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since the return of the fforces and the unhappy defeat of the
late Expedition being not without fears of the Enemies
makeing fresh Assaults upon the out Towns, and therefore
think it adviseable and order for the p"* Wells be enforc't
with thirty Souldiers more than are now posted there, and
that either Cap""' King or Cap"'' March go thither to take the
Command of that Company ; Cap"" Convers Ij'ing very dan-
gerously sick and so rendered uncapable of Attending that
Service as was expected. And that the rest of the Souldiers
be disposed into the severall Towns and Plantacon of the
two Provinces for the better enforcino; of them ag^ the As-
saults of the Enemy according as yo"" selves shall direct and
'apprehended most adviseable for their Security, until fur-
ther measures be taken, and that they diligently intend duty
of watching, warding and Scouting. A supply of Medi-
cines are sent for the Chirui-gcons and some supply of Pro-
visions Stockins & Shooes &*"* for the Souldiers.

This is as far as the Council can at p"* direct until further
consideration be had and what resolutions may be taken
thereupon shall be communicated unto you.
Boston August 12"' 1691/


Letter from Thomas Griffin

Piscataqua August y^ 12*'' 1691

I understand by Some men lately come from Boston y*
Tho : AVilkinson did make his Comp" to you concerning his
vessell being taken from him bj me ; the day I did write to
you for Some Supply of men & provisions in order for y^
takeing of a french busk y* had donn damage on this Coast.
I saw this vessell Tho : Wilkinson was master of not unlike
y^ ffrench busk w*^'' I had notice of & comeing upp w"* her
fired Severall Shott at her to lower her top Sayles but would
not before wee had fired 3 great Shott & a volley of Small
amies w'^'^ gave me cause to comand him to come on board
my Sloope & to Examin what he was, & finding y' he was
come from Cadiz loaden w**' Severall prohibited goods, made
Seizure of her for their Maj"*^^ & did design to send her to
my Comission Port, but found her not capable to be carried
there as by y® deposition of Three Carpenters I requested to
survey her may appeare, therefore proceeded by vertue of
ye Power I have (being Satisfied y' noe larger cann be
granted out of Boston to Condemne her as by Law is p""-
scribed designeing to be answearable for y® same at my Com-
ission Port where I will answear any thing y* cann be al-
leadged against me, I have been Informed by Severall &
Comp" is made to me y* Vessells are Sutfered to goe out of
Boston to furnish y^ fi'rench y' live at Port Roy" w"' Armes
amunition Cloths & other things in truck for beaver & other
goods w'='' gives me great cause to suspect I should be un-
kindly dealt w*'' being a Subject to y® Crown of England, &
likewise yo"" neglect in forwarding my designe ag^' y" flVench
& Suffering y^ Provisions I sent for to be Stopped.

Thomas Griffin/


Letter from Francis Hooke to the Governor ^ Council.

Kittery 13 : 1691 Aug^*

This morninge about two of the clock cam a post to me
which gius this account, that there was seen yesterday about
three of the clock in the afternoon at Newichwaneck twenty
fine Indiens nere to Will Spencers garrison : Shott two men
that were mowinge close by the sayd Spencers garrison :
one found dead the other left for dead beinge scalpt ; but is
since com in to the Garrison ; we haue at present allarams
round about us; we are in a uery Awfull condition, & can-
not expect to stand but a uery little time if God doe not
moue yo'' hearts to send speedy help as for Capt March &
Capt Kings company, most of them that are well are sent
away to Wells & Yorke to strengthen theire hands ; but all
will signifie but uery little without further relieue ; I begg
you for to consider of it ; & minde us for Christ sacke.

there is one Joseph Wheeler a prest souldier run away
from his comander if he coms to you pray send him back &
pay him nothing untill yo'' hon"" here further, not els beinge
in great hast I tak leaue & remayne
[Superscribed] For Syman Brad- Yo"" hon" huble seru*

street esq' Gouern"" of the Mas- Francis Hooke/

etusetts & the Councill this

present //Boston
Hast post hast/

Letter from TF'" VaugTian to the Governor ^ Council.

