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order from Gouern'' & Councill that if we are asaulted & in
destress before the armye apoynted doe come unto us, that
then they are without further order from the Gou"" & coun-
cill presently to afourd helpe to us, neuer more need then
now for the enemyes is one euery quarter of us and seuerall
garrisons broak up allready & others breakinge up ; & in a
little while without present help we shall be all gone, not
els but concludeing yo"" hon"" will doe what posible in this
matter I take leaue beinge in great hast I remayne S'/

Yo"" obliged serunt

Francis Hooke
pray S"" be pleased alsoe to send a copy of this to the gou-
ern^ & councill, forthwith that help may be hastined, it
would doe uery well if our eastern men that arc lately gone
from us were all prcst & sent back agayne, good S"" excuse
my bouldncss becaus of hast.
[Superscribed] To maj"" Robt Pike at

Salsbury hast post hast./


Letter from major Vaughan to the Gov and councill

Portsrn" 19^" June 1691
Much lion'"

My laste gaus xVcconip* of ye quitinge seuerall of y® ffron-
teire Garrisons, Manny other vig^ Cochocha Oyster Riuer
&c. are Redy to moue vnlesse present Ilelpe appere for all
plases are so weeke they are capable of nothinge l)ut Stand-
ing vpon there Guard within there Garrisons to preserue
there Hues and wee haue now Advice that the Enemy are
Daily appearinge both at Wells Yorke & Nechowonack and
Destroyinge there cattell of all sorts, wee are Aduized by
m"" Waldron who came Hoome laste Night y' your Ilon"^* are
Determind to Doe what is possible to be Done for y^ Defence
of y^ Country Considering its present circumstance & praye
y' No more of y® frontere Garrisones may be quitted but
Inabled to Stand there Groond, wee were Hoopefull accord-
inge to your Honners Directyon of som present Relefe from
Major Appleton and Major Saltenstall till further order was
taken but none yet Comes.

I am Much Hon'"'^

Your Most Humble Seru"

//W" Vaughan/

Letter from Thomas ISfoyes.

Honored Sir

I Receiued yours Bearing date June y'' 18: 1091: I)y
which we haue an account of y® distressed condition of our
friends at y^ Eastward, it tis Sad and lamentable to heer of
it, but far wors to endeure it, your worship wase pleased to
send to us for a party of hors which we did not moue for
menshion to y* people, because we finde y*"" very much dis-
coriged by reason they can haue no incurrigement from y*
Counsell for any servis they have done uppou such occa-

Doc. Vol. v. 17


tions, the time we haue expended uppon such occations,
have bin uery greeat to y*" damige both in estate and other
wise, y^ comitty of militia of our towne, did petision y*
counsell for Releeve in this mater but couki haue none for
y*^"" time nor yet for their aiTiunition, our Soldiars do think
them selve much Ronged and can hardly be quiated, I should
be glad ther coulde be a way found for their satisfaction,
otherwise the ege of our sudden expeditions will be much
dulled, for I haue giuen y^ Reason we did no more in y'
matter yourselfe wrote for pray pardon ray boldness in it
Sir I am your Seruant at all times

Tho. Noyes/
June y« 19 : 1691 :

Letter from major Pike

May it pleas your honer this came Just now to my hand
and as the accoumpt of that iiidevor of mine as from that
capt and all the accoumpt that I haue yet received from any
of Nevvl)ery and is indeed the Lamentable complaint of
these times yet I haue som hint as if Capt Greenlef by or-
der from your honers is pviding to com ouer with his troop
and haue so signifyed to maj"" Vahan & the people estwerd
(with all) the incuriging hopes imaginabl — and yet thought
it my Duty to send this to your honers for your considera-
sion, your hone's most humbl ser*

Jun 20 3 aclok in the morning R. Pike/

Letter from Rev. Shuhael Dummer.

