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Comp*"' And expect that you speedily & vigorously rein-
force the Expedition to Saco, or elsewhere, as you may be
advised of y^ apearance of y^ Enemy. And let not y^ Soul-
diers y' are at so great a charge ly still but be constantly
improved upon Service ag* y** Enemy ; Wishing good Suc-
cess to them.

By order of y® Gov*^ and Council

Boston July 20"^ 1691./
Cap"^ King and Cap"^ March are desired

& Ordered to send a particular List of

their several Companys and of y* places

y® men come from and "^ime of their


Letter to Gov. Sloughtev, JV^. Y. July 20'^ 1691.

Hon S'

Yo""^ of the 29"" of June last past is before us advising of
the receipt of ours of the 8"" of May foregoing, and of m'
Newtons arrival with the Records, we likewise observe
therein the reflection you are pleased to make upon us as
mistaking and evading his maj"''^ Order by denying to send
his Sloop and contriving to misinterpret his Commands,
which is utterly without our Intention, and it was not a lit-
tle surprizing to be so suddenly and harshly censured upon
so small acquaintance and that any fiilse insinuations should


make so deep impression on you, as to render us not hearty
to his maj"'' and his interest ; we hoped that what we truly
and phiinly answered referring unto the Sloop would have
satisfyed until his maj"®* further pleasure be knowne here
in, who might cause you to think that those who in preju-
dice to us misinformed his ma"*^ in that matter, do rather
deserue that Character.

S'' In our last of the 18*'' of June past we advised yo""
Excell^y of our proceedings with reference to the Indian En-
emy in the Easterne parts and preparations we were making
to releive and assist their maj"*^^ Subjects there ; as also for
their defence by Sea, which are both now reasonably accom-
plished according to our ability, some Companys of Soul-
diers are gone Eastward to joyne those of the place (who
must also be maintained from hence) to pursue the s'' Enemy
and a Ship of Twenty four Guns with a Katch are set forth
to gaurd the Coast ; besides the numbers of men imployed
for garrisoning and securing of the Sea ports and frontier
Townes, which will not onely contract a very Great charge,
but by this means many particular persons are greatly dis-
advantaged, being taken from their imploym"* and families
at this Season of the year. Upon consideration of all which
the Generall Assembly have thought it iuipracticable at pres-
ent to answer yo"" Excell'^^^ proposall for the supplying of
men or mony from hence for the securing of Albany the next
Winter, not knowing but that some of these parts may be
as much or more exposed than that being as accessible to
the Enemy, besides the readiness of the Eastern Indians to
joine them : there are some of our Neighbours whose Scitu-
ation and other Circumstances will render them more capa-
ble of Assisting in the defence of y*^ Post.

We thank you for y** expressions ofyo"" readincsse to
maintain a friendly Correspondence with us for the defence
and support of their maj*''* interest and Gouernment on this
main, and are sensible that at this juncture there needs an


hearty union amongst all their Subjects, which thing we sin-
cerely wish, and shall ever approve ourselves therein being
ready to the uttermost of our power at any time to answer
what shall be reasonably desired of us by our Neighbours
for their maj''°^ service and interest, yet are unwilling to be
imposed on or required by any that have not Authority so
to do.

By the Vessell sent from hence to the Isle of Antecosta to
fetch off" some men cast on shore there we had intelligence
that on ther Voyage homeward in June last, they saw nine or
ten saile of Ships bound as they apprehended towards Canada
River ; The Indian Enemy have made no late appearance in
the Eastern parts, since the Arrival of our Souldiers there,
who we hope will give some Check unto their Insolence, and
intend a prosecution of them at their places of Randevow
which we are sensible will be with no little diflSculty by
reason of the disadvantages of that Country to pursue them ;
however desire to be waiting upon God for his blessing to
Succeed our Endeavours and pray for the like on yours that
we may at length see a good issue of all these troubles.