Portsm" 13"' August 1691.

Much Hono'^'*

Vpon the Arivall of o'' fforces from Eastward w*''' came in
A shattred Condition (some haueing lost their Guns &
maney their Shoes & stockins &c) we considered how to


dispose thera, for best advantage vntill yo*^ Hono" should
give further ord"^ Concerning them, And accordingly being
Drawne vp to y'^ Number of About Eighty in all, vncapea-
ble of any ffurther Service att p''sent, y" strengtheing the
ffrontiers, wee Sent 25 to Wells 20 to Yorke And y^ rest to
y^ Seucrall out Garrisons round to Exeter for their p''sent

Last night came Advice from Maj"" ffrost of y^ Enemys
appearance at y° vpper Garrison att Nechewonuck who
Killed Two of our Men Mowing in the feild Neer y^ Gar-
rison & shewed them Selves to y^ number of 25 many
Guns were heard, also at Cochecha & Oyster River, but
thence wee have not yet Any Acco* the Enemies Successe
East hath doubtles given y" great Encouragem* & wee may
rationaly Expect they will prosecute their designes Against
vs w''* vtmost vigour, Soe y* hope yo"" Hono" will consider
y® same, And take measures Accordingly, The Comisarys
Stores will quickly want recruit[ing] as he tell mee, he hath
already Advised, of, those Shoes, Stockins, Shirts &c will
be also necessary But this & w' Elce Concernes y® Eastern
Expedition you haue a more perticular Acco' by Lew' Plais-
tead who I vnd^stand went on purpose — .

By m'' Brenton who Arived here last night, came yo""^ of
y^' 8"^ Aug" w*^ y^ Inclosed to Cap" Goff w'='' I forthwith de-
livered to him (he being) then at y"" Banke ; vpon Receipt
whereof, he p'"sently went downe on Board his Ship in ord''
to y® Execution of yo"" Hono" Coiuands But Eare he came,
y® Two Sloops were both gone out in y^ night. Suppose y®
returne of m"" Brenton heither whome they Saw at Great
Island at his Arivall might give them Ocasion of suspision
& soe affright them away. They yet lay of y^ Harbour But
Cap" Goff should he follow y™ twould Signified Little they
being: much better Sailers then hee :

Cap" Goffe haue desired me to informe yo"" Hono" y' he
hath not aboue five dayes provissions on Board Soe vuless

Doc. Vol. v. 19


Supply be made he will be necesitated to returne to Boston
forthwith w'^'' may be ill conveuiant whiles y® witers are here
abouts I am

Much Hono'^'' yo'' most Humble serv*

yy\Ym Vaughan/

Letter from Christopher Goffe

Pastaqua the 14 of August 1691

s -

Yo" I receiued by m' Brynton and shall abay your honers
Comand : in making Seasuer of Cap" Griffin and Cap" Dew
It lies in my power to meet W'"^ them ; but being at the
Bank my Selfe when the Colecter Came to this place : the
said Cap" Griffin & Dew Soposeing that I had an order to
Stop them Came to Sayle and one of them is now in Site
Standing of and on between this place and He of Sholes. I
could desire that if it ware posabell for us to Com up with
them : in ower ship : butt the Sayle two foot to ower one :
your Honnor with the Councell may be informed by these
that ower Bread and beare is all most Expended and If your
Honner shall think fitt to Call us in to Nantaskett and thare
to prouide what Neseareys We Stand in need of: as to the
Docters Chest Espeshely : I am Your Honners Humbell
Searuant to Comand Christopher Goffe/

Capt. Croffe ordered to cruise betwixt the Capes^ etc.

Boston, August 21° 1691./.
Cap"« Goffe./.

