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of Boston Regiment and twenty five out of the South Reg-
iment of Suflblk the several Majors of the aforesaid Regi-
ments to order the detaching of their respective proportion
of Souldiers aboves*^ well appointed with armes and Amuni-
tion, to be forwarded with all Speed to the releif and Suc-
cour of Yorke and Wells ;/

By Order of the Governo"" & Councill

//Is^ Addington Sec-'V

Letter to Sir William Phips.

Boston May 23° 1690.
Hono"!" gry_

We received yo""* yesterday by the hand of Cap"'' Welch,
bringing us the intelligence of the presence of God with you

S 5- in o;iveing you Success, which ^ve desire to ac-

- i ^

I s c knowledo-e with hearty thankfulness as a smile of

r E. "^ providence. But the solemn tidinirs of the Loss of

^ I o Casco gives such an alloy to our rejoyceing as fixes

I S sorrow in all faces ; And puts us on necessity of

s- 5 sending forth this small vessell in hopes they may

I M meet you on yo"" Return home to Order you to call

^3 at Casco with some of the Shiping and Souldiers

§ i under yo"" Coinand to visit that place. And if advisa-

% % ble to Land three hundred or more of yo"" IForces

% i there to seeke for and annoy the Enemy & Endeav-

I = our a rescue of the Captives, And to march home

I I by Land through the Country, whereby they may

^ g ■% possibly gain some advantage upon the Enemy and

Z II wilbe refreshing and Encouraging to the Frontiers

I » f to stand their around, whilst they are reinforced

I 'I with more strength for which Orders are given forth ;

Referring it to yo"" sclfe and Council to advise upon and give


instructions to the most proper methods to be taken for the
Ends aboves*^ with our Service unto yo'' Solfe and Gent"
with you

Commend you to God, And are,
And to take in the Guns

& what else may be Yo"* sincere ffriends &

drawn off the place. Servants

Sim Bradstreet/
By Order of the Governo'' & Council

Is'' Addington Sec-'V

Letter Edmund Quincy to the Gov'^ S Council.
Brantry 24^'^ May 1690

To the Hon"-^' Gov^"" & Council of the Mattathusets Colony.
These are to signifie to y'' hon""^ that my difficulty is great :
one thing by reason we haue noe Commission officers in o""
Company we haue severall months chosen Sam" Tomson
Leiut : seri' Sam" Peniman o"" Ensigne : Leiut Jweles has
iayd downe his place he is ancient & his worke done. & 2'^
o"" young men : if the}^ be Impressed they will not take notis
of it some are so disobedient & others will escape I beg
Commissions with s[)eed in case the persons are accepted :
& that I may be Enformed what to doe with such as are
rebellious & will not submitt to Commands I humblie take
leaue beging the assistance and guidance of the Almighty
God in all y"" Councills & weighty concernes : I am grieued
that I am by reason of lameness not able to acquit my selfe
as this place calls for In haste I beg a pardon w* is amiss

Yo"" most obliged &
most vnworth}^ ser*
Edmund Quinsey

The raesseng"" that brought this sayth that Maj"" Quinsey
wants inforraacon to w' place his soldiers should be sent or
where to meet with the rest. S : B/.


Letter from Robert Pike.

Salsbury May 24, 1G90.
Much hon''^''

