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Security, of the Country, previous to which Your honors,
will please to permit your Petitioner In behalf of the people,
to return his most gratefull Acknowledgements, for the
favours, latelv sranted as well as others heretofore. Granted,
& however these Indulgencies, may or ought to animate, the
mind of every person, of principle. Still so long as Brittish
Troops hold their Post at Penobscutt, by which means our
communication, is cutt of, unless some Vigorous Exertions,
take place, by which, the enemy in Said place, may be dis-
lodged, or the Country otherway's Defended, it appears
impossible for the distres'' Inhabitants, to repel the force
they are threatned with, the Approaching Season — ,

Your Petitioner begs leave further to inform your
Honours, that he left the Departm* At Machias the eighteenth
day of Xov"" — last at which time, the Fort which was began
Since The defeat at Bagaduce was in a proper Scituation of
defence, Sufficient to contain one hund'' Men — With proper


Barracks, to accomodate them, that from tlio time of said
defeat, the Garrison was Principly Supported by a Small
part of militiii Drawn out willi the greatest difieulty,. except
about Eight or ten Continental Troops, not more than what
is necessary to pursue Indian affairs, — nor has it been in
Col. iVllens power Since he receiv'd orders so late in the year
1779 to Enlist, any Soldiers in that Country, That — Not-
withstanding, there is a Strong Fort — well Scituated for
the defence of the place, Sufficient of Cannon And Artillery
Stores to defend it. Still there is no Troops to Guard it, in
consequence of which, tis Evident the depart' is Supported,
(& has been) By a number of Indians which Col. Allen has
C-ollected, at and near the Iliver Machias — How long it will
be in his power, to detain them is very uncertain, as he can-
not Supply them with Bread;, and many other iSTecessaries
which they are In want of — Your Petitioner, deliver'd Col:
Aliens Letters, and dispatches to the lion' Council, the
fourlli of Decem'' last, which have been hiid before Your
honors, and committed, the report of your Honors Com-
mittee, thereon has not yet come to View, upon the whole,
your petitioners earnestly begs Your honors attention a few
minuets, —

is any command*^ officer, in this State, nay I will venture
to add on the Continent So unhappy, So unfortunate, and so
dangerously Scituated, as Col. Allen now is, — surrounded
by the Enemy on every side. Dcstrnetion tlireat'ned from all
Quarters, from their numbers and jiower, possesd with every
artifice, and means to insinuate —

I say may it please your honors when not only the defence
of that part of the Country liut a valuable Interest the prop-
erty of the State, is depending on the Faith of Savages,
oppos'd to the force of Britain — What can be expected, or
rather what may not be Expected, but that the whole must


soon fall an easy prey, to our enemies, this must be ex-
treemly Disagreable, to an officer of Spirit, who has fled,
from Tyranny, and engaged under the Banners of America
And permit me further to add, has under the most Difficult
circumstances, disadvantages, and inconveniences, in every
Period since he has had the honor to be concern'd in that
Quarter Plentifully ProvM his attachment to the Liberties
of America Who has and Still retains, a very large Majority
of the eastern Indians, in fav"" of the american Cause —

Wherefore your Petitioner humbly prays Your honours
will be pleasVl, to take the perticular Circumstances, of the
said department, as well the peculiar Scituation of that
Gentleman, into your wise, and serious consideration, and
take such order thereon, whereby Said Garrison may be
protected And the possesion of that Country Secured to the

And as in duty bound shall ever pray

The foregoing Petition I have laid before the house of
Representatives Previous to their Rising — They directed
me to withdraw the Petition, giving me this reason ; that the
Hon""' Council was Invested with sufficient Powers to de-
termine on Any matters. Respecting the Safety of that
Department,- — I now beg leave to lay the same before Your
honour, with this addition, earnestly praying Your Hon""^
may consider the whole matter, And order, that two Com-
panies of men may be Immediately Rais'd from the Western
parts And sent down for the protection of that — Country,
otherwise in my opinion the department, is Lost, or direct
your petitioner as You in Your Known Wisdom may think

Best. —

Alex: Campbell

Agent for Col. Allen
Boston 20'^ January 1780


Order of General Court to stay proreedinfjs against J. Cargill.

State of !Massac'lnisetts Bay

In the House of Representatives 22 Jan 1780

Whereas at an Inferior Court of oommon Pleas hoMen at
I'ownalboruugh within tS: I'or the ('minty ui hincohi uii tlie
first Sunday of this present month.

