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"William ag* the fiVench King and his Subjects and divers
Acts of hostility haveing already been coiiiitted by the Sub-
jects of the ffrench King in Surprising and takeing severall
of the ffishing; Katches & other Vessels belonoinir to this

It is Agreed and Ordered that permission be given for the
raysing of volunteers for that Expedition and that Commis-
sions from this Governm* be granted to all necessary Officers
for that Service.

That one of the Sloops now in the Country^ Service be
lent them orratis for two or three months and the other
Sloop for lesser time as shalbe limited.

That the sole benefit and profits of the s'' ffrench Coun-
try when reduced be appropriated unto the Undertakers or
Company waiting his Ma"*^^ Comands and Settlement for the
future disposal that is to say, the Indian Trade and what
plunder may be reasonably made both of Stores of warr &
otherwise (saveing the performance of all such Articles as
may be concluded with the Inhabitants upon Surrender) this
Governm' to have the first tender and refusal of the great
Artillery if drawn off the place :/.
Boston. 6 Se\y^ 1689.

Voted in the Affirmative by the Governo"" & Magistrates.

Is"^ Addington Sec'^

Consented to By the deputies g order

Joseph Lynde/

Petition of Abraham Perkins & John Sparke Feb. 12, \^%%-

To the Honoured Court now sitting at Boston or Charls-


We your most humble petitioners having sent an account

down to Boston of what we expended uppon the Souldiers


that were quartered at our houses, which were vnder the
coiuand of Captaine Siinon Willard that were from the eight
of August 1689 to y^ 2 of September entertained with good
wholsome diet as beife pork and mutten well dressed to y^
satisfaction of both officers and Souldiers who gaue us many
thanks for theire kind entertainment when they went from
us, and looking for payment to satisfaction according, hav-
ing sett as Low a prise as we could possibly doe to witt six
pence a meale for diners and suppers, besides the great ex-
pence of fyerwood candle and other smaller matters we men-
tion not, and vnderstanding by our friends that we imployed
to Gary downe our account to y" Coraitty that your honours
haue chosen to vew the same, and a-cordingly to send their
returne for our payment, we are informed to our great
trouble and disapoyntment, that your Honours doe allow us
but thre pence a meale, which will not pay for the very
meate, without bread drink or any allowance for dressing or
cookinir of the same, and being less then what was allowed
by the former Governour and his officers who tooke care for
payment uppon such accounts they allowing us six pence a
meale in mony and payd vs down beforet hey went from us
which we can attest to by several that know it to be a truth.

We humbly request that your honours would take it to
concideration and to grant us what we request and what we
may I'ationally look for being as Low a prise as we can pos-
ibly ask soe as we may Liue and be able to cary on in such
a tyme of generall calamyty and trouble amongst us, and
may be incouraged for the future to doe in the like kind for
our country uppon your comand, being ready to doe as far
as our estates and fortunes will allow us, and we your most
humble petitioners shall acount our selves bound to pray for
your honours good sucees that you may doe \v0rth3ly in
your places and famously in your generations.

ficb. 12'" '"U Abraham Perkins

John Sparke/


Grant to Mr John Emerson.

Feb. 14 : ^%
These may certify whom it may concerne y* I being Com-
ision'd & Sent Estward aghainst y** Indian eniray & being
comanded by y*" Goven® & Conncill to keep up y^ worship
of God as much as I could during y* Expedition when I
came to Newechewonock M"* Jn° Emerson being just leaving
y^ place I did desire him by vertue of my ord*" to be Chap-
lin to o'' forces who did faithfully attend y* place, being
helpfull to us in his advice & councill, & finding himself both
hors & furnature Served us Eleven weekes beginning from
y® seventh day of September 89. untill y^ twenty third of
Novemb"" & then dismist

p"" me Jere** Sweyen Comnd"" In Chiefe
Voted by the deputies y' m"" Emerson be paid by the
Tresu*" of this Colony or as mony for his seruis as a minisf
to the army the sum of twelve pounds.

