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good Solder & then oned he was a Deserter from the Con-

toannental Army, & is now on his way to Head Qur*''^ to

join his Regm*^ It therefore Recommended to any Gon-

tanental or State Comisery to supply him with pervison one

his way to Boston

Jas Johnson Major

Petition of Joseph Ingraham.

State of Masachusets Bay,

Cumberland Aug^' IS*"^ 1780
To the Honourable the Council of said State — Humbly
shews, Joseph Ingraham of Falmouth in s"^ County Merch*
— That your Petitioner has at great Charge built a Schooner
of About Thirty Tons called the Success, now laying at his
Warfe near ready to sail with a proper Cargo for the West
Indias navigated by four men — That the Merchants and


Traders in a'' Fahuoulh having- lost almost all their Vessels
this War, the Inhabitants rednced to many Difficultys for
want of necessaries from the West Indias where your Peti-
tioner is willinc; to res(ine his Interest for his own Profit as
well as to accomedatc his Friends & Neighbours,

That the Xavil Officer here declines clearing out said
Vessell as he understands there is an Act of Court laying an
Tmbargo Tiiough he has not been furnish with Tt. Where-
fore your Petitioner hunildy prays, that your Honours would
be pleased to allow the Navil Oflicer here to clear out said
Vessell for said Voyage, the said Imbargo notwithstanding
— and your Petitioner as in Duty bound will ever Pray, &c

Joseph Ingraham
Council Chamber Aug* 21' 1780

Read & Ordered tliaf the Naval Officer for the Port of
Falmouth bo and hereby is directed to clear out the Schooner
Success of about Thirty Tons belonging to Joseph Ingraham
for the West Indias any Embargo to the Contrary Notwith-

Attest Jn° Avery 1) Secy.

Superscribed — The Honourable Jeremiah Powell Esq""
President of Council Boston fav"" Capt Harper —

Memorial of Waterman Thomas.

To the llonb''' Council of the State Massachusetts Bay

Boston August 21^' 1780
The Memorial of Waterman Thomas Humbly Shews That
your Memoralist was Appointed by your Hon"" in Febr*' last
Commisary, for the Troops at Cambden, under the Com-
mand of Brig'' Gen' Wadsworth and Received Provision for
100 ]\ren three INFonths Except, the Allowance of Bread, One
Quarter part Short, and have been Continued in the same

372 DocuME^"TAI;Y history

office at Cambden, and have Recv'^ 1500"' Flour Only for to
Supply the 300 Men at Camhden by which Reason I have
been Obliged to Purchase 200 bushels of Corn, for vrhich
I was Obliged to Advance my Own Money, as also, a Con-
siderable Sum, to Transport the Provisien to the Troops as
1 have never been furnished with any Money from the Q M
G Department, & ColP Chase informes me it is not in his
Power, to Supply me with any Money, I have Recv"* Orders
upon the Collecter in the County of Lincoln for Money Suffi-
cient to Purchase Meat, and are Supplied with Rice & fish
from M"" Richardson, but no Bread & M"" Richardson informes
me it is out of his power to Furnish me with any bread, and
unless your Hon""^ in your Wisdom will Order a Supply of
Bread It will be impossible to keep the Troops in the Field,
upon Beef & Rice Only, Your Memoralist would further
Represent to your Honours that the Vessel which had the
Provision & Ammunition on Board has Returned to this
Harbour Yesterday, by Reason of the Cruzers being so thick
upon the Coast thought not Prudant to proceed without a
Convoy, Wherefore your ]\Iem''^ prays that your Honr^ would
take the Matter into your Wise Consideration, and as in
Duty bound Shall ever Pray &cc.

Waterman Thomas A D C G Jr. & A D Q M G

Petition of Ethan Moore.

