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of Souldiers, drawing upon the Treasurer to
advance and make paym*^ according as any Exi-
gence and Emergency shall occur. Given un-
der my hand at Boston the first of August.
1692./. William Phips

To. William Stoughton Esq""
Lieu* Governo""

Letter from Francis Hooke

Hon^'« SV

It was not long since that I made bold to wright
to the secretary intreatinge of him to giue the
gou'' & council : an account of a prisoner who
hath longe been in hold for killinge his owne
brother in our own towne, who would gladly
com to a triall, & soe should we in regard he is
a poore man & haue not wherewithall to mayn-
tayne himself, but relyeth one the bountie of
others howeuer it is most meet we should
wayght yo"" pleasure ; yett neuer the less not
knoweinffe w^iether mv former cam to hand or
at least if it did. it is like l)uisness of greater
importance might ocation the forgettinge of it
therefore haue made bold for to reminde yo'' hon""
of it that if yo" shall think fitt to apoynt a time
& place in order to his tryall it will be gratefull
to the person himself, and to many in our towne
and soe alsoe in perticullar unto him who is yo'
hon" most humble serua*

Francis Hooke

Kittery this O'*' of Aug"*
we are at present in onr county at a loss in re-
gard we haue noe sheriff apoynted for us, or at


least unknowne to us we hau heard that Capt
Joseph Hamans was nominated if yo"" hon'', thinke
meete he is a uery meet person non like to him
amongst us/

Orders to Capt. R. Short Sept. 16, 1692.

By his Excellency the Gov''

You are with the first oppertuuity of wind &
weather in their Maj"*^^ Ship Nonsuch under
your Comand to sayle directly to Pemaquid and
to continue there till you receive further order
from me Given under my hand at Boston the
Sixteenth day of September 1692 in the fourth
year of their Maj""^^ Reigne

William Phips
To Capt Richard Short
Comand of their
Ma*'''^ Ship Nonsuch


Boston the 3-^ of Octob' 1692
I am informed that there lately arived at Quebeck
two fi'rench men of Warr and y* they designe to
take two hundred land men in order to attaque
Wells or Piscataway about this time to be ex-
pected. You are to be upon your Guard & to
continue at Pemaquid with the Nonsuch, if you
discover them Captain Short is to send the Sloop
that comes with the Nonsuch through Corben
Sound to give me an Acco* upon which I shall


send the Swan & the Brigantine to 3^our assist-
ance & to surround them in the Bay but you are
notwithstanding to take all advantages to fight
them assoon as you can if they stand this way
you are to follow them if they are discovered
here you shall have an Acco* thereof Given under
my hand att Boston &c.
To Cap! : Rob* Fairftix
Comauder of their
Maj"''^ Ship Conception
Benjamin Jackson of Boston in their Maj"®^ Province of
the Massachusetts Bay in New England maketh oath That
being Secretary to his Exce

Phips Governour of their Maj"'^* Province of the Massa-
chusetts Bay in New=England and by his Appoyntment
Clerk of the Admirality by his Directions this Deponent
writt an order unto Captain Robert Fairfax then Comander
of their Maj""^ Ship Conception Prize Containg the same
w"' what is before written which order was signed by the
said S"^ William Phips and sent to the said Captain Fairfax
and another order was sent at the same time Signed by the
said S"" William Phips unto Captain Richard Short then
Comander of their Maj"*^* ship the non such w'^'' order was to
the same import WMth that of Captain Fairfax notwithstand-
ing which orders w'='' directed them both to stay near Pema-
aquid and to fight the French ships, if they discovered them
and not to returne without further order they soon caused
both their Maj"'"' ships afores'' to come to Boston And this
Deponent saith that hee heard the said S'' William Phips
Declare hee never sent thcni orders to returne & that
whereas they pleaded when they came back that they
wanted Provisions this Deponent heard the s*^ S'' AVilliam
Phips Say that hee had directed them to send to Boston for


Provisions by a sloop w*=" if they had Done hee would have
ordered a Supply for them

Benj'' Jackson
Sworn before the Lieu* Gov'^ & the Council November
15'^ 1694.

