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I would now acquaint your Honour that I ariv'd at this
Place yesterday in the Afternoon, in Lincoln Galley, con-
voy'd by the Protector, which ship left us the proceeding
Evening just without the mouth S' Georges with design to
Cruise off the Mouth of Penobscott Sound the next JMorning.
Having given Direction for the Disposition of the Stores, I
proceeded to Cambden the same Evening : where I found the
Company that was ordered there, from this County, the last
Month, almost complete; commanded by a very worthy Offi-
cer, Cap* Blunt «& where I received the agreable Inteligence
that a Ship that aiternoon had pursued up Penobscott Sound
& taken in Sight of the Enemy, a Sloop ; which, beyond a
Doubt, \verc the Protector ^: a Cruiser from Bagaduce.


Three Days Since two ships went in to the Enemy Sup-
pos'd to be one the iS[autiliis, returned from Hallifax, the
other, it is not known whether she was a Ship of War, or one
that was expected for Lumber previous to this Arival there
was only the Albany with three or four Smaller Cruisers in
that Port.

The Enemys Garrison does not exceed five hundred Land
I orces exclusive of about forty Tories that have join'd them
this Spring Chiefly from this Town & Waldoboro.

There is frequent & fresh Inteligence from the Enemy by
means of the Intercourse kept up by many of the Inhabitants :
to prevent which, to punish flagrant Oft'enders & to quiet the
Fears, the Dissentions & Annimosities of the People, I earn-
estly wish for the Arival of the Troops & Boats allotted ; &
for the Execution of which, may God Almighty grant
Wisdom !

The Inhabitants have been & still are in great Tremor
from the Threats of the Enemy with their Tories & Indians.

There has lately been down to Bagaduce by way of Penob-
scott Eiver, five Canadian & Mohawk Indians, with one
Loanear, a French Canadian Officer, accompanied with tw^o
Penobscotts on their return back up the river they reported
that there was then two hundred & fifty Canadian & Mohawk
Indians at one of the Indian Towns up Penobscott River, but
this report was probably fram'd at Bagaduce, as it was not
mention'd when they went down the River. I expect further
Inteligence soon.

There has been four small Cruisers from Bagaduce lately
on this coast, two of which, a Brigg & a Sloop, were into
the mouth of S' Georges River about a Fortunight ago waiting
for the Stores then expected, but landed none of their men.

I have not yet proclaim'd the Martial Law, nor does it
seem expedient; till the arival of the Troops & Boats, least


the Game should be started 1)efore we are ready for the
Chase. The Company order'd for Cainl)den on the fifteenth
of ]\rarch from y^ County of York, are not yet ariv'd except
four men only; & it is reported that they are not yet rais'd —
there is not any of the last Detachment yet ariv'd in Camj).

by Jveports that prevail from the Enemy, this Coast is
threatened with an Invasion from Baggaduce; & Falmouth
is to be taken Possession of l)y a Force from ^v'ow York. 1
think the Invasion is not in their Power, with their present
Forces, especially as that Part of tlieir Plan which depended
on their Cruisers is some what justled by the Protector & I
trust will still be prevented by a Succession of other of our
Arm'd Vessels which it will be necessary to send frequently
on this Coast, & by the expected Arival of our Forces.

As soon as Matters are put into the best Train possible at
present, I propose to proceed directly to Falmouth where I
hope to find the men, provision »& Intrenching Tools, which
are necessary, before any thing can be done for the Defence
of that Place.

I hope in my next to give your honour a more concise &
satisfactory account of things, than is here contained, & must
plead the want of time in excuse for my Prolixity. In the
mean time, 1 have the honour to be Sir wilh great respect

Your honours most obedient d^ huml)lo servant

Peleg Wadsworth
Hon''''^ Jeremiah Powell Es(}''

President of Council

Poscript; 13 April 1780
I have just now received Inteligence of the arival of a
reinforcement at Pngatluce of 200 ^Fen from Hallifax last
Saturday, with the Return of the Nautilus & a 20 Gun Ship;
this leads me to think that there is no more Force expected
from that Quarter this Sprina'.

Yesterday in the afternoon there were three ships seen in


the Chase of the Protector & her Prize: she out sailed her

Pursuers, but was oblig'd frequently to heave too ; for her

I'rize towards Evening, one of the three was seen returning

& this morning, another.

