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ent & humble seru' Ed^^ Willy

To the Honora''^ : Simon
Bradstreet Esq'' and

the Honora*'^ : Counssell
of the Massathusets

New England

Address of some of the Inhabitants of the Ides of Sholes to
the Grovernor and Council.

The honourable Gouernour and Counsel 1 of the Massachu-

sets Collony sitting in Boston
The humble address of some of y® Inhabitants of Isles of

Honourable Gentlemen

What we designc to trouble you with at this time, we
shall (under the dignation of your hon'"' leaue) wrap up
under a testimony, complaint and further request; our tes-
timony respects a grateful! humble & hearty acknowledge-
ment of your abundant fauour which you haue indulg'd us
withal, inasmuch as you haue been pleased to grant an


answer to our Petition which in our great Surprise and fear
we made unto you : forasmuch also as you haue not only
sent us the complement of men which we desired for our
defence, but also a commander & commissioner, in all re-
gards bej^ond our Expectation and reciprocall with our
hopes, being most suitable for us under our present circum-
stances, nor could your hon''" (as we humbly imagine) haue
sent a person more zealous for y^- honour of god, promot-
ing of his worship, & furthering of the generall wellfare &
prosperity of theire majesties subjects in this place, both in
ciuill & Ecclesiasticall affaires ; then he whom you haue
priviledg'd us withall. We haue therfore to complain not
of the ruler but of those who like Bullocks unaccustomed
to the yoke are exceeding loath to be ruled they bein^ many
of them persons, who came here for an employ, only be-
cause they would be ungouerned & free from all manner of
publick charge ; & such as tM heretofore we thought would
be willing to compl}^ with what might be for the preserua-
tion and good of this place : yet now we finde altogether
unperswadable to any thing y* is rationall, either for quar-
tering the Souldiers or helping to defray the charge of theire
wages, moreouer seuerall of the owners who haue y'^ most
particular interest here in respect of boats & stages, & haue
alwayes carryed away the greatest proffit of this place,
whereby they haue gotten the greatest part of theire es-
tates, euen Those, are resolued that they will still get what
they can, but will contribute nothing for the maintaining of
our publick charge in order to the preseruation of these
Islands, as by theire orders to theire seruants they haue sig-
nified unto us.~ Vpon all which accounts we must (to our
unspeakable griefe) acquaint you, that notwithstanding the
great obligation conferred upon us b}^ your hon''% in afford-
ing us your Kinde assistance according to our own request,
yet our remedy for the abouenamed reasons, will without


your further Kindness, proue as bad, if not worse then the
disease unto us.

Wherefore our request follows, with which we shall con-
clude this our address intreatig you will please to give
some speedy order wherby those, who, thO theire persons
are absent, yet haue considerable estates & trade here, may
pay theire sequall propoilion with other proprietors, as also
that power may be giuen to oblige those that are Thirdsmen
& other inhabitants in the owners Employ, to allow what
may be thought rationall to the charge, which will a little
alleuiate, tho not so much as we must of necessity desire,
for furthermore we must in all humble manner assure your
hon''* that the burden under which we already groan contrary
to our expectation (for we writt our Petition to you in Sur-
prised great hast, by reason of y*^ dreadfull apparition &c &
so had not time to consider of it as we should) the burden
we say is so uery exceeding great for us, that we cannot
possibly of our Selues be able to bare it one month together,
and tho we the subscribers & seuerall others are freely will-
ing to disbust and pay towards the charge according to our
utmost capascity & ability, yet unless your lion"^^ for the
preseruation of this part of theire majesties subjects & do-
minions (which in many respects 'tis a great pitty should
be lost) will please to assist speedily in mittigating our
charge & placeing the greatest part of it to the publick
account of the country in generall, as some haue already in
particular; and therfore unless you will please to doe as
abouesaid &c. we must intreat an immediate order from you
to draw of all the souldiers att theire monthes end.

