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Cumberland and State aforesaid
Humbly Shews —

1. That Your Petitioner has taken Letters of Agency on
the Estate of Francis Waldo late of Said Falmouth an

2. That he has taken an Inventory of all the Personal
Estate of the said Absentee which he could find after the
said Town of Falmouth was burnt by the enemy and sold
the same at Vendue according to Law which amounts to
£106, 12/c

3. That the Commissioners Appointed to receive Examine
and Ileport the Claims on said Estate to the Judge have
done it, whicli amounts to the Sum of £63; 16; 8. besides
which more than £100. is due for taxes for the Year
1778 —

4. That there is an Old Negro Man with a Constant Sore
owing to a Broken Leg, who has been a Constant charge
and likely to continue so and whom the Select men of said
Falmouth have placed sometime at one place until they
were tired of him, and then with another, so that finally
he was deliver'd into the care of your Petitioner, as Agent


to said Estate, his Leg being so offensive, your Petitioner
could not keep him, therefore Your Petitioner got a place
for him in the Country where he is at great Charge for
Clothing & Provision these scarse times for both —

5. Your Petitioner lias been at the (.'harge of Sending to
the Registry of Deeds in the County of Lincoln to know
what Estate the said Absentee has in that County, and also
been at the Charge of getting Extracts from the Register
in that County of what said Absentee now owns here, both
which are here ready to be produced if Your Honors have
Occasion for the same —

6. That there is a Considerable Sum due from the said

Estate, besides the Growing Charge of said Negro Man,

Wherefore your Petitioner humbly Prays this Honorable

Court would please to grant him Licence to sell as much

of said Absentee's Lands in this town as will be Sufficient

to pay the debts, and the constant Charge of said iSTegro

man, and charges of Sail, and Your Petitioner as in Duty

bound Shall Ever Pray

Tho. Child

Notice of Conference ivith Indians.

At a Conferrence Held at Machias the IS**" Day of J^ovem-
ber 1770 with a large Number of Indians of the S' Johns
& Passamaquody Tribes, with Several from S' Francois in
Canada and other Tribes — Present

Colo Allan Sup"" Int^ Lieut Avery Sec'y to do Lieut
Delesdernier A D C to do

In the Service at Machias

Major Stillman Cap* Smith Com'' Capt OBrien

In the Service at Machias


Lieut Albce Lieut Ferree Doctor Clark Quar"" !Ma.s* Foster

Stephen Jones Esq"" Mr OlJrien Mr Longfellow Inhabi-
tants of Machias

Mr S Arehabald :\lr T. ArchaLald Mr I Archabald From
Nova Scotia

Capt Somes — of Cape Ann

Agreement of Stephen Waite.

This Agreement made this eighteenth Day of November
A D. 1779 — between the ]joard of War for the State of
Massachusetts Bay on the one part and Stephen Waite of
Falmouth in the County of Cumberland & State aforesaid
Merchant on the other part, Witnesseth, That the said Board
of War have this Day sold and delivered to the said Stephen,
five peices of Duck at the rate of one hundred and twenty
pounds per peice, for which the said Stephen engages &
promises to pay the said Board of War or their Order in
good merchantable Eastern Wood as clear as possible of
White Birch, within two Months from this Date and as much
sooner as possible, at the rate of eighteen Pounds per Cord,
to be delivered at any Place in the Town or Harbour of
Boston the said Board of War may direct —

In the Performance of which the said Stephen Waite

binds himself in the penal sum of One thousand Pounds —

Witness my Hand & Seal the Day of Year before written —

N B. The Words between the eighth til ninth Lines from

the Top ''or their Order" were wrote before Signing

Stephen Waite
Signed, Sealed & Delivered

in Presence of

Thomas Ivers

Joseph Chapman Jr



Resolve in favor of Mojis. Nehon.

