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results the Court have been obliged to call in some of the
Ofiicers of the adjacent militia.

By the Officers of the Flag we are informed that there are
several of our Cruisers oft" Hallifax, that do them great Mis-
chief ; that there had been a general ISTaval Engagement in
the West Indies between the French & British Fleets, in


which there was little advantage gained on either side; but
both had suffered exceedingly; that Charleston was taken:
this last I suppose wants Confirmation. ^ Last Tuesday one
of two whale Boats belonging to the Enemy, which had been
watching for my Boat on her return, was taken (by a Sloop
on board of which a number of men from Townsend had
thrown themselves) & carried into Port there.

After again suggesting the Necessity of an immediate sup-
ply of Provisions & men, & musquet Cartridges equally
necessary, I do myself the honor to subscribe Your Honor's
most obedient & faithful Servant P Wadsworth B G
Hon"® Jeremiah Powell President of Council.

General WadsworUi to the President of the Council.

Head Quarters Thomaston 27 May

The Boat mentioned in mine of yesterday to have been

taken by a sloop from Townsend previous to her being cap-
tured, had taken & sent to Majabig\vaduce a fine new Sloop
& a Small Schooner, belonging (the Sloop) to Mr Reed, one
of the Captors of the Enemys Boat. The Commander of
which was one James Rider Mowatt Cap't of the Kings
Rangers (so call'd) who finding himself & Crew prisoners,
otfer'd the Captors to restore the Sloop & Schooner above
Mention'd to the former owners, on condition of their being
themselves set at Liberty to return to Majabigwaduce

The Captors applied to me for Liberty to make the Ex-
change. And as the Vessells were of great consequence to
the owners who had exerted themselves in Capturing the
Boat to encourage such Exertions in future, taking into the
Consideration that the Vessels in the hands of the Enemy
might be employ'd against us, I consented that on the Vessells
being return'd in the same order in which they were taken
together with two men belonging to the Schooner & one other;


that Cap* Mowatt with his Crew, ten in all, should return his
Boat to Majabigwaduce unarmVl, After Cap* Reed was gone
to Townsend with this Concession ; on further Consideration
1 was much dissatisfied with what I had done — However
M"" Mowatt not knowing when he was well used, & having a
Mind to drive a Bargain ; insisted on having three other
prisoners (than his own Crew & which three I do not allow
to be prisoners of War) to be released into the Bargain.
Thus finding myself free from the Concession I had made,
] decline any sort of exchange of the Kind ; not being clear
of the Propriety of exchanging prisoners for Property, I
have referred Cap' Reed to your honour for an order on the
matter & heartily wish that the Captors may have every In-
dulgence that is due for their vigorous exertions & Firmness
in the American Cause. In the mean time have given
Orders for the prisoners to be taken to Falmouth for Con-
finement & the Oflicer to be Admitted to his Parole in some
suitable place and am Sir

Your most obedient & very humble servant

Peleg Wadsworth B G

J. Allan to President of Council.

Indian Eastern Department Passamaquody

May 28*^ 1780
Sir. TI I have to Acquaint the Hono"' Board That I Ar-
rived here the 23''^ Instant in Consiquence of the Movements
Amoimg the Indians Occation'd by the Invitation of the
Enemy & the Reports Propagated Amoung them to the dis-
advantage of the States —

I have had Several Conferences with Them during the
Time — do not find them as Usual, Tho I have preval'd with
Most to Continue some Time Longer, till further News from
the Westward —


The Enemy have Recievd Large Supplys on S' Johns, A
Fort is Erected — about Seventy jVIiles up the River, where
a Truck House is fixd, several Other persons Under Govern-
ment Scattered up & down for the purpose of Supplying
Them — M'' Franklin & the Priest is Expected every hour.
The Latter to Continue at the Fort up the River —

The day After my Arrival, three Indians, Express from
Penobscut — Arrived with Strings of Wampum, to the sev-
eral Tribes Eastward with Inteligence That 50 Irroquose
where thro in the Winter, & Desired the Eastern Indians to
give a final Answer of thier Determination — In the Evening
Express from S' Johns from the Mick macs & Others on S'
Johns, where Numbers were Collecting for the Grand Con-
ference on that Account, & to Meet the Priest & Franklin —
No doubt the Britons is at the head of this, to Create con-
fusion Among the Indians The Great Advantage the
Britons has by the Priest & the Large & Good Supplys puts
me in the Greatest difficulty how to Act — Add to this I have
not Any Instructions or Advice what is to be done with the
Indians from the Westward