Ehenezer Whittier and John Langdou .Jun"" both of
Pownalborough aforesaid yeomen, recovered Judgment
against James Cargill of Xew Castle in the same county
Gentleman, for the sum of thirteen thousand, one hundred
(Sl twenty three pounds, eighteen shillings Damages & twenty
two pounds & sixteen shillings Costs.

Upon the petition of the said James Cargill it is of the
said Judgment resolved that the Exec'n be stayed untill the
third Wednesday of the next Session of this Court, and the
Sheriffs of each of the Counties in this State and their re-
spective Deputies and under Sheriffs are hereby directed and
commanded in the mean time not to execute or serve any
Execution of the Judgment aforesaid either on the Person
or any Part of the Estate of the said James Cargill, and the
said Ehenezer Whittier & John Langdon, are by the said
James Cargill, to be served with a Copy hereof, to shew
Cause if any they have wherefore the said Judgment should
be executed

Sent up for Concurrence John Hancock Spk""
In Council June 23'^ 1780

Head »S: Concurred John Avery D Sec'y.

Consented to —

J Bowdoin T Danielson E Brooks

Jer: Powell J Stone Aaron Wood

W Spooner A. Fuller Sam' Baker

R. T. Paine J. Simpson S Choate

B. W'hite Jn° Pitts


Letter from Mr Lovell £ Gerry

Philadelphia 2?^ Jan^ 1780

The Bearer Colo Ephraim Blaine is lately appointed Com-
missary General of Purchases in v'' room of Colo Wadsworth,
& is on a Tour to Morton to make y^ necessary arrangements
of his Department. He informs us that he has no Connec-
tion or Acquaintance in that Quarter, & is desirous of estab-
lishing such as will best promote y^ business of his office. We
conceive it of y^ utmost Importance that this should be accom-
plished, & have taken y*^ liberty to recommend him, thro You
Sir, to y^ bona Council of y^ State for advice & assistance.
We have lately had y'' most painful Prospects from y^ Want
of Provisions for the Army, but sincerely hope that y^
activity & y*" zeal of this officer, & ye subsequent Exertions
of y*' Several States will speedily furnish y*" supplies required
for y^ ensuing Campaign — We remain sir with every senti-
ment of respect your most obed & very humb servts. —

E Gerry
James Lovell

Letter from Alex'' Campbell.

To the Hon"" Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay —

January 25'^ 1780
May it please Your Honors ISTot long since, I had the honor
of laying before The HonV" Board, the defenceless Scituation
of The Country, Eastward of Penobscot as also the Peculiar
circumstances of Col. John Allen Commanding Officer at
Machias — I now beg Leave further to add, that I think men
may Be rais'd for the defence of that Country, — on the
encouragement your Lienors may please to Establish, — with


such Bounties, as may be given By the several Towns, where
they may be rais'd And westward of Penobscutt River —
and provided an Expedition should take place against Penob-
scott — the men, will ])C ready there on the Spott, to Join
the Troops, — The Expediting of This ]\[atter, will not only
encourage, the Inhabitants but Fiulians, and in my Opinion
■will Save the Country, —

is it Possible the State of Massachusetts Bay is so relax'd
that a measure of this nature can by no means take place, —
For the Salvation of more than one third part of the State,
in extent, when the very Land Contain'd in their T;oundaries
will more than Defray, the whole expence of the War, —
besides A number of faithfull friends to the Country have
expended, the chief of Substance in the Cause — And at last
Submit to the Boundless, Ravages and distruction of the
inveterate Enemies Heavens, forbid, that it may be the Case
And make no doubt, that your Honors on nuiturely consider-
ing the matter, will prevent the impending Ruin, which,
otherways must ineviteably, attend that part of the Country

Your Honors Goodness will Pardon me, when Your
honors must be Sensible I Speak feelingly, in behalf of my
Country I have represented Facts, & am perswaded That
unless some Vigorous exertion's takes place Your Honours
& the whole State, will feel without Redress the disagreeable
Loss of That port of the State —

Upon the whole, as the feelings of humanity must effect
the minds of mankind in Gen', — am Sensible Your Honors
cannot hesitate in — aleviating the distresses of those who
with° The generous interposition, of your Honors Must, in
the process of a little Time be renderd Truly Wreatched. —

1 am with Respect Your Honor most Obt & most devoted

Allex^ Campbell



Resolve of General Court in re Indian Supplies.