After tender of my humbl servic : these ar only to give

Covert to the Inclosed \v°'^ is only a farther Confirraasion of

the lamentabl Estern Desolation and to beg your present

assistance or else all will be lost : I miseribly Lament the

Drawing off of the Soders : w*^"^' now cannot be recaled nor

am I sure the plac had ben saued if thay had stayd but the

occasion of evel reflections had ben taken away & wee had

ben in the vse of means for the safty of w* is Lost : w°'' is

now our duty towards those that remaine w*^'^ must be do

presently or els that wilbe to Late also : w'=^ the good lord

prevent : So prays

your most humbl servant

Rob' Pike/

Letter from B. Gedney

Salem 24^'^ of May 1690
S-" I Rec*^ the order of the GoV & Councill at 3 of the
clock this Afternoone together with Avice of the great Con-
sternation at Wells Resolving to Quit their post if they had
not spedie succo*" therfore haue indeavo''ed to have o"" men
Rallied and Ready to march to-morrow morning : att Eight
of the clock. & not haveing any direction for their march or
for their Comander Have sent the bearer to wait on the
Councill for the same suposing this Affaire Cals for the vtt-
most dispatch. & it will be very troublesome to have them
Lontr billeted in Salem, for want thcrof S' I dout not but
you will forward this matter & have the Returne Earlie.

I am yo"" frcind & serv' B. Gedney/


Letter from B. Gedney

Sjilem 26"> of May 1G90
S"" I Rec'' yo" this morning at 7 of the ch)ck Since Came
to hand the post Letters Sent pr this Bearer Constable
Sterncs whoe as he informes was very ; ill treated pr : Leif *
Smith & his wife denied Refreshino; horce meat or ferriaije
notwithstanding my order Requesting the same but seized
his horse & stopt him then tooke away his hatt & kept it
till he borrowed twoe shillings to pay his charg, Soe Re-
deemed his hatt) our men were Ready yesterday to march
well Apointed Exept Lin & beverly Lins proportion was
fower men) but one man Last night at 9 or 10 of y^ clock
must march those we have Hope Care will be taken y* none
be incouraged In such neclects & abuses Evry service
becoras a great burden by such means. I Canot gaine a Co-
mander as I would those I have sought are doutfull of Com-
ission after Election feare I shall not be Able to doe you
service much Lonsrer I shall march to soldiers under the
Leading of John Walkutt son of Capt Walkut of Salem
village who finding much difficultie for his father to procure
men on such a sodaine he with twoe stout young men more
of the village voluntarilie suplied (this walkutt hath serv'')
a serg" already against the Enemie he may be at Least a
sarg* but Request that a Comander be Appointed by the
Councill or thatt majo'" Appleton Apoint him. hope or Comp.
will Joine his this Evening (Lin is much out of Breath Since
this time twelve : month : but aije must have allowance

I am yo"" Humble serv" B. Gedney/
I must now goe to Lin ass soone
as thes March : to sett forth those
for Concord whoum I shall now
Rally at Lin and Speed them away.

B. G./


Instructions for James Wood Commissary

Boston M;iy, 26° 1690./
M' James Wood./.

You are appointed Comissaiy of the Forces now sent
from the : Massachusetts Colony into the Province of Maine
for the defence of their Majesties Subjects, and repelling of
the comon Enemy. —

You are to Lodge and carefully lay up all such Stores of
Provision AiTiunition and Clothing as shalbe coinitted to yo""
charge, in One of the most Secure and convenient Garrisons
at Wells or where else you shall be advised by m"^ Samuel
Wheelwright and some other of the chiefe persons upon the
place. —

You are carefully to deliver out the provisions in propor-
tion following. Viz* for Each man g diem one pound of
Bread three Quarters of a pound of j)orke or one pound of
Beife and halfe a pint of pease —

And to take special care to preserve yo*" provisions from
Spoyle and imbezehnent ; and keep an Exact & particular
Accompt of what Clothing and to whom you deliver out the
same./. And send timely notice to the Governo"" and Coun-
cil of what provisions Clothing and other supplies may be
needed from time to time before yo"" stores be quite out./.