Thus we thought it our duty to returne gratitude for
what fauour you haue already manifested to us, and to
spread our complaint and further request to you ; if your
hon" will please to take speciall notice and cognizance of
the one and grant the other ; you will thereby accumulate
further obligations upon those who pray that all your En-


terprises may be crowned with diuine and happy success.
and Remaine your thaukfull earnest petitioners & humble
Servants. -

Isles of Sholes Rog^ Kelly

March. 12. 1691-92. James Blagdon

Richard Wollcom

mark of K Zi Richard Ambrose


the marke of \ V/ ^^ " Lakeman
thomas Dimond
Phillip Odiorne
Edward Gould
The honourable Gouernor
and Counsell of the
Massachusets Collony
Sitting In Boston

These g'sent
With care and Speed.

^'•Apprizem* of 31'' Chrhtopher^ Sloop. March 16!'^."

To Cap' Samson Stoddard, and Cap' John Walley
Gent" Whereas the Sloop Supply burthen ab' 5 or
six & twenty Tuns belonging to Mr. Richard
Christophers of New London/ is taken up for
Maj** Service in a Voyage to Casco=Bay & their
John's/ You are therefore to take due order S*
for the Apprisement of sd Sloop by able & in-
different persons, and make Return thereof to
the Council as is Customary.

By Order of the Gov'' & Council
Boston March 12""/ Sam Sewall g ord""



In pursuance of the aboues*^ Order we haue desired Cap*
William Clarke and Andrew Belcher mutially chosen by m""
Rich'' Christophers and ou'' Selues to Apprise the Slope
Supply taken up for thire Majts Seruice giuen und"^ ou""
hands dated in Boston this :'' 12 JNIarch 169i S

Samson Stoddard
John Walley
Richard Christophers

Persuant to the within written Order at the request of
Cap* Sampson Stodard Cap* John Wally and m'' Richard
Cristophors to Apprise the Slope Suply taken up for thire
Majts Seruice to goe to Casco Bay and S* Johns for the re-
lefe of the Captiues ; we haueing had an Inuentor}^ of the
Tackell and Apparill & Stores belonging to s'^ Slope when
taken up which we haue hereunto Annexed And haueing
ben on bord s'' Slope and taken a new of the body of s**
Slope and the tackell and Apparill and Stores Contained in
s'^ Inuentory we doe according to the best of ou"^ Judgments
Apprise and uallew s'^ Slope and Tackell Apparills and
Stores contained in s'^ Inuentory at One hundred and
Eaighty pounds Currant mony of the Massechusetts Col-
lony in New Engld

giuen under ou'" hands dated in Boston this 18*^ Merch

i69i a

And'' Belcher
Wil^ Clark

Petition of Charles Maharty

To the Honour"'' Council in general Sitting at Boston
The humble petition of Charles Makarty of Salem
Humbly Shcweth

That yo' petition'' about a yeare & three quarters
agoe being in their Maj"'' & this Countrys ser-


vice in y^ Easterne parts as a Corporall iind'' y®
Command of Cap' Flood, lost his hand in y" s**
Service w*='' was Tenn weekes ynd"" cure, where
by he is in a manner wholly disabled from fol-
lowing any Calling to gcure a maintenance for
himself & poore family having only hitherto
rec*^ but six pound in Bills of Credit from y*^
Country & fifteene shilP from y« Towue of
Salem, Towards his releife

Yo"" petition'" therefore humbly prayeth that
3^0'^ Hono""" of yo'' Clemency will be pleased
to take his distressed Condition into yo""
Hono""^ Serious Considerations & Ord""
him some Compensation for y'' Time
whilst vnd'' cvre, as alsoe to alow him
such Annval pay for y'^ future as is gen-
erally alowed b}^ y" King to maimed &
disabled souldiers for & towards his &
poore familis maintenance And tarther
prayeth j^o"" Hono'' that he may have a
Lycence granted him to keepe a house of
publick Entertaineni* for the better Sup-
port of him selfe & his s'' poore family-
otherwise knows not what to doe :

