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the Indians, and the great Encouragement offered by the
Enemy, I have little hopes of making them so far Servicable,
as to Answer the great Expence which will arise in furnish-
ing them with Provision & Ammunition, — the Promises I
have made them is great, and their Expectations much raised.

There is many Evils which arises, which I have often
Mentioned in not having supplies regularly laid in, both in
regard to keeping the Indians, as well as Profitable to the
States — my reason of sending Colonel Campbell last fall was
to remedy this — when such Short Supplys arrives, they Can-
not be Sufficiently furnished, for by the Time every one gits
a small part it is gone, — Besides several payments. Wages,
Primiums &g Takes up a great part, after which they will
Steal their Trade, and such a Xumber of Petty Traders
about Taking every Advantage, the whole of their Peltry
goes that way. Particularly when there is Rum, all which
Deprives me of Collecting a Quantity of Furs, which might
Turn to great Advantage to Government, There is no reason-
ing with them to Delay, & if the Supplys is not present at
the Critical Minute, the whole is lost for that season — If
there had been a Supply of Rum arrived here in Time I
intended to have put it into the hands of a person Uncon-


nected with the Service to sell them, «is they woud sooner
give 4"^ Tjcaver for a quort of Kum by Stealth, then Two
Gallons openly from the Truck House — and when they have
nothing to give I am forced to supply them to prevent any
Connections with the Enemy — The Ilon'lde Court will
please to Take N"otice of this & if Possible to have these
things Ilemyed — I shall be at a great loss how to peace
them, at our Conference when I engage them in the Service
for this Year, — they will Surely expect the Presents &
Primiums Customary. Cloth fur Coats Blankets & Leggens
must be sent.

Sence my last, we have had a Variety of Movements
among the Indians — Several Canadians & Indians have
Come thro' from Canada and not knowing their Numbers or
Intentions has Occationed much Commotion & fear among
the familys, I have a Number out Scouting & Spys at dif-
ferent Parts to find out the Certainty — by the Scarcity of
Provisions & the Desire our Indians had of being togeather,
I Consented to have the randavous at Passamequody for the
Grand Council the last of this Month, Captain Preble is
there with them, as I thought it not prudent to leave this
place in so Defenceless a Situation, as the Enemy were so
Bent upon its distruction — the last Advice there was
seventy Canoes — I allso sent a Belt of Wampum to all the
Mecmacks, ]\Iadawasqua & as far as the confines of Canada,
Desiring all Denominations to Attend in Peace at the Con-
ference, I shall sett of for the purpose the 25^^ of this Month.

I shoud have been happy if 100 men more had been granted
for this Part, with a Larger Latitude to extend towards S^
Johns, as Excursions that w^ay & having Tempory Posts
fixed between us, wuud prevent the great Advantages which
the Enemy may reap by the Lumber Trade on that River &
other Matters, as allso woud prevent the Indians having any


Connection & keeping them in Awe without doing Damage
to the Inhabitants.

I informed the Court in a former letter of my taking upon
myself to raise a Company of Rangers from among the Dif-
ferent Settlements, westward to be then Stationed to the V^
May — I Judged this to be ISTecessary from the great Progress,
the Enemys Emmesarys among us had made, in Encouraging
the Weak & Credilous to fall in with the proposials of the
British Commanders — I am happy to inform the Court it
took Effect beyound my Sanguine Expectations & tho' I
Cou'd not put them upon So respectable footing as I Coud
Wish • — the Constant Exertion used & keeping up Expresses
backwards and forwards, the Enemy has not Dared to make
any Attempt which was first Intended, nor Can I learn that
there has been any further Connections with them Eastward
of Union River —

Millican k Johnson which I Took Prisoners found Means
to escape, our want of Provisions^ — & not having men to
keep a proper Guard over such Persons, Induced me to Allow
them to keep at a Private House on Parole under my own Eye
— But by the Assistance of some persons, went of in the
Night took a Boat & Got Clear, notwithstanding every pos-
sible meathod was pursued to retake Them.

