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necessary to determine on these matters, Still your Petitioner
humbly prays your Honors may Take his Case into your
wise Consideration, and Grant that he may be made up on
pay & Ration, on such Establishment and for so long a Time
as you in your known Wisdom shall think best.

And your pef as in duty bound shall ever pray

Alex"" Campbell

The petition of Isaac Sears & P N Smith

To the Honorable Council & the Honorable House of Repre-
sentatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General

Court assembled

Boston March 1780

Isaac Sears & Paschal Nelson Smith Humbly Shew

That your Petitioners were one Eighth part Owners of the
Ship Putnam which was lost at Penobscot last September &
have made frequent application to the Honorable Board of
War for the Payment of their dividend of the appraisment
of said Ship, but that Honorable Board assuring your peti-
tioners that it was not in their power to make them such


payment, your petitioners have patiently waited and are at
this day without hcinnj satisfied for the same. Your peti-
tioners supposing it will be inconvenient for the State to pay
for the loss of all the Shipping that were destroyed at Penoh-
scot, immediately in circulating Money are willing to take
State Seeuritys for the small part they own in the aforesaid
Ship Putnam, but they imagine the Honorable Council &,
House of Representatives will think they (Your Petitioners)
arc entitled to State Seeuritys bearing equal date with the
appraisment of the Ship, as at that day your Petitioners are
of opinion that the appraisment w^as by no means adequate
to the value of the Ship, & if your Petitioners are obligd
to sink the depreciation of the Money from that time to the
Ninety days after the Ship was lost w^hich was some time in
the Month of November they will be very considerable suf-
ferers. The Ship Putnam was impress'd into the service by
reason of her being principally own'd in the State of Con-
necticut, Init your petitioners do not wish to avail themselves
of any advantage from that Circumstance, as at the time the
Ship was taken into the Service they were (for the small
part they owned in her) perfectly satisfied Your Petition-
ers beg your Honors will take the State of their case into
consideration & grant them such relief as to you may seem
meet, & your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray

Isaac Sears Paschal IST. Smith

Docf Stevens Petition.

Boston Mar: 1780

To the Hon''"^ Council t^' the House of Representatives —

The Petition of Henry Stephens, bundily sheweth, that
had the Hoiunii-, to Serve, in the Capacity of a Surgeon on
Board of the I>rignntine (Active) on the late Expedition to



Penobscot, in which unfortunate Event, he was a great suf-
ferer, by loosing his wearing apparel, to a considerable
amount, as will appear, by the acc^ herein exhibited, your
Petitioner prays, that y"" Honours, will take his case into y""
wise Consideration, & releive him from his perplex'' Cir-
cumstance, by granting him the Value thereof & y"" Petitioner
as in Duty bound shall ever Pray.

one Bed

one Sheet

one Blanket

one Pillow

Two Pillow Chases

Four White Shirts

Two Cheque D°

Six P"" of Stockings

one Chest & Lock

Two P"" of Breeches

one Hat

Three Stocks

Four Handkerchiefs

one Coat

Three Waistcoats

one Surtout Coat

one P"" Boots

Two P"" of shoes























Petition of Israel Mead.

To the Hon"'*' the Council, and House of Eepresentatives, of

the State of Mass"' Bay

The Petition of Israel Mead of Boston Humbly Sheweth.

That your Petitioner having been appointed Assistant
Commissary of Issues, Under John Lucas Esq D Commiss''
Gen' on the Expedition to Penobsco* & that your Petitioner


lias 1)0011 oil said Expedition, And has X'ic-tiialed the Troops
whicli woi-o iindor tlie Command oi" The Hon"' B Gen' Lovell
during (lie Seige at that Place. And at the time of our Re-
treat, up Penobscot River, Our Troops were entirely out of
Provisions (it being Ihcir draw*^' Day) Therefore your Peti-
tioner tho't himself bound to <lo all in his power, to land &
secure what provisions he could, before the Vessells that
contained them were destroyed, Wliich lie di<l to the utmost
of his power, having but a very snuill assistance, And did not
give himself time, even to secure his own Cloaths, except what
he then wore. Which loss of Cloathing to your Petitioner was
very considerable, who could not replace them with six hun-
dred pounds, And was not lialf the loss he there sustained
He also expended ISTinety Pounds to support himself and
Assistant in returning from that place — He therefore prays
for such consideration. As Your Honours in your Wisdom
shall think proper to grant — And your Petitioner as in duty
bound Shall pray

Israel Mead
Boston March 1780

2 Coats 2 Waistcoats .3 p-" Breeches 2 p'" Silk Hose 3
V' Worsted d" 4 p-" Thread d" 4, Stocks 6, Shirts 4, Handker-
chiefs 1, lYew Pillow & Case 1, Straw Bed w^'' Bedding 1,
large chest cont^ Sundry Articles in the Stationary way &c
with many small matters for the com' of the Mess loss at

Petition of John Lewis.