Dated as above s*^ Ebenezer Prout Clerk.

Consented to by the Magistrates

Is» Addington Sec'Y

Petition of James Miller.

To the Honner'' Counsill/

The petition of James Miller of Charltown Humbly Shew-
eth that I haueing A man John Swain that was prest from
me and sent into the Country searuis he haueing Continued
in the Searuis near half A year and is now in Garrison at
Sammon ffiills and being much impaired in his Cloths by his
lono; Searuis understanding he is in want of clothino- and
Nesesary that I know not how to Conuey to him : I Humbly
beg that your Honers would Consider my Case I being A
Husbandman and the great nesesity I haue of my Man now

Doc. Vol. v. 4


the Spring Corns on that you would Consider he hath been
A great while out and I my self was out the last sumer and
I haue none to help me in my Husbandry affairs that your
Honners would pleas to fauor me in Letting my Man Com
horn to help me in my buisnes this Spring time which if your
Honners se meet to grant will further oblidge me Euer to
pray for your Honners :

Your Humbl petitioner

Charlstown ffebrewary y« IT'' 1689-9°

Jams Miller/

Ten /Single Hates to be Levied. March 14, 1689-90.

ffor Management of the present concernes of the publiq"*
refering to y*^ warr w*"^ the Indians, the Expedition against
y^ ffrench, Dispatch for England to their Majes*^ prouiding
of Amunition ; & reiniburseing such as haue Aduanced mony
for the Warr ;

Its ordered that Tenn Single Rates be Leauyed, And that
the Treasurer forthw'^ grauut his warrant Accordingly —

And such as make paiment in mony to be abated one
Third part, y® price of Corn to be p bushel as followes :

Wheat 5' Rye 4' ottes 1' : 6'^ Indian Corue 3' Q^ peas 4»
Barley 3' : barly malt 4* & y* y® grounds of Raiseing this
mony be inserted in the Tresur" warrant.

March 14"" 16gg Voted in the aiBrmative by the Deputies

Consented to by the Magistrates die predict

Is^ Addington Cl'Y

Cap" Nathanael Green, m"" Rich'^ INIiddlecott, m'' Nathanael
Oliver, Cap* Andrew Belcher and Cap* Samuel Legg are
desired and appointed a Comittee to consult and devise what
may be necessary of Shiping Provisions and Amunition and


other Stores to accomodate the Expedition ag' the French at
Nova Scotia and L'Accadie and make provision accordingly
with all Speed. And Report the same to this Court
Voted g the deputies in y** afirmatiue

p ord'' Joseph Lynde
15" March 1689

Consent*^ to by the Magistrates

= Is* Addington Sec"^/

Letter^ Wm Vaughan & Richard Martyn to the Gov S


Portsm : March 18 ; 1G8/^ 10 a clock
Much Hon"^''

Wee are Just now informed that y'' Indian Enemy this
morning Attacqed Salmon falls & have surprized all the fam-
ilies above the fort w*'*' are about 10 or 12, & have also taken
possesion of the fort & of Loves house where severall fam-
ilies lived.

W™ Plaisted who gives this information made his Escape
from Cap*^ Wincols house w'^^ was twice assaulted by y®
Enemy but they were beaten of by six or seaven English m®
whome he left in possesion of s'' house when he came away
from thence to give this advice & pray for reliefs he saw not
above twenty Indians : we have already sent away from the
banke between 20 & 30 men, & have sent to our other
Towns for further releif ; we now here see the smoaks rise
so y*^ they are burning all before them ;

Wee humbly pray a thorough & serious Consideration of
the condittion of this part of y® Country, & y* such meas-
ures may be forthw"" taken as in yo"^ Hon''s Wisdome shall
be thought most Conducive to the preservation thereof : this


is the whole of w* information we can at present give, as
soon as we have A further acco* you may Expect to hear
further from

Much Hon^"^ yo"" Humble serv*^

= W"' Vaughan
Rich-i Martyn/

Commander in Chief.

