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and the said Ebenezer Whittier and John Langdon are by
the said James Cargill to be served with a Copy hereof to
shew Cause if any they have wherefore the said Judgment
should be executed.

Sent up for Concurrence

Jn° Hancock Spk""
In Council June 23'' 1780

Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery D Secy

Consented to by the Maj"" Part of the Council

True Copy Attest

John Averv D Secv

Resolve on the Letter from Genl. ^Yadsworth.

In Council June 22'* 1780

Read & Ordered — That Samuel Baker Esq"" with such as
the Hon'*'* House shall join be a Conmiittee to take into Con-


sideration this Letter and the Petition of Joseph Keed ac-
companving the same & to report what is proper to he done
thereon —

Sent down for Concurrence

John Averv D Secv.

In the House of Kepresentatives June 22 1780

Read & Concurred & Maj"' Davis & Mr Rowe are join'd

John Hancock Spk""

The Committee appointed to consider. the foregoing Letter

and the petition accompanying the same have Examined said

papers and ask Leave to Report the Following Resolve which,

Humbly Submitted.

Sam' Baker pr order

Superscribed: Hon^'*' Jeremiah Powell Esq'" President of

Council Massachusetts Bay.

In Council June 1780

Whereas it is Represented by a Letter from Gen' Wads-
worth and the petition of Joseph Reed accompanying the
same that on the 22°*^ of May Last in the Harbour of Town-
send, %vas Captured by James Ridor Mowat Cap*^ of the
Kings Rangers (so called a Sloop called the Rangers Late
the property of the s'' Reed and that on the Day Following
the said Cap* Mowat with nine others ware Captured by said
Reed and others ; that then the said Mowat offered to restore
the s** Sloop Together with a Schooner Taken by him the
preceeding Day, in the same condition in which they ware
Taken, on Condition that he s^ Mowat with the other
Prisoners should be sett at Liberty — But the said General
Doughting of his Athority in that Case, has Refered said
Reed to the Council for an order respecting that matter.

Therefore Resolved that Brigadier General Peleg Wads-
worth be and he is hereby Fully Impower'd and Athorized
to agree to an Exchange of the said Mowat and the other


prisoners aforesaid, for said Vessels oi- a ))ro|)(;r K(|uivalc]it
oil such Terms as he sliall judge lioiKjraMe and ijeiielicial to
the State if the Said Mowat Shall still be Disposed to agree
to said Exchange; and that the said Mowat with the other
prisoners in the mean time he at the Disposal of the s** Gen-
eral and that if the said Sloop be Recovered or <'in Tvpiivalent
She or s** Equivalent Shall Kevert to and be delivered Ut her
Former owner the s*" Joseph lieed
In Council June 24' 1780
Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec'y
In the House of Representatives June 24'*' 1780

Resolve for Appointing Commissioners.

In the House of Representatives June 22 — 1780

Whereas the present Exigencies of the public, require a
punctual payment of taxes, and most towns in the State have
advanced and are advancing their taxes, even before the time
required by law for their payment.

Resolved, that in any case where the payment of the first
moiety of the tax which is required to be discharged, on the
15"' of July next, shall not be compleatd on the 3V^ of July
next, the Treasurer of this State be, and he is herebv directed
to issue his Executions against all Constables & Collectors
who shall then be delinquent as aforesaid —

Resolved that Commissioners be appointed for the Counties
of Cumberland, Lincoln. Dukes County <S: Nantucket, to take
measures for collecting immediately the second ^loiety of the
tax which is order'd to be paid into the Treasury on the 15^^
of September next. —


and that Sam' Freeman and John Lewis Esq''^ be appointed
Commissioners for the County of Cumberland ; Charles
Cushing Esq"" & jSTath' Thoing Esq'" for the County of Lin-
coln ; Stephen Hussey & James Atheam Esq""^ for the County
of jSTantucket & Dukes County. —

And it is Resolved that the Resolution of the General As-
sembly of the 15"" instant, for collecting money, as it desig-
nates the duty of Commissioners, Selectmen, Committees of
Correspondence and the Inhabitants and every other clause
and article therof, relating to every other matter and thing
therein contained, shall avail and be observed by the Com-
missioners, Selectmen, Committee and Inhabitants of the said
Counties of Cumberland, Lincoln, Xantucket & Dukes
County, (excejDting so far as said Resolution relates to the
first moiety of the tax to be paid on or before the 15"* of July
next) as fully and compleatly as they might and would have
done, if the names of those Counties had been particularly
named in said Resolution. —

And the Commissioners are hereby enjoined to convey the
money they are severally to collect, to the Treasury of this
State, with utmost expedition.