You are to deliver out yo"" AiTiunition by Order of the
Comander being as carefull as you can that it be not wasted
or mispent./

^^ Letter to Li Gov. Liesler"

Boston, May, 27" 1690./.
Hon^''« S^

According to the Agreement of the Coniission" when in
yo"^ parts our men are this day to Randevouz in order to


their moveing towards Albany, and will make all dispatch

"We are given to understand that there is a full Supply of
Provisions for all the Forces, lodged at Albany, and that it
may be taken up there at reasonable Rates on the generall
Acco" our proportion whereof we shall readily pay, and to
that end have sent up a Comissary, with a Letter of Credit
for the furnishing him with what shalbe needfull for our men
lookeing at it as more Expeditious than to have sent pro-
visions from hence, which might have been long in con^eing
and disappointed the designe, We hope o'' Credit will be
good and that^yo"" selfe will write to the Coinission'"s and
Gentlemen there that it may be of Effect. We are given to
understand by Letters from Connecticut that they have in-
vited Col° Fitz John Winthrop to serve his King and Coun-
try in that Expedition, who seemes inclinable to accept that
Service ; which if so, he wilbe the most suitable person can
be thouofht of to take the Comand of the Avhole, in which
we shall readily concur and cannot thinke he should have
any inferiour Coinand ; whereto we doubt not of yo"" free
Consent that he be Comander in Chiefe, which we are sensi-
ble wilbe the good acceptance of all the souldiers and the
severall Governments from whence they come, and hope it
wilbe acceptable to your Selfe notwithstanding the conde-
scention of the Comission'"s being a person of Honour and
worthy of a greater Comand.

We have received intelligence from S"" William Phipps of
the Success it hath pleased God to give him, he having the
Possession of Port Royal with the Garrison and Stores
thereof, though our rcjoyceing therein is mixt with an Alloy
of sorrow that the Enemy hath prevailed (as we are Li-
formed) to the gaining of Casco and are prosecuting to
make farther depradations on the Eastern parts which neces-
sitates our sending of aid to them and puts us on the greater
hurry* We have a Ship lately arrived from London, but


nothing from his Majesty to the Governm* have a Rumour
here that some ships from London are since arrived with
you : but doubt of y^ certainty thereof We pray that you
would please to comunicate any thing that may occurr for
his Majesties Service, you may Expect the like from us.
And that wee may by the first Opportunity understand yo""
mind with referrence to the Cheife Comander.

Yo"" very Loveing ffreind and Servant

Signed. S. B./

Instructions for Capt. Stephen Greenleaf.

Boston May 27° 1690./.
Cap"'' Stephen Greenlefe,

You are Ordered forthwith to Advance with the Souldiers
now put under yo'' Comand, into the Eastern parts in and
about Piscataqua or where else you may be advised when
you come upon the place, that you may do most Service for
the defence of their Ma"*'' Subjects and destruction of the
Comon Enemy, untill you receive farther Orders.

Keep good order and Government over yo"" Souldiers, take
the advice of the Comission Military Officers and other Gen-
tlemen of the place where you may come as to yo"" proceed-
ing, and all Opportunity' to advise the Governo"" and Coun-
cil of yo'' motions, Majo"" Frost and Major Vaughan wili)e
necessarily consulted by you And when the Forces sent
from this Colony are together Cap"'' Edward Wylly^ is to be
owned as the first in dignity./


Instructions for Capt. John Floyd.

Boston May 27° 1G90./.
Cap"'' John Floyd,

Upon intelligence received of the progress of the Enemy
in the Eastern parts. The Governor and Council have
thought meet to Order, and do hereby accordingly Order
you forthwith to call together the Troop under yo"^ Comand,
and to Advance with them forthwith towards Piscataqua for
the strengthning of those parts, and destruction of the
comon Enemy as you may have Opportunity, and move up
& down as you shalbe advised by the Gentlemen of the place
where you may be most likely to do Service against the En-
emy : See that yo*" men be well appointed w"' amies and
amunitiou, and take care of being ambusht, and this untill
farther Order./

Instructions for Capt. Edward Wyllys

Boston May 27" 1G90
Cap"^ Edward Wyllys

You are Ordered forthwith to Embarque with the Soul-
diers now under yo'' coinand and detached out of the Militia
of Suffolke &c^ for their Ma"" Service ag' the comon En-
emy, and to dispatch away to Wells or Yorke, where you
ma}' find it most safe & advisable to Land yo'' men, and Lodge
yo^ AiTiunition and provisions in the Securest place you may
be advised unto./.

