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he sent to your Honors, the 20'*' of April — sence then he
understands there is a Cartel from Penobscot, he therefore
Praves vour Honers would be Pleas'd to order vour Peti-
tioner on Board of the said Cartel, that he may be abale to
Return to Halifax to Render an account of his Conduct.

and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound will ever pray

Patrick Vallance
May the S^ 1780

In Council May ?/ 1780

Read & Ordered — That John Hopkins Esq"" D^ Commis-
sary of Prisoners be and hereby is directed to send Capt.
Patrick Vallence late Comander of a Cartel from Halifax
which was cast away at Cape Elizabeth on Board the Cartel
from Penobscot and not to suifer him to come on Shore by
any means again and to see that he carries no Letters or
Papers that shall be detrimental to this or the United States
Attest Jn° Avery D Secy

Resolve Relating to Delivery of Stores.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives May 3, 1780
Whereas this Court did by their Resolve of the 29* of
April recommend to the Continental Dep^ Quarter Master
and issuing Commissary in this Department to make the
necessary supplys for the eight hundred Men rais*^ for the
defence of the Eastern Country agreable to the Resolution
of Congress for that purpose and did further recommend to



S"* counter Master & Commissary to appoint each of tlicm a
deputy at Falmouth but as part of s^ eight hundred Men are
to be quater^ at Cambden & ^Fachias — Therefore Resolved
that it be recommended and it is hereby accordingly recom-
mended to the Continental Dep^, Quater Master and Com-
missary to appoint each of tlioni a deputy at Cambden and
Machias to make the necessary delivery of the stores sent to
those places
Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council May 3** 1780
Eead & Concurred

John Avery


Consented to —
Jer Powell
A. Ward
J Fisher
H Gardner
D Davis

B White
T Danielson
J Stone
A. Fuller
N. Cushing

Tho' Durfee
Oliver Prescott
Sam' ISTiles
Aaron Wood
Jn° Pitts


ilf Comm^ Noyes Letter.

Falmouth :\Iay 3^ 1780

I have Purchased 200 bushels Rye & two hundred bushels
Corn which will last the Troops after they are all in four
Weeks I have laid all the money out I reeved from the
Bord War. I should be glad you would Git me a Receipt
from the Treasurer on George Strout Collector of Cape Eliza-
beth for two thousand five Hundred Pound & another on
James Frost Collector of Falmouth for the Balance Due
from him to the Treasurer I should be glad vou would send
what beef you purpose to send to this post by Capt Gooding
this time as I shall send him another way next Trip General


Wadsworth has orderd me to send for or Procure half Tun

Junck 4 Reams Musket Cartridge Paper 4 Horn Lanthorns

one Ladle for 32 pounder & Candles for the use of this post

two Grindstones & some Carpenters Tools the above articles

are not to l)e procured here I am sir your most Humble


Joseph l^oyes

To Samuel P. Savage Esq"" President of the Bord War

Petition of the Proprietors of the Toivn of Fryehurgh,

at a Legale Meeting of the Proprietors of the Township of
Fryeburg held at the Dwelling House of M'" Ezekiel Walker
on Wednesday the third day of ^lay 1780

2'^ L' Richard Kimball, David Page Estf & IJ Isaac

Walker, were Chose a Committee to prefer a petition to the

Generall Court, for an Act. to Enable said Proprietors to

Raise Money to Defraye their Proprietary Charges

A True Coppy attest :

Moses Ames prop" Clerk

To the Honorable the General Court of the State of the
Massachusetts Bay assembled May 31' 1780

The Petition of the Proprietors of the Town of Fryeburg
humbly sheweth — That your Petitioners were at great Ex-
pence in looking out by various Routs, for a Road to said
Township, and in clearing for more than Fifty Miles to
enable them to pursue the Settlement of the same; also for
laying out their Land, and making Roads in the Town, to-
gether with other Proprietary Charges, all which Accounts
continue to be unsettled to the Damage of many Individuals :
that they will be necessarily put to a farther Expence to com-
pleat the Division of the Land in the Town : And as the Laws
of this State are ineffectual to raise Money for the Purposes


of defrejiiig their Charges, witli that Convenience which tlie
Nature of their Affairs require; therefore pray that your
Honors would take tlie IMatter into your wise Consideration,
and make a Law to enable the Proprietors of Fryeburg to
raise such vSurus of ]\roney as they shall tliink necessary to
defrey the (^harges that have risen or may arise in Order to
compleat their Propprietary Affairs in the most feasible Plan-
ner, and your Petitioners as in Duly bound shall ever pray
Richard Kimball Isaac Walker J)avid PageJ-Com^^®

Order of Board of War.

