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but to no Effect.

Yo"" Petition"" doth therefore humbly pray
that the premises may be duly Consid-
ered, & that yo"" Hono""^ will please to or-
der his said Son may be continued in, &
not unreasonably taken off from that
service he is engaged in unto that w''^ he
is in no wise fit for.

And yo*" Petition' Shall ever pray &c.


To the Hona''''^ Gouernor and Councill with the
Representatives of the Massathusets Now As-
sembled at Boston

The humble petition of Joshua Scottow on
the behalfe of the town of Scarborow :
Humbly She wet ii —
That wheras you"" petitioner lately received advice from
his Sonne Thomas Scottow (who hath the charge of the said
towne Committed unto him) relating their dangerous Es-
tate, dayly Expecting the Attaque of the Enimie, and their
Small Store of Amunition, and wheras S"" Edmond Andros
in his late march East Saw meet to Setle A Garrison at
Quenibonke, betwen Wells and Saco, Borrowed of him
About halfe A hundred waioht of Ponder besides Ball, and
their being now at Casco in the Store which Silvanus Davis
by order brought from ffort Ann — divers Barills of pou-
der &c.

That You"" Hono''s will please out of the same or
otherwise to Order said Scottow the delivery of
a Barill of Pouder, or what you"" wisdome shall
thinke meet for defence of the said town, which
will further Oblige You"" Petitioner euer to
Pray &c :


To his Excellency Sir William Phips Knight ;
Goue'' of the Massathussetts Bay &c in Ne\v=
England, And Honourable Counsell, And to the
worshipfull Representatiues, sitting now in Gen-
erall Court.

The Humble petition of Edward Willy the
Attorney of Richard Arnall in behalfe of
him and Cap* Andrew Knott
Humbly Sheweth unto yo"" Excellency, and Hono''s that
the said Richard Arnall march* and Cap* Knot, had in the
expedition to Cannada one Ketch of thairs impressed, for
the seruice of King William &c. And this Country, called
the Hannah and Mary, commanded by M*" Thomas Parker,
which Ketch, was cast away, upon the cost of Cannada,
And upon search made, the persons concerned, found the
said Ketch was valued, at one hundred and Thirty pounds,
which apprizement was made without the knowledge of the
owners. The said M"" Arnall hauing a few weeks befoire,
bought the said Ketch, and payd in money one hundred and
seventy pounds, and after apprizement by the Countrey ;
payed (befoire she went the vo3'adge) for one Saile, being
afoirsaile, and other thinos for fittinir her out ; The sume of
Twenty fiue pounds odd money, which purchase, and dis-
bursements was sixty fiue pounds money exspended ouer
and abouc, what the Ketch was Valued at, and allowed the
owners of the said Ketch in paper money or Bills of the
Countrey Credit.

Yo"" Petitioned prayeth yo'' Excellency and Hono''s,
In behalfe of the owners, that releife may be
giuen them, in giuing farther Debenter for the
remainder of the Short value and disbursments
of the saide owners, upon the Ketch afoirsaid
And yo"" Petitione'' shall as in Duety bound,
for yo"" Excellency, and the Honorable

Court euer pray

Ed- Willy



To his excellency S'" William Phips Knight Gou-
erno'' of the Massathusets^Bay &c in New=
England ; And Honourable Counsell, And to the
worshipfull Representatiues, Sitting now in gen-
eral 1 Court.

