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cil of what may occur and of yo'' proceedings from time to
time that it may be known where to repair unto j^ou./.

You are to take Supply^ of Bread out of the publique
Stores lodged at Groton comitted to the care of Cap°^ James
Parker, and Other Provisions and Amunition there or out
of any other publick Store where you may come, giveing
your receipt for the same.

You are to attend such farther Orders and Instructions
as from time to time you shall receive from the Governo"" &
Council, And during all the time you shall continue in this
Service and Comand you are to keep your Souldiers in good
Order and under Governm* And carefully to attend the
daily worship of God in morning and Evening prayers
That you may obtain his presence and blessing with and
upon your Selfe and Company, and may be Conducted and
Succeeded in this present Expedition by him whose Name
is the Lord of Hosts.

Signed Simon Bradstreet Gov'
By Order of y^ Gov"" & Council

Is"^ Addington Sec''V


Crarrisons, Soldiers, ^c, in the Province of Maine.

Prouincc ) ^ork Aprill the 30'" IHOO
or jMaiii : 5

Account of The Garisons Souldiers Amonition and pro-
lusions in the prt)Liince of Maine
Imp'' Casko Garison at the Towne of famouth Souldiers

aboute 60 — vnder y'^ Command of Cap' Simon

Willard besides Inhabitants Setled.
Next. Spurwink Garison Cap* Jordan Com'' Souldiers. 4.

3 BUick})oint Garison Jn° Iloniwell Com"" Souldiers. 6.

4 Blu point Garrison ph foxwell Com'' Souldiers. 6.

5 Saco Alias Eandivous Garison phillip ifoxwell Com"^

and Souldiers. 0.

6 Winter Harbour Garison Edw'' Serjent Com'' &. 4.


7 AYinter Harbour Neck pendleton fletcher Com' noe


Saco falls Cape porpus and Kenebunk all gone away.

Wells Towne 6 Garisons (viz) L' Storer Wid° Lit-
tlefeild Fran^' Littlefeild John Whelerioht Cap'
John Littlefeild and m'' Samuell LittlefeikP where
was 10 Souldiers before the last ware sent, Six
of which ware dismis' Lately by Cap' Littlefeild
and are irone.

Cape Nuduck Garrison Sam" Weber Com"" noe Soul-

York Tow^ne Job Alcock. Com'" ; in s'' Towne 5 Gar-
risons, not one Souldier bofor y'^ last sent

Lower part of Kittery 10 Garisons (viz) Jn" Morels,
Jn° Shapleys, Jos^ Hamonds, W"^' Tutherlys, W'"
furnells, Jn° Alcots, Joseph Curtice, Jos. Wilson,
W'" peprills & Wid° Champernoons not one Soul-
dier in them all but keept & defended
by their s*^ Inhabitants.

The vper Kettery — or Barwick 8 Garrisons (viz.)
Maj"" fFrosts, Benony Hodgdons, Jon'' Masons,


Daniell Stons, En' Abotts, Ricli-^ Masons, W"
Spencer and Thomas Homes in all which Garisons
but six Sould''^
The Number of the Souldiers in Maine which were

formerly sent aboute 95

Att Welles York &c Since sent vnder Comm'^ of

Worm all 56

Kettery & York vnder How 42

193 men
Ammunition In y^ hand of Maj"" frost powder about 50'
Shott aboute 100

Noe more in y*' prouince of publike Stock of Ammunition
but w* is at Casco.

prouissions in y" prouince of Maine in y" hands of Maj''
ffrost 4 Bar pork 2 hh Bread

6 Bar pork 4 hh Bread & some pease at Wells in y" hands
of Sam' Wheleright EsqV —

Report of John Haihorne ^ Jonath, Corwin Commissionated
to Visit the Eastern parts.

Province of ) ,r i at i9ti/-nA
, , . > York May P' 1G90

Mame 5

We whose names are under Written being Appointed and
Commissionated (By the Gou"" &, Council of The Massa-
chusets Colony of New England)

To visit the Eastern parts, & in particuler This province of
Main In P(!rsuance of Which, Wee doe Advise such as
arc hero called unto and Intrusted with the Gouernment
of said prouince for their ]\Iajesties.