War Office, Boston, May 1780
Cap' Jn° F. Williams

Sir/ The Ship Protector of which you are Commander,
being now complcatly fitted & equiped, it is our Orders that
you proceed to Sea immediately, first running down the
Eastern Coasts of (his State & clearing the Same of any
Armed \'^essclls that nuiy be infesting them — from thence
run off" to the South East to the Latitude 38 & 39, which we
apprehend will be in the track of Vessels bound from Europe
to New York or Carolina & there Cruize Seven Days — then
Steer to the N. E. endeavouring to make Cape Race in New-
foundland, which Cape we imagine most of the Vessels bound
from England to Canada always endeavour to make — then
Stand off to the Southward of the r>auks (Sr there Cruize for
the space of twenty Days — after the expiration of that time
you are to return to the Westward iV revisit the Eastern
Coasts of this State, where you may act as circumstances may
require for the space of Days — then again run off to the
Southward in the track of the West India Vessels homeward
bound & there Ave flatter ourselves you will be able to make up
a successf ull Cruize — upon your return home you are to pay


another Visit to the Eastern Coasts & give every attention to
the Protection & Security of the General Trade of this State

— In these several Stations you are to use your best & utmost
endeavours to take, burn, sink & destroy all armed & other
Vessels with their Cargoes the Property of the Subjects of
the King of Great Britain, Enemies to these Sovereign &
Independant United States & to the Natural Rights of Man-
kind- — ^ Should you be so fortunate as to make any Captures
you are to send them under proper Prize Masters into this
or some other safe Port in the United States, from whence
the earliest notice is to be given this Board by Express —
You will bring or send in all the Prisoners you may take, as
shall be practicable, in order to their being exchanged for our
suffering Brethren in the hands of the Enemv — You are
to be extreemly cautious not to molest the K^avigation of the
Subjects of our good Ally the King of France, or other
Powers in Amity with these States — but in everything
strictly to conform your self to the good & wholesome Pegu-
lations of Congress, for that purpose made & provided — Be
carefull to send us all tlie necessary Papers, by each and
every Prize you may make — We heartily wish you Success
(k are Sir/

Your Friends &c By Order of the Board

John Browne Pres* P Teni

N. B. You are to take under your Convoy the Schooner
Two Friends Jonas Farnsworth Master, loaded with Pro-
visions k. Military Stores for the use of the Garrison &
Troops at Machias and see her safe oif that Place —

I acknowledge the foregoing to be a true Copy of my
Orders received from the Board of War and Promise to
Govern myself accordingly

Jn° F Williams


James Richardson s Letter.

Boston May 4'" 1780
Hon''''' Gentlomon

I liave this clay liec" a Kcsolve of the TTon'"« Gen' C^onrt of
yesterdays date, recommending the appointment of an A C
Issues at Campden & another at ]\[achias, I could wish that
the Hon''''' Board of War would direct that I may he furnished
with the Resolve of the 29"' Ult. it heing necessary that I
should have that also, & any other Instructions respecting the
future supplies of these Posts will he thankfully acknowl-
edged by their very respectful & most Ohed'^ Hble Serv^

Ja Richardson DOG Issues

P.S. The Hon**'^ Board will be pleased to recommend such
Persons as they may judge suitable for Commissaries at the
above Posts & they shall be immediately appointed

el Richardson

The Hon"'^ Board of War

Resolve in favor of Waterman Thomas.

State of ^Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives May 4 1780
The Committee Apointed To Settle With Waterman
Thomas Esq"" purchasing and Issuing Commissary and
Quartermaster to the Troops Doing Duty at Cambden (Be-
fore the Troops Destined for the penobscot Expedition were
arived at That post) and also for the Troops Doing Duty
there after the Defeat of the penobscot Expedition and to
major Lithgows Detachment untill y'" first Day of November
Last All which it Set forth in his memorial Have at-
tended that Servis and Having Carefully Examined the
Several accounts all which apcar to be Reasonable charges


and well Supported with proper Vouchers and there apears
to be Due to the Said Waterman Thomas Esq"" Thirty Two
Thousand four Hundred and forty Nine pounds 15/.2 to
Ballance his Accounts — and ask Leave to Report the follow-
ing Kesolve —

Resolved that the Board of War be and Hereby are
Directed To pay to Waterman Thomas Esq"" Thirty Two
Thousand four Hundred and forty IS^ine pounds fifteen shil-
lings and Two pence in full for his Ballance as aforesaid

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
Hi Council May 4^ 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec''
Consented to —

Jer Powell H Gardner Aaron Wood

A. Ward T Danielson U White

T Cushing Oliver Prescott Sam' Niles

S Adams N Cushing A. Fuller

J Fisher Tho^ Durfee Jn° Pitts

Resolve Relating to Abatement of Taxes.