Majo"" Bartholomew Giclney is chosen & appointed to be
Comander in cheife of the forces designed for an Expedition
against the French our brethren the Deputyes hereto Con-
senting. Is'' Addington Sec''^
18 March : 1689.

Consented unto by the Deputies,

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/

Neiglihoring Colonies to he requested to Appoint Com-
missioners, to meet at New York.

Their Maj*'^ subjects in these Northern Plantations of
America havinge of late been Invaded by the French & Indi-
ans & many of them barborously Murthered, and are in great
daingor of further Mischiefs, for the prevention whereof It
is by this Court thought Necessary That Letters be written
to the Several Governors of the Neighouring Collonys
dcsioring them to Appoynt Comissionors to meet at New
York on the last Monday in Apvel next : there to Advise
and Conclude on Sutable Methods in Assisting each other
for the Safety of the whole Land, And that the Gou'' of
New York be desiored to signitie the Same to Virgenia
Maryland & parts adjacent.

Voted in the Affirmative by the Magistrates
19° March 1689./. Is" Addington Sec^

The Deputies Consent herevnto,

Daniel Epps, g order/


Petition of Edward Pegge.
To the Honotjt Simon Broadstreete Esqe & the rest of the

The Humble Petition of Edward Peo:2:e


Huml)ly Sheweth

That whereas yo'' Petitioner had a Servant pressed about
Six months since in the Countryes service against the In-
dians which said servant is now in Cascow Bay Garrison
Yo"^ Petitioner haveing very urgent occasion for the said
Servant not being able to make up his accounts nor goe for-
ward & finish any buisenesse without his said Servant he
haveing the whole management of yo'' petitioners affaires
while he was out of the Country

Yo"" Petitioner therefore humbly prayes yo"" hono''^ would
be pleased to grant yo"^ petitioner an order for the releaseing
of his said Servant that he may goe forwards in his buise-
nesse & give an Account of what he hath done that soe yo'
Petitioner may settle his buisenesse

And yo'' Pet' shall ever pray &c.

Edward Pegge/

Petition of John Bowers and others/
To y® honourable Gouernour Deputy Gouernour and to
all our honoured Magestrates and Representitues of y® Mas-
echusets Collony : now siting in Geuerall Court in Boston —
The humble pettion of us who are sum of us for our
selues others for our Children and Seruants whose names
are after subscribed : humbly sheweth : y' being Imprest y"
Last Winter seuerall of us into DreadfuU seruis : where by
reason of Cold and hungar and Tedious marches many scores
of miles in water and snow and laying on y® snow by night
Haveing no prouition but what they Could carry upon theire
Backs besides theire armes and Amunition it cost many of
them theire Hues : Your humble petitioners seuerall of us


Have been at Very great Charges to set them out with armes
and Ammunition and Cloathing and mony to support them
& afterwards by sending suplyes to releiue them & to Saue
theire lines notwithstanding many haue Lost theire lines
there others came home & Which were so surfetted if not
poysoned y* they died since they came from thence —

Notwithstanding all means Uused and Charges Layd out
for there Recouery others so surfetted y' they are thereby
Disinabled from theire Callings : Likewise your humble
Petitioners request is y* this Honoured Court would graunt
this fauour y' our mesengers May haue Liberty to speek in y®
Court to open our Cause so as to giue y® Court satisfaction —
Your humble Pettioners humble request is further y* you
would pleas to mind our Preasent Circumstances ; and to
graunt us such fauour as seems to be Just and Rationall
That we may haue sum Compensation Answerable to our
burthen or at least to be freed from further Charges by rates
Vntill y*^ Rest of our brethren haue bourn There share with
us and not to be forced to pay others y' haue been out but
Little in Respect of us : When as y^ most of us haue re-
ceiued Little or nothing But haue receiued Little or nothins:

But haue been At Very great charges seuerall of us.