And yo'' petition'" as in duty
bound shall ever pray &c

Letter from Edward Willy

Starr Island 19"' March I69h
Hono'-'^ : S-" :

I writt to the Honor''' : Counsell last Satcrday by
the way of Pissquataquay, by the Hono""'' Maio'
Hutchinson & Maio'' Vaughan then goeing from


Hence being hear to uew this Garrisson and to
se the Strength of these Islands I doubt not but
yo*^ will receue their report how matters ar heare
(as well as Else whear) agreable to mine, and
I hope for a spedy answer & to have y^ farther
Comands of the counsell to strengthen my hands
to y'^ ordering and ruleing this people in refer-
ence to forther assistance in the conseruation of
the peace and regolateing the persons y^ ar able
& not willing to accommodate the Souldjo""^
under my command, the bearer our ministor is
capable to y® honor""^' Counsell to giue a full
accoumpt how matters stand heare in respect to
the Islanders my selfe, & souldjo''s unto whom I
hubly Refer yo*" hono*"'
S"" as formerly I requested y^ favor, of yo"" remem-
brance of me, in my absence, so now doe desier
of yo" the favor to prefer the two petissions in
yo"" Custody by the hand of m'' Devenport
(whom I did formerly speak to in y' matter)
viz') the petission in my owne name & in behalf
Souljo'"'^ concerned w"' me in the french prize y*
we tooke, and a petission y' concerns Cap*
Arnall & Cap' Knot who gaue me letter of at-
torney to act for them in the matter concerning
the Ketch y' Cap* Parker was in which was cast-
away coming from Canada. S"" I pray yo"^ par-
don for this bouldnes and trouble assuering yo"
y' I shall be very spairing in troul)ling the
Counsell or Geno'" Court but as little as possa-
ble, & the ocations of him will allow of, who is

Hono-'i S-^
yo'" fathfuU & obdin*
Seru* :

Ed"': Willy


S"" in my last I forgot to wi'itt y^ names of the principell
inhabitants of these Isles capable of ])i8nes

M-^ John Fabes —
m"" William Lakeman AP Roger KcUey —
^^ Phillip Odiorne m'" James Blagdon
:;;;;; Rich :d Ani])rose m"" Thomas Dimond
__^^^_____ Richard Gould -

Those y' haue Estats vpon y*-' Isles.
m'' flrancis Wanewright
m"" Andrew Dimond &
Natha" Baker.

" L^ to Cap'^^ Wllley and the Inhabitants of Isles of Sholes.

March 19" 169J./-"
Cap"« Willey

s -

Yo""* ofy'' IP'" currMs lying before the Gov"^ and
council, who are glad of y** Safe arrival of yo*"
Selfe and Company, Expecting you would have
met with a more kind reception than yo" inti-
mate from some who have no small Interest and
concerns upon the place ; you have with you a
Copy of the Pet*^°" Signed hy the principal per-
sons in the Name of themselues and with the
general consent of the dwellers there that a
Cap"° with a Comp'* of 40 Souldier might be
sent unto their aid and defence, and that good
Order might be maintained among them, prom-
iseing to be at y*^ whole charge thereof them-
selves ; which is not irrational to Expect, con-
sidering they have hitherto contributed nothing
towards the general defence which has been very
expensive and whereof they have received ben-
efit, haveing also been providentially exempted
Doc. Vol. v. 24