To the Honour"'" Council ^ The lion''"' House of Represen-
tatives in General Court Assembled ^[arch. 1780
The Petition of John Lewis Humbly Showoth.
That Your Petitioner has a Power of Attorney to Settle
with the Board of War of this State for cVc in behalf of Samuel


Drinkwater, with respect to the Charter party for the Sloop
Sparrow, her hire & the wages due to the men, of Daniel
Mitchell for the Sloop Defiance of Robert Johnson for the
Sloop Britania, of David Drinkwater for the Sloop Fortune,
which Sloops were lost in the expedition at Penobscot, but
upon your Petitioner Applying to the Hon"® Board of War
can get no incouragent of payment & as Several Are con-
cerned who cannot discharge their Taxes without Some of
their pay, or being obliged to Sell Some of their Stock,
Therefor Your Petitioner prays the Hon^' Court would en-
able & direct the Board of War to pay a part of the money
due to the Above named men. At least as much as Amounts
to the hire of the Vessels & the men's Wages, & Your Peti-
tioner as in Duty bound Shall ever pray

Jn° Lewis

Petition of W"' Albee.

To the Honorable the Council & the Honorable the House of
Bepresentatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay at Boston
That your Petitioner being Honored with a Lieutenant's
Commission to the Command of a small Company of Artil-
lery in the Department at said Machias, since the Year 1777
a Certificate of which, from the Commanding officer I beg
leave to Present to your Honors — during which Time, I
have not Received any Clothing — Wherefore your Petitioner
Humbly prays your Honors may take his Case into your
AVise Consideration, and as your Petitioner has been on the
Continental Establishment agreeable to a Resolve of the
Honorable Court passed in 1779 Please to Direct that the
Board of War may furnish your Petitioner with l^ecessary
Clothing in proportion to the Time he has served, and your
Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever Pray —

Wm Albee


Resolve dirccl'uK) the Board of War.

State of the Massachusetts Bay

To the Hon"'" the Counsel & House of
Representatives in General Court Asseml)lcd in March 1780
We the Subscrihers hiimhlv shew that this Hon'''^ Court
did ill the year 1778 Grant to said State a certain number
of Fire Anns the Nniiiber to us unknown And the Quota
belongin<;- to the Town of Ilolden has not been delivered
though seasonably applyed for as appears below notwith-
standing AYe Pray that the Town of Holden may have their

quota of said Fire Arms and as in Duty Bound Shall ever

Richard Flagg \

]\roses Smith Selectmen

Sam' Thomson '
Amos Heywood [ Golden
John Perry /
N. B. I the subscriber did apply to the Hon"'^ Board of
War of said State for Said Fire Arms — And Said Board
was so engaged in other Matters they said they could not
attend to deliver them at that Time

James Davis

when apply"* for one of
the Selectmen

Petition of Edward Grow et als.

To the Hon""' the Council and House of Representatives,

Xow Setting at Boston

The Petition of the Subscribers, Humbly Shews —

That your Petitioners Beg Leave to Represent to your

honours, that by a Resolve of the Generel Court of this State

Passed the Eighth of June, 1779 for Raising a dumber of

Men for Xine Months, to Reinforce the Continental Army,



and that your Petitioners, Were Chearfully Complying With
Said Resolve, by Using their Utmost Endeavours to Procure
Said Men, by Inlistment or Draught and, Should have Soon
Compleated our Quota of Said men But the Sudden Call
for ]\Ien for Penobscott Drew our Attention that Way in
Procuring Every Man that Could be Detateht, or hired for
that Service. That your Petitioners Supposed your Honours
Would Excuse Us from any fine for our Deficiency of Said
Men for Nine Months, as the other two Counties in the
Province of Main Were, But to our Great Surprize find that
Your honours are about to fine Us, in the Present Tax bill,
and being Sensible that we are Not Able to Pay the Present,
tax Allready Laid on our County and in Case that Said
fine Should be x\dded to our apportion of tax Now ordered
to be Issued it will Greatly Distress your Petitioners as we
are Now Called Uppon for three hundred and ten men for
the Defence of y^ Eastern Part of this State Which will Cost
us large Sums of Money to Comply with the Requisition Now
made which we are Determined Chearfully to Do all in our
Pow"" to Procure Said Men as we are Sensible of the Necessity
of their being Imediately Raised W^e therefore humbly Pray
your honours would take out Distressed Situation into your
Serious Consideration and Relieve us in the Premises Above
Said as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray

Edw'' Grow Joseph Prime Joshua Bragdon
Signed for and in Behalf of the County of York

Pcleg Wadsworth to the Council.