Js** Addington Seciy


By his Excellency the Gov"" &c.
Cap* Short/

Whereas I have thought it convenient to Order
their Maj*'*"' Ship Nonsuch to be laid up at your
instant request, & you have given your promise
to me to send your men in a Sloop or other
Vessell from time to time as there shall be occa-
sion for their Maj"'''' Service between this Town
& Pemaquid or elsewhere during this Winter.
You are hereby required in the Names of their
Maj"''^ King William & Queen Mary & for their
especiall Service forthwith to Supply Cap* Na-
thaniel Hatch Comander of their Ma"''' Sloop
Mary with four men for the p^'sent occasion to
Pemaquid & to have thirty six more in readi-
nesse for that their Ma*'*'' Service will very
speedily require that Number of men hereof
faile not for the necessity of their Ma*'*'' affaires
require it Given under my hand at Boston the
fourth day of January 1()9| in the fourth yeare
ot their Maj*'«' Reigne

W^illiam Phips
To Cap* Richard Short
Comander of their Ma*'*''
Ship None Such


Petition of the Inhabitants of the Isles of Sholes

The honourable Gouernour and Counsell of the
Massachusets Collonv sitting in Boston

The humble address & Petition of y*" In-
habitants of Isles of Sholes
Much hon'"'^ & worthy Gent.

We haueing lately receiued credible information
from S* Johns, as if the French and Indians cer-
tainly designe an Attacke upon us Speedily,
which intimation we would account and esteem
as a sufficient caueate ; especially knowing what
our present circumstances are, and how easily
they may accomplish theire designe against us,
doe make bold to renew our former Request
to your honours, intreating, that you would be
concerned for us, and take speciall notice & cog-
nizance of our present unhappy and dangerous
condition, and please to send us some Speedy
assistance viz a Strict cap'°, with fourty Soul-
diers well fitted, whereby we may be able (att
least in some respect) to defend our selues
aaainst those who are contriueino; our ruine &
destruction, & without which we cannot pos-
sibly keep these Islands any longer.
In granting this our earnest request you will accu-
mulate great obligations upon, Gent : y' honours
most humble & obedient S''uants & Petitioners
in y"^ name & att y*" desire of the rest of y'^ In-
Isles of Sholes. Rogr Kelly

Feb: 17. 1691-92. thomas : dimond

We desire a speedy answer
that we may Know how to act.


The honorable Gouernor &
Counsell sittino; In

these p''sent


Captain Willey :

You have herewith a Copy of the Pet°°° of the
principal persons of Isles of Sholes in the Name
of themselves and at the desire of Inhabitants
there, that a Captain with a Company of Forty
Souldiers mi^ht be sent unto them for the de-
fence of their Ma"*'^ Interests, and Subjects
there, to be Supported and maintained at their
own charge, and to joyne with the heads of the
place in bearing Rule and Keeping Order
among them.

You are therefore forthwith to Embarque with the
Company under yo"" command, and make all
possible dispatch unto the said Isles of Sholes,
and in pursuance of yo"" Commission to intend
their Ma"®^ Service for the defence of the said
Islands, and repelling any attack of French or
Indian Enemies

You are to keep yo"" Souldiers in good Order ac-
cording to the Rules and discipline of warr, and
to Instruct them in the use of Armes.

You are to Suppress and punish all Curseing, pro-
phane Swearing drunkenness and other Vices —
And Let the worship of God be daily attended.

You are to take effectual care that yo"" Souldiers
and also the Inhabitants of the place do attend


their duty in watching warding, and being suta-
bly furnished and provided to receive the En-
enay, and to prevent any Surprise

You are to joyne with and be assisting unto those
ah'eady in Commission for the peace upon y®
place in the well Ordering ruling and governing
of the people there, for the conservation ot the

You are to advise of what shall occur for their
Ma"®^ Service and to attend such further Instruc-
tions and directions as you shall receive from
Major Elisha Hutchinson Comander in Chiefe,
or the Governo"" and Council for their Ma*'"
Boston ffeb-^ 17° 169^

" Letter to Mr. BlaithwaiV' Feb. 21, 1691

Hon'^i^ S^

We have been made sensible of the Obligations
you have laid upon this people in the advanta-
gious circumstances attending their Settlement
by their Maj"«^ Eoyal Charter. And th8 our
present poverty by reason of the great losses
and vast Charge drawn upon us by the War, in-
capacitates us to render you any Compensation,
yet We crave yo"" acceptance of a Testimony of
our gratitude and thankful acknowledgm' of yo""
kindness, which We have directed m"" John Ive
Merch* in our name to present you withal, and
shall further Testify our Obligation to you upon
all occasions, in whatever shall fall within our

We are also bold to pray the continuance of your
Favour knowing that as well you"^ Interest ; as


Hon'''*' Station do's greatly advantage you, to
further the good of this people. & are persvvaded
your Generosity is such to incline you to be
Kind unto them, who need & rely upon yo*"
Goodness for the same.