from those common calamity^ which have befaln
othei's of their neighbo^'' and fellow Subjects,
this charge upon a just computation will not ex-
ceed their proportion of what has been necessa-
rily expended for the common Safety. You
may peruse the inclosed directed unto the Shoal-
ers and Seal up and deliver the same ; And take
the first opportunity to advise what Eftect it
hath upon the people, and whither they will
answer their Engagem*^ of bearing yo"" and Com-
pany^ whole charges ; which you are to take
care be effectually Secured And if you find by
them that they apprehend the charge will be too
heavy, and it be thought that fewer men may
Serve the Occasion you may discharge some of
those you mention that are not of y® hired men
but were impres't for themselves or went volun-
teers, Seeing that they be duely paid for their
time according to y*^ accustomed allowance be-
fore they come away or secured the same ; And
finally if they will not performe their own En-
gagement to maintain you there you nmst be
Satisfied by them for the time you have already
Served and draw off, and leave them to stand
upon their own defence Whilst you remain
Endeavour that the place be put into the best
posture for defence it's capable of, and let yo''
Souldiers be kept upon duty, not doubting of
yo*' prudent Conduct of this whole Affayre ; In
which heavens blessing attend you.


Letter from the Crovernor ^ Council to the Inhabitants of the

Isles of Sholes.

19° March 169i

It was not a little surprising to understand by a Letter
from Cap"*^ Willey that he meets with any difficulty with
you for the Entertainment of himselfe and Souldiers, when
upon yo'' own application, earnest desire and free Engage-
ment to maintain them, they were not without trouble and
charge raysed and sent unto you"" aid and succour, at a time
when you seemed to be under a deep sense and apprehen-
tion of danger ; And however that sense may be now in
some sort worn off: yet it's rationally thought that Alike
(if not greater) danger dos still continue ; Xor is it with-
out just fear's least this Country be invaded this Spring or
in y^ Sumer advanceing with a fforreign fforce by Sea ; yo""
Selves lying more open to such Invasion than some others,
and what a reproch would it be that their Ma*'^^ Subjects
and Interests should be exposed, and not ouely all their Es-
tates but their lives too be lost, thro a base covetuous hu-
mor in witholding of what is necessary for their own just

Your Selves hitherto have shared but little in y*^ comon
calamity W'ith others of yo"" neighbours and fellow subiects ;
nor have you contributed towards the charge of War, the
Support of the Souldiers now with 3'ou for yo*" Enforcemt
and defence, will not surmount yo'' |)roportion of the pub-
lick charge upon a just Acco" to l)e made thereof; Neither
has any thing in that kind been imposed upon you, it
was yo'' own voluntary offer to provide them with all neces-
sary^ and to pay them their wages ; which is accordingly
expected from you. And that you take effectual care by
such proper methods as you shall thinke most advisable to
see the same faithfully performed : It was not any private
advantage or our mens want of imployment at home that


induced the sending of thera abroad, their own particular
Occasions in y^ mean while Suffering ; but their Ma"*^' Ser-
vice is to be prefer'd ; and should the unwillingness & re-
fractoriness of any among you to contribute to their Sup-
port, oblige y'' calling of them home, it may occasion no
small Sorrowfull Reflections, when yo"" Selves and Estates
become a prey to the Enemy, that you rejected the Assist-
ance readily ofiered you u})on yo"" desire.

And Order is now sent unto Cap"*^ Wiiley that unless he
be forthw"' sufficiently Secured his own and Company*
wages, and comfortably provided of Quarters, that he ac-
cordingly draw off, receiving first Satisfaction for the time
they have already been on y* service.
To Mess''" Roger Kelly

John Fabes To be coinunicated to the

& James Blaadon Inhabitants of Isles of Sholes.


The Gov"" and Council of their Ma"^^ Colony of y®
Ma. Bay in N. England. To Cap"^ Jn° Aldeu
Greeting &"=
Whereas you are appoint'' : to take the command of y*
Sloop Sup[)ly alias Hopewell . set forth for their Mat*" Ser-
vice in an expedition to y*" Eastern parts for the recovery
and bringing home the English Captives out of y*^ hands of
y^ Enemy ffrench and Indians These are in their Ma"^*
Names our Sovereign Lord and Lady W™ and Mary by the
irrace of God of Eno;:land Scotland ffrance and Ireland King
and Queen, Defenders of the ffaith to comissionate and im-
power you with yo"" vessells and men to pursue fight take &
destroy the s'' ffrench or Indian Enemy, their Vessells or
goods, that shall fall within yo"" power, bringing what you
shall so take, with you to this port for Tryal and Adjudica-
tion ; Commanding 3^0'' Officers Marrin" and Souldiers to


Obey you as their Captain. And you to observe such Or-
ders and Instructions as are or shall be given you by the
Gov"" and Council for their Ma** Service


To Captain John Alden

Captain James Convers.

