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April there should be a meeting at New Yorke of Comis-
sion" Sufficiently Impowred and Instructed from the said
Colonys and Governm*^ for the more effectual Setlem* & well
ordering of a ready and advautagious Assistance of Each


other in the Service of their M;i"^* against the Common
Enemy —

Now Know ye that we the said Governo' and Council Re-
posing special confidence in the prudence care and Loialty
of our Trustey and well beloved ifriends William Stough-
ton and Samuel Sewall Esq®% Have appointed and do hereby
fully Authorize and Impower the said William Stoughton
and Samuel Sewall as Commission®* for this Colony to meet
at the time and place before mentioned with the Comission®^
of the other Colonys & Governments and with them to treat
advise and conclude as to our said Comission^s may be
thought fit upon such Suitable Methods as shalbe judged
most conduceing to the Security preservation and defence
of their Ma"^* Interest and Subjects in the Severall Govern-
in** and for the Repelling and Subdueing of the comon En-
emy. In Testimony whereof the publique Scale of the
aboves*^ Colony is hereunto afiixed.

Dated in Boston the ffifteenth day of April Anno Dm.
1690. In the Second yeare of the Reign of our Soveraign
Lord and Lady William and Mary by the grace of God of
England Scotland fFrance and Ireland King and Queen De-
fenders of the ffaith.

Signed. S. Bradstreet Gov^

By order of y<= Gov"- & Council, I. A./

Instructions for William Stoughton and Samuel Sewall
Esq^^ Comission^^^ for their Maj^^^^ Colony of the Massa-
chusetts Bay. In New England.] .


You haveing accepted this Service to undertake a Journy
unto New Yorke as Comission^s from this Colony whereto
you are Impowred to meet with the Comission''* from their
]y|j^ties severall other Colonys and Governments to treat ad-


vise and conclude of proper methods to be taken for the
defence and Security of their Ma"^^ Interest and Subjects in
this time of pu1)lique danger and for the Subdueing of the
Common Enemy
It wilbe Necessary

1. That you consult the Security and Enforceing of their
Majesties Garrison at Albany, that being so considerable a
Post, In which the welfare of all their Ma"" Colony^ is
concerned, and the ffive Nations of Indians now Engaged
on the side of the English will thereby be Encouraged.

That a considerable party of English joyne the Maquas
and other Nations of Indians for the prosecuting of the
common Enemy. And that a good correspondence be
maintained with the Maquas and other their Friends. That
the charges of the Souldiers sent into the Eastern parts
the maintaining of Garrisons on the ffrontiers, and charge
of Seting forth the pnt Expedition against the ffrench at
Nova Scotia and L'Accadie, be carried to the Generall ac-
compt and allowed in the common charge.

If it be proposed to make an attempt upon Canada we
are at present incapacitated thereto without two or three
Ships of fforce and Stores of Amunition can be Sup})lyed
by the other Govern m^' which if to be had we shalbe ready
to furnish out our proportion of shipping, men, provisions
and amunition for that designe.

It may be necessary that some suitable vessells be fitted
up and made ready at Boston Rhode Island and New Yorke
to be sent forth upon any Occasion as a guard to the Coast
against the Infestings of Privateers or Pirates for securing
of Na violation.

If the appearance of Comission®^ be general, as from Vir-
ginia, Maryland, the two Jersey', New Yorke, Connecti-
cot, Plimouth, and Rhode Island, we apprehend our pro-
portion may be one Quarter part. Otherwise it must be re-
ferred unto yo'' discretion to agree and settle our propor-


tion as you shall judge to be equal and Reasonable in the
carrying on of this publique Aflayre with those that do
appear and in what way moneys are to be raysed tor the
defraying thereof.

The foregoing are onely some general heads of Instruc-
tion what may farther Occur in any particular must be re-
fered to yo' sound discretion and care for the good and ben-
efit of this Colony as much as in you lyes.