To the Hon-ble the Council of the State of Mass'^ Bay
The Petition of Ethan Moore humbly Shews.
That there is wanted for the Garrison at Falm° the follow-
ing Ordinance Stores. Viz' 6 Boxes of Musket Balls of
different Sizes 2 Speaking Trumpets 4 Hour Glasses 6
Budge Barrels 3000 Flints Reaming Irons from IS
Pounds to 6 Pounds 5 Carriages for Six Pounders 9
Harnesses for the Waggons


Your Petitioner begs your Honors would give him an
Order for the above Articles, and as in Dnty bound shall
ever pray — Ethan ^[ooi-e Lient Artillery

State of :Mass"^ Bay

Council C'handjer Aug' 22" 17.^0

Kead k Ordered — that the Board of War be and they
hereby are directed to furnish Kthan .Moore Lieu^ of Artil-
lery at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland with Six
Boxes of Alusijuet Balls of l)itVereut Sizes, two Speaking
Trumpets four hour Cilasses, Six Budge Barrels three thou-
sand Flints Reaming Irons from 18 pounds to Six pounds,
five Carriage for Six pounders and Harnesses for the
Waggons for the Use of the Garrison at Said Falmouth and
Charge the same to the Continental Ace'

Attest Jn° Avery D Secy

Order in Favor of Charles Miller.

State of Mass"^ Bay

Council Chamber Aug* 23*^ 1780

Whereas it hath been represented by Charles Miller Esq""
that the Troops stationed in the Eastern part of this State
are entirely destitute of Bread and that he has no public
Money in his Hands to procure the same which Causes great
Complaints in the Army and has applied to this Board for
the Loan of five thousand Dollars, (^N^ew ^loney) to enable
him to procure the necessary Supplies k also to provide for
the Cartels in the Harbour of Boston

Therefore Ordered that it be and it is hereby recommended
to 2sath' Appleton Esq"" Commissioner of Loans to furnish
Charles Miller Esq"" Commissary for purchases for the Con-
tinental Army with five thousand Dollars (Xow ^Foney) to
enable him to make the purchases aforesaid

Attest Jn° Avery D Secy


Petition Inhahitants Plmitation of Little Falls.

Hon''^'' President of Council

To the honorable the Council and House of Representatives
for the State of the Massachusetts Bay in General Court
Asembled at Boston August 23 A: D 1780

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Plantation of Little
Falls in the County of York and State afore Said Humbely
Shew that they Labour Under Some Difficulties for want of
the aforesaid Plantations Being Properly bounded out or
haveing the Bounds Established which hath ben formerly
aloughed V^ as the Committe Chosen by the Town of Cox-
hall to Run Round and make Bounds agreeable to the Incor-
peration of said Coxhall passed this honorable Court April
24''^ 1780

Run in apon the afore said Plantation at the Loar End at
the head of Bideford about one & a Quarter of a mile as ap-
pears on the Plan of the afore said Plantation which hath
ben Run Round and Pland Sence Coxhall was Incorperated
then they Run there Cors K" 26 Degrees west which in
Runing the Eight Miles up Leaves the aforesaid Plantation
four Miles wide at the head which takes a goor out of the
aforesaid Plantation one & a Quarter of a ^lile wide at the
Loar End Runing to jSTorthing at the head said goor Includes
seven Inliabitants that Properly belong to this Plantation
which Coxhall hath Included in their Incorperation

another Disadvantage attends your petitioners for want of
Being Incorperated and Autherised as a Town to Act in
meny Cases In keeping the Roads in good Repair there is a
great Deal of Bad Road in this Plantation which wants
mending and Briges wants Some j^ew Bilding and others
Repairing and no body to do it for there is a great Deal of
Transporting by Carage through this Plantation being a
great body of back Settlement


Incorporation or l)eing Authorized to act as a Town to
Raise and Collect Money we C^onclud wood help us in Re-
guard to Raiseing our (Vjto of Soldiers Requiered of us it
wood be a Priviledg in other Cases which are not mentioned.