M" Parker who had a Quantity of the Meat for the Indians
is Taken & Convey 'd into Majabagaduce, we have not one
Morsal of Meat Left, Consequently nothing but Corn & a
Little Butter to Use, as we had Meat Last Winter — There
is Ten Bushels of Corn a day Used amoung the Indians
while this difficulty is Keept up — & for want of Meat, we
are Growing Short — No provisions arrived for Any white
person — As to the Goods they Merely Scoff at it, as the
British Goods is so Superiour — there Furrs are selling
everywhere, particularly Beaver, which they Sell at S' Johns,
Other Furrs to American Fishermen who keeps Rum for the
purpose, and my Indigent Situation having but Six persons,
prevents my Apprehending & pursuing Such to Justice —


Indeed the Imposition of the American Traders are such
That it much discourages the Indians — The Britons Deal-
ing much farer and on More Hono''''' Terms, which is Sup-
ported By the British Government & Must say from the
Appearence of Things, that Those who may Continue must
be Actuated from such principles of Virtue Rearly to be
found at this day —

To Satisfy the Indians a little I have wrote M"" Burk the
Priest requesting him to Come here, have pledged my
Honour, he shall not be Molested By American or French on
Condition he does not Interfere in Politicks, Till I have
further Orders, when he shall be Convey'd Safe Back to S*
Johns — I should be Glad to have Advice Upon this —

Two Expresses setts off Tomorrow from the Penobscut
and S' Johns for the Bussiness before Mentioned — I Can-
not say what will be the Consiquence

my best Endeavours shall not be wanting, to pursue
Measuers to fulfill the Intentions of Government, to Secure
the Interest of the Indians & this part of the Country

I have the Honour to be with all possible Respect Sir your
Most Obedient & very hum" Servent J Allan

The Hon"^ Jer. Powell Esq : Presi' &c

In Council June 19' 1780

Read & Sent down v/ith several papers Accompanying
the Same John Avery D Secy

Petition of Alex Campbell.

To the Honorable Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay

Boston May 29 1780
The Petition of Alex: Campbell Humbly Sheweth —

that your Petitioner Contracting with Mes"" Williams and
Vincent, for a Vessel to Carrey Provision to Machias, for the
use of the Troops in that Department, Expecting said Pro-


vision was Ridey — But am Inform By M"" Kichinson Con-
tinential Commissary, that lie has no more on hand than
about one TIundrrMl fTBerels Evry kind included) which we
have taken on burd, and not withstanding there is a Plenty
of Provision All Ridey Vtut a snuill Oistancc, in the Country
I am inform bv the Quarter Master Gener' that it is out of
his Power to Procure Teems to Transport said Provision in
to Town for Want of ]\rony To pay them — in Consequence
of Which your Petitioner will be under a Verv Great incon-
veinence as he has not only Engag'' to pay the fraight of said
goods on Bord on the Delivery, But also Oblagated hisself to
furnish said Williams & Vincent with a certain Number of
Barels According to the Schedule, from said Commissary of
the Quantity of Provision he Propos** to send to that Depart-
ment and which is by no means compleated. But makes no
Doubt he Expected into Town Before this time : Wherefore
as only a small matter of Provision has been sent to Machias,
and that Princiably for the Indians, and Xo Doubt General
Wadsworth has sent the Troops Forward Destein^ for that
Quarter, and a good Vessel, well Furnish with Light Sail,
Ridey to Take Said Provision on bord.

Your Petitioner therefore Humbly prays your Honours
may Take the matter under your Wise Consideration and
Grant that Col° Chase may be suply^ with a sufficient Sum
of mony to pay the charge of Carting Said Provision into
Town or otherwise as you in vour known wisdom mav think
Best and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound shall Pray &g

A Campbell
Agent of Col'' Allan Eastern Department

In Council May 30*" 1780

Read & Ordered — That a Warrant be drawn on the Treas-
ury for £3063 — in fav"" of Col" Thomas Chase D. Q. Mr.
G to enable him to pay the Charges for transportation of


Provisions from the Towns of Westborough & Sherburn to
Boston for the Troops destined for the Defence of Machias
said Chase to be acc'''^ for the same & to replace the same
into the Treasury as soon as possible.

Jn° Avery D Secy

John Tynans Petition.

State of Mass" Bay To the Hon"^'^ the Council & Hon'''"
House of Represen'® of the said State in Gener' Court As-
sembled May 31 1780

John Tynan of York in the County of York Humbly Prays
that as he was Wounded in the late Expedition to Penobscot
by having a Musk*^ Ball pass thro' the Trunk of his Body by
which his Lungs are much hurt and he still remaining in An
infirm State and unable to Labour This Hon'''^ Court to take
his Unhappy circumstances under consider'' and grant him
such allowance for and towards his Support as they in their
Wisdom shall see meet and he as in duty bound shall ever


John X Tynan

This Certifies that the above Named John Tinnegs Case

is Justly Represented

John Swett Chrgeon

Resolve Staying the Judgnient Mentioned in the Petition of

James Cargill.

