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ters/ N^— BeC^ from M" Usher 12 Dec: 1689. Read
7 Jan^y 1689. Pemaquid taken/

Neios from New England Concerning the Indians.

Vpon fryday June 28. 1689 the Indians surprized the
Inhabitants of Kacheta, Vnder a pretence of tradeing with
them, 40. or 50. of them Came thether with Beaver skins,
the rest of them being about 200 stavd in the Woods.

The tradeing Indians beeing Looked uppon as freinds,
their Sackamores, which are the Cheife of them, were
treated at the houses of severall of the Inhabitants, & sufFred
to lye about their Garrisons (each mans house ther being his
garrison and are pallizaded on purpose to secure them
against the Indians)

In the Dead of the night. They in the Woods comeing to
the assistance of the other, Presently tooke possession of
all their garrisons, First plundred the Houses, then Killed
the Inhabitants and afterwards burnt them & their houses

They haue Carried of 37 horss load of plunder
Taken 27 Captives, and

Kild. 27 persons, amongst w*''' is old Major Waldron &
all his famuly


1689 Aug^' 28

News this day on the Exchang is the

2 Shipps from Mevis )

& 1 from Virginia — j Carried into S' Mallos./

End:) 28 Aug. 1689. Neivs from Neiv England Con-
cerng the Indians — The Indians have surprisd Kacheta
or Pescateway & Killed most the People the Rest they
have taken Prisoners /

Council of War.

Province of Main=ss

Scarborough the 11*'' November 1689

//At a councill of Warr held at the Point Garrison,

Present Maj'' Beujamen Church, Cap* Sylvanus Davis, Cap*
William Bassett, Cap* Symon Willard, with the rest of the
coniission Officers of Saco, ffallmoth and Scarborough

It is Ordered that one hundred of their Majestyes fforces
now in this Present Expedition against the Common Enimy,
be detached out of the Severall companyes, which said num-
ber of Soilders are to be left in the Townes abovesaid for
the Security of the Garrisons their Resident, and for a Scout
that may Range the heades of the Said Townes, in Case any
of the Enimy be discovered or any Tracks of them be Made
in this Winter Season, uutill further force be sent that may
advance to their head Quarters

Soildiers Quartered in the Towneship of Saco twenty men
in their two Garrisons, In the Towneship of Scarborough
twenty men in their Garrisons viz three,

Spurwink Included,


ffiillmoth the 13'*» November, At a councill of "VYarr held
in Persuauce of what is above written, by Maj' Benjamen
Church, and the Officers abovesaid

added Cap' Nathan" Hall, Leif Thadeus Clarke, Leif*
Elisha Andrews, M"" Elihu GuUison, Leif George Ingersoll,
Leif ' Ambrose Danes, M' Robert Lawrence, Ar John Pallmer
& others &c —

It is Ordered that Sixty Soildiers be Quartered in ffall-
moth, besides the Inhabitants, and the soildiers that shall
belong to the ffort, which shall be fiveteen soildiers, besides
the Commander and Gunner, and the Remainure to be sent
to Boston, to be Ready to Return according to Order.

It is Ordered, that there be a Sufficient Garrison erected
about AP Gullisons house for a Main Court of Guard, to-
gether with M"" Robert Lawrence his Garrison, which two
Garrisons are to be supplyed with the sixty Soildiers left
for to Guard the said Towne

It is Ordered that Cap' Nathaniell Hall is to take Charge
as Commander in Cheif of those fforces y' are left for the
defence of the abovesaid three Townes, Those Soildiers that
belong to ffort Loyall only to be under the Commander
of s-^ ffort.

Ordered thatLeif Richard Hunniwell is to take the charge
& conduct of the twenty Soildiers quartered at Bluepoint
Black p* & Spurwinck Garrison, as he the said Leif Hunni-
well shall Receive Orders from Time to Time from the s^
Coinand'' in Cheif.

It is Ordered that Ensigne John Hill is to take the Care
and Conduct of those twenty Soildiers Quartered at Saco
Garrison as he the said Ensigne Hill shall Receive Orders
from time to Time from his said Commander in Cheif.

It is Ordered that the fforty Soildiers posted at Saco
Scarborough & Spurwinck, are to be Obedient unto the
Comanders of the Severail Garrisons, but to Attend the
Command of said Leif ' Hunniwell and Ensigne John Hill re-


spectively as they are Concerned upon their Scouting or
Marching out.

