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to each act they shall so pass, & if vouchers Cannot be ob-
tained, the Said accountant to be put upon his oath respect-
ing the Justice of the Charges not so voucht — Said Board
of War is hereby directed & empowerd to receive or pay aney
Ballances which may be due on the Settlement of the afore-
said Accounts

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk
In Council Dec"- S'': 1779

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y
Consented to

Jer Powell Sam Niles Aaron Wood

A Ward B White Thos Durfee

W Spooner IST. Cushing J Simpson

Caleb Cushing O Prescott jST Goodman

S Adams J Stone E. Cutts


Report of Committee for Coxhall and Sanford.

State of Massachusetts Bay

The Committee of botli Houses appointed hy the General
Court to Repair to Sanford and Coxhall to View the same
and to Say in what manner Coxhall ought to be Incorporated,
and whether any of the Land, Incorporated within the
bounds of Sanford — ought to be Incorporated with Coxhall
have Notified the parties attended the Service Viewed the
Premises, heard the parties and ask Leave to Report, that
Coxhall be Incorporated by the Following Bounds — Viz,
Beginning on the Western side of Mousom River at a pitch
Pine stump on the Edge of the Bank of P. River k on the
head line of Wells and to run from thence North Easterly
on the head line of AVells and Arundell Six miles untill it
Comes wnthin four Miles of Saco River, to an Oak Island
so called, thence from said Arundell line, on a line, on a
Northwesterly Course Continuing at the Distance of four
Miles from s'' Saco River and paralell thereto, back into the
Country, Six mile and One Hundred and Twenty Rods, and
from thence to a Hemlock tree marked on four Sides, about
Forty rod to the Northward of a Pond called Swan Pond
from thence across said Pond excluding about two thirds
thereof on a Southwest Course untill it Comes to the line on
the NorthEast side of the Town of Sanford, and from thence
South Easterly on a Strate line to the bounds on the Head of
Wells began at, which bounds will Include about live Thou-
sand acres of Land which is included in the Eight mile
Square, Incorporated in a Town by the Name of Sanford

all which is Submitted

Edw" Cutts p' order

N. B. the Committee to be paid as the General Court
Shall Order —


In Council Dec'' Q'"" 1779

Read k Accepted

Sent Down for Concurrence

John Avery D Sec'y

In the House of Representatives ^larch 24, 1780

Read & concurred

John Hancock Spk''

Consented to —

Jer: Powell T Danielson X Cushing

W. Sever D Davis Jn° Pitts

A Ward J Simpson

Resolution of the House of Representatives.

In the House of Representatives Dec'' 7^^ 1779
Resolved that the Board of War be and thev hereby are
directed to prepare the Accounts of the Expenditures by this
State made on the Expedition to Penobscot, & to lay the
same with the proper vouchers before the major part of the
Council of this State. And it is further resolved that the
President of the Council be and he hereby is Requested, as
soon as may be after the said accounts with their vouchers
shall be laid before the major part of the Council, to for-
ward the same to Congress, & in behalf of this State to
request an allowance & reimbursement of s*^ Expences

Petition of Committee of Safety to Genl Court.

To the Honorable Council k. Honorable House of Repre-
sentatives State Massachusetts Bay in General Court
Assembled —

The Petition of the Committee Correspondence Inspection
k Safety for the To^vn of Boston Humbly Sheweth —


That your Petitioners have received a Letter from Col°
Allan at ^lachias which is herewith annexed, representing
the Dangerous Consequences resulting from a Toleration
granted by this Honorable Court to certain Persons to settle
their Affairs in Nova Scotia ; under Cloak of which Liberty,
some People highly inimical to the well being of these States
& others at best of but diibious characters, have taken undue
Advantages of such Licence & carried on a most unwarrant-
able & unlimited Traffick with Our Enemies —

Your Petitioners therefore would humbly suggest to Your

Honor as the Supreme Guardians of our Rights whether it

is not highly expedient that a total & entire stop be put to

such undue Commerce which most evidently tends to vitiate

if not intirely eradicate the Genuine Principles of Liberty

that first originated & still invigorate the present Glorious


By Order of the Committee Correspondence

Inspection and Safety

John Simpkins Ch'"man
Boston Decem"" 8, 1779 —

In the House of Representatives Dec 21- 1779

Read & committed to the Committee on Coll Allans Let-
ters which w^ere read the 15"" current

Sent up for Concurrence
In Council Dec"" 21^ 1779 John Hancock Spk""

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy

Board of ^Var to Capt. Jos. Ingraham.