Im[)' That they Exert theire power to uphold & Maintain
y° Gouernment in keeping y^ peace and adminlstring the


Laws) that the End of Government may be attained To
be a terror to Evell doers and a praise to them j* do well.
In military Concerns that theire be due Care taken in
watchinp: and warding that you may not be supprized by
the enemy and Sudenly destroyed as other places haue

That you draw youre selues into soe few Garrisons and
those soe Conueniently situate, as you may be in a good
posture of defence.

That Conuenient number of the Inhabitants that know

the Country be Improaued b}^ turns in Constant Scouting.

That a Sutable party or parties be sent forth to disrest

and Attacqe the Enemy, at theire usiall fishing places or

Elce Where, as there may be oppertunity.

In all which and all other
Your Concerns, We desire
the Lord to direct & bless
you & Subscribe Yours to
our power

John Hathorne/
Jonath. Corwin/

Meeting of Commissioners at New York.

New Yorke Primo May 1690
Att A meeting of y^ Comission® of y^ Province of New &
y^ Colonies of y'' Massachusetts, Plymouth & Connecticutt
Itt is Concluded as their unanimous result that In y*
p''sent Expedicon for the Strengthning of Albany 3'® pursu-
ing & by help of almighty God Subduing y^ french and In-
dian Ennemies Continuino; In hostility aofainst their Mai"^'
that Each of y® Colonies aforesaid shall provide & furnish y*


undcrnienconed proportions of Sold" w^'' Answerable pro-
visions at theire owne Charge to be sent w''' all Speed

Vizt :

By New Yorke four hundred " 400

By y'^ Massathusets Colony one hundred & Sixty " 160

By Plymouth Colony Sixty " 60

By Conecticut Colony one hundred thirty five " 135

By Maryland By promise One hundred " 100

In all Eight hundred fifety five " 855

Farther agreed y' y" Major be Apointed by the L' gover-
no"" of New Yorke & y** next Cap" to be apointed by y® Col-
lonies of y'^ Massathusetts, Plymouth & Connecticutt./

Thatt all plunder & Captives (if any happen) shall be
divided to y'^ oflicers & Souldiers acording to y" Custome of
warr : —

Thatt all matters of great Concernment be directed & or-
dered by y® Councill of warr Consisting of y^ Major w'*^ y®
rest of y*' Comission oflicers or So many of them as their is
oportunity for : —

Thatt y*^ Souldiers sent out or to be sent out be not Em-
ployed in any other Service or Expedicon than what is now
agreed on without further Consent of y Severall Colonies : —
That y® oflicers be required to nuiintaine good Order
amongst y*" Souldiers to discountenance & punish vice & as
much as may be to keep y" Sabbath & maintaine y° worship
of God : —

Jacob Leisler
William Stoughton
Sam Sewall
P" I) : La Roy
John Walley
Nathan Yold
William Pitkin/


Simon Willard about to visit Boston.

ffiilmolh xMay y« 9'" 1690
Att a Meeting of our Company having y® advice of y®
Chiefe men of y^ place y"^ most of them that are there we
having looked long for Maj"" fFrost but he is not yet Come to
Order & settle our Garrisons : y^ privat Entelligence from
Boston having much Disturbed our Souldiers : & we beinof
in somthing of a distracted condision it has been concluded
that Cap* Davis or my selfe should be sent to Boston to y®
Plonerable Councill : & Cap' Silvanus Davis being unwilling
to goe theither having charge of the Kings Fort it forces me
to goe theither my selfe : it being thus consented too : as
before sd : while I goe to Boston to y'^ Hon'"^ Councill Lleav
y® Garrisons in other places under y^ Command of their
former perticuler Commanders & att fi'almoth : Serj*^ Rich^
Hicks is to be over y* Garison att Jn° Ingersals & he is also
to Comand : in exercising y'^ Company & Scouting as oca-
sion serves : Serj* Josei)h Iluit is to take Command of m''
Rob' Lawrances Garison : alwayes advising with serj' Hicks
as ocasion may be not changing of Souldiers without y° con-
senting of both officers concerned : Natl" AVhite Serjant to
be y^ Commander of y'' halfe moon Garison : all of them as
ocasion serves advising with Cap' Silvanus Davis Cap' of y^
ffort : all of these Serj''' are to take dilligent heed to y®
Mayntaining a careful! wach : by Day & night & not to have
lesse then : 16 or 18 hands : lodaina' in each of v^ outside
Garisons in y^ night time : these things to be observed un-
till I come againe hiether or till a discharge Comes to our
Company from y*" Councill : the Company also engadges not
to l)e mutinous nor to draw otf their Post or Charge : exept
absolute want of Victuals forces them to it untill I come
again hiether or till orders come to draw them oft": which I
hope will not be much above three weeks : after my depart-
ure : & sooner if it may be :