Comeuding you to the gracious guidance and Protection
of the Almighty in yo'' Journey and trust Reposed in you.
Subscribe Yo"" assured ifriends

Signed Simon Bradstreet Govy
Boston April 17<' 1690

By approbation of y® Council./

Cominission of the Commissary General.

Boston in the Massachusetts Colony of New England./.

Whereas you are appointed Coraissary General 1 to all the
forces now in their Majesties Service on the Expedition
against the common Enemy in the parts of Nova Scotia and
L'Accadie under the conduct of S"" William Phipps K"' Com-
mander Cheife These are in their Ma"*^^ Names King William
& Queen Mary to Require So Authorise you to take under
your care and Charge all the stores of Provisions of every
kind and cloathing that are or shall be provided for that
Service and Carefully &, faithfully to secure and deliver
out tlie same according to the usuall and Customary allow-
ance, takeing and keeping a just and perfect account of what
is or shall be of that kind coiTiitted unto yo"" Charge of yo'
distribution thereof dilligently endeavouring to prevent all
Losse wast spoile or imbezelment and appoint such other
stewards or Comissarys under you for the ends afores'' as
shall be Nessesary and in all things dilligently to intend the


duty of yd' Place and to Observe and follow the Orders and
directions of the coinander in cheife Makeing & rendring a
Just & true Ace* of this your Stewardship unto y® Gover-
nour & Council! or who they shall appoint to receive the
same for w*^" this shall be your warrant Given under my
hand & scale the day of Aprill 1690. In the second

year of their Mat"''^ Reign.
To M"" Henry Dering/

Commission for Gregory/ Sugars, Capt. Lieutenant.

The Gouernour and Councill of the Massachusetts Bay in
New England To Gregory Sugars Capf : Lieutenant
Whereas you are Appointed Captain Lieuten* for the Ser-
uice of their ]\Iajes'^ of the Ship Six ffriends Mounted w"*
forty two Gunns & flitted our for their Majes*^ Seruice on an
Expedition Against y'^ Comon Enemy fl"rench & Indians in
the parts of Nona Scotia & L'Accady vnder y® Conduct of
S'" William Phipps Kn' Command'^ in Chief.

These are in their Majes*^ Names to Authorize & Impower
you to Take under yo"" care & Command y*^ Said Ship Six
ffriends as Cap* Lieu* thereof and of all the Marino''s &
Seamen thereto belonging commanding them to obey you as
their Cap* Lieu' ; And yo'" self to obserue & ft'ollow all such
Orders & Instructions in gsecution of y® said Expedition As
you shall receiue from y^ said S"" William Phipps or y^ Gou-
erno"" & Councill. In Testimony whereof the publiq® Seale
of y® Massachusets Collony is hereunto Affixed Dated in
Boston y'* Eighteenth day of Aprill 1690 In the Second year
of the Reign of our Souereign Lord & Lady William &
Mary by y® Grace of God of England, Scotland, fi'rance &
Ireland King & Queen Defend'" of the ffiiith &c./ g


Instructions for S'' W'"- PJdpps Kn* Comand/ in Chiefe
or Gregory Sugars Cap'^^ Lieu^ of y^ 8Jiip 8ix ffriends
now Equipped a Ship of warr by the Governm^ of the
Massachusetts Colony for their Ma^^ Service against
their Ma*^ Enemies

Whereas we are certainly Informed that this Coast is
annoyed & Infested by an Enemy Ship of Warr Sea Rover
or Pirate as he have ah-eady Seised Surprised and taken
severall fishing vessels belonging to their Ma'^ Subjects of
this Colony.