You are hereby Ordered to cruse with yo*" Ship betwixt
the Capes and off towards y*' Sholes for y" Safeguard of the


Coast and the securing of Merchant Ships inward and out-
ward bound, for the Space of Ten dayes next comeing and
by the End of said time to return to Nantaskctt to receive
farther Orders ; This Order you are to Attend with the men
now beh:)nging unto yo"" Ship, and not to impress any more
men. Sign'^ Sim : Bradstreet Gov""/

To Captain Christopher Goffe Com-
mander of y'^ Ship Swan in tiieir
Ma""^ Service./

Orders to Capt. Groffe

Captain Goffe

You are hereby Ordered to pursue the warrant formerl}'"

given you for Seizing and bringing in Captain Griffin and

his Vessel!, and bring them with you to Boston, to Answer

what shall be Objected against him on their Ma"*^" behalfe ;

hereof faile not at yo"" peril :

Boston, August 30'" 1691./

Sim : Bradstreet Gou""/

''Letter to Cap'^^ King and Cap'^^ March Sef 18, 1692:"

Boston Sepf 18, 1691/

Vderstanding by Cap'"" King that according to former In-
structions the Companys of Souldiers under yo*" several com-
mand are posted out in the Towns and Garrisons within the
Provinces of Hampshire and Maine and that yo' Selves can-
not be further Serviceable in takeing the care and conduct
of them as they are now dispersed. So that yo"" longer Sta}^
abroad seems to be unnecessary, there being no present


prospect of makeing out any new Expedition against the
Enemy, and the daily growing charge to the publick being
great, It's thought advisable and hereby accordingly Ordered
that yo'' Selves, with other yo'' Commission Officers be and
are dismist ; And that yo'' Souldiers continue in their several
posts under the care of their Inferiour Officers with the ad-
vice and assistance of the cheife Officer of y*^ respective
places whereto they are assigned until further Order.

Cap"^ March* habitation being neer in case there be Occa-
sion for their Embodying, notice may soon be dispatcht unto
him that he may return to take command of the whole.

And each of you are forthwith to make a perfect List of
y^ names of y*^ Souldiers under yo"" several command and the
places from whence they were drawn, the time of their En-
trance and discharge of such as you have dismist ; with an
accompt where they are now posted that remain, and trans-
mit y^ same to y* Gov"" and Council, advising what supplies
are wanting for their continuance ;

Accepting yo'' readiness and Endeavo""* of Service for their

Ma"^' and yo"" Country

Sign*^ S. Bradstreet Gov''
P Order I. A. Secr^.

Sent by Cap"*" King himselfe being then in Boston./

Letter from W"^ Vaughan ^ Rich'^ Martyn to the Gover-
nor and Council.

Portsm" Sept 26''' 1691
Much Hon'^'^

Yo''' of 18"' Instant came to hand, by w'='' we vnderstand
that all the Comision officers belonging to the two Compa-
nies now posted in these two Provinces are dismised & are
just now returning home ; we heare that there is great mer-
ing among the soldiers in the Garrisons for that both the


Captains are going away, and many of them we are informed
will not stay when their Chief Comand'"s are gone, & we
fear it will be soe : Although they say that if Cap' March or
Cap* King doe stay here they are willing to be under Either
of their Comands, we are afraid the Enemy will vissit us
Ere long, & if the souldicrs should now leave the Garrisons
we shall be as lyable to be a prey to them as ever ; Cap*
March tels us he is willing to stay longer if yo"" Hon""^ please
to order him so to do ; w*'*' wee (w*'' humble submission)
thinke may doe very well : we pray God to guide in these
& all yo"" other arduous Concerns, Remaining

Yo'' Hou*"^ humble seru*^

W" Vaughan
Rich'' Marty n/

Letter from John March to the Crovernor and Council.

Newbury Sep* 27*'^ 1691.
May It please your Hon""^

According to your last ord""^ we dismised our Commission
Officers, and was harty glad that your Hono""^ would be
pleased to dismis me ; butt y® Soulders being very unwilling
& likewis the wounded also very desirous of our Staying
there & also Maj"" Vahn & y^ Rest of the Gentelmen att the
Esterne parts. So Eairnest in desiring that one of us may
Still Continve there vntile Such time as your Hon'"* Sees
Cass to drawe of the Soulders Opon which Reason the
Jentelmen of the Bank Prevailed with Cap* King to Stay
tile next fFriday, In which time thay Expect to here ffrom
your Hon''^ there Earns* desire to me was that I would In-
forme your Hon'"'* in what Condistian thay ware like to be in
with out your Hon*""^ doe se Cass to plase Some fitting per-
son to take Care of the Whole, & that your Hou^"^ would be


pleased to Recrute the Stores with Cloathing Sutable ffor
Could weather, Soulders being out of Cloathing thay are
not ffitt to doe Service.