York, June 22 (91)
Br Sncll

this last night y'' sad news of nine of our Pincipall men
sorely wounded by y'' Indians & one man Kill'' at Cape Nud-


docke. Calls for prayer & pitty & speedy releife by men
forth with sent unto us. Y'' were about 40 Indians we are
in hourely Jeopardy Hues & Estates. Pray comunicate to
major Vaughan, to whome present my service. Cape nud-
docke Garrison is burnt.
[Superscribed] for M"" George Snell

at y*^ Banke y* hast post hast or

for Capt Francis Hooke.

23 June 1691

The above came Just to hand from York from m'' DuiTier
y® Messinger y' brought it declares the matter thus that yes-
terday 13 men went thence to Cnpe Nuddick to load a Sloop
w"^ Staves, the Sloop rid off, but most of y® men ashore in
y* Canoo were Surrounded by y^ Enemy & fired upon but
jjot all into their Cannoe where one was shot dead another
is since dead & 3 more of y*^ Wounded like to die but they
got all on board y" Sloop, left neither Dead nor liveing in
y* Enemies hand, but forthvv'^ way'd Anchor & came to
Sayle w*"* much Difficulty receiveing many Shotts in their
Sayles &c. Soe arived this morning at York & say further
y' Cape Nudduck Garrison was burnt Yesterday the people
haveing deserted it ab' a week agoe./

Letter from Major Vaughan

Portsm" 230 June 1691
Much Hon'"''

The Inclosed Gives Accomp* of what Hapned yesterdaye
at Cape Nuddik, two Dayes since was allso a boy Carried
Captiue from Nechewanneck & y® Enemy are Dayly Alarm-
ing vs in all quarters so that all persons are Necessitated to


Stand vpon there guard w^^'m there Garrisons & None able
to giue the other relefe Nor to preserue there felds of Corn
from Destructyon soe y' vnles Speedy help Come there Can
be Noe Expectatyon of a haruest Nor of Anny Cattell to be
left aliue. I yet here nothing of Cap' Greenliefs Motyon
w'*^ his troop nor (in my Humble Opinion) can it be of much
avail for a troope to March in our Eastern woods who will
be Exposd to y'^ Enemy at there Pleasure if they be of Nom-
ber suffityent to Dare to show themselues I haue Nothinge
ffurther at present nor can your Honners Expecte anything
but Dayly Accomp'^ of Killinge & Destroying till Relefe &
Assistance can be had in order to preuent y® same — I am
Much Hon""^ Your Mos*« Humble Seru"

//W" Vaughan/

Letter from Major R. Pike to the Gov. & Council

Salsbury Jun : 23 : 1691
May it please your hon's

Sine my last to your honers nothing of moment haue ac-
curd but only the Sad accouipt of a man that was Last night
half an hour after Sun sett on John Ring of Salsbury going
out of Jacob Moralls garison to fech in a Cow (as he had
don severall nights before) was caryed away by the enemy
who way Layd him and took him not nmch above 20 Rod
fi'om the garison as did appear by his hatt and his shows
that wear thcr found this moring great part of our towne ar
now out in the woods after them and many of hampton :
but haue Litle hope of recovering them the truth is we ar a
Distressed people because ar a fronter Towne and : but few
men in it and several of them sik and yet : 2 : of our men
ar prest for Wells and we haue order from the maj"" to Im-
press : 3 : more w'^'' if they be caryed away will more weake
vs w*"'' we huml)ly pray your honers to pvent and if it may


be send vs som help for enemy is in all places of our Towne
which we cannot without great toyle discover it is full of
hideous swamps. The man that is now takne we greatly
Lament becaus he was a stout man & on that had ben often
in servic aganst the enemy and don them much damag and
they know him & we fear will extrendy tarter him, on Sat-
urday Last Capt Greenlef to Haverill with about 34 horse
nothing of them sine nor from any other plac. our people
are much aflicted Impoverished and discoridged the only
wise & Soveraine Lord vndertake the gtection of vs and di-
rect of your hon''s which is the prayer of your honers most
humbl Servant

Robt Pike

May it please your hon''s it is the humbl
request of our milisia that our Towne
may have the providing of a frontere
towne as Last year when ten men were
sent to vs for we fear the enemy will
opress vs as thay did the Last year :
and we now hear that hampton men ar
not gon out to day as we heard thay
had no Newbury men so abl to Assist
vs as Last year thay wear.

