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to my Cuntry and will ISTever Joyn aide or assist By inform-
ing or Supporting or any ways axessary or Prevy in any ways
whatsoever against my Cuntry By any ways or means what-
soever ; upon the Penalty of Looseing the Peace of my mind :
the Love and favour of god which is Better then Life: and
the Prospect of Eternal hapeness Beyend the grave : and allso
the Comfort of the Sosiety of my Christion friends here in
time : Now friends if you are Resolved to Expel me from my
Xative Cuntry when I have done you no harm or Ever will :
I hope I Shall in joy that Sperite of Peace which wishes your
temperal and Eternal wellfair : and am Confident that if you


Refuse my Pertishon in your Court here Below: yet the

Court above will hear the Cryes of my Children and wife

whose Liveing you are distroying without Cause

Nathaniel Palmer
Boston 25"" 4 month 1780

In Council April 28' 1780

Read & Ordered that Walter Spooner Eq"" with such as
the Honble House shall appoint be a Committee to take into
Consideration this Petition & report what may be proper to
be done thereon —

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec^

In the House of Representatives April 29'*" 1780

Read k concurred d' ^Ir Davis of Dudley & Capt McFar-

land are join'd

John Hancock Spk""

The Com"® of both houses appointed on the petition of
Nathaniel Palmer have attended the servis assigned them,
and Report that S*^ petition be dismis'd

W Spooner by order

In Council April 29' 1780 Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec^

Report on General Wadsivorths Letters.

State of Massachusetts Bay April 27''' 1780
The Committee of both Houses on the letters from Briga-
dier General Wadsworth and Peter Xoves, & the Resolve of
Congress of the 8"" instant, report, that they have enquired
of the Board of War respecting the supply of Provisions, In-
trenching tools & Whale-boats ordered for the Eastern De-
partment, & are of opinion that what Provisions & Intrenching


tools are sent, and ready to be sent, are all that could imme-
diately be obtained, and will be sufficient for the preasent ; a
Schedule whereof is now presented : Measures are taken that
the Whale-boats agreed for be built with all possible dispatch,
& that they with those already procured be forwarded as
soon as may be. — And as by y^ Resolve aforesaid. Con-
tinental pay & rations are to be allowed to any body of Militia
not exceeding Eight hundred men, which this State may
judge necessary to be raised for the defence of the Eastern
Department, Your Committee report that the Continental
Quarter Master General & Issuing Commissary of Provisions
be requested to replace such articles as have been supplied by
the Board of War for the purpose above mentioned, that
come within their respective departments, & to furnish such
supplies as may be further wanted for the Eastern depart-

Your Committee think if expedient that two Eighteen
pounders and three Four pound Field pieces with thirty
rounds each be sent to Falmouth, and a Lieu* & twenty Mat-
tresses to strenthen that Post, and that an Engineer be ap-
pointed and directed to repair there as soon as may be. That
Brigadier Cushing be directed to deliver to Brigadier Wads-
worth or his order, so many of the Fire arms returned into
him from the late Expedition at Penobscot, as he shall apply
for, taking said Wadsworths receipt to be accountable for the

Your Committee further report that so many of the Whale-
boats procured, be forwarded as will be necessary to transport
the Troops destined for Machias, to that place, & that the said
Troops be embarked under the direction of General Wads-

To alter the regulation of the Post from Falmouth to Bos-
ton, Your Committee apprehend will expedite intelligence &


not much increase the expence, for w^*" purpose have prepared
the Resolve accompanying this report. All which is sub-

John Pitts p order
In Council April 27' 1780

Read & Sent down hn Avery D Secy

Report on Petition Bri/jgs Ilallowell.

The Committee appointed on the petition of Briggs Hallo-
well have attended that Service, and beg leave to Report.

That it is the Unanimous Oppinion of said Committee,

that Doctor Silvester Gardiner obtained Judgement against

said Briggs in a fraudulent way. And that said Judgement

be set aside — And that said Briggs Hallowell be put in the

same Situation, Relative to His Debt & Lands, as he was if

no such Judgement had been obtained.