not to Truble your Hon"* with a Long discource & Beging
your Hon""' Pardon for my Bouldness : I take leve to Sub-
scribe my Self Your Hon""" most Humble

Servant At Command

John March/

Letter from Rev. Geo. Burr ough to the Gr over nor and Council.

Wells: Sept: 28^^ 1691. }
To y^ hon""^ Gouern'' & Councel

Whereas it hath pleased God (both formerly & now,) to
let loose y® heathen upon us, who haue been a sore scourge
to us, & still distress us, by holding us off from our im-
prouements, Keeping us in close Garrison, & dayly lying in
wait to take any that goe forth whereb}' we are brought
very low, not all y'' Corn raised in y** Towne is judged
enough to keep the Inhabitants themselues one half year, &
our Stockes both of Cattle & Swine are much diminished ;

We therefore humbly request your lion" to continue soul-
diers among us, and appoint a Commander ouer them ; &
what number shall be judged meet to remaine with us for
the winter, that prouisions Corn & clothing sutable for them
may be seasonably sent ; also one hogshead of Salt ; all ours
being spent, al?o a present suppl}' , in that, what was sent
before is almost gone, we had a youth of 17 years of age
last Saturday carryed away, who went (not aboue gunn
shott,) from Lciut : Storer's Garrison to fetch a little wood
in his amies, we haue desired our loueing friends, Cap* John
Littlcfield & Ensigne John Hill, to present this to your


hon" who can giiic a further account of our condition, we


Y"" : hon" most humble ser^

George Burrough.
Sam" Wheelwright
Joseph Storer,
Jona" Hainond
John Wheelwright.
John Cloyce.
Nath : Cloyce.

Letter from John Alen ^ others to the Crovernor ^ Council.
To the Honor'' Gouen"" and Counsell :

May it please yo"^ «Hon" : wee that are Souldiers now in
theh'e majestys seruis in the town of wells : w^ee Humbly
Conceive it is not vnknown to yo"" Selves that wee have ben
in y^ seruis a long time : and as farr as wee Can vnd^stand
are like to Continue longer: which wee are not Capable to
doe ; being maney of vs alredy almost naked ; we are willing
to Serve yo'' Honors in what we are Capable of, but with out
Cloathing we are not fit to Serve nither Contrey :
if it be yo"" Hono" : pleasure to Continue vs longer in this
place be pleased to Send Cloathing suteable for the winter
with out which we Cannot Continue./ further we : Craue
that yo"^ Hono"^ would please to Remooue Cornelus Creek
from being a Comand' ouer vs : we Judge him not Capable
for any Comand, we are not able to bare his Cursing &
Swareing and tireany ouer vs : a Kingdome Cannot be Es-
tablished by iniquity ; nither Can we expect a blessing where
Sin Reins with the allowance of it thus Craning yo"" Houo"


pardon : we subscribe o' selues yo"" honor most Humble
Seruants :

this 28 Sep* 1691

John alen
Samvel Norcros
John gerai
Peter hinksman
John Ashcraft
Thomas Willson

Thomas hasten
Will Shattock
Frances Carol
Joseph Hindrick
Bennony More
Jonathan Molton/

[Superscribed] To the Honor*' Goueri^""
and Councell in Boston In New

Letter from Senr^f Dow to Major Pike.