[Superscribed] To the honorabl
the Govern'' & Counsell hum-
bly p'^sent with all Speed in
Boston hast post hast/


Instructions for Captain John March and Cap"^ Daniel King,
the like for Cap"^ King and Cap"« March./.
Whereas your selfs are commissionated to take the con-
duct of the Soldiers now raised out of the Militia of the


Massachusetts Colony for their Maj"^^ Service against the
IFrench and Indian Enemy, to be disposed at yo'' place of
Generall Rendevouz into two Companys of equal number.

In pursuance of your s^ Commission', you are to take
effectual care that the Soldiers under yo"" conduct, be kept
under good order and discipline.

That the Worship of God be daily attended among them
in publick prayer morning and evening, and reading of
Gods holy word as you have opportunity ; and to keep an
holy rest on the Sabath, so far as the Necessity of your ser-
vice will give leave. —

That all disorders, Mutinies, cursing, swearing, drunken-
ness, Stealing and all manner of Prophaness and Wicked-
ness be suppressed and duely punished according to the
Rules and discipline of Warr. —

Yo' Soldiers being mustered and furnished with armes
and Amunition fit for Service, you are forthwith to advance
in search of the s'' Enemy ffrench or Indians, first ranging
the woods about the ffrontiers on the North of Merrimack
to clear off and sculking Parties of them, and then march
further East in pursuit and prosecution of the s'^ Enemy
according as you may receive Intelligence of their motions,
or the most likely places where to find them, and make what
Spoiles you can upon them ; Also give necessary releife and
succour as you have Opportunity to any Towns Plantations
or persons of the English that may be endangered or dis-
tressed by the Enemy. —

In all yo"" Marchings and encampings be sure to keep out
Good Scouts and watches, that you be not Ambuscadoed
surprized or overpowred by the Enemy.

If any of yo" Soldiers happen to fall lame or be disabled
for Travel, you may to the next Garrisons to have them
exchanged. —

When yo"" Company' happen at any time to be joyned
in any Expedition ; Let there be no contending for Superi-


ority, but let each one l)e ambitious who shall do the most
Service to God their King and Country ; And as you have
Opportunity advise with Maj"" Vaughan Maj"" Frost and other
the Gentlemen of the Provinces of the best Methods to be
taken to effect the same ; And let your deligence and indus-
try appear in Action as much as may be. —

You are to advise the Goveino"" from time to time of yo'
proceedings and what Success it shall please God to give you.

Boston June 29^*^ 1691.

Past and agreed by the Governo' and Council

//Is'* Addington Secr^./

Letter from Riclif' Buckley Comm^

Portsmouth July y° IP" 1691

These are to giue you advice of our safe Arriual here, and
that Major Vaughan and the other Gentlemen that are to be
aduised with here, with Cap' March & Cap* King are debat-
ing a Voyage by Sea to Sawco & with additional ffbrces, and
in order thereto haue proposed to me to supply them out
my Store, which by my orders I cannot understand I can
Compl}^ with being neuer mentioned to me in Boston S"" I
do therefore humbly request that by this Express you would
pleased to signifie your Pleasure as perticulerly by a line or
two concerning it, after your Hon""^ shall have understood
the purport of this Messengers letters. I would as near as
may be obserue my instructions to a tittle.

