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of a Convoy ; wherefore your Petitioner Humbly Prays your
Honour may take the matter under your wise consideration,
and Grant that he may be Suply*^ with fifteen Small Arms
with Bayonets and fourty Ttounds of Cartrages Each, that
the Passengers and others on ]3ord Said W'sscl may be
Enabled to Defend Said Provision, and prevent Boats from
Bording said Vessel By which means the Enemy have Taken
Several Vessels Very Lately, — or Otherwise Please to Derect
vour Petitioner as you in vour known Wisdom mav think
Best & as in Duty Boimd Shall pray,

Alex: Campbell Agent
For Col° Allan

Petition of Lieut ^Y"' Alhee for a Grant of £lJf85.

To the Honorable the Council & house of Representatives of
the State of Massachusetts Bay, Boston June 6'*" 1780 —
The Petition of William Allbee Humbly Sheweth
That your Honours, in your Resolve of the fifth instant,
was pleas'd to order that your Petitioner should Enlist and
fill up a Company of Artillary, Consisting of thirty three
men, officers included on the continnantial Establishment, to
serve in the Department of Machias, under the Command
of CoP John Allan, and that a Bounty of one Hundred and
fifty Dollars should be paid to each non commission'd officer
and Privet Soldier so Enlisted — I Beg Leave to observe to
your Honnour, that it will be out of your Petitioners Power
to Enlist & fill up Said Company unless he can have the
money to pay the said Bountys on their Enlistment —
Wherefore your Petitioner Prays your Honour, to Supply


him with a sufficient Sum of money To pay Said Bountys,
and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall Pray.

Wm Albee

Agreement in Suit John Langdon S al. vs. James Cargill.

Lincoln ss At an Inferior Court of common Pleas held
at Pownalborough, within and for the County of Lincoln,
on the first Tuesday of June, being the 6*'' Day of said
Month, A. D. 1780
John Langdon & al. vs James Cargill

The Parties agree to refer this Action and all Demands
respecting the Vessel mentioned in the Writ, to the Deter-
mination of Charles Cushing, Nathaniel Thwing & Jonathan
Bowman Esq""' ; the Keport of whom, or any two of whom to
be made this Term, before the Jury are discharged; and
Judgm* thereon to be final

Att Jon"" Bowman Cler.

Report Referees in Above Suit.

Lincoln Ss. Anno Eepublica Americana Quarto

At an Inferior Court of common Pleas held at Pownal-
borough within and for the County of Lincoln on the first
Tuesday of June, being the sixth day of said Month A. D.

Ebenezer Whittier & John Langdon Jun"" both of Pownal-
borough aforesaid. Yeomen, pits v. James Cargill of New-
castle, in the County of Lincoln, Gentlemen, Deft., in a Plea
of Covenant-broken; for that the said James, by the Name
of James Cargill of iSTewcastle in the County of Lincoln,
Esq"", at said Pownalborough, on the twentieth day of
Septem'' in the Year of our Lord Christ, seventeen hun-


(Irod and seventy six, hv liis Covonaiit of that Date under
his Hand and Seal made and executed, and in Court
to l)e produced, for and in (Consideration of the Sum of
two hundred and fifty Pounds, thirteen Shillings & four
pence to him the said James paid hy the said Kl>enezer
Whittier and John Langdon, did grant hargain and sell unto
the said John & Ebenezer the whole of the Hull of a certain
Sloop called the Xancy of the Burthen of Eighty Tons, with
all & every Part of the Tackle, Sails, Masts, Anchors, Masts,
Ropes, Cords & Furniture to her helonging; and then and
there did covenant with the said Ebenezer and John, that
he the said James at the Time of Sealing & delivering said
Covenant, had full power and good Kiglit to grant, bargain
and sell the whole of the said Sloop Xancey, with all her
Appurtenances and that the said Sloop should at all Times
continue and remain to the said Ebenezer & John and their
Assigns and that he the said James would for ever indemnify
& keep harmless the said Ebenezer and John & their Assigns
from all manner of former Gifts, Grants, Bargains & In-
cumbrances whatsoever had, made, committed, done or suf-
fered by him the said James or any other Person or Persons,
claiming Right or Property in the said Sloop Nancy.