S"" You will have transmitted unto you by this
Conveyance the Acts and Laws made and passed
by the General Assembly for the well Ordering
and Governing of their Maj"'^'* Province being
adapted to the same and so far agreeable to the
Laws & Statutes of England as the circum-
stances of y'^ place & people may well admit of,
which necessarily require some diversity in
many things We shall gratefully acknowledge
your kindness in y'^ promoving of their Maj"*"'
Royal Approbation and Confirmation of the
same and that none of them be rejected thrO de-
fault of being well rendred in any Clause or
Expressicms thereof But that We may be noti-
fied of the Exceptions thereat, in order to their

We have likewise forwarded our Address to be
presented unto their Maj'''^* therein humbly rep-
resenting and laying before them the low State
and Condition of this their Province thro the
difficulties and distresses of the War. and the
discouragements their good Subjects here la-
bour of, having no prospect of an issue of their
troubles, whilst the French continue their Set-
tlements at Canada, humbly supplicating their
]\,f.jjties Pi-jncely Consideration thereof, As also
of the great Charge and Expence for the Erect-
ing a Fort, and supporting a Garrison at Pema-
quid, which if it should lye upon this people,
they must inevitably sink under it. We are
Doc. Vol. v. 23


assured, the Success of our Address, do's not a
little depend on your Favour to further the
same which We pray and hope will not be

The Minutes of the Council and other writings
will give you an Accompt of the Trouble and
Disturbance occasioned at a place called Little
Compton, within this their Maj"*^' Province,
lying next to Rhode Island, thr8 the instiga-
tion of the Islanders, and under the Influence of
theii" Authority, absurdly pretending to incroach
upon their Maj""^^ Rights & Governm* there, not
contentino- them selves to withold their own As-
sistance from prosecuting the War against the
common Enemy. But labouring also to with-
draw others from their duty and obedience, be-
ing exempted from the smart of the War on
their own backs, by reason of their Scituation,
& unaflected with y'' calamaties and distresses of
their Neighbours & Fellow Subjects whilst their
own private Interest is thereby greatly advan-
tagred in the Increase of their Trade and En-
hanceing the price of their Provisions, of which
they raise considerable. But that disturbance
is now over. Some of y'' principal Actors therein
being taken up and under Bonds to answer the
same, th6 one of the chief Criminals, To wit,
Christopher Almy is escaped, and it's said in-
tends to visit Whitehall. Your Honour will be
presented with some Depositions of his Sedi-
tious words and ill behaviour which may give
him a Recomendation to his deserts-

If any thing be offered l^y way of Comi)laint
ao^ainst the Admin'^""' of the Governm* here in
which some restless Spirits may not be wanting,


We pray to be notitied thereof, that so We may-
make our defence, and have requested S"" Henry
Ashurst and ni' Constantine Phips to present
our Address, and to wait upon tlieir MaJ"'' in
our Aflaires, as there may be occasion. The
distresses of the War and Taxes necessarily re-
quired for defreying the Charges thereof has
rendred our circumstances more difficult, th8
his Ex*=y has meditated to manage y^ Governm^
with what possible Ease may be.
We have had some considerable Respit from the
Attacks of the Enemy, but are in daily Expec-
tation, of fresh assaults. The frontiers are con-
stantly upon their Guard, and Charges thereby
growing. The newes of the happy progress and
Success of their Maj"''^ Arms in Europe would
animate their Subjects here & damp the spirits
of our Enemies, the which we daily pray for-
wishing all health and happiness to your Honour.
We are

Hon'^i^ S'-

Your humble Servants
in the name and by
appointm' of y^ Gov""
& Council

I. A. Scciy

Boston Felyy 21^'^

A coo'pey of a lettet- to m^ Wainivright ^c.

Star Island 2° March 1 69^

I haveing been sent heare by the gouero"" & Coun-
sell of y*" Massathusets Collony with forty Sovl-


djo''% which was Ordered vpon the request of
the Inhabitants of these Isles in obedience to
theire commands I am. Com'' w"' so many men ;
^ to the defence of theire maj*y Subjects & Inter-

^ est and to Joyne w"^ the heads of y^ place in

bearing rule and keeping Order among them,
and though yo" doe not Inhabit heare among


S them ; by the apperance of yo'' conserns & num-

S ber of seruants, yo" ar concerned to contribute

$ yo'' countinace in seteling the place by giveing

I yo'" aduice, and otherwise doeing for the welfkire

H of it, I theirfore desire 3^0'' presence and m""