From the Different reports prevailing of the Enemys In-
tention on this place, I thought it Necessary to Picket in our
little Fort, & Accordingly the whole Officers & others sett to
work & Compleated it, in a Manner that woud make it Diffi-
cult to surprise, if but 50 Men to Defend it — at present we
have about 20 of all Denominations, which are Divided in
Two Guards, which has done Duty Alternately for this 5
Weeks —

In the Resolves I perceive no mention made of the little
Corps of Artillery I have Continued from Time to Time in


the Service under Lieut Albee, to Assist in the Indian busi-
ness, It is liighly Necessary they shoud be Continued and
as there is several who have been faitlifull & persevered
tliro' many l)ifti(;ultys — I must earnestly recjuest the Hon'ble
(^ourt will please to order them some Cloathing & other
Necessarys, which may be allowed other Troops in the Con-
tinent — My own Inability to help them, & the poverty of the
poor follows, Occations my forwardness to request, which
T flatfei- myself will appologize for the Liberty I take

Tlio plan formed for the Security of the Eastern County,
and the Tower given to Gen' Wadsworth, I flatter myself
(with Suitable Exertions) will prevent the Enemy from
gaining any further Advantage — & must pray the Liberty
to make my Gratefull Acknowledgements to the TIon*l)le
Court for the Honor Confered on me in Continuing me in
the Employ — tho' T should be much more happy if the Times
& other Service of my Country Avoud permit me to retire to
Private life

I shall not Trouble the Ilonble Board further at this Time,
only to pray them to give orders about the Indians Goods
being sent, —

The Bearer M"" Barker will Communicate any further
Avhich may be inquired Tie came from Captivity some time
ago & has Continued here — being very usefull during the

I have the Honor to Be Sir vr Very lib Ser'
with Bespect J. Allan

Hon' Jeremiah Powell Esq""

Instriiclions to Lieu* Eihan Moore.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber "^^ay 1.' 1780
To Lie' Ethan Moore You being appointed by the Coun-


cil of this State A Recruiting Officer to raise twenty
Matrosses & to take the command of the same and to do duty
in Falmouth in the County of Cumberland or anywhere
within this State to be annexed to the Company under the
Command of Captain Amos Lincoln & upon the same Estab-
lishment. You will therefore make no delay in repairing to
Falmouth aforesaid and use your best endeavours to Inlist
in the County of Cumberland the Matrosses aforesaid to
Serve for the term of three years unless sooner discharged.
Upon your ariving at Falmouth aforesaid you will acquaint
Brigadeer General Wadsworth of your arival and Inform him
of the instructions you have Received. You will then con-
sider yourself as under the command of General Wadsworth
till further orders from the General Court or Council, You
will be peculiarly attentive to the disaplineing your men upon
their Inlisting that you may be in a capasity in case of an
attack to render essential Service to your Country. All Such
men as you shall inlist you v/ill cause to be mustered before
the muster master in the County of Cumberland and such
men as he shall muster for your Corps will be entitled to re-
ceive the sum of Thirty Pounds Bounty you will as soon
as may be after they are mustered make return of them to
the Council producing the muster masters Certificate that
thev have been so mustered bv him that thev mav be paid
their bounty & you receive your Commission

Attest Jn" Avery D Secy

Petition of Alexander Campbell.

To the Honorable Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay

Boston May 16''^ 1780
The Petition of Alex"" Campbell Humbly Sheweth That
it is with the utmost Reluctance I feel myself constrain*^, to
attempt any Further application, to your Honours, on a


Matter the Particular Circiimstanoes of which, your Honours
are so fully Ac<|uieutcd with — I have Endavour" with can-
dor to state my Real Scituation, to almost Evry Gentlman
at the Honorahle l>ord and as I ever wish to conduct myself
so as to merit your Honors Approhation. Xothing is ]\Iore
Disagreeahle to vdur i'ctitioner then his Being under the
Necessity of such an Alternative. And only Begs Leave to
Observe to your Honours, that F have an Opertunity of a
Passage to Machias the Last of this Week, and as I am
Sensable I am wanted there, and Possably may Be usefull,
and here at present wholly inactive, accumaltated Expences
Arrising from Day to Day, and a Large family Who Xeed
my Asistance Wherefore your Petitioner TTunihly prays
vour Honours may Take his Peculiar Ca^se under vour fur-
ther and wise Consideration & point out some meathod where-
by your Petitioner may Be Supply'd with Snch a Sum of
mony as will Answer his Present Purposs T have Borrow**
mony in this Town, which I Cannot with Honour & Justice
Leave without Discharging — and to Tarry nntill the General
Assembly Sits will Occation an aditional Expense, and Ex-
trenily Detrimential to your Petitioner, and further prays
that the Consideration of the Petitioners Circumstances may
in some measure Appoligize for his Repeated Application
on this Occation & as in Duty Bound Shall Pray

Alex"" Campbell Agent for CoP Allan

In Council May 16' 1780

Read & Ordered — That a Warrant be drawn on the
Treasury for £3000 in fav'" L' CoP Alexander Campbell
agent to CoP Allen as appears by CoP Allen's Letters and
sundry Certiiicates for the purpose of Collecting Stores for
the Eastern Department he to be acc*"^ for the same in settling
his ace' and that the same be charged to the United States —
Attest Jn" Avery D Secy


Order of Capt. He7iry Moiuatt to Captain of King's Rangers.