And now the pits aver that the said James, at the Time
of making the Covenant aforesaid, had not good Right to sell
the said Sloop Nancy and her Appurtenances to the pits;
the same being the Property of one Stephen Hall and Peleg
Crooker, at the Time of making the Covenant aforesaid, and
that the said James hath not indemnified and kept harmless
the pits and, their xissigiis, and hath not kept but broken his
Covenant aforesaid. To the Damage of the said Ebenezer
Whittier & John Langdon, as they say, the sum of ten thou-
sand pounds. — This Case was conmienced last Term, and
from thence was continued to this — And at this Term the
Parties agree to refer this Action and all Demands respecting


the Vessel mentioned in the Writ to the Determination of
Charles Gushing, ISTathaniel Thwing and Jonathan Bowman,
Esq'"^, the Report of whom, or any two of whom, to be made
this Term, before the 'Jury are discharged; and Judgm*
thereon to be final, who accordingly made Report in the fol-
lowing Words, to wit, "Pursuant to the above Rule we have
fully heard the Parties and all their Demands respecting the
Vessel aforesaid, and have fully considered the Evidence laid
before us, and do aw^ard, order and determine, That the
said John Langdon and Ebenezer W^hittier recover against
the said James Cargill the Sum of Thirteen Thousand one
hundred and twenty three Pounds, eighteen Shillings
Damage and Costs of Court," which being read was accepted
by the Court, and pursuant thereto, It is considered by the
Court, That the Pits recover against the Deft, the Sum of
Thirteen Thousand one hundred and twenty three pounds.
Eighteen shillings Damage & Costs. Costs taxed at £22 ..16 —
A true Coppy as appears of Record

Examin'd by

Jon* Bowman

Resolve in Favor Lieut. Alhee.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives June 7**" 1780

On the Petition of Lieut Allbee praying that he may be
furnished with money to pay the Bountys of thirty three
Men which he is directed to raise by a Resolve of this Court
pass'd the 5^^ Instant —

Resolved, that there be paid out of the publick Treasury
of this State to Lieut: William Albee the sum of fourteen



hundred and eighty five Pounds to enable him to pay the
Bountys aforesaid he to be accountable for the same —
Sent up for Concurrence

Nath Gorhani Speaker Pro Temp.

In Council June 7"' 1780

Read & Concurred Warrant drawn this day

John Avery D Secy

Consented to
Jere Powell
T Cushing
R T Paine
J Fisher
Moses Gill

B Austin
D. Davis
T. Danielson
A Fuller
H Gardner

J Simpson
Jno Pitts
E Brooks
E. Cutts
Stephen Choate

Peleg Wadsworth to Prest, Council.

Head Quarters Thomaston S'*' June 1780

In mine of the 26^^ UP I acquainted your honour with our
Scituation here & our Scantiness of Provision & Ammuni-
tion &c

On the 4''' Inst : not hearing of any Supplies on the Passage
I dispatch'd an Order to Falmouth for a temporary Supply
to be sent from thence; Since which having received Inteli-
gence of the Arival of a Quantity of Provisions in Kennebeck
River, I have sent five whale Boats as a Convov to this Place.
But Ammunition & Camp Utencils will still be wanting.

The Enemy being some what anoy'd of late by my whale
Boats, which are kept cruising upon them, have hawld the
Albany (the only Ship now left at Bagaduce) on Shore.
Her men are employ'd in several Small ai-m'd Schooners &
heavy Boats to counteract my light Boats; & they will but
too well answer their Purpose unless Vessells of equal or


Superior force are oppos'd to them — Two or three small
Cruisers touching into the Sound & cruising for two or three
weeks (unless something capital is undertaken) might answer
a valuable purpose. The Enemy have nothing heavier at
present than a Sloop of Six or eight Guns.