I should think it highly expedient, should auy of the Tories

from these Parts be brot into Boston, Prisoners, by our

Cruisers, that they should be detain'd & not given up in


Peleg Wadsworth
In Council April 22'' 1780

Read and committed to the Committee appointed to con-
sider the letter from Brigadier General Wadsworth of the

8'^ Instant

Sent down for Concurrence

Sam" Adams Sec''

In the House of Representatives April 22 1780

Read & Concurred

John Hancock Spk''

Resolve on Accounts of William Lithgow.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives April y^ 12, 1780
On the Accounts of William Lithgow Treasurer of the
County of Lincoln

Whereas it appears upon Examination of the County
Treasurers accounts for the County of Lincoln that all the
Moneys granted and allowed by the General Sessions of the
Peace for Said County from June 1777 to June 1779 were
for such purposes and appropriation as the Law impowered
the said Court to Grant, and the Ballance due to said Treas-
urer being the sum of Eighteen Shillings and Xine pence,
he the said Treasurer to account for the out Standing debts
amounting to the Sum of Thirty Eight Pounds & Eleven



Shillings — Therefore Resolved that the Said accounts be


Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council April 12'" 1780

Kead & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to —

Jer. Powell

A. Ward

W Spooner

S Adams

Moses Gill

T Danielson
J Fisher
E White
Jn° Pitts
H Gardner

Sam' JS'iles
N Goodman
T Edwards
N Cushing
Aaron Wood

Letter of George Stillman.

To the Respectable Committee for Settling Col° Campbells

Gentlemen — having had the honour of a Commission Tn
the Service at Machias Since June 1777, am well Knowing
that Col° Campbell has Been Continually Called on, not only
by Col° Foster of the Militia, But by Col" Allan Command-
ing Ofhcer at ]Machias, as set forth in his Petition to the
honourable Court, and since June last his whole time has
been Imployed in the publick Service, which has been of
Great advantage In the Country, as the Militia are so
Scatered & exposed.

I Beg leave to offer as my oppiniou that it was absolutely
necessary for some Officer of Rank and Carracter, to execute
that office, which Col° Campbell has done Much to the Satis-
faction of the people.

I am Gentlemen with Respect and esteem your most

Obedient Humble Servent

G" Stillman
Boston 12"' April 1780


The Council to Col. Allen.

Council Chamber April 13, 1780
State of Massachusetts


Your letters of the third «& fifth of march last came safe
to hand, and were immediately laid before the General As-
sembly, who have taken such order thereon as appeared to
them necessary to render your situation easy & happy, and
be assured the council will at all times pay every attention
in their power to render 3'our Post safe and secure. A
quantity of Stores is ordered to you, which the Council hope
will get safe to hand, & to your satisfaction.

The Council are extremely sorry that you have been called

to such great sufferings as appears by your letters, you have

been made to endure. They highly approve of the Spirit

and fortitude with which you have born these hardships and

hope you will still persevere

CoPJn° Allen —

Resignation of Capt John Gray

North Yarmouth April 13. 1780

Permit me, by your fa^'our, to make a Resignation to the

Honorable Council, of the Commission I have had the honor

to hold of Captain of the first Company of Militia in this

town^ — I beg the Honorable Board would not conster this

Step in my conduct as a retreat from the line of Duty, in

this day of publick Difficulty — much less, as proceeding

from a want of due Regard to the glorious Cause in which

we are ingaged. A disunion in the Company I have had the

Honor to command, occasioned, in part, by a disaifection

to me, has rendered it incompatable with a proper concern


for ray own personal honor, or the best Interest of the Cora-
munitv, to hold my Post any longer. — That the Honorable
Board may be directed to the appointment of a person that
may give more general Satisfaction and fill the Post with
greater advantage to the pnblick Service are the Wishes with
which I have the honor to subscribe

Your Honors most obedient and very humble Serv'

John Gray
The Hon"^' President Powell

In Council May 13^" 1780

Head & Ordered that the Resignation of Capt John
Gray of the first Company in the Second Regiment of
Militia in the County of Cumberland be & hereby is ac-
cepted & Ordered that CoP Jon'^ Mitchel of the Second Regi-
ment of Militia in s^ County be & hereby is directed to cause
the first Company in s** Regiment together with the alarm
list within the limit of the same to meet together & make
Choice of a Captain in tlie Room of Capt John Gray, who
has leave from this J>oar(l to resign his Commission — And
to fill up such Vacancies as shall arise from said Resigna-
tion — And he is further requir'd to see that the Choice is
made according to the Directions of the Militia Law, & duly
certified to the Sec'y of this State

Attest Jn" Avery D Secy —

Col. J . Mitchell lo I he Council.