I also engadge to do my utmost endevour : to get a dis-
charge for y^ Company or if that faill : to come again my
selfe heither within y^ time mentioned.

Simon Willard/

Letter from the Crovernor and Council of Connecticut to the

Gov^ ^ Council.

Hartford May 15"> 1690
Honourable S"

We being at a losse with our selues how to understand
your resolues as to the time when o'' souldiers should March
so as they may haue the com})any of yours with them, is the
occasion of this Expresse as allso to Informe your Hono" the
state of o'" affaires at present We haue about seventy or
eighty of o"" souldiers with Capt" Johnson at Green Bush
neer Alban}'^ & they haue as we suppose, by this time re-
nioued their Station about Twelue Miles aboue Albany by
reason of the Small pox, which at this time, we are informed
is very breife there about one hundred & thirty are now vis-
ited with the distemper, & it was suspitious that one of our
Souldiers was vissited with that sickness when o"" last post
cam from thence : which was last week, as allso the Com"
when they last mett at yorke left it (as you know) with
Capt" Leisler to appoynt the Majo"" whoe is to be the chiefs
feild oiBcer, which is very unpleasent to o'' Souldiers, & the
rather Because it is said Jacob Milborne is thought to be
the Man that will be imployed, which will much disgust the
souldiers that are to goe from these partes, allso o"" post in-
formes vs that the nine Indians & two dutchmen that went
to Canada lately were returned & that they were at Shem-
lee & neer the walls of the forte they killed a french man &
took one prisoner, whome they Brought to Albany who In-


formed them that the French are but lowe on their stores of
prouission & that the Magezeen at Mount Royall by an acci-
dent was hitely blowne up, but the truth of that is not oth-
erwise knowne : It is Judged now is the time to be doeing
with them If it were poj^isible to obteyn a Good strength to
goe by water to stop prouissions from comeing to them It
would l>e a great Incouragement to our Souldiers that are to
goe by hind. Gent" we pra}^ you to Informe us what Tyde-
ings you haue from your Fleet that is goun to porte Royall,
& whether they are Intended for Canada, as also please to
informe vs when your souldiers will be up in these partes,
& ready to March from thence, allso let vs Know your
oppiuions, who you thinke may be a suitable man for a feild
officer that o'' souldiers may know who shall command them,
we have been desireous to Imploy Majo"" Fitz John Win-
throp & haue sent to see where we can procure him, but we
fear it will be fruitlesse If your selues please to let us know
your oppinion fully & plaine in these affayres we desire it &
we thought meet to mention it to j'ou to consider If you
cannot iinde a more suitable person for that Service, whither
Majo*' Gregoram may not be a suitable person either to com-
mand or be a pilote in this Service : a suitable cheife com-
ander is of great necessity on all acco^^ & we desire you to
prouide him & we shall not dissent but he must be of some
emenency & we desire you will urge it on L"' Governo"^
Leishler to accept him & we shall doe the same or If you
canot please your selues in a person for that command we
shall prouide one more acceptable to o"" soldiers than m"" Mil-
born allso we desire your consideration/ what directions is
best for this Expedition, whither onel}^ to giue the french
what trouble we can to keep them at Home & distresse them
(till a force can allso go by Sea to put it lo the utmost dis-
tresse) or to venture the utmost against Mount Royall, we
Incline to the first as most safe for our army & thinke that
till we can scoure Canada riuer with vessells we can but
Doc. Vol. v. 7