Report says that Hallifax is closely blockt up. The De-
tachment of Men in this Quarter consists of 1 Major. 6 Capts.
7 Sub"" 17 Serg'^ 5 Drums & Fifers & 19G Rank k File one
Company of which consisting of 49 men are discharg'd next
^A^eek, after which it will not be in my Power to send for-
ward the Detachment for Machias which Col' Allan is strong-
ly urging for. Last Sunday Night two Villains capitally
Sentenced by a Courtmartial made their Escape from the
Guard here.

Whilst I am writing Cap*^ Prebble with two Indians is
arrived express from Machias for Men &, Provisions — have
concluded to send forward to Col' Allan two Whale Boats
with 24 Men & two Barrells (borrow'd) Beef, immediately.

I hope the Expectation of the State with regard to my

Services here, will be regulated by the Men & Tools I have

to work with. I have the Honour to be Sir your most

obedient humble Serv^

Peleg Wadsworth B Gen'

Hon''"' President of Council

P. S. M"" Nath' Fales the Bearer of this, informing me of
his Intention for Boston on Business has done me the Favour
to forward my Letters but does not come as an Express.

Wadsworth B G

Report of Jn° Frost.

To the Hono'''^ The Council of the State of Massachusetts Bav
may it please your Honours
Agreable to a Resolve of the General Court last march 15""


1780 whereby I was Directed to Detach from the Brigade
under mv Command Two hundred and Sixtv men and form
them into four Companies In order to march to Falmoutli
In Casco Bay the men are Raised and formed into four
Comp** and marched to said Fahnouth under the Command
of Col" Joseph Prime

I have the Hon"^ to be vour Hon'"''

most obed' Humlj' Serv'

Jn° Frost

In Council June 8*" 1780

Order of Council in re Prisoners, of IIV/?-.

State of Mass^ Bay

In Council June 9''' 1780

Ordered tliat Joshua .Mersercau Esq"" D. V. G. of Prisoners

be and hereby is directed to send those Prisoners of War

wdio are just arrived from the Eastern Parts of this State

Viz: James Rider JMouatt, Captain of tlic Kings Rangers at

Bagaduce, David IMouatt, Frederick Linctonhove, Jacob

Young & George Smoull to the Barracks at Rutland, to })ut

the British Sailors on Board the Prison Ship, and to deliver

Adam Coggswell an American, fonnerly fi-om Ipswich, Geo.

Cly a Dutchman an Inhabitant of Broad Bay & Jos. Cly his

Son, John Pettiuiinll an American born in Kitterv in the

County of York, & \\ illiani Whiticher an American — late an

lidiabitant of Blount Desert, to Josc[ili Greenleaf Esq"" who

is hereby directed to examine tlicm, cV 1o deal with them as

lo Law ».V' Justice shall aiipcrtaiii iV to make return oi his

doings to this Board; & to en(iuire particularly of Adam

Cogswell a prisoner by what .Authority he surprized & Cap-



tured a certain Sloop belonging to Thomas Prichard of

Ipswich at or near Winter Harbour

True Copy Attest

John Avery D Secy

In obedience to the within directions I have examined
Adam Cogswell W'" Whittaker and Joseph Cly and find by
the confession of the s*^ Adam and William that they have
been adherent to the enemies of this &; the other United States
of America, & have given aid and comfort to them, within
this State, & have actually levied war against this State.

I have also examined Joseph Cly, son of the s*^ George, a
lad of about twelve years of age, who appears to have been
a mere passenger, who was going to Bagaduce to be put to
School there by his Father. I have likewise examined Jacob
Young mention'd within, who also, by his own voluntary con-
fession, appears to have been adherent to the enemies afore-
said bv givino- them aid &" I have therefore committed the
said Adam Cogswell, W'" Whittaker & elacob Young for tryal,
and caused Joseph Cly to be delivered to Joshua Mersereau
Esq"" D. C. G. of prisoners.

