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est bidder, then present who was Mr John Langdon, Cap"
Rob* Hodge, & Cap" James Little, for the Sum of Three
thousand four hundred and Ninety pounds, in the whole to
satisfy this Execution & the s^ Charges as far as the Same
will Extend, which Charges amounted to the Sum of One
hundred & Sixty two pounds, being deducted therefrom, this
Exec" is Satisfied in part (viz) for the Sum of Three thou-
sand three hundred & twenty Eight Pounds and no more —
Then the with Nam'd Creditors on this same day requested
me to Levey the Residue of the Sum due on this Execution,
upon the Real Estate of the within l^am'd James the debtor,
whereupon I caused Christopher Ersten David Sylvister &
Timothy Parsons, all of Pownalborough in the &^ County,
Yeomen all Freeholders in s*^ County of Lincoln, Indepenent
and Discreat Men, the s'^ Christopher & David being Chosen
by me, the s"^ James the Debtor, being Xotified to make
Choice of one person, but not appearing to do it, and the said
Timothy being Choosen by the Creditor, as duly & Lawfully
Appointed to be Sworn, as Appraisors, of real Estate of the
said James, the Debtor, to Satisfy this Execution & Charges,
a Certificate of which Oath Follows —
Lincoln Ss Newcastle June 28''' 1780

then the above named Christopher, David & Timothy, made
Oath that they would Faithfully and impartially Appraise
and Set out by meets and bounds, such real Estate as should
be shewn To them, to Satisfy this Execution with all fees,

before me.

Timothy Langdon, Jus* Pacis.

Then, said Appraisers afterwards on the Thirtieth day of

June afores'^ made return Which follows, viz. We the said


Christopher David & Timothy Itoing Appointed and Swarn
as afores'' proceeded & set out by meets and bounds, the fol-
lowing Pieces of upland k Salt Marsh, Viz, Ten Acres of
upland Laying and being in Xewcastle, at the upper End of
Woobridges Neck so called, l)Ounded Easterly on the Head
of Samuel Kennedy, Creek, Northerly on the County Road, &
burying Yard, extending Westerly near unto the Cove above
Sheepscot Falls, and Extending down the Neck Southwardly,
at an equal width at each End, until the Ten Acres be com-
pleated — Ninety Nine Acres of the Homestead farm
bounded, as Follows, beginning three pole from the Centre
of the House the s^ James now lives in on s** Land, to the
North East of s'' House, and runs West to Cargills Cove so
called, thence up said Cove, until it meets Samuel Kennedys
Land, and So North Easterly by s'^ Kennedy's Land, and
County Koad on the North East, South Easterly by a Town
Road, on the south West on Land belonging to the Heirs of
Jn" Hodge, Southwest on a Branch of Sheepscott River,
Northerly on Cargills Creek afores"^ until it comes where Six
Rods End, from the Line that Runs from the three Rods, to
the North East of s"^ House, on the North Line that meets
the Cove afores^ from thence East Twenty Six Rods, thence
North Six Rods, thence West to meet the first Mentioned
bound, Also the Island Known by the Name of Cargills
Island, Containing About ninety three Acres of LTpland, and
Seventeen Acres of Salt ^farsh, bounded as follows. West k
North West on Woodbridges Narrows, North East and South
East on a branch of Sheepscott River Afores^ Southwesterly
by a Creek and Ditch in the Marsh, Also Six Acres of Marsh
At the head of the reach, on s*" branch of Sheepscott River,
North Easterly on said Branch, Southwesterly on Peter
Patterson's Creek, Northwest On Land belonging or in pos-
session of Robert Cockran Jun' Also about Seven Acres of


Marsh at the head of Kennedys Marsh, so called bounded
South West on Marsh belonging to Henry Hodge, West on
Upland, East on the Main Creek iSTorth East on Marsh be-
longing to the Widow Allen. Also about Eighteen Acres of
Marsh laying in Kennedys Marsh aforesaid, bounded South
on Marsh belonging to Widow Allen, East on the main Creek
West on the Upland Xorth on Marsh belonging to Henry
Hodge, Also, About Nine Acres of Salt Marsh and Two
hundred & fifty Acres of Upland, bounded as follows, West
on Pattersons Creek and Land, IvTortherly on Cramwells
Reach, East on the mouth of Aliens Marsh & Cove, until vou
come near to a Large round Rock at the Edge of the Upland,
and so extending Southwesterly, taking in all the Upland
untill Two hundred & fifty nine Acres of Upland and Marsh
be Compleated, Excepting two made pieces of Marsh Laying
on Crumwells Reach belonging one to Robert Hodge Jun""
the other piece Belonging to persons Unknown, Of all which
pieces and Parcels of Land, the said James is a tennant in
Common with Others to the s*^ Appraisers unknown. Viz, the
s^ James of one undivided fifth part, of every piece and parcel
of the Land Aforesaid, which undivided fifth part, of every
piece and Parcel of the Land aforesaid, held in Common, we
Appraise at the Sum of Ten Thousand, Seven hundred and
Thirty one pound fifteen, Shillings, & Eight pence to Satisfy
this Execution and all fees, in Witness whereof we have
hitherto Set our hand this Thirtieth Dav of June A. D.
1780 —