On Board the Protector Nantaskett Road

1 April 1780

I this Moment received by Mr. Woodward an Appoint-
ment of the Hon"® Board, as Engineer; to lay out & erect


Works for the Defence of Falinonth &c, with orders to repair
to tlial plafo without Dehiv. Fu answer to whifh T wruihl
iiifni'iii your Honour that I shall chearfully obey the Order
by embracing tlio first Ojiportunity to reach tliat Port ; & will
so far (only) accept of your Hon" Appointment as Engineer,
as to do what lays in my Power in laying out & erecting
Works there, till Such time as Some other Person can be
apj)oinfcd for that Business which I think is liighly necessary,
as it will be impossible for me under the probable Circum-
stances of things to give sufficient Attention to that matter
(S' I would suggest to youi- Honour, the propriety of an Engi-
neer's being there by the time that the Troops now waiting
shall be there ready to execute the Work. I have the Honour
to be

Sir Your most obedient & very humble servant

Ilon"'^ President of Council

Peleg Wadsworth

Order of Council to procure 30 \Yhale Boats.

State of ^lass"^ Bay

Council Chamber April V 1780

Ordered that the Board of War he & thev herebv are
directed to furnish without Delay, thirty Whale Boats, twen-
ty of them to be appropriated for the Troops at Camden, and
Ten, for those at Falmouth and to forward them to said places
inmiediately and deliver them to Joseph ISToyes Esq"" Com-
missary to said Troops at Falmouth, and Waterman Thomas
Esq"" Commissary to said Troops at Camden in the County
of Lincoln

True Copy Attest John Avery D Secy

By the Commanding Officer of the State Troops in the three
eastern Counties in the State of Massachusetts Bav —


William Lithgow io the Council.

Georgetown April y' 1' 1780

Whereas I was appointed with four other Justices of the
County of Lincoln by the Honourable Council in the year
177G — to enquire into a Complant Exhibited by John Bake-
man Esq"" against the Inhabitence of Majebegaduce, Relitive
to Said Inhabitence being then Enemical to the United States
of america, as als that said inhabitence traided with the
British Enemy, and when we the Said Justice ware meat
at Said place, haveing the high Sheriff with us. we then
Signified our Ijusiness to the Inhabitence and notified said
Bakman to give his attendence, as also at the Same time gave
boath parties orders to Summon their Evidence, — Bakmans
and his wifes evidence was that about four or five and twenty
of the Inhabitence of Majibe'duce had made an assalt upon
him in His house broake his doores — Windows and Som
trunks and a Cheast and took away som goods & money. So
far was the whole of Bakmans Evidence the Inhabitence 25
in nomber whoes names ware mentioned in Bakemans Com-
plaint. Joseph Young I think was one who is the bearer
hereof, but upon hearing the Evidence in favour of the ac-
cused, the most of them cleared themselves of being not
guilty of the Riot as Bakman had set forth, by proveing that
thev ware at home the whole of the night Bakman was mobed,
and as M"" Bakman could produce no other evidence to Suport
his Complaint Except himselfe and Wife, and the other evi-
dence in favour of the Inhabitence being so full in Contradic-
tion to bakman' evidence which we could not Belie upon. So
that we Could not forme aney Judgment who it was that
mobed his house, or who did not. So that boath the Contend-
ing parties left the matter to us the Justes as Referees, to
desid the matter betwen then, upon which we awarded that
as Bakmans house had ben braken and he assalted and lost


Suiidory goods, wc alowed the TnliaLitence to make Bakman
a Snital)e Compensation and obligated them to make him
whole, as to this Joseph Young and the other Inhabitence
who ware accused of Trading or Corrasponding with the
Enemey, there was no Such thing appered to us, but ow the
Contrary we then looked on them to be frindilv to llie ameri-
can Cause, there was a grate deel of evidence produced Reli-
tive to Esq"" Bakmans moral Character, Siting forth his be-
haviour as not very Suitable for a Christien or good majes-
trate, which T apprehen as unnecessary to Set forth here —
the Truth of the above I attest according to the best of my
Kecollection William Lithgow

Resolve on the Petition of Ozias Blanchard & Others.