Geo. Cly & Jn° Pettingal (not being in custody) were not
bro* before me — Cogswell saith that he captur'd the Sloop
within mention'd by authority derived to him from a com-
mission he rec*^ from Henry Mowatt to make reprisals of all
French, Spanish & American property, which commission he
saith he was deprived of when he was taken.

Joseph Greenleaf Justice peace
Suffolk June 10'^ 1780

The Honourable the Council of the State of Massachuset Bay

Boston June 9 — 1780
I beg leave to inform your, Hon""^ that the Expence, of the
officer that brought Smoull the Prisoners, by order of Gen'
Wadsworth ought to be paid, agreeable to the Gen'^ request


as the Local Situation of Prisoners, rests with your Honours,

beg to know wether they are to proceed to Rutland, under

my care, or wether they remain here, — that 1 may know

Wether, I am to pay the officer, or Major Hopkins — I have

the Hon"" to be With Great Esteem this TTon""' boards Most

Obd' Hum. Serv»

Joshua ^fersereau P. C. G. of Priss.

Resolve in re County of York.

In the House of Representatives June 9 1780

Whereas it appears upon Examination of the Treasurers
Accounts for the County of York that all monies Granted
and allowd by the Court of General Sessions of the pease
for Said County from April 1779 to April 1780 was for
such purposes and appropriations as the Law impower'd Said
Court to grant and the Treasurer for s^ county to be further
accountable for the sum of Two hundred sixty six pounds
nine shillings «fe one penny

Therefore Resolved that the Said Accounts be Allow'ed
Sent up for Concurrence

Xatli Gorham Speaker Pro Temp

In Council June 10"^ 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to —

J Bowdoin J Fisher L). Davis

Jer Powell B. White Sam Niles

W. Spooner B. Austin J. Simpson

R. T. Paine H. Gardner A. Fuller

T. Gushing T. Danielson E, Brooks


Petition of John Cathcart.

To the Hon. Council & House of Representatives for the State
of Massachusetts Bay

The Petition of John Cathcart, late Commander of the
State Brig Tyrannicide, humbly sheweth, that by the advice
of several members of this hon''^^ House, your Petitioner
exhibited to the Hon Courts Committee an attested Acco^ of
the losses he sustained at Penobscutt, — nearly one half of
which Acco^ the Hon: Committee were pleased to Allow,

directing your petitioner (on the 2*^ of May) to call on

M"" White, a Gent : of the Hon : Council for his Money on the
S"^ Inst : your petitioner call'd on the above name Gent", was
informed he had not the Money then, but directed your peti-
tioner to call the next day & he would pay him, — your
Petitioner accordingly waited on M"" White, (the 4'*' Inst:)
was informd there was an order of Court of that days date to
stop the Payment of all Acco*' at present. *[ Your Petitioner
therefore humbly prays your honors v/ouM be so indulgent
as to inform your Petitioner (as he is immediately bound
to Sea) whether said Acco' is to be allowed him or not.

And your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray &c

John Cathcart
Boston 9 June 1780

Peleg Wadsworth to Prest. of Council.

Headquarters Thomaston 10 June 1780
Sir I have this day been informed by Lieut CoP Prime that
Cap* Rider Mowatt with the Prisoners that were taken -vsath
him in a whale Boat & carried into Townsend together with
several other Prisoners (& were then sent to Falmouth by my


order for Conveniences of Confinement ; quite contrary to my
Intention) were Sent on from Falmouth to Boston. I did
not intend to have put these prisoners out of my hands for
the present (unless the hon*"'® Council had agreed to the pro-
posal which was intended to have been made by Cap' Reed
for the recovery of his Vessolls:) But as I suppose they have
before this time ariv'd at Boston, I would observe that Cap'
Rider ^Mowatt refus'd to sign a Parole offer'd him, by which
he was restricted, within the Limits of the town of Xew
Gloucester, & ungentlemanlike attempted to make his Escape
with four others, on his Journey to Boston, but was after-
ward retaken on the Isle of Shoals. Perhaps this ought to
be a Caution against putting it in his power to attempt an-
other Escape at any rate. Five of the other eleven are not,
in Xicety, in the Predicament of Prisoners of War, & as
they would be particularly disserviseable to be exchang'd I
hope they will be closely retain'd viz :

Inhabitants of
this county.