Bicker them allso it is necessary to haue a better certainty
of the resolues of the fiue nations of Indians than yet we
haue & would haue your Conjunction with vs in Setleing
that matter that o"" forces when at Albany be not detayned :
Hono'^'^ Gent" we shall giue you no farther trouble but with
our best respects take leaue & commend you & all your
waighty Concerns to the Guideance & blessing of God &
are your affectionate freinds & seruants the Gov"" & Councill
of their Ma*'*"* Colony of conecticot g their order signed

g John Allyn Sec^'y/

Agreement of the Commissiotiers at New York.

Ordered that pursuant to the Agreement of William
Stoughton and Samuel Sewall Esq""' Comission^^ from y^
other Governm'' met at New Yorke, the first of May in-
stant, One hundred and Sixty Souldiers be detached out of
this Colony in proportion following, That is to Say, out of
Hampshire Regiment fforty : Middlesex lower Regiment
twenty, Upper Regiment Ten, Essex Upper Regiment Ten,
Middle Regiment Twenty, South Regiment Twenty, South
Suffolke Regiment Two and twenty, Boston Regiment Eigh-
teen, to be Improved for the Strengthning of Albany and
prosecution of the coiTion Enemy ffrench and Indians.

by the Deputies.

May 15 : 1090

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/

Consent" to by the Governo^ & Magistrates



Letter TP" Vaughan to the Oov^ ^ Council.

Portsm« May 18''' 1690
Much Hon''''

The Inclosed which I Just Now Rec^' from Maj^-" ffrost
Advices of y® Enemies Assault vpon Casco as g Information
of Jonathan Clark (Inhabit* of Casco who S^'^ y* he went
out of Piscataqua riuer in a shallop on ffryday Morning last
bound for Casco bay where he Arriued y* Euening & saw
Eleuen houses burning, y'^ Enemy Discouering theniselues
in sundry plases & by there gret shouting & tiring of Guns
bespoke them to be Numerous, They were very Brisk in
ffiring vpon Engerson's Garrison who Made as briske a Re-
turn Continewing to fire on Each other as long as they were
w*'* in sight y® Enemy Discouering ther Shallop Came Down
to a point of Land to p''uent there Landing & ware so nere
them that there shott reach' them. When they came to y^
Point w^'in y^ Shallops hearing they made 12 or 13 Cohoops
Intimating thereby that they had killed soe many psons.
The shallop seeing y® Enemy soe thick about & finding noe
secure Landing came away after they had been ab' an hour
in view of the Place & Arriued at York last Night, while
they were w"'in sight they saw noe Guns fird at or from
the ffort but Heard one grete Gun before they came in sight
& 3 more after they came away when they came off Spur-
wink Riuer yesterday Morning they Saw a great Smoke
flferd it May be Jordans Garrson.

Wee were hopefuU at y^ Return of Mess""^ Hawthorn &
Corwin y' yo'' hon'"'' would haue been satisfied y* y*" ffbrces
then in y'' Eastern pts had been small enough to haue As-
sisted the Inhaljit'* in their Defence Ag'* y'' Enemy & wee
Dread to think of y® fatall Consequences of their Drawing off.

Wee allso Humbly, praid by y*^ said Gent" to haue som
(H'ders ab' o*" Province y*^ out plases whereof are as much
Expos'd to y^ Enemy as anny other to which haue as yet
Reed noe Answer.


As to what I Reed Concerning The non Observance of
the order about y^ Embargoe you may please to Know y'
m'' Gruifort had a Pink & a small Ketch saild hence Laste
week for w'^'^ I vnderstand hee brought gmitts from y*
Goue*"' at Boston w^*'^ out which they had been stop* I am
Your Honners Hvm'^''^ Serv"

//W" Vaughan/

Letter from Robert Pike.