Christopher Erskin
David Sylvester
Timothy Parsons
And afterward on the first Day of July 1780 I deliver'd
possession & Seizen of one Undivided fifth part, of each of
the Above described Pieces of Land, in full Satisfaction of


this Execution and all fees thereupon arisen the fee of Levy-
ing this Execution & Aprisal k All Charges being Xine
liundred and Eight pounds five shillings which possession,
and Seizeu I then deliver'd to the said Ebenezer Whittier and
John Langdon, the Creditors, and therefore return tins
Execution fully Satisfied,

Julv the first we then Received said Possession & Seizen
of said Lands in full Satisfaction, hereof of the said David
Murray deputy SheriiF John Langdon

Ebenezer Whittier
A true Copy of the Governments

Execution to me directed

David ^lurray Dep''' Sheriff

Order for 2 Whale Boats.

Boston June 13, 1780

Please to dlr Waterman Thomas Esq. A D Q ^[ G two

Whale Boats for the use of the Post at Camden, for the use

of the Continental Army, and You will Oblige

Your Obedient Sv^

Thos Chase


The Hon Board of War

Received the above Boats with Six Oars

p"" Waterman Thomas

Joseph Seivall Appointed to Receive Clothing.

In the House of Representatives June 14 1780

The House by ballot, made choice of Mr. Joseph Sewall,
as an Agent to receive Cloathing in the County of York, in



the room of the Hon''''' Edward Cutt Esq. who is excused from
that Service

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk'"

In Council June 14, 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery I) Sec'y.

Resolve impowering the Treasurer.

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives June 14*'' 1780

Whereas some delays have Taken place in the Settlement
with this States Quota of the Continental Army hy Reason
of the I^otes to be given for their respective Ballances not
being ready when wanted — Therefore — T[ Resolved that
the Treasurer of this State be & he hereby is Impowered &
directed to Employ one or More Persons in addition to those
already Employed in Strikeing off Said Xotes or Take Such
other Measures as will Eifectually prevent any delay here-

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk'"

In Council June 14: 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery
Consented to

Jere Powell
T Cushing
W Spooner
J Eisher
B White

D Secv.

B Austin
A Wood
Tho^ Durfee
N. Cushing
R. T. Paine

Sam' Niles
A. Fuller
J. Stone
T. Danielson
S. Choate

OF TirE STATE OF ^fATNE o 1 fi

Resolve laijintj an Embargo on all Vessels.

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Jicpresentatives June 14''' 1780

Whereas tlic present Crisis is pregnant with the most im-
portant Events to the Country and a Vigorous & immediate
attention to the Requisition of tlie (Committee of Congress
and Gen' Washington for filling up the Continental Army
and forwarding Suplyes Will probably produce the most
happy Effects and as the Xecessary Pleasures for that End
will be greatly embarrassed unless as Many effective ^len as
are in the State be retained in it and for this End an imme-
diate Embargo is unavoidable. Therefore Resolved that
from & after the Fifteenth day of June Instant no Ship or
Vessel other than Coasting and Fishing Vessels be permitted
to Sail from any port or Harbour in the County of Suffolk.
Nor after the Sixteenth day of the same June from any port
or Harbour in the County of Essex Plimouth or Barnstable
Nor after the Eighteenth day of the same June from any
other port or Harbour in this State, until the further order
of the Gen' Court or the Councill in the Recess thereof —
and the Several Naval officers and Commanders of Forts in
this State are directed to take Notice hereof & govern them-
selves accordingly — and it is further Resolved that if any
Ship or Vessel Shall Sail oiit of any port or Harbour in this
State Contrary to this Resolve — one fourth part thereof To-
geather with the Cargo on Board the same shall be forfeit
to the use of any Person who shall Prosecute in the Maritime
Court for the same t and whereas it may so happen that
some vessels may be in peculiar Circumstances, and it may
be necessary that permits be given for their Sailing notwith-
standing this embargo therefore be it further Resolved that
the Hon*"^ Councill are hereby impowered to grant permits
for any vessel to Sail and order the Xavil officer for the port



from whence such Vessel is to sail to Cleare her out where
they shall Judge the Circumstances of the Case absolutely
require it — and it is further Resolved that the Secretary
of this State is hereby Directed to furnish the several l^avil
officers in this State in the most Expeditious Maner Posible
With a Coppy of the foregoing Resolutions

Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk''

In Council June 15''^ 1780

Read & Concurred John Avery D Sec'y.