State of Massachusets Bay

In the House of Representatives l^ov' W 1779

On the Petition of Monsieur Nebon Praying for the re-
traction of two Hogsheads of Sugar Detained in the Town of
Franklin by Joseph Haws and Ebenezer Dean by virtue of
an act of this State

Resolved that the said Haws & Dean be & hereby are
directed to deliver to Monsieur jSTebon the Two Hogsheads
of Sugar now Detained in their hands by virtue of an act of
this State he paying them the Charges of the Seizure and
making Sale of Said Sugar within this State.

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk
In Council Nov. 19, 1779
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to —

A Ward
M Greenleaf
W. Spooner
T Cushing
I Fisher

Moses Gill
B White
J Stone
L Danielson
I. Simpson

S. Fuller
Sam iS^iles
Jno Pitts
Thos Durfee
]Sr. Goodman

Board of War to Capt McLellan.

War Office, Boston, l^ov 20^'' 1779

Inclosed you have Capt Speakmans Order to deliver the
Board of War the eight Boxes Cartidges left in your hands
by Mr. Robins, it is the Boards desire that you ship them
for this Place, by the first safe Conveyance, agreing for the


Freiglit on the best Terms you can, for wliicli the Board
will pay —

I am sir ^'oiir very hum. Serv^

By Order of the Board
Capt Joseph McLellau Joseph Chapman J S^

Falmouth Casco Bay

Order of Board of IFcn-.

W'Av Office, Boston, Nov"- 20^'' 1779
Capt John F Williams —

It is our Orders that you repair to Newbury Port where
you'l iiiid the Lincoln (nillery with the Military & other
Stores for your Ship which you are immediately to take on
Board & Proceed over the Bar as Soon as the Tides & Weather
will permit and if the Wind is fair you are to come direct to
Boston, but should you not like the time you may go to
Portsmouth, from whence vou are to come round to this Place
whenever the Wind & Weather will permit —
We are Your humb' Serv*^

By Order of the Board
(Copy Jos Chapman J S^ S. P. S. Pres'

Resolve of Genl. Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Novem'' 20*'^ 1779
On the petition of the Selectmen of the town of Lincoln
praying for an allowance of Fourteen Pounds Paid to each
of the three men Kais'd in said town agreeable to a Resolve
of the General Assembly of this State Past June 12 1778
Resolved that the Prayer of the Petition be Granted and
that there be Deducted from the afforesaid Towns Propor-
tion of the next State Tax the sum of Forty two Pounds


which is in full for the Bounty paid three men for going on
an Expedition to Rhode Island agreable to a Resolve of this
State. Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Nov"- 20, 1779 John Hancock Spk

Read & Concurred John Avery D Sec'y

Consented to —

A Ward Moses Gill N Cushing

B Greenleaf B. White J Simpson

W. Spooner J no Pitts X. Goodman

T. Cushing J Stone Thos. Durfee

J Fisher T. Danielson A. Fuller

Letter to Council enclosing Act of Congress.

Philadelphia 22^ iSTovem— 1779

You will receive herewith enclosed an act of Congress of

the 16"' instant: By which you will be informed That in

the present Situation of the General Treasury, and from the

pressing ]^ecessity of a full & punctual payment of the taxes

required for the prosecution of the war, the request to retain

the six Million of dollars mentioned in your Letter of the

21^"^ of Sepf last camiot be complied with.

I am Sir with Sentiments of Esteem &

Regard your humble Serv*

Sam' Huntington President

In Council Nov"" 30*'^ 1779 Read & sent down

John Avery D Sec'y

Petition of Joseph Whipple.

