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To the Hon"^ the Senate and House of Representatives of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town
of Thomaston in the County of Lincoln Humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioners loth to complain, loth to ask Relief,
have endeavoured with Patience to bear the Burden (and as
we apprehend much more than our Proportion, all Circum-
stances considered) of the common Calamity of the War, in
hope that through the good Hand of Providence in Time we
might obtain Relief, but pressing jSTecessity now urgeth, and
our Duty to your Honors, and ourselves urgeth that we make
known the true State of our Circumstances and our Wants :


Being one of the most eastern incorporated Towns in the

Our Circumstances are these, to wit, Our Settlements in
general new, much younger than those in Camden (who have
already had Supplies from the General Court) or the Settle-
ments further east ; there being but three Farms in the Whole
Town that have been settled above eighteen years, and but
six others that have been settled above seven Years; con-
squently our Improvements and Ciiltivations on the Land are
but small

"We have paid large Sums of Money in hiring Men to com-
pleat the Draughts that have been made from us for the
Army (which has drain'd us of Money) and these together
with those that have voluntarily inlisted themselves, has so
drained us of men that we have now not more than one to a
Family left (a few Boys excepted)

We are also constantly harrased by the Garrison &;
Squadron of the Enemy posted at Majorbagaduce, we are
obliged to be ever on the watch, often under Arms, and run
on every Alarm, which takes up great part of our Time;
and our Sea Coasts without any material Protection, are
constantly exposed to their Cruisers, who capture many of
our small Craft sent out a fishing, and oblige others to fly to
the Land for Safety, cuts very short our Supplies from that
Quarter. And lastly, to add no more,

We are taxed by the Hon^'® the General Court much more
than we are able to pay, and as we humbly apprehend
(through the Hon'''® ]\[embers not being acquainted with our
Circumstances) much higher (if not altogether more) than
our Proportion compared with the other Towns in the State,
all Circumstances considered.

Our Wants are the Necessaries of Life ; and the Means of
procuring them ; Our Dependance for Supplies having been


on our Lumber, Wood, Lime &c. which we shipped off, and
procured ^Necessaries from Boston and the other maritime
Towns; the Scarsitv and high Price of those Necessaries
now being so great, and the oSTavigation so dangerous, that
the Returns we procure, together with all we can possibly
raise upon the Land, are searse sufficient to support our in-
digent and growing Families ; add to this the Losses already
sustained in our fishing Craft, and in other Vessels loaded
with Lumber &c, having been taken by the Enemy.

And now our Case being thus, we see no Way that we can
pay the heavy Taxes laid upon us; and fear unless we can
obtain some Relief, many of us will be obliged to leave our
Habitations (as some have already done) and seek Relief
some where else, and this now growing Town, which with a
little Indulgance may in time become a considerable Addition
to the Commonwealth, will become dessolate, & our Improve-
ments waste.

We also understand that there has been a considerable Sum
abated of the Taxes laid on the other Towns in this County,
but we had no advantage therefrom.

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray your Honours
to take our Case under your wise, just and indulgent Con-
sideration, & grant us an Abatement of the whole or such
Part of the Taxes laid upon us as your Honours in your
knowTi Wisdom and Justice shall find proper and reasonable —
And as in duty bound shall ever pray &c,

Joseph Combs James Brown

Hezekiah Bacthelder Jhos M'^Lellan

James Orbeton Oliver Robins

Jonathan Orbeton Isaiah Tolman

Jonathan Crokit JSTath' Fales

Oliver Robins Jun"" David Watson

Sam' Brown Oliver Smith


John Bridges James Fales juii'

Rich^Kating Constant Kankiii

Israel Jordan Isaiah Tolman j im

Israel Loveitt llobart Jameson

Comfort Barrows AVilliam Thomson

Hugh Killsa John Rendell

Petition of Thomas Tolman.