Adam Cogswell, retaken in a Sloop without Papers, a pirate
Smouse — a Traitor that had made his Escape from my
Guard & join'd the Enemy

/ Young — ditto

\ Cline — ditto

Inhabitants of this County

Linginhoof is taken in a Schooner without Papers, a pirate
John Fullerton & ( Active & inveterate Tories, taken by the

Gammons { Protector in the Sloop Bagaduce; & by

their Acquaintance with these parts have it in their Power to
do much Service to the Enemv if exchanged. I am Sir
Your most obedient Servant

Peleg Wadsworth B Gen'
The Hon"'^ President of Council



J. Allan to Board of ^Var.

Harbour Sateel Passamaqiiody June 11, 1780

I wrote the Honob'® Board some days Ago, In which I

Mentioned of two Expresses being Gone for Penobscot &

River S^ Johns They Are Sence Returnd The former Tribe

is to be here in Six days, for the purpoise of Holding a Grand

Council on the Invitation from Canada —

Ambroise was on the Embasy to St. Johns he would not
have Gone had not a private Affair Obliged him — One of
his Relations Killing Piere TomaSon Some time ago. The
Inteligence he brings. That Deputys from the Merisheete
the Micmaks, Oisho-go-na-ac, Mohawks, Algonlien or Moun-
tainers and S* Francis Assembled there when it Appeard, as
I first Told the Indians That the Britons where at Bottom
of this to bring Confusion Among the Indians, which I hope
they are satisf yed, tho not Come to a Conclusion — I Receiv**
a String of Wampum & Message in Answer to One I sent to
the Whole to the General Council the Litteral Translation
as follows : In an Assambly of the Tribes before Mentiond at

Aukapaqul on St, Johns River

"Brother ~

''Agreeable to what You Tell us, that the Great God who
"sees us & Knoweth Our Hearts & Intentions, may Still Lead
"us in Truth we Rec'' your Message with Joy & thank you
"for the I^otice you Take of us — we Salute you in Return —
^["Brother We mett here on bussiness Amoung Ourselves we
"have not had Axe or Knife in Our hands yet this way —
"The Americans are Our Brothers & in Our present Mind we
"mean not to hurt them. But what we shall do, when Our
"Council is finished we Cannot now Tell but you shall Im-
"mediately Know all." ^["Brother Our Ears are Open'd
"to hear Our Eyes Clear that we Can see — Our Heart Open,


"& we have 01)sorved on the *News of every one — we Trust
"God will kccj) us so & prevent us from falling into the
"Snares or Traps Laid lo Take us by Any" | "Brother
We now Salute you with a Good Heart we Salute the Congress
General Washington, all the Chief men, Capt°* & Young
Men, Women &; Children of America wishing all Health &
Success, that the Good God may Protect you all & keep you"
— a String Wampum —

There is Something More, the Message the Indians As-
sembled at Morcal to the Several Eastern Indians which is
Somthiug Lengthy — have not Time to prepare it to Send —

I have to Acquaint the Court that there is a Considerable
Number of Indians here, a Great Consumption of Provisions
Great Number is Expected from Various parts, I Cannot
Keep them Together without Supplying them with Pro-
visions & Amunition — was the Troops Arrived I should
Act Otherwise — but at present there is no Other Defence for
the Countrv Shoutl tlicv withdraw, & the Enemv Make ever
So Little Attempt, they must carry it in the present Situation
of the Country — I must iVgain pray that further Supplys of
provissions & Some Men may be sent —

At present I am Obliged to follow a diiferent Peice of
Bussiness, then is Consistent with mv Station — everv
Leasure Time I go in Boats afishing which is all the ^feat
Kind, we have to Use Either for Whites or Indians —