State of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives May 4, 1780
On the Petition of the Several Towns in the Countv of


Lincoln praying for an abatement of a part of their Taxes —
Resolved that Fifteen Thousand Pounds be abated ; upon
each of the Taxes order'd to be assest since the first day of
September 1779 ; and that the Several Towns be directed to
meet together by there Agents, whose business it Shall be to
abate the aft'oresaid Fifteen Thousand Pounds from the
Several Towns in the County of Lincoln as they Shall Judge


equal mid Just — and also that the Said agents be directed to
make a rctui-ii of the Sum that cafh Town Shall he so abated
to tlie Treasurer of this State as soon as may be

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council May S'*" 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y

Consented to —

Jere Powell H Gardner Aaron Wood

A. Ward T. Danielson B. White

T, Cushing Oliver Prescott Sam Xiles

S Adams N. Cushing Jn° Pitts

J Fisher Tho' Durfee A. Fuller

Memorial of Watennan TJiomas.

To the Hon"'"' Couiu-il and the Hon*"^ House
of Representatives of s^ State

]\Iemoral of Waterman Thomas Humbly Sheweth Your
Memorialist would Represent to your Hon" that he has
applied to the Board of War for the ballance of his Accompts
which being, Thirty two Thousand four hundred tS: fifty
iSTine pounds 1.5/2 Agreeable to a Resolve Passed the House
the 4'" Instant ;

Your ^lemorialist, being Informed by the President of the
Board of War that it was out of his Power to Comply with
said Resolve, unless your Hon" woud grant an Order on the
Treasurer, for the Sum above ^lentioned. Wherefore your
]\[emorialist, prays that your Hon" would make said Grant,
that your ^Memorialist may Receive his Ballance which has
been Due more than Six ^lonths and is Detained hear at a



great expence, wlierefore your Memorialist prays that your
Hon'"'' would grant your Memorialist prayers and as in Duty
bound shall ever pray &c Waterman Thomas

Boston May S'*' 1780

Resolve on Petition of Jeremiah Powell.

State of the Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives May S^"" 1780

on the Petition of the Hon''^'' Jerem'' Powell Esq"" on Be-
lialf of the County of Cumberland Representing the Inability
of the Inhabitants of Said Count v Paving their State Tax
at Present

Therefore Resolved that the Treas"" of this State be and
he hereby is Directed to Stay Execution against the Col-
lectors in the Several Towns in the County of Cumberland
on the Said Tax untill ^ the Further Order of the General
Court may Resolve to the Contrary ^Notwithstanding

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council May 5, 1780

Read & Concurred with an Amendment at A viz at A dele

the further Order of the General Court — and insert the

twentieth day of June next —

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec'y.

In the House of Representatives May S*** 1780

Read & concurred John Hancock Spk""

Consented to —

A. Ward D, Davis Sam Niles

T. Cushing H. Gardner Aaron Wood

S. Adams J Fisher Jno Pitts

T. Danielson B, White

0. Prescott A. Fuller


Resolve in favor of Waterman Thomas.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Til the House of Ivcprcseutatives May 5, 1780

Whereas fhis Court by their Resolve of the fourth instant

(lid direct the Board nf War to pay to Waterman Thomas

Esq thirty two thousand four hundred and fifty nine pounds

fifteen shillings and two pence in full for sundrys supply^

by him to the Army when upon the Penobscot Expedition

Therefore Resolved that there be allow'd and paid out of

the Publick Treasury To the Board of War the sum of thirty

two thousand four hundred and fifty nine pounds fifteen

shillings and two pence to enable them to pay the aforesaid

Waterman Thomas Esq"" agreeable to the Resolve of the fourth

instant for that purpose

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council May 5 17S0

Read & Concurred

Saml Adams Sec''

Warrant drawn this Day

Consented to

Jere Powell II. Gardner P. White

A. Ward T Danielsou Sam iSTiles

T Cushing O Prescott Jno Pitts

S Adams N Cushing Aaron Wood

J Fisher Thos. Durfee A Fuller

Represenfafinn of John McGoff — a Sailor.