Your Petitioners therefore Tlunibley Pray this honorable
Court to alough and Establish the Bounds of this Plantation
as aforesaid and Tncorperate the Same agreeable to the afore-
said Plan taking it begining at Saco River at the head of
Bideford so Runing South west by the head of Bideford and
Arendal four Miles then Runing ISTorth fourteen Degrees
West Eight Miles then Xorath East four miles to Saco River
and by Said River to the first begining and as in duty Bound
will Ever pray

Edward Smith Trustrum Hooper William Wadlin

George Hooper Zebulun Drew Benja Goodwin

Samuel hill Clark John Gordan Zebulon Gordon

Moses Wadlin Jones Jacob Roach Daniel Townsend

Joseph Chadbourn ISTathaniel Guden John Penny
Humphrey Dyer John Young ISTathanel Goodwin

Joseph Deven George Hooper JunerMoses Wadlin

Robert Haley Isaac Townsend Phines Dowtis

David Young Jedidiah Smith John Smith

In the house of Represen" Sep' 20, 1780

The Committee upon the within Petetion have Examined
into the facts set fourth in S*^ Petetion And altho we had
not full Evidance of the Mistake Complaind of in the Runing
of the line of Coxhall yet are of opinion that as Coxhall has
ben latly Incorporated has taken oif Seven of the Inhabitants
of S"* Plantation of little Falls which has heretofore ben ac-
counted Inhabitants of S** Little falls in the Tax acts and
when Said Plantation shall make it appear to this Court that
it is the fact they ought to be abated for the Polls & Estates
Taken from tliom & that the same shall be added to Coxhall


and when the head lines of Biddeford Arundall & Wells are

made certain it will Be and the East line of Coxhall is made

Certain it will be for the Good of Said Plantation that it

should be Incorporated into a Town

And your Committe are further of opinion that there are

Lands lying there belonging to this State worth the attention

of the General Court to Enquire after

Benj^ Chadbourne p"" Orders
Little Falls

Address to the Indians of the Eastern Tribe.

Aug 23 80

Brothers ^ Your Belt of Wampum transmitted by our
Brother Col° John Allen appointed by the Great Congress of
America as agent to our Brethren in the Eastern Depart-
ment has been presented by James Avery Esq'" his Secretary
with your Speech professing your Love, Zeal, and Attach-
ment to the United States and to our Brother the King of

We do in behalf of the Great Congress of the United
States of America sincerely thank you for the Love and
Friendship you have exprest for both Nations, and as a
Testimony thereof and for continuing the Alliance which
have so long subsisted between Us, have returned your Belt
of Friendship with a Medal thereunto AfSxed expressive of
our Sincerity towards our good Brothers (the Indians) in
the Eastern part of this State. Our Brother the Sieur
Valnais Consul of France will affix a Medal in behalf of our
illustrious ally the King of France to the other end of the
Belt as a token of his Friendship

Brothers We cant help expressing our Grief at your
going to S' Johns to see a Priest employed by our inveterate


and cruel Enemy for the purpose of diverting your Attention
from these United States, and hreaking the Chain of Friend-
ship between Us, and especially when it was Contrary to the
Advise and Opinion of our Brother Col" John Allen; how-
ever we overlook this at this Time, and shall have no more
thought of it, but fully expect that no such step will be
taken in the future, and that the Chain which has so long
united us together might be kept bright & unbroken, but we
can't help signifying our Approbation at the Answer you
gave the Priest on S' Johns River that you was determined
to remain firm Friends to the Americans and we are glad to
find that you have moved (after seeing the Priest) into the
interior parts of the country towards Passamaquody Lakes
approaching nearer to your American Brothers.

We are sorry we have not been able to send you more sup-
plies for yourselves and Families — It was not for want of
a good Heart towards you — but having so large an Army
to provide for; we were obliged to let every one have part —
however hope soon to be enabled to send you more supplies
and to make you and your Families as comfortable as pos-
sible, We are sorry to inform you that by reason of a very
great Drought, provisions will be greatly shortened this year.

