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theless a Majority of ye Committe rated ye former prices of
Flower at 3 Dollars p hundred, & reported 41/^ Dollars to
be ye present specie price of that Article. An objection
was made in Congress to this part of the report, & Letters
were produced from some of ye principal Merchants in
Philadelphia to prove that ye former price of Flower had
not been more than two Dollars & an half p bund** on an
Average. A Member also from ye State of Pennsylvania
who was a Merchant & then in Congress, deliverd in ye
Current Prices for several Years previous to ye War, &
made ye Average to be about 18/ Pennyw* Currency p hun-
dred, which is somewhat less than 2l^ Dollars, this being
ascertained. It was urged that ye price of Flower should


be fixed at .'j-|4 Dollars according to ye Agreement of _vo
Committee; for as New Hamshire ]\Iassachnsetts cc Rhode
Island were to furnish T^eef & foreign Articles ye latter of
which would cost as much as would he allowed by Congress,
great Injustice would he done to those States by raising
Flower above 3% Dollars, even admitting Beef to be raised
in proportion, since they couM fuiiiisli very little if any of
ye latter, more than their (|UOta. if for Instance, ^lassa-
chusetts be prepared to pay 2/13"'^ of ye continental Tax, its
just proportion of 103,302 barells of Flower & of 320,915
hundred of Beef required by Congress, would l)e 15,892
barells of Flower & 50,756 hundred of Beef, &; by putting
Flower @ 41/^ Dollars p hund*^, ^Massachusetts will pay %
of a Dollar extra p hundred, which in 15,892 barels of two
hundred each is 23,838 Dollars in Specie. On ye other
Hand ye former specie prices of grass fed beef was reported
by the Committee to have been 3 2/3 Dollars p hundred ;
but supposing it ever as low as 3 1/3 Dollars & it will amount
to 5 Dollars if increased in proportion to 41/^2 Dollars for
Flower: from whence it is evident, that as ye Just propor-
tion of Beef to be furnished by this State is 50,756 hund*^
(1 it was called on for only 5,244 hundred more than that
quantity, all ye advantage to ye State of encreasing ye price
of Beef above 50 p Cent is ly^^ Dollar p hundred, which on
ye Surplus of 5,244 hund** amounts to 6555 Dollars in
Specie: & that deducting this from ye 23,858 Dollars which
ye State looses by raising Flower, there remains 17,283
Dollars in Specie, which ye State will be unjustly taxed by
this Maneuvre of raising Flower above 50 pc* even admitting
Beef to have been raised in proportion. — notwithstanding
this, the proposition for reducing ye price of Flower to 3%
Dollars was disagreed to, i^- as ye next best Pleasure it w\as
moved that ye price might be enhanced to 41/5 Dollars
which is 75 pc' but this was also rejected & ye price was


fixed at 41^ Dollars as may be seen in ye Journals of ye
17'^ feby last inclosed herewith. It was then moved that
grass fed Beef should be raised in proportion to Elower, &
fixed at 6 14 Dollars, which as was before observed, would
be but a small Compensation for ye Loss of raising ye latter :
but ye Motion was rejected & ye price fixed at 51/2 Dollars
as may likewise be seen by ye Journals, so that in Fact sup-
posing ye former specie price of Flower to have been 21/2
Dollars & of Beef 3 1/3 Dollars p hund*^, the State is un-
justly taxed by ye Eesolution of ye 25'^ of Feby last, in
ye single Article of Flower 21,216 Dollars in Specie — but
there being a greater Objection to ye Kates of ye other
Articles, a Motion was made to recommit ye Report (for ye
purpose of adjusting ye prices in ye proportion agreed on by
ye Convention held at Xew Haven in J any 1778) & was
objected to in Point of Order; in Consequence of which ye
Yeas & Xays were required on ye question of Order, & sup-
pressed in ye Manner Stated in my Letter to Congress of ye
lO^*" of feby last, the real specie price of Flower, about
that Time, may however appear by ye inclosed Copy of a
Report of ye P"' of March last Xo 11, wherein Congress are
informed bv their Committee that thev were offered 1500
barells of Flower at £60 p hund^ which at the Exchange
then current of 60 for 1 was 2 ' paper Currency or 2 2/3
Dollars p hund^ but to put ye Matter beyond Doubt respect-
ing the prices of this & other Articles, I inclose for ye
perusal of ye Comitee, ye Commissary General's Certificate
Ko 12 of the prices current on ye 11"" of April last, together
with an Estimate conformable thereto, by which it will
appear, that if ye Rates Stipulated by Congress in Feby
last are admitted this State will be taxed for ye Supplies
then required 155,326 2/13 Dollars in Specie, more than it
would, by adjusting ye Articles according to ye real prices
given by ye Commissary General.