These Cerlify that John INFcGoif late a Seaman on board
the arm'd Brig^ Tyrranieide in the Service of this State, and


who lost his left leg the 30''' of March 1779 in an Engage-
ment, with the Enemys Brig* Revenge —

Allen Hallet Cap*
Boston 27"^ Septm-" 1779

The above is a true Copy from the Original

attest Jn° Lucas

Com^'"^ of Pensioners for this State of Massachusetts bay

To the Hon'''® Council & House Representatives

John Lucas, In behalf of John M'^Goff, a Seaman, in the

Service & pay of this State, & who lost his left leg, on board

the Brig' Tyrranicide when Ingaged with the enemys Brig*

Revenge, the 30, March 1779, as Appears by his Certificate,

as this Representation was maid y^ 20"' Oct"" last wuth, y®

original Certificates you have only an Attested Copy

Pension Office at Boston 8*'' of May 1780

John Lucas

Com^""^' of Pensioners for the State of Massachusetts Bay

K B. his pay seac*^ the SO''' of April 1779

In Council June 19, 1780
Read & Sent dowai

John Avery D Secy

Memorial of Major Scarhorough Gridley —

To the Hon'ble Council of the State of Massachusetts Bav
The Memorial of Scarboro Gridley Humbly Shows

That your Memoriallist in consequence of his appointment
as Engineer to erect suitable Works for the purpose of de-
fence at Falmouth ; Your j\Iemoriallist stands ready to execute
said Commission, and is Anxious to proceed on said busi-
ness immediately; but as he is in want of a few N'ecessarys,
begs the Honorable Council to furnish him with Money to
defray his Expences; An order on the Dep^ Q M Gen'


for a Horse, Sadie ic bridle; An order on the llon'ble Board
of War for 1 p"" Boots 1 Ilatt 3 j)"" thread stockings 1
p"" Leather Breeches 5 ^^^ Brown Holland Your Memorial-
list being intirely destitute, Xot having been allow'd to draw
Clothing as the Officers of the Line; All which your
Memoriallist expects to be Accountable for at the making up
the Depreciation.

And as in Duty Bound shall ever pray —

Scarboro Gridley

In Council May d'"" 1780

Read & Ordered — That it be & it is hereby recommended
to Col" Tho' Chase D. Q. :\1. G. to furnish Major Scarborough
Gridley with a Horse Saddle & Bridle who is appointed
Engineer to erect suitable Works for the Defence of Fal-

Attest Jn° Averv D Secv

In Council May 9* 1780

Ordered that the Board of War be & thev herebv are
directed to deliver Major Scarborough Gridley one pair of
Boots, one Hatt, three pair thread Stockings, one pair of
Leather Breeches & five yards Brown Holland — he to be
accountable for the same — Said Gridley being appointed
Engineer to erect suitable Works for the Defence of Fal-

Attest John Avery D Secy

In Council May 9\ 1780

Ordered — that a Warrant be drawn on the Treasury for
£500 in fav"" of Major Scarborough Gridley to enable him to
pay his Expences to falmouth on Casco Bay — he to be acc*"^
for the same

Attest Jn° Avery D Secy


Instructions to U Col'^ Scar: Gridley.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber May 10. 1780

You being appointed by the Council of this State an En-
gineer to oversee the repairing or erecting at Falmouth in
the County of Cumberland such works for the defence of
that place as shall be Judged necessary by the Commanding
officer in that Department. You will therefore without loss
of time repair to Falmouth aforesaid and there lay out and
oversee the erecting of such works as Brigadeer General
Wadsvv'orth shall think best calculated for the defence of that
important Post. You will from time to time receive and
follow such orders and directions as Brigadeer General
Wadsworth shall give you respecting the business in your
Department. You will apply to the Commanding Officer
there for such men for fatigue as may be necessary for the
effecting this business, and also for such Intrenching tools
as may be requisite for the carrying on and compleating the
same. You will loose no time in prosecuting this Business,
as it is of importance that those Works should be put into a
defensible State as quick as Possible.
Lie* Colo Scarborough Gridley

In the name and behalf of the Council President

Represefitation of John Lucas in behalf of William Hubbard.

State of Mass"' Bay

Council Chamber May lO*'' 1780

On the Representation of John Lucas Commissary of Pen-
sioners in behalf of William Hubbard Mariner on Board
the Continental Frigate Warren and who was wounded in
the Knee by a Musket Ball in the Action at Penobscot by


which he has lost the Use of his Knee as appears by his
Certificates and rendered unfit for Service Ordered — that
William IFubhard is intitled to ii;ilf pay as a Pensioner to
Commence from 2^ Septemb'' 1 779

