You See any
Womans Stays A. three Pair Q. did you See Six Approns
A. one line Cloth 2 Check and one Lawn Ditto Q. did You
See any Womans Caps A, Two Q. did you See any fine
Cloth A. no Q. did you see any fine thread A. Yes 3 or
4 Skains & a Little Silk Q. did You See any Woman's
Pocket-book full of Borders of Caps & other things A. Yess
Q. did You See any Cloth Shoes A. Yess 2 Pair & they
say there was an odd one Q. did You See a Pair of Silver
Shoe-buckels A. Yess a Pair of Odd ones Q. did You See
2 Silver Tea Spoons A, Yess Q. did you sec a Stone
Ping which was Broak A. Xo (}. did you see any hand-
kerchiefs A 5 or n Q. did You See anv fans A. Yess
three Q. did You See any Black Cypress A. Yess 2 Pair
Q. did You See any ballon Slippers A Yess one Pair Q.
did You See a Pair of Gotten Stockins A. Yess Q. did
You See anv Womans Pockets A Yess one Q. did You
See any Womans Shifts A. Yess one Q did You See any
Womans Wescots A. Xo Q. did You See any Sheets A.
one Pair Q. did You See any Pillow-Casses A. one Pair
Q. did You See any Table-Cloths A I ant Certain Q. did


You See any thing of a Broad Cloth Wescot A. Yess Q.
did You See a gray Robin Jackett A Yess Q. did You
See any thing of 2 Guns A. Yess Q. did You see a Powder
horn with Powder A Yess Q. did You See any Bullets
& flints A. no Q. did You See any Tea Cannersters A.
3 & I believe a Pound & half of Tea Q. did You See a
Mitten A. Yess Q. did You See any Silver & Gold A.
Yess 36 Dollors & Some odd Q. did You See a Linnin
Shirt A, Yes one About half Worn Q. did You See a
Womans Ridinghood A. Yess Q. did You See a Black
Silk Cloak and any more A. Yess one Red one & 2 black
ones Q did You See any Round Womans hats and a bun-
nett A. Yess 3 hats and a bunnett Q did You See any
Womans Gloves or Mitts A. 2 Pair of Gloves and one Pair
mitts Q. did You See any upper Leather A. Yess half a
Side Q. did You See any Toe & Linnin Cloth A. Yes
About 2 Yards Q. did You See a Small Box with Small
Articles A. Yess Q did You See a Surveyors Compass
A. Yess Q. did You See any thing of a Piece of Sarge A.
no Q. did You hear any Body Advise to Visit me A. no
I thing M"" Bakman Counted You not friendly Q did Bak-
man Shear any of the things A. no but the IMoney Q. did
You hear Perry say anything Concerning me A. Yes he
believ'' You was not Very friendly to America Q. who
Stay'd by the Boat A, John Bakman Jun"" & Will"^ Thomp-
son Q. what Part of this Plunder did Joseph Thompson
Shear A I know not Q. did You hear me Say I wou^
follow you & if I cou** not Get any Recompense I wou'^ Tell
Your Neighbours A. Yess or to that Purpose Q. did the
Boat Draw a Shear A. one half Q. did You know of their
Entering Calfs house A. Yess Q. did You bring away a
Gun & Pistoll A. Yess Q. did You get any Sole leather
A Some Q did You Get a Pair of Mans Pumps A Yess
Q. did You bring Away a White Jacket with horn buttens


A. Yess Q. Wlio had the Straw collour*' wescot A. Corne-
lius Thompson Q did M"" Bakman buy a Quarter of a Shear
of You A Yess and Farther says not p"" —

Samuel Smalley
Cumberland Ss. March 22"'* 1780

Then the Above named Samuel Small Personally Appear'^

and made solemn Oath to the Truth of the Above Deposition

before me

William Sylvester Just. Peace

A True Coppy Attest Anthony Coombs

Clark of the Comm.

Deposition of Christian Bakman.