To the Hon'''' the whole Court

The petition of Joseph Whipple humbly sheweth,

that in the retreat from Magabigwaduce, he took the Indian

rout with Gen' Lovell, that when they arrived at the Upper


Iiulian Town, they found lliemsclves drove to the unavoid-
able necessity, of retnrninf>" to the Enemy, or engageing two
silver dollars P'' day, to each Indian pilot; they prefer'd the
latter. And although part of the Indians came upon public
business. And your honors have been pleased to grant the
proportion of the Gen', k his Brig** Maj"" out of the public
Treasury of this State, your petitioner is call'd upon for
twelve silver dollars, to discharge his part of the expence, of
Indian pilots, which will cost him One years monthly })ay.
he therefore pray's your honors wou'd grant him the privi-
ledge of exchanging the above Sum of paper Currency, for
Silver money at the public Treasury, that he may be enabled
to discharge the Above Debt.

Your honors humble petitioner

J. Whipple

Serg° Art^
Boston :N'ovem^ 23^ 1779

Petition of Jonathan Fuller ct als.

To the Hon^'* the Council & the Hon"'^ House of Representa-
tives for the State of Massachusetts Bay in New England
in Genl Court Assembled May it Please y"" Honors —

Nov 26^'' 1779

The Petition of Jon"^ Fuller & Others of Woolwich in the
County of Lincoln, in behalf of the s** Jonathan

Humbly Sheweth —

That the s'^ Jonathan Fuller one of y"" Petitioners has lived
upon the Estate of David Phipps Esqr. an Absentee (lying
in Woolwich) for a Number of years past »Jt' has expended
as much Labour upon the place, as amounts to almost Four
hundred Pounds Lawful jMoney according to his And' given
in to the Agent for s** Estate, whereby the s** Farm is brought


into its present valuable situation, the whole of which is
now due to the said Jonathan, except about twenty Pounds,
which he received of the s"^ Phipps before he went off &
which the s^ Jonathan has credited the Ace' And as by a
Resolve of the General Court of the seventeenth day of
February last, All Agents for such Estates were order'd to
lease out such Estates at Publick Auction to the highest
bidder, for the term of One Year from the first day of April,
Your Petitioners humbly apprehend the resolve aforesaid
could not be adher'd to with respect to the above mentioned
Estate, as the T>^ Agent to s*^ Estate put up an Advertizment
dated the 22^ day of March, notifying the sale to be on the
thirteenth day of April then next ensuing, so that there
could not be fourteen days notice before the first day of April,
neither could the place be leased out before the said first
day of April. But upon the thirteenth day of April the
day appointed for the vendue, One John Carlton a person
who it is notoriously known here is strongly Attached to the
British Government & has always oppos'd every measure that
has been propos'd by this state for securing our rights &
privileges, and as the said Jon^ Fuller one of your Petitioners
has acted as one of the Committee of Correspondence &c
for these three years past & has humbly render'd himself
obnoxious to the s*^ John Carlton by his the s'^ Jonathan's
strenuous exertions in favor of the Glorious cause in which
we are engag'd, We look upon it as the only reason for his the
said John Carltons bidding upon the Place beyond the said
Jonathan, in order as much as in his power lay to distress
the s^ Jonathan & his Family by turning them out of doors,
and as the s"' Jonathan Fuller do's not mean to oppose any
of the resolves of this Hon"^'' Court, We therefore pray the
interposition of this Hon*'"' Court in the Premisses, as the
s^ John Carlton did not intend to improve the place himself


and has not paid the purchase money, but absolutely refuses
to pay it. The said Jonathan is willing to pay as much for
the place for the present year as it was struck off at & to
pay the charges of the Vendue, Your Petitioners also pray
that the said Estate for the Future may not be leased out at
Public Vendue but that the said Jonathan Fuller may be
Allowed to enjoy it at the Appraizmeut of three honest
judicious men under Oath untill the same shall be order'd
to be sold According to Law. — Your Petitioners therefore
humbly pray your Honors would take the Case of the said
Jonathan Fuller into your most serious Consideration, and
grant him all that relief in tlie Premisses as your Honors
in your great Wisdom shall think fit. t^r in duty bound shall
ever Pray