If it shall pleas this honerable Generall Court to graunt us
or Pettion we shall look uppon our seines Ingaged —
And as Dutey binds us euer pray

John Haynes sen"" John Bowers

Joseph Noyes Ser Samuell Graues

Peter Noyes sen'' Joseph Glesin sen""

Matthew Rice thomas Rutter

John Allen Joseph Rutter

Mathew Gibes Sen Bcnjemin Wight

Thomas Rooe Peter plympton

Tamer Rooe Sen Isaac Mi Mar

Joseph Cutis Steucn Gatts/

Josiah Haynes senior
Thomas Woollson/


Petition of W^ Arden.

!d (
in Boston

To the Honored Couucill of the Massachusetts now sitting

The Petition of William Arden

Humbly sheweth, Whereas your Petitioner being Im-
ployed on their Majestyes Service as Chirurgeon to the last
ftbrces Sent to ffallmoth under the Coiuand of Maj"" Benj"*
Church, as allso being Ordered to Attend the iSbrt, At ffall-
moth g Cap*^ Winthrington and Cuttler, to perform the s*^
Duty or ffunction (many persons being then there Sick) ever
Since the 23"^ of Aprill last, and hath Remained their to
Attend their Maj*^ service as Surgeon.

Allso many Persons being dangerously wounded in the
last Ingagement with the Coiiion Enimy, are now (by the
blessing of God) Recovered and litt for Service, Humbly
craves — That your Honours would consider him in pay-
ment of those Wao:es that are due to him Concerning the
Premises, having not received any consideration on the s**
Acc° and the Necessity of your Petitioner is Such, That he
is not Able to Subsist without the Same, The Performance
of your poor Petitioner Request will forever Oblige him to
pray for your Honours pecable Goverm' &c

//William Arden/

*^French Captive Examina'^'^''^ from Piscataway Co. 19'^ March


Portsm" : 19'" ; March 16|§
Vpon Examination of the frenchman taken at Salmon

ffalls, he saith

Their Company that Attackqu'd Sallmon ffalls consisted

of sixty men 30 french & 30 Indians who came from Can-

56 DOCUjVIENTARY histoey

ady the begining of fFeub''. from a Town called three rivers
laying above Cabeek, that they have not been near any
English Plantation since they came out till now but waited
about twenty or thirty miles off severall dayes for a party
of 20 or 30 Indians who promised to meet & Joyn w"* them
but came not, that they have lived wholy upon hunting, y'
they came by ord"" of the ftreuch Gov' at Canada & that both
ffrench & Indians are in pay at ten Livers g month..

The said Gou"" is Count Fontenack y* arrived from ifrance
last yeare in A man of warr w"' severall merchant ships w*"*
went away again in S*"" : only two ships remain in Canada
of Twenty five Guns apeice.

That two parties of flrench & Indians of three hundred
men in a Company came about the same time they came,
but wheither they were design'd he saith he knows not.
That he knows nothing of the Mischiefe done near Albany,
that they intended to carry their Captives to Canada & there
sell them y* their design was not against this place when
they came forth but principly against Monsuir Tyng & the
place where he lived but he saith the Indians who were their
principle pilots did often Vary in their Opinions about w*
place to fall upon Wee can't understand wheither it were m*"
Tyng of Merrimack river or Casco Bay, That they saw no
Considerable Company of Indians in their March only a few
in some places hunting, that they brought out w"^ them two
pound of powder & sixty bullets a peice, that there are sun-
dry English captives at Canada ))ut he saw only three two
girles & a boy, that the ffrench are able to raise four or five
thousand men in (.anada able to bear amies, & y* they have
Thirty two Companies of fifty men in A company in con-
stant pay. that the ffrench Cap*'* name of this Conipany is
Monsiur Aretall : his sou being his Lieu'/


Letter from W'"' Vauglian ^ Rich'^ Martyn to the Goo^

and Council

Portsm° 19"' March 168;^^
Much Hon*^'!