Petition & Resolve

1 Copy delivered PL H. Robbins Esq'" 4/ fees

1 d° delivered J Gardiner Esq"" 4/ fees

27 April 1780

Resolve Relative lo Post Riders Between Portsmouth

& Falmouth.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives April 28"^ 1780
Whereas it appears to this Court that the present regula-
tion of the Posts who ride from Boston to Falmouth is at-
tended with great delay, whereby not only Individuals but
the Public are in a great measure deprived of the Benetits



which might otherwise arise from y^ establishment of Posts,
therefore Resolved that the President of the Council be re-
quested to write a letter to the Delegates of this State at
Congress, directing them to make application to the Post
Master General to order that the Regulation aforesaid be so
altered that the Mails may be carried from one of said Places
to ve other & back ao-ain in the course of everv week, and
that The Hon'ble Samuel Freeman Esq"" be a Committee to
agree with some Person to ride in the meantime between
Falmouth & Portsmouth in such a manner as that he set out
from the last mentioned place immediately on the arrival of
the Post from Boston and return to Portsmouth before the
Post sets out therefrom to return to Boston. Such Rider
to continue in the Service for the term of six Months, or
untill the further order of the General Court, and to carry
all public Letters which may be ordered to be sent to or from
the Eastern parts of the State ; such as shall be sent from
Boston to be sent to the care of the Post Master at Ports-
mouth, who is requested to deliver them to the said Rider,
& he the said Rider is directed to put into the Post office at
Portsmouth, all Letters w""^ may be directed to be sent from
the said Eastern Parts of the State to Boston
Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council April 28' 1780
Read & Concurred

John Aver}^

D Sec^'

Consented to —
Jer Powell
A. Ward
W Spooner
T Cushing
J Fisher
H Gardner

B White
D Davis
J Stone
T Danielson
Tho^ Durfee

Jn" Pitts
A. Fuller
Aaron Wood
Sam' Xiles


Mcahcch 11 care lu Ihc Cuuncil.

Exeter April 28'" 1780

I am liououred with the reeept of your favour of the 18"*
Ins', which I immediately laid before the General Assembly,
who after due consideration thereof were very Sensibly im-
pressed with the distress of our Brethcriu Inhabiting the
Eastern parts, exposed to the Enemy holding possession of
Penobscot, f And of the importance of defending against
their Excursions into that Neighbourhood; and if possible
to rescue that post out of their hands. And are very Sorry
that they cannot at this Time afford assistance to a Sister
State in defence of that Countrv : Being under the ±^ecessitv
of raising considerable forces to defend their Northern and
Western Territories which we apprehend to be in Eminent
danger from Canada. •"But in case an Expidition should
be ordered by Congress to reduce the Enemy at Penobscot,
this State will exert themselves to the utmost to assist in
carrying it into execution. I am Sir with every seutement of
Esteem, your very humble Servant.

IMeshech Weare Pres'
Hon Jeremiah Powell Esq""

In Council May 3" 1780

Read & Sent down John Avery I) Secy

Peleg Wadsivorih to the Council.

Head Quarters, Falm° 28 April 1780

I would inform Your Honor that I returnd to this Town
on the 22** Inst: from Thomaston ; in which quarter there
were on the 20"' Inst :, only fifty men arrived of l)otli Detach-
ments, four of which only were from the County of York,


The Consequence of this Delay is very Dangerous, & is the
cause of frequent desertions from the Inhabitants to the
Enemy. It begets a Diffidence in the wavering, & even in
our most zealous Friends : It inspires the Enemy with per-
serverance in endeavouring to catch the deluded Inhabitants,
that live in their Vicinity, & invites a profitable Correspond-
ence to be kept up with them ; by which they procure many
Supplies & Conveniencies. To prevent this I was induced on
the 18 Inst:, notwithstanding the want of men & Boats, to
issue the inclosed Proclamation: In support of which my
little party will be much exposed, till the expected arrival.
I was further induced to issue this Proclamation to prevent
the Inhabitants of the Islands & parts adjacent to Majabig-
waduce from joining fully with the Enemy, or becoming
obliged to quit their Habitations by the first of May; which
they are required to do by a late Proclamation from the
Enemy. Their Habitations however they must still quit
unless the ISTeutrality I have required be admitted by the
Enemy: For it is better that those parts should be unin-
habited, than that they should join heart & hand against us.

On my Return to this Town there were not any of the
Troops arrived. Yesterday was the first beginning to for-
tify, & that with only twenty men. I have repeatedly urged
the Commanding Officers in each County to forward their
Quotas ; a part only of which are raised, & just begin to be in
motion. There seems to be the least prospect from the
County of York. As I found it necessary to order the small
Parties of Matrosses, stationed in this Town & Cape Eliza-
beth, on constant duty, in order to get the Ordnance & Stores in
good Readiness ; to take notice of the discouragements, which
they seemed to labour under on account of small Allowance
and light pay, which they looked upon as Reasons for at-
tending but little to their duty, I have presumed to order


them the same allowance with the rest of the Troops, (till the
plasurc of the State is known) which I request may be con-
tinued, & if not inexpedient, that some addition may be
made to their Wages, as it would render them alert in their
duty. These two Parties of JMatrosses, Your Honor is pos-
sibly aware are small ; they are commanded by two Sergeants,
& those not very capable. This induces me to renew my
former Request that there may be an addition to the Train
here in some way or other.