Boston Oct^ — 2"^ — 1780
The Petition of Lieut. Thomas Tolman, humbly sheweth
to the General Assembly of the State of Massachusetts Bay,
that on the ll'*" of June last, he receivVl Lieu* Colonel Sam"
Safford's orders, at Lake George, to take the Papers which
he had prepared (viz. a Memorial, Return, &;c — for that
part of Colonel Warner's Regim', who belong to the State of
Massachusetts Bay) and lay the same before the General
Assembly of s^ State ; And further, to pray the said General
Assembly, to grant him a Consideration, of some ready
Money, for the necessary Expences of his Journey; Urging
the Necessity of the Prayer of his Petition, by informing
the House, that the Business on which he came could not be
longer delayed, nor could be effected without a Journey on
purpose — Tha^ the Expences of such a Journey upon the
most frugal Plan, is now become extravagant — - That as he
is not upon the Establishment of a recruiting Officer, in the
present Case, but on separate Command to an individual
State, it could not be charg'd to the United States with that
Propriety, as though he had been a recruiting Officer; (or
indeed should it be so charg'd, & after allowed, yet it would
not help his present Necessity. ) — That for him to bear it as
an Individual, would be unreasonable (and as it has proved.


impossible;) And that the reimbursing him on his Keturn,
out of what he should receive for the Men, would be no less
heavy for them to bear, on Account of their small ]Srumbers
(being only 13 present fit for Duty) than it would be unjust
in the Nature of the Thing to take from the penurious
Soldier, what is his just Due to receive free of Cost —
In pursuance of such Orders & Instructions from Col"
Safford Your Petitioner however disagreeable & precarious
to himself) procured a Sum on Credit (which he thought
might be sufficient, if he was not unreasonably detained) and
accordingly pursued his Journey — On the S^^ of July he
laid his Papers before the Hon*'' Council of this State (it
being in the Recess of the House) and was by them refered
to the Meeting of the General Assembly, then to be August
2^^ ; But by the several Prorougations, was adjourned until
the sitting of the Present Session, by Reason of which he has
been detain'd between 2 and 3 Months longer than he ex-
pected, from his Regiment — His Money is necessarily
expended — Accounts of his unavoidable Expences yet re-
main unsettled ; and he entirely destitute of a Penny to bear
his Expences back to his Regiment —

In such a Necessitous Circumstance, he thought proper
to lay a true State of the Matter before the Hon''' House;
Praying that they will grant him some Relief — He informs
the House, that the Sum requisite for the Discharge of his
Accounts, while he has been detained here, would have been
much larger, if he had not had Board, some part of the Time,
upon the Generosity of particular Persons- — He apply'd to
the Quar"" Mas'" for Forrage, but could obtain none.

Your Petitioner would not have troubled the House with
so long a Detail of particular Circumstances, but for the pur-
pose of giving you a particular Idea of the Exigence he is
now in —


He concludes this his huinblo Memorial to the Hon"'^
House, by earnestly repeating his Recjuest; and assuring
them, that what they may please to grant for his present
Necessity, will 1)0 very thankfully receiv'd, & frugally ex-
pended, by their ]\Iost Obedient Humble Servant & Peti-
tioner, as in Duty bound

Tho« Tolman ; Lieu* & P. MasS CoP Warner's Regim*
To the Hon*"'^ The General Assembly, of the State of Mass""


Petition of Ephraim Sheldon.

State of j\Iassachusetts Bay

To the Hon'''^ the Council & house of Representatives of said
State in General Court Assembled
The petition of Ephraim Sheldon of Woolwich in the
County of Lincoln & state afores^ — Humbly Shews —
that your petitioner was taken in a small Shallop of his own
property on the high seas, in the month of March, last past,
by a vessel belonging to some of the subjects of the king of
Great Britain & carried into ]\Iajor Baggaduce & there de-
tained by the enemy on board his s^ Shallop the space of five
days as a prisoner of war — t That the command of s**
Shallop was given to one Adam Cogswell belonging to s**
7?aggaduce who proceeded on a cruize in the same, against
the subjects of the United States of America & their property,
with your petitioner on board under duress & took a prize,
the property of some of the subjects of the United States of
America. But s^ Coggswell not having hands on board suffi-
cient to man both vessels, he gave your petitioner his s**
Shallop & dismissed him, who proceeded inmiediately in s^
Shallop to Cape Ann, where he, upon suggestion of his having
taken an active part with the enemy, was apprehended &



conveyed to Boston Goal where lie has been confined for the
space of near seven months & during the late session of the
Superior Court of said State in s*^ Boston, but has had no
trial, nor can have one till July next in the County of Cum-
berland —

That your petitioner has ample evidence to support his
innocence in this whole transaction — and therefore pray
your Hon""^ to enquire into his distressing circumstances &
situation & that he may be liberated or admitted to Bail &

Shall ever Pray

Ephraim Sheldon

Resolve on the Petition of Heyiry Allyne.