By Capt Henry Mowatt of His Majesty's Ship the xVlbany
and Senior Officer in Penobscot Bay.

Yon are herel)y impowerd and directed to take by Force
of Arms, all Vessels and Craft that may fall in your power,
belonging to the Subjects of the Kings of France and Spain,
as also those belonoing to the Rebells of America, and vou
are to order all Captains to this Port or to some other place
in ISTova Scotia

Given on board the Albany in the River of Bagaduce

17*'^ May 1780

H: Mowat
To Capt. James Ryder Mowatt of the Kings Rangers

James Richardson to Board of War.

Boston May 19*'' 1780
Hon'''^ Gentlemen

It being of the utmost Importance that Falmouth, Camp-
den & Machias should l)e immediately furnished with a large
quantity of Provisions for the use of the Troops which are
or may be stationed at those Posts agreeable to a Resolution
of the Eight ITlt° passed by Congress —

I beg that the Hon^'^ Board of AYar may be pleased to grant
me a loan of one hund*^ Barrells of Salt Beef for that purpose,
as the busy season of the year prevents the getting Teams
to transport the same from the Magazines to this Post which
Beef wdll either be replaced or otherwise accounted for by
the United States & am Hon'''*' Gentlemen y"" Hon""' most
obed*^ & very Hble Serv*^

Jas Richardson A D C G Iss.
The Hon'"'^ Board of War


Sam' Doggett to Elcazer Johnson, Esrf.

Boston May 20^'' 1780

These acquainting you that I was one half owner with Air
Jepson of the Sloop Pigeon Cap* Little Master that was
destroyed at Penobscot. I would ask your greatest influence
in obtaining the money or Part of it as I have not been able
to do any kind of Business for these 13 months and am in
a very weak & low State of health I have expended all my
money 6c have tired my Friends in Borrowing I therefore
beg of you as a friend to Consider my Case & use your utmost
Influence towards my obtaining the aforesaid INfoney or part
of it and in so doing you will greatly oblige

Your most obedient humb' serv*

Sam' Doggett
Eleazer Johnson Esq""

Gen' Wadsworth Letter.

Head Quarters Falmouth 20**- May 1780

In mine of the 28'" Ult. I Inform'd your Honour of the
time of my Return to this Place & of the Scituation & Circum-
stances of it with Respect to Troops; since that time the
men have dropd in by degrees to the Number of 200, in-
cluding the Company from this County. The Remainder
1 think will come by the hardest. I have not had a late
Return from Cambdou, but understand that their Xumbers
are nearly in the Same proportion, This Backwardness of
Raising Soldiers, by the best Information I receive, is owing,
not so much to an Aversion to the Service, as the Smallness
of the Encouragement, for in general, when the Towns have


offer'd the Soldier forty Shillings per Month, in the old way
as they call it, they have not wanted for Voluntiers, their
men are likely ; their Soldiers are on the Spot : And here
T cannot but digress in Subjecting my favourite Sentiment,
that had the State or States adopted the Policy of making
the Soldier's, the best Business ; they would never have
wanted for men, their Armies would be running over & they
would have the Choice of the best. I ask pardon for the
Digression — My first Business as the Troops arived, was
repairing the Fort at the West End of the Town, that there
might be one Work, in somewhat of a defencible Posture.
I then proceeded to lay out & begin a small Fort within the
\ery extensive & decayed Lines on Mount Joys Xeck at the
east End of the Town, which when completed I conceive
will answer all the good purposes of holding that important
Ground, that could have been expected from a more extensive
one & is capable of being defended by 500 ^len, with a good
Block House in the ^Middle of it, which may conveniently
overlook the whole, should the State see fit to be at the
(necessary) Expence of one & give orders for erecting it.

The Platforms of the Batteries in the Front of the Town
are very rotten & decayed, these are in a way to l)e repaired. —
The Troops are under some degree of Order & Discipline.

Yesterday arived from the Board of War, two 18 pdw &
three Field pieces with their Apurtenances, which in part
supply our Deficiency & which may be very Serviceable.