Boston July 20'" 1691. Yo"- ffriend and Serv*
Signed. Sini Bradstreet Gov""

in y® name of y^ Council/

Letter from John Hill to the Governor <& Council

Wells ; July 20'" : 1691 )>
To y'' Hon'-'' Gouern^ & Councell

Whereas I rec'^ an order from your hon" to take charge
of a company of Souldiers till Cap* Convers came, w*^" was
thought would be about tenn dayes w*^" tenn dayes being
expir'd & about a month since ; & not finding a fredome in

Doc. Vol. v. 18


myself to serue in y® Town, yet willing to be seruiceable
in any expedition against y** enemy ; humbly request your
Honours would relass me, & set some other ouer them ; not
else ; I subscribe my self,

y hon" most humble Ser*

John Hill/

Letter from Francis Littlefield ^ others to the Governor

and Council.

To y^ Hon''d Gouern"^ and Councell

Wells July : 21'" : 1691 :
Wee being the front of all the Estern part of the Contrey
Eemoatly Scituated ; for Strength weak ; and the Enemie
beating vpon us ; wee Can think no other but that we are
faire for Ruin ; and Humbly Conceiue y<f Hone's are Senci-
ble of it ; with out Seasonable help : our Stocks are wasted
the 13"' of June last the enemie Killed and draue away vp-
ward of an hundred head of cattell beside Sheep and horeses
Some of our Corne is alredy lost and more in great hazard :
wee therefore destressed make our humble address to yo'
Hon" : for men with provision and amunition for the
Strengthening of our Town ; with what forces yo'' Hon"
shall see fit to keep out to destress the Enemy allso that
there may be a magaziene in the prouince that Supply may
be nere where by time will be Redeemed Souldiers Incour-
aged and oppertunitys Improoued against the Enemy ; also
that there be an effectuall care taken that the Inhabitants of
this prouince may not Quit theire places with out liberty
first obtaj^ned from Leguel Authority ; that Incourageing
our Selues with the hops that yo'' Hon''s will kindly answer
vs herein that so we and the Rest of this pore prouince in
great hazard may yet Stand ; which may be to the Hono*" of



God the Interest of his

Rest yo"" Hon''s

Humble Ser'^

The Town hath made

Choyce of the worshipf "

Samuel Wheelwright

and Jonathan Hamond

in the Consern

[Superscribed] To the
Hon''*^ Gouer'" and
Councill In Boston
In new england

majesty and of the Countrey We

ffrancis Littleficld
George Burrouijhs
John Littelfield
Josep Storer
John Wheelwright
John Hill
Pendlton ffletcher
John Cloyes
Nathaniel Cloyes/

Letter from M. Clarhmn Secretary to the Governor and



I am Directed
To give you the Sad news of the Loss of our Governor
on the 23"' Instant by a Sudden Death having Walked upon
the Bridge in the Citty not above a Quarter of an houre be-
fore : he hath frequently Since he Came from Albany Com-
plained of a stoppage and pain in his Breast ; six of the
most able and Skilfull Doctours and Chirurgeons in this
Place have opened and Viewed his Bowells and find the
Defect to be in his Blood and Lungs that by a Glutinous or
Touffh humour in his Blood the Circulation thereof Was
Stopped in his Lungs Which grew upon him by Degrees
untill att Last it Carryed him oft". Itt is Expected that 3'ou
Will hold a fair Correspondence With this Government
Which will always be Read}' to Doe the Like with you and
Whatsoeuer else may Conduce to the Peace and Wellfare of


their Majestyes Interest in this and our Neighbouring Colo-
ny s I am

IFort William Henry Your Huml)le Servant

Date 25f'> July 1691 ; M. Clarkson Secry

[Superscribed] To Such as for the time

being Take Care for the Preservation

of the Peace and Administring The

Laws in The Masathusetts Collony New


''Cap'' Eooke^ Letter, July 1691. p'

Kittery the 26 July, 1691.
May it pleas yo"" Hon""