The Humble petition of Edward Willy in
behalfe of him selfe, souldiers, and Sea=
men, concerned with him ; in the Voy-
adge to Cannada.
Humblie sheweth unto 3^0'" excellency and Hono''s, that in
the said Voyadge yo" petioner in the Riuer of Cannada
coming home ; did with his companie and Seamen aboard
the ketch ffraternity ; meett with a liVench barque bound to
to Quebeck ; which wee atacked and brought a prize, unto
the Honorable Sir William Phips, who then was in the
riuer ; who ordered Roger Stanor his boat swane, to com-
mand her, in the voyadge, with whom my Ensigne and four
Souldiers being aboard ; came to the Isle of Shoals, w^here
she was run ashoare, though the Cargo (excepting salt)
most pairt, with the riging saued, but imbezilled by the
Command'", And no pairt to the value of Twenty shilling
came to the hands of yo'' petitioner, or those concerned in
takeing her ; either of what was betwixt decks, or in hould ;
The Ensigne and Souldiers loseing their cloaths, and amies,
And euer since receauing no satisfaction for them by armes,
or what was brought from the Isle of Shoales to Boston ;
which was Two hundred and Thirty odd barrells of fflowr, and
porke ; with some of the ships armes; and other things, to
what value yo"" petitionee's knows not, was committed to the
dispose and caire of Majo*^ Elisha Hutchinson, for the use of
the Country and all others concerned, and yet no Satisfac-
tion giuen yo"" petione''s, for one Moyety of what was in her,
brought hither, which yo"" petitionee's humblie supposeth be-
longs to them.


Yo"^ Petitione''s Therfor humbly prajeth, that you
will order; that thaire proportion of what the
said goods was sold for, may be deliuered unto
yo'' petitione''s or Some other person, for the use
of him, and others concerned with him, and
other guns (or fire=Locks) may be ordered,
the men who Lost them ; in the seruice of the
Country on board the said prize.

And yo' Petitione''s, shall as in duty bound,
for yo"" Excellency ; and the Honourable
Generall Court euer pray

Ed^ Willy

Letter from Elisha Hutchinson to the Governor &


Portsmouth April 13° 1692.
Hon'^'^ S-"^

Wee have had divers discouerys of the Enimy in
sundry places about this day sevennight at
Wells the Watch at Jos Storers Garison thoua^ht
they Saw two Indians, fired upon them, in the
morning no track was found, but the next day
its said three ware seen upon the Hills at a
distance, also at york bridge a footting was dis-
couered in the path Supposed to be an Indian
footting, on ffryday morning the Scouts going
from Oyster River towards Nechewanick, in an
ould mast path y' leads to Cochecha, they found
a track of three men in Indian Shoos, being
torne left the print of their toes, they followed
the track in said path about two mile, then
turned into a foott path and followed s'' track
within halfe shott of Cap* Gerishes mill by Bel-
lamans bank, could not perseave y® track any


further, the same day about three miles above
the phice wher the track was first discovered,
was found, the tops of y® Bushes broke in a
Ring, & the like bushes broke in a line tending
Westward, w''*' is to Signifie they are gon West-
ward, on the Sabath day at York, the Ward
saw three men at a distance while the people
were at meeting in y*' Afternoone, In y^ fore
part of that night, the watch heard a gun, (&
its s*^ See y*' fflash) and towards morning at an
other Garison heard a whiseling two or three
times, on Monday a Cano was found at Coche-
cha River w"' bever guts in it, & a track of three
men, a perdue is ordred to waite coming back.
This Morning about two a clock came in a post
Letter from Wells with a Short & Imperfect
acco" of ffouer Indians came in to Jos Storers
Garrison, desior a trade, say nothing of peace,
in the mean while Nine Indians ware seen to
take the path y* leads to Nechewanick, their
Scouts were out in that path, they ware sending
men to meet the Scout ; y^ Indians say they
have two Captives not farr oflf, they intend to
keep y® Indians in a treaty until I can send to
them, the aboue is y^ Exspressions in their Letfs :
the messenger to me came but from York Saith
the Indians are Surly, tolde them at Wells there
was no more Indians neare, being towld nine
ware Scene, answered may be English man ly.
I dispatched the mesenger befo"" day with a
Letter & best advise I am capable of; also sent
Lev' Rodgers to treat them (if not gon) & bring
a fuller acco" who & whence they are &c w'='^ I
Exspectthis night, I hope those gon from Wells
wil Endevor to take y® Nine I have given Infor-