You are forthwith to get yo"" Company on board & Set
Sayle with y*" said Ship Six Friends Ordering Cap"^ Tho :
Gilbert Comand'' of y*" Ship Swan (also in their Ma"*' Ser-
vice,) to Accompany you, to cruise upon the Coast in search
and pursuit of the said Enemy or Pirate upon the Sea or
within any Crick or Harbour — &'''' according to Instruc-

Newport on Rhode Island
April the 18"^ 1690
Hon'^'J Sir

Yo" of y® IP'' instant came not to hand until y'' 17"' of sd
Instant in y*^ Evening, & gave us Intelligence, that You
have Agreed to send Commission''^ to York : desiring Us to
doe y® same, to treat & consult : what may be most conduc-
ing for the Safeguard of these American Parts, against y^
ffrench & Indian Enemies : The Notice being so short, (but
about six dayes to y® 24"' instant, y'' time appointed to
meet,) that I could not possibly convene y*' Council to-
gether, to meet in any seasonable Time, to answer y"" Ex-
pectation, by reason of y*^ Remoteness of some of Our As-
sist'* who dwell upon the main : We are very sorry Yo""
Information came not sooner ; notw"'standing shall be very


willing & ready to Assist to y® utmost of Our Abilities :
according to Our reasonable Proportion, to resist the fTrench
& Indian Enemies, & preserve their Maj"''* Colonies in these
American Parts.

We have daily Expectation to be visited by y® Enemy
from Sea, so that we keep a continuall Watch & Ward night
& day, & have & are building Shelters, to place these few
great Artillery in, which we have.

Commending You to y® Protection of the Lord, I subscribe
Yo"" Respective ffriend

Henery Bull Gov"^

With Consent of some of y® Council./

Instructions for S^ William Phipps Kn^ Commander in
chief e of all the JVavall and Military forces^ provided
and appointed for their Majestyes service against the
Common Enemy French and Indians in an Expidition
unto Nova Scotia and L'accadie./ .

Persuant to the Commission given you, you are to take
und"" 3^our care conduct and command all the Shipping,
Officers, Marriners, sea men and Souldiers, Listed and
appointed for the service abouesd : as cheife Commander of
the whole.

Haueing imbarqued your Souldiers you are to order that
all the Ships and other Vessels under your command sett
sayle & proceed as directly as wind & weather will permitt
unto Port Royall —

You are to keep your Officers, Marrin^^ sea men & Soul-
diers in good ord"" & under Command and to take effectuall
care that the worship of God be maintained keept up and
duely attended on board all y^ Vessels and when you come
to shoare in daily reading of the word of God & prayers

Doc. Vol. v. 6


And so faiT as the Emergency and necessity of your affaires
will giue leaue That the holy Sabbath be duely sanctifyed
& spent only in dutyes of piety, workes of necessity and
mercy. That Swearing, Drunckenness, Blasphemy, and all
manner of Prophanness be avoided or duely punished ac-
cording to the Laws and orders of the sea, or Laws Mili-
tary That so the presence and blessing of God may accom-
pany you in the P''sent undertakeing./ —

Being arrived in safety at Port Royall you are with all
convenient speed to indeavor the Attack of that place, To
which end you are to send yo"" summons to the Fort and
Garrison, Requiring the Commanders, Officers Souldiers and
Inhabitants in the names of their Majestyes William & Mary
King and Queen of England &c : to Surrender & Subject
themselues unto the obedience of the Crowne of England
upon such Articles and Proposalls as yo"" selfe and Council
shall see reason to ofter them, which if they accept of, you
are to see that the sd : Articles be duely kept and observed,
But if they shall refuse the proposalls tendred. Then in Re-
lyance upon the Strength & Assistance ofAllmighty God
you are to gaine the best advantage you may, and to Storme,
Assault, tight, take, kill, destroy, utterly extirpate & root
out the said common Enemy, burn, demolif^h and consume,
their Fortitications and Shipping. And haueing Reduced
that place/

You are to proceed along the coast for the reduceing of
the other places & plantations in the possession of the
French unto the obedience of the Crowne of England.