M'' Eastwick the deputy Collector here has vow'd to seize
the sloop with all her loading if he haue not from M' Bren-
ton a Clearing what she had on board M"" Parson has an ac-
count of I remain your Honor' Most humble seruant at

Rich'' Buckley Comuiy


(i^re fyQ^Yi Cap^^ King and Cap''^ March R""^ July 12^^


May it pleas y"" Hon"

Portsmouth the 11 July 1691

Our last was from Haverill ; Answer of w°'' we had the 6"*
Instant w'^'' procured vs 17 men from Maj"" Saltinstall out of
his resm*^ thouoh left two of our beino^ lame & Sick Not
able to goe w"' us, one of w'^'' was from Maj'' Hinchmans
regm* (and the only man,) he being all from thence.

from Haver" we marched to Exef through the woods, ac-
cording to y"" Hon" directions, in w*^*^ march fourteen of our
men failed ; but by horsses we got them to the Towne the
same day we Sett out ; w'^'* was the 9'" Instant from thence
we marched to Portsmouth (where we now are) and in this
March (w*^** was not very long) we was forced to leaue a
considerable quantity of our men att Greenland (who this
day came to vs) the quallity of w'^'' besides the badness of
their Amies makes them very Insiffitient for the Service y''
Hon" haue sent vs About (viz") a flying Army or Attacking
the hed quarters of the Enemie ; and w"' respect to the
quantity we haue w**" those at York, and those Transported
in the Sloop, but one hundred and eight men ; Not aboue
Sixty of w*='' are fitt for any Service but to Keep Garrisson :
So that we humbly crave that y'' hon" would be pleased to
till vp our companys to pertorme what y" first proposed ; or
permit vs to be servissable to the frontier ; Garrisons and
Townes onely ; w'"'' their is great Nessesety of as well as the
other. As we Are informed, or advised here &c. Ave have
According to y"" Hon" Instructions Advised w*'' Maj"" Vaugh"
and the rest of the Gentlemen here & have concluded that
if y"^ Hon" will be pleased to send ord" for the Impressing
or Incouraging of men here (viz") the valve of fiuety or
Sixty; and vessells ; (w"' an able chirurgcon) for Transpor-
tation To goe by water to Sauko (where, we haue Informa-
tion that their is many of the Enemie and hope (w"' the


Blessing of God) to Surprise them ; we Intend \v"* all speed
to goe thither ; also desire that Orders may be given to the
Commissary to provide vs w''' things Nessesary for the Ex-
pedition w*^'' w'*' our humble Seirvice to yo'' Ilon'^^ is what
offers from y*" Hon" most Humble Serv*^'

Daniel King
John Marsh
Postcript Wee cannot gett a Docter here
So that wee can prossecute not anything
to the purpose w"^ out one K

J: M/
[Superscribed] For the Hon''^^® the Gou-
ern"^ & Councill of the Massachusetts
Collony w"^ Speed These

g L* Sam" Winslow/

Letter from W^ Vaughan & Charles Frost to the Gov-
ernor & Council.

Portsm*^ IP" July 1691
May it please yo"^ Hon"

Last night came to Town Cap' March & Cap* King w'*'
between three & four Score men, & of these not above fifty
able for a march many of y*" haveing already tired upon the
Way hither, Soe y' all they are at p^s' capeable of is y® de-
fensive part & to give releif to any that may be Attaqud,
the Cap*^ were this day w"' us & some other Gen* upon the
place to Advise concrning their Further Motion & we hum-
bly offer yo"^ Hon" o'' Opinion as ffoH viz* that the Enemy
have been & probably Still are upon Savvco river at their
Fishing places makeing provision for their Future Subsis-
tence & that if a Competent number of men were trans-
ported hence by water to land there in the night undiscover'd
they might have an o[)ortunity of doeing Good Service &


Altho these parts are naked & Expos'd yet for Such a Short
time there may be a Comp^ of men rais'd in these provinces
to Joyn w'^ y** Forces now here for this Service (all others
Standing upon their Guard in y® mean time) SoeyMfyo"
Hon" See cause to approve this Motion & give orders for
the Impressing 3 or 4 Score men & 2 or 3 Sloops for their
transportation, it may be y*^ best Service can at p®s' be done
till yo"" Hon" see cause to Send a greater Force & give
Further Direction therein, a Surgeon must be also Sent w***
the bearer for wee have but 3 in these parts & two of them
are wholy uncapeable of travail & y'^ d^ has y*" York wounded
men under his care they all say they have already done more
fory^ Country Service, y" all y^ Surgeons in y® Country Soe
y* none can be had here, it may be alsoe Necessary to give
Some Further Directions to y® Comissary who Seems to In-
timate he has noe orders to Supply Provision or amunition
to any but the Souldiers now come under these Comand" all
w*''' is humbly submitted to yo"" Hon" by