I have thus Genrlenicu reduced my Sentiments to writing.
that \i>n mav he hotter ahh' to correct such of ye principles
dr Cahnihitioiis herewith snhniitted. as may appear to ho
erroneous — if tliey are right Vou will i)erceive that hy ye
Manner in which ye Requisitions for .Men & Supplies for
ye present Campaign have been conducted, this State will
pay a Tax of ;309, 076 2/13 Dollars in Specie more than its
just proportion. Admitting ye several States to furnish ye
Men & Supplies required in February last, & this State to
l)ay 2/13'"^ of the i)ul>lirk l^xpense. That Tax may how-
ever be increased <»r diiiiinished according to ye Variation
of those principles, hut will under any Circumstances be
great, unless a Remedy is provided.

Whilst I am on the Subject, I think it my Duty to suggest
to ye (^ommittee. that no provision is yet made or Security
given by Congress for ye Reimbursement of ye ^loney
expended on ye penobscot Expedition : (.V that ye Interest of
the State requires a speedy adjustment thereof —

T have ye Hon(u- to be Gentlemen with y" highest Esteem

& Respect your very hum Ser'

E. Gerry

Hon'' Committee of ye General Assembly xippointed to con-
sider ve Business herein stated —

Peleg Wadsworth to President of Council.

New Castle 22 Sept. 1780

The Bearer 'Mr Stephen Hall is the Gen* to whom I am
indebted for the essential Services he has voluntarily
rendered me this Season as a Secretary And altho there has
been no Establislmient as vet made for a Secretary in this
Department 1 hope your Honour will think fit to Consider


M"" Hall in that Office & to make him a Suitable Allowance.
1 beg leave also to recommend him as a Suitable Person to
be appointed pay master to this Department, when there shall
be any thing to pay.

M"" Hall waits on the Hon''''' Board by my Special Desire
to suggest & lay before them Sundry Matters relative to this
service amongst which are the liberating two Vessels taken
in the Enemys Service & agreable to the Military Line of
Conduct where martial Law is in Force condem'd by a Court
under my appointment, which however are attach'd & de-
tain'd. The Service in this Quarter is more intimately con-
cern'd in this than may at first be apprehended: Also the
supplying the Troops in this Department with money or some
necessaries without which they must suffer. He will also
take your Honours Sentiments on the practicability of any-
thing further than what has been attempted by increasing
the Force in this Quarter,

If the Force here is not increased he will mention the Ex-
pediency of an Establishment for a body of Troops (after
those already engag'd are discharg'd) absolutely necessary
for the Defence & preservation of the eastern parts of this
State, especially the County of Lincoln

As he is intimately acquainted Avitli the Service of the
passing Campaign in this Quarter & of the Circum-
stances of this part of the Country I would refer your
Honour to him for any Particulars. And am with great
respect Sir

Your most humble & most obedient Servant

Peleg Wadsworth B Gen'

Hon**' James Bowdoin Esq''

President of Council Massachusetts

In Council Sept SO'** 1780 Read & thereupon Ordered
That Joseph Dorr Esq. with such as the Hon''"' House shall


join be a Committee to take into Consideration this Letter
and to report what may lie proper to be done thereon —

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D. Secy
In the House of Representatives Sept 30, 1780
Eead & Concurred and Capt Howes and
Mr Dix are join'd John Hancock Spkr.

Petition Roger Hunniwell to Council.

the Honourable house of Representatives i o , , r .1

To the Honourable the Council and ^.^ , , , -n

Massachusetts ±>ay

in General Court Assembled '

The Petition of Roger Huniwill of Scarborough in the
County of Cumberland Humbly Sheweth that your Peti-
tioner has been favoured with a Pention of nine Pounds for
a number of Years on account of the lose of one of his
Arms at the reduction of Cape Briton A D 1745 and since
the Present War your Petitioner has had a Son Constantly
Engaged in the American Service so that I have had no
benefit of him and by Reason of the great Price of the
necessarys of Life in Money and the lose of my Sons Labour
Your Petitioner is much Straitned in Suporting his family
and therefore Your Petitioner Prays that your Honours
would further consider him and Do that which vour Honours
in your great Wisdom Shall See meet for which your Peti-
tioner as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray

Roger Hunewell

Petition of Benjamin Trott.