Brothers Your good, and ancient Fathers the French,
our great, good, and illustrious Allies hearing of the destitute
Situation you were in upon Account of a Reverend Father to
take Care of your Souls, have in their Great Goodness sent
one, to whom you may tell your Faults, k he will hear you,
and will administer the Sacrament of his Order in your own
Way — his stay will be but short as he cannot be spared from
those he came with, and nothing but the Love they bare you
could have prevailed on our good Allies to send the Reverend
Father to you —


Brothers Our Brother Allen will communicate to you all
the IvTews and other Matters — what he says to you, you may
believe as coming from us — he is our Mouth to speak to you
— what he says you may depend upon —

Brothers Adieu, may God bless you and preserve you, your
Chiefs, Sachems, Young Men Women and Children —

In Testimony of our Sincerity, we have in behalf of the
Great Congress of the United States of America hereunto
set our Hands and caused the Great Seal of this State to be
Affixed at our Council Chamber in Boston this twenty third
Day of August 1780 and in the fifth Year of the Independ-
ence of the United States of America


To the Chiefs, Sachems, and Young Men of the Different
Tribes of Indians under Col° John Allen superintendant of
Indian Affairs in the Eastern Department

Petition of P. Frederic.

Humble Petition of P. Frederic Chaplain of the Vessels of
his Majesty King of France to the Honourable Council of
State of Massachuset's Bay

P. Frederic Chaplain of the Vessels of his Majesty the
King of France intreats the Honorable Council of State of
Massachusets Bay, saying, that, the Colonell Allen having
asked one Priest for the Savages of Machias and of the
countries around, and the General Heath having demanded
him to ours General & Admiral at Rhode Island, they have
permitted me to go to Machias what I made willingly, in
order to be as useful to the Christian Religion & to the ad-
vantage of my King and of his allies as I could, The said
Frederic hopes that you will help his intentions and he there-
fore intreats your Justice to send him to his Mission as quick
as you coud and to be so kind as to furnish to him all things


necessary for his voyage, for attracting the Savages and
specially for the exercise of his ministery's offices. He also
intreats vou to m-ixut to him Gideon l)e Lesdernier who has
conducted him here for his interpret, as well to give to the
said De Lesdernier a reward for his past pains and for his
future employment. This Gentleman deserves that you
make somethinjji; for him. His love for the cause of United
States induced him to lev the New Scotia & so he lost all his
goods, and he has one of his Sons Lieutenant at Machias to
the service of this State. The Said Frederic hopes from
your Justice a favourable answer to this Petition and he will
never cease to make wishes to the Heaven for your prosperity

P. Frederic
Chaplain of the Vessels of his ^fajesty King of France
Boston 23'' August 1780

State of Mass"' Bay

Council Chamber Aug^ 24^ 1780
Read & Ordered — that Gideon d*' Lesdernier be and here-
by is permitted to Attend the Chaplain of the Vessels of his
Majesty the King of France as an Interpret upon his Mission
among the Diiferent Tribes of Indians in the Eastern part
of this State under the Superintendency of Col° John Allen
and that the Said Gideon be & he hereby is directed to apply
to the General Court for a Compensation for his Said


Attest Jn° Avery D Secy

Memorial of Charles Miller.

To the Hon'ble Council of the State of ^lassachusetts Bay
The Memorial of Charles ^Miller Commissarv humblv

sheweth —

That the Commissary of Prisoners has made a demand on

your ^lemorialist for a large Quantity Salted Beef & hard


Bread to Supply the Prisoners that your Honors hath directed
him to Send away in the Flaggs now in the Harbour — That
the Troops Stationed at the Eastern part of this State are
Intirely destitute of Bread, which Causes great uneasiness
in the Army — That your Memorialist has not any Public
money in his hands to procure the above mentioned Articles.
That unless your honors can point out some way that your
Memorialist can be supplyd with Cash, The Prisoners must
remain on board the Prison ship at a very great Expence to
the United States, And the Army at the Eastward must Still
be without Bread — Your memorialist with due Submis-
sion woud Propose, that your Honors woud recommend to
Nathaniel Appleton Esq Commissinor of the Loan office to
lend your Memorialist Five thousand Dollars (New money)
which will enable him to procure the Necessary Supplys
Your memorialist will as in duty bound ever pray

Charles Miller D C G P""

Order in Favor of Rohhy Lydston.