mation to all our posts what I herd yesterday,
& ordred them to be very careful to attend all
duty & watch every opertunity that p^'sents, to
be upon theire Watch, Ward, Scout, & perdue,
& persute when any discouery is made. Wee
have no bread only a little save for a sudden
Expidition & all the Corne we have wil not last
aboue ten or twelue days, & now the Souldiers
live upon the Store we linde it dificult to ^et it
into bread, I Exspect that from Haverel as
soone as a vessel can be ffott to brino; it & more
must be Spedily sent, York hath none at all.
please to lay yo'' Comands on me w'^'' I shall
redily attend to y*^ utmost of my ability, who
am — Gent yo'' Servant

Elisha Hutchinson

Letter from Elisha Hutchinson to the Governor and Council

Portsmouth April 23° 1692

Hon'"'^ S'^

Since my last we have not any thing new to En-
form y°'' Hon'"% only of the three men taken
from Andiver w*^'' Suppose yo"" Hon''' have a
fuller acco" of then I can give, if not Cap* ffloyd
the bearer (who hath been along time here &
now visits his ifamely & to Returne before this
month be out) will give the full of what we
heare, we have taken care to Send out Scouts &
perdues from Exciter Oyster River & Nechewan-
ick also Wells, to all places where the Enimy use
to march, Sum we hope may light on them if
they com Eastward ; Wee have but twenty two
barrels of meat left in the Store, w'^'' wil Serve


our men about a month, we have not a hanful
of Corue here, nor at York, & I fear little at
Wells, but are forced to borow from the poore
that are rcdy to Starve, we have about five
hogseds of bread w*"'' we are forced to keep by
us for Supply upon any Suden Expedition, I
sent for the Corne from Andiver but the Con-
stable failed geting it downe, & the Vessel came
with out it, I hope we may get it here next
week it it com it may last us about a fortui2:ht
or three weeks. If yo*" Hon''' Expect Souldiers
to Stay in these parts provision must be Sent
for its not to be had here, the use of Souldiers
here is only for defence & preservation of the
Towns, and by the best Information y* I can
get there is no way to do any Spoyle to the
Enimy (they being light of foott, no abiding
place & not to be found) Except at their ffish-
ing, or planting places, & that by Maintaining
a garison at Pegipscott or about Kenil)eck, with
a SuflSciant force of Stout able men (& not such
Children as usially are sent for Souldiers) to
Range the woods in a body from one planting
place to another to distroy their foode & give
them no Rest,

to this end the s'' garison must be well furnished
w*^'' all Stores of provision & Amunition for fouer
Months & two Vessels to attend there to trans-
port men & pvision.

what ever yo"" Hon""^ please to Comand me I
shall attend as far as I am Capable & Remaiue
yo'" Hon'''* most humble Serv"

Elisha Hutchinson

Doc. Vol. v. 22


Letter Elisha Hutchinson to the Governor <& Council
. Portsmouth Apr. 28. 1692 at 4 in Morning

Just now came a post from York Enformes that
about Eaight aclock last night came in a Shalop
their who Saith that about twelve yesterday, off
with out boon Island, a Sloop & a Ketch chased
a bote whereof Rowland Young of York was
master, fired a great gun at him, & made him
Strike & toke him then the Sloope gave chase
to the other bote w*^^ did escape in to York, they
can give no acco" of their Strength but say they
suppose them to be ffrench & y"^ they saile In-
comparably well, yesterday Morning about
Nine aclock I wrote M"" Addino;ton an acco" of
y*^ Alarme we had y® night before a Man
Wounded, & Just then we had an other w*^^ was
occasioned by about thirty of o"" men w'"^ Lev'
Wilson y' ware out in persute of the Indians y'
Shot y'* man, they came up with five Indians
kiled one wounded two & made them leave their
packs of w*^'^ ones arme was broke, & the other
had seven holes Shott through his blanket as
foulded at his back & they say could not go far,
the Cap of the man that was wounded the Night
before they Recovered, upon the news of this
Alarme One coming down y*" River, said y® Re-
port of y® first guns fireing thick made him Judg
their was sum Engagem", upon w'=^ I sent thirty
Men from the Bank (but had no Sertain Returne
while Sun Set) those thirty are Joyned w"'
about Seventy More victuled for three days gon
this morning to Range the woods hopeing they
may finde more of the Enimy abrode, we have


our Scouts & perdues upon constant duty, use-
ing the best methods we can thmk of, I am
Y^*" Hon" most humble Serv'*

