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sioners in behalf of Phillip Audebert a meren on bord the
Armed Brg' Hazard of this Commonwelth was wounded
17''' of July 1770 as Appears by his Certificate

Resolved that the said Phillip Audbut is intitled to one
half his pay as a merean to Commence from his discharge
which was the 14 of August 1779

Sent up for concurrence

In Senate April Id'"" 1780
Read & Concurred


Caleb Davis Sp""

Jer: Powell Presi'''
John Hancock

Petition of Jeremiah Powell.

To the Honble Council and Honble House of Representatives
of the Mass'^ Bay

The Petition of Jeremiah Powell humbly sheweth That
the Greatest Part of the Vessels which were owned by the
Inhabitants of the County of Cumberland have been lately
lost, most of them in the unfortunate Expedition to Penob-
scot, that the late Resolve for raising Men in that County, is
extremely burdensome to them on Account of the lowness of
the Establishment, insomuch that your Petitioner is in-
formed, three Thousand Dollars are demanded by those who
incline to inlist over and above the Pay and Rations, That
the aforesaid Loss of Vessels has not been in any Degree


made up to the Owners. That on these Accounts, and the
Distress which an Invasion of the Eastern Parts of the State
by the Enemy has brought upon the People in that County,
they are become unable to pay the heavy and your Petitioner
humbly thinks the undue Proportion of Taxes which have
been laid upon them

Your Petitioner asks not at present any Remittance of
these Taxes, but humbly prays your Honors to pass a Re-
solve to Suspend Issuing Execution against the Constables
and Collectors of the several Towns in the said County of
Cumberland, untill they shall have some Relief from their
present unhappy Circumstances Your Petitioner doubts
not that the greatest Exertion possible will notwithstanding
be made to pay the Taxes aforesaid, but to have Execution
sent against the Collectors at this Critical Time must add
Distress to the Distressed. Your Petitioner as in Duty
bound shall ever pray —

Jere Powell

Letter from H^^^ James Lovell Esq^

Philadelphia April 17, 1780

We have the Honor of forwarding at this Time a Warrant
for two Millions of Dollars granted for the Use of the State
before M"" Partridge left Philadelphia but not then carried
through the necessary Forms.

The inclosed Extract from the Journals with the Informa-
tion which our Colleague can give will prove how the main
Point relative to the Expences on the Penobscot Expedition
was left undecided. He will also enable the General As-
sembly to judge whether it was proper for the Delegates to


push strenuously for a Decision of that Point during the then
fipparent Temper of Congress, or to wait for furtlicr Direc-
tions from the Court

We have the Honor to he with great Respect Sir
"^'our most humble Servant

James Lovell
In Council April 29' 1780

Read & sent down with the several S. Holten

Inclosures Accompanying the Same

John Avery D Secy

Hon*"^ President of the Council of Massachusetts Bay.

The Delegates of Mass: Bay in Consequence of their In-
structions moved the following propositions

That upon the Adjustment of the Accounts of the State of
Massachusetts Bay they be allowed the reasonable Expences
incurred bv them in endeavouring bv a land & naval arma-
ment to dislodge the Enemy who had actually invaded the
eaid State &: fortiticd themselves at Penobscot.

That a Warrant issue on the Treasurer of the State of

Mass. Bay in favour of the said State for Dollars being

part of their Quota of continental Taxes, for which Sum the
said State is to be accountable.

That an Expedition be forthwith adopted for dislodging
the Enemy from Penobscot.

Resolve in Favor of Andrew Patterson.

House of Representatives, State Massachusetts bay

April 17, 1780

Your Committee to whom was Committed the Petition of

Andrew Patterson, Late of Penobscot, and oblig^ to come oif

with his Family to Kennebeck River, praying for Relief,

having Examined into the Facts Set forth in Said Petition,



Finds them to be True Wherefore Resolved that there be
paid out of the Publick Treasury of this State to Andrew
Patterson, the Sum of three Hundred pounds for the present
Relief of him and his Said Family
Read & Accepted

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 17 1780
Read & Concurr**

S Adams
Warrant drawn this Day
Consented to —
J er Powell
A. Ward

John Hancock Spk''


S. Adams
J Fisher
H Gardner
Moses Gill

JSJ" Gushing
A. Fuller
N Goodman
Jn° Pitts
Aaron Wood
Tho^ Durfee

T Edwards
Sam* Niles
J Stone

A Proclamation.