State of Mass"' Bay

Council Chamber Aug' 24* 1780
Whereas Bobby Lydston of Kittery in the County of York
has very inconsiderately deserted from the Mass"^ Line in
the Continental Service and is now become liable to the
Penalties of an Act to prevent Desertion and having come
to a Sense of his Duty and willing to return to the Corps
from which he deserted and to receive the Benefits of Said
Act and also the Benefit of his Excellency General Wash-
ingtons Pardon Offered agreeable to a Request of this State
of the S'*^ of May 1780 Therefore Ordered that it be and it
is hereby recommended to his Excellency General Washington
to receive the Said Bobby Lydston into favour and to grant


a full pardon to llic Said Deserter — The Expiration of the
Time limited for Deserters in the Continental Service to take
the Benefit of Said Act of pardon notwithstanding

Attest Juhu A very D Secy.

Jas. Avery to Council Respecting Priest.


I beg leave to inform the Honble Board that the Priest
going to ]\Iachias, is Desirous that M"" Gideon Delesdernier
shoud Accompany him as an Interpreter — therefore must
beg your Honors would give Directions respecting him —

Agreeable to your Honors Directions I have made out an
Estimate of what will be Necessary for the Priests Sea Stores
& such other Articles as he will want at Machias that Cannot
be procured there Viz— 14 "" Coifee — 2S ^^ Sugar — 14
C bread 20 ■«' flour, ;30 "'' Salt Pork 20 "" Fresh :\rcat —
6"'' Butter — 2 Gallons Rum tS: 15 (Jallous Wine, for his use
& for the purpose of the Ceremonies in the business of
his order.

I have the Honor to be Willi the Greatest Respect Sir your

most Ob' Hble Se'

Ja^ Avery, Agent for Colo Allan

Council Chamber Aug' 24' 1780
Read tS: Ordered — That it be & it is hereby recommended
to James Richardson Esq"" Comissary of Tsues to furnish
James Avery for the Use of the freneli Priest bound to Ma-
chias \v\X\\ fourteen pounds of coifee, twenty Eight poimds of
Sugar, One Quarter of a hundred of Pread, twenty pounds
of Flour, thirty pounds of Salt Pork, twenty pounds of fresh
]\reat, Six pounds of Butter, two Gallons of Rum & fifteen
Gallons of Wine — *S: Charge the Same to the Continental

Account —

Attest Ju° Avery D Secy.


Petition of Nathaniel Deering et ah.

State Massachusetts Bay

Cumberland Falmouth Aug* 24'^ 1780
To the Honourable Council of Said State —

The Petition of Nath" Dearing & others owner of a Small
Schooner called the Greyhound of about thirty six tons ISTavi-
gated by four men bound for the Westindies Henry Elwell
Master Humbly Shews —

That this Town are in great want of many Necessaries
from the Westindies; the merchants here having lost almost
all their Vessells during the War ; that Your Petitioners have
exerted themselves to procure a Load of Lumber & Fish for
said schooner & as she is nov/ Ready, but the ]^aval Officer
cannot clear out said Vessell by Reason of an Act of Court
laying an embargo on all Vessells for Reasons therein men-
tiou'd which Your Petitioners expected would have been
taken of before now & should your Petitioners Vessell be
detain'd it would be detrimental to them as well as a great
disappointment to the I^^eighbouring Towns for want of many
necessaries from the Westindies owing in a great measure
to the unhappy losses of Vessells belonging to this port.
Wherefore Your Petitioners humbly pray that Your Honours
will be pleas'd to allow the ISTaval Officer here to clear out
said Schooner for the Westindies the Said embargo Notwith-
standing and Your Petitioners as in duty Bound will ever
pray &c ISTathaniel Deering