To the honorable the Council and House of Representatives
in General Court Assembled

The Petition of Henry Alline Clerk of the Proprietors of
the Kennebeck Purchase from the late Colonv of l^ew Plv-
mouth humblv sheweth

That in the Division among the said Proprietors, of a Tract
of Land on the West Side of Kennebeck River above Fort
Halifax, there was reserved a number of lots intended for
Sellers interspersed among larger lots granted to Proprietors ;
that the said setling Lots are so far distant from each other,
that people do not incline to settle upon them, which operates
greatly to the detriment of the Said Grantees and the Public ;
that it has been proposed to lay out a road across the said
larger lots, and on said Road to lay out setling lots contiguous
to each other, of the same number & quantity as the referred
lots aforesaid, which are to become the Property of the said
Grantees, in lieu of the lots to be laid out on the said road as
aforesaid, which will leave to the said grantees the same
quantity of land as is contained in the Grants to them re-


spectively, and make it more valuable. Your Petitioner
therefore in l)chalf of the Proprietors of the Kenebeek Pur-
chase liumbly prays your Honours to enable them or their
committee to lay out said road and lots thereon as aforesaid,
and to dispose of the same in lieu of the reserved lots above-

Henry Alline Prop" Cler

In Council Ocf 4' 1780
- On the petition of Henry Alline Clerk of the Proprietors
of the Kenebeek Purchase from the late Colony of New

Resolved that the Prayer of the said Petition be granted,
and the Kenebeek Proprietors are hereby authorized and
empowered to lay out or cause to be laid a Road and lots
thereon within the Tract of land granted or to be granted by
the said Proprietors to certain Persons of said Propriety and
mentioned in said Petition ; and to dispose of said lots in lieu
of the reserved lots therein referred to : of which reserved
lots, lying within any particular Grant, the same number
shall be the property of the Grantee or his heirs as there shall
be of lots laid out on said road within such Grant; anvthiuG;
contained in tlio Grants aforesaid to the contrary notwith-

Sent down for Concurrence

John Avery D Secy.

In the House of Representatives Ocf ll*'' 1780

Read & concurred

John Hancock Spk""
Consented to —

Jere Powell T Danielson Aaron Wood

J Fisher N Gushing J Dorr

Moses Gill A Fuller AVm Whiting

B Austin Sam Niles E Brooks

B ^Vhite Jn° Pitts Stepn Choate


Resolve Relating to Seacoast Guards.

State of Massachusetts Bay
in the House of Representatives Ocf y" 4*^ 1780

Resolve for reduceing & regulateing the guards stationed
at the Several Posts on the Sea Coasts.

Whereas it appears that the keeping up so large a number
of men as guards at the Several Posts on the sea coasts, is
attended with a needless expence to the State Therefore
Resolved that the men which have been raised (and are now
doinff Dutv as Guards at the Several Posts on the Sea
Coast) either by the resolves of the general Court or by
order of the Hon'''^ Council — be so Discharged as that their
be retained in the Pay of this State no more then is here-
after exprest (viz) —

at falmouth & Cape Elizabeth one Serjeant one Corporal &

twelve matrosses
at the fort on Plum Island one Corporal & three matrosses

at Glocester one Serjeant & six matrosses

at Beaverly one Corporal & three matrosses

at Salem one Corporal & Four matrosses

at marblehead one Corporal & three matrosses

at Dartmouth one Serjeant & Six matrosses

at the gurnet one Serjeant & six matrosses

at the forts on Dorchester heights one Serjeant & nine

at Boston one Capten one Left two Serjeants two Corporals

one Drum one fife & fourty Privets — and it is further
Resolved that the Honourable the Council be and hereby
are requested to give their orders for the Discharge of the
officers and men not returned by the above Resolve

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""



In Council Gee 4"^ 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to —

Jer: Powell
T. Cushing
Moses Gill
B Austin
T Danielson

X Cusbing
B White
S Ilolten
Sam Niles
Ju° Pitts

E Brooks
J Dorr
J Stone
H Gardner
A Fuller

A Grant of E4oo to Lieut James Avery.