You are to take care to })reserve all the great and small
Artillery and Amunition which you shall recover from the

You are to take all oppertunityes to advise the Governour
and Councill of your i)roceedings and what success it shall
please God to give you in the P^sent Expidition, which to-
gether with your selfe and all that accompany you therein


we haue committed to the gracious and alhvise conduct of
our God who is the Lord of Hosts —

In the munagem* of this whole expedition j'^ou are to con-
sult and advise with Cup' William Johnson M"" Joshua Moody
Cap* John Alden and tlie Cap'** of the Severall Conipanyes
who are hereby constituted and a})pointed to be of your
Council! —

No act to be concluded but with your consent —

These Instructions agreed upon
by the Gov*^ & Council.

Boston 18" April. 1G90

Yo"" assured ffriends

Simon Bradstreet Gov*"

in the name of the Council./

The Governo' and Council of the Massachusetts Bav in New
England. To Captain William Johnson.

Whereas you are appointed Captain for y® Service of their
jyjj^ttes Qf .^ Company of Souldiers Listed in the present Ex-
pedition against the common Enemy French and Indians in
the parts of Nova Scotia and L'Accadie And Captain Lieu-
tenant of all the Land fforces for the said Expedition under
the Conduct of S"" William Phipps K"' Comander in Chiefe./.

These are in their ^Nla''*^^ Names to Authorise and Em-
power you to take under yo"" care and conduct all the said
fforces as Captain Lieutenant by Leading Ordering and Plx-
ercising all yo'' Inferiour Officers and Souldiers in Armes,
Comanding them to Obey you as their Captain Lieuten' for
their Ma"^^ Service And to fight attack kill prosecute and
destroy the said common Enemy, And your Selfe to Ob-
serve and follow such Orders and Instructions as from time


to time 3'ou shall receive from y'^ Comander in Chiefe accord-
ing to the Eules & discipline of Warr. In Testimony whereof
the publique Seal of y^ s*^ Massachusetts Colony is hereunto
affixed. Dated in Boston y*" 19"' day of April Anno Dn'
1690 Annoc|j ^ ^ et Reginoe &ca

Signed Sim. Bradstreet Govern^
By order of y*' Gov"' & Council.

Is^ Addington Sec''>'./.


In Answer to the Proposalls of the Owners of the Ship
named Mary a Private man of warr now Victualled Tackled
Manned and apparrelled with all necessaryes fitt for the Sea
Cap*" Cyprian Southack Command'' presented to the Hon'"'''*
the Governo'' and Council of the Massachusetts Colony in
Kew England respecting proceeding upon the present Expe-
dition against the ffrench along with S"" W"' Phipps Gen*^" of
the fforces now raised by the said Colony and Committed to
his Conduct and care in s'' Expedition It is declared by the
Gouern* and Council as iFolloweth — Vizt

Imp""' That the s*^ Cyprian Southack In Consideracon of
his proceeding upon s'^ Expedition with the said S'' William
Phipps and attending his Orders and not deserting the ser-
vice untill the said Ship and Company be discharged from
the same bv him : Shall have allowed him from the Eiijht-
eentli day of Aprill 1(590 (the time when Ship and Com-
})any enters into pay) For the sd ship Ten shillings p Tunn
g month for what she measures divideing the pduct of the
nmltiplycation of her length breadth and depth by One hun-
dred, for soe Long time as slice shall be upon the Country'
service untill discharg'' as afores*^ and each man of said Com-
pany to be allowed Six pence g day for provisions.

2'^'*' That AVhat Damage the said Ship Shall Sustaine in


Fight shiill be made Good by the s'' Colon}^, and all other

hazzards to be on the owno""* account.

3*^ That all such Provision Powder and Ball as shall be

Expended in said Ship Shall be made good to them att y®

Expiracon thereof by the Country, according to a just and

True account of the same./.

Boston. 19" April 1690. I Cyprian Southack Coinan-

der of said Ship Mary for
myselfe and in behalfe of
the Owners do accept of and
Airree to the above written
Cyprian Southack : Capy

An Extract of a Letter from M^ Isaac Addington Secretary
of the Massachusetts Colony, to M^ ElisJia Cooke, dated
21<> Ajirill 1690.