To the Hon"'" the Council & the Hon"'" House of Representa-
tives for the State of Massachusetts Bav in General Court
Assembled ; — May it Please your Honors, Tf The Petition
of the subscril)ers, Inhabitants, in the County of Lincoln —
Humbly Sheweth. —


That we have well known James Cargill of Xewcastlc
Esq"": for six years last past, and are fully Convinced of his
being firmly Attach'd to the cause of America (in the first
Opposition made to British Tyranny, — so early as 1775 his
vigorous exertions in the glorious Cause of Freedom, in-
fluenced the Officers of the Regiment to choose him tlieii-
Colonel, — That, his readiness, Alacrity and past services in
Opposing the Enemy, in every attempt, on the Eastern Coast,
renders him a proper Object of your Honors Attention, and
our Supplication in his behalf — We therefore humljly
beg leave to represent to your Honor, That James Cargill
Esq"" with a party of men under his Command in duly 1775,
captured a Xumber of Vessels at Penobscott (then supply-
ing) the Enemy at Boston) which we apprehend had a groat
tendency to destroy the Enemys Influence and underhand
Practices in that Quarter. That the Vessels so captur'd
w^ere trj^d in the maritime Court for the Eastern District
agreable to the Laws of this State, and were Condemned, &
sold in conformity to ihe said Laws, and were warranted by
the s*^ James Cargill, That sometime in the year 177G The
General Court granted a Rehearing to Stephen Hall cl- Peleg
Crooker, owners of one of the s^ Vessells, whereby the s*"
James was again unexpectedly brought into the Law, and
upwards of two years after, Viz* in July 1778. for want of
Evidence by means of the war, he lost the Cause, and
restoration of the Vessel was order'd & made to the former
owners, not withstand the said Vessell had been sold & war-
ranted through many hands, suits have been commenced from
one Party to another untill it has now reverted back to the
said James and a sum of Money amounting to Thirteen thou-
sand. One hundred and forty six pounds, fourteen shillings
is awarded to be paid by the said James Cargill to John
Langdon & Ebenezer Whittier as Damages for selling them


the said Vessells — As the Action was refer d to the Deter-
mination of three Gentlemen of Understanding in such
matters, and for other reasons. We apprehend the Award
to be just, At the same time be beg leave to represent to your
Honors that we conceive that the said James is an object of
your Honors compassion and will be greatly distressed unless
he meets with relief and assistance from your Honors — And
further should the said James be Obliged to pay the sum
afores'' it would reduce himself and an Innocent Family to
distress and want. We therefore humbly Pray your Honors
would Afford such Reliefe as your Honors in your great
Wisdom shall think fit and as in Duty bound shall ever
Pray &c

Will™ Lithgow Roland Gushing W" iFCobb

Ja^ M'^Gobb Ezekiel Pattee James Harriden

Josiah Brewer James Howard Dum"" Sewall

Sam^ Ford Joseph IvTorth

Thurston Whiting Tho^ Rice

State Massachusetts Bay in House Representatives

June 1780
The Committee on the Petition of James Gargill having
attended that Servis and are of Opinion that by Means of
the Interposition of the General Court in the year 1776 after
a Legal Tryal Condemnation & Sail of the Vessell Mentioned
in the Petition that if the s** James Cargill be holden to Pay
the Judgment of the Inferior Court hear with Exhibited he
will be Ruin'd ISTot withstanding his former Good Services)
therefore your Committee ask Leave to report by way of
Resolve —

State of Massachusetts Bay in hous of Representatives

June 1780
Resolved that there be Paid to James Cargill out of the
Treasury of this State the Sum of


Incorporation Art for Cox Hall.

All Acl For Ropoaliiiti' A Law of this State made and
Passed ill the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred
& Seventy Eiftht, Intitled an act for the incorporating The
Plantation Called Cox Hall, in the County of York, into a
Town \)\ tlie Xame of Cox Hall — And for Incorporating
The Said Town liy the Same Xame, By diferent Boundaries.

AMiereas, Some of the P)0undaries cV lines Set forth in Said
Act were not Explicit, and a])j)ear to Interfere with the
Limmets of the Town of Sanford.