State of Massachusetts Bay —

In the House of Representatives October 4 1780
Whereas Lieutenant James Avery, agent for Col John
Allan Commanding Officer at Machias has represented to this
Court that the Officers and Men at the Garrison at Machias
afors"^ have not received any wages since the first day of June
one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine and that both
Officers and Men are suifering for want of the money due to
them for wages as afors*^ — T[ Therefore Resolved that the
Treasurer of this State be directed and he is hereby accord-
ingly directed to pay to Lieutenant James Avery Agent for
Col John Allan Commanding Officer of the Garrison at
Machias the sum of four hundred pounds in money of the
new comission for the accommodation of the Officers and
Soldiers at Machias and in part pay of their wages untill the
pay roll for said Garrison is finally settled. Col Allen to
be accountable for the same —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council Oct^ 4 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy



In Council Ocf 4 1780

Read again and the Board reconsider their vote of Non-
concurrence passed this morning & Concur on the Vote of the
Hon''''' House —

Consented to —
Jer: Powell
S Holten
J Fisher
B Austin
H Gardner
Warrant drawn
this day

A Fuller
T Danielson
Moses Gill
Sam Niles
B White

John Avery D Secy.

Jn° Pitts
E Brooks

J Stone
Aaron Wood
Stepn Choate

Resolve Empowering the Justices of the Supreme Judicial


State of Mass^ Bay

In the House of Eepresentatives Ocf 4^'' 1780

On the Petition of Eph'" Sheldon representing that he has
been long confined in the Goal in Boston upon Suspicion of
his having taken an active part with the Enemy at Major
Baggaduce & that though innocent, he cannot have a Trial
until the Session of the Superior Court of Judicature, Court
of Assize & General Goal Delivery in the County of Cum-
berland in July next & praying the interposition of this
Court for his Belief

Resolved That the prayer of said Petition be so far granted
that the Justices of said Superior Court be empowered at
their Session in any of the Counties within this State, to
examine into the Circumstances of the said Ephraim Shel-
don, the Causes of his Commitment with the Evidence against
him and if on Examination ihej shall judge that he may be



admitted to bail with Safety to the State, that they be
empowered to admit the said Ephraim Slieldon to Bail —
imy Resolve, Order or Act of this Court to the contrary not-

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council Ocf 4* 1780
Read & Concurred

John Avery D Secy
Consented to —

Jer: Powell

S Hoi ten
J Fisher
B White
Moses Gill

T Danielson
B Austin
N Cushing
Sam Niles
J Stone

H Gardner
Aaron Wood
Jn° Pitts
E Brooks
Step" Choate

Letter from Step. Hall.

The Subscriber humbly begs leave to represent to the
Hon"'* Court that from the necessity of the Case, at the
speecial Desire of Brig'' Gen' Wadsworth he attends the
Court to lay before them some matters of importance to the
eastern parts of this State.

Two Articles in a Letter from the Gen' which has been
laid before the Court are of as much importance to be im-
mediately attended to, as the Country between Kennebeck
River & Majabigwaduce. One of which respects the Extent
of power vested in the Gen' by an Act of the Court of 25
March last past, the other the supplying the Troops with
some accessories. They are destitute both of money & neces-
sary Cloathing, & cannot in the present cold season do their
duty, unless relived from their present necessity.



Your Memorialist therefore prays that some attention may

be given to those Articles, before the Rising of the present


Stephen Hall
Boston, 4 Ocf 1780

In Council Ocf 4* 1780
Read & sent down

John Avery D Secy

Direction to Board of War.

In the House of Representatives Ocf 4*'' 1780

Resolved that the Board of War be and hereby are directed

to deliver to Samuel Freeman or Order one Fire Arm &

Bayonet for the use of Joseph Patterson in lieu of one he

left in an Action at Penobscot —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk^
In Council Oct^ 4' 1780

Read & Concurred

John Avery D Sec'y

Consented to
Jere Powell
J Fisher
Moses Gill
B. Austin
T Danielson

iST Cushing
B White
Sam Niles
Jn° Pitts
Aaron Wood

E Brooks
Step" Choate
J Dorr
Wm Whiting

Order of Board of War.

War Office Boston October 4, 1780
Cap* Joseph Ingraham

You being Master of the Lincoln Row Galley fitted out
by order of Government for conveying the Rev** IM"" Williams


& Comp^ to Penobscot for the purpose of making observa-
tions on the expected Eclipse of the Sun, it is our orders that
you proceed accordingly to the beforementioned place or else
where in the eastern parts of this State as you may be —
directed by M"" Williams whose orders you are to follow in
every respect both out & home Navigating your Vessell

As you will go as a Flag you will be furnish'd by the
Hon'ble Council with the documents necessary for that pur-
pose — We wish you a good Voyage & are

Your friends &c Bv Order of the Board

S. P: S pres'

I Acknowledge the foregoing to be a true Copy of my
Orders received from the Board of War, & promise to govern
myself accordingly Jo' Ingraham

Petition of Robert Calef.