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council June 24"^ 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y.

Consented to —

J Bow^doin B, White Sam' Baker

Jer Powell Jno Pitts J. Simpson

W. Spooner J Stone Aaron Wood

R. T. Paine A. Fuller Thos Durfee

B. Austin E Brooks S. Choate



Lhil of Prisoners Sent hj U Sleavens.

Prisoners Names





By whom

James Morehead

June 1780


Lieu' Foster

Dumer MeGrigery



Robert Wall



John Follet


Cap' Blunt

John Brown


John Scott


Aron Terry

John Anderson


Jack Linkester


Tho" Vintenor

July 1780


[ Protector

[ Cap' Williams

Micael Baker



Tho« Inetey

Robert Bennett

W'" Jackson


Abram Smith


Tho-* Howard



Mical Kellehorn



Joseph Thompson



James McCloud


Nath' Boof


John Primer


Jeremiah hooper



Daniel Boyon

July 1780


Capt WilliamB

PiHp Rogers



Timothy Linch



Ilenery Eagle



Thomas Brinton



Timothy Howard



James Uilloway



Thomas Brinton




Representatio7i of Chridoper Newbit

To the Hon'''*' the Senate, & House of Representatives John
Lucas In behalf of Chrisopher Xewbit a Soldier, in Cap^
Phillip M. Ulmers, Comp^ & who lost his Right Arm, BS^*"
July 1779 at Majorbigwaduce as Appears, by a Coppey of
a Certificate Tacken from the records of Pensioners

John Lucas Com^^
Pension Office at Boston 12'*' Ap' 1781

Certificate in Favor Christopher Newbit.

This Certifies that Christoper Xewbit was a Soldier in
My Company, and who lost his right Arm at Majorbigwa-
duce, 28''^ of July 1779 —

Phillip M. Ulmer Maj°''

Waldoborough 24'^ July 1780

Pension Office at Boston, 12''' Ap' 1781
A Coppey attested

John Lucas Com^""^ of Pensioners
[The petitions belonging to these certificates were lost at
date of the one below — (See indorsement thereon]

Letter from Gen} Wadsivorth Respect^ Deserters &c.

Head Quarters Thomaston 25 June 1780

I receiv'd your Favour of the 9^'^ May, am liapy in your
Hono''^ Approbation therein exprest, & have good Expectation
from the Encouragement therein given, that the Troops
destin'd for this Department will soon arive. They are ex-
ceedingly wanted.

Our Xumbers are the same as mentiond in my last, with
the Deduction of the three Months men (whose Term is

OF Tiri^ STATK OF ^fAixr: :i:n

expir'd) & the smiill Detatchment with two whale Boats that
were sent to ^Tachias. And licre I caiinot hut mention that
of the first Detatchment (jrder'd from the County of York.
I have had oidy two Officers &: nine men in Camp. It is
necessary that the Remainder should he sent on.

I have the Pleasure to acquaint your TTouor of the Capture
nf two arm'd Schooners from iiigvvaduce. Ky a party of Whale
JJoats under the Conmnind of Cap' Dluut,

Having Intelligence that they had gone up Penobscott
River with an Intent to get some Cannon to complete several
Cruisers that were fitting out against us, I dispatch'd a party
of five Whale Boats with forty six men under the Command
of Cap^ Blunt, to surprise k (if possible) to capture them:
which he effected, iust as thev had finished their Business k
were making Sail to get do\vn the River. They had a Xum-
ber of Cannon in their Holds with the greater Part of Col°
Brewers house, which they had taken down.

One of the Schooners is about fiftv Tons, mountins; four
Carriage Guns & a Xumber of Swivels. The other about 30
Tons completely eqnipt with Cannon & Swivels k a very fine
Cruiser. The Crews escaped by running the Vessels on
Shore after they Struck ; Twelve only were made Prisoners
amongst which is one Cap^ Xath' Gardner (formerly of Ken-
nebeck, & the Surgeon of the Albany. Cap^ Blunt in effect-
ing this Capture without the Loss of a man, merits Applause.
The Enemy lost one man drown'd »^ one wounded.