Given under my hand this 14"' of November lfi89 by Con-
sent of said Councill

g me Benjamin Church/
// Comand' in Cheif/

Instructions to Capt. John Alden

Boston. 14° Novemb^ 1689.
M"" John Alden

you haveing received on board the Sloop Mary whereof
you are Comander a recruit of provisions & farther supplys
of Clothing for the ftbrces at ffalmoth and other the parts
Adjacent, you are desired and ordered forthwith to sayle
with the said Sloop Mary unto Falmouth in Casco Bay and
deliver the said provisions and Supply^ unto m"^ Joseph
Proutt Comissary upon the place. And if Majo"" Church be
not beforehand come away you are to attend his Order for
the transporting of such of his souldiers English and Indian
that are to be drawn off unto Plymouth that belong unto
that colony and so to return unto Boston. If Major Church
be come away e're yo'' arrivall you are to deliver the Letter's
directed to him to Cap"^ Hall and the chiefe Officers upon
the place and attend their Orders for the bringing off such
of the Souldiers as are to come home and the spare Armes
belonging to the publique stores that are left in the Maga-
zine w'^'' m'' Proutt is ordered to deliver unto you, and make
what hast you can to return with yo"" Sloop again to Boston./.

By order of the Govern"" &

Councill. I : A : S./


flfallmoth ) ,, .
T^ . /. > Maine

Jrrovince oi 5

A Counsill of waiT hild in order for the Loging A part
of the forsis that are now out in this presant Expidison

for y® defenc of Considring the great charg y^ countri is
at in maintaining of an army the winter Drawing on &
Judging Litle good to be don in proseeusion after the
Enimy the counsill of war taks it in to Considrasion To ease
part of the great charg the country is at to disband seuarall
of the forsis & only to Leaue such a numbr of men as may
be iudged of absolut nesesity for the Defenc of the seurall
garisons untell further Order shall apeare from superior
athority.) It is ordered that Cap* Seluenas Dauis houe is
Commander of fort Liall shall haue fifteen or sixteen soldirs
besids him self and a guner to be agaurd for said fort &
the solders that haue bin Listed under his Comand from
time to time, he is to giue them a permit that they may pas
to boston thare to attend the gouernour and Counsill presant
in order for thare being returned to This place or unto thare
maisters saruice givn under my hand the 14*** of Nouember

this is a trew Copy of the originall./

Letter Isaac Addington Secretary, to Joseph Prout.

Boston : 14^*^ Novemb - 1689
M"" Joseph Proutt

These accompany Cap"" John Alden in the Mary by
whome comes supply^ of Provisions & Clothing for the sol-
diers that shalbe posted in the severall Garrisons upon Major
Church his drawing of with the rest of the Forces ; As also
some goods for the purchasing of more provisions there of
the Inhabitants an Accorapt whereof you will receive there-
with from the Comittee :


In the disposal whereof while you are upon the place you
are desired to take a particular accompt and take care that
there be a proportioning of the same to the several garrisons
at Falmouth Saco, Blackpoint &" according as may be most
needed And please to pay out of the goods now sent unto
Clois of Falmouth the value of three pounds or there-
abouts in part satisfaction for the beefe taken up of him for
the use of the army. Also please to perfect and send yo'
accompts by M' Alden of w* hath been taken up by the soul-
diers that so their debentures may be passed. As also send
home all the spare armes left by the souldiers in the maga-
zines belonging to the publick stores, Cap. Alden hath been
detained here severall dayes in expectation that Maj'' Church
would have been here before this time haveing information
that he was comeing by land, but hearing nothing of him
the Councill have now dispatched m"" Alden. Yo"^ comeing
away w*** him was not thought so convenient until the garri-
sons be setled there, and then some fit person may be ap -
pointed to succeed you whereof please to advise, that so you
may receive orders by the next w'''^ I shall labour to forward
w''' tenders of respects,

I am yo"" friend & serv*

I. A. S./ by order

of the Gov"- & Councill./

Letter Joseph Prout to Isaac Addington Esq.

To Isaac Addington Esq"" :

Falmouth : O"^ - 16*'^ : 1689

S"" Yesterday in the Evening arived the Mary the Severall
goods I have this Morning reed most of them on shore I
could have been glad if more bread had been sent for our
Stock was reduced to a little more than hhd and as for pease


we are quite out. I have been and Still am Endeavoring to
purchase what Small gcells I can get for mony or any other
pay of my own that I have to make for them, our Meat was
quite gon yesterday. And the Inhabitants not willing to
bring in any without some redy payment, upon w"^*" haveing
a written order from the Major I Imployed the Constable to
Impress a pcell of beef w"*^ was on board a Shallop bound
westward, belonging to One Wallace w'^'' he was careing
to purchase cloathing for his family, it being about nine
beves, I promised him that he Should be Speedily paid,
w'='' I desire may be fulfiled when he comes to Boston w*"
his noat for the same.