Elisha Hutchinson


By the Governo'' &*
Instructions for Captain Cyprian Southack Com-
ander of the Brigauteen W™ and Mary, now in
their Ma"''^ Service.

The s'' Briganteen being recruited, with provisions &
other necessarys, you are forthwith to set Sayle from Bos-
ton, and to cruise within the Bay for the Security of Ves-
sells inward & outward bound and along the Eastern Shore
as far as Casco, or further as you may receive Intelligence
or have a prospect of doing Service against the common
Enemy ff'rench or Indians, and Omit no opportunity that
shall be put in yo"" hand, for pursueing and prosecuting the
said Enemy, makeing what Spoyles you can upon them by
Sea, or Land ; but let yo"" Station be principally betwixt
Piscataqua and Cape Cod.

And as you meet with any Coasters or Fishing Vessells
make a Signal that they may know you when you come
neer to, or are minded to speakc with any of them, that
they be not driven out of there course or from their imploym'
for fear of your being an Enemy.

You are to give all protection and assistance you shall be
capable of unto the Subjects of their Ma''''^ their vessells
and goods.

You are from time to time to advise of what shall occur
for their Ma"*^^ Service, and of what course you are then in-
tending that so it may be known where to Send to you.
And you are to return w"' y*^ said Briganteen and men unto


this place within y*" space of one month, unless you receive
further Orders before that time.
Boston. May 9°. 1692.

Letter Elisha HutcJiinson to Isaac Addington "i?ec^ May
20^^' 1692 at 12 at noon./r

Portsmouth. May 19. 1692 about nooue

I expected to heare from you before this time, am now to
Enforme here is Just now two men, that wei'e taken on
Monday sevennight by a Small open Sloope w''* ten hands
(ofFIleSholes five or six leags) belonging to Penobscot,
& ware caryed in to a place a little East of Penobscot on
Wensday following. Say while they lay there Several In-
dians came on bord, would have had the tfrench dell these
there Captives to them, w*='' y^ ffrench refused, & on y® con-
trary ware Kinde to them, only divided what they had
taken in y*^ Shalop among themselus. Also Say there Cap*
y^ toke them, tels them, the ffrench Gen'"' or Comand"" that
was at the takeing of Casco tforte, was com in to that place
from S* Johns, (they Saw him, he came in a Small biscan
Shalop) Enformes he was bound to Castene to See what
Strength he could raise to Joyne him & his flbrces to com
against Pescataque, one of these men Say y® Cap* Tould him
y'' ffrench & Indians difer about the way of their coming, y^
ffrench are for coming by water, y'^ Indians for coming
by land, the other Stiith that y'^ Cap' tould him they in-
tended to com by Land : And Saith there is a Ship of Thirty
or 36 guns w*'' three hund'' men & two Small Vesels arived
from flfrance at S' Johns & is going to Port royal. Several
others Exspected from S* Mallows, These men cannot Say
tliay Saw above a Hundred men women & Children & that
aliout Six or ten at a time & not more. That left the
Sloope at y° place above, & came out on Satterday last in
their prise Shalop w*'' Eleven fiVench, & y" fouer English