Majer Pike Sir we haue Receiued intilligence ffrora San-
dibeach that since twelve a clock this day the Inemy haue
kild or carried away sixteen persons of which ould goodmau
Brackitts And goodman Rands family haue the greatist blow,
and the messengers that brouo-ht the news two of them Re-
turning Home about the time the Moon did Rise this night
att a place called Raggie Neck about halfe a mile this side
Sandy beach garrison thay doe afeirmc to me they See as
thay adjudged about ffortie Endiens coming towards Hamp-
ton with ffive or sixe Cannoes on their Heads which cased
them to Come to Hampton againe and brought us word of
it which we thought conueniant to Signific to your worship
least thay should come along with their Cannoes in the night


and doe damage to Houses nere the sea. we are in a sad
condition the inemy so violent the Lord give us all wisdom
to teach us what we ought to doe so with my Kespect pre-
sented to you

I Remaine your loving flrind & servent

Hampton 29 or 30 September 1691. Henry Dow

[superscribed] Thes ffor the Worshiplfull

Majer Pike Hast post Hast.

Gentlemen I am extream Sick and it is now about 11 at
night that this came to my hand w"' the confermasion of Six
kild at Newechewanick the day before I am your Hubl ser*

Robt Pike

[Superscribed by Major Pike] if Capt
March be not at home carry it to the
court yourself or by a safe hand
Dat. 29. 7, 1691

g Robt Pike

Carry this Immediatly to Capt Mosely
who is alik required to hasten it to y®
Mag'* at Ipsw°^ cort.

Sept 29, 91 late in y'' night neere to break of day this
came to hand w" I was a sleep at my lodging at Ipswich be-
ing there on Court service: & y"" f : send it forward toy®
Governour &c.

Yours N : Saltonstall
[Again superscribed] To y^ Honorable y°

Governor & Councill In Boston Haste

post hast./


Letter from W^ Vaur/Jian to the Grovernor ^ Council.

Portsm'' y^ Z^"^ Septemb"^ 1691.
Ma}^ it please yo"" Hono"

Yesterday about noon y® Enemy Appeared within the
Limets of o"" Towne about 4 or 5 Miles from Straberry Banke
By the Sea Side, & Destroyed Sundry of o'' Inhabitance w'^''
Omitted to give yo' Hono'"^ An Aceo* till had full Informa-
tion of y® Matter, And in ord"" thereto Sent away this morn-
ins: w* men wee Could raise in o"" Towne vnd'' Comand of
Cap" Pickerin (who was also there met, by a Comp'' from
Hampton And vpon his returne, Saieth that they found y^
Dead Bodies of Ten persons — And did suppose by w*^ they
found in the Ashes that three were burn' in the House, And
seuen oth""" wanting, in all Twenty Lost, of w°^ but two men,
& they verry aged y'^ rest women & Children : By two men
comeing last night from Hampton wee are Informed that
about 8 a clock at night they saw y'^ Enemy earring five
Cannoes vpon the Sea Shore in ord' to their returne, Sup-
posing they came from y^ Eastward by water, And o' men
this day discouered their track vpon y^ Land as also the
track of two woman & one Child w'^'^ its thought they car-
ried Captive w"^ others yet w^anting whose Dead Bodies can-
not be found this Mischiefe was don about halfe a Mile dis-
tant from a Garrison house, but they made noe Attacq vpon
y* the day before being Monday — the Enemie Killed four
men & a woman at Nechewonick w"'in sight of the vpper
Garrison there, but neither there nor here can we vnd''stand
y* aboue 20 : or 30 : of y' Enemie appeai-ed we are in a verry
deploral)le Condition w'^'' hope yo'' Hono^'^ will Consider of &
doe therein w* may be thought most necessary for y' better
defence of y' Countrey — I am =

much Hono'*'^"

Yo'" most humble

//W™ Vaughan/


Letter from RicM Buckley Comm^ to Isaac Addington


"To Isaac Addington Sec^"

Portsmouth Octob^ y« 17'" 1G91.

s -

I Cannot understand of any Cloathing to conic for the
Soldiers without which I Conclude it Impossible for y" most
of them to subsist, therefore I expect e're long to be call'd
home, these are therefore to advise that ye there Remaineth
in the Store upwards of twelve Hogs''* of Bread & upwards
of twelve Bar'** of Pork and I belieue about sixteen or
seauenteen bush"* of Indian Corn, a bar" & two thirds of
Powder & some shott filints. it being pretty Considerable I
humbly Request I may before I be commanded home haue
from y® Honr'' Councell perticuler Instructions how to dis-
pose of it y'^ Soldiers as yet as far as I can perceiue continue
in reasonable good order but I fear they will no longer than
till they shall understand there are no supply's comeing I
Remain S"" your most humble

Seruant Rich'' Buckley Comm*/

Rich'^ Buckley Comm^ to Isaac Addington /Secretary.