Whereas the success of Military Operations in a great
measure depends upon Dispatch, which in a time of War is
scarcely to be obtained in the ordinary Course of Law —
Therefore — By Virtue of the Power vested in me by the
Hon'''*' the General Assembly of this State, by a Resolve of
the fifteenth of March last ;

I do hereby Proclaim the Law Martial to be in full force in
the County of Lincoln from the sea Coast ten miles, & in the
Islands adjacent; excepting in Cases that are entirely of a
civil nature & do not interfere with the military ; In all such
Cases the Execution of the civil Law is not meant to be Sus-
pended ; but to remain in full force & all military Officers are
to conduct themselves accordingly.


And all persons are hereby forbid to aid, supply, assist or
to hold any Correspondence with the Enemy in any way or
manner whatever, under the Penalty of military Execution.
^ The Inhabitants of the Islands in Penobscott sound, on
Penobscott River, & to the eastward of Penobscott River as
far as Union River, being; much exposed by their local situa-
tion, are to hold themselves as Neutrals in regard of aiding
or assisting either party ; & they or any other Person are not
permitted to pass from the Islands or Main to ]\Iajabigwa-
duce, or from the Main to the Islands without a Pass from
the Commanding Officer at this Post.

And all persons are forbid to pass up Penobscott Sound
towards Majabigwaduce within a line drawn from Owl's
Head to the southerly end of the Fox Islands, the outer part
of Deer Island, k so on to the Main on the easterly side of
Edgenoggin Reach ; Excepting the Inliabitants of the Islands,
which Inhabitants tho they are permitted to pass from Island
to Island & also to the Main on their own Business, are not
to go up the Sound towards IMajabigwaduce higher than a
line from the lower end of Long Island to the upper end
of the Fox & Deer Islands ; & when they come to the Main
are to obtain a Pass for their Return, from the Commanding
Officer at this Post.

No person is permitted to pass to the northward of Negun-
tacook by land towards Penobscott River or from Union
River to the southward towards Majabigwaduce, without a
Pass from the Commanding Officer at either Post, except the
Inhabitants who live between the lines prescribed, which
Inhabitants when they pass the lines, are to have a Pass for
their Return.

All persons deserting & joining with the Enemy are to be
treated as Deserters from the American xVrmy. ^f All per-
sons, who shall discover a Breach of these Orders, are directed
to apprehend the Offenders, & deliver them at Head Quarters,


that they may receive the Justice due to the Enemies of the

United States of America.

The Officers of the Militia on the Sea Coast are directed to

hold their Companies & Regiments in the greatest possible

Readiness, & to appoint an Alarm Post, or Posts for each

Company, that they may be ready to act with Vigor in Case

of an iVlarm, or answering any Call that may be necessary

for the Good of the State

given at Head Quarters

P Wadsworth B Gen'

Thomaston 18"^ Day of April A D 1780

Ersulvo Appointing Joseph, Noijes Committee of Inquiry;
Also in Favor of Joseph Young.

In the House of Representatives April 18, 1780

Whereas it is represented to this Court that the fifty
shovels & fifty spades which were by order of the General
Court sent to Falmouth for the Use of the Troops there in
the Year 1776, have been embezzled or carelessly left Re-
solved That Capt Joseph Noyes Commissary at s'* Falrn" be
and hereby is appointed a Committee to make enquiry into
this matter — & make report to this Court or to the Council as
soon as may be

The Committee of both houses that were appointed to
consider the Petition of Joseph Young of Cape rozier Repre-
senting that on the 22"^ of February last, his House was
broke open by one Cornelius Thompson & others ; & Robbed
of a jSTumber of Articles have attended that Service and find
the facts Set forth in Said Petition are true ; & further y"
Committee find that the S"^ Joseph has been friendly to the
United States of America ; IvTotwithstanding under his present
Distressed & Difficult Scituation & Circumstances he has been



oblidged to take an Oath of allegiance to the King of Great

Brittain. Therefore beg leave to Report the following


B White p^ ord^

Resolved that the s^ Joseph Young be and he hereby is Ira-
power'd to bring an Action at the next infeirour Court of
Common pleas to be holden at Salem, within & for the County
of Essex against Cornelius Thompson & others for the Re-
covery of his Goods & Damages: & that he be permitted to
Return to his Family Unmolested
In Council April 24' 1780
Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec^
In the House of Representatives April 24 1780
Read & concurred

Consented to —
Jer Powell
A. Ward
W Spooner
S Adams
B White

H Gardner
I) Davis
T Edwards
A Fuller
Sam' Niles

John Hancock Spk""

Tho^ Durfee
Jn° Pitts
Aaron Wood
J. Stone
J Simpson

Receipt of W'" Gooding for Supplies.