You are appointed the first Captain in disrnity of the
fforces now detached out of the Massachusetts Colony.

You are to keep yo"" Soaldiers under good Comand and
discipline, and to Sup[)ress or punish all disorders & pro-
phaness or vice according to the Laws and Rules of War,
and to take care of all waste or Imbezelm' of provisions or
Amunition, & to that End, Encourage y® Comissary.

Doc. Vol. v. 8


You are diligently to intend the defence of their Ma'"""
Subjects and interest, and to seek out and destroy the En-
emy as you shall have opportunity in pursuance of yo''

You are to consult with the other Captains, and Gentle-
men of the province as you can have opportunity.

You are from time to time to advise the Governo"" & Coun-
cil of yo"" motions and proceedings & what may Occur, And
what Supplies you shall stand in need of.

Keep up the worship of God among yo"" Company, and
have yo"" dependance on him for Success./.

Letter, Nicolas Smith cf- others to the Gov'" J* Council

ffrom Major flrosts hous at Sturgen creek

May y« 27^" 1690

These are to inform your Iloners y' we whose names are
under written, are in areat want of all sorts of Cloths to
suply our nesesities we haue bin upon y*^ Contries seruis this
Eight or nine months & haue not hade to the ualew of forty
shilings Ave ware in hops y' we should haue a dismission &
forbor sending In Exspectation y' we should have bin sent
for home y^ we mite a tacen up what is coming to us our
selues : but seing y^ we must continevv we spok to Maj"" frost
to send and get som clots for us : but se y' we are not like
to haue anirelef, c^ now presume to send to your Honers
In exspectation y' our wants will be soo plied: or Else we
must be forst to leue y° place which will be a great damige
to y'' people here, for y"^ Indians & frence are abut us now
in this town and haue don som damage all redi : & we fear
quickly will (low more.

we are wiling to stay if what we want may be sent us y'
we may with stand y" present Enemy/ pray let what you
send be seruisable for y" shous which is Comandly Sent &


Stocking to wilnot last a man to trauel week which is a chet
to us & a whrong to y*^ Contry. —

So haueing no more to inform you of we remain yours to

Nicolas Smith
John Lord
Charles Penny
John Swain/
[Superscribed] " These For y®
Honered Gouenor & Concell
at Boostown with : C : P/ "

Letter from W^ Vaughan.

Portsm" 28'*^ May 1690 ten at night
Much Hon"'"'

I have sae long & often Inform'd of the approach of y®
Enemy & Danger to w'^'' wee are expos'd for want of releif
that am not like to be in a Capacity much longer to doe it.
Cap' Gerrish, Heard, & Cap*^ Woodman the Frontier Garri-
sons of Cochecha & Oyster river have stood their ground
w*** longing Expectation of help, but none Appearing Cap*
Woodman was forct to break up yesterday & forthvv"^ the
enemy came down that way & by Canooes pass't over the
river to our Side & this afternoon have been killini>: burn-
ing & Destroying w"'in 3 or 4 miles of Strawberry bank.
Bloody Point & the houses above & below are all burnt and
the people most destroy'd ; one that Escap'd out of a house
after it was burning saw 8 or 9 dead belonging to that fam-
ilie, & the Succour we Sent to Wells for that pV Exigent
has rendred us uncapcable of releiving o'' Neighbours or de-
fending o'' selves. Want of yo'' Assistance will make all o''
Neighbo''s round us run away & Portsni" will quickly ffollow
their Example, unlesse p^s' Supply of men, provision &


Ammunition be sent to encourge their standing. As for
that 120 men you were pleased to Advise mee were coming
this way understand they are wholy ordered to y® Province
of Main & not a man to our Province who are not lesse Ex-
pos'd to the enemy then they, but neither those 120 men
nor Cap* Wiswall (w^*' you have soe olten Advis'd off) have
appear'd to this day as I can hear, Save onely ab' 20 or 30
men that pass'd the great Ikmd this morning into the Prov-
ince of Main.