Harpswell March y" 22°'' 1780

The Evidence of M""^ Bakman is as follows viz. that Joseph
Young Counted our American forces Bobbers thieves &
Pirots & spent his time with the British forces before &
since the Penobscot Siege at the time when Cap' James
Curtis Commanded a Scouting Company in y^ Year 1775
Ephraim Blake & John Corsen Came up & Told me to keep
up all Night for a Vessell is Coming up the Bay & was a
going down to get Cap' Curtis to Assist them & s*^ Young
stop** them & wou^ not Let them go Said Youngs brother in
Law viz Sam' Marvell Told me he Us" to Cary henns &
Potatoes &c for Said Young on Board the British Vessells
and he wou" keep Back a Small Sum out of every lienn &
bush^' of Potatoes John Gray at another Time Told me when
a Vessell was a Coming in Said Young Took his ax & went
into the woods to Cut something & wou" not assist them he
always said the Congress were a Percoll of hotheaded fools
I have heard him say the People ^fust Send home & beg the
Kings Most Gracious Pardon & Pay for the Tea & all the
Loss that y® British Party Sustained Likewise said Young


went with the Britons & drove up our Cattle for Lie* Maccey
a British officer & I Begged him to Leave me a Part of them
said Young Reply'' he wou** not & farther says not

p"" Christian Bakman
Cumberland Ss. March y' 21'' 1780

Then Christian Bakman Personally appear'^ & made solemn
Oath to the Truth of the Above Deposition before me

William Sylvister Just Peace
A True Coppy Attest

Anthony Coombs Clerk of ye Committee

Deposition of Bohart Goi'don.

Harpswell March ye 22"'^ 1780

The Evidence of Robart Gordon is as follows viz When
Capt Long Came up the Bay of Penobscut Cap' Young Came
on board the Ship I^aughtless after having had the Boat Sent
a Shore with his wife & informed the Cap* of the Ship Con-
cerning Cap* Long and they affixed a Vessell out for him &
Took him I was a Shore when Cap* Young was on board &
the People Told me as aboves'^ and at another time When
Cap* Young & his wife & Daughter was Coming a Board the
Ship ISTaughtless I heard him say When Talking with the
Cockson of the Boat I hope the Americans wont get the day
if they doo I dont know what will become of me When Cap*
Young came into the Boat he & M"" Calf & M"" Blake Brought
with them Turnups Potatoes & fresh meat & farther says not

Robart + Gordon
Cumberland Ss. March ye 22°"^ 1780

Then the Above named Robert Gordon Personally Ap-
pear"^ and Made Solemn Oath to the Truth of the above
Deposition before me

William Sylvester Just. Peace

A True Coppy Attest

Anth° Coombs Clark of y® Comm.



Resolve on Petition of Richard Flagg et als.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives March 23 1780

On the Petition of liichard Flag:g and other Select Men
of Ilolden Praying tliat the s** Town of Holden may be
Allowed The number of fire Arms Set Against s^ Town
Agreeable To a Resolve of the General Court 1778 for
Reasons Set forth in s'' Petition —

Resolved that the Prayer of s^ Petition be granted and the
Board of war be and they are hereby Impowered and
Directed to Deliver to Richard Flagg or his order the dum-
ber of Fire Arms Set to the Town of Holden he paying the
Sum of Eighteen Poimds Each for the Same

Sent up for Concurrence

John Avery D Secy
In Council March 23" 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Consented to —
Jere Powell
AV Sever
A. Ward
S. Adams
T, Danielson

N. Cushing
D Davis
T. Edwards
A Fuller
Sam N^iles

Jn° Pitts
J Simpson
jN^ Goodman
Josiah Stone
Edw" Cutts

Resolve in Favor of Wni Morgan.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives ]\Iarch 2-V^ 1780
On the representation of John Lucas Commissary of
Pensions in behalf of Wm Morgan ]\rarriner who was
wounded on Imard the Continental Ship Warren on the Ex-
pedition to Penobisrott an on the attack the 1^' of August



1779, Whereby he has almost lost the use of his Right


Resolved that the said W" Morgan is intitled to half pay

as a Sailor to commence from Aug 1 1779

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council March 27' 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to —

Jere Powell B White J Stone

W Sever D Davis Sam' I^ileg

A Ward T Danielson Edw'' Cutts

T Cushing T. Edwards j^oah Goodman

S Adams A. Fuller O Prescott

This may Certify all whom it may Concern That M""
William Morgan was Impressed on board the Continental
Ship Warren to go upon the Penobscot Expedition — And
That on Sunday morning the first of August last he was
badly wounded in his Right Arm in making an Attack upon
one of the Enemies Batteries, from which he was carried on
board the said ship Warren where he had his wounds dressed,
and remained on board two days, and then he was carried on
Shore to the Hospital under the care of Docf" Downing
Witness my hand this 21^' day of February 1780

Judah Wing Surgeon M""
of the ship Warren

Papers respecting a Grant to James Chasey.