Dimouds heare to assist in y* matter, and in the

K meane time to order yo"" Seruants so to accomo-

Z date the Souldjors with quarters that they not

% for want of them be unfited to serue theire Maj-

^ es*''* and defend the place if attacked by french

^ or Indian Enymis, which I hope yo"^ will order

it being a debt due from yo" in Justice as yo"

haue an Estate heare ; & Righteousnes not Im-

pouerish others for want of yo"" assistance in

bearing yo"" part of the charge, and force them

for want of abilitye & yo'" assistance, to solicet

the gouernment y* sent us heare to call us back,

who came not for amantanance but in obedience

to the gouernment y' sent vs heare ; but we left

our ocations and trades to serue god in seruing

our Conter\' & being of defence to this people

& place, the losse of which will be of such 111

consequence, if it should be left by us & be a

pray to our Enyiiiis french or others ; that not

onely their Maj"' Interest, yo*" propertyes & Im-

ploys lost, but allso the rest of the nihboring

subjects anoyed, by such a nest as may l)c heare,

& y^ place is capeable to be a reseptacell of; but




allso the greute caire y" governm' hath taken of
theire maj"^ Interest, y*" people & Isles heare ;
in such a day as this, to spaire men to accomo-
date y*^ people and place for theire saifty ; be
ungratefully requited by yo" desiering yo"" speedy
answer, and ni'' Dinionds y* I may not be forced
to opply my selfe to y° power y' hath sent me ;
nor be active by y* power they haue given me,
but I rather desier to haue your personall assist-
ance, then to use it either by my selfe or with
others heare in commission w"' me for the con-
seruatio of y'^ peace & for y*^ well ordering
Ruleing & gouerning y'' people in this place, if
yo" will not afford yo"' presenc, Send yo"" order
to yo'" Seiuants heare to giue quarto"" to y' ac-
comodation of y*" men (y* ar sent to serue yo")
Sutable to yo"" concerns heare, and yo" will
obledge him y* is & euer was since acquanted,
ridy to serue yo" and at present is S'' yo'^ Lou-
ing ffreind &c Ed^ Willy

S"" I desier yo" to communicat this to

m"" Dimond & send an answer by

the bearer. A true Coppey E W :

Andi^eiv Dimond

Since my writing the letter to m"" Wanewright &c* I have-
ing yet no answer but se 2 letters directed to his seruants
^th ye following order to them (viz*)

To William Stephens at Ilogg Island Ipswich the 2 March
169i Know yo" y* I wmII not neither Entertane any man
vpon that cost yo'"" have writ me of Either by feeding of
them or paying any thinge more or less towards y* charge ;
for I Judge there is no present need & forther let any man
of the place Know they shall not be master of my Esstate.


the other letter to y^ same effect. M' Dimond order as
ffoUoweth (viz*)

ffreind Perkins Ipswich 4 march 169^ These ar to desier
yo" not to entertane any man or men in my house under y®
notion of Souljo''" vnles they be put vpon yo" by exspres
order from authoryty, then shall I be wiling to beare what
they shall Impose to the vtmost of my abillyty, but for the
present proceding y* ar now on foot amongst yo" ; in as
much as it was begun w^^out my Consent let it be carryed
on w^'^out Exspence for my resolution is That I will beare
no part of this charge and theirfore by these I warne yo" to
admit no person into my house vnles as aboue.

sianed Andrew Dimond.

Letter from Edward Willy to the Governor Sj- Council.

Star Island 11"> March 169^

Much Honored & Worthy


By the prouidence of the almighty god after being
aboard w"' my men two nights in an open Sloupe
& one night ashore at Marvelhead, Tewsday y®
23"' ffebuary in y*" morning we weyed ancor
and arived at the Isles of Shoales that night,
whear we mett with kind reception from most of
the subscribers of y® petission sent yo"" Hono's In
Obedience to yo"" Orders I could not Omitt give-
ing anaccoumpt & advise what might or may oc-
cur for their Majs** Seruice and the well ordering
& ruleing y'^ people hear, the tishcrmen of home
sum of them hath no familyos hear but upon
their uovagees according to contract with their
owners, they com from the maine to auoyd all
pul)lique Seruice & support y'' p'sent charg y'
the vvarr calls for, as I doe Judg. others y^ haue