Salsbury May 18, 1690 : 5 in afternoon
Much honerd S""

All du Respects g'"mised the Inclosed came Just now to
my hand which I presently dispatched to your honer and
haue not to ad to it : but only y' I did vpon thursday Last
give your honer the troubel of a letter on the behalf of
these Estern parts that the soldieers might haue ben in thayr
places till som news from S'' William which I hope came to
your honers hand but I haue never heard of nor seen the
messenger sine : and I dout it came to late to prevent them
because thay wear then vpon thayr march : and I haue not
to say more to it : (but) is ther any evel in the city that I
the Lord haue not d<ni it) who ever are Instraments We
haue no intellent Latly as any emys seen about vs : the only
wise god Direct you in all your Councell : that a good Isu
may com out of these evil things w'='' he only is able to efect
for whose presenc with you praying take Leave to subscribe
my self S""

your honers most humbl servant

Rob* Pike/


Letter 3IaJor Frost to Major Vaughan.

Kittery : 18"' Muy : 1690
Majo'' Vaughan ;/

S'' This morning Came the barer to mee from yorke who
Came in there Last night in a shallop from Casco advising
of the Enemies Attaque upon Cascoe on fryclay Evening
last I : haue sent the barer to you to giue Account of what
he knowes there of which pray you to hasten away to the
Gouernor & Counsill my selfe Designing forth with to dis-
patch a way the s*^ Shallop a gaine to Cascoe with som Soul-
diers for theire better defence to make a further discouerie
of that matter I Remaine

S"" yo"" Assured freind
& Seruant at Comand

Charles fi'rost = Majo""//

Letter Edward Sergent to Major Vaughan or Davis.

Saco 18"' May 1690
Majr vahan S"" or maj"" Dauis these with Respects are to
acquaint you that Yesterday Casco fort is taken and all
Burnd down : we haue account p 2 men* went frome Spor-
wink and saw it a fier we hord them fiiiht 1 dave and niofht
our hub"^^ Request to you is to send vesselles to Carry of
our women and Children and what we haue or else we perish

S'' I Remayn your frend and St/

Edward Sergent/
and if posible men to a sist us to convoy of our Cattle./


Letter Sam' Wheelwright Joseph Storer ^ Jonath Hamond to

Major Frost

Prouince of Mayne
1690 May the IS"-" day

Major ffrost Sir these are to Informe you that the Endens
& freinch hath taken Cascoe fort and to l)e feared that all
the people are killed & taken ; theirefore we desier your
Compeny heare with us to put us in a poster of defence ;
for we are in a very shattered Condission ; Some are for
Kemoueing and Soni ar for stayinge ; Soe that we Stand in
great need of your assistance ; if we Sjtay we must have
more assistance ; & if we Remoue we must haue helpe &
assistance to gett away with what we haue left not Els we
Remayne you"" Seruants

Sam" \y heel Wright
Joseph Storer
Jona^ Hamond/

Letter, TF"* Vaughan^ Charles Frost jf Ric¥ Martyn

Portsm° May 19, 1690

Much Hon'-"

yesterday Advis'd you of the Enemies Assault upon
Casco : about two a clock this morning came a man from
Saco through the woods w*"" the inclosed from the Comand""
of the garrison there, he informs y* upon hearing of the
guns from Casco two men went from Spurwink Garrison on
Saturday to make what discovery they could, & when they
came nearc saw l)ut two houses standing, The fort on fire &
the Enemy very numerous thereabout. Those of Spurwink
& Black point arc got on board two slupes there, in order
to their remove, and those of Savvco pray releife of Vessels
hence w''' we shall P^ndevour to send them, so y* Wells is


now y® frontier Eastward who must Necessarily remove
forthw"' unless present releif be sent them & other the out
places in both these Provinces : Wee were amas'd at the
Ord''s for drawing off the soldiers in the Province of Main
after the Gentlemen sent heither to inspect the state of these
Provinces were sattisfied y' all the fforce there was too lit-
tle for their defence as too sad Experience dayly teacheth,
And for this Province we have not had above 12 or 14 men,
by whose assistance wee have prevailed w*^*^ the two Garri-
sons at Cochecho & the out Garrison at Oyster River to
stand their Ground in hopes more help, instead whereof yes-
terday arived yo"" ord'' for their dismission, w*='' will occasion
the quitting of those Garrisons & then all Dover will be
lost : soe, y* shall at present await yo"" farther pleasure there-
about. The Enemy are now Powerful & prevalent & will
carry all before them unless a stop be put to their proceed-
ings : so y* it will be doubtless necessary to resolve a stop
some where, & there to have a sufficient force to repel I the
Enemy as well as in all out places y* are liable to their as-
saults : The Lord direct you in all your arduous affaires is
the prayer of