You being now upon yo"^ Voyage to Negotiate the
Aftayre with the Indian Enemy, for the recov-
ery of y*^ Captives in their hand, For which In-
structions have formerly been given you and
are recommended unto yo'' observance.

You are to Issue that Aftayre as far as you can at
the place appointed for meeting at Casco Bay,
and what Captives shall be returned unto you
there, you are to send home in the Sloop Sup-
ply with Captain Convers putting in at Piscata-
qua to Set them ashore, and return such men as
you shall carry with you from thence.

Captain Convers, with the Sloop Supply being
come off" and Safely set in his way homeward.
Then you Captain Alden with yo'" own Sloop
which you are to Enforce so many men as you
can reasonably Entertain for your defence, are
to proceed in yo'' Voyage to S' Johns River for
y^ fetching home of L* Col° Tyng and yo"" Son,
touching at Penobscott to take in what Captives
shall be brought thither. And if you have an
opportunity w*'' safety to bring home the Eng-
lish Prisoners from Port Royal.

Take special care in yo"" whole voyage that yo" be
not Surprised or betrayed into y® hands of y®


Enemy either iFrench or Indians. And make
all possible dispatch you can ; wishing you a
good Voyage
Boston March. 19°. 169i

Capt. Alden to deliver French Soldiers to Mons^ de Villebone

To Cap-^^ Jn° Alden

Whereas Mons"^ de Villebone did Eeturn the Eng-
lishmen lately taken with you by a French Ship
of Warr and carried to S* Johns River, As also
three Captives redeemed out of the hands of the
Indian Enemy, and has given his assurance of
the dismissing of all the rest of the English
within his power can Expect that the French
Souldiers brought hither from Port Royal be
permitted to return unto him. You are there-
fore Ordered to Entertain such of the ffrench
Souldiers as shall present themselves unto you
to take passage for S* Johns River and deliver
them unto the said Mons'' de Villebone at yo""
arrival there.
19° March. 1G9J

Letter from Nat¥ Hatch to Gov. Bradstreet.

Rase Poynt of Cape Cod the 9"'
afternoon, March 24"^ 169i
Hon'i Sy/

The last presented your Honour was at Nine a
Clock this Morning p Nicholas ffollett Master of
a Briii'adine, Since the Wind being far South-
erly, & a Strong Tide of Ebb Made, I could not
gett into the harbour but have Sent the Boate


Aslioare, who traveled Over to the Same, &
give Acc° That there is no Vessell Riding there,
great nor Small, they went to two houses usu-
ally Inhabited One M'' Peakcss & Mayhues,
One house is broken Open, the Other part of it
beat down being only Single Deale, and all
things left Confusedly^ So that in all Probabil-
ity there was Some Mischeif done but by whom
we Cannot tell, the Reason, we Could not Speak
with any Person, the Inhabitants being about
tw^elve Miles Distant, S*" My Purpose is to Stand
the Bay Over to Cape Ann, & Consult if any
Damage is done the fishery & So to Isle of
Shoales, Then with all Expedition to Return to
Long Island (viz. M'" Nelson) which was one of
the Places Appointed by the Committee for
further Orders, and there Shall Wait y'' Hon-
ours Leasure for the Same, I Take leave to
Subscribe with Submision

// y Hon" humble Serv*

Nathan" Hatch

To the Honorable
Symon Broadstreet Esq""
Govern-" of their Maj^^^
Colony of the Massa=
=chusetts //