I must Sollicite the favour, & press the Execution of it ;
That a Committee or Some Agents to Settle the Government
accounts in this Department may be sent down for the pur-
pose as I shoud be Happy that the Acc^^ may be broght to a
Conclusion this Season — I have the Honour To Be with all
possible Respect Sir Your Most Obedient very Hum'''' Serv^

J. Allan


Deposision of Samuel Harriden Esq''

The Deposision of Samuel Harriden Esq"" testifieth and
Saith that when the Eastern Conntry was alarmed by Express
that the Enemy was Landed on Long Island in Prospect bay
and that a Number of British vessels was there gitting sup-
plies for the Enemy in Boston that I was then Lieu^ Col° of
Col° M'^Cobbs Eegini* that I on Receiving s*^ Express in July
1775 ordered a Large party of s'' Regiment to march to the
Releaf of the place and went with them myself on our arival
at Sheepscut found that Col° Cargill had marched a Large
Party of his Regiment for the same purpos, on which I
dispatched two officers after them to Let him know that we
w^ere on the march after them and so continued our march
and met s*^ officers at Waldoborough who Informed me from
CoP Cargill and his officers that they had more men then they
could procure boats for and that the Enemy was alarmed
of our Coming and that they Judged that they was sufficient
in number to perform any thing in the Power of the Militia
to do, and as they were so far a head of us that our Proceed-
ing any further would not answer any valueable purpos on
which we Returned Sam' Harriden

Lincoln ss, June 11"' 1780 —

Then Samuel Harriden made to the above riten by him
sign^ before me Dum"" Sewall J Peice

Order Upon Execution vs. James Cargill.

The Government & people of the Massachusetts Bay in N^ew
England Lincoln Ss.

To the Sheriff of our County of Lincoln his under Sheriff
or Deputy Greeting,

Whereas Ebenezer Whittier & John Langdon both of
Pownalborough in our County of Lincoln Yeomen, by the


Consideration of our Justice of our inferior Court of Com-
mon pleas, liolden at Pownalborougli within and tnr our
Countv of Lincoln aforesaid on the first Tuesday of June
Instant, recover d Judgment against James Cargill of Xew-
eastle in our County of Lincoln Gentlemen, for the sum of
Thirteen Thousand One hundred and twenty three Pound
Eighteen Shillings Lawfull .Money, Damages, & Twenty two
pounds Sixteen Shillings, & Eight pence Costs of Suit as to
us appears of record whereof Execution remains to be done,
We command you therefore that of the Goods Chattels or
Lands of the s'^ James within your Precinct you Cause to be
paid, and Satisfied, unto the s*^ Ebenezer & John at the value
thereof in Money, the afores'' Sums, with four pounds Sixteen
Shillings for this Writ, & Thereof also to satisfie yourself
for your own fees, and for want of Goods, Chattels, or Land
of s** James to be by him shewn unto you, or found within
your precinct to the Acceptance of the s*^ John & Ebenezer,
to Satisfy the Sums afores'^ we command you to take the
Body of the s** James, & him co^mitt unto our Goal in
Pownalborough, in our County of Lincoln aforesaid, k detain
in your Custody within our said Goal, untill he pay the full
Sums above mentioned, with your Fees, or that he be dis-
charged by the s'^ Ebenezer & John, the Creditors, or other-
wise by order of Law, hereof fail not, and make Return of
this Writt, with your doings therein, into the Clerks office,
of our s^ Inferior Court of Common Pleas, within three
months from the date hereof, Witness —

William Lithgow Esq""
at Pownalborough the Twelfth day of June, Anno Domini

1780 —

Jonathan Bowman Clk.

Lincoln Ss June 20'*' 1780

by virtue of this Execution, I have taken Six Cows & A

Bull as belonging to the within Xam'd James Cargill, in


part to Satisfy this Execution & all fees, & Charges, about
the same as far as the same would Extend, & this dav sold s^
Cows & Bull at a Publick Vendue duelj i*^otified, to the high-

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