The Prizes were no sooner in at Clam Cove in Cambden,
than the whole naval Force of Bigwaduce appeared in pur-
suit ; on their Approach they appear'd to have Troops k Boats
for landing. The neighbouring Militia were call'd for, who
tnrn'd out readily, the largest Schooner was hawl'd up i: her
Cannon taken on Shore. It not seeming expedient to lay
the Small Schooner on Shore lest she should receive Damage


She was sent out to Sea & made her escape, whilst the Enemy
stood into the opposite side of the Cove. After plying across
the Cove for about three Hours & finding Some preparations
making for a Dispute they declined puting the Question &
quietly StearVl up the Sound from whence they Came.
After which the Cannon were again put on Board k the prize
sent Round for S' Georges River, where they are both hourly

Not having any Account of the Appointment of a Surgeon
or Mate for Col" Primes Regiment or this Port, & being in
great need of one in this Quarter, I appointed Doctor Will'"
Elliot P T. Who has acted Since the 20^^ May as surgeon —
k if one has not been Appointed for this Quarter T would
recommend Doctor Elliot a Suitable Person for a Surgeon,
He has a Medicine Chest that will answer for the Present.

The Continental Deserters in this County are in general
dispossed to take the Benefit of the Late Act of the State
respecting them, but most of them are unable to bare their
Expences to their respective Regiments ; which will be a
Reason why many will not join their Corps till their Day of
Grace is out & they are apprehended. But should it be thot
consistent with the Views of the State & the Good of the
Service that the Deserters from the Continental Army in the
three eastern Counties should repair to my Camp at this
place & do duty here for the Campaign or till further Orders,
I doubt not but it will be a means of a very general Collection
of them k it would be saving their Service for this Season,
as the greater part of it will otherwise be squandered away
before they will join any Corps at all. Their Service is
greatly wanted here. I beg to have an Answer to this Ques-
tion as soon as convenient I am Sir with great respect

your most humble Serv*

P Wadsworth B G
Hon**'^ President of Council


In Council July ll'" 1780

Read & Committed to Tim" Danielson Esq'' to take into

Consideration this Letter and report what may be proper to

be done thereon

John Averv D Secy

Order Board of ll'ar.

War Office Boston, June 2G, 1780

Cap^ Henry Elwell has agreed with this Board, to bring
a Xiimber of jMasts, from Falmouth for them, you will, there-
fore please to deliver him Six of the Smallest blasts k the
Bow Sprits which you have in your care, belonging to this
Board, taking his Receipt for the Number delivered —
Whatever necessary Expence you may be at in delivering
them, the Board will readily allow —

I am Sir Your hum Serv' Bv Order of the Board


Jos. Chapman Sec''
Cap' W"* Frost Falmouth

Martial Law Proclaimed in Lincoln County.

Indian Eastern Department
By John Allan Esq"" Continent' Sup"" Intend' & Commander
in Chief of Indians Eastern Departm' and Commanding
Officer at Machias —

Whereas the Hono"'^ the General Court of the State of
Massachusetts Bay has in their Wisdom thot proper for the
Security & Protection of the Inhabitants of the County of
Lincoln in said State, & to prevent the Advantages Our Cruel
Enemy may Reap by having Connection <S: Holding Corre-
spondence with Those Tools of Despotism Still Lurking with-


in the Bowels of Our Country, whereby Inteligence is given
& Supplys procured for the Enemy, To the Great Detriment
of the Glorious Cause of Liberty & the Interest &; Honour
of the United States of America in particular ; To Authorize
Brigadier Gene' Wadsworth to put the Law Martial in force
in said County of Lincoln — Therefore Agreeable to the Re-
solves of the Gene' Court & the Order of Brigadier General
Wadsworth — I Do Proclame the Law Martial in this De-
partment & the Eastern part of said County to the Boundary
of Nova Scotia, Agreeable to the Proclamation Issued by
Brigadier Gen' Wadsworth the 18"" of April Last — and all
persons whatever is to Take Notice Accordingly —

And Whereas many persons Unacquainted with the In-
tentions of Government, & tlie ISTature of the Martial Law",
which might C-reate L^neasiness in their Minds, the Com-
manding Officer of this Department, thot proper to post-
pone puting said Martial Law in Execution, Till it was
Known from Gen' Wadsworth the Meaning and Intent of it
— Having therefore Recievd an Answer thereon & being in-
clined to give every Satisfaction to the Good & peaceable
Subjects of the United States within the Circle of my Com-
mand, I do here Insert a True Coppy of Gen' Wadsworths
Instructions & Advice thereon as followeth —