The Gov"" and Councill have now written a Letter to the
Principal Secretary of State & Condition of the Country by
Reason of the distresse of the War, haveing given a more
full and ample account before by M"" Shrimpton. The ffrench
and Indians are out in Partys upon the Eastern Plantacons
waiting for Advantage to Surprise the Garrisons and to Pick
men of in the Fields attending their Occasions, 120 men are
lately Sent into the Province of Maine, S"" William Phips
will Sayle this day or on the Morrow, if the Wind be fa-
vourable in the Ship Six Friends mounted with 42 Guns and
is assisted by the Ship Mary Cap"'' C3'prian 20 Guns, Cap"®
Aldens Sloop w"' 8 Guns, a small ship from Salem with Six
Guns, and two Katches, on the Expedition to Nova Scotia
and L'accadie, his number of Souldiers and Seamen will
arise to 600 or upwards, men offer themselves voluntarily
to the Service. M"" Stoughton and Cap"^ Sewall set forward


this morning for New Yorke, being CoiTiiss'"^ for this Colony
to meet the Comiss"'^ from the severall other Governments
betwixt Virginia and Boston to treat and concUide of such
things as may Tend to the Setling and well Ordering a ready
and Advantagious assistance, each to other ag' the Comon

We have not the oppertunity of writing by Cap"^ George,
but the Gov"" purposes to send one Letter on board for his
j^j.jjties Pi-jncipal Secretary'.

Instructions for John Ilathorne and Jonathan Corwin Esq*"^

You are desired forthwith to undertake a Journey into
the Provinces of Hampshire and Maine to visit those parts
& to Informe yo"" selves of the State and Condition of the
Inhal)itants there.

You are also to Informe yo'selves of the Number of Soul-
diers sent from this Colony into those parts and where they
are posted and to advise with Major Charles ft'rost and such
other Gent" on the })lace as you shall see meet to consult
therein, how manj^ may be necessary to be continued there,
and to Order the disposal of them in such convenient Posts
as may be most for Security of their Ma"''^ Sul)jects and re-
pelling of the Enemy, and to see that they be under good
conduct and Governm', that they be constantly kept upon
duty and thereby rendred Servicea])le to the publique.

And for others that are uncapable of Service or of more
than absolute necessity to be continued that you order their
return home.

You are diligently to inquire concerning the Stores of
Amunition and provision there belonging to the publique,
and to take effectual Order that they be comitted into faith-
full hands, that no waste or imbezelment be made thereof
but improved for jjublique Service.


You are to advise the Inhabitants to draw themselves into
so few Garrisons and those so conveniently situate as they
may be in a good posture for their own defence, And that a
convenient number of y® Inhabitants that Know the Country
be improved by turns in constiint Scouting.

By Order of the Governo'" and Council.

Boston. 24"' April //1690
You are to advise that a Suitable party

or partys be sent forth to disrest and

attacque the Enemy at their usual

ffishing places or elsewhere./.


The Governo'' and Council of the Colony of
the Massachusetts Bay in New England

To John Hathorne and Jonath" Corwin Esq" Whereas
you are desired and appointed by the Council to visit the
Eastern parts within the Province of New Hampshire &
Maine to advise and consult for the security of those parts
against the common Enemy and of the disposal of the Soul-
diers sent from this Colony into those parts.

These are in their Ma''*^* Names to Authorise and Comis-
sionate you unto that Service pursuant to the Orders and
Instructions given you refering unto this Affayre which you
are to Observe and follow in the managem* thereof.

In Testimony whereof the publique Scale of the Massa-
chusetts Colony is hereunto Affixed. Dated in Boston the
twenty ffourth day of April. Ann" DiS. 1690. Annoq,^ j^"
et Regina Gulielmi et Maria Anglia &'='* Secunda./.
By Order of the Govern^ and Council //Signed

Sim : Bradstreet Gov""/


Commission of Noah Wiswall.