Falmouth Aprill 20'*' 1780
Rec" in good order on board the Schooner Dolphin — myself
Master one Hogshead of Clothing Mark^ 107 Shirts 67 pairs
Shoes 95 pairs Hose — Also 4 Blanketts and 6 pairs Shoes
not pack*^ all which I Promise to Deliver to the Honourab'^
Board of War in Boston in the State of ^lassachusett Bay in
like good Order on acc°' of John Lewis Esq"" Agent for the



County of Cumberland and take Receip* for Said Agent

Danger of the Seas & Enemy Excepted for which I have

given Said Agent a Recip' of the Same Tenor and Date of

this —

W" Gooding

Petition of Nath^ Palmer.

To the Hon''"' the Council and Hon'''*' House of Representa-
tives of the State of Massachusetts in General Court As-
sembled at Boston April 1780

The Petition of Nathaniel Palmer of Bristol in the County
of Lincoln Humbly Sheweth

That Upon Complaint made against your pef by William
McLain & Thomas Martin your pet'" was Cited before Justice
Nicholls to take the Oath or Affirmation to the State: but
your pef being one of the Friends, he could not in Con-
science take the Same, and was Committed to Goal therefor.

That your petitioner never did anything to the Damage of
the State, and wishes well to his Country —

He Therefore prays your Honors would be pleased to in-
terpose in his behalf and liberate him from the Sentence he
now lyes under

And as in duty bound shall pray &c

^Nathaniel Palmer

Resolve of the House in re Joseph Young.

Lynn 20 April 1780
Capt. Johnson Sir

J have had application from one M"" Joseph Young an In-
habitant of Cape Rozua near Majorbagaduce for my opinion
concerning his Character wether or no he was an Enemy to


his Country, all I can say as to the matter is this that he fre-
quently was on board our Ship and all ways appeard Freindly,
and as he was ol)ligd to take an oath of Allegiance to his
majesty he was One of the First that appeard to Eecant the
Same, and made application to me to Signify his Intention
to the Commodore for that purpose, w*^^ was granted, he used
to Supply our Ship with Milk, Butter, fresh Meat, & every
thing that he had was very willing to lett us have, and all
ways Entertained us very Kindly whenever we was ashoar
which was very Frequently with one or other of us, he In-
forms me he has been Robbd of every thing of Movables of
both his & his wifes in February as appears by his Petition
by one Cornelius Thompson & others. I should be much
Obligd to you C^ap'" elohnson, if you can gett this man any
Keleif, to use your Influence for that purpose, as I sincerely
think him a freind to his Country. I Remember he had the
Steward of the Brig' Defence one Cleves, who was wounded
at his house, & took particulair care of him. I have nothing
more to add but wish the Unhappy man, may find Relief from
the Honrable Court I am Sir Your humb. Servant

Joseph Turen
In the House of Representatives April 24^'' 1780

Orderd that Capt Ward and Capt Page with such as the
lion' Board shall Join be a Committee to take into considera-
tion the Circumstances of Joseph Young, & report what is
proper to be done respecting him.

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council April 25, 1780

Read & Concurred and Thomas Durfey Eq"" is joined —

John Averv D Secv.

The Committee appointed as above have attended the
Service assigned them, & beg leave to report as their opinion


that it is not necessary or Expedient to take any further
Order respecting the said Joseph Young all which is sub-

Thomas Durfee P"" order
In Council April 22'* 1780

Eead & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

John Averj D Secy.

In the House of RejDresentatives April 25 1780

Read & concurred

John Hancock Spk""

Letter James Lovell Enclosing Letter of George Washington.