The Ind"' left Nechowanneck after haveing Dangerously
Wounded one man burn'd sundry houses c^c'' & Suppose
they are the Same now upon us whose attempts is bold &
Dareing & wee not able to oppose itt. I can doe noe more
then give Ace" hereof & Soe leave it

Remaining Much Hon*''

Yo® most humble Serv*

//W" Vaughan/

Letter from B. Gechiey.

Salem 29 of May 1 690
S"" the Inclosed Came to Hand about 5 of the Clock this
Aifternoone Imediatly ordered the severall Cap*^ of this
Regiment to Rally their Companies In their Respective
townes & to have them Ready well Appointed with amies &
amunition to-morrow seaven of the clock to Attend further
order & althouirh ther be a Considerable Refiforcement al-
ready yet know not what further progress the Enemie may
make In persuing their victory Judged it nessesar^' to Have
them In a posture for action :• fitt — to Recv. such orders as
shall be sent.

I am yo' Humble serv* B Gedney/


Cap' Greenleaf sends for more men.

To the Comittey of Melitia, of Rowley Ipswitch Wren-
ham & Salem
// These are to informe you that Cap' Greenleife hath
sent for more Men, we haue Aeco' That the Euemie Are
Newraerous & desperate, & kills & destroys Men woemen &
Children & Thro them in heapes, it is Suspitious, They haue
Attackt Portsmouth =

pray Consider the Distress, & Nessessety of the Countrey
& send what helpe you Can. we haue sent a hundred men
Out of Our Towne :/

Tho : Noyes Cap'
Voted May« 27"> 1690;./.

Vera Copia B G/ .

Instructions for Major JRob* Pilce

Boston May, 30'^ 1690./.
Majo"" Robert Pike./.

In pursuance of yo"" Comission given you by the Governo'
and Generall Court to be Comander in Chiefe of all the
Forces detached or to be detached out of the Militia belong-
ing to this Colony of the ]\Iassachusetts posted in the prov-
inces of New Hampshire and Maine and such others as shal-
be put under yo' Coiuand. —

You are to take all the said fforces into yo^ care & Con-
duct and to keep all yo"^ Souldiers und"" good Order and dis-
cipline according to the Laws and Rules of War, and to see
that the worship of God be carefully kept up : and all dis-
orders Vice or prophaness be Suppressed or duely punished.

You are diligently to intend the defence and preservation
of the lives and Estates of their Ma"^^ Subjects, and to repel
the fforce of the Enemy./.


You are to take all care to informe yo''selfe of the Seat
State and number of the Enemy, and to improve yo'' Soul-
diers to pursue, prosecute kill and destroy them as you shall
have Opportunity, wheresoever they may be found.

You are in yo'' proceedings to advise and consult with the
Couiission Officers of the severall Company^ under yo'' Coin-
and (or so man}^ of them as you shall have present Oppor-
tunity) who are appointed to be of yo*" Council.

And also consult Major Vaughan and Majo'' Frost or other
Gentlemen of the Provinces when you shalbe favoured with
their presence ; from whome you may Expect all needful!

Give Intelligence from time to time to the Governo'' and
Council of yo"" proceedings and what shall occur.

Signed. Simon Bradstreet Gou""

with the advice & consent

of the Council./

Commission of MaJ^ Bob* Pike

The Governo"" and Generall Court of the Colony of the
Massachusetts Bay in New EngP
To Major Robert Pike

Reposing Special Trust and confidence in yo"" Loialty
Courage and Conduct, These are in their Ma"*"^ Names King
William and Queen ISTary to appoint and Authorise you to
be Comander in Chiefs of all the Forces detached or to be
detached out of the Severall Re2:iraents of Militia belonirino:
to this Colony posted in the provinces of New-Hampshire
and Maine and such others as shalbe put under yo'' Comand,
And to take all the said Forces under yo'' care and Conduct
for the defence and Security of their Ma"*^* Subjects & Plan-
tations and the destruction of the Comon p]nen)v French
and Indians. Comanding all the said Forces to Observe &