Be it Therefore enacted hy the Council and House of
Kepresentatives in General Court assembled, and by the
authority of the Same, that all and Every Part of Said act
be and hereby is KepeaLd and shall be hereafter held and
taken to be Null and \'oid, and of no Effect whatever. —

And be it Further enacted Ly the authority aiforesaid
That Said Plantation Pounded as follows Viz: — Beginning
on the Western Side of Mousom River at a Pitchpine Stump
on the Edge of the Bank of Said River and on the head line
of Wells, From thence to Run Xorth Easterly on the head
line of Wells, & aurondell Six miles. Viz. untill it comes
within four miles of Saco River, to an Oak Island So called,
Thence from Said arundel line on a Northwesterly Course
Continuing at the distance of four miles from Said Saco
River and Parrcllol thereto. Back into the Country Six miles
and one hundred and Twenty Rods, from thence to a Hem-
lock Tree Marked on four sides about forty Rods to the
Northward of a Pond, Called Swan Pond — from thence a
Cross Said Pond, Excluding about two thirds thereof, on a
South West Course untill it Comes to the line, on the North
East Side, of the Town of Sanford, and from thence South
Easterly on a Strait line, to the Bounds and Pine Stump In-
said Mousom River, first ^lentionM. Which Bounds will



include about five thousand Acres of Land which was in-
cluded in the Eight miles square incorporated into a Town
by the K'ame of Sanford. Be and hereby is erected into a
Town by the Xanie of Coxhall and the Inhabitants are here-
by invested with all the Powers Privilidges and Immunities
which the Inhabitants of other Towns within this State do

or may enjoy

And be it further enacted That Benjamin Chadbourn Esq""
be and he hereby is impowered to Issue his warrant to some
principal Inhabitant of said Plantation Requiring him to
call a Meeting of Said Inhabitants, Qualified to Vote in Town
afi^airs, in order to Chuse Such Officers as by Law Towns are
Impower'd to Chuse in the Month of March annually

Resolve directing Lieu'' William Alhy to reenlist 33 Men.

To the Honorable the Council & the House of Representatives
in General Court Assembled at Boston June 1, 1780

The Petition of Alexander Campbell in behalf of Col°
Allan Commanding officer at Machias Humbly Sheweth

that your Petitioner Observing the Late Resolves, Respect-
ing that Department, could not Perceive any Provision made
by your Honors concerning the Artillary Company of that
Garison — I beg Leave to observe that By an Act of the
general Assembly of this State in May 1778 Lieut William
Allbee was Appointed to the Command of a Company of
Artillary, consisting of thirty three men the greater part of
which their Times were Expired the Last fall, and the Re-
mainder the first of this Instant June — wherefore as Lieut
Allbee, still Continues in Service ; and no Orders from your
Honours for a New Inlistment, altho there is no Doubt M""
Allbee has it in his Power To inlist, the greater part of the
Same Men. With your Honours Orders & Encouragement,
& as I am sensable it is Col° Allan Desire said officers and


men might be contiinied, on acet of the Cannon and Artillary
Stores in that garison —

Wherefore your Petitioner Humbly Prays your Honours
may Take the Matter under your wise Consideration — and
Direct that the said Lieut Allbee, may have orders to fill up
his said Company, on such Establishment as your Honours
may Please to order as there apears a necessity Such a Com-
pany Should Be Continued in the Garison or otherwise as
your Honours in your Known Wisdom may think Best

And your Petitioner as in Duty Bound shall Pray &c
Alex Campbell, Agent

For Col° Allan Eastern Department

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives June 5, 1780

On the Petition of Col" Alexander Campbell praying he
may be Supplyed with a number of Such Arms Bayonets &
Cartridges for the defence of a Vessell Conveying Provisions
to y® forts at Machias — Resolved that the Board of War
be & thev herebye are directed, to Deliver s^ Col" Alexd""
Campbell, fifteen Small Arms with Bayonets & three hun-
dred pounds of Cartridges taking his receipt to Return the
Small Arms & Bayonets & what Cartridges are not expended
to the Board of War, & be accountable to them therefor

Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk""

In Council June e'*" 1780

Read & Concurred J°° Avery D Sec'y.

Consented to : —

Jer: Powell B Austin Stephen Choate

J Fisher A Fuller Jno Pitts

D Davis Aaron Niles Jno Cutts

B. ^Vhite R T Paine E Cutts

Moses Gill J Simpson E. Brooks

T. Danielson J Niles

292 documektai;y histoky

James Avery to Prest. of Council.

Indian Eastern Department Machias June 4'*" 1780
Sir, •[ Bv the Direction of Colo. Allan, I have the Honor
to Acqnaint the Hon'ble Board, that I Arrived from the
Indian Encampment at Passemequody last Evening, where I
left him pursuing every measure in his Power to Retain the
Indians in the American Interest & prevent their Going to
S' Johns, — he has prevailed on them to Continue for the
present, but if Troops & More Stores does not Arrive soon,
they will not Stay.