fumillys hear they doe thetir utmost to accomo-
date men and ar willinir to l)eare thear charge
proportionable to thear abillytys thovgh they
plead much poucrty, so y' at present I have not
seteled quartors at y*^ Islanders charge but thirty
one men & my self, the pore y' is wiling to
comply is not able and the Rich (vizt) m"" ffran-
cies Wane Wright Seno"" & Andrew Dimond y*^
lilies at Ipswitch & m'' Natha" Baker of Boston
will not giue any assistance, though they have
Esstates boates & seruants heare but hath
given Order to them not to qvarto' any, so I am
forced to becom secueryty for dyet whear I can
get it for y*^ men that hath no seteled quarto'* In
which matter I hope yo"^ hono""* will giue speedy
aduise and relef me either by more fuller orders
to force qvartors or remand so many of them
back to their masters y' wear not hiered men
but prest for y^selfes and cam vollenteares in
this service ; I have writt to m"" Wanewright &
m"" Dimond a coppey of which I haiie Inclosed
sent vo^' Hono''s but as yit I haue no answer,
when all the boates was at home, last Tewsday
by the Constables I gaue sumons for all y*^ men
belonging to the Islands to appeare at Starr
Island, whear the Constables vpon thear re-
turnes of thear warrants, gaue y*^ names of one
hundred and six men at w""'' time I Red y® laws
millitary unto them, which directs how they
should be furnished w"' armes, they did then
pretend they most of them haue them, but as
yet I haue not seen them, nor shall vntill sum
wether y* confines y*^ boates at home giue an
oppertunity, their being of y*^ aboue number
constantly in good wether about ninety of them.


I hope yo'' bono" will be speedy in bearing my
complants and answering tbem to my releif. I
assureing they sball not be witbout nessesity,
but all tbings to my best vnderstanding & y^
exstent of tbe power given me (by tbe belpe of
y*" lord almighty) be performed I hope to yo""
Hono" satisfaction & quite w^'out my com-
plants. though my burden at presen* is great
haueing but two Sargan*^' and three Corporalls
as yit to belpe me in the affaires of the company
the blank Commison being yit in my custody
hear being none capable to officiate, and y'' peo-
ples complant of the charge, and my unwiling-
nes to augment it, if I can possable performe yo""
Hono""^ Seruice y* I am Intrusted in without doe-
ing it. and to the belpe of the conseruation of y®
peace and well ordering and ruleing the people
and place I finde none hath power at p'sent but
M^ John ffabins for Star Island theirfor if yo""
Hono''' see meet to giue the like power to M''
Roger Kelley for Smutty nose Island and Hogg
Island, it countinance authoryty heare, there be-
ing no other p'son liueing vpon those Islands y'
1 doe Judge capable to serue but be, heare ar two
Constables one vpon Star Island and one for
smuty nose & hogg Islands, I find no other order
amongst y" whearby they ar capable by law to
make raites therfore if yo''hono'"" think convenient
to appoynt & order the principell persons of y*
Islands or so may of them as yo" think fit of, to
Joyne with those y* ar or may be put now by yo"
into Commission to make raites for the defra^'ing
the charge of the Islands for paying the Souljors
or docing any thing y' may be of farther vse to


their defence and saifty against any of their
Enymis. yo'' hono" orders therin will I uerly
beleue add uery much to the right ordering of
those y^ ar obstinate and the continuance of the
morose fishermen in good Order in whom I find
a great alterration since I came amongst them,
if the people be not now setelled and the place
left in sum way of capable defending y'"selfes,
many after this voyage will go of to y'' majne and
the place left to be a reseptacle of our Enymis
the place being uery capable to be defended w**^
a few men against a great many y' may com
aganst them, the Islands being naturally well
fortyfyed, heare artwo great guns at Star Island
in a small foort but they haue nether powder
bullet nor match nor a platforme or carrage fitt
to tranis them on, & their is a very good con-
veniency vpon Mallago Island wher at p"'sent
there is no Inhabitants to have a platforme \v"' a
brest work whear six guns & sutable amonis-
tion, it commanding Euery Enterance y* coms
amongst whear thcar is landing Excepting y®
north side of hoggs Ishmd, w^*^ might be other-
wise with a few men defended.
If m"" Wanewright m"" Dimond or Nathanell Baker
be in Boston I huml)ly request yo"" bono" to send
for them to giue their reasons why they doe dis-
corge y*" worke yo" haue sent me about and oth-
ers y' ar wiling to doe to the utmost of abillyty
(nay beyond it) for the defence of the place. I
doubt not but if sent for they will comply and
not be 111 Exampells (to those y* are hear) any
longer who will as charge Increses be of m'
Wanewright & the rests minde if not timely by
yo"" bono""' preuented :


This day majo"" Hutchinson w"' Majo'' Vaghan and
Cap* fflud came to vew thes Islands w*^'* I was
glad to se & I hope their coming will make yo""
Hon'* forther Orders more Riddyly Obayed.
which I pray may be Speedyly sent as yo'' Hono"
may Judge most meet to conduce to answer y®
end for w*='' I was sent and it will Euer Ingage
him in yo'' bono''" service y' is yo"^ Honers Obedi-

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