To their Honnors the Cunsell of the State of Massachusets
There Cometh Greeting My Requst of your honners is to



Grant Me Liberty from this Toun of falmoiitli in Casco Bay
to Go in A Small Boat to Bagadoose to this Place my An-
siant father that has Been thear for Severall years — under
the Government of this State But ISTow under the Command
of the Bittons and Wants to Be Relived from his Present
Distress Please to Grant Me Leave to Go to Relieve My
father in So Small a Craft as a ^^Tiale boat. Your Com-
pyance Gentlemen of the Counsell will Very Much Oblidge
a True Subject to America am your humble Serv*

Benj™ Trott
Boston Sept" 23. 1780

The abovenamed Benjamin Trott is an Inhabitant of Fal-
mouth and I have no reason to think he has any other design
in the above request than that which he has mention'd

Sam^ Freeman
State of Mass"^ Bay

Council Chamber Sep' 23'' 1780

Read & Ordered — That the Prayer of this Petition be

granted and that Benj™ Trott of Falmouth in Casco Bay be

and hereby is permitted to proceed to Majorbaggaduce in a

small Boat for the purpose of releiving the Distresses of his


Attest Jn° Avery D Secy

Application of James Avery.

To the Hon'ble Council Board of the State of Massachusetts

The Petition of James Avery Agent for Colo Allen Hum-
bly Sheweth —

That the Vessell bound to Machias in which the Priest and
a Quantity of stores goes, is now ready to Sail, there being
several Passengers on board, if they had Small Arms wou'd
be able to defend themselves against any of the Enemys


Small Craft out of Bagaduce — therefore your Petitioner

Himililv prays your Honors wou'd grant Him Small Arms

willi Animnnition ('oiiforinaLle, which will he Sufficient for

the above mentioned i)urpose — which Arms your petitioner

will engage shall be delivered to the Commanding Officer at

Machias for the Use of the Troops there who are in great

want of them — and your petitioner as in Duty Bound will

ever pray

J a' Avery

Boston Sep-" 23M7cS0

In Council Sep' 25' 1780

Read and Ordered — That the Board of War be and they
hereby are directed to deliver James Avery ten fire Arms
with Ammunition Sufficient for the Defence of a Vessel
bound to Machias on Board of which are several Passengers —
Said Avery engaging upon the Arrival of Said Vessel at
Machias to deliver Said Arms to the Commanding Officer
for the Use of the Troops there — Said Arms & Ammunition
to be charged to the Ace' of the United States

Attest .Tn° Avery D Secy

Order to Apprehend.

Hallowell Fort Weston 25'^ Septem - 1780

You are Required to Apprehend Ephraim Ballard of
Hallowell Tho^ Town & William Gardner of Pitts Town, &
Nath' Brown and Francis Ridley of Pownalborough, for
Treasonable & Enimical Conduct Against the United States
of America. & to make Report of your Doings as soon as may

be, I am —

Sir Your Serv'

P. Wadsworth B : G
Lieut. Joseph M'^Lellan


Cumberland Ss Falmouth Septem' 18 : 1782.

This may Certifie all whom, it may Concern that the above
Written Orders are a True Coppy of the Original Orders
given by Brig"" General Wadsworth to Lieu*^ Joseph M'^Lellan
as shewn to me by s*^ IVPLellan & taken at his Request By me

Richard Codman Jus*^ Peace

Resolve in Favor Roger Hunniwell.

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Sep* 25, 1780

On the petition of Roger Hunniwell of Scarborough a
Pensioner of this State, on Account of his losing one of his
Arms in the Expedition against Louisbourg 1745.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the Publick Treasury
of this State the Sum of One Hun'' pounds Currency to
Roger Hunniwell of Scarborough in full to the 5"^ of August
1780 for his pension

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council Sep' 25' 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy.

Consented to —

Jer : Powell B Austin Jn° Pitts

W Spooner J Dorr J Simpson

T Cushing D Davis Sam' Baker

J Fisher T Danielson Tho^ Durfee

M Gill B White Edw"' Cutts


Resolve of a Grant of £250 to James Cargill.