On the I''' Ins* Two British Arm'd Schooners Arrived at
Passamequody. One of which was the Buckram of 8 Guns
Cap* Allderdice Commander, the other an Arm'd Transport
of 6 Guns, — Colo Allan Called a Council of the Indians &
Requested that none of them to go on board, which they
promised they would not, — howe\'er Pier Tomma the Chief
of S* Johns (allways Considered a Tory) and Loui Xeptane
of Penobscot (called Colo. Loui) the pretended Chief of
Passamequody went on Ixjard k Received Several Preasents,
— Cap* Allderdice informed that M"" Franklin & ]\P Burk
arrived at S* Johns the 30*'' ]\ray, with Large Supplys, and
Desired a Conference with them. — this put all the Indians
on the *Stur the Enemy making them such large Offers &
Colo Allan nothing to give them, nor no Troops, they seem
Tyred of the Service & it will be very difficult to keep them.
Colo. Allan finds it will be impossible to keep the Indians
Except he has immediately at least 50 Men and More Supplys
procured — Had he a had but 30 Men with him at Passa-
maquody, all the Indians wou'd have Chearfully Turned out,
and wou'd have been of the Utmost Service in Harrassing
the Enemy at S* Johns, — None of the Troops ordered for
this place has yet arrived, nor Can Colo Allan get the least
Intelligence respecting them. — There is here 4 Deserters


from the Buckram sence her being at Passemequody, three
more (^ime away that has not Arrived, Two of them bro't
of the Buckram Berge. —

The Stores are mostly gone, there is now in the Store about
140 Bus' Corn & 1000 " Butter, — not one Ounce of meat
for Troops or the Indians — the Dry Goods are mostly Dis-
tributed among the latter, —

I inclose a Copy of a letter which Colo. Allun sent of by
Express some days ago, for fear the Original shou'd not
Arrive I have the Honor to be with the Greatest Respect

Your Honors most Ob' Hb'* Serv'
Ja^ Avery Sec^ to Ind" E. I)
The Honble Jer Powell Esq""

]n the House of Representatives June lO''' 1780

Read & thereupon Order'' That Gen' Titcomb. Gen' Preble

k Coll Little with such as the Hon"'^ Board shall join, be a

Committee to consider the same & report what is proper to be

done thereon.

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council June 20*, 1780

Read & Concurred & Eleazer Brooks and Thomas Durfee

Esq" are joined

John Averv D Secv

Resolve on Petition of Col. Campbell.

In the House of Representatives June the 5 1780

on the Petition of Col" Alexander Campbell Agent for
Col° Allen Comman(h' i>Hi('cr at AFachias, shewing that the
Time of Service for which the Artihirv Comp'', There Under
the Command of Lieu' John Allbe Consisting of Thirty
Three Men, engaged Expired the first Day of June instant


& pray^ that the s*^ Lieut Albee may be ordered to fill up the
s*^ Comp^ in such Establishment as this Court shall ord

Eesolved that the s"^ Lieu* John Allbe J^e & he hereby is
directed as soon as Possable to Eeinlist Thirty Three men
officers Included to Compleat his said Artilary Comp^ at
Machias, to Serve untill ye first Day of June next unless
sooner discharged and to be upon the Continental Establish-
ment as they have heretofore Been Togather With a Bounty
of One Hundred & fifty Dollars to each Xon Commissioned
Officer and Private — to be charged to the United States

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk'

In Council June 5, 1Y80
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to —

Jer Powell D. Davis Sam Xiles

J Fisher A Fuller Jno Pitts

Moses Gill T. Danielson E. Cutts

B White J Simpson E. Brooks

B. Austin R. T. Paine Stephen Choate

Resolve directing the Board of War.

To the Honorable Council & house of Representatives of the
State of Massachusetts Bay — Boston June 5"^ 1780 —

the Petition of Alex Campbell Humbly Sheweth that your
Petitioner has N'ow under his Care a Quantity of Provision
on Board the Schooner Unity, own'd By Messrs William &
Vincent of this Town — Said Provision being Ship"^ By M""
Richison Continnantiel Commissary — and also some Rum
and molasses Ship'' By the Honorable Bord of War, the whole
for the use of the Troops & Indians at the Department of
Machias under the Command of Col° John Allan — and as it


Cannot be siipos'd the Risque is very inconsiderable on the
Coast to Machias on Acct of the Enemy; the Provision is
much wanted in the Department, and no Prospect at Present

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