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Maine Historical Society

(^nt^uitatifl QUonumenia Coffigete

FEBRUARY 7, 1912 TO NOVEMBER 20, 1912

Smith & Sale, Printers




Maine Historical Society

(^ntidjuitatis (JUonumenta Coffi^ete

FEBRUARY 7, 1912 TO NOVEMBER 20, 1912

Smith & Sale, Printers




February 7, 191 2.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall,
February 7, 191 2, and was called to order at 2.30 p. m.,
by Mr. Fritz H. Jordan, the president, Mr. Baxter, being

The librarian, Mr. Nathan Goold, read a report of
accessions to the library and cabinet.


February 7, 191 2.
Mr. President and Ladies and Gentletnen :

My last report was made November 28, 191 1. Since
that time we have kept the library and cabinet in good
condition and have added all that has been given and all
we could afford to buy. The library consists of about
43,000 books and pamphlets and the cabinet is all in
good condition.

We have added since my last report 164 books and
pamphlets, making a total for the year of 545. The gifts
have been 108, the exchanges have been 20 and the pur-
chases have been, since last report, 36.

The contributions have been as follows :

Seventeen Public Documents from the Maine State Library.

The Farmer's Boy Who Became a Bishop, from Bishop Aaron Rogers

Bowdoin College Bulletin No. 38, from the College.

Burning of Harvard College, in 1746, from Francis Apthorp Foster.

Indianapolis and the Civil War and Lincoln's Body Guard, from Indiana
Historical Society.

History of Kennebunk, Me., from Mrs. Carrie E. Remick.

The Tyng Family of America, from Judge Fabius M. Ray.


The Archives of the General Episcopal Convention, from the Committee.

American Monthly Magazine, from Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, D. A. R.

Popes and Science by James J. Walsh, Pioneer Priests of North America,
and Charles Francis Donelly, from Bishop Louis S. Walsh.

Report of the Archives Branch of the Ottawa Government, Canada.

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society of Canada, from that society.

Fifteen pamphlets, from Dr. Samuel A. Green of Boston, Mass.

Life and Character of Elbridge Augustus Thompson, from Hon. John F.

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 191 1, of Philadelphia,
from the society.

Major Robert Anderson and Fort Sumter in 1S61, and an Artillery Officer
in the Mexican War, 1846 47, from Mrs. Elba Anderson Lawton.

Five volumes Editorials of Hon. George F. Emery, from Hannibal H.
Emery, E«q.

Chase's Chronicles, from W. E. Gould, Esq.

Church of My Boyhood, Free Street Church, from the author, Dr. Henry
Melville King.

Increas Blake of Boston, His Ancestors and Descendants, 1898, from
Francis E. Blake, Esq.

Six East Maine Conference Journals and two Minutes of East Maine Con-
ference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, from Rev. C. A. Plumer.

American Historical Review, January, 191 2, from the publishers.

County Government in Colonial North Carolina, from North Carolina
Historical Society.

A History of the Boston Public Library, from the trustees.

The exchanges have been as follows :

Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, October, 191 1, and January, 1912.

Maryland Historical Magazine, December, 191 1.

Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Vol. 3.

Essex Institute Collections, January, 1912.

Report Kansas History Society.

Quarterly of Oregon Historical Society.

New England Historical-Genealogical Quarterly, January, 191 2.

Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, Vol. 44.

Pinkham Genealogy.

Benjamin Genealogy.

Thompson Genealogy.

Johnson Genealogy.

Sennett Genealogy.

Our Perry Family of Maine.

Wigwam and War Path, 1875.

Bibliography of Wisconsin in the Late War.

Lawyers of Western Maine, manuscript, W. E. Morris.

Iowa Journal of History and Politics, January 191 2.


We have purchased the following :

History of Acushnet, Mass.

History of Rochester, Vt.

History of Salisbury, Vt.

History of Ware, Mass.

History of Ridgefield, Conn.

Centennial Celebration and Historical Sketch of Reading, Vt.

American Catholic Researches, January, 1912.

Youthful Man-of-war's Men, McClay.

New England Family History, January, 191 2.

History of Mount Mica, South Paris, Me.