The Committee on the Petition of Sundrie Persons in
favour of James Cargill have attended that service & having
attentively heard the Parties & carefully considered all the
Circumstances of that affair that has come to their knowl-
edge, heg leave to Report the following Resolves, Viz —

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives 27'** Sep'' 1780

Resolved that there be pay** out of the Public Treasury of
this State to James Cargill the sum of Two Hundred & Fifty
Pounds in the ISTew bills of Credit or State Securities to that
amount in full for his past good services

And it is further Resolved that the service of an Execution
on the estate of James Cargill by David Murry Dep'' Sherif
in favour of John Langdon & Ebenezer Whittier (which
Execution was Suspended by an order of the General Court
in June last untill the third Wednesday of the then next
session of the General Court) be as Valid as it would have
been had no such order ever been issued, the afforsaid Re-
solve or order to the Contrary notwithstanding

And it is further Resolved that there be allowed & pay"^
out of the Public Treasury of this State to John Langdon
Thirty Five Pounds in the ]SJ"ew bills of Credit or State
Securities to that amoimt, as a full discharge of his Ex-
pences &° in coming to & attending on this Court, in obedience
to an order of the General Court in June last

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council Sep^ 27"^ 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y



Resolve in Favor Board of War &c.

In the House of Representatives Sep"" 28 1780

Whereas it appears by the Representation of the board of
War that they labor under great Difficulties for Want of
j\Ioney to carry on the various Branches of Business in their
Department and that the Sum of Eighteen thousand pounds
new Money is necessary to enable them to execute the Pur-
pous mentioned in their Representation — *{ Therefore Re-
solved that there be paid out of the Treasury of this State
the Sum of Ten Thousand pounds in the Xew Emission &
the Council are hereby requested to issue their Warrant on
the Treasurer in Favor of the Board of War for the aforesaid
Sum —

And it is farther resolved that the Hon'''^ Major part of
the Council be Requested to give Brigadier Wadsworth such
farther Orders as may be necessary for the Protection of the
County of Lincoln —

Sent up for Concurrence
Warrant drawn this Day

In Council Sep* 29* 1780

Read & Concurred
Consented to —

T Daniel son

N Cushing

Sam ISTiles

J Simpson

Edw** Cutts

John Hancock Spk""

John Avery D Secy

J Bowdoin
Jer: Powell
Moses Gill
B White
B Austin

E Brooks
J Dorr
Wm Whiting
Aaron Wood
Jn° Pitts

Resolve Making Valid an Executio7i on the Estate of

James Cargill.

The Committee on the petition of John Langdon praying
the Officers proceedings in the service of an Execution on


the Estate of James Cargill of jSTewcastle, should be made
as Valid as it would have been, if an Order of this Court
passed in June last for delaying the said Execution had not
taken place — Beg leave to report by way of Resolve —
State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Sepf 29 17 SO —
Resolved that the service of an Execution on the Estate
of James Cargill of Newcastle by David Murray Deputy
Sheriff in favour of John Langdon & Ebenezer AVhittier of
Pownalborough, which Execution was suspended by an Order
of the General Court in June last, until the third Wednesday
of the then next session of the General Court, be as Valid,
as it would have been, had no such Order ever been Issued,
the aforesaid Resolve or Order to the Contrary notwith-
standing Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council Sep' 29' 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to —

J Bowdoin T. Danielson E Brooks

Jere Powell X Gushing J Dorr

Mose Gill Sam Xiles Aaron Wood

B White J Simpson A Fuller

B Austin Edw'^ Cutts

Wm Whiting Jn° Pitts

Resolve in Favor Joseph Bernard.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Sept 29, 1780.

On the Petition of Joseph Bernard

Resolved that there be paid out of the Public Treasury
to Joseph Bernard the Sum of Five Pounds in the new



currency in full for his Service in riding Express from Fal-
mouth to Boston, as mentioned in his Petition

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""

In Council Sept 29*'^ 1780

Read & Concurred

John Averv

Consented to
J Bowdoin
Jer: Powell
Moses Gill
B Austin
1^ Cushing

D Secy
Warrant drawn this Day

Sam' Niles
J Simpson
J Dorr
Wm Whiting
B. White

T Danielson
A Fuller
Jn° Pitts
Edw" Cutts
Aaron Wood

Memorial of Doct. Jos: Gardner.


You will please Lay before the Hon Board the following
representation & queries That Andrew Wisacre & Phillip
Audibert wounded at Penobscott were admited as out Patients
State Hospital & were allowed to draw their rations for their
Support, are now no Longer under My Care — whether they
shall continue to draw their rations or be put on the Pention
List — That the Ship Protector returned from her Cruse
perhaps the most sickly Vessell that ever came into this Port
The Surgeon & his Mate Sick Scarce a man but what had a
Fever in some Degree — The Hospital was full a ISTumber
of the Indigent attended out & had necessary from the Hos-
pital as they came Home without money —

A ISTumber of Gentlemens Servants who Left their Masters
returned home sick They Expect the Physicians Bill to be


Charged to the State, Should be Glad of their hon''


I am your hum' Ser

Jos Gardner
Mr Secretary Avery

In Council Sep' 30, 1780
Read & Sent down.