By information received yesterday by two Deserters from
the Albany at Penobscott who left her the 22*^ Inst: as well
as by other corresponding accounts, it appears that the
Enemy's shipping at Penobscott are very slightly manned ;
they inform that the Albany, since the loss of the Greater
& best part of her men in the Sloop captured by the Pro-
tector, has only twelve sailors & six Marines belonging to
her; that their fears are somewhat alarmed by the want of
men on boartl their ships in general. This shews the ex-
pediency of not exchanging their sailors ; k I would here
renew my former request, that the Tories that lately have
been, or hereafter may be captured, belonging to the eastern
parts, may not be exchanged ; but be kept closely confined.
Since a number of the most enterprising of them have of late
been sent Prisoners to ]>oston, k several more are in my
Custody at Thomaston waiting the Issue of Martial Law. A
little seasonable Severity, I hope, will blast the expectations
of the Enemy from their Tory Allies.

1 would suggest the practicability of drawing out the
Enemy's ships and capturing them by stratagem, without
running any great Risque on our part. Their ships at Big-
waduce are the Nautilus, the Albany, & two Letter of Marques,
viz. Eagle of 22 Guns, k Oceolus, of 18 Guns. All are
weakly manned, except the Xautilus, which is not complete;


& a fortniglit ago, by Information, there was only one Sloop
of War of 18 Guns at Halifax, & none of greater force, the
Virginia Frigate having sailed about a month since for New

The prevailing public Report from Majorbigwaduce is that
a considerable Armament is expected from IN^ew-York to take
possession of this Post, which tho I think it rather an Argu-
ment to the contrary, I could wish to be prepared for.

The inclosed is a Return of the Ordnance and ordnance
stores at this Post ; the Expediency of augmenting which, 'tis
probable will be determined by the adequateness of the supply
here for the Use of the place, & the supply the State may
have on hand. I propose immediately to proceed again to
the eastward after the Troops shall have arrived here, &
matters are put into a desirable Train.

I am sensible I have not answered Your Honor's Expecta-
tions in speedily arranging & executing the Business of this
Department ; & w^ould only ask in Excuse, how it was possible
to do it ? since the Troops have not been raised either agree-
able to the Orders or Expectation of the State.

Should any Orders for this Department be sent to my
Quarters in this Town, they will have immediate Convey-
ance to the Eastward, if necessary, in my absence.

I have not as yet l)een favored with any Return to mine
of the eighth & twelveth.

I am Sir, with much Esteem & Respect, Your Honor's
most obedient and humble Servant:

Peleg Wadsworth

P. S. A number of small Craft are passing & repassing from
Nova Scotia to this State. They produce old permits from
Court, which somewhat cmlx^rrasses me. This Communica-
tion seems to open a wide door for mischief, without a pros-
pect of an equivalent Good.


In Council May 5* 1780

Read & Sent down with several Papers accompanying the
Same. Jn° Avery D Secy.

In the House of Representatives May S''' 1780

Read & referrd to the Hon''' Council

John Hancock Spk""

In Council May 5, 1780
Read S: Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Resolve directing the Board of War.

In the House of Representatives Apr. 29**" 1780

Resolved that the Roard of War be directed to forward a
sufficient number of Whale Boats to Broad Bay, for the pur-
pose of conveying the (letaclinicnt destin'd to ]\rachias: and
that the said Detachment be embarked under the direction
of Brigadier Wadsworth — And that the Board of War also
send forward to Falmouth two Eighteen Pound Cannon and
three four-Pounders with thirty rounds each

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council April 29' 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec^

Consented to —

Jer Powell B White A. Fuller

A. Ward D Davis N Cushing

W Spooner T Danielson Sam' Niles

T Cushing Oliver Prescott Jn° Pitts

J Fisher J Stone Aaron Wood

H Gardner Tho^ Durfee



Resolve recommending to the Continental Commissary &

Quarter Master General.