Gravestone Records of Shaftsbury, Vt.

Historic Shepherdstown, Vt., Dandridge.

American Prisoners of the Revolution, Dandridge.

Revolutionary Characters of New Haven, Conn.

Magazine of History, for September and October, 191 1.

Century Book of the Revolution.

The O'Briens of Machias, Me.

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Mass., 1636-

Landmarks of the Old Bay State. Comer.

Devon and Cornwall, England, Notes and Queries, January, 191 2.

Holyoke Diaries, 1 709-1856.

Emil's Collection of Military Buttons, 191 1.

Diary of William Bentley, D. D., 3 volumes, 191 1.

Winterport, Me., An Old River Town.

Jenny Lind in America, 1851.

Vital Records of Lynn, Mass.

Memoir of Count Rumford, Ellis.

Two volumes Prince Society, Colonial Currency.

Massachusetts Magazine, for July, 191 1.

Journal of American History, No. 4, 191 1.

American Small Arms, Farrar.

Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, Benjamin W. Whitehouse,
M. D., War 1812.

The additions to the cabinet have been as follows :

The last work that Paul Akers did, A Child's Head, from Mrs. Philip W.

Two letters of Thomas B. Reed's, one letter each of William P. Frye and
Francis Fessenden, from John T. Fagan, Esq.

A badge given Thomas F. Ward, Battery A, First Maine Heavy Artillery,
for services in Cuba. Entered service July 26, 1898, and discharged March
31, 1899. From his father, Thomas Ward, Esq.


One box muster rolls, etc., of Gen. Peleg Wadsworth, Jr., 1S30-5, and a
journal kept on Frigate President, Wm. Bainbridge, commander, also under
James Baron and another on Frigate Constitution, Commander Isaac Hull,
kept by Alexander S. Wadsworth, from Mrs. Cora L. Pike of Hiram, Me.

Roll of Co. A, 25th Maine Regiment, 1862, the property of John Emery,
from his brother, Hannibal H. Emery, Esq.

We have purchased a chart of Boston Harbor, drawn by Alexander
Scammell Wadsworth, in 1817, by command of Commodore Wm. Bainbridge.

Two pieces wall paper from the Knox Mansion, Thomaston, Me., from
Arthur H. Norton, Esq.

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Goold, Librarian.

The chairman then introduced the Hon. Clarence Hale
of Portland, who read an instructive and valuable paper,
giving an account of the town histories that have been
written and printed in Maine.

June 25, 1912.

The annual meeting of the Society was held in the
lecture room of Hubbard Hall, Brunswick, Tuesday,
June 25, 1912, at two o'clock, p. m.. President Baxter in
the chair.

Members present : James P. Baxter, Hubbard W.
Bryant, Frederick O. Conant, Ira Crocker, Frederick H.
Gerrish, Nathan Goold, Fritz H. Jordan, George T.
Little, Augustus F. Moulton, William D. Patterson,
Moses A. Safford, Asbury C. Stilphen, Albert R. Stubbs,
Henry S. Webster, Joseph Wood.

The records of the last annual meeting having been
printed, the reading thereof was by vote waived.

The annual report of the librarian and cabinet keeper,
Nathan Goold, was made by him and it was accepted and
placed on file.


The report of the auditors on the last annual report of
the treasurer was read and accepted.

The annual report of the treasurer, Fritz H. Jordan, was
read by him and it was accepted and placed on file.

The annual report of the biographer and corresponding
secretary, William D. Patterson, was read by him and

The report of the standing committee was read and

Mr. Goold proposed the following amendment to Section
2 of the By-laws, to be voted upon at the next annual
meeting : to strike out the words "two hundred and fifty"
and insert in place thereof the words "four hundred," so
as that when so amended the first sentence of said section
shall read: "Resident members must be residents of
Maine, and shall not exceed four hundred in number."

Messrs. Safford, Patterson and Stilphen were appointed
a committee for bringing to the attention of the people
of Maine and their representatives in the legislature the
importance of resuming the publication of the documentary
history of Maine.

Messrs. Conant, Jordan and Webster were appointed a
committee to consider upon the establishment of a monthly
or quarterly publication by the Society.