Consented to —

H. Gardner

J Stone

N Cushing

T. Danielson

A. Fuller

Sam Niles

Jer. Powell
W Spooner
T Cushing
J Fisher
B White
B. Austin

J Simpson
Aaron Wood
Tho^ Durfee
S. Choate

Petition of Joseph Reed.

To the Honorable the Council & the Honorable the House of
Representatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay

The Petition of Joseph Reed of Boothbay in the County
of Lincoln Humbly sheweth

That on the 22*^ Ult. the sloop Ranger, of ninety tons, as
good as new, the property of your Petitioner, alone, sailed
from Townsend Harbor in said town ; & before she had got
out of the sound fell into the hands of a party of the British
forces stationed at Penobscut commanded by James Rider
Mowatt a Cap^ of the King's Rangers, so called.

That your Petitioner, with a few of his neighbours then
ashore, embarked in a sloop at anchor in the harbour & gave
chase to the said enemies: & on the 23'' took the armed boat


in whicli was the said Mowatt & nine others : & brot them
from Penol)scut bay into the harboui- of Townsend aforesaid.

That soon after this Captnre was made, the said Mowatt,
as Commander of the party, made offer to restore the said
sloop, in the same order in which she was taken, together with
a new schooner of 25 tons, taken by him the foregoing day;
on condition that he with the other prisoners, should be set at
liberty, & consented to remain with ns as an hostage until the
s*" vessels were delivered.

That your Petitioner, with the Company, unwilling to do
any thing that might be an injury to the public, whatever
advantage might be thence derived to themselves, thought it
not proper to enter into any negociation on the matter, till
first they had consulted General Wadsworth & obtained his

With these principles your petitioner made a journey to S*
Georges, & very readily obtained the General's approbation of
the exchange; but on his return to Townsend therewith, he
found Mowatt disposed to quibble & evasion ; which induced
him to suspend a conclusion of the treaty until he had again
waited on & consulted with the General ; but when the Gen-
eral manifested some regrett at the concessions formerly
made, your Petitioner freely relinquished all thoughts of
availing himself of them, & chearfully delivered up one of
the said prisoners to himself, & the rest to an officer whom he
appointed to receive them.

In consequence of which your Petitioner has, on the public
behalf, lost a valunlde interest which he could easily have
saved had he been less attentive to the good of the com-
munity than to his own; in this however he was encouraged
by the General's confidence rliat the Honorable Court would
not be insensible of the importance of the acquisition thereby
secured to the United States ; & he would be readily prompted



by their own innate principles of Honor & Justice, not to
suffer the exertions that obtained it to pass unrewarded &
therefore that your Petitioner would find no difficulty in
obtaining full compensation for the damage thereby incurred

By this damage your Petitioner must suffer what at any
time would not a little affect the interest of a person in his
circumstances, who has no other way of supporting a numer-
ous & helpless family than by the earnings of a coasting sloop :
But at this juncture, & in the circumstances of your peti-
tioner & of the place where he dwells, the loss is such to him
as can hardly be repaired.

Confiding therefore in the Honor & Generosity of this
Hon*"'^ Court & trusting to the encouragement given him by
General Wadsworth, your Petitioner, by the General's direc-
tion, has, at great expence, made a Journey from Boothbay to
this place, to wait upon your Honors for redress: & most
humbly entreats this Honorable Court to take his case into
your wise consideration, & grant him compensation for his
said damage, in such manner as, to your Honors, in your
Wisdom & Justice, shall appear meat.

and your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray

Joseph Peed

B. Austin to Col. Masereau.

Boothbay — June 14'^ 1780
Smouse — Rutland
Claire — Deserted
Linginhoof — Rutland
Gammon — Deserted
Col' Masereau

please to let me know whether you have all the above
persons at Rutland as Prisoners

Your humV Serv* B. Austin


Memorial of Selectmen of Boothbay.