Council Chamber Aug' 30* 1780

R"* & Ordered that the Naval Officer for the Port of Fal-
mouth be and hereby is directed to clear out the Sch'" called
the Greyhound Henry Elwell Master with Fish & Lumber on
Board for the W. Indies Any Embargo to the Contrary

Attest Jn° Avery D Secy


Petition of John Archer et als.

State of Massachiisets Bay

Cnmberlaiul Falmouth Aug' 24'" 1780
To the IIououra])le Council of Said State

The Petition of Jn" Archer & others owners of a Small
Schooner called the Dispatch of about 50 Tons, iSTavigated
with Six men, hound for the west Indies, Jonathan Paine
Master Humbly Shew, —

That this Town are in great want of ^fany T^ecessaries
from the West Indies; the jMerchants here having lost almost
all their Vessels During the War; that Your Petitioners have
exerted themselves to procure a Load of Boards Shingles and
fish for Said Schooner and she is now ready for Sea, but the
Naval Officer cannot clear out Said Vessel by Reason of an
Act of Court laying an Imbargo on all Vessels -for Reasons
therein mentioned, which your Petitioner Expected would
have been taken oft" before now, and Shou'd Your Petitioner's
Vessel be detain'd. it would be detrimental to them as well as
a great Disappointment to the Neighbouring Towns, for want
of many necessaries from the West Indies, owing in a great
measure to the unhappy Losses of Vessels belonging to this
Port. Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray that Your
Honours will be pleased to allow the Xaval Officer here to
clear out Said Schooner for the West Indies; the Said Im-
bargo notwithstanding ; and Your Petitioners as in Duty
bound will ever pray &c Jn° Archer

Council Chamber Aug' SO'*- lYSO

Read & Ordered that Xaval Officer for the Port of Fal-
mouth be and hereby is directed to clear out the Schooner
called the Dispatch Jonathan Paine Master, with Fish &
Lumber on Board for the W. Indies — Any Embargo to the
Contrary Notwithstanding

Attest Jn° Avery D Secy


Parole of Charles Cushing.

I Charles Cushing Escf Brigadier General of Militia and
High Sheriff of the County of Lincoln hereby acknowledge
to have been Made Prisoner of War by Captain Jones of the
Kings Rangers and being permitted by U Colonel Command-
ant John Campbell of the 74'*' Regiment and Commanding
Officer at Fort George Penobscot to return to my Dwelling
house on Parole and Liberty to go to Boston or any other
part of the State of the Massachusetts Bay in order to
Effectuate an Exchange of Nathaniel Gardiner Master of
the Golden Pippin Schooner, Sergeant Duncan IMac. Grigor
and Robert Watt private of the 74**^ Regiment, and James
Maishead private of the Royal Artillery, for persons of their
Rank and to procure an exchange of Major De Wint of
Lt. Colonel Bayards Reaiment for mvself which if not exe-
cuted I do herel)y promise and engage on my most Sacred
Word of Honor to deliver myself up a prisoner to said Colonel
Campbell or officer Commanding at Fort George within the
Space of Forty days from the Date hereof Major De Wint
being allowed the same time and I also promise on my sacred
Honor not to Say, do or cause to be said or done, anything
to the prejudice of Great Britain or give any intelligence to
the Enemies thereof, but in all things behave myself agree-
able to this Obligation In Witness whereof I have here-
unto Set my hand this Thirty First day of August 1780

Cha^ Cushing (Copy)

Resolve of a Grant to John Langdon £35-0-0.

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives, for
the State of Massachusetts Bay Sep' 1780 —
The petition of John Langdon of Pownalboro' : in the
County of Lincoln Humbly Sheweth —


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