State of Mass"^ Bay

In the House of Representatives Jan'' 5^^ 1780

AVhereas it is of very great importance that the Indians
in the Eastern department be retained in tlie Interest of
these States, therefore,

Resolved, that the Board of War be and hereby are directed
to exert themselves in every possible measure to procure the
following articles and send them to Colonel Allen or his
Order for the supply of the Indians at Machias — Viz^ Five
thousand pounds weight of Bread, four thousand pounds of
Rice, ten Barrels of Flour — one Thousand pounds of
Powder, three thousand pounds of Duck Shott — three thou-
sand pounds of Ball Three Thousand Flints — One Hundred
Blankets — Ten pieces of Strouds & Five Hundred bushels

of Corn

Sent up for Concurrence

John Hancock Spk""
In Council Jan^ 6''' 1780

Read & Concurred

Consented to —
Jer Powell
A. Ward
Tho= Durfee
W. Spooner
Oliver Prescott

T. Danielson
Caleb Cushing
B. White
J. Fisher
I). Davis

John Avery D Secy

A. Fuller
J. Simpson
Jn° Pitts
Aaron Wood
N. Goodman


Enoch Ilsley to Board of War.

Falm° y"^ 25' Jan'' 1780

I Beg leave to acquaint your Hon""^ That John Lewis
Esq"" desired me to receive Cloathing from the select men of


this & j?ome other Xeighboiiring towns in tlic County of
Cumberland, and to pack them in T'ask (S: Send them to
Boston, to Yonr lion" I have Iveceivd of the selectmen
ofFalm" 71p''shoose, — 30 shirts cV 76p'"Stokins

ofGorham 12p''shoose — 15 shirts — 3p'"Stokens

of Pearsontown 11 p'"shoose — 11 shirts — llp'"stokens

94 62 90

All which 1 have packed in a hogsett & Ship'd it on Board
the sloop Swan W™ Harper Master as p"" his Receipt Enclosd
which pleas to Receive & pay the freight

I am with Due Respect Your Hon'"'' Most Obed' Huml)'
Serv' Enoch Tlsloy

P. S. also Eight p"" More Slioose from the selectmen of
The Hon"'^ Board of Warr Boston

Received of Enoch Ilsley in good Order on board the sloop

Swan my self INTaster, One hogshead of shirts stokens c^-

shoose, whicli I promise to Deliver in like good Order in

Boston to the Hon''"' Board of Warr, they paying freight for

the same as (\istoniarv (Dangers of the seas Excepted)

haveing signed two Receipts of this tennor k date one of

which being Accomplished the other to be Void also 8 p""

Shoose in bundle

Will"^ Harper
Falm° v" 21^' Jan^' 1780

Order on Petition of Joseph Frye Esqr.

The following order passed on the Petition of Joseph
Frye Esq"" viz —

In the House of Representatives June 25"" 1772 —

Resolved, that the Government receive back the four
thousand one hundred and forty seven acres of the Land in


the West corner of the Township at Pigwacket in the County
of York whicli was granted to the Petitioner in A. D. 1762
and eonfirni'd in 1763 as appears by the Plan herewith
exhibited, and that in lieu thereof there be granted him the
same quantity of the Governments Land as Prayed for in
said Petition, with liberty to lay it out adjoining to the
I^Torthwardly or jS^ortheastwardly part of his Township, so
as not to interfere with any former grant, and that he return
to this Court a Plan thereof taken by a Surveyor and Chain-
men under Oath for acceptance and confirmation in twelve
months from this time —

Sent up for Concurrence

T Cushing Spk -
In Council June 26'*^ 1772

Read and Concurred Thos Flucker Sec''

Consented to —

T. Hutchinson

To all People to whom these Presents shall come, Joseph
Frye of a new Township called Fryeburg in the county of
York and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in ISTew Eng-
land Esq"" Sendeth Greeting —

Whereas the great and general Court of said Province in
their Session in the month of June in the year of our Lord
one thousand, seven hundred, and seventy two ; In Conse-
quence of the Petition of me the said Joseph Frye, Shewing
the ISTecessity which I and my Associates were under of re-
turning back to the Province four thousand one hundred and
forty seven Acres of Land lying in the west corner of said
Township and of having the same quantity of the said
Province in lieu thereof ; The said Court granted the Prayer
of said Petition in the following manner viz —