State of Massachusetts Bay —

To the Hono*"" Council & House of
Representatives in General Court Assembled
The Memoriall of the Selectmen of the Town of Boothbay
Humbly Shews That the Late Selectmen of Said Town:
have for Sum Reason or other unknown to your ^remorilles
Neglected to Tax Assess the Inhabitants of the said Town of
Boothbay with the two Last Taxes Laid on Said Town by
the General Court by Reason of which the s*^ Taxes are not
Collected and the Treasurer of this State has Now Isued his
Warrant against the Collectors of said Town for the Several
Sums set on said Town to pay while they have it not in their
Power to Collect the same: your Memorillcs therefore con-
sider they have it not in their Power to Assess the In-
habitants of said Town for those Taxes which ware set to
said Town before their Choise into office: your Memorilles
therefore Pray for the Interposition of this Honourable
Court that the Late or Presint Selectmen might be impowered
to assess the Inhabitants of said Town for those Taxes & as

in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray

Benj* Sawyer

p' orders
June 16: 1780

Report of Committee in re Brig Tyranicide.

In the House of Representatives June 16, 1780

The Committee on the petition of John Cathcart late Com-
mander of the State Brig Tiranaside have attended that
service and find that by a Resolve of Council of July the 3^
1779 the Com"'" appointed to Enlist men for maning the
Ships & Vessels Distined on the Expedition to Penobscot



were in said resolve Impowerd & Directed to Publish & De-
clare to all persons Inclining to take part in said Expedition
that the State would not Directly or Indirectly share any
part of any arin*^ vessel or ship or transport or other vessel
which might be Captur*^ by the fleet Distined to penobscot
or by any Vessel thereto belonging and that the share that
might accrue to this State shall acrue to the Captor & be
shared among them — and the petitioner being Engaged in
that Expedition & in Consequence of said resolve Intitled to
his part of all prizes that would otherwise have belonged to
this State —

Your Committee are of oppinnion that the petitioner Can-
not have any just Claim on this State for Damages he Sus-
tained in the loss mentioned in his petition

Sent up for Concurrence

Read & accepted

John Hancock Spk""
In Council June 16' 1780

Head & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y.
Consented to —

Jer Powell

W. Spooner

I^. Cushing
J Fisher

T Cushing

A. Wood
A Fuller

B. White
B Austin
J Stone

J Simpson
S Choate
E Brooks
Sam' Bass
Tho^ Durfee

Resolve Directing Selectmen of Boothhay.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives June 16, 1780
on the Memoriall of the Selectmen of the Town of Booth-
bay seting forth that the Late Selectmen of said Town have
ISTeglected to Asses the Inhabitants of said Town in the two


last Preceading State Taxes and that the Selectmen for the
present yeni-, ciiiiiiot l)y assess the same whereby great
Tnconveniences have arrison —

Therefore llesolved tliat the Selectmen of The said Town
of IJoothhay for the Time being be and they hereby are im-
powercd and Directed as soon as ^lay be to assess the Polls
& Estates of the Inhabitants of the said Town of Boothbav
with the full sums set to said Town in the two '"^ Last ^ Pre-
ceading Tax ^' acts and coiniiiit Perfect Lists of the Said
assessments to the Constables or Collectors of the said Town
of Bootlibay Requiring them to geather the same and Pay
them in to the Treasurer of this State without Delav, and
the said Constables or Collectors are hereby impowered &
Directed to gather the same any Law of this State to the

contrary notwithstanding aiul it is further Resolved

that the Treasurer of the State be & he hereby is Directed to
stay his Executions against said Constaldes or Collectors
until y'' further order of this Court

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spkr.
In Council June 16, 1780

Read & (Wcurred with an amendment at A & B

Send down for Concurrence,

John Avery D Sec'y.
at A insert Tax lots preceding the
at P. dele from B to C
In the House of Representatives June 17, 1780

Read <Sc concurred John Hancock Spk""

Consented to —

J Powdoin P. White J Simpson

Jere Powell N. Cushing E Brooks

W. Spooner J Stone A Wood

T Cushing A Fuller Thos Durfee

R, T Paine Sam Niles S. Choate




Boston 17 June 1780
This nitiy Certifie that I have received of Cap* Isaac
Philips an Iron Harth w' five hundred no Quarters k four-
teen pounds for the Use of the Ship Mars belonging to the

State of Massachusetts Bay

Sim° Samson

To the Hon' the Board of War State of Massachusetts Bav.