War Office, Boston, Dec^ 10'" 1779


You being Master of the Lincoln Galley are to proceed
with the first fair Wind for Weymouth, on your Arrival


there you are to purchase a load of Wood on the best Terms
you can, for which purpose the Board have furnished you
with three hundred Pounds for which you are to he account-
able — You will make all the dispatch in your Power —
We are Your Friends &c

• By Order of the Board

S P Sav'g Pre
Capt Jos Ingraham

I acknowledge the above to be a true Copy of my Orders

received from the Board of War & promise to govern myself

accordingly —

Jos Ingraham
State of Massachusetts Bay

Report on J. Aliens Letters.

State of Massachusetts Bay Decem 1779
The Committee of both Houses on the letters from Col°
John Allen respecting the raising men for the defence of
Machias, and supplying the Indians ; and of the ill-licit trade
carried on by Cap' James Littlefield with the Enemy under
cover of a protection from the General Court to bring certain
effects from iSTova Scotia, and the representation thereof from
the Committee of Correspondence &c for the Town of Bos-
ton ; and also the letter from Brigadier General Cushing for
men for the defence of Camden, report as their opinion.

That from the force of the Enemy now at Penobscot, there
is not great reason to expect a sudden incursion on the East-
ern Counties at this season of the year: but if this should
not be the case, the difficulty of raising men soon for their
defence, and the impracticability of procuring provisions to
support them if raised constrain your Committee to report
that the consideration of raising men for the purposes afore-


said be referred to the next Session of the General Court.

Voiir Committee apprehending it of very great importance to

retain llic liuliaiis in the interest of these States, report a

resolve & the annexed Schedule of supplies, accompanying

this report, to be sent by the Board of War to Col° Allen for

that purpose. Your Committee are also of opinion that the

exertions of Col° Allen to prevent trade being carried on

with the Enemy is laudable, and that he & any Officer under

him is intitled to the protection of this Court, & therefore

report a Resolve for the defence of Major George Stillman,

who apprehended & detained Capt James Littlefield by order

of said Allen. All which, with the aforesaid resolves, are


Joseph Simpson p Order
In Council Dec 23'' 1779

Read and Sent down

John Avery D Sec'y

Order of Gen^ Court.

In the House of Representatives Dec"" 15- 1779

Orderd that Gen> Lovell, The Hon*"^ M"" Pickering & Cap^
Lovejoy, with such as the Hon' Board shall join, be a Com-
mittee to consider the four letters of Coll Allan dated Sept
24, Ocf 20, Xov - 10 & Nov-" 15 1779 and also the Letter of
Brigad"" Charles Cushing of y® 2'' current — & report what
is proper to be done thereon

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council Dec"- 16''^ 1779

Read & Concurred and Joseph Simpson and

John Pitts Esq" are joined

John Avery D Secy


Report of Committee in re Richard Hopping.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Dec'" 20*'' 1779

The Committee appointed to Examine the accounts of
Richard Hopping who was wounded on Board the Arm** ship
Vengonec in the late Expedition to Penobscot have attended
that service and begg Leave to Report by way of Resolve —

Resolved that there be allowed and paid out of the Treas-
ury of this State to Richard Hopping a wounded seaman in
the service of this State in the Late Expedition to Penob-
scot the sum of two Hundred and twelve pounds in full to
enable him to pay the charge ariseing in consequence of his
wound — Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk.
In Council Dec"" 20, 1779

Read & Concurred John Avery D Sec'y Day —

Consented to

Jere Powell S Adams D. Davis

A Ward J Fisher Sam Xiles

Caleb Cushing B. White Jno Pitts

W Spooner J. Stone Thos Durfee

T. Cushing Aaron Wood J Simpson

1779 State of Massathusts Bay Dr.

To Mary Hopping of Newbury Port for Bording Richard

Hopping Twelve weeks from the 29 of August to the 21 of

I^ovember at Fifteene pound pro week £180-0-0

he being wounded on bord the Vengeance armd vessel in the
Penobscot Expedition

This may Certili that Richard Hopping was a Volunteer
to Penobscot on board the Ship Vengeance & was there
Wounded by a Shot from the Enemy
i^ewburyport Nov' Q'*" 1779 Thos Thomas


Petition of W"^ Vernon et al.