I have not lieen favoured with any Return from your
Honour, the above mention'd Cannon excepted, respecting the
Several Matters on which I have wrote ; amongst which a
Company of the Train for this Post is of some Consequence

Having thus arranged things here, have left my Instruc-
tions with Lieut Col' Prime, who discovers the utmost Atten-
tion to & good will for the Service, to execute the Business;


& propose to set out in a borrowM whale Boat early tomorrow
morning for Thomaston, via Brunswick.

I have the honour to be, with much llespect Sir Your
honours most humble Serv'

Peleg Wadsworth

TTon''''' Joromiali Powell President of Council

P S. I was in great hopes that a Surgeon & Mate would
have ariv'd here, before I set out for the eastward, both of
which ought to be skilful. The (^hief Surgeon I propose to
order to the eastern County Avhere no other Assistance can
be had, the mate will be left here; & altho' I have not heard
of their Appointment, as I suppose they will not be tho't
unnecessary, am in daily hopes of their arival. —

P Wadsworth
In Council June 1' 1780

Read & Sent down with Letter of Max the 10'" & 20' last
accompanying the same John Avery D Secy

in the House of Representatives June 2, 17S0

Read Sz thereupon Ordered That General Preble Coll
Glover & M"" Gorham with such as ye Hon*"^ Board shall join,
be a Committee to consider the same & report what is proper
to be done thereon

Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk""

In Council June 2 1780

Read & Concurred and Timothy Danielson & Sam' Xiles
Esq" are joyned S Adams Scer^

Communication of E. Gerry and Others to Council.

Philadelphia May 20'*' 1780

We do ourselves the Honor to inclose the Copy of a Xotc
received from the Minister of France; and we hope that
some suitable Persons may be directed to prosecute the En-


quiries therein mentioned, and to transmit to us the conse-
quent Information. From these Communications will
probably grow Fruits very beneficial to the State of Massa-
chusetts, the minister appearing to us at all Times to take a
cordial Interest in its Prosperity.

We apprehend that Copies of some Materials already in
the public offices of the State will go far towards giving com-
pleat satisfaction We have Col. Campbel's Description of
Penobscot Fort & its ISTeighbourhood but That is rather vague
for any Purpose but to show the Value of the Country

We are with great Respect Sir Your most humble servants,

E. Gerry
James Lovell
S. Holten
Hon""® President of the Council of Massachusetts

In Council May SO"^ 1780

Pead & Conunitted to Thomas Cushing, Sam' Adams and
Timothy Danielson Esq"" to consider this Letter with a ]S[ote
from the Minister of France & report what may be proper to
be done thereon — Jas Avery D Secy.


The Minister of France would be glad to know of what
the Garrison at Halifax consists ■ — the number of Ships or
armed Vessels in that Port — the exact plan of the Fortifi-
cations — the Soundings of the Harbour & Baye ; — in short,
all the Information which can be procured either as to the
Disposition of the Inhabitants or the Resources and Pro-
vision which may be hoped for from the Country in Case a
Body of Troops could be carried thither. It would be like-
w^ise necessary to procure Intelligence from that Town the
of tnest possible.

The same Informations respecting Penobscot would also
be infinitely interesting. The Minister of France has the


Honor of Intrciitiiii; the Delegates of the State of Massachu-
betts to enaljlc him to he possessed of them.

Leche de la Luzerne


By the Best Information that can at Present he obtained
of y^ Forces at Hall if ax

The following regiment ;!ve there

June 5 There were at Hall if ax on y^ 28 of December last
six Regiments of British Troops Viz'

At Hallifax 1— Col° Bruce the 70^'' consists of aV 500

At d° 2 — Argyle's a Highland Regiment abt 750

Penobscot SiXHambleton Regiment at Penobscot abt 450
At Hallifax 4 — The Emmigrants a Highland Regi-
ment abt 500
d° 5XThe Royall Vincible's a Regiment abt 250
D° 6 — The Orange Rangers at Fort Cum-
berland a Regiment raised at Xew York commanded
by Col Bayard consist'd — 250

D° 7 The Loyall Xova Scotians a Regi-
ment consisting of ab' 500
from recruits from Newfoundland & the Fishermen [ 500

that belonged to the Fisheries distroyed on ISTova Scotia

Shore Viz Canso Petit de Grat & Louisbourg &c 3200
Two Companies of y^ Train at Hallifax at 40 men in

Company 80

They Can Raise abt 1000 Militia at Hallifax & abt 4000
Militia thro the rest of the Province

At Hallifax Robuck a 7p Gun Ship »&: the Delevance a 28
Gun Ship The Alligiance Capt Phipps a 20 Gun Ship &
2 hulks made out The Pembroke & [ ] of an old

64 & 40 Gun Ship with their guns on board


Statement of William Jones.