To the Hon'''® Council, and House of Representatives of the
State of Massachusetts Bay — In Gen' Court Assembled, at
Boston — March 24*'^ 1780

The Petition of Allex"" Campbell Humbly Sheweth —


That the Ace'* of the perticulars, herewith Exhibited, was

Supply" Col. Allan, the Winter past By Mess" Parker &

Chasey, at a time when the l)ej)artment was in the greatest

difficulty & distress and hy which means the Indians have

been Continued in defence of the County in Col. Allans

Directions to me he very gratefully acknowledges the favours

done him liy said persons and urges that I might use my

endeavours that they might Ivcceive Proper satisfaction for

their Interest In consequence of which Your Petitioner

humbly Pray's Your Honors, may take the Matter under

Your wise consideration, & Grant that their acc*° May be

paid, or otherwise, as Your Honors in Your Wisdom may

think best, as in Duty bound, Shall Ever Pray

Alex. Campbell Agent for Col. Allan —

In Council March 25, 1780

Read & Sent down with several Accounts Accompanying

the Same

John Avery D Secy

VmncU Shan: in Defence of Jones.

Gouldsborough 25 March 1780
May it please Your Honors

Whereas some Person unknown to us has made Oath be-
fore your Honors, that He had seen Col" Jones of this place
at Bagaduee and Asserted many Malicious & Wicked Things
against him, the Committee as well in Justice to Col° Jones
Charecter as in Vindictaton of their Conduct, do Assure
your Honors, that Col° Jones has not been Absent from this
place, (only on two Journeys to Machias and Narraguagus)
since the Sixth day of October last, that if your Honors may
think it Xecessary we can produce the Depositions of his
Neighbours to Confirm the same. We are sorry to think that
any Person could l)e so evil ]\[iuded as to procure False Evi-


dence against Col° Jones, in order to make bim appear more
Odious to your Honors as well as the Public — we Flatter
ourselves, (that as it bas ever been our greatest Consern)
tbat our Conduct will meet with tbe approbation of your
Honors and the Good People of these States & Remain with
all due Respect, by order and in Behalf of the Committee of

Your Honor's Most Obed Hum Serv'

Fra : Shaw P

Letter to Brig^ Frost.

Council Chamber March 25, 1780

State of Massachusetts Bay

You have Inclosed a number of Resolves Passed this day

by the General Assembly for the defence of the Eastern Parts

of this State. You are hereby directed to carry or cause the

said Resolves to be carried into Execution in all their Parts

so far as they Relate to you without loss of time of this you

will not fail,

Bv order of the Council

Brigadier General Frost

Deposition of Rogers Smith.

I Rogers Smith of lawful age testify & declare that on the
twenty first of July 1775 I rec'd orders from Lieut Col°
Harriden to IFarch my company to Long Island to oppose a
number of British troops who had landed there — I accord-
ingly marched on the twenty third & on the twenty fourth I
overtook Col" Cargill at Duck trap k he called the officers
togeather & concluded as he had not boats sufficient to carry all


the men over to J^ung Lslaiid that it was Ijcst for the regi-
ment I belonged to, to return, which we did & on our return
took a schooner at goose river which was carrying supplies
to the enemy — I furtlier dechire that it appeared to me that
.lolin Cargill had a large IkxIv of men & His officers said they
had sufficient for the puri)()se they were upon as the enemy
were alarmed of their coming And further saith not

Rogers Smith
Lincoln Co Pownalboro' March 27"' 1780

Personally appeared the above named Rogers Smith &
made oath that the above deposition by him subscribed was
true before me

Tim Langdon Justice of Peace

Col" John Allan's Letter.

Indian Eastern Department Machias March 27"^ 1780

The Bearer Mr James Archibald, who will have the Honor
of delivering you this, will allso present you with two Orders
from the Commissary of this department Certifi'd By me
for some Fish and Tobacco, taken from him for the publick
service. The former was taken a few days ago. As I Coud
not Subsist without it — The Latter Last Summer —

I know'd not of any other Channell thro' which I coud
Direct him to receive his pay, wether this is proper or not I
must pray the favour of the Board to use their Endeavours
therein, as these Articles were of the utmost Consequence —

The situation of this department at present for want of
t>upplys is Truely precarious and Destressing, and only the
Devine Disposer of Humane Events Can at this Juncture
Avert the Impending ruin of this Quarter — I Earnestly
pray that Every Branch Concerned in Our Supplys, woud
Do their Utmost Endeavours to help us —