To the Hon''''' the Council of the i\rassachusetts Pay —

May it please your Honors On repeated application from
Capt. John Gray, and in Consideration of an Uneasiness in
the first Company in this town, occasioned in Part, by his
holding the Command, I beg leave to inform your Honors
that I do consent to his resigning his Commission of Capt.
of the s^ first Company, in hopes a Man may be appointed to



s'' Command, that may give more satisfaction in the Com-
pany, & so be more for the publick Service —

I have the Honor to be your Honors most obedient & very

Humble Serv*

J. Mitchell I' Col"
N. Yarmouth April 13, 1780.

Order for Court Marticil in Case of Col. Revere.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber, Boston April IS^'^ 1780

Ordered That there be & hereby is appointed a General
Court Martial for the Tryal of Lieu*^ Col" Paul Revere of
the Corps of Artillery belonging to this State, touching his
Behaviour as an Officer when, retreating from Majorbigwa-
duce particularly

Court Martial to sit on Tuesday the Eighteenth day of
April curr*^ nine "Clock A M at the County Court House in


Colonel Edward Proctor President

EliasParkman JohnKneeland Israel Loring

Caleb Champney John Gill Joshua Farrington

David Bell John Stutson Joseph Pratt

Levi Jennings John Newell

Members William Tudor Esq""

Judge Advocate

and Colonel Edward Procter is hereby directed to Sum-
mon the Several Members above mentioned to attend at time
and place, and for the purpose aforesaid, and in case any
of the before mentioned Members thro' sickness, or any other
substantial Occasion shall not be able to attend, the said
Tryal, the said Col° Procter is further directed to Summon
other Captains from the Neighbouring Militia Regiment,


forthwith to attend said Tryal as Members in their room.
And to summon the said Lieu* Col° Paul Revere to attend
upon his Defence at time and place aforesaid, hy serving
him immediately on Receipt hereof with a Copy of this
Order and the diarge against him herewith inclosed. — And
the said Court ]\rartial are hereby directed to Summon such
Witnesses as may be necessary to Examine, in the Course of
the said Tryal, and when they shall have finished said Tryal
to return a Copy of their proceedings and Judgement to the
Council of this State with their reasonable Account of
Attendance for Allowance and Payment

John Avery D Secy

t/a* Avery to President of Council.


I wou'd inform the Hon'ble Board that the Arm'd

Schooner Neashquowoite, of 70 Tons Carrying 8 Carrage

Guns & 8 Swivels, belonging to the Public, is now laying at

Machias Quite Useless for want of a few Necessary to fit her

for Sea — she is a good Strong Vessell & pierced for Ten

Guns —

If the Ilonoble Board shoud think proper to send Down
one barrell of Pitch & One barrell of Tar, it would put her
in a Situation to Come to this place, when their Honors might
fix & Employ her as they might think proper

I have the Honor to be With the greatest respect Sir your
most Hble S'

Boston Apr. o'^ 1780 Ja' Avery

The Honble Pres of Council

Council Chamber Sep' 7* — 1780

Read and Ordered — that Jabez Fisher and John Pitts
Esq"" be a Committee to consider this Petition &, to report
what may be proper to be done thereon

John Avery D Secy


WaiTant Issued to Sheriff of Lincoln County.

[Seal] Lincoln Ss to the Sheriff of the County of Lincoln
or Either of the Constabels of the town of Bristol and to the
keeper of the goal in Pownalbory in the County of Lincoln
Belonging to the States of the Massachusetts Bay greeting
whereas Nathaniel Palmer of Bristol in the County of Lin-
clon gentlmen Being Brought Before me alexander ISTickals
Esqr one of the Justices of the Peace for Said County By
Vertue of a Warrent Issued By me upon the Complaint of
william jMcClaim thomas martin two of the Committee of
the town of Bristol in Said County sumons for his the Said
I^athaniel Palmer Refuseing to take the oath of fidility or
the oath of affirmation being Requested By me to do the
Same these are therefore in the Xarae of the government and
Peopel of the States above mentioned to Charge and Com-
mand you to take the Body of the Said Xathaniel Palmer
and Convav him to the Countv ijoal in Pownalborv affore-
said and the keeper of the Said goal is hereby Commanded
to Receive into the Said goal the Body of the Said jSTathaniel
Palmer and him Safely keepe untill he is acted against as the
Law directs and IS^ot depart without Licence given under
my hand and Seal at Bristol this twenty Eight day of March

Anno Dominy 1780

Alexander ISTickals

A true Coppy pr Jacob Eaton Constable

Petition of Joseph Young.