Yesterday we gave acco' of y^ dreadfiill destruction of
Sahuon till Us the perticulers whereof please take as fol-
loweth ;

The enemy made their onset between break of the day &
sunrise — when most were a bed & no watch kept neither
in fort nor house they presently took possession of y*^ fort
to prevent any of ours doing it & so carried all before them
by a surprize, none of our men being able to get together
into a body to oppose them, so that in the place were kild
& taken between fourscore & 100 persons, of w*^" between
twenty & Thirty able men, the fort & vpards of twenty
houses burnt, most of the Cattle burnt in the houses or
otherwise kil'd which were very considerable from thence
the Enemy proceeded to Quamphegon where lived onely
Thomas Homes who upon the Alarm retired from his house
to a small Garrison built near his saw mill wheither also
some of Salmon falls y* made their Escape fled, about 30 of
the Enemies surrounded Holmes house, but met w"^ noe
opposition there till fourteen men of ours came up from y®
lower parts of y** Town, & vndiscryed by y" Enemy, made
a shot upon y* party of Indians at Holmes house. Sundry of
y"" standing before the door, at w°^ shot they say three of the
Enemy fell, y*^ rest run into the house & broke through y^
backside threof, & being more numerous than ours forced
our men to retire, nine of them got safe home & hue Escaped
to Holmes Garrison, only one of ours wounded in the En-
counter, then the Enemy burnt Holmes house & proceeded
about a a mile lower down & burnt the minisfs house w**^
two more & Assaulted Spencers Garrison but were repel'd
& so retir'd. James Plasted who was taken at Salmon falls
was sent by Hope Hood (CoiTiand'^ in chief of the Indians)


w*^ A flag of Truce to Tho : Holmes for y® surrend"" of his
Garrison — promising liberty to depart upon his soe doing,
but Plaisted returned not nor was y^ Garrison surrendered.

The s*^ Plaisted who was in y*^ Enemies hands many houres
Informed y* he saw of y® Enemy one hundred & fifty men
well accoutred & Guesses them to be about one half firench ;
upon their taking possesion of y® ffort he saith that ten of
them french & Indians made A dance w'^'' Hope hood told
him were all oiEcers, he also told him y*his Brother Gooden
who liv'd in Loves house was going to be try'd for his life
by A Councill of AVarr, for y*^ in their takeing Loves house
the said Gooden had kil'd one fFrench man & mortally
wounded another & further that there was Eight french
ships design'd for Pascataqve River to destroy y° same.

The Alarm being given to all adjacent Towns in ord"" to
their releife we sent about thirty men from this Town, as
many went from Dover, & a party from Yorke together w***
w* could be got from their own town, but before they could
unite their force it was neare night & then they marcht w**^
about 100 men under Coiiiand of Cap' Jo : Hamond Com-
and'' of y'^ uper part of Kittery, the scouts y* went before
just as they came w*''in sight of salmon falls discovered one
of y" Enemy who was binding up his pack & staying behinde
his Company fell into our hands w*^'' proved to be a french-
man whose examination in short we herew*'' send you & to
morrow morning intend to send the persons towards you by
land, none by Water being just ready to goe : our librces
proceeded in pursuit of y" Enemy & about 2 mile above y®
ffort of Salmon falls at the farther house up in the woods
there discovered them about y® setting of y® sunn, our men
presently fell upon them & they as resolutely oppos'd them,
in short the fight lasted as long as they could see friends
from Enemies, in w''*' we lost two men, one of York another
of Cochecho kil'd upon y'^ place & 6 or 7 wounded some is
feared mortally : w' damage we did the Enemy we can't at


present say. This is all y® acco* we can at present Give : to
morrow intend you shall hear againe from us : we Intrem
Subscribe ourselves

Hon'^'' S*"^ yo*" humble seruts :