These are to inform you that one Wensday last there was
sent to me two captius, which cam from penopscott who cam
as farr as Wells in a Ijirch Conew an account pertickular of
theire escape you will haue hear inclosed one of which cap-
tius whose name is Jacob Holoway went away by land for
Boston ; the other whos name is Edw*^, patishall goeth by
watter, the bearor will giue yo"" hon"" an account of him, that
so if you pleas you may haue an opertunity to speak with
him ; —

consideringe what they relate ; I cannot imadgin any bet-
ter measurs to be taken, then to send imeadiatly to penop-
scott, though they doe nothinge but destroy theire corne it
will be a great aduantage to us to aduize, but must aquiess
in what yo"" hon'' j)leas and remayn perpcatually

Yo"" hon''^ humble seru"'

Francis Ilooke/

If my thoughts that I shold ofer might be any ways accep-
tabl to y hon"" it wold be ucry well to send all our eastern


men back or loose theyre plantations ; which if they did
retourne we shook! haue the less need of yo"" hon" help if
not retourne then theyre plantations shold help to defray
yo"" great charge ; I hope you will excuse my bouldnes/

" Ca'p^'^ Martch, Cap*^ King, Cap*'" Shorehorn Liften^ Allen
Sf Liften* Winslows Depositions aboute y^ Herlehurley w^^
y^ Privateers At y^ Grrete Hand"

The Deposition of John March Aged 33 yeers Saith that
Ackording to my Comition and orders from the Honorable
Gouerner and Counsell : my self with my Company was goe-
ing downe piscateque Riuer in a Sloope one the 29*'^ day of
July 1691 and as wee saild by a briganden and a small
sloope with the Kings Jack filing : the s'' briginden fireed two
guns at our uessell and theaire shots ware like to haue done
great damage and wee ware forced to desist theaire Majestis
and Contrise Saruis upon theaire firing theaire guns at our
uessells and theaire Swaring that they woold kill the people
heare : and theay Refused to giue an Ackount wdiy theay
fireed at us and Major Uhan with the Athority heare Com-
anded them A Shore to giue anackount why theay fired at
us : but theay Refused and woold not Com : and then Cap*
ffrier : fired seuerall guns at them and Commanded Cap*
Dew a shore which the men said was Cap* of one of the ues-
sells : and s*^ Dow when he Came Ashore he utterly denyed
to giue the Athoryty any ackount of these things which was
don : and allso I heard the sd. Dew Sware one this 30"" day
of July 91 in the morning that he woold Run his Sloope one
shore Against theaire majestis fort upon the great Island
and land his men theare befor the Sun was set this day.

The name of the Capt" of the briginden which is Aboue


mentioned which fired at us was Kid : and said Kid belongfed
to New York as wee ar informed

John March
Samuel Sherborn
John All in
Portsm" pri" August: 1691 Cap'" Martch Made oath to all
y® above writen & Cap" Sherborn & Liftent Allen to all y®
aboue writen Exep* what Dew said on y® 30"' Daye —

Before vs W™ Vau^han )

Nath ifryer ) '

Deposition of Capt Dan^ King

The Testimony of Daniel King Aged twenty seven years —

Sayeth —

That being in prossecution of an Expedition to Sauko or
Elswhere Eastward Against the french and Indian Enemie
(by vertue of a Commition granted by the Gouern"" & Coun-
sell of the Massachusetts Collony N E'' (for the Service of
our Souerane Lord & Lady William & Mary of England,
Scottland france & Ireland &c King & Queen) : and (coun-
try of New England) was Impeeded or Stoped by the pre-
sumtion insolency of Some privateers or pirates in a brigan-
teen and a Sloop att a place called the Great Island in pis-
cataque on the 29*'' day of July 1691 (viz") the Cap* of the
Sloop said if his men had l)oen as Avilling As he they would
fired att the fort in the place aboues'' And that his Commi-
tion was better then thiers And After he w"' the Cap' of the
Brigantien (viz") Cap': Kid) had weighed their Ankers and
come to sail Either (>ap' Dew or some other man on bord his
Sloope vpon the (Quarter deck brandished his Sword and as
the deponent thinks he did itt in defiance to the Kings & —
fort aboues'' — the Kings Coulers being hoysted, After w



the Cap' of the fort (viz") Capt fryer or some other Officer
Ord'''' the fireing of Gun to Stop them athwart the fore foot
of the sloope (or before her stem) w*^'' he did not regard
Either by loseing any Saile or any other Means Intel! igable
or visable to vs but on the Contrary Some of them (viz")
on bord the Sloop that Cap' Dew was in Sayd fire yee dogs
And after the first gun too Guns was fired att the Afores''
sloop but w^iither the Guns or the tide and Wind hindred
thiere goeing out the deponent knoweth not but they re-
turned & came to An Anker in the riuer of Piscataque agen
to the great fear of the inhabitants of the place as the depo-
nent was informed by them — & further the deponent saith
Not —