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives the
humble pertition of Joseph Young of a place called Cap-
erozua neigh majerbigAvadue in the County of Lincoln &
State of the Massechusets bay in newengland: Humbly
Sheweth that as your pertitioner haveing his House broken


open the Neight following the 22*^ of fehruary last past by
one Cornehis tomson and others who Came about 12 oclock
at night & Ijroak and entred your pertisioners house at S*
Caperozua and brouk Seven Locks after their Kutrey took
and Carried oft allmost all your pertisioners Bead furniture
table furneture with allmost all your pertisioners wives &;
duhters wareing appearel and Struck your pertisioners wife
with a sword whereby Shee greatly Dispared of her life &
Carried your pertisioner about 2 mills on penobscut bay and
theire left him on the Ise whereby your pertisioner nerrily
Escaped being Dronnded on his Kcturne to his family and
your pertisioner maid aplication to the Committee of harp-
swell who after hereing your pertisioners Complaint together
with the Avedence Directed your pertisioner to your Honours
and your Pertisioner Humbly begs your Honours would
graciously be pleased to look upon him In his Distress and
grant him such Relcfe as your Honours thinks may be for the
publicks best good and the Relefe of your pertisioners distrest
family & your pertisioner as in duty bound shall Ever pray
Joseph Young Boston Apriel the 13'*' 1780

In the House of Representatives April 22** 1780 Order'd
That Capt Bayley M"- Davis of Dudley & Capt Clark with
such as the Hon''' Board shall join be a Committee to consider
the same & report what is proper to be done thereon

Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk""

In Council April 22*^ 1780 Read & Concurred and Benjamin
White and Noah Goodman Esq" are joined

S Adams Secr^

Resolve of General Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives April 13, 1780
On the petition of Lieu' William Albee Commander of the


Artilery att Machias, shewing that some days Since, The

Hon""^ Court were pleas'^ to pass an order on the boal-d of

Warr, to supply him with Cloathing on the same terms which

the officers of Col Crafts Reg* are intituled to receive, and as

Col Crafts has been discharg*^ about a year, the petitioner is

deprived drawing any Cloathing Longer than while Col

Crafts had the Command — he prays that he may be allow^

to receive, the Cloathing he is in Justice intituled to On the

Same Terms as the officers of Artilery under Col Revere

Therefore Resolved that the Board of Warr be & hereby

are directed to deliver to Said W™ Albee the Same Quantity

of Cloathing & on the Same Terms, as the officers of Artilery

of the same Rank are intituled to receive who are under the

Command of Col Revere with what he has already receiv*^

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spkr
In Council April 13*'^ 1780

Read & Concurred John Avery D Secy

Consented to —

Jer. Powell Moses Gill N^ Goodman

A. Ward H Gardner Sam^ Xiles

W Spooner T Danielson B White

S Adams Jn° Pitts N Gushing

J Fisher T Edwards Aaron Wood

Beprese7itation of John Lucas in behalf of Ehen^ Perkins.


Please to Inform me wether the barer Ebnez'" Perkins, was
a marine on board the Ship Warren, at the Time he rec^ a
w^ound as your Certificate is all I can found a Representa-
tion on in his Favor — I am your Hum' Sert

John Lucas Com^^ of Pensioners
April 12, 1780

To the Hon'''^ President of y® ISTavey board at Boston


This may Certefie that tlio within named Eben"" Perkins
Servd as a Marine on board Ship Warren Dudly Saltonstal
Comm*" upon the Exped" Against Penobscot as appears by
the Warrens Books W'" Vernon for the Board

Boston Ap* 13, 1780 Xavy Board E. Dep'

This may Certifie that ]<]])cnezcr Perkins a Marine on
Board The Continental Frigate Warren was Badly wounded
by a Ball that Passed into his Breast & out throug part of
his Shoulder and arm, ])y which he has Lost the Use of his
Arm at Present Jos Gardner

Boston Ap 13 1780

To the Hon*"'^ Council of House of Eepresentatives

John Lucas Com^""^ of Pensions in behalf of Ebnez"" Per-
kins a Marine on board the Continental Ship Warren Dudly
Saltonsal Comm*^"" and was wounded by a ball that past
through him, by w'^'' he has lost the use of his left arm, as
Appears, by his Certificates

John Lucas Com^""^ Pensioners
Pension office 13^^^ April 1780

Letter to Council Enclosing Act of Congress.

Philadelphia April 14, 1780

By the enclosed Act of Congress of the 8''' Instant you
will observe that upon a Representation of the Delegates
from Massachusetts Bay of the great Expence incurred by
that State in endeavouring to repel a late Invasion of the
Enemy at Penobscot, they have ordered a Warrant in favor
of the State on their Treasurer for two Millions of Dollars.