To the Hon'''^ Council & House of Representatives of the

State of Massachusetts Bay —

The Navy Board of the Eastern Departm* Humbly Shew

That Capt Harker of the Continental Sloop Providence did

on the IT*^'' July last Lend to Col Josiali Brewer for the use

of the Troops on the Penobscot Expedition, five hundred

weight of Bread belonging to the Navy, which Bread they

pray your Honour to direct may be returned to them. —

W" Vernon

I Warren
Boston Dec 21, 1779

Report on petition of Jonathan Fuller et als.

The Committee of both Houses, to whom was referred the
Consideration of the Petition of Jonathan Fuller & others,
take leave to report the following resolve

S Fuller of Boston.

Whereas it appears to this Court that John Carlton the
person named in the Petition afores** hath not complyed,
with the resolve of this Court for leasing out Absentees
Estates; which appears by the Deposition of the Agent on
the Estate of David Phips Esq: And that he the said John
is not a legal Lessee of the Estate aforesaid therefore

Resolved that the Petition of the afores^ Jonathan Fuller
& others, be so far granted that the said Jonathan, shall have
the improvement of the Estate afores** During the term of
one year, ending the first Day of April 1780 he the said
Jonathan paying to the said Agent the necessary charges that
have arisen by the vendue for leasing out the same, and also



the sum of ninety three pounds on or before the Expiration
of said term, also all taxes imposed on said premises during
the term aforesaid —

In Council Dec 23-^ 1779
Read & accepted

Sent down for Concurrence
John Avery D Sec'y
In the House of Representatives Dec"" 24 — 1779
Read & concurred

Consented to —
Jere Powell
W Spooner
Caleb Cushing
H Gardner
J Fisher

B White
J Stone
Sam Xiles
J Simpson
A. Fuller

John Hancock Spk""

D Davis
Jn° Pitts
Aaron Ward
Thos Durfee
N Goodman

Resolve of Gen^ Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Decem"" 23*^ 1779

On the Petition of Colo Alexander Campbell shewing That
a Number of the Militia of the Eastern part of this State
between Penobscot & Machias were in actual service on the
Expedition against the Enemy in Possession of Bagaduce;
By order and under the Command of General Lovell and
prays that the officers of said Militia may be ordered to
make up their Rolls for two months Service for the reasons
mentioned in said Petition

Resolved that Captain Daniel Sullivan be and hereby is
directed to make up his Roll for two Calender months and
Captain John Hall for one Calender month agreable to a



Resolve of this Court of September 17"' 1779 — for paying

the several Detachments from the ^filitia and those ordered

by the Hon*"'* Council for the Expedition at Penobscot

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk
In Council Dec"- 23'' 1779

Kead & Concurred

John Avery

Consented to
Jere Powell
A Ward
W. Spooner
Caleb Cushing
T. Cushing
S Adams

D Sec'y
Boston August 6, 1781

J Fisher Aaron "Wood

B White Thos Durfce

J Stone N Goodman

Sam Xiles H Gardner

J Simpson D Davis
A. Fuller

Deposition of Nathaniel Thiuing.

The Deposition of ISTathaniel Thwing of Lawful Age, who
testifieth & saith that on the 22"^ day of jMarch last he this
Deponent saw a resolve of the Great & General Court of this
State, which passed the seventeenth day of February last,
Published in the Newspaper directing all Agents to the
Estates of Absentees to lease out s'' Estates at Publick Vendue
to the highest bidder for the term of one year from the first
day of April, that in consequence of s^ resolve, he this de-
ponent iTiiniodiately jnit up ;in advertizment notifying the
leasing out the Estate of David Pliipps Esq"" an Absentee
lying in "Woolwich (on which Estate one !Mr Jon" Fuller
then & for a number of years past has lived <S: improved the
same) endeavoring as much as possible to comply with s**


resolve, though it was impossible for this deponent fully
to comply with s** resolve, as there could not be fourteen days
notice given from the time this deponent first saw s"^ resolve,
to the first day of April the sale was therefore notifyed to
be on the thirteenth day of April which was as soon as it
could conveniently be done, and on the said thirteenth day
of April, one John Carlton appeard at the Vendue & bid
upon the place as high as ninety three pound, when it was
struck ofi^ to him for that sum, but the s'^ John Carlton re-
fused to pay & to this day still refuses to pay the s** i^inety
three pound or any part thereof so that the s'' Jon'" Fuller
still improves the same, this Deponent really believes that
the s'* John Carlton bid upon the place not because he wanted
it himself but purely to distress the s'^ Jonathan, & further

saith not

N^ath' Thwing

Resolve of Gen^ Court.