Portsm" y« pr° August : 1691 Cap'" Daniell King Made
oath by y® aboue writen before mee

//W" Vaughan Just' Ps./

The Deposition of Lifte"' Sam" Winslow Adged Twenty

Three yeres or thereaboute —

That Beinge on y*' Grete Hand on y® twenty ninth of July

1691 In y® Hurleburly w'^ y'^ Privattre I did here Cap' Dew

one of y** Comanders of y*^ Slopes sware that hee would go6

out & Com in againe & if y*^ ftbrte Did ffire at him hee would

Run his sloope a shore w"" his Men & Distroye it & fire all

y® houses on y^ Hand before hee went awaye & farther saith

not —

Samuel Winslow

Leftenet Winslow Cam Before me And mad oath to the

truth Above wreten this 1 day August 91.

Nathanell ffryer : Jestes : pec'/


" Major Vaughan^ L""^ and Evidences aht Griffin ^ Due w^^
Answer thereto Aug^ 8'-^ 1691."

Portsm" 4*'" August : 1691
M' Is^ Addington/

S"" Inclosed is sundery deposityones which was taken
aboute y^ Hurleburly — w"' y^ Privatteres w"=" thought good
to send you y' if there be Anny thinge In them, worth y*
Gouernor & Counsells Notis you will plese to Let them know
it, y*^ Bearer M"" Brinton saw moste of y"= Hoole Actyon

I am

S"" your Most Humble Seru"

//W"" Vaughan/
[Superscribed] ffor y® Worship" Isaake
Addington Secretary Humby p''sent In
Boston g m"" Brenton Cole''

Q : D : C —

^^Accompt of the Eastern Expedition Aug. 7, 1691."

Portsm° 7"^ August : 1691
An Accorapt of y*^ Expedytyon of y® fforses EstW^ who
Ariued thense this Daye, Aug'' l'*' being Saturdaye we
saled from Grete Hand & ariued at Sawco aboute 2 a Clocke
Nexte Morning wee landed our Men & Marched before
Daye, & sent out our Scoutes but could make no Discouery
of y" Enemy, nor when wee came to Salmon ffalls (y^ Prin-
sipall fishing plase) Could wee find y* y'' Indyans had bin
there this Sommer so wee Returned to our vessells that Eveu-
inge & Not willinge to Return home w*'' oute Makeing som
ffurther Discovery of y'' Enemy wee forthw"' Embarked &
Sailled Estward & y" Nexte Daye being Mondaye wee
Landed at Juells Island where it was supposed y® Indyans


might haue planted but wee flfound No such thinge soe thens
sailled to Chebeag where wee ffound two Indyan Dogs &
Eleuen ffier Plascs which had Not ben Lefte by the Enemy
aboue two or three Dayes, thens wee sailled on Monday
Night for Macquoit but by Reson of contrary winds ariued
Not there so as to land our Men till tusdaye aboute one a
Clock when wee flbrthw"' Marched to Pegypscot ffort but
saw No signe of Indyans there soe Returned to our vessells
about an ouer by some (but by y" waye tooke a ffrench Man
Knowne by sundery of our men to be one of those brought
ffrom Port Royall who gaue Accop' y' he was taken at
Exeter by 3 of our Enemy Indyans) when wee came to
our slopes y* Laye aboute a small gunshoat from y® shore
agrownd vpon the fflatts wee orderd our men to Embarke
but while there was about 40 Remaineino;e a shore Amongst
■^ch y/ffQYQ moste of y^ officers y® Enemy Appered in grete
Nombers and violently Assaulted vs Indeaoringe to sor-
rownd vs beefore wee could Recouer y® slopes Killed &
wounded sundery Accordinge to a Liste hereof sent wee
Cannot Imagin there Number to be lese then Three Hondred
& parte of them ifrench they Continewed fiiringe all night
at our sloopes & wee at them till ffaire Daye Light by which
time our sloopes ware aliloote & then wee made y^ Beste of
our waye & Ariued here this Daye.