that belonged to the Shalop, Say y* Castene hud been at
the port Avhence they came the morning before they came
there Exspecting to find goods there w'^'' he Sayd Cap*
Alden owes him & promist to leave there, but finding
none threatens what he will do when he meets him
againe, & that he might have had near a hundred Cap-
tives would he have given y® Indians provision for them,
w*^^ they very much want both for themselus & the Cap-
tives, being like to Starve for want & must com this ways
to get gvision. this vesel was forced to go a Shore & kill
foule & get Eggs on Sabath day for pvision. on Tuseday
they made Cape Ann, that Night Rode uud"" Nahant, a
Sloope (we Supose Ben Bagway) came neare them towards
night, they could not borde her y'^ Sea Run so high. — 3'es-
terday they toke a black Rownd Starned Sloope off Cape
Ann, three men two women & a Child on bord, we know
not who it is, they Say She went out of Pescataque. And
the last night toke a Sholes bote of m"" AVainwrights with
three men in her, gave this Shalop to these men & Sent
them away, they haveing before put fouer of there men on
bord y*^ Sloope, She was gon in chase of other Shalops with
her owne crew on borde, these men arived at Isle of Shouls
this morning before day, are now here and say Three Shal-
ops & thirty men from y*^ Sholes went out this morning in
persute of these pirates. Just now while I am wrighting
Cap^ flfryer sends me word there is a Sloope & a Shalop
Said to be Seen of Boone Island by a Sloope belonging to
Gloster. I am forced to Send the messenger quite through
because none on the Rode take care to Send letters forward
let the occasion be never so urgent.

S'' I am Yo" Servant at Coniand

Elisha Hutchinson
To Isaac Addington Esq""
in ^ /

/ Boston

Haste post Haste


Letter, W'^ Vaughan to L* Gov. Dwmner.

Portsm° 22*1 May 1692

May it Plese yo"" Excellenc}'^

Last Night Arived here y^ Capean Sloop latly
taken by y^ ffrench & — In her y" Master John
Sergent another young man that was a Passinger
Sc one ffrench Man Sergeant Sales hee has
bought his Sloope & Loodinge of y'' Cap* (viz'
Young S* Toblns) that tooke him ffor fforty
Pounds payable In Prouisions &c. That they
haue Kep* his Brother & Two Woomen Pas-
singers as hostages till hee Returns w"' his pay —
that y® ffrench Man w**^ him was sent to Assists
hiiu in saileing y'' Sloop becose they Kep* bake
his Brother, hee Intends with y'^ ffirs* Wind to
saile for Boston from whome yo'' Excellency will
have a pticular Accop* of this Matter Intrim
I Thought it my duty to giue Information

I am
Yo"" Excel*^'^^ most Humble Seru"

// Wm Vaughan/

Petition from Wells.

To his Exelency y'^ Gov'" & Councill, Sitting in
Boston —
Wey® subscribed humbley pray y* your hon""* would pleas
to Consider y^ destressed Condition of y^ Inhabitants of
"NA'ells who are not only objects of petty, with referanc to
their Spirrituall Concerns, there not being one minester of
y'' gospell in these parts and in this Toune of Wells there
are about forty soldiers and no Chaplin, which doth much
dissatesfy them, Espessially some of them. If your Exelency
with y*' Hon""*^ Councill will pleas to send vs a minester to


be Chaplin to y^ soldiers, and also minester of j* Toune, we
will allow him what we Can for Incouragment, with what
y" Countrey may allow him vpon account of y® soldiers, we
hope will be sufficiant sattisfactiou and encouragera* to vs to
stand our o:round, as also to v® soldiers to Continue there,
and so shall j^our serv^** Remaine to y)ray &c :
Dated May y'' 28"', 1692.