In the year 1775 it was moved in the general Court at
Watertown to Pay the men that had turned out on alarms as
at Bunkerhill fight and other places it was moved Likewise
to Pay the men in the County of Lincoln which had turned
out on alarms and in Spac^ mener the Cruze to Ponobscot
with Colonel Cargill — it was objected by Majer Sewel of
Georgetown agenst Paying that Crous to Penobscot onless all
the alarmes on which aney Should be called should Likewise
be Payed — I then being Present Set forth the great Distance
that money of the men had to go and the skantnes of Previson
which Cased Sum of them to buy Previson and Sum of them
Did Suffor much with hunger — and I gave it as my opinon
that it was best for the Court to Pay the men weagis and for
their board and take the vesals which they then tooke and
Convart them to the use of the Stat

this I asart to be the substance of what Pased on that time
as I Remember by me William Jones

Bristol May 23*^ 1780

Order to the Board of ^Yar.

State Mass^ Bay

Council Chamber May, 23 1780

Ordered that the Board of War be & hereby are directed to

Supply Col° John Allen with Two hhds Molasses and Two

hhds of Rum which will Compleat the quantity of Molasses

& Rum said Allen was to be supplied with Agreable to a

Resolve of the General Assembly passed the 22 of June last &

they are also Directed to Compleat the orders of Court passed

in January & March last for furnishing said Col° Allen with

Sundry Stores as far as is in their Power

Attest John Avery D Secy


Letter to N. Jones Esq""

To the Hon*"" the Council of the State of ^lassachusetts J Jay


Your Tetitiou has been hiid before the Hon'ble Council
and Considered and they have directed me to inform you
that Liberty is granted for you to Appear before this Board
and to answer such Matters as are alledged against you by
one Burnham agreeable to your Request

I am Sir Your Ilumi; Serv'

Jn° Avery D Secy

Council Chamber Boston :\fay 24^ 1780

To Xathan Jones Esq"" at Goldsbury

Letter of Gen' Peleg Wadswortlt to President of Council.

Head Quarters, Thomaston, 26 ^Nlav 1780

On the 22 Inst : I arrived at this Post from Falm° And
when I drawn an Idea of a number of men that have been
dropping in by degrees for two Months to the amount of
200, without being reduc'd to order & discipline as they
arrived ; distributed to Cambden, Thomaston & S*- Georges ;
furnished with Camp Utensils designed only for 100 men;
a number sent into Camp, & still remain without any arms,
& others incomplete ; having only ten days provision of meat
k not more than two of bread on hand ; when I have given
this Idea, Your Ilonor perhaps will have a pretty just notion
of our Situation in this Quarter. But as our numbers are
small & the river fish are plenty, I am not apprehensive of
the Troops starving suddenly, tho' they will be rendered in
a great measure useless when provision fails.

Eight whale Boats are arrived, & five others I have account
of at Wiscasset damaged, which I have sent for. ^ I need


not urge for a supply of provision & stores, not doubting but
supplies will be sent as soon as possible : But as the Troops
fall so vastly short of what was ordered & expected, & as the
Term for which the first Detachment was raised draws to
a close, I must urge not only that the number at first ordered
may be completed; but that it may be augmented to five
hundred men at least. | And I would request that the Post
might be continued from Falm° & ride as far as this place;
for I am persuaded that a more frequent communication with
part of the Country would be of great service to the State:
And a number of publick papers being distributed to the
several Towns to the eastward of Kennebeck, besides soften-
ing the minds of people, would give them proper means of
Intelligence which at present is not the Case. ^ Your Favor
of the 27 Ult° this day came to hand; the Contents shall be
duly observed. ^ Yesterday came to Cambden a flag from
Majabigwaduce, demanding amongst others, John Long to
be exchanged as a prisoner of war & a British Subject. This
Flag was very Seasonable as it has given full Evidence of
the Conduct of several persons, besides Long now prisoners,
as spies or Traiters, whose trial is just coming on.

As this Flag was not addressed to the Commanding Officer
of the Post here, nor signed on their part but with the simple
signature of J. Campbell & H. Mowatt, have tho't proper
to detain them for the present. ^ I have this day a general
Court martial sitting for the Tryal of sundry Prisoners, some
of which I have been a long time troubled with. To compass

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