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Decen/ 2Y 1779

Whereas the Resolve of this Court of Septem"" 17*'* 1779
for making an Establishment for the troops, that lately
served in the Expedition to Penobscott — did not provide
any mode of obtaining the fire Arms delivered out on said
Expedition Therefore Resolved

That the several officers who received any State Arms
stand chargeable With the same And are hereby directed to
call for said arms from the soldiers to whom they were de-
livered, and return the same to the Brigadier of the County
to which they belong. And the said Brigadiers are hereby
directed to receive the same and store them untill the further
order of this Court


A Receipt from the Brigadier that tlie x\rms were de-
livered shall 1)6 considered as a proper voucher to the Com-
mittee on Muster rolls who are directed not to pass any rolls
unless such Receipts are produced

And the Comniisary of Ordinance lately on said Expedi-
tion is directed to furnish the. Committee on muster rolls
with coppys of all the receipts he received for the fire Arms
so delivered by him — And where any of the Aforesaid arms
were actually lost in the service, a certificate of the same
being produced to the committee on Muster rolls under oath
— it shall also be considered as a proper voucher

And whereas part of the militia detacht for the aforesaid
Expedition did not march to the place of Action, but came
in as guards to the sea Coasts after the retreat Expecting
thereby to attone for their past offence — be it therefore
further Resolved that said militia be Cashiered for their
wages any resolve to the contrary not withstanding.
Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council Dec 31^* 1779

Read & Concurred as taken into a Xew Draught

Sent down for Concurrence
John Averv D Sec'v.

In the House of Representatives Jan'' 5, 1780

Read & Concurred

John Hancock Spk""

Consented to —

Jere Powell J Fisher A Fuller

A Ward B White J Simpso n

W Spooner T. Danielson Tlios Durfee

Caleb Cushing D Davis Aaron Wood

S. Adams Oliver Prescott X Goodman


Address of Pierre Tomma, Chief of St Johns.

Pierre Paul Interpreter
Pierre Tomma, Chief of S*^ Johns,

By the Grace of the Almighty, who Conducts all his People
we are permitted to meete togeather at this place where we
formerly did our Undertakings, — The Old men, the
Sachems, the Captains & the Young men Salute, all the
Officers & Gentlemen here present as well as all the rest of
the Americans —

Brother, You now see we have Complyed with the request
you made when on S*^ Johns, & all those who are with me
have come, & are ready for any thing you may order us
to do —

Brother, When you sent for me before I was ready to
obey your Commands in behalf of America, I am now come,
& left all I have, and depend on you for our Subsistance for
something to Eat, & to keep our backs Warm, —

Brother, some Difficultys arose between you & me when
I was on S' Johns, But I assure you any thing I did was
through fear, as our Situation was such as the Enemy Cou'd
Distroy us & our Familys^ — I am now Come to obey you
in any thing for the Good of America k the Thing of France
you may order.

Brother you are Sencible I am not Acquainted with writ-
ing and Heading — I did Receive Letters from the Britains,
I went & meet them, but never acted any thing against the
Americans, — but any thing I did was thro fear, as I was
old & infirm, & for fear of their hurting me & family I was
on the River & Loath to leave what I had, I only acted as
I see many Americans, at this Day, that is to keep peace
on both sides, but my heart was for America, —


Brother, When T was on the Road half way to Meete you,
an Express over Took me, from some of our Colour who
entreated us not to Come & Join you, but Continue on the
River where we was, & remain friends to Britain & with our
Brothers wlio w^ere friends with them — & not to Come to
you, & fight against Britain & them, — I in answer men-
tioned that I was attaeh'd to America & General Washing-
ton as well as our old Allie's the French, & was Determined
to Come, for which reason you now see me here, ready with
all here to do any thing for the Good of America, —

Brother, I forgot to Mention something more respecting
this Express, they said it was a pity that as we were the
same Colour & Religion, for us to Take up the Hatchet for
America, as then we must fight against them — and shoud
be Compelled to Kill one juiother, — that the Britains wou'd
be friends to us & Give us whatever we stood in Need off, —