A List of Men Killed & wounded in y® late Expedytyon
Est ward viz'

Cap" Kinges Men

wounded Hen* Dier of Boston of y® Men belono^ins: to

W"" Pursley of Ipsw''^'' y*" Provinses of Hamp-

Tho' Larrison of sheire & Maine

David Kcane of Boston Kild — Cap'" Sam" Sherborn

John fiarthinige of of Hampton

Temothy Machew of Nath'^ White— Ditto



Jn" Townsend ) .. , James Dolle — Ditto

X TT 1 . t indyans , , ^

Jn° Howkiiis > waimoth Dover

W" Neff of //

// Woonded Capt" Shedroke Portsm*

Cap" Marches Men En^^n Ladd — of Exeter

Wounded Jonathan Robinson — Ditto

Liften' Jn° Alden Salsberj Rob' Lighten Portsm**

Liften' Hunnewell Pilott Tho^ Abbett Kittery

Sarg' tiVeeman Clarke of Ipsw*''" W"^ Haies — Ditto

Jn° Vie of Newbury //

W" Davadge Topsfeld

George Lilly of Landu
flran^ Britton of Newberry
[Superscribed] To the Honr*^' the Govern"^
& Couusell these present hubly in Bos-
ton hast post, hast/

Letter from Capt. Dain} King ^ Capt. John March to the

Crovernor ^ Council.

Portsmouth the 7th Aug" 1691
May itt Pleas y"" Hon"

According to y"" ord""^ we haue prossecuted our desighne to
Sauko where we could fine none of our Eniniies, & from
thence we Sailed to Juells Island (haueing had Intelligence
of thier planting thier) but found Non of them ; and then
to Cheberg where wee discouered Eleuen fire places, from
whence we belieue the Eniniie had departed two or three
days; and from thence w'" all Expedition to Macquait in or*
to march to Pegipscott fort w'^'* we Eflected, and att our re-
turne to our Vessells were attacked by about three hundred
or more of our Enemies, who killed and wounded twenty


seven of our men ; And by our ])eing on tbi.s Expedition and
former Long marches, many of our other men are much dis-
abled wanting sundry things Nessesary (viz") hose & Shoos
and Cloths So that they cannot be Serviceable, And our
docf Not provided w*"^ things convenient for our wounded
men, & we therefore humbly craue y'' Hon" consideration
in this matter ; And if y"" hon""* desires our further proceed-
ings we think we Cannot Secure our Country in hurting our
Enimie vnless we have three or four hundred sufficient men
well accoutred for war &c. —

And as for a more p^'ticular acco' we humbly reffer y° to
Maj'' Vaughns letter we haueing informed him of the matter
and also to L* Plasteed the Bearer hereof; w'=^ w*"" our hum-
ble Scervice to y® hon""^ is what att p''sent offers from y'' hon"
humble Serts Daniell King

John March/

Letter from the Governor ^ Council.

Boston August 8"^ 1691

This day Cap"^ AVilkinson waited upon y^ Gov"" and Coun-
cil and Inform'* them of the unwarrantable action of Cap'
Griffin and Cap"® Due in a hostile manner firing at and Sur-
prising of his Ship (belonging to their Ma*'*^^ Subjects) on
the high Seas dispossessing the Master of her carrying of
her into Isles of Sholes and since into y"" River, imbezelling
and disposing of her Cargo without any due Tryal or adjudi-
cation ; As also there is lying before the Council the Informa-
tion and Evidences of y® Insolent and intollerable behaviour
of the s** two Captains in yo'' Port disturbing y® peace and
quiet of the place, putting their Ma"®^ Subjects in fear, and
afiront offered to y® Goverum' of all which y*^ Gov'' and


Council have a just Resentment and hold thenaselves Obliged
to maintain their Ma"*^^ honour and to bring the said Cap-
tains unto Reason.