The Governo'^ and Council of their Ma"^* Colony of the Mas-
sachusetts Bay in New England
To Captain Noah Wiswall : Greeting

Whereas there is a Company of Souldiers partly English
and part ffriend Indians now listed for their Ma''^^ Service
against the common Enemy Ifrench and Indians.

Reposing special trust and confidence in your courage
conduct and Loialty.

These are in their Ma"*'* Names to Authorise and Impower
you to be Captain of the said Company and to take them
under yo"" Care and Conduct And to Lead Order and Exer-
cise yo'' Inferiour Officers and Soldiers in Armes and with
them to pursue fight take kill and destroy the said couion
Enemy aforesaid ; Comanding them to Obey you as their
Captain according to the Rules and discipline of Warr ; And
yo*" Selfe to Observe and follow all such Orders and Instruc-
tions as from time to time you shall receive from your Su-
periour Officer or from the Governour and Council.

In Testimony whereof the publique Scale of the said Mas-
sachusetts Colony is affixed. Dated in Boston the twenty
Sixth day of April Anno Dfi. 1690. Annoq j^ j^' et Re-
gina Gulielmi et Marine nunc Anglia &"'' Secundo.

Signed Sim. Bradstreet Gov'
By order of y® Governo"" & Council.

Is'' Addington Sec^/

Commission of Lieut. Gershom Flegg.

The Governor"" and Council of their Majesties Colony of the

Massachusetts Bay in New Enghuid
To Lieutenant Gershom Fleiig Greeting

Whereas you are appointed Lieutenant of a Company of
Souldiers now Listed for their Ma"" Service under the com-


mancl of Captain Noah Wiswall against the common Enemy
French & Indians

These are in their Ma"^^ Names to Authorise and Impower
you to be Lieutenant of the said Company And to take them
under yo"" care and Conduct And to Lead Order and Exer-
cise yo"" Inferiour OfEcers and Soukliers in armes And with
them to pursue fight take kill and destroy the comon Enemy
afores*^ Commanding them to Obey you as their Lieutenant
according to the Kules and discipline of Warr. And your
selfe to Observe and follow all such Orders and Instructions
as from time to time you shall receiue from yo"" Captain or
other Superiour Officer. In Testimony whereof the pub-
lique Scale of the said Massachusetts Colony is hereto af-
fixed. Dated in Boston the 26"* day of April. Anno Dffl.
1690. Annoqj i^ »^ et Regina Guliehui et Marite nunc An-
glia Si"^ Secundo.

Signed Sim. Bradstreet Gov""/
By Order of the Governo'' and Council

Is* Addington Sec'^'/


Boston, April 26"^ 1690.

Cap"« Noah Wiswall

Whereas you are appointed Captaine of a Company of
Souldiers English and Indians for their Ma"''' Service against
y* comon Enemy

You are Ordered forthwith to advance with the s'' Com-
pany under yo' Command unto the heads of the flVontier
Towns within the County of Midd'' and those of Essex ly-
ing upon Merrimack River.

You may divide yo"" Company as you shall find Occasion
into two or more partys for Scouting about the heads of the
Towns for their Security against the assault of the Enemy


And to visit the Enemys usual ffishing places where in prob-
ability the}^ now are And upon yo"" discovery and comeing
up with the Enemy ffrench or Indians you are to attack
fight take kill & destroy them, Takeing heed that you do
not Engage them under too great disadvantage in respect of
number and that you be not drawn by them into any am-
bushm' or otherwise betrayed by their Treachery.

You arc to use all diligence to Secure the ffrontier Towns
and to find out and pursue the Enemy And to appoint one
certain place of Rendezvous where the severall partys you
send forth may resort at such limited times as shalbe agreed
upon, and Let there be a constant intelligence maintained
])etween the severall party^ whilst abroad that so they may
at all times know where to send to Each other and yeild
mutual assistance and Succour as opportunity shall offer.
And take all opportunity^ to advise the Governo"" and Coun-

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