Jonathan Fuller

Samuel Ford

Solomon Walker

Thos. Motherwill \ r^ • ^

\ Committee of

Elijah Grant ) ^ ,

( Correspondence

Joseph Wade

Lemuel Trott
Sam'l Hamden
Jonathan Preble

In Council Dec"" 21^' 1779

Read & thereupon ordered that Abraham Fuller Esqr with
such as the Hon**'^ House shall join be a Committee to take
into Consideration this Petition and the Papers accompany-
ing the same and report what is proper to be done thereon —

Sent down for Concurrence
John Avery D Sec'y.
In the House of Representatives Dec"" 22, 1779

Read & concurred & Capt Wm Farland & Wm Parker
are join'd John Hancock Spk""



Resolve of Genl. Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay —

lu the House of Representatives Xov 26'" 1779

That the Board of War be, and they are hereby directed,

to settle all Public Accounts for Supplies for the Penobscott


Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk
In Council Nov' 26, 1779

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to

A Ward

W. Spooner

Caleb Cushing

Saml Adams

J Fisher

Moses Gill
B. White
J Stone
A. Fuller
J Simpson

Aaron Wood
Thos Durfee
Jno Pitts
N Goodman
Edw"* Cutts

Capt. Gregory's Account.

State of the Massachusetts Bay to Will"" Gregory D'

To Sundries Supplied Waterman Thomas Esq"" Commassary
and Quarter Master, for the Troops Doing at Cambden,
Viz —

Sept'"20''' To 9 bushels & three pecks of Rhy lent
since the Defeat at Penobscut
To 28"' bread @ 20/ 1031/2 Meat Supplied Sol-
diers @ 20/ 131 10
To 2 Meal Sacks to Collect Potatoes & Grain

@ 180/ 18









To 4 Pails @ 30/ 1 Ax £9 41/0 bushels Peas @

£18 96

Man & Hoars 3 Weeks Collecting Grain &:

Potatoes 60

27"^ To 1 Man 4 Oxen & Cart 1 Day hawling

bread 15

29'" To Man & Oxen l/o Day hawling .Meat &

30'" To d° Salt from St. Georges
Ocf 4*'^ To d" Bread from D°

5^^ To d" Provision half Day from Shoar

6*" To d° Provision to Send up Penobseut

gth rp^ Jo j^^jjj^ ^ bread from St. Georges 1 Day

15'" To 2596 feet of Boards for Barracks Sur-
vey •" by Cap' Gove @ £40 103 17
16'" To Man Oxen & Cart 2 Days hawling

boards @ £15
17'" To d" Clay for Chimney 1/2 Day
26'" To d" 1 Day Salt from St. Georges
27'" To d° Bread & Rice from d°

To 100 feet boards & 300 Nails to mend boats
To my Boat from 25'" July to 17'" August
imploy'd by Col° Howard Order in Trans-
porting Troops & Provision from Cambden
to Penobseut &: Carried of by the Mereans
in the Retreat 300

Nov^28'" To •>"* 281/2 beef & bread Supplied Capt.

Preble f Resale 28

To 14 Meals Virtunls @ 36/ 2 ""^ Coffee @ 36/ 28 16
2 Quarts Molasses & fish supplied Cup' Hale

Compy, 30

To 85 "" Bread 1341/2 ""^ beef sv^ Prisoners De-
serters & Men to March 219 10








To Barracks Stear Parstering from 17**" Aug* to
r' IsTov'" 60

To my time in Collecting Thilling & Issuing Pro-
visions from IT'*' Augs'^ to 1^* ISrov"" being 96

Days @ 120/ 576

Errors Excepted

William Gregory

Resolve of Genl. Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Kov"" 27, 1779

On the Petition of Joshua Davis, Agent for Transports
on the late unfortunate Expedition to Penobscot —