Portsmouth October y« 26"> 1691
Honor" S""

I Re'^'' your commands y® 22'' towoords night & in obedi-
ence thereto I did immediately Apply myselfe to all possible
dispatch : I had at that time many acco'* to Post, all to tran-
scribe & Compare and haue finished them with all y*^ dili-
gence I could, and sent them p this bearer m"" Samuel Shep-
herd. I wrote to you Sr p m'' Jn° Cotton y'' 17"' Instant
which I doubt not is Re'^'' wherein I gaue acco* y* there was
then Remaining in the Store more than 12 hog''* of Bread &


as many Bar"* of Pork with about 16 bush"^ of Indian a
bar" & I of powder some shott & fflints, cS; there is also
some sugar & tobacco and about 20 pr of hose, & as then I
humbly Request I may before I be' sent for home, have the
Honr*^ Councels orders how to dispose of it so as I may be
Clear in my acco"% S"" I have some small business of my
own & Crave I may haue 2 or 3 days notice before my
Return. I hope S'' it may not be taken Amiss to aduise that
y® Soldiers not yet dismis't from y® date hereof may Run
farther into my books and My acco*' not mention it p this
bearer I do therefore before any after this date be paid desire
their debentures may be delay'd and I would if I might be
so bold to Craue S'' so soon as your pleasure is, an answer
of these letters.

I remain S"" your most obedient Seruant

Rich'^ Buckley Comy

S"^ paper is scarce.
[Superscribed] These ffor Isaac

Addington Esq"" Sec'^' &c.
with a paper of In

accounts g m""

Sam" Shepherd/ Boston/

" Letter to Plymouth^ R. Is. ^ Connecticut as to aid for
repelling attacks of the enemyT

Boston Oct" 30"' 1691.—

Hon'"*= S"

You cannot be altogether unsensible of the growing Dis-
tresses of the Country by the long continuance of the Warr
the sad effects whereof have hitherto principally fallen upon
our fellow Subjects in the Eastern parts and on this Colony ;
yo''selves providentially more remote from the p"' Seat


thereof, the vast charge drawne there])y upon this People in
the constant assistances afforded unto the Provinces of Maine
and N. Hampshire, and the Severall Expeditions formed ag'
the Comon Enemy, with what is daily called for to the
Gaurding of the fiVontiers and Seaports renders the same
very insupportable. It having pleased God to frowne upon
Endeavours used to give check unto the Enemies Insolence,
who are flusht with Success ; And as we are credibly in-
formed by Intelligence lately received from Johns River are
combined in fformiug of a body to make fresh Attacks, and
the Indians in small partys in a sculking way are breaking
in upon out Plantacons ; so that it's of Necessity to raise a
considerable fforce,by Gods blessing to repel their Assaults.
We cannot think but that you look at yo'selves as concerned
in this Common Cause and that you will willingly contribute
yo'' Assistance thereto. As you have both formerly and of
late found a readiness on our parts to giue the like to your
Selves when Occasion has been for the same. We therefore
desire you would please speedily to advise and make your
Resolves on this matter, and let us understand what Assis-
ance of men and provisions we may expect from you for the
Gene^' support of their Majesties interests and the Common
safety. Provisions being more plentifuU with you than in
this Colony, and the provinces of Maine and Hampshire
having this dependance on this place for Supplies ; not onely
for the maintenance of the Souldiers posted there, but also
for the releif of the Inhabitants who must else unavoidably
draw off. Thus Comending the whole Concerns of this dis-
tressed Land to the Care and good Providence of him who
is the Lord of Hosts ; with the tenders of our respects We

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