''In the House of Representatives June 25*^ 1772

Resolved That the Government receive back the four thou-
sand one hundred and forty seven acres of Land in the west


corner of the Township at Pigwackct in the county of York,
whif'h was grante<l to tlie Petitioner in A. I). 17G2, and con-
lirnied in 17(1:5. as appears hv the Phm herewith Exliihitcd ;
and that in lien thereof there granted Him the same quantity
of the Government's Land as Prayed for in .said Petition,
with Liberty to lay it out adjoining; to the Xorthwardly or
Northeastwardly part of his Township, so as not to interfere
witli any former grant" — which Resolve was Concurred by
His Majesty's Council of said Province, and Consented to
by the Governor, -lune 20'*' 1772, as by said Resolve will

iSTow Know Y^, That T the said Joseph Frye, In Con-
sideration that my Associates are Proprietors of said Town-
ship as well as my self (tho' not equally Interested therein)
and the grant of the four thousand, one hundred and forty
seven acres of Land, being made more particularly to me
than to Them, It cannot bo divided between my Self and
Them with that Propriety which the Nature of the thing
justly calls for. Therefore, I the said Joseph Frye Do
hereby Resign up and Surrender the said four thousand one
hundred and forty seven Acres of Land to me granted as
aforesaid, to the Proprietors of said Township (excepting
and reserving my own Interest therein) to l>c divided be-
tween my self and Them with that Propriety which the
Nature of the thinii- iustlv calls for. Therefore I the said
Joseph Frye Do hereby Resign up, and Surrender the said
four thousand one hundred and forty seven Acres of Land
to me granted as ai'oresaid. to ihc Proprietors of said Town-
ship (excepting and rescrxing my own Interest therein) to
be divided between myself and Iliem, in Proportion to mine
and their Respective Interests in the said Township of
Fryeburg, in the same manner as the four tlK)Usand one
hundred and tortv seven Acres of Land returu'd back to the


Government would have been had it remained in said Town-
ship as it was first laid out. In Witness whereof I the said
Joseph Frye have hereunto set my hand and seal the seventh
Day of April in the fourth year of the Reign of our Sovereign
Lord George the third, of Great Britain France and Ireland
& Annoq Domini: one thousand seven hundred and seventy
four — Joseph Frye Ls

Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of

Joseph Pettengill

Tabitha Pettengill

In the House of Representatives
The Plan of four thousand, one hundred and forty seven
acres of Land, granted by this Court, in their Session in
June 1772 to Joseph Frye Esq in lieu of the same quantity
of Land in the Vv^est corner of his Township at Pigwacket
in the County of York which this Court, at the same time
Resolved to receive back, was presented for acceptance. The
Land Represented by this Plan, being bounded firstly to a
hemlock Tree marked standing in the Xorthwest side Line
of Said Township ; Thence Xortli 4 Deg^ East by the needle
940 Rods to a pine Tree marked ; Thence ISTorth 8 Deg^ East
911 Rods to a ])each Tree marked; Thence South 82 Deg^
East 100 Rods to a Spruce Tree marked ; Thence South 45
Deg^ East 320 Rods to a red-oak Tree marked ; Thence South
20 Deg^ East 440 Rods to a maple Tree marked ; Thence South-
wardly by a Bog, the westwardly side of the Pond called the
upper Keezer Pond and on bog again (as by the various
courses of them will, by said Plan appear) making in the
whole 962 Rods to a maple Tree marked Standing in the
Northeast side line of Said Township ; Thence North 45
Deg^ West on said Line 140 Rods to the N^orth corner there-
of ; Thence South 45 Deg'' west on the Xorthwest side Line
of said Township 612 Rods to the first Bound j It appears


by said Plan, that within the BouikIs above mentioned, is
contained four thousaixl, I<mii' hundred sixtv five acres and
three quarters of an acre of Land, which is three hundred
and eighteen acres and three quarters of an acre more than
the Grant : And as the said Joseph Frye has admitted
Associates into his Township, making them Proprietors
thereof tho' not equally Interested therein ; Resolved that
said Plan be accepted, allowing the three hundred, eighteen
acres & three quarters of an acre more than the grant for
waste Land, and that the Lands descrilied by said Plan, be
and hereby are confirmed to Him the said Joseph Frye and
the other Proprietors of said Township, His and Their
Heirs and Assigns forever ; which Land shall be accounted
as part of said Township instead of the four thousand one
hundred and forty seven acres which the Government Re-
solved to Receive back. And as this grant makes good the
contents of said Township, the Division of the whole contents
thereof, as the Township now is, shall 1)0 made between the
said Joseph Frye and the other Proprietors thereof, accord-
ing to Their respective Interests therein (They making
good the four Publick Rights according to the original grant
of said Township) in the same manner as the contents of
it would or might have been made among them, had the
Township remained as it was first Laid out Provided it doth
not Interfere with any former grant. And, Also, If it shall
hereafter appear that the Boundaries of said Grant contains
more Land Suitable for Improvement ; than is set forth in
said Plan, the Land so appearing, is hereby reserv'd for this
Government —