Mr. Wood moved that a committee be raised to interview
personally the influential members of the Portland city
government to try to have the sum of one thousand dollars
annually paid by the city as a consideration for throwing
open our library to the public as a free historical library ;
and the president and Messrs. Moulton, Crocker and Jor-
dan were appointed as such committee.

The committee appointed at the annual meeting in 1911
to consider the bequest of Arthur J. C. Sowdon made
report, whereupon it was

Resolved, That the trust created in the bequest of the
late Arthur J. C. Sowdon to this Society be accepted.


Messrs. Fritz H. Jordan, Clarence Hale and Robert
Codman were appointed a committee to carry the purposes
of said trust into effect.

Resolved, That the treasurer of this Society be and he
hereby is authorized and directed to receive of the execu-
tor or executors of the said Arthur J. C Sowdon the amount
of said Sowdon's bequest to the Society and proper receipt
therefor to give.

The president appointed Messrs. Goold and Crocker a
committee to receive, sort and count votes to be cast for
members. The ballot being taken the following named
persons were declared elected :


Mrs. Eva E. (Waterhouse) Bean, Howard R. Ives, Portland.

Old Orchard. Harry C. Josselyn, Portland.

Herbert J. Brown, Portland. Miss Alma C. Manning, Portland.

Hon. E. K. Gould, Rockland. Leon S. Merrill, Orono.

John M. Glidden, Jr., Newcastle. Mrs. George W. Moody, Portland.

James Henry Hall, Portland. H. W. Shaylor, Portland.

John Adams Hinckley, Gorham. Edgar Crosby Smith, Dover.

Harrison J. Holt, Portland. William E. Youland, Biddeford.
Herbert Edgar Holmes, Lewiston.


Captain Thomas Jefferson Woodward, New Orleans, La.


Charles K. Bolton, Boston, Mass.
Francis Apthorp Foster, Boston, Mass.
Nathaniel J. Rust, Boston, Mass.

The president appointed Messrs. Moulton, Little and
Webster a committee to nominate a board of officers for
election for the ensuing year. The committee reported the
following nominations :

President — Hon. James Phinney Baxter.

Vice President — Prof. Henry L. Chapman.

Treasurer — Fritz H. Jordan.

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — William D. Patterson.

Librarian and Curator — Nathan Goold.


Recording Secretary — Hubbard W. Bryant.

Standing Committee — Rev. Henry S. Burrage, of Togus ; Fred Odell
Conant, of Portland ; Henry Deering, of Portland ; George A. Emery, of Saco ;
Prentice Cheney Manning, of Portland ; Augustus Freedom Moulton, of Port-
land; Asbury Coke Stilphen,of Gardiner; Albert Roscoe Stubbs, of Portland;
Joseph E. Moore, of Thomaston.

The report being accepted, and no objection appearing,
the entire ballot was cast by Mr. Patterson, and each
officer so nominated and balloted for was declared duly
elected to his respective office.

The meeting was dissolved.


Brunswick, Me., June 25, 1912.

Ml'. President and Members of the Maine Historical

Society :
Sirs :

I have the honor to make the following report of

receipts and expendiiures for the past year, viz. :


June 20, 1911, balance on

hand as per last report, $63.33

Income of of invested funds, $736.92
Admittance fees, thirteen

new members, $10, 130.00

Annual dues, 1912, 203

members, $3, 609.00

Arrears of dues, 78.00


Sales of publications of the

Society, $156.74

Sales of duplicates, 170.25


Longfellow Memorial Fund, 500.00




Union Safe Deposit & Trust
Co., rent of box and bond
of treasurer, $ 25.00

Salaries of librarian, assist-
ant and recording secre-
tary, 1,240.39
Janitor, 361.20
Fuel, lights and water, 229.58
Repairs and maintenance, ^2'^9
Printing, 76.80
Sundry miscellaneous items, 97-95

Furniture, $ 19-75

Additions to library, 344.40

Binding, 35 -lO



June 25, 1912, cash on hand, .38


The invested funds of the Society consist of stocks and
bonds of the par value of