Attest Jn° Avery D Secy

Navy Board East" Departni*

Boston May 5'" 1780

1'his certifies that William Hubbard was a ^farine on

Board the Ship Warren on tlie Expedition to Penobscot as

appears by the Ships Pay roll returned into this office and

the Xavy ]3oard are Informed that he there lost his leg —

or the use of it — I. Warren for the Board

To the Hon"'" Council,

Jolm Lucas, in behalf of William Hubbard, a ^larein, on
board the Continental Frigate Warren, and who was wounded
in the Knee by a Musket ball in the Action at Penobscott,
by w*^'' he has lost the Use of his Knee, as appears by his
Certificates and begs the Provision as the law in this Case
makes proper.
Pension Ofiice at Boston 8'^ :\ray 1780

John Lucas Com^""^ of Continental Pensioners

These Certifie that William Hubbard a Marine on Board
the Warren Frigate was wounded thr" the Knee by a Musket
Ball at the Action at Bagaduce by which he has Lost the Use
of his Legg Jos Gardner Searg'

Boston May 9 1780

To the Hon"^'^ Council,

John Lucas, Com*""^ of Pensioners hav*^ rec'' a Report of
lO'*' Instant in Favour of W"" Hubbard, whose pay is to
Comence from s'' tenth Instant. Whereas, by a Resolve of
the Hon*"^ the Continental Congress of 26"^ Augst 1776,
also that of 25*'' of Septm"" 1778, makes provision that aney
Person, who, shall receive any disability & shall be the sub-


ject to a Pension s^ Pension shall Comence from the Day
his pay ceaseth to be paid as a soldier or an officer — Agreable
to this this State Have made the Same Provision, by a Law,
dated l-^'"" of Angst 1777
Pension Office at Boston 11'^ of May 1780

John Lucas Com^""^ of Pensoners

Abiel Woods Petition.

State of Massachusetts bay

To the Hon^'® the Council of said State,

Abiel Wood of Pownalborough in the County of Lincoln
Merchant humbly Shews — that in the ordinary course of
business he had a large property in Liverpool in jSTova Scotia
which the circumstances of the war have entirely prevented
his coming to the possession of, & rendered it to him alto-
gether useless, humbly conceiving that the Government of
this State will indulge their Subjects with every security in
their power to recover their interest from the hands and
improvement of the Subjects of that power with which this
State is at War — he begs leave humbly to request that your
Honors wou'd grant him Liberty to go to Xova Scotia &
bring his property which is now there to some part of this
State, by such ways and means as may be in his power & he
as in Duty bound shall ever pray Abiel Wood

State of Mass"' Bay

Council Chamber May 13**^ 1780

On the Petition of Abiel Wood praying for Liberty to go
to Xova Scotia for the purpose of bringing his Property
from thence into this State — Ordered that the Prayer of
this Petition be granted and that Abiel Wood be and hereby
is permitted to go to iSTova Scotia to transact the Business
mentioned in his Petition and to return into this State with-


in the Term of four Months in such way as he shall think
best — he giving Bond in ihe penal Sum of five thousand
Pounds to the Treasurer of this State that he will not carry
with him Goods of any kind or Provisions more than neces-
sary for his Voyage to iSTova Scotia — And all commanders of
Armed Vessels belonging to this State are hereby directed
not to molest the Said Wood when returning from Xova
Scotia to this State uilli the Effects he may bring with him
belonging to him and all Commanders of Armed Vessels be-
longing to any of the United States are hereby requested not
to interrupt or molest the Said Wood returning from Xova
Scotia into this State aforesaid provided that this Order shall
not be any Protection to said Wood for more than once re-
turning from Nova Scotia aforesaid —


Attest Jn° Avery D Secy

Board of ^Yar lo Gen^ Wadsivoi^th.

War Office Boston May 15^*^ 1780

Agreable to the order of Government for that purpose this

Board have shipt on board the Sloop Swan Step : Waite

Masf 2 Eighteen pounders & 3 four pound Cannon with

Carriages & other Apparatus Compleat as p Schedule inclos'd

which we wish safe to hand & are Your Hble Servant

E. Johnson P P T p ord^

Gen* Wadsworth, or in his absence, to the Officer Conuuand^

at Falm° Casco Bay

/ Allan to Hon^ Jeremiah Powell Esq''.

Machias May IS**" 1780

I am happy to have the Honor to Acquaint the Hon'ble

Board that a great Part of the Supplys ordered by the Court


has arrived ^ — those under Convoy of the Protector arrived
in the River in four Days & is now unloading, — This
naturally raises our Spirits at present, tho' a Gloom over our
minds for fear of some Deserter, as there is no Troops
arrived, The Provision appears very well Calculated for
the Indian Service, but the other supplys is almost Useless
being such that an Indian would not take them, but in the
greatest distress, —

I am Certain the Hon'ble Court has taken great Trouble
in geting matters properly arranged & do not by any means
Complain there, but if no other supplys Can be furnished for

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