Tn the House of Eepresentatives April 2>^ 1780

on the Petition of Ozias Blanchard & others ordered that
the Said Ozias Blanchard, Serve Cap' Gray with a Copy of
his petition & this order thereon fourteen days before the
Second Wednesday of the next Siting of the General Court
(that he may shew Cause) (if any he has) why the prayer
thereof should not be granted
Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk""

In Council April 3*^ 1780

Read & Concurred John Avery D Secy

Petition of James Minott.

To the Hon^' Council and House of Representatives, for the
State of Massachusetts J^ay.

The Petition of the inhabitants oi a Plantation Called


Cambden, on Penobscutt Bay in the CWnty of Lincoln
Humbly slieweth

That they are called upon by Thomaston to pay part of a
Tax sent that Town, being a Small Place next adjoining to
them —

That Your Petitioners begg leave to lay before your Hon-
ours their distrest scituation, which renders them incapeable
of bearing the burden of a Tax in their Infant State, Being
a Small Settlement consisting of not more than twenty
Familys, the Oldest About ten years Standing haveing under-
gone the Greatest Sufferings from the Enemy by Fire and
Famine being in a Bay where they have Constantly keep part
of their Shiping, Since the Warrs first Commenced which has
cut off all their Trade, by taking the Vessels with their Wood
&c, which was the Cheif Support, as there is not more then
three in the place that is Able to raise their Bread the Year
through, for their Familys. they have also been greatly dis-
trest by haveing the Enemy so near as Majorbig^vaduce, which
is not more than 15 miles distance and they being the first
that Opposed them in Swearing the Inhabitants has raised
their mean resentment so that they have been determined to
distroy as much as is in their Power — Your Petitioners can-
not thinlv Your Honours ever meant so Young and distrest a
Settlement should be tax'd by the next Town as before men-
tion'd but being by Law Obliged to pay it They humbly pray
that Your Honours would releave them by takeing off said
Tax Untill they are able to pay one, as a Demand of it at this
Unhappy season must Certainly break up the Settlement
which if now encouraiged may in a few Years healp to de-
fray the Publick Charge haveing in time past done every-
thing to Contribute to the good of the States. By repeated-
ly sending their full Complement of Men into the Warr with
the greatest dispatch, and every other thing in their Power


— Your TTonours Granting- the request of your Petitioners

will greatly releave a distrest People, Who will as in Duty

Bound e\'er l)ray Py Order of the Inhahitants of Candjden

James ]\rinott Clerk
Cambden April a", 1780

State of Massachusetts Pay

In the House of Representatives June 1780
on the Petition of James Alinott Clerk of the District of
Cambden in behalf of Said District praying this Court would
abate them the Tax Set on Sai<l District by the Town of
Thomaston in the County of Lincoln, and whereas there is
no Papers nor nothing appears before the Committee only
the Petition Pesolved said Petition should lay on the Table
till the further order of this Court —

Report 071 the Petition from the County of York.

State Massachusetts Bay

In house of Representatives Aprill 3*^ 1780

on the Petition from the County of York Praying that
they be Excused from the fine for their Deficiency of their
men they were ordered to Raise for !Nine months by a Re-
solve of the General Court Passed the Eighth of June 1779
for the Reasons Set forth in said Petition

Resolved that the Prayer of Said Petition be so far
Granted that Said fine be Suspended for the Present, and it
is further Resolved that the Selectmen of the Several Towns
in Said County be and they hereby are Directed to make
Return into the Secretaries office on or before the Second
Wednesday of the Next Sessions of the Generel Court of the
iSTumber of men they have Raised in Compliance with the
aforesaid Resolve and also their apportion of men they had
assigned them to Raise for Penobscott by the Brigadier of



said County by order of the Hon'''^ the Council Passed June

ye 29th 1779. also the Number of men they actually had in

Service by land on Said Expedition

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council April ?," 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Consented to
Jer Powell
A. Ward
S. Adams
Moses Gill
J. Fisher

B. White
T. Danielson
X. Cushing
Oliver Prescott
Tho^ Durfee

J. Edwards
Jn° Pitts
A. Fuller
Sam' jSTiles
X Goodman

*S'. Holten to the Council.


Philadelphia April 4''^ 1780

I have the honor of enclosing several acts of the General
Assembly of the state of New Jersey and you will perceive
they are desirous of an interchange.

The committee that has under consideration the affair re-
specting the charges of the Penobscot expedition have not yet
reported, but when I consider, it is no more than just, that
y® United States should pay the reasonable expences, I don't
even doubt, but that Congress will be of the same opinion &
determine accordingly.