Deposition Tim Langdon Esq''

I Timothy Langdon at Lawfull Age testify k declare that
about a fortnight or three weeks before the time appointed
for the tryal of the sloop Xancy Peleg Crooker formerly
]\Iaster & part o\v^ler, the said Crooker applied to me &
enquired if a libel was filed against the said Sloop, I told him
there was, he then produced to me a paper which purported
an order of Court directed to the Committee of Boothbay
directing the said Committee to deliver the same Sloop to said
Crooker, if the s"^ Crooker would pay all costs that had arisen,
I told the s*^ Crooker I could do nothing about the said Sloop
unless he applied to the Libellant, but at the same time told
him if he would file a claim the matter would properly come
before the Court & Jury, he replied, I will not file a claim
I'll be damned first I have had plague enough about the Sloop
& I will not be at any more expence about her if I lose her, —
afterwards on the day of the tryal of said Sloop the said
Crooker was present in Court, & I allowed him to speak to the
Jury & he then produced a paper and desired leave to offer
it to the Jury, I looked at the paper & it was only sign'd
by Benjamin Sawyer a chairman of the Committee of Booth-


bay & Certified Ia him to bo a copy of an order of Court

whicli r told Mr Crooker (-((uld not be admitted as evidence

and further saith not

Tim Langdon

Lincoln ss April 22" 1779.

Then Timothy Langdon Esq"" above named personally ap-
peared A: after being carefully examined cV duely cantioii'd
to testify the whole truth ^r nothing but the truth, nuidc
Solemn Oath to the Truth of the above Deposition by him
subscril)e(l, taken at the request of Obe Hubbs to be used in
an Action or Plea of Covenant broken, to be heard k try'd
at the next Superior Court of Judicature &c to be holden at
Ipswich in the County of Essex on the third Tuesday of
June next, wherein Samuel Bailey k others are the original
plaintiffs k the s*^ Obe IIul)bs is original Defend' this l)e-
ponant living cV being at Pownalborough more than thirty
miles from the place of 'i'l'ial is the reason of this Caption ^:
the s^ Bailey «Sc others the a<lverse parties living k being at
Newburv Port more than twentv miles from the place of
Caption was neither notified nor present —

Before me

Nath' Thwing Just Peace

Witness attend 1 day

a. 7.


Justice travel 30 miles


1 Subpena


taking affidavit



Writing Deposition, Caption,
Sealing k Directing &c






Essex County June 18'" 1779

Opened in Court

Allen Shaw, Cler.


Petition Town Bristol.

To the Honourable the Senate & House of Representatives of
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Gentlemen, this may Inform you that we your Petitioners
the Selectmen, and Militia Officers, of the Town of Bristol,
in the County of Lincoln, and State of the Massachusetts
Bay, being Appointed a Committee, by S*^ Town to Petision
your Honours, in their behalf. Therefore the Petision of us
the Subscribers Humbley Sheweth, that we bare trew and
Faithfull Allegance to the Thirteen United States of America
— and we Ever was, and still are ready and willing, to Main-
tain and Defend, S'^ States to the uttermost in our Power, but
upon a Strict Examination w^e find we are in want of Arms
and Ammunision, by which means we are unable to Defend
our-selves, and to do the Service to the State, that we would
wish and Desire to do. We therefore Pray your Honours to
Suplie us with Eighty Stand of Arms, two Hundred Weight
of Powder, Six Hundred Weight of Lead, Six Hundred
Flints, and to send a bill of them, together with the Time of
payment, and you may Depend on being Punktualy paid att
the Time, and your Petisioners as in Dutv bound Shall ever

pray, &c, Henry Hunter ) Selectmen

Henry Fassit ) of Bristol

William Jones C°' George James Yeats

Tho^ Brackett Henry Hunter

Bristol June, 21, 1780

Execution of Judgment Stayed.

State of Mass*' Bay

In the House of Representatives June 22^ 1780
Whereas at an Inferior Court of common Pleas holden at
Pownalborough within and for the County of Lincoln on the
first Tuesday of this present month. *\\ Ebenezer Whittier


and Jolin Lungdon Jun"" both of Pownalborough aforesaid
Yeomen recovered Judgment against James Cargill of New
Castle in the same County Gentleman, for the Sum of
Thirteen Thousand one Hundred & twenty three Pounds,
Eighteen Shillings Damages and Twenty two Pounds & six-
teen Shillings Costs

Upon the Petition of the said James Cargill it is Resolved
that the Execution of the said Judgment be stayed until! the
third Wednesday of the next Session of this Court, and the
Sheriffs of each of the Counties in this State and their re-
spective Deputies and Under Sherilfs are hereby directed and
Commanded during the mean 1'ime not to execute or
serve any Executions of the Judgment aforesaid either on the
Person or any Part of the Estate of the said James Cargill,

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