Philadelphia April 21^* 1780

Upon the joint opinion and Desire of my Colleague I do
mvself the Honor to forward at this Time an Extract from
one of General Washington's last Letters interesting to the
State of Massachusetts Bay in particular

I am with much Respect Sir Your very humble Servant

James Lovell
Hon^'® President of the Council Massachusetts Bay

Head Quarters Morris Town

April 17'*^ 1780
I have attentively considered the application from the
State of Massachusetts on the Subject of an Expedition
against the Enemy at Penobscot. It appears to be of great
Importance in several points of view that they should be dis-
lodged — but circumstanced as we are I do not see how the
attempt can be made with any prospect of Success — A naval
cooperation seems to 1)0 absolutely necessary and for this we
do not possess the means — We have no fleet and the Enemy
have a respectable one on the coast which they can at any


time employ to frustrate our measures. From all accounts
the Posts at Penobscot are strongly situated & susceptible of
being made more formidable by additional fortification,
which it is to be presumed has not been neglected. To at-'
tempt a coup de main with a tollerable certainty of Success
would require a considerable force, and of other Troops than
!Militia, which can by no means be spared. To oj)crate by
a siege with Cannon and the necessary apparatus would be
an affair of length — The operating force, I am informed,
must depend on Supplies of every kind by Water — This
Communication w^ould be liable to be interrupted at the
Pleasure of the Enemy and the Situation of the Troops would
be allarmingly precarious. A reinforcement might at any
Time be sent from Hallifax and New York to raise the siege ;
our Troops would perhaps escape themselves with difficulty
no doubt with disgrace and with the loss of their cannon &
stores — But were there no other obstacles in the way the
lotal deficiency of money k magazines seems alone to be in-
surmountable. With respect to both of these we seem to be
arrived at so desperate an extremity that every arrangement
k operation is at a stand, and without speedy relief inevitable
ruin must ensue — These objections to the expedition
obviously present themselves in the present posture of our
affairs, though I confess 1 have not a sufficient knowledge of
the Country in question to form a very accurate judgment.
Could we obtain an effectual naval cooperation this and
many other things might be undertaken, which without it
are impracticable. Indeed considering the position of these
States a Fleet is essential to our system of defence — that we
have not hitherto suffered more than we have for want of it is
to be ascribed to the feeble and injudicious manner in which
the Enemy have applied the means in their hands during the
war. The plan they are now persuing of attacking points


remote from each other will make us feel the Disadvantage
in a striking manner — and may be fatal if our allies are not
able to afford us naval succour. In all respects it is more
necessary now than it ever was

I have the honor to be &c

G« W

Certificate of John Lucas,

These Certify, that at the request of M"" Xath' Palmer of
Bristol w^ho profeseth him Self of the Seek call'' Quakers.
That I had a Former Acquaintance with s*^ Palmer, by Living
at his Hose, a number of years a go, k Since, and at that time
found him to be Extreem Devout, & his mind wholey on the
matters of Religion, and Since which have hand Informa-
tion of his alltering his Princaples to his present namly that
of a Frind — and from all I've seen and herd T find nothing
in him which appears to Exphenable (Except), the Scruples
of his Concince, respecting an oath of afermation to which,
he seems, to pleades the Dictates of his Concince

John Lucas
To Whoom this May Concern

Boston April 21, 1780

Resolve Relative to Clothing for Army.

In the House of Representatives April 21^^ 1780

As Justice and Humanitv and everv Reasonable Principal
of the Humane heart must Urge the Xecessaty of rendering
the Situation of Our Brethren (who are resquing their Lives
in the Field of Battle for Our defence) as Comfortable as
may be and as we doubt not the Several Towns in this State


are willing to make further Exertions for their Comfort and
Encouragement if Called upon for that Purpose.

Resolved that the Select men of Each Town shall on or
before the Tenth Day of October next Cause the said Articles
to be Transported to Such Place or Places in the Counties
to which they Respectively belong as the agent of the County
who shall be by the General Court appointed Shall order.

Resolved that the Following Persons be and they hereby
are appointed to receive in the Counties whereof they are
inhabitants the articles aforesaid when so collected

In the County of Suffolk — Lemuel Kollock Esq""
In the County of Essex — Israel Hutchins Esq""
In the County of Middlesex — Joseph Hosmer Esq""
In the County of Worcester — Seth Washburn Esq""
In the County of Hampshire — Elijah Hunt Esq""
Jn the County of Berkshire — William Williams Esq""
In the County of Plymouth — Cap' David Kingman
In the County of Barnstable — Col Enoch Hallett
In the County of Bristol — George Godfrey Esq""
In the County of York — Edward Cutts Esq""
In the County of Cumberland — John Lewis Esq""
In the County of Lincoln — Dummer Sewall Esq""
In the County of Dukes County — James Athearn Esq""
In the County of jSTantucket — Stephen Hussey Esq""