Joseph Frye Esq To Mr Samuel Phillips and Samuel

Osgood Esq''

Gentlemen — I have taken leave to send you enolos'd
herewith, some Papers relative to the Government's exchang-


ing some Land witli me in A. D. 1772 The Paper No 1 is
a Copy of the Resolve of the general Court for receiving
back 4147 acres of Land in the west corner of the Township
of Fryeburg, and granting me the like quantity in lieu there-
of, with liberty to lay it out adjoining to the Northwardly
or Northeastwardly part of said Township ; and therein
ordered that I return to the Court a Plan thereof, taken by
a Surveyor and Chainmen under Oath for acceptance & con-
firmation as by said Copy will more particularly appear. —
Agreeable to that Resolve I got the Land laid out : And when
the general Court was sitting at Watertown I return'd a Plan
of the Same for acceptance and confirmation ; but by means
used by Major Hauley (as I have been told) the House were
pleas'd to order a Resurvey of it, and appointed Capt Joseph
Noyes of Falmouth to do it — In Consequence whereof, I
took out an attested Copy of said order, and as soon as I had
an opportunity, I gave it to Capt Noyes, and desired he
would surve}^ the Land as soon as possil^le ; But He being
then a member of the Court, I Suppose the Necessity of his
attendance on his duty there, and his business elsewhere, pre-
vented his coming to lay out the Land at the time I had
reason to expect he would have done it — After which I saw
him again and renewed my request that he would do it; but
he told me he could not see how he could attend upon it, and
that he made no doubt 1)ut the Land might be confirm'd with-
out a Resurvey by guarding the Confirmation so That if there
was any more Land in the Tract than is set forth in the Plan
Returned as aforesaid, the same might be secured to the
Govermnent; From whence I took encouragement & furnished
him with such Papers as I thought were necessary in the
Case, except a Plan, making no doubt the Plan I had return'd
was in the hands of the Clerk of the House, and having so
done, I trusted I should see an end of my trouble on account
of the Land in Question. But alas, I am disapointed !


Capt Xoyes told my son Joseph (who was at Falmouth not
long since) that nothing was done about it; but the only
Reason was, because there was no Plan return'd — I could
not but be surprizz'd — T knew I had returned one, and
thought it soon would be found — These disappointments,
Gentlemen — ol)liges me to apply myself to you for your
Assistance in the affair. — The Paper N" 2. is a plan to
supply the place of the one that is lost — x\s the Surveyor
who Survey'd the Land and drew the Plan, and the Chain-
men who assisted him in laying of it out were laid under a
very Solemn Oath to do Their respective parts of the Service
in laying it out so, that strict justice should be done the
Government as well as the Grantee, I cannot think it ever
came into Their hearts to do any otherwise than they were
Injoin'd by their Oath to do, so lliat if there is any Error in
the Plan it must be an Innocent one; But (as I desire not
an Inch more of as good land as I return'd to the Government,
which was some of the best pasture Land in the Township)
I am quite willing the confirnnition should be guarded as

strictly as Possible, and had M'" II y propos'd that way

of contirming il, in stead of a re survey, it would have saved
much Trouble. — The Paper N° 3, is a Copy of my Resig-
nation of said Land to the Proprietors of said Township,
which I have sent in order to Shew that it's Necessary the
Land should be confirm'd to the whole of said Proprietors
according to their respective Interests therein, — This, (with
submission to a InHtcr judgment) seems to me, to be a better
way, than to have it contirmed to me only, for if it Should,
it will bring on the puzzle of contriving another Instrument
to confirm it to them. — The Paper X" 4, is an Instrument
which I humbly propose for a contirnnition of said Land in
conformitv to the Instrument whcrebv I Resign'd it to the
Proprietors as above mentioned — If there is any more Land
in the Tract than is set forth in the Plan, the Prosiss which


closes the confirmation, secures the Governments Interest
therein as well as any way I can Invent, However: If the
Court should think otherwise, I have no objection to their
guarding the confirmation in the strictest manner, the wis-
dom of the Court can devise — Perhaps there may be many
of the present House that did not belong to that House by
whom the Exchange was made, who may enquire how I came
to desire it ? To which it may be truly answered. That the
Late Province of New Hampshire run a Line (ex parte)
for a Devisional Line between that Province and this part
of the Massachusetts, which cut off the 4147 acres of Land
in the west corner of my Township, and took immediate
possession of it ; and as that was esteem'd by the Court an

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