Sam" Wheelwright
Jn" Litlefield
Samuell Storer
James Gooch
In y^ behalfe of y* soldiers subscribs James Convers

these live persons suliscribing, are personally here in Bos-
ton. If it were at Wells we have Grounds to beleive there
would be y® Geiierall Voice y® Toune for y^ same/_

Letter, Francis Hoohe <& Charles Frost to Sir W^ Phips

May it pleas yo"^ excell :

We should not haue been soe bould as to haue troubled
yo'' exelency with those rude lines, Init that we are con-
strayned to it by the late and continuall outcrys of that
small handfull of people yett remayninge in this poore
county ; whos constant fears ar such as that they are in con-
tinuall expectation of being destroyed and cannot beleeue
any thinge less consideringe our circumstances exept yo'
excell out of pure care & pitty will be pleased for to take
some speedy measures to strengthen our hands agaynst the
comon enemy which we expect dayly to be upon us agayne
a discovery of which we haue almost euery day, soe as that
we dare not aduenture from our houses about our familly
concerns, but with the hazard of our lines, one last Lords
day the Indion were doing spoyle upon the sheep of that
poure people yett remayninge in Yorke, they were seen one


second & third day there, And from Wells this day I re-
ceiued a letter from Capt Conuers who gius this account
that two days past they saw the tracts of seuerall Indions
neere to the towne ; & that he sent seauen men upon a dis-
couery to Sacoe, & beinge there they discouered smoaks on
the North east side of the riuer as alsoe three or fower wig-
wams but some of our men beinge imprudent discouered
themselus to the enemy, who presently ran away which
they conceiue to be about 20 : or thirty in all who ran hast-
illy away doubtles they were afrayd of an army persueinge
of them, which if true woold exceedingly discouradge them :
this day we have an Alaram in seuerall parts about us but
cannot as yet here the ground of it, but doe tak it for
granted that the Indions are not farr from us ; besids all we
are informed that the french & Indions are sertaynly gath-
ering into a head for to com this way on us & how soon we
cannot say : all these things haue put such fears on our peo-
ple in each towne that they are redy to take winge ; we
dare not prescrib what yo' excelency sho! doe in this mat-
ter, only thought it our duty to inform yo'' how matters
are ; begginge yo"" excuse for our bowldnes we take leaue &
subscrib our selus yo"" excellencys

Kittery the 30"' June 1692 Most huble Seruants

[Superscribed] Francis Hooke

For his Ex^y S"" William Charles ffrost

Phips Gou^' of the guince

of Massachusetts bay this
humbly present


S"" William Phips K"*^ Captaine Generall and Govern'' in
Chief in & over their Maj"*"* Province of the Massachusetts


Bay in New England. To Benjamin Church Gent Greet-
ing Reposing Speciall Trust and Confidence in yo"" Loyalty,
Courage and good Conduct I do b}' these presents Consti-
tute and ap})oiut you to be Major of the severall Companys
of Militia detached for their Maj"'-''^ Service against their
ffrench and Indian Enemies, You are therefore Authorized
and Required in their Maj"'''* Names to discharge the duty of
a Major by leading, Ordering and Exercising the said Sev-
erall Companys in Armes both Inferiour Officers & Soul-
diers, Keeping them in good Order and Discipline Com-
manding them to Obey you as their Major. And diligently
to intend the s*^ Service for the prosecuting, pursuing, kill-
ing and destroying of the said Common Enemy. And Your
Selfe to Observe and follow such Orders and Directions as
you shall from time to time Receive from my Self accord-
ing to the Rules & Discipline of Warr pursuant to the Trust
reposed in you for their Maj"" Service. Given under my
hand and Seal at Boston the Twenty fifth day of July 1692.
In the fi'ourth yeare of the Reigne of our Soveraign Lord
and Lady William & Mary by the grace of God King and
Queen of England Scotland France & Ireland, Defenders of
the faith &<=^

Lieut. Gov. Stoughton Acting Governor.

By his Excellency.
Their Majesties Service necessarily calling for my
Visiting the Eastern parts of the Province to
give directions and dispose of the fforces now
sent thither against the ffrench and Indian En-
emy ; I do direct and Authorize you with the
Advice of the members of the Council, or so
many of them as shall be present during my
absence to do and Order whatsoever shall be
necessary for their Ma"*^* Service in the Levying


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