// These

ffor their Majestyes Service
g Cap' Sampson Waters


Salem 25 March. 92
Cap^ Belcher

Edmon Gayle who was taken by y® port royall Sloop at
Cape Cod Saith y* abord y" Sloop he met w"' one Philip
Cock who was taken last Sumer by y'' Indians at Cape
Sables & Sould to y*" Cap* of y'' Sloope he reports y*^ at port
Royall they are a week people haue no fortitications want
prouision much. & Salt & many of y'^ people their will not
opose y® Eng'"' this Sloop has 43 men (no Grat Guns) has
14 Oares most of y® men are of y® Inhabitants of port Roy-
all y* haue wiues & Child'' their & haue no amunition at port
Royall & y*" men abord are porely armed & fited y® Cap* of
y*^ Sloop Saith y* he has an acc° of what Vessells are bomid
out & in to this Bay. (Certainly we haue some Judase&
amongst us y' giue information to our Enimies) y^ said
Cock thinks it may be very Easy to take & demolish port
Royall : penobscot &c. we canot be Safe so long as these
Vipers nests are Standing it is thought y* if y^ Country will
find Vessells & provision ther may be men Enough found
to doe y*" worke no purchas no pay : & if they may be dis-
patched away quickly may Either take these roges here at
Cape Cod or at port Royall. y'' Cap* of this Sloop further
Saith y* they Expect Eight men of warr from y*' West.
Indies in the next month.

^'■Letter from Major T. Hmchman.''''

May it pleas yo'' Honour

Yesterday y^ old Sachem Wonnalansett & Wottonoomun
Came in to m'' Tyngs, & are now at my hous, y'' familys
they have left on this Side pennecook y"" is desire y* they
may be pmitted to live w*'' y"" English : last Suiner they say
they came from Mon Royall, w'' VVottonoomii saith he hath
been a prisoner about a year, he saith he w*'' others were
first taken by y*" Eastern Indians fro who they Escaped &.


afterward by ffrench Indians : y*^ old Sachem is vncapable of
Travailing to Boston, If y^ Councill pleas to send any to
disco''s him here or at Billireca I shall wait y'' Signitication
of y' pleasure y'in , & whilst an order Conies Concerning
y shall Take Care of y, y'' familys will Exspeet y' family in
within 4 days becaus they ly in danger & may want pro-
vision, w* Account these Indians give of y' Travails suffer-
ings Actings off y" ffrench &c : sees to Agree w"' w' reports
have been Among us. I hubly Crave y® H** Govern'' will p
y^ bearer send a line Concerning his pleasure as to y®
premises. —

I am yo*^ Hon"^^ huble Serv"


25 March 1692.

Tho : Hinchman


By the Governo'' and Council.

Upon Consideration of the present danger to Ships and
other Vessells inward and outward bound, by reason of a
Vessell of the ffrench Enemy lying upon the Coast : It's
Ordered That all Ships and other Vessells lying in any
Port or harbour within this Governm* be and hereby are
restreined and Prohibited from Sayling out or departing
thence until further Order : the cleerings or dispatches to
any already granted notwithstanding: And the Captain of
the Castle and Officers of the several Ports are hereby re-
quired to see to the effectual Observance of this Order.-

And forasmuch as there is a prospect of the Expence of a
considerable Quantity of Provisions in the publick Occasions
for their Ma"*^^ Service, relating unto the War and the com-
mon Safety, and but little expected in from other parts.

It's likewise Ordered That from and after the date and
publication hereof, no kind of provisions, (Fish and Mack-


arel onely Excepted) be laden or put on board any Ship or
other Vessell for Exportation ; Or be carried out of this

Boston March. 26°

g order ut Supra

Js" : Addington Secry

Capt. Hatch to Cruise upon the Coast, ^c.

By the Governo'' & Council
Capt" Hatch

These are to Order you forthwith to set Sayle with the
Sloop Mary whereof you are Comander and Cruise upon the

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