"Extract of A Letter dated Head Quarters Thomaston
,Iune 11"' 1780

"Your Observations Respecting the Execution of Martial
Law was very Just, my Intent however in Extending it thro
the Country, was that Any person Offending against the
Proclamation, even in that part of the Country more Imme-
diately within Your Department might be Fairly Tryable by
a General Court Appointed by my Order in Any part of the
County — For this End (by Your Consent) I do hereby
Appoint Colo' John Allan President of a General Court


Martial to be held at ^Fechias Anv Time within Six ^rounths
from the date hereof, wiili I'ower to (all in iIk; Officers of
the Xejohbouriiig Millitia in Conjunction with his own Offi-
cers, to Compose a Gene' Court Martial, and U) Trv Any
Oifenders Against the United States, within the discription
& Limits of my Proclamation of the 18^'' April Last, Agree-
able to the Rules and Regulations of the Continental Army —
In Order to give the Good Inhabitants a Just Idea of this
Declaration of the Martial Law, it would be well to Inform
them. That the Whole Intent of it, is to Cut otf the Conection
between the Inhabitants &; the Enemy and to punish Offend-
ers of that Kind, and that the Civil Law is so farr from being
Suspended in all Other Respects, that it is Intended to be
Strengthen'd by it —

Great Prudence is Also Requisite, Flagrant Offenders or
Xone — Severitv or Mildness — Precision & Decision are
]Marks in my View — Offenders to the Eastward of Majaw-
bagaduce perhaps might be Most Conveniently Trycd with
Yours" 'T am &c P. Wadsworth 15. G.

Given under my Hand at Head (Quarters !Mechias June
26^'* 1780 J. Allan

By Command of the Sup*" Intend^ & Command^ Officers

Ja^ Avery Sec^ to the Departm'

Conference M'ith the Indiana.

Indian Eastern Department

Passamequody Indian Camps Ju'y 1** 1780
The whole of the Several Xations having assembled to-
gether in Conference, Sup' In^ Speaks — ''Prothers, When
I left you last, I expected not to have been here so soon, as
I had much bussiness to do to the Westward, but hearing of
our friends from Penobscott being here, at your Invitation I
have Come. —



^'Brothers I am ready to attend any Council you may re-
quire, to give any advice in my power for your satisfaction —

^'Brothers, I have but with me one friend & Brother Colo
Campbell, who has been to the Westward on bussiness for
you & me, according to your Desire he now stands before you
&; will Communicate the whole of his proceedings,"

(Colo Campbell Repeated over the several matters hap-
pened during the Winter) the Superintendent then said, —

"Brothers, I Cannot Stay Long, my return is Xecessary,
in order to prepare matters for the Westward — you will
therefore be as expiditious as possible in Transacting your
business, & to make Known what vou have to sav."

About 10 O Clock arrived three Indians from S' Johns
River, express from M"" Buck & Major Studholm — the Priest
lequired their Attendance immediately, if they wanted any-
thing done in the Church way. — Major Studholm in a letter
acquaints them of the Priests arrival, promising protection
& Kind Treatment, if they will return to the River S*^ Johns
— a Grand Conference immediately takes place among them-
selves to Answer this, after some time the Superintendent
was Called, Pier Tomma rises,

"Brother, We are happy — our hearts are glad to see you
well, & we thank that Great & Kind father, that letts us Come
togeather to see Each other, that by our Lips we may shew
the Sincerity of our Hearts, — Chiefs, Sachems, Young men,
our Women & Children Salute you, believe us Brother we
love you, — you have done as our father — we saw your Dif-
ficultys this Winter, we see the Trouble you took to keep our
Women & Children alive, — God bless & preserve you &
family (a String of Wampum)

"Brother you will Tell our brother Campbell, that we
thank him for the good News he brings, we Salute him with
a good Heart,


"Brothers We tliaiik these great men, that has made us
sucli good promises, but you have said allways very much
about it, but we now see the most of our Women & Children
Naked — we are willing to do our share in the War, but you
know we have been Kcep'd from our hunting to help you in
Defending the Country, by which we have become poor,
which might have been otherways if we had followed our
bussiness —

''Brother, our greiit TrtJuble is about a Reverend father to
take Care of our Souls, — Great Charges & Guilt Lyes upon
them, we have much to Answer for, & must soon go where we
Can find one to tell our faults — a long Time we have been
promised to have one from the Americans, but we are Still
without, —