As for sending the Severall acco* of the Soldiers by M'
Alden I doubt I shall not be able to accomplish. I haveing
been under great disadvantage by the Severall officers re-
fuseing to take up for thier companies, and to give me a
perticuler acco* of the Same, w'^'^ if thay had so don I should
iiave been able before this time to have transcribed each accoS
but it has been my work dayly to deliver to each man every
trifle w*** my own hand an acco' of w^"" cannot be so soon
sent as desired.

I Suppose If the Honored Gov'' & Councell Should See
cause to appoint Cap*^ Davis to receive what is left, and to
Inspect and render an acco* of the disposall of the Same he
would not refuse it, he being the fittest man as I Know of.
I have Not time to Enlarge being in a greater hurry then
your Selfe can redily be Sencable.

I desire that Either orders to draw bills for provisions or
a more full Supply of goods be Sent to pay for them here.
Some fall Shoes stockings Mettings and I doubt Some more
linen will be wantinof amonsf the Soldiers all w'^'' w*'' what
ever else may be thought need full I hope will be sent g the
first opertuuity

S"" I am your humble Serv*

Joseph Prout/


An hour Glass in this
Garrison is greatly wanted

Please to communicate what you think needfull of the
Abovcs' to the Honored Gov"" & Councell./

Letter Joseph Prout to Gov. Bradstreet.

To the Honored Gov®

Province of Mayn, Falmouth 9"^ IS**^ : 1689

S"" Since 1 reed order g m"" Aldeu I have done what I could
in Settleing and transcribing the acco' of as many of the Sol-
diers as I could, those belonging to the Plimouth Soldiers
comes g Cap* Basset though for want of time to compare &
examin them makes me Some what doubtfull about thera
lest any acco' or gticuler Should be Omited. Some of our
English Soldiers acco'^ are here Inclosed w**^ some lutema-
tion to the Gentlemen of the Committee about them. I hope
it will not be long before I shall receive Orders for my Come-
ing home where I hope I shall be able to give as good an
ace' of my Stewardship as the Circumstances which I have
been under would admit, I Supose if the Councell Sees
cause Cap* Davis will be willing to take the charge of what
remains In the Stoar for the present.

It will be needfull that Some more bread be Sent, the
Corn w*"'' came will Stand in little Stead except it can be
ground, w*"'' I doubt will Scarce be done here now so many
of the Soldiers are drawn and drawing off, what goods are
come I doubt will not be enough to Supply the Soldiers w'**
cloathing or but little of it can be Spared towards the pay-
ing for or purchasing meat, if goods had come for that
End it Avould have been convenient that I should have had
Some Intimatio concerning the price of beef what to allow
a" as mony. as for pease I Suppose the cheapest way will be
to Send Some from Boston for I can hear of but few to be


had here : I have not time to Enlarge but hope that what is
wanting will be considered of and Sent g the next and at
present remayn

your Honors humble Serv^

Joseph Prout./
I have delivered to M"^
Alden 31 Small arras
being all I had left
w*^ me of the Country s./

Falmouth: 21: 1689
M"" Isaac Addington

S"^ These may Serve to Inform Somthing of the present
State of affaires here in Falmouth Those soldiers left here
are most of them men of 111 behaviour and take little notice
of thier Commander, Espeshally Since thier Cap* went hence,
though for my part I am of opinion thier present disorder is
the effects of the want of that due method of Strict Gov-
erm* w'^^ thay Should have Known before. I would not
reflect upon any man, but I am fully pswaded that if thay
are not Speedily und"" a prudend Commander thier Cariage
here will be dishonorable to God and to the Country, and
Unsafe for this Town for many of them do offten Swear that
they will march away home, & it is hard for me to Keep any
of that Supply of goods w"*^ came last for the other Gari-
sons, thay many of thorn thretning to pull down the Stoar
house and take what they please, I wish that Speedy care
may be taken to rectifie what is amiss.

This day Some of them wer gs waded to go up to Guard
the Mill while Corn is grinding, and it is Intended to Con-
tinue a gaurd thier (if gswation will do) untill a Sufficient-
quantity of Corn be ground for to last the Town the whole
winter, and then wholy to leave off grinding, therefore if it
be thought convenient to Send any more corn here, move


that it be chiefly Indian. Some ground and Some Unground
as also Such a quantity of bread as may be thought Suffi-
cient for the winter, here are now of Soldiers and listed In-
habitants Seaventy Nine men in this Town w'^'' eats of the
Countrys bread besides those at Spurwink, Blackpoiut and

Some fall Shoes are desired & Expected by Some of the
Solders as also Some Stockings & Some more Shirt cloath,
as also Some more coats, breeches Neckloaths &c : The
want of a compleat Invoyce of the Severall goods formerly
Sent w**^ the price of each sort, is a great disadvantage, for
w*** out w'^'' I cannot send home the Severall Soldiers acco*^
^ch Q^YQ gQ^^^ ^QY leave the acco** here of the severall sol-
diers w*^^ are left w"^ whom the councell shall apoynt to
succeed in this charge when thay see cause to send for me
home w'^'^ I hope will be Speedily, w*^^ w''' due respects to
yo'' Selfe is all at present from S'' yo"^

Joseph Prout/

Those soldiers now in the Fort and Capt Davis are most
orderl}^ and under the best command of any here, and there-
fore I would not be understood to reflect upon him or those
under his charge./


The Governour and Councill of the Colony of the Massa-
chusetts Bay in New-England

^0 Simon Willard Captain

Wheras you Simon Willard are appointed Captain of a
Company of Foot souldiers detached out of severall Town's
w^ithin the said Massachusetts Colony for their Majesties Ser-
vice now dispersed and posted in severall Garrisons at Fal-
mouth, Saco, Scarborough and other places neer thereto
adjacent within the Province of Mayne for the Security and

12 docujVientary history

defence of the said places and Inhal>itants thereof against the
coiiion Indian Enemy who have made open warr and are in
actual hostility against their Majesties Names to Authorise &
Require you to take into yo"" care and conduct all the said
Company of Souldiers and diligently to intend that Service
for the safeguard and defence of the said places, their Majes-
ties subjects and Estates there against the said Indian Ene-
mies their Aiders and Abetters, and to fight take kill and de-
stroy the said Enemies as you may have oppertunity, Leading
Exercising & ordering yo'' Inferiour Officers and Souldiers,
comanding them to Obey you as their Captain and Chiefe
Comander, and you to Observe and Obey all such Orders &
Instructions as from time to time you shall receive from the
Governo"" & Councill of this Colony.

In Testimony whereof the publique Scale of y^ aboves^
Colon}^ is hereunto aflfixed. Dated in Boston y^ twenty
ffith day of Novemb"". Ann". Dm. 1689. In the ffirst year of
y® Reign of o"" Sovereign Lord & Lady W™ & Mary by the
grace of God King and Queen of EngP. Scotland ffrance &
Ireland Defenders of y® fiaith &,(f-

By Order in Councill

I : Addington Sec'"^

S. Bradstreet Govy

Instruction for Captain Simon Willard.

Whereas you are appointed Captain and chiefe Comander
of all the Souldiers detached for their Maj"'''* Service out of
the Colony of the Massachusetts now disposed and posted
in severall Garrisons at falmoth, Saco, Scarborough, and
other places neer thereto adjacent for the security and de-
fence of the s'^ places and their Maj"''' Subjects there against
the Comon Indian Enemy &f^


You are to take speceal care that all your Soukliers and
inferiour Oflicers be kept in good order under comand, and
that the worship of God be daily exercised among them,
And all prophane Swearing and other vices and disorders be
suppressed and duly punished.

You are to order &> take care that the Soukliers posted in
the several Garrisons and inferiour Officers that have the
particular comand of them do carefully attend their duty in
their respective posts, in watching warding and scouting for
the safeguard and defence of the place and their Maj"''' Sub-
jects there and for repelling the Enemy upon any attack
made. And upon notice of the Enemyes approach to make
out a party or partys against them if by the advice of your
Officers, and the Officers and cheife persons of the place
with y** assistance of y® Inhabitants it shall be judged you
have a sufficient strength to issue forth against them takeing
heed of being ambushed by the Enemy or drawn out to
engage them under disadvantage of numbers or otherwise
to the exposing of your self or Soukliers.

You are to take care that there be a suitable and propor-
tionable Supply of provisions that are or shall be sent dis-
posed unto the severall Garrisons where your soukliers are
posted to be comitted unto the care of some faithfull person
there who may give forth the same as shall be needed, and
at due allowance and keep a distinct and particular account

You are to take all oppertunitys to advise the Gover""' and
Councill of all Occurrences with you and of the state and
condition of the severall Garrisons and to supply what shall
be needed from time to time.

Simon Bradstreet Gov""/

Boston 28° Novemb' 1689.
Consent'' to by y" Councill
Signed g their Order
Is^ Addington Sec^^/


Letter Capt. Simon Willard to the Gov^ <& Council.

Salem Novem'' 29 : 1689 :

May it please y® Honer*^ Govern'' : & Councill I received
my orders g y'^ Marshall Green Now about twelve or one of
Clock this day : but : I forgot when I was with your Hon"
to speak of our Souldiers att Wells : the most of them : my
souldiers : y* had y^ same promis made to y"^ that others had :
y* they should have supply : or els come home in three weeks
cloaths & shoes & stockings : shirts & will be wanted there :
I sopose : provision will be had with y® inhabitants : I fear
supplyes will be as hard to gitt from Casco ; as from Boston :
Honer*^ Gentlemen : I have : had sore complaints made to me
& harsh pealls rung to me by many neighbours : y* have chil-
dren out in y® servis : or I may say : Sons in y*' servis Som
of them say if they might but have : men prest : in their
Sons rooms : they would be at y® cost to Carry men thether
& bring their sons home again.

of the supplyes : to Wells : I would fain have had some
thing to have said of it as I goe thorow Wells : : I leave
these things with your Honners : So desiring all your pray-
ers : for me : & rest yo'' Hon" most humble serv* & shall : be
speedy in motion Simon Willard/

I should be glad if Docter Hardin had some Encourage-
ment & that yo"" Hon''^ would send him to Casco : We may
loose men of sicknes or wounds without a Docter./

Petition of Robert & Sarah Driuer.

To the Hon''' Gouerno"" and Councill assembled in

Boston the third of December. 1689. The Humble

petition of Robert & Sarah Driuar of Lynn :

Humbly Sheweth

That yo'' petitioners haue as yett a son through the good-

nes of god, lining at the Garrison, at the Eastward whoe


went forth a Souldier, for the Seruice of their Maj"*^ & this
Countrey, more then three moneths past, and the said Robert
Driuar Doth heereby Declare to this Hono'" assembly the life
of his wife Sarah is Bound vp in her Son Solomon Driuar.
& hath beene a sore weakening & affliction, by reason of the
Souldiers that were Impressed at the time hee went forth,
are Returned home, '& her Son left behinde, it doth much
augment & heighthen her affliction & sorrow euen beyond
her strength, therefore doe humbly beseech yo' Hono" to
Consider her weaknes, & shew her this mercy & fauo'' as to
giue yo'' Order that her Son Solomon Driuar, may bee
Released : as the Souldiers that went forth when hee did goe
that soe his Mother may be reuiued whoe is soe extreamely
Cast downe which if the petition" may obtayne will Reckon
it a high favour, vnto them, notwithstanding. Such as haue
lesse need haue had y* fauo"" graunted.

yo'' petition" Humbly & earnestly beg for this fauo' which
if obtayned will euer engage yo"" petition" to great thank-
fulnes, & Euer to pray./

Order in reference to defence against our neighboring

French enemies.

Boston December y* 6"^ 1689
It being a matter of great concernment to y® welfare and
security of their majestyes subjects in these parts of Amer-
ica, y' due measures be taken with reference to our neigh-
bouring fFrench enemies, who as we are well informed have
at Port Roy all declared warr against our nation, & have
made great depredations vpon vs by takeing several of our
fishing Ketches & other vessels, some of which they have
carried away for ffrance, & others they keep still at port
Royal ; & are allsoe continually aiding & assisting our In-


dian enemies by supplying them with armes & amunition,
which assures vs, y* by all wayes & meanes they can, they
will endeavour y® hurt & destruction of their Majestyes sub-
jects here, which while they have and considerable fortyfyed
port or Harbour near vs they are y® more advantaged to
doe ; Wee y® Comission" of the Colonys of y^ Massachusets
N Plimouth & province of New Hampshire, Doe therefore
comend it to y^ hono'''^'^ y® Gov*" & Council & representatives
of y'' Massachusets Colony now assembled, & alsoe to y^ rest
of y'' go verm'* of y*' Colony' & Provinces in these parts
That his majestys Declaration of Warr against y® ffrench
King & his Subjects be forthwith published in y® respective
Colonies, And y* Due care be taken y* the Militia be wel
setled & y® fortyfycations in y*^ Seaport Towns be fitt for
service, y* soe wee may be in y^ best posture we can to defend
ourselves from any Attack of y® enemy, & to assist each
other wee farther comend to y"^ Honr'"'^ y^ Gov"^ & Council
& Representatives here sitting y' a Coinittee of meet persons
be appointed to inquire into y^ present state & condition of
our said neighbours y^ ffrench, & consider what may be
proper & necessary for vs to doe respecting them, so as to
prevent their being capable to make farther depradations on
vs, & their assisting & supplying our Indian enemies ; &
make report thereof to y^ present Convention or in their ab-
sence to y^ Gov' & Council

Tho : Dan forth

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