Congress you will also obsen^e have referred the Considera-
tion of the Propriety' of an Expedition against Penobscot to


the Cominander in Chief, at the same time allowing Con-
tinental Pay and Rations to a limited Number of Militia for
the Defense of the Eastern Part of Massachusetts Bay

The Warrant above mentioned for two Millions of Dollars
will be forwarded by the Delegates from the State of Massa-

I have the honour to be with great Respect Sir

your most obed' hble servant

Sam. Huntington President
In Council April 29' 1780

Read & Sent down John Avery D Sec'y.

The Hon'''*' The President of the Council of Massachusetts

Resolve of Council.

State Mass"' Bay

In the House of Repre' April 14, 1780

On the Representation of John Lucas Commissary of
Continental Pensioners, in behalf of Ebenezer Perkins a
Mariner on board the Continental Ship Warren, Dudly
Saltinsoll Comman"", and was wounded by a Ball that passed
through him, by which, he has lost the use of his left arm
&c — Therefore

Resolv'd that the said Ebenezer Perkins is Intitled to half
pay to Commence from y® first Decem' 1779
Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spkr

In Council April 14' 1780 Read & CWcurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to —

Jer. Powell Moses Gill N Cushing

A. Ward H Gardner J Edwards

W Spooner T Danielson Aaron Wood

S Adams B White H Gardner

J Fisher N Goodman Jn° Pitts


Peleg Wadfuvorlhs fj'tter.

S' Georges IS'"^ April 1780

I have, according to agreement, freighted tlie Lincoln
Galley back with salt, & consign' it to ]Mr Xathan Spear jr. ;
Who will deliver the tenth Part, for Freight, if it is insisted
upon but as that is double to the usual Freight & as the Ves-
sell would otherwise have return'd with Wood, the Vessells
part of which, would have been, at the Extent, not more than
seven or eight Cords; I flatter myself that the huu"'* Board,
on further consideration will not insist on having more for
the Freight up, than will purchase the Same Quantity of
Wood in Boston, without any Risque at all Should that be
the Case I should be much obliged, & have directed Mr Spear
to procure the Wood or Pay the Money, otherwise to deliver
one tenth part of the Salt,

I remain Sir your most obedient & very humble Serv*

Peleg Wadsworth
Sam' Phillips Savage Esq"" President of the Board War

Resolve in Favor of George Stillman.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives April 15 1780

The Cormnittee to whom was Referr*^ the petition of
George Stillman of Machias, wherein he prays for allowance
for Sundry Articles Supply'^ the Troops of the Eastern De-
partment by ord"" of CoP Jn° Allyn, The Com'^^ have
attended that Service Examin*^ the Acc*^ & the Certificate
accompanying s^ Petition, and are of Opinion the ace' Ex-
hibited by the petitioner is Justly Due —

Therefore Resolved that their be allow*^ & paid out of the
publick Treasury to George Stilhnan the Sum of two thou-



sand One hundred I^inety five pound^ & four pence the full

of this ace* & that the Same be Charg** to the United States

Read & Accepted

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
Jn Council April 15, 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Warrant drawn this Day
Consented to

H Gardner

Moses Gill

B White

T Edwards

T Danielson

Jer. Powell
A Ward
W Spooner
Sam^ Adams
N Gushing

Tho^ Durfee
N Goodman
Jn° Pitts
Aaron Wood
A Fuller

Edward Procter's application.

To the hon^'® Council of Massachusetts State

Boston April 15**^ 1780

The petition of Edward Procter humbly Sheweth — That
being Appointed by your honors to sit as president at a Court
Martial on the Trial of Lt. CoP Paul Reveir, begs leave to
decline that Service: not only on Account of the intimacy
that has long subsisted between us, but as Col° Reveir is an
Ofiicer of the Train of Artillery: I cannot think my Self a
competent Judge, (it being out of my line) of an Artillery
Officer's Duty so as to Sit upon so important a Trial — for
these & many other Reasons that might be Offer'd — your
Petitioner has no doubt y*" honor's will excuse him from the
Above mentioned Ser\dce Edward Procter

In Council April 17" 1780

Read & Ordered — That the Prayer of the Petition of
Col° Edward Procter be and hereby is not granted

Jn° Avery D Secy


Resolve entitling Philip Audhnrt to half pay.

Commonwealth of Masachusets

In the House of Representatives Apriel 17: 1780

On tlie Rcpresintation of John Lucas Commasary of Pen-

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