''Brothers AVhat you Told us before you left this place at
our last Conference we have thought much about, we have
searched our Hearts, our Eyes & our Ears are Open, w^e have
agreed all to one thing, our Chiefs Captains, ^'oungmen,
Women & Children, the Americans are our Brothers we love
them —

"Brother, Being at this Time Anxious to tell all our
brothers of America our mind & that they may Know it
Comes from our Hearts — we shall follow the sacred method
which our fathers of old Did — therefore what we now say
must be believed, for it Comes from our Hearts — from the
bottom of our Souls — we will now go on. Brother, —

"Brother you being one of our Tribe, you must Know our
ways — but if we did not Love you, we Avould not Trust you
with this Sacred pledge — for we woud go with it ourselves —

"Brother Here is a Belt of Wampum, which is made up
from the Gifts of all in our Nation, from the least Child, —
we present it to you in behalf of the American Congress &
the King of France our Antient Fathers, — you will hear us


Tell vou that this must l^e sent to them, — and Tell them
from us, that this goes from our Hearts Warm with love
towards them — from an Arm & body strong to fight for
them — we now want to know from themselves what there
hearts & minds is, — we salute them all, the Chiefs Sachems
Young men Women & Children of America, & the King of
France — May god take Care of them, — give them good
Council & a Strong AiTa to fight — (A belt of Wampum)

''Brother, we are going to say something, that may Ije
will not please you, — but the burthen upon our Souls is such,
that we Cannot help it —

''Brother, Here is an Express from the reverend Father on
S^ Johns River — we know him, & he knows us — he can
Administer the ordenances in our own Language — from his
Kindness to us, we think he will not Insist upon doing any
thing for Old England, if he Does, we will reject it & leave
him — But as we think for the best — we have Come to a
Determination to go and see him, Vv^e are sorry if it offends
you, but we must go. — What Major Studhom wrote we take
no Notice of — we do not Intend to Stop at the Fort —

"Brother we shall now leave you a little while, but our
Hearts will be with you — and you may be sure that we shall
not have any Concern with the Britains," —

The Superintendent used every possible Argument, to
Divert their Attention, but finding them Determined, took
his leave & returned to Machias, a few Days after an Express
was sent ofl:" to S' Johns, on the Arrival of the French fleet
& Army, with other News —

Message from the Morisheete Tribe, now on S' Johns
River, bro't by Ambroise S* Aubin, Chief — 1[ '"Brother,
We Salute you every one of us — we woud Remind you of our
Conference this Spring, particularly Respecting the Priest
for the Salvation of our Souls — We are to Assure you, that


our Language to tlie Ih-itains is from our Lips only, but when
we address the Americans & French its from our hearts —
we earnestly entreat you when you receive any good News
that Certainly may be rely'd upon lett us hear it,

'•Brother we want to see you — you are our brother &
friend — we wish you well — if you Coud settle on S^ Johns,
we shoiid be happy — wc will take Care of you — for no one
shall hurl yuii, but as yuu say so we will do, adieu for the

]Vr Buck (the Brest) Discorse to the Merimacks adress'd
to Chief.

"My Children T woud have you Come to Halifax — Cast
away those Titles of Authority given you by the Americans,
& leave these Combinations, break off every Connection with
them. nn<l Return to your old Friends, do this Candedly &
you shall have free Access to go into & out from tlie Towns
& Villages of the King of England — "

The Answer of Chief. Tf "No we will not, neither my
(^hildren, my Nephews, myself nor any of our Connections
do this — but will remain tiiiu friends to the Americans,
what if we lose our lives in their Cause, they will Avenge us,
& retaliate four fold, — then the priest Desired them to Con-
fess their Sins & he woud give them absolution, they
Answered they had nothing to Confess as yet, that wanted
absolution" —

Return of a Message sent to the Indians of S' Johns by
Bier Tomma (one hand) & Joseph Sesch — July 28'*"

"Brother, We the Chiefs Sachems, Young men. Women
& Children Salute Colo. Allan & all his Officers & Greets
them Well, —

"Brother, we feel happy to have heard from you with the
good News you sent us —


"Brother you may rely our Hearts are fixed on you, &
nothing Can alter our dispositions to the Americans & French
— we will allways keep in mind what you Told us in our last
Conference — our Hearts & hands are still firm — and wait
your further orders — we have moved after seing the Priest
into the Interior parts of the Country towards Passamequody
Lakes, approaching nearer to you —

"Brother, lett us allways hear from you, & you shall the
same from us — Do not neglect sending news how things are
going to the Westward particularly lett us Know about the

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