The Butter Taken in the Prize Brig, I was in hopes woud
have been sent for the past fall & other Supplys sent^ — -A
Quantity Suffic't for the American Army near Two Year —
But have been Compelled to Exchange it for other ISTecessarys
of Life at the Greatest disadvantage, it is now Near Ex-
hausted. There has not been Ten meals of Bread in my
Own Quarters this Six Weeks, Oblidged to Scrape Up Every
thing to keep the Indians But after all our Winter Expence
will be much more then if we had had Plenty of supplys
regular —

I must further request the favour, that Care may be
taken to Gete good powder. Hitherto it has been of the most
Inferior Sort — fit for Nothing but to make a report, This
Article is Perticularly Observed By the Indians, and wdiich
Give a Bad Character among them —

My respectable Compliments waits on the Gen^ of the
Board I am with all possible respect & Esteem Sir
Your most obed. very hbl. Serv*

J. Allan

Board of War directed to deV -provisions.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber March 28, 1780
Whereas the General Assembly of this State on the twenty
fifth day of March Instant passed a Resolve requesting the
Council to Issue orders to the Board of War to furnish the
Troops Stationed at Falmouth & Camden with Provisions,
therefore ordered that the Board of War be & they hereby
are directed to furnish The Commissary appointed to deliver
Provisions to the Three hundred men stationed at Falmouth
& the Two hundred men stationed at Camden by the Resolves
of the General Assembly of the twenty fifth of ]\rarch In-


stant; with such Provisions from time to time as the said
Troops are Intitk'<l to Receive on account of their Ijcing in
the Service & Pay of this State

Attest John Avery 1) Secy.

llcsolve in re Col. Allan.

The Committee of both houses appointed to take iiiU Con-
sideration two letters from John Allan Esq"" with the papers
accompanying — have attended the Service assigned them k
having duly considered the same, reports the following Re-
solutions — which are submitted

W Severford
State of Massachusetts Bay

In Council March 28 1780

Resolved that the Board of "War, be, & hereby are directed
to procure the Several Articles contained in the Schedule an-
nexed & send them to Colol Allen at Machias, together with
such articles as they were directed by a Resolve of the Gen'
Assembly of Q^^ January last to procure & send to the s** Col.
Allen, & that they be & hereby are directed to provide a Small
Vessel, for the transportation of the same to Machias as soon
as they can be procured.

Resolved that the sixty men which Col. Allen has Issued
Orders for raising in Consequence of a Resolve of the Gen'l
Assembly, the last summer, & whose term of Service expires
on the iirst day of May next, be continued in the Service of
this State until the further order of the Gen' Assembly, on
the same Establishment on which they were raised

Resolved that Six of the Whaleboats lately ordered to be
procured for the use of the Troops to be raised & Stationed
in the Eastern parts of this State — be sent to Col. Allen at
Machias for the use of the Troops Stationed there



In Council March 28"^ 1780

Read & Sent Down

John Avery D Secy

In the House of Representatives March 28 1780

Read & accepted

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock
In Council March 28'M780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Consented to-
Jer Powell
W. Sever

A. Ward
S. Adams
J. Fisher

B. White

D. Davis

iST. Cushing
T. Danielson
N. Goodman
T. Edwards
J. Fuller


J Stone
Jn° Pitts
Sam' K^iles
O. Prescott
Tho^ Durfee

Asa Lewis to Board of War.

:N'orth Yarmouth, March 30, 1780

In behalf of the Agent now at Boston I beg leave to in-
form, That before the Cloathing was Rec^ by the agent /it
being his design to send it by water / Vessels had done pass-
ing from this place One however, from Falmouth he expected
to carry the same ; but the Bay freezing up & the Extremity
of the Season prevented that. Having been long ready to
embrace the first opportunity, I expect a Vessel in a few
days to take a Hogshead of Cloathing a few Blankets &c
/the enclosed Receipt will shew the contents/ which is all,
notwithstanding the agent has faithfully dispers'd all orders
respecting Blankets as soon as he Rec'' them, that he has
Rec^ in this part of the County except what he has sent The


Cloathing collected from the Western part of the county the

agent has directed to be sent out of Falmouth the first oppe-

tunity. I am to desire you to pay the Freight to the Gent.

that signs the enclosed Receipt And am for the Agent your

Honors very Hum. Serv.

Asa Lewis

Hon. Board War

Petition of Samuel Brown.