The business respecting the New Hampshire grants (so
called) is not to be taken up till nine states are represented
in Congress, exclusive of the States which are supposed to be
interested, & it is not my expectation that it will be deter-
mined upon at present, nor my desire that it shou'd till after
the war.


We have no intelligence from the soutliern army since
about the first of starch.

The Honorable ]\r Partridge l)cing abont taking leave of
us in order to return, he will be able to give the Honorable
Assembly the best information respecting affairs in Congress.

T liave the Honor to be with the highest respect, Sir, your

most obedient servant ;

S. Holten

The Honorable The President of the Council of ^Massa-

chusetts Bay

Enoch lisJey to Board of War.

Falmouth y^ S'*^ April 1780

Inclos'd is one Eeceipt for a Baril of Cloathing Containing
fifteen p"" Shose, thirtive shirts, & twenty six p"" Stockens,
Kec'' from the select men of Cape Elizabeth for the Con-
tinental soldiers I am with Due Respects In behalf of John

Lewis Esq"" Agent Y"" Humb' Serv*

Enoch Ilsley
The Hon"'" Board of Warr


Resolve Requesting the Council to Issue their ^Yarrants

State of Massachusetts Bay

In house of Representatives Aprill S**" 1780
Resolv^ that the Hon'''* Council be and hereby are Requested
to Issue their Warant on the Rools Exibited by Lieu^ Thomas
Abbot for the Service of the Troops that were Detacht from
Berwick and Lebanon Under the Command of Cap^ John
Goodwin on the l*]xpedition at Penobscott Payable to Colo



Joseph Prime he Giving his Recp* therefore and Stand Ac-
countable for Said money Untill Said Abbott and men fully
Comply with a Resolve of this Court making Provision for
Recovering the fire Arms Deliver"^ at Penobscott Passed y®
31 Day of December 1779 any Law or Usage to the Contrary

Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk""

In Council April 5, 1780

Read & IsTonconcurred John Avery D Secy

In Council April 7, 1780 Read again and the Board re-

consider this Vote of Concurrence passed the 5'*" Ins^ and
concurr with the Vote of the Hon'ble House

John Avery D Secy

Consented to
Jer. Powell
A. Ward
S. Adams
Moses Gill
J. Fisher

A. Fuller
O Prescott
J^. Cushing
Sam' Niles
]Sr Goodman

T Danielson
Jn° Pitts
T Edwards
B White
Tho^ Durfee

Resolve in Favor of Samuel Brown.

State of Masachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Apr. 6. 1780
Whereas Samuel Brown of Boothbay was appointed by Gen'
Lovel a Commisary to purchase Cattle for the Use of the
Army upon the Penobscot Expedition and with his own Prop-
erty purchased thirty seven Barrels of Beef, more than was
necessary for the Use of the Army aforesaid; which thirty
seven Barrels of Beef with Eighteen hundred and fifty five
pounds of Hides, and two hundred and sixty four pounds
of Tallow said Brown has delivered to the Commisary Gen-



eral of this State; and it appears that said Brown in his Set-
tlement with the liourd of War recieved only five Shillings
p"" pound for the said Beef, Hides and Tallow; which is
twelve Shillings p"" w less than the price of Beef, Hides and
Tallow was at the Time of the Delivery aforesaid — There-

Resolved that the Board of War he, and they hereby are
directed to allow the said Samuel Brown twelve shillings p""
pound in addition to the five shillings above mentioned for
the s*^ thirty seven Barrels of Beef, Eighteen hundred and
fifty five pounds of Hides, and two hundred and sixty four
pound of Tallow, so delivered by him to the Commisary
General of this State

Sent up for Concurrence

Jn Council April 6. 1780
Read & Concurred

John Hancock, Spk""

Consented to —
Jer. Powell
A. Ward
W. Spooner
S. Adams
Jn° Pitts

J. Fisher
J Stone
O Prescott
N Cushing
T Danielson

John Avery D Secy

Tho^ Durfee
N Goodman
T Edwards
B White
Sam' Niles

Resolve on Petition of Alexander Campbell.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In The House of Representatives April G* 1780
on the Petition of Alexander Campbell Agent to CoP Jn°
Allen — Praying for allowance for sundry articles Supplied
Col° Allen The Winter Past By M"" Stephen Parker & James
Chasey Therefore Resolved The prayer of Said Petition Be
So far Granted That There Be paid oute of the Publick



Treasury of This State To M'' Stephen Parker Two Thou-

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