State of Massachusetts Bay

To the Hon'''® the Council of the State of Massachusetts Bav

The Petition of Robert Calef of Boston a minor aged 19
Years Humbly Sheweth That your Petitioner after your
Honours had so far granted his Petition as to permit his
Sister to return to this State from Penobscot applyed to the
Rev^ M'" Williams Professor of the Mathematicks to take care
of her to this place, but the Vessel being so small that there
can be no Convenience for the Girl to come

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays your Honors In-
dulgence that he may be permitted to go to Penobscot in the
Cartel and to return by the first Convenient Opportunity
with his Sister under any Limitations & Restrictions your
Hon" may think fit.

And as in Duty Bound will ever pray

Rob^ Calef


Council Chamber Ocf 6*, 1780

Eead & Ordered that the Prayer of this Petition be granted
and this Robert Calef be and hereby is permitted to go to
Penobscot With Liberty to return by the first convenient
Opportunity with his Sister to this State & to take passage
on Board the Cartel now in the Harbour of Boston bound to
Penobscot for this Purpose — And the Comissary of
Prisoners is hereby directed to inspect all Letters & Papers
he may carry with him. —

Attest John Avery D Secy

Petition of Eliz'^ Holyohe.

The Honorable Council of Massachusetts State

Boston October 7^^ 1780

The petition of Elizabeth Holyoke Humbly sheweth — that
she was a ]S!"ative of this Town — but previous to the Com-
mencing of Hostillities her husband & family moved to
Penobscot — where they now are — She sometime since
Obtain'd Liberty to come up to Boston & see her friends —
and now very Anxious to Return to her Husband and 4 young
Children, having no other prospect of Conveyance then the
present. — she Humbly begs your Honours to grant her per-
mission to proceed in the Vessell w^*" Cap^ Ingraham & the
Gentlemen from y^ Colledge (at her own Expence) who are
now bound near her Habitation —

And your petitioner shall ever pray —

Elizabeth Holyoke

N. B. the petitioner is fully known by Cap* Ingraham —
k informs that 'tis intirely agreeable to M"" Williams & the
Other Gentlemen if Liberty can be granted her —


State of Mass"" Bay

Council Chamber Ocf 9'" 17S0

Read & Ordered — That the Prayer of this Petition be
granted and that Elizabeth Holyoke be and hereby is per-
mitted to take Passage on Board of the Flag Commanded by
Capt. Ingraham bound to Penobscot and she is directed not
to carry any Letters or Papers that shall be detrimental to
this or the United States of America

Attest Jn" Avery D Secy.

Gen' Wadsworth in re Eastern Department.

The following particulars appear to me necessary to be
done for the Good of the Service in the Eastern Department

That the Troops should be paid part of their Wages to
enable them to procure Clothing «Src necessary for their
present Service, or at least Money for the Officers extra
Rations & 200 pair Shoes &: Stockings for the naked Soldiers
to be deducted from their Wages. Should also be glad to
know whether the Troops are on the Continental Establish-
ment (or how they are to Come by their pay) & whether it
be Continental or State, would recommend that a pay Mas-
ter be appointed to the Dept. as the Expence will be very
great if the Officers are obliged to Attend themselves at this

That the Raising of a new Regiment for the Winter or
insuing Year be soon undertaken by inlistment on a good
Establishment, as a Discontinuance of Troops in that Quarter
for the winter will be the probable if not certain Loss of the
County of Lincoln.

That the Quarter Masters Dept. may be furnished with
Money to discharge their former Accounts & to keep the
expiring Credit of the State alive, & that a Quartermaster


may be appointed for the County of Lincoln, the former Q
Master having resign'd

That a further Notice be taken of the Penobscot Tribe by a
Present, & if possible that a priest [blot] &c may be obtaind
for them of the French Fleet at iSTewport.

That Several Vessels taken from the Enemy & disposs'd

of by my Order, which are now detained by a process in the

Civil Courts, may be liberated & the Process cease. If I

have not asked consistent witk the Power & Directions given

me let me be punished by the Legment* Power of the State

rather than be brot into Contempt by such a Procedure.

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