To the Hon"'" Council d' house of Representatives of the
State of Massachusetts Bay, assembled at Boston, 1780

The Petition of Samuel Brown of Boothbay, County of
Lincoln humbly Sheweth That your petitioner being
appointed by order of ririg"" Gen' Lovil, as purchasing, and
Issuing commisary to the Troops, in the expedition against
the Brittish Post at Bagaduce, on the 22" July Last past in
consequence of which Your Petitioner has made a purchase
of near forty thousand weight of beef, and Mutton, agreable
to the Account, herewith exibited, in live Cattle for the use
of the State, which beef and mutton, when purchas'd, cost
under Six Shillings p"" pound. Your Petitioner expected to
have received his money in Octo. last & came to Boston for
that Purpose, and notwithstanding Your petitioner has
advanc'd his own money, in part and Still Stands — In-
debted, for a great Part of Said Purchase, to ditfereut
persons, and the whole of Said beef deliver'd for the use of
the State, he has not yet receiv'd any part for his Interest or
Services, altho at the expence of Several trips To Boston, on
this Business, had I receiv'd my money when I first apply'd
when the price of Beef was Six Shillings p"" pound, Your
petitioner's loss might be somewhat Supportable, but accord-
ing to the present price of every Article of consumption.
Your Petitioner looses at least three Quarters of Said


Property, which is Crushing & insupportable, to the great

Distress of himself and family, wherefore Your Petitioner

prays Your Honours may take his deplorable Case under

Your Serious consideration, and grant that he may be paid

Said monev, with such allowances for his losses and Services,

as may relieve the distresses of Your Petitioner, as his

Scituation is Such, that in Justice to himself and others, he

cannot return without it, or otherwise as Your honors in

Your tender feelings of humanity may think best, as in duty

bound Shall ever Pray

Boston, March 31^* 1780

Sam^ Brown

Application to Congress for Reimbursements.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber March 31 1780

In pursuance of a Resolve of Congress of the 13 of May

1777 this State has supplied Col° John Allen the Continental
Agent for Indian affairs in the Eastern Department, with
monies & sundry other articles to enable him to Carry on the
affairs of his agency. The State were so sensible of the
Importance of this Business in order to Engage the Friend-
ship of the Indians & prevent their taking a part on the side
of Great Britain in the Unjust & cruel War against the
United States, that they have readily supplied him, with
every thing in their Power, that he stood in need of for this
Purpose. Inclosed you have the accounts of these supplies
and as our Treasury is nearly exausted, by the large Ex-
penditures we have of late been oblidged to make for the
service of the Common Cause, we are under the necessity
of making this application & must request that Congress
would give immediate orders for our reimbursement


Letter to Congress to the Mass'^ Delegates.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chambers March 1780

Inclosed you have a letter to Congress together with an
Account of Sundry advances this State have from time to
time made to Col° John Allen the Continental Agent we have
sent the Letter open that you Penn it seal it & deliver it to
the President of the Congress & we shall depend upon your
Exertions for obtaining for this State an Immediate reim-
bursement of these Advances our Treasury is at present very
low & we have pressing demands for the money —

Petition of Col° Camphell.

To the Hon''^^ the Council and Hon**'® House of Representa-
tives of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court
dissembled at Boston March 1780
The Petition of Alexander Campbell Humbly Shew,

That Whereas the Extent & Exposed Situation of the Sixth
Regiment of Militia in the County of Lincoln, in which your
Petitioner has been Honored with a Lieu'^ Colonels Com-
mission made it necessary for the Security of the Country,
that every Justifiable jMeasure should lie taken, not only to
Deter the Enemy, but to Encourage and Enliven the In-
habitants, against the Threats and Flattery of British Power
and Pollicy — That your Petitioner has Spent the greatest
of his Time in this way, and the Actual Service of his Coun-
try ever since the Commencement of the present War, so far
as to prevent his pursuing any other kind of Business for
the Support of a large and Expensive Family, is a Truth
too well known to every Inhaliitant & others acquainted in
that Countrv,


That YOur Petitioner since December 1778 has Acted
under the Direction and Command of Col° John Allen Com-
manding Officer at Machias and on Actual Duty, as your
Honors may observe by CoP Aliens Returns to the Honorable
Council. —

I would beg leave further to Observe to your Honors, that
from the present unhappy Situation of the Eastern Country
Necessity has Compelled me to Tarry a much longer time in
this Town than I expected, which your Honors must be
Sensible must be Extreamly Expensive - — And however un-
happy your petitioner may be at present in not being fur-
nished with such Vouchers as your Honors may think

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