Much Hon'*^ Yo'' most humble Serv^'

yy\Ym Yaughan
Charles ti'rost

[Superscribed] To The Hon'-»"« The Gov^
& Councill humbly P'"s* In Boston hast
post hast K'" y^ 12"> in y" Evening./

Letter from the Governor and Council.

Boston July 13-^ 1691./

Yo" of the 11"' curr* by the hand of L* Winslow was re-
ceived the last night ; together with one from Major Vaughan
and Major P'rost, who propose to rayse some tibrces within
the two provinces to joyn you, for a present Expedition by
water to Saco to visit the Indian ffishing places in Expecta-


tion of Surprising some of them there ; which if managed
with good prudence and Conduct may be probable to Effect
some Service — Those Gent" are written unto and impowred
to Encourage that Expedition and ordered to provide a com-
petent number of men to Enforce the same with sutable
Vessells for yo"" transportation ; And the Commissary is di-
rect^ to supply provisions and Ammunition for that Occa-
sion, And Major Vaughan, and Major Frost are desired to
accommodate a chyrurgion to attend you in this Expedition,
one from hence could not possibly be provided and fitted
out in time ; which may be supplyed for yo"" further motions,
The Council are strenuously inquiring into and pursueing
the delinquencies of such as have made default in attending
the order for a detachm* to compleat yo"" numbers, and Ex-
pect a good issue thereof in some few days ; Be diligent to
improve yo"" time in prosecuting of the Enemy, and securing
the Frontiers praying God to Succeed yo'' Endeavours.

By order of the Gov"" & Council

60 small armes

12 lb« powder & Shott/

Letter from the Gov^ and Council

Worthy S^- Boston July. 13M691.

Yo" of the 11"' curr^ is before us, wherein you advise of
Cap* King and Cap* March with the Souldiers under then),
being at Portsmouth, and of their incapacity to without
some additional Forces to make any advance with prospect
of Safety or Success unto the places of the Enemy^ Rende-
vouz or head Quarters ; And yo' Selves propose (if it may
be with approbation) to rayse three or four score men within
the two provinces to joyn them, and to make an Expedition
by water unto Saco &c. to visit the Indians at their iBshing
places ; where it's hoped they may be Surprized ; which de-
signe is approved of and if managed with good Conduct and


prudence may be probable to Effect some Service ; And
your Selves as being the chiefe Military Officers in the re-
spective Provinces are desired and impowred to take effect-
ual Order for the providing of a competent number of men
to joyn those under Cap"'' King and Cap"^ March with all
possible Speed to prosecute the said designe, with sutable
vessells for their transportation, the Commissary has orders
to Supply provisions and Ammunition for that Occasion ; A
Chyrurgion cannot be timely fitted out hence for that Ser-
vice, its of necessity that one of yours do attend it; which
yourselves must Encourage ; we haveing dependance of one
in yo"" parts to accompany the Forces sent out hence, did not
take care to provide one as otherwise we should have done
and cannot possibly accommodate it for this Expedition, but
shall hold our Selves concerned to see him paid as if he had
been sent from hence ; Let all possible diligence be used for
the Setting forward this Expedition with utmost Speed that
the Opportunity be not lost & that the Souldiers who are at
so great charge to the publick may be improved to advantage ;
Wee are glad to understand there is so ready a disposi-
tion in yo' people to do something for their own defence and
security; (which alwaies appeared in yo' Selves) and hope
it is an Omen for good.

The Gov"^ and Council of
the Massachusetts Bay
Signed p their order
Is** Addington Secry/

"Cap"* King and Caf" March" Letter 2 7" July, 1691.''