[Superscribed] _ ^^ V'lUO-han

" To the Hou - ^'^ -^ Vau^nan

The Gove &Councill" Rich^ Marty n/

Committee for the better ^ more speedy setting forth the forces
designed against Port Royall.

ffor the better & more speedy setting forth y^ forces de-
signed ag' the ffrench at Port Eoyall Major Gen" Winthrop,
Major Jn° Richards, Major Elisha Hutchinson and Col"
Sam" Shrimpton or any three of them are noininated & im-
powred a Coiuittee by the authourity of this Court to grant
orders, & make such Impresses as shall be necessary in or-
der thereunto : as the Councill might doe :

Past in the Affirmative by the Magistrates.

19° March 168^ Is'* Addington Sec^^

Consented unto by the Deputies

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/

Letter W^ Vaughan ^ Hick^ Martyn to the Gov : ^ Council.

Portsm" 20th March 168/^
Much Hon^"^

yesterday we gave a pticular acco* of y® action at Salmon
ffalls : this accompanies the ifreuch Prisoner there taken.

Wee are now advised y* Major ffrost intended this morn-
ing w"^ what force he could rally to follow in gsuit of the
Enemy : but the Adjacent Towns will be left very bare &
Expos'd : the People are in A great Consternation & will be


necessitated to qvit their stations unlesse a considerable
force be forthw"' sent for the defence of this part of y® coun-
try ; w^"" we humbly recomend to yo'' Hon''s Consideration,
& supplicate yo'' ffavour therein praying also y' when forces
are sent a SufBcient Supply of Provisions &c : be sent w*''
them, for the out places about these parts have not wherew'^
to sustain themselves their dependance having been upon &
their constant supply from some few private gsons in this
Town who are not able to continve the same.

as any thing further oifers shall give acco' thereof:
Interim Remain Hon'''^ S''^ yo"" most humble seru*^

= W"^ Vaughan
Rich'i Martyn/

Voted that Cap' Pen Townsend be Comander in Cheife
against the French in the gsent Expedition : And that he
haue a Majors Comishon giuen him.

by the Deputies

20 : March 168/iy Ebenezer Prout Clerka

Consented to by the Magistrates Atf

Is'' Addington Sec'^/

Payment of Soldiers Listed in the Expedition against Nova


For the Encouragement of such Gentlemen Souidiers as
shall be Listed for the Service of their Majesties in the pres-
ent Expedition against the French of Nova Scotia or

1'' It is ordered that they shall be Paid as those improved
against the Indian Enemies, in all respects.

2 IF the French shall not surrender Upon the Articles
Offered them ; but shall necessitate our Forces to Expose
themselves in the Assault, God Succeeding our Armes,


Then besides their stated Pay, the just Half of all Plunder
taken from y*' Enemy shall be shared among the Oflficers &
Souldiers, (Stores of Warr only excepted.)

3 If it so happen (which God forbid) that any of ours
fall in the Attempt then what would rightfull}^ have belonged
to such Persons, if they had lived, shall be made good to
their Widows and children ; or if none such be to those
who have the next legal Right

Voted in the Affirmative by the Magistrates

20'" March 1689 Is^ Addington Sec^^

Consented unto by the Deputies

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/

The Grovernor's presence requested, S^c.
The Hon'"''' Gov"" is requested to afford his p''sence & to
Joyne with y^ Gent™ impowred by this Court to grant or-
ders, & to make Impresses as shall be necessary for y** speady
setting forth y** forces ag' y'' ffrench. Also Cap' Samuel
Sewall is hereby added to said Coiliittee.
Voted in y® affirmative by the Magistrates.
2P March 1689./ = Is'^ Addino-ton Sec^^

Consented to by the Deputies

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/

Frontier Towns to he strengthened.
ffor the relieft and strengthning the ffrontier Townes Ex-
posed more then others to the fury and rage of the Enemie
the Majore Gen^' is hereby ordered and Impowred to giue

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