Much hon'"'^ yo'' humble seru''

//W°» Vaughan
Charles ffrost
Rich'^ Martyn/

Letter from Saw} Wheelwright ^ others.

Gen* our Sad Condition puts vs vpon yo'' Charity.

the Enimy is now Very nere vs Sacoe is this day on fire
we Expect them vpon vs within a few hours or dayes at
Least and therefore wee humly Craue Some assistants from
you : that we may be in some measure able to stand a few
dayes if it be y^ will of God till wee here from the Bay if


wee haue not Imadiate help : We are a lost people : So we
pray that our good God may moove yor harts to pitty vs,
throwing o"" seines vpon the mercy of God, wee Subscribe
our Selues yo"^ most humble and Greatly destressed serua**,
Wells y« 22'^^ May : 1690

Icabod Plasted Sam" Wheelwright

Rich : Carter Jona* HaiTiond

huet John Wheelwright

Nat Ellen Joseph Stover

ben beckford Superscribed To the hoM major

Robert Oliver Vahon major chas ffrost capt

John church well fryer capt Hooke capt Tick-

John Hobart son & cap' Alcock hast poast

Will Campell hast/

Ed Cuck/

Letter from Charles Frost Nath. Fryer ^ Richard Martyn.

Portsm° 22"' 1690
Much Hon^<^

On Tuesday about Eleaven a clock wee sent away two
ships hence w"' about 50 men, & 2 shallups to make a full
discovery of the state of Casco, who ariued there y* Even-
ing about half an hour after sun set : and returning heither
this morning, say y' their first appearance they heard the
drum beat, many houses in the heart of the Town, & Saw
(at least part of the fort standing, upon w'^"' one of their
shallops went pretty neare the shore, but tacking about
again had a volley of small shot fired at him supposed not
lesse the 300 guns & 3 great guns but did thein no harm, &
then the Enemy forthw*^'' sett the Fort or the remaining part
of it, w"' sundry houses on fire, the next morning they went
as near as they dare adventure w*'' a slupe, but could make
no further discovery, but the Enemies burning the residue


of the houses, so that all there is certainly destroj'cl & not
one alive but what is in the Enemies hands, at their return
yesterday they saw Black point, Spurwiuck, Richmans Is-
land &c : burning, so y* nothing now remaines Eastward of
Welles :

We hope yo"" Hon"^^ will at last see a necessity of giving
check to the progress of y^ Enemy by dispatching away a
considerable force forthw"' Otherwise their successe will
[ani]aiate them to pursve their Conqvest till we are all
over[come]. The Lord help you to pitty the distressed
& send speedy r[elief] w'^'^ we heartil}' beg who are

Hon'" y''** yo'' humble seru*^
Here are 3 or 400 most w'omen & Children come in from
Eastward this week who will perish unless assisted by the
charity of others :

Charles firost
Nath ifi-yer
Rich'^ Martyn
Wells will desert if not forthw**" reinforced./

Soldiers to be forwarded with all speed to York and Wells.

Boston 23° May 1690.
At a Council

Present Simon Bradstreet Esq*" Governo""
John Richards "] Tho : Danforth

Samuel Shrimpton VEsq®^ James Russell
Samuel Sewall J Elisha Hutchinson [ ^

John Phillips j

Ordered that One Hundred and twenty Souldiers be forth-
with detached out of the Regiments of Militia hereafter
mentioned in proportion following Vizt Twenty five a peice
out of the South and Middle Regiments of Essex Twenty
three out of the Lower Regiment of Midd'' Twenty two out

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