In the House of Representatives April 29, 1780

Resolved — That Brigadier General Gushing be directed to
deliver to Brigadier General Wadsworth or his Order so
many of the Fire Arms returned into him, from the late
Expedition at Penobscot as he shall apply for taking said
Wadsworths Receipt to be accountable for the same

And whereas by a Resolve of Congress of S*'' Instant this
State is empowered to raise a number of Men on Continental
Pay & Rations, for the Defence of the Eastern Parts of this
State Resolved, That it be recommended to the Continental
Commissary and Quarter Master General in this Depart-
ment to replace the several Articles in each of their Depart-
ments which the Board of War have furnished for the Troops
now on Service in the aforesaid Eastern Parts of this State ;
and that they make suitable provision for future Supplies
— And that they appoint each of them a deputy at Falmouth
for the purpose of receiving said stores so sent —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council April 29* 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'^

Consented to —

Jer Powell
A. Ward
W Spooner
H Gardner
T Gushing
D Davis

Jn° Pitts
J Fisher
Aaron Wood
Sam' Niles
B White
A. Fuller

T Danielson
J Stone
O Prescott
Tho^ Durfee
N Gushing


Lelter to Hon EJhridge Gerry Esq''

State of Massachusetts May 1"' 1780

The present situation of the Eastern Part of this State
rendering it expedient that a regular mode of conveying In-
telligence with dispatch to & from thence to Boston, the Gen-
eral Assembly have taken into consideration the present
regulation of the T^osts who i-ide from Boston to Falmouth
& are of opinion it might he so altered as that the Mails may
be carried from Boston to Falmouth in one half the usual

The Post who rides to Portsmouth goes from Boston every
Thursday Morning and arrives at Portsmouth y^ next day in
the Afternoon. On Saturday morning the Eastern Post
who rides from Portsmouth to Falmouth sets out for the last
mentioned place k arrives there the next day in the afternoon.
He leaves Falmouth Monday or Tuesday and goes home to
his Family who reside at Wells about half way between Fal-
mouth & Portsmouth & there tarries till friday when he rides
to Portsmouth, and as the Portsmouth Post gets out from
that place to Boston on Tuesday, the mails lay in the Post
office in Portsmouth till the Tuesday following k. is then
brought to Boston by Wednesday night — so that letters are
nine or ten days passing from Falmouth to Boston

The regulation now proposed is as follows, viz'

That the first mentioned Post leave Boston so early on
Thursday as to arrive the same day at Xewbury Port & the
next day by noon at Portsmouth. & then the Eastern post to
take the Mail & carry it to Falmouth by Saturday niijht.
That he then set out from Falmouth earlv on ^fondav morn-
ing & reach Portsmouth on Tuesday noon at w'' time the
other Post may take the ^lail and proceed to Boston bv
Wednesday night.


Altlio this Plan may not be fully executed in the Winter
time, yet the advantage that may result from it two thirds
of y^ year or more, makes it expedient to adopt it, especially
while the Eastern part of y^ State is invaded by the Enemy.

You are therefore directed to apply to the Post Master

General for this purpose, & to use Your influence with him

to have it carried into effect as soon as may be

Signed by the

To the Delegates at Congress who represent

this State —

Petition of Alex^ Campbell £ Others.

To the Honorable Council & house of Representatives in
General Court Assembled at Boston May 1 1780

the Petition of the Subscribers Humbly Shews
that in consequence of the Enemys having Possession at
Penobscot in the Easterly part of this State it is become a
I^Tecessary measure that a Number of Troops Should be Rais"^
lor the Purpose of Defending the Country Between Casko &
said Penobscot in Order to prevent the further Encrochments,
of the Enemy this Being the Present Disposition of affairs in
that Quarter, your Petitioners are of Opinion, in Order to
faciltate the good intentions of your Honours that if Weekly
intelegance Could Ije Obtain*^, to and from head Quarters of
that Department By Land it might Serve many Valluable
Purposes for the Benfit of the Country, and the good of the
Publick Service

Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Prays your Honours
may Take the matter into your Serious Consideration, and
grant that a Post may be Establish"' from Boston, to Thomas


Town ill the County of Lincoln, for the Purposes Above men-
tioned, uncU'r Such TJostrictious and Kejrulhitions as you in
your known Wisdom Slmll think iJest
& your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray

Abeil Lovejoy
Alex"" Camphell Waterman Thomas Andrew AfeParlane

Voyage About Eclipse of Sun.