Resolved, That the Petitioner be & he is hereb}^ directed
to make up his Returns of Pay Rolls for the Wages of the
Officers & Marines in the Transports on the Expedition
aforesaid to the fourth of September last and no longer,
being three Weeks after the distruction of the Vessels em-
ployed on that Service — and that all the other matters &
things contained in said Petition be refer'd to the Board
of War to act thereon as they may think just right —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk
In Council Js'ov'' 27'^ 1779

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to

A. Ward

W Spooner

Caleb Cushing

S Adams

J Fisher

Moses Gill
B White
O Prescott
Sam ISTiles
J Simpson

Thos Durfee
Aaron Wood
N Goodman
E. Cutts
T Stone


Letter of President of Council.

The President of the State of Mass" Bay

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chnml)cr Xov"" 29— 1779

Pursuant to a Resolution of the General Assembly you
have inclosed the Report of a Committee appointed by them
to enquire into the ronsons of the fiiilure of the late Expedi-
tion to Penobscot, together with the papers accompanying
said report which are transmitted to Congress that they may
be possessed of the true reasons of the failure aforesaid &
be enabled to take such order thereon as they shall Judge
most conducive to Publick Justice

I am in behalf of the Council
Your Excellency's Obedient

Humble Servant

[Not signed]

Col" Allan's Letter.

Machias Xov"" 29'" 1779

My last was of the ir)"" Ins' l)y Cap' James, giving their
Honors an account of my arrival here Avith the Indians, with
some matters which had taken ])lace. There may appear
some Coutrediction in my last Letters Respecting my want
of men to defend this Post, and at the same time dismissing
the J\[ilitia, Uut my reason \'nv doing the Latter was by the
few I h;i(l n(»r suthcient to keep Centrys, «!i: being obliged to
keep fire on Acct. of the Severity of the Weather in the Fort,
put it in niHch Danger, as these appeared not Equivalent


should any Accident happen — they allso refused doing all-
most any Duty, Upon Examining the Accounts, I find a
great Expence Attending the Arm'd Schooner Neashquo-
woite, partly owing to her detention when to the Westward,
I think it Expedient for the present to lay her up till I know
the further Intention of Government, — I shall allso thro"
off every Expence that the Service will any way admit oft", —
My Chief dependance at present is the Indians who keeps
very peaceable, as yet, I have l:)een Detained going along
shore with them, on Ace* of the Situation of this place, as
it requires my steady Attendance to keep the Indians Spirits
up that is here, — I send the Speech made by Biese Tomma
on his renouncing any Connections with Britains, which he
desired me to forward to their Honors with his Sincere
Affection & Love — The Indians are still high in their con-
jectures that the Canadians will l)e this way before Spring —
I am with the Utmost Respect & Esteem Sir

Your most Obedient and verry Hble Serv'

J Allan
The IIon"ble Jeremiah Powell Esq'

Benj^ Tliraslier's Petition.

To the Hon"^ Council & Hon' House of Representatives of
the State of Massachusetts Bay —

The Petition of Benjamin Thresher of Cape Elizabeth in
the County of Cumberland It Humbly shews —

That some time in the Year 1776 a Fort & Battery was
erected on his Land at Spring Point in said Tow^n by which
great damage has arrived to your Petitioner.

The ground has been broken up — Fences destroyed — &
Land laid common which has prevented him from making
that improvement & use thereof which he formerly did. He


is williug to suffer everything for tlie good of the Publio
which may be deemed necessary, hut he humbly thinks your
honours will not expect he should be so far injui-od in his
property, as he has been In- the Iniilding the aljove mentioned
fortresses without any compensation & therefore humbly
prays that your honours would take his Case into considera-
tion, & grant him such recompense therefor, as your honours
should judge reasonable

And as in duty bound he will ever pray

Benj° Thrasher

This may Certify that the Damage Done to Lieu' Ben-
jamin Thrashers land fence &c was apprized at £300 Said
Damage done by build-
ing a Fort on Spring
point Cape Elizabeth

October 19'" 1779


George Deake Selectmen of

George Strout Cape Elizabeth

Warning to ]'oters of Boothhaij.