Brother, I now luive repeated over what I have to say
respecting News, — I now liaxe to mention respecting our
Situation, — We have Come here to Join you, all we Desire
is to have some support, Wc have no body to look too but
vou, to Assist us in whatever wc stand in need off —

Brother, You see our Situation, & you must Know it —
we are now like Birds lett out of a Cage & Depend on people
who are better Acquainted with the world then ourselves —
You know the Nature of Indians, they often Ask for more
then is promised them — their Demands likely will be
Great, but we depend on you to Give what you think is
absolutely Necessary —

Brother, I nuist again repeat to you respecting our Situa-
tion, there is a number of Old people among us who must
be supported — if there shoud not any thing Come Down
this fall, if vou Lett us Know it in Time wc will send the



Young Meu a hunting for Subsistence — But the Old ones
must be Round you & supported at all Events —

Brother, We have now Risen from our Beads & left our
former Place of a bode & come to Join you for the Reguard
we had for America & the King of France, and hope by the
blessing of God that we shall be preserved thro' all our Dif-
ficultys & Distresses, which Doubt not we shall be able to go
thro' by the Assistance you will afford us —

Brother, I forgot further to mention, People may have
an odd opinion of us, for our being off a Different Principle
of Religion, but we Act from Principle, & must beg you will
do your Endeavour to get a Priest from our old Father the
King of France to settle among us, so that we may have
every thing Done According to our own manner of Religion,

Brother, this is all I have to say at this Time —

The foregoing was Literally Interpreted


Ja' Avery, Sec^ to Sup"" Int°

Eas° Dep'
In Council Dec 27"^ 1779

Read & sent down

John Avery D Sec'y

Petition of Samuel Freeman.

To the Hon*"'^ Council and Hon''' House of Representatives
of the State of Massachusetts Bay —

Samuel Freeman at the direction of the Court of General
Sessions of the Peace for the County of Cumberland —
humbly shews —

That Several Gentlemen being chosen by a meeting of
Committees of the several Towns in said County, represented
the same at a Convention held at Concord in July last, and
being so chosen the said Court of Sessions judge it reason-


fihle tliat lli{;ir Time & Expcnce shoud ])0 paid out of the
County Treasury — They therefore pray that Your Honours
wouhl pass a Resolve to enable them to adjust the Accounts
of the Time & Expence of the said County Representatives
& order payment thereof out of the said Treasury accordingly
And your Petitioner in their behalf will ever pray.

Sam' Freeman
Boston Nov 12, 1779

Order of General Court.

Jn the House of Representatives Dec"" 15, 1779

Ordered that Coll Dawes & M"" Davis of Boston with such

as the Hon"'" Board shall join he a Committee to consider

what further application is necessary to be immediately made

to Congress respecting the insupportable Losses, on account

of the failure of the Penobscot Expedition —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council Dec. 16^'' 1779

Read & Concurred and Thomas Cushing Esq"" is joined

John Avery D Sec''

Petition of Sartell Alexander.

State of the Massachusetts Bay

To the Hon'"*' The Council & house of Representatives, In
Generall Court Assembled at Boston Decemb"" 25"^ A D 1779

The Petition of Sartell Alexander of Penobscot Township
N" 1 Humbly Shews

That your petitioner soone after the British Troops Landed
at Penobscutt w^as Compelled Either to take the Oath of
Alegance to the Brittish King or him self and family to be
Captivated & his substance distroved Did take said Oath,


but as soone as the Troops from this State arrived there he
readily Joyned them, concientiously believeing that the said
oath which he was Compelled To Take was not binding upon
him with which Troops your Petition served untill there
Defeate & has Since been oblidgd to remove from those Parts
with his family being a wife & Three small Children all
which are now in the Town of Boston without any house to
Cover there heads or anything to support themselves and
must suffer & Even Perish without Some Immediate relief,
your Humble Petitioner therefore prays this Hono*"® Court
to Take his Deploreable Case under your wise Consideration
and Grant him such relief as to you in your Known Good-
ness shall seem meet & your Petition"" as in duty bound Shall

Ever pray &c

Sartell Alexander

Petition of Alexander Campbell.

To the Hon'''® the Council and Hon*"'® House of Representa-
tives of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court
Assembled at Boston December 1779 —

The Petition of Alexander Campbell
Humbly sheweth,

That Whereas a l^umber of the Militia of the Eastern
part of this State, between Penobscot and Machias were in
Actual Service on the Expedition against the Enemy in
possession of Bagaduce; By order, and under the Command

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