M"" Savage's very respectfull Comph-ments to the Rev"* ^[^
Williams and requests he would add to the List on the other
side, what other Articles he may think necessary for himself
and Gentlemen going with him to Penobscot, that they may
be provided, — he also wishes to have the Accts as soon as may
be — Thursday Noon.

since writing the above I have borrowed One Tent, and As
a substitute for a j\rarquee, a large Mansail will be sent in
the Vessell, which will answer every purpose

Mr. W^illiams's Compliments to Mr. Savage, is much
obliged to him for the attention he pays to the convenience of
the Gentlemen who are going to Penobscot. — Mr. Williams
has made a few alterations in the list of articles; hopes Mr
Savage will excuse the trouble we give him and is with the
greatest respect his most obedient humble Servant

A List of Articles that will be necessary in addition to tlie
Common allowance on board a Vessell

20-1/^ Quarter Cask Wine Some addition, 20-15 Gallons
Spirits, Some addition, 5 Pounds Tea Some addition & a
few pounds of Coffee, 10 "* Chocolate, Q bar' lo Hundred
Sugar, 1 Loaf Ditto One more, 2 Barrells Biscuit shall send
3 Barrells Some addition, G Hams Bacon shall send 4, and
to it add half Barrells Beef, corn'd and a small quantity


fresh, 50 '" Butter 30 "^ Chese, 1 or 2 Barrells Cyder — shall
send 2, i/o Hundred Flour, 12 ^'^ Candles — shall send 18",
Few Doz° live Fowls — shall send six Dozen, D° Eggs shall
send 8 or 10 Dozen, Pepper, Vinegar, Mustard, Salt
(shall put up %"" pepper, 2 Ga? Vinegar, 2 bottles Mustard
& Yo bushel Salt), Small quantity Potatoes shall send 3 or 4
Bushels We have also added : it being thot necessary l^/o
doz Earthen plates, 2 pewter Dishes, 1 doz knives & forks, 1
quart pewter Bason, 2 Quart and 2 pint white Stone ]\Iugs,

1 doz Wine Glasses, 4 Tumblers, 1 doz Cotfee Mugs, 1 Tea-
pott, 1 Coffee Pott tin. Medicines — 8 Tinct^ 8 Cathar* and

2 oz Elix"" props', I/2 Bushel of Onions, 4"^ Coffee — Ground,

3 bush' Corn, 2 Bushels of Apples 3 Doz Pipes, 1 Doz. lb. of
Tobacco, 2 quire writing paper, 1 Tent

Superscription — Rev'' M"" Williams Harvard Colledge

Statement of Lemuel Dillingham,.

this May Sertify that as I Lemuel dilinham of Bristol Being
apointed an Elder in the meeteing of frends in this Place
am Senceabel that the Ciracter of our friend Nathaniel Pal-
mer Stands good and gives Satisfaction to all the members
of S** Meeting and giveing none a Reason to Suspect he is an
Enemy to our Cuntry yet utterly Refuseing all war on any
occation Lemuel Dillingham

Peter Noyes to Hon. Jeremiah Powell^, Esq^.

Falmouth May 2" 1780

agreable to a Resolve of the General Court of y^ 25"" of

March 1780 I have made a Demand for the delivery of the


Articles saved from the wreck mentioned in said Resolve from
the following Persons Viz' Mess. Stephen Hall Joseph
Maelallen William Maclallcn Artlmr Maclallen Benjamin
Titcomb, Daniel Ilsley John Fox John Archer John Trent
Nathaniel Bearing Joseph Ingraham Kol)ert Barten Thomas
Cummings Thomas Stanford James Fosdick & Woodbury
Storer. although they acknowledge the receiving the articles
saved from said wreck do refuse to deliver any of said articles
I am Sir your Honours most obedient & Humble Servant

Peter Noves
To the Honorable Jeremiah Powel Esq
President of the Council

In Council May 5 — 1780
Read & Sent down

John Avery D Secy.

In the House of Representatives May 5 1780

Read & referred to the Honorable Council to take such
Order thereon as they shall judge proper

And the Council are hereby impowerd to cause the Persons
therein named to be apprehened and confined, until they
shall comply with the Resolve of Court above referrd to

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council May 5th 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Consented to —

Jere Powell J. Fisher Aaron Wood

A Ward T Danielson Sam Xiles

T Cushing O. Prescott Jn" Pitts

B White N. Cushing A Fuller

S Adams Tho' Durfee


Petition of Patrick Wallance.

To the Honorable Council of the State of the Massachusetts

The Petition of Patrick Vallence Most humbly sheweth,
that your Petitioner has Reic*^ no Answer to a Petition that

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