For which end inclosed is an Order and precept unto
Cap"^ GofFe, to Seize and take into custody their persons and
to cause them to be safely convayed to Boston before y®
Governor and Council to answer for their said misdemean-
ors in the Execution whereof he is directed to advise with
yo'' Selfe of y® most proper and easy methods to be taken
for j^ Effecting y® same without causing any disterbance or
Exposing of any on either side, confiding in yo'' prudence
to direct therein, and so to contrive it that there may be no
fear of opposition or disturbance in y® place.

M"" Brenton has also promised to assist with his advice in
y* matter. Cap* Goffe is likewise directed to Stay with his
Ship in y"" River for y^ Safety of the place, until farther
Order if there be need or until he be dismist by yo^ Selfe ;
Expecting that you will detain him no longer than is of
absolute necessity, and Speedily advise of what shall be
done herein —

After y^ riseing of y® Council yesterday a Vessell arrived
from Piscataqua with y® intelligence of the Return of y®
Forces sent Eastward and the loss and disappointm' they
met withall ; an awfull frowne of Providence, under w'^'^ we
have cause to be humbled, it's hoped meet provision will be
made and due care taken that the wounded men be well
look't after, if anything be further needful in that behalfe
let it be advised : m"" Brenton will bring a Supply of powder
for y*^ Souldiers, who will need to be very Vigilant in in-
tending their duty for the preservation of the places in yo'
parts, and to rcj)el the assaults of y° Enemy, who will be
Encouraged by the defeat of ours ; I Suppose the Governor
and Council will speedily advise and give further directions
for y" improving of them so as may be most likely of their
doing service it it shall please God to own them therein,


unto whose gracious protection I commend you, and am
with all hearty Respects

Yo"" assured ffriend and Servant
Aug" 9» 1691./

Letter from Gov Bradstreet to M. Clarkson, Secretary

By yo" of the 25*^ of July past I bad the s** news of the
Sudden death of yo'' Governo'' which was no little Surprize
unto me and I heartily condole with you in that Great los&
especially under the present conjuncture of Affaires fearing
least his removal have such influence thereon as to occasion
alteration in the Measures lately taken by the Maquas &ca
and their resolutions for the English Interest, and to prose-
cute the Enemy, But the Great Sovereigne of the World in
whose hand is our life, breath and all our wayes disposes of
all things in infinite wisdome, and will accomplish his owne
pleasure by what instruments he pleaseth, I should be glad
to hear of the Good success of yo"" late Exi^edition from Al-
bany. Some Companys of ours the last week being abroad
in the Eastern Country on discovery of the Enemy having
visited severall places of their usual Rendevouz and finding
none of them at length returning unto their Vessel Is in order
to their comeing home, and most of the men embarqued just
at evening, about forty still remaining ashore they were sud-
denly and violently assaulted by a numerous Company of
the Enemy, as was judged three hundred at least ffrench
and Indians ; who firing on our men slew three and wounded
upwards of twenty ; but they recovered the Vessels and got
off; and we have reason to think that the Enemy are gath-
ering to pursue some great designe ; which will necessitate
our affording what aid and succors we shall be capable of
unto the Eastern parts. I am desirous of and shall maintaine


a good understanding and Correspondence with yo*" Govern-
m"' And hope and expect that they will intend the same
with this and other the Neighbouring Colonies that we may
all pursue the same designe, namely the promoting of their
jyj.^jties Interest and the suppressing of the Comon Enemy.
Boston Aug^* 10^^ 1691 Yo"" friend and Serv*

Signed Sim Bradstreet/


Maj' Vaughan, Maj"" ffrost M"" francis Hooke m"" Richard Mar-
tin Cap"'' Dan" King and Cap"'' Jn" March.
The Gov'" and Council have had the consideration of yo"

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