John Avery D Sec''.

Report of the Committee of Both Houses.

The Committee of both Houses appointed to Consider the

Petition of George Williams & Jon^ Peel, in behalfe of the

Owners of the Ships Black Prince, & Hector, and also all

others under Similar Circumstances, beg leave to report by

way of Resolve

Benj Austin p"" order

State of Massachusetts Bay

In Council Sepf 30, 1780

Resolved that there be paid out of the Treasury of this

State, to Cap' George Williams for himselfe & the rest of the

Owners of the Ship Black Prince, One thousand pounds in

the Bills of the new Emission. Also that there be paid to

Cap' Jon^ Peel for himselfe & the Owners of the Ship Hector,

One thousand pounds in Bills of the New Emission ; in part

of what is due to them from this State for the aforesaid

Ships, which were left on the Penobscott Expedition, and

the Council are accordingly requested to grant warrants on

the Treasurer for the same And it is further Resolved that

the Board of War be & they are hereby directed to Settle

with the said George Williams & Jon* Peel, and all others,

who are Creditors of this State for Ships which were lost on

the Penobscott Expedition, and the Severall Ballances which

may be due on such Settlem', to pay the same in such Xotes



as the Treasurer by an Act of the General Court past the 3"^
May last was then directed to Issue for the discharge of the
demands of the Creditors of this State, on Acco* of the
Penobscott Expedition, And it is further Resolved that the
l^otes w'^^ may be given to the Creditors aforesaid, shall be
dated at the time the Contracts for such Vessells were Signed,
any Act or Resolve of the Gen' Court to the Contrary not-
In Council Sept. 30^ 1780

Read & Sent down

John Avery D Secy
In the House of Representatives Oct. 4, 1780

Read & Accepted

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Oc* 4S 1780
Read & Concurred

Consented to-
Jer. Powell
Moses Gill
W"^ Whitny
B. Austin
B White

I Fisher
T Danielson
Sam' Niles
Jn° Pitts
J Dorr

John Hancock Spk""

John Avery D Secy

N^ Cushing
J Stone
E Brooks
Aaron Wood
Step° Choate

Petition of Samuel Doggett & Co.

I To the Hon' Senate & Hon' House
State of Massa"^ Bay / of Representatives in Gen' Court

( Assembled. —
The Petition of Samuel Doggett & Company humbly
Sheweth : —

That he in Company was owner of the Sloop called the
Pigeon of Eighty Tons burthen which was taken into Gov-


ernment Service by the Board of War of said State as a
Transport for the Expidition to Penobscot the S^^ Day of
July seventeen hundred & seventy nine and was chartered
for Six pounds fifteen Shillings a Ton P"" Month which was
to be paid within three Months from the time of her dis-
charge, or being lost or taken That the said Sloop was de-
stroyed at Penobscot, being appraised before she sailed for
four thousand four Imudred pounds in the then current
Money unfortunately tor your Petitioner as the profits k
Gaine of which was the only means whereby he could support
& maintain his family he having for eighteen months past
been in so bad a State of Health as to render him incapable
of any Business, has been obliged to borrow Sums of Money
to supply the wants of himself & Family & has no way or
means to repay the same, but upon the Receipt of the above
Money. — Your Petitioner being thus greatly distressed and
not knowing by what means he can support his family during
the ensuing AV inter, unless your Honors would interpose for
his relief — Humbly prays your honors to take this Matter
into your wise Consideration, & pass such Order thereon as
to your Honors may seem Just and wise. —

And as in duty bound will ever pray
Boston October 1780 Sam' Doggett

Resolve in Favor John Langdon.

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Oct' 2** 1780

On the Petition of John Langdon, praying he may be al-
lowed the Expense he has Incurred by attending the General
Court, agreable to their order of y^ 23** June last —

Resolved that there be allowed & paid out of the Treasury
of this State to the s'' John Langdon the Sum of Thirty five



pounds in the ISTew Currency in full for his Expences '"^ in
attending the General Court agreable to their order afore-

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council Ocf 2^ 1780

Read & Concurred with an amendment at A
at A insert and all other Charges —

In the House of Representatives Ocf 2, 1780

Read & Concurred

Consented to —
Jer: Powell
Wm Whiting
Jn° Pitts
J Fisher
Moses Gill

B Whito
B Austin
T Danielson
A Fuller
Aaron Wood

John Hancock Spkr

Sam' JSTiles
E Brooks
J Dorr

Stej)n Choate
N Gushing

Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Thomaston,

October 1780

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