Lincoln S^ in the Xame of the Government and people of
the State of the Massachusetts Bay Send Greetting To the
Constable of the Town of Boothbay. You are Commanded
forthwith to warn all the Inhabit'^ of this Town Qualified to
Vote in Town Meettinsr that thev assemble themselves at the
Meettinc; House on Tuesdav the foreteenth day of this In-
stant Month at ten o'clock in the fore noon then »S: there 1'^
To Choose a ^NFodcralor to Ivegulate Said Meetting 2'^ To
see if the Town will Send a Petition to the Great and General
Court of this State: to See if they will take into their con-
federation rtnd appoint a committee to Examine into the


State of the Town as to Town affairs : also Respectting Com-

mitees and Malitia affairs of this Town this above Meetting

called by desire of forteen of the Inhabitants of said Town.

Givn under our hands this first day of Decern'' A. D. 1779

bv Virtue of the above warrant

directed to me by the Select

Edw'' Emerson Select

W™ McCobb Men

Men I warn all the Inhabitants Qualified to vote in Town
Meettings, to meet at place and time above mentioned

Sam" Brier Constable

Resolve on petition of Samuel White.

State of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives Decern"" 2^ 1779

On the Petition of Samuel White praying Leave that a
judgment of the Inferior Court for the County of Lincoln
against him in Favours of David Gilman & others given at
the last Term of said Court may be set aside —

Resolved that the same judgment & the report of the
Referees in said case be set aside & annulled & if any Writ
of Possession or Execution has issued thereon that the same
be stayed & that the Action on which the judgment is founded
be brought forward to the next Inferior Court of Common
Pleas for the said County of Lincoln as if the fame had
been regularly continued thereto from the last Term & the
same Proceedings had thereon, as by law the parties are
entitled to, the said judgment notwithstanding provided the
said "\\Tiite cause the said Gilman & others to be served with



an attested copy of this Resolve Sixty Days before the first

day of the next Term of said Court —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk
In Council Decern"" ?/ 1779

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to

Jere Powell

A Ward

W Spooner

Caleb Cushing

S Adams

B. White
Sam Niles
J Stone
J Simpson
Aaron Wood

E Cutts
N Cushing
O Prescott
N Goodman
Thos Durfee

Letter of J no Lewis.

Sir, When I rec*' your order to Collect & forward the
Blankets I had not rec^ one. I immediately Sent to all
the Towns in the Easterly part of the Country, & wrote to the
man I had appointed in the Westerly part to take in the
Clothing, to write to those Towns, I endeavoured to possess
them of the necessity of procuring them & that forthwith, yet
notwithstanding all my Solicitude I have not been able to
procure more than fourteen in this part of the County, All
which I had from Harpswell, I have heard from most of the
Towns in the Westerly part of the County but don't learn
that they have got many, neither do I expect many more in
the Easterly part,

I send you a Roll of Blankets Containing the fourteen
above mentioned to Capt Jonathan Lock, I hope my not
being able to procure more will not prevent your receiving
these, I expect some more which I shall forward, there is


but little wool in this part of the Country the order for
Blankets came so late that most of it was otherways disposed
of, I should be glad if I might have orders for forwarding
all the other clothing by water, which would be a very great
Saving to the State. I am, Sir, Your very Humble Serv*
North Yarmouth Dec"" 3 - 1779 Jno Lewis

P. S. Please to send me a Rec* to Capt Lock

Resolve of Genl. Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Dec"" 3 1779
Resolved that the Board of War be and they hereby are
directed to receive and pass all the acts of the officers and
other persons who have supplj^ed the Army on the late Ex-
pedition to Penobscot, or while occupying aney post after
the retreat. Said Board of War to Call for j)ropper vouchers

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