Obey you as their Comandcr in Chiefe, and yo'' Selfe to
Observe and Obey all such Instructions as from time to time
you shall receive from the Governo"" and Councill or Generall
Court. In Testimony whereof the pul)lique Scale of the
Colony aboves** Dated in Boston the thirtyeth day of May,
1690. In the Second year of their Ma""^ Reign./


To the Queens most excellent Ma'^-
The humble Peticon of severall Merchants and others who

have concerns in New England
Humbly sheweth

That yo"" subjects in New^ England have been exposed to
great difficulties and Unsettlement by reason that their An-
cient Charter Rio:hts and Priviledo;es have been taken from
them As well by their p'"sent war with the fFrench and In-
dians And that yo*" Subjects there (are as we understand
very ready to endeavour That the ffrench in Canada may be
brought into Subjection to yo"" Ma'^' thereby to enlarge yo""
jyjj^ties Dominions to the grreat Advantage of the crown and
English Nation —

Therefore humbly pray that yo"" Ma*'*^ Subjects there hav-
ino^ their Charter Rio;hts and Priviledges Confirmed The

o c c

Vessell lately come from thence for supplyes of Arms and
Amunicon may forthwith returne And that yo"" IMa*'' will
graciously please to order some ifrigats thither for the se-
curity of those Coasts And attacking the ffrench at Canada
by Sea whilst your Subjects in New England shall doe it by
Land And Yo"" Pet^s shall ever pray &c/


Answer to S'^ Edm^ Andros's Account of forces raised, &c.

An Answer to S"" Edmond Andross's Account of Forces

raised in New England for Defence of the Country against

the Indians &c in the Yeare 1688.
Humbly offered by the Agents of the Massachusetts Colony

to the Right Hon''^^ the Lords of the Comittee for the


Begging your Lordshipps leave to Observe in the preamble
of S"" Edmond Andross's Account the words (subvertion of
the Government) and afterwards Insurrection) which with
submission We take to be Expressions of Disaffection to the
p'^sent and a vindication of the late soe Illegall and Arbi-
trarye Goverment And Doe most humbly beseech yo"" Lord-
shipps That what Avas Done by the People of New England
with soe much Zeale and Good Affection to secure the Gov-
ernment there to Their p''sent Ma'^®^ may be favourably
accepted and vindicated from such vnworthy and vnjust

Vpon The Whole Wee humbly represent to your Lord-
shipps That the New fforts built by S"" Edmond Andross
were meer ffancies of his owne vseless. (And soe Esteem'd
by the Experienced Officers of the army and others Avell
acquainted with the Country) to any purpose of Defence as
was p^'tended and may be easily made appeare vnto yo''
Lordshipps by the Mapp of that Country, And Consequently
the drawing the souldiers from thence hath been no preju-
dice to the Countr}' nor hath any loss or Damage happened
thereby But our ffrontier Townes Strengthned which in S""
Edmonds time were not onely left Naked But also severall
persons threatned for ffortifyeing their houses.

As to the perticulars in the Account We Declare as fol-

„ ~ . , Was a Garrison Setled by S"" Edmond Andross

whilst Governor of New Yorke, and in the Begin-
ning of the p''sent Warr put vndcr the Coinand of Cap'


Brockholes A Papist and for that reason was Ordered home
vpon the happy Revohition A\'hich order he never Observed
But afterwards being suspected to ])c in a plott for deserting
and running over with the Sloope Mary to the ffrench Was
Seized by the Inhabitants of Dartmouth and brought to Bos-
ton And the Leiftenant Weenis at the request of the Inhab-
itants left in his Roome with all the Garrison not a man
drawne off. The other souldiers were Dispersed l)y Colt

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