And that the said xVgents shall upon receiving said Articles
Transport them to Such Place or Places within this State as
the General Court shall Order and Direct and shall on or be-
fore the Tenth Dav of jNTovem"" next make out and Lodge in
the Secretarys oflice a True and Perfect Inventory of the
Articles which they shall so receive with the names of the
Select men and that there shall be upon Each Shirt pair of
shoes Stocking and Blankets the name of the Town from
whence thev received the Same and the Prices at which the


Select men shall Charge them In Order that the same may
he Examined by a Comm^'"' of the General Court to be on or
before that time for that Purpose especially appointed —

Resolved for the Purpose of keeping a Uniformity among
the Soldiers in the Army that the Shirts and Stockings be

Resolved that when the said Accounts are Examined and
approved by Such Com"®® that Warrants be made out by the
Major Part of the Council on the Treasurer in favour of
Such Select men, for the Sums that may be due to them on
Such accounts, and the Select men when thev shall have re-
ceived Such Sums shall Pay the same Over to those who shall
have Supplied them with the Shirts Shoes Stockings and
Blankets as aforesaid

Also Resolved that Such Select men and agents Lay before
the same Com"®® an account of their Service and Expences in
order that the same may be Examined and paid in manner

Resolved that if the Selectmen of any Town shall Neglect
to make return of their Doings to the agent of their County
Pursuant to this Resolve such Select men shall be Liable to
Pay a fine of Two hundred pounds to the use of this Govern-
ment, to be recovered by Action of Debt at the Suit of Such
Persons as the Gen' Court shall appoint to bring the same,
and in those Plantations where there are no Selectmen the
Com"®® of Corespondance &c are hereby Directed and Com-
manded to do the Business by this resolve required of Select
men, and shall be Liable to the same Penalties and in every
respect in the same sense accountable for their Conduct And
it is further Resolved that if any Town shall be so regardless
of their Duty and Interest as to Neglect or refuse to Procure
the Articles Required by the Select men and Com"®® afore-
said in Consequence of these Resolves that such Towns shall



forfeit and Pay Double the Value of the Deficient Article
for such neglect which Sum shall be added to Such Towns
Proportion of the next State Tax,

And if any Agent appointed for the Purpose afores*" shall
neglect to make return as aforesaid on or Before the Tenth
day of Novem"" next shall be Liable to Pay a fine to this Gov-
ernment of Five hundred pounds to be recovered by an Action
of Debt at the Suit of Such Persons as the Gen' Court shall
appoint to bring the same — and it is further Resolved —
that the Respective Agents be and they hereby are Appointed
Inspectors of all the Cloathing which they may Collect

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council May 4* 1780
Read & Concurred

John Averv D Sec^

Consented to —

Jer. Powell
A. Ward
T Cushing
S Adams
J Fisher

B White
Oliver Prescott
T Danielson
N Cushing
Tho^ Durfee

Aaron Wood
Jn° Pitts
Sam' Niles
A. Fuller
J Simpson

Petition of Nathaniel Palmer.

To the Frendly members of the Counsil and house of Repre-
sentatives Respective Friends your Committee has Returned
my Pertision and Refuse to discharge me unless I take the
affairmation which I Cannot do for this Reason: that I find
that Love is the fullfiling of the Law and all the Law and the
Prophits hangs thereon. Love is of God and is the Bond of


Perfection : and Peace is the greate Preservetive of Love, and
Joy in the holy ghost : Peace and Love have close Connection,
it Comes from the Prince of Peace in whom I Beleve and di-
sire to follow : if I shiild affairm to Be true to war : then I
Shuld make Shipwrack of faith and a good Conchance: for
Love is that iSTew Command, which I hope I have Received
Kitten on my heart — that I Shuld Love one another: But
\our Law mv friends Strikes at the verv Scorce and founda-
tion of all my Ileligeon which is my Life : for if I Shuld
Beare true faith and alleagence to war it would Be the very
Sword Bv which the Life of mv Religion would Perish:
friends whoom Shud I obay : you that can only kill the Body
or him that Can distroy Both Soul and Body in hell : I think
T have found that Peace of god that Paseth all Xatureal
understand'g and am commanded to keepe my heart and mind
in the knolage and Love of it : for it is not the wisdom of man
But of god whose ways are ways of Pleasantness and in whose
Paths I find Peace: for out of it is the Issuese of Eternal
Life: if you Suspect me to Be a tory you Rong me for I
abhor the Xame of tory or whig Ether they only Represent
too Revengeful Parties distroy ing Eaich other I will not
Jovn Ether But Can affairm I am a true and Reall friend

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