Portsmouth the 17"> July 1691
May it pleas y' lion"

Yours p L" Winslow wee received the 14"* Ins* by w'''^ we
vnderstand that y" Are pleased to approue of our proposed


Expedition and have desired Maj' Vaughan & Maj' fFrost
to provide vs w'"^ A Chirurgion, who by all means haue
done thier Endevour (both by persvvasiuc Arguments &
proffittable premisses, to cause one of them to goe w'*" vs
(viz") Maj' Vaughan offered that if any one of them would
goe he (w"' the rest of the Gent''") would collect or contri-
bute a considerable SuiTi of mony to Satisfiiction, but they
all of them refused Saying that they had Secured the Coun-
try more than any Chirurgions in the Country and haue not
been paid any thing for all their disburstments nor prayers
So that they cannot (if they were willing) provide them-
selfs w*"^ things Nessesary for Such an Affair — by w'^'' means
our desighne is frustrated, for our men will not goe w"' out
a Chirurgion — therefore we humbly craue y'' Hon" direc-
tion (or ord'') in this matter, accordingly have sent L" All in
the Bearer hereof to wait on y" Hon" to whom wee refer yee
to a more Ample & perticular account of our condition ; and
Affairs here (viz") y® quantity & quallity of Our men &c.

hi the mean time we Intend w"' Blessing of God to march
to Cochechy, Sammon falls, Nechawanick & the rest of the
frontier parts till we haue y' Hon" further Ord' for Nesse-
sarys To prosecute that Afiair w'^'' yett is Accompted feas-
zable by some Gentl" here that say they know much of the
matter. —

^ch ^th Qm- imnible Seervice to y' Hon" is att p'sent what
Offers from y'

Hon" Humble Serv**

Daniel King
John March

[Superscribed] For The Hon^*"« the Gou-
ern' & Counsell of the Massachusetts
Collony These/


'' Maj''" Vaughan and Frost, 17 July 1691"

Portsra" y'' 17 July 1691.
May it Please yo' Hono"

Yo"" Hono''^ Approbation of y® Motion to Sawco put vs
vpon Exerting vtmost Endeavo' to Accomplish it with all
Expedition And though it would have bin very hard to haue
taken men from these parts yet for soe Short a time Dure-
ing y** vacancy between hilling their Corne, & their Hay &
English harvest, we found them Soe Spirited to it That noe
thinge would haue Diverted the Design, But w* wee wrote
you in o"^ last, viz y^ want of A Surgeon (w'^ out w'^'^ men
would not goe) and none to be Obtained here, on Any
termes notw^''standing greatest Encouragem* Oifered Soe y*
now Cap" March & Cap" Kinge are vpon Motion to Range
y'' heads of y** Towns for the Better Securety of the fron-
teres vntill yo' Hon""* shall make such an additionale Force
as shall inable them to further Servis, wee are Much Hono'^'*

yo' most Homble Serv*^

//W"" Vaughan
Charles ffrost/

Letter from the Governor and Council to Cajpt. March &

Cajpt. King


We have yours of y^ 17"' Curr' wherein you advise of y*
retarding of y^ proposed Expedition to Saco for want of a
Chirurg" It's very unhappy that a nuitter of so great im-
portance having so fair prospect for service should fall throw
and it seems strange & very absurd that notwithstanding y*
})roposals & P^incouragcm' offered they should decline their
Maj" Service, and in which theniselvs are so nearly con-
cerned. If they have not yet reed Satisfaction for y* past
Service (W'' was expected had been done ere this within y*


Province) yet its s^ some of 'em have had considerable ad-
vantage by a Supply to y"' particular occasions whilst they
have been in Service. It had been meet upon y' refusal to
have constrained one of them to have gone upon this Emer-
gency. Care is now taken for a Chirurg" to come up vv**"
L' Allin ; and a further suply of Medicines will be made to
him by the next conveyance. We are inform'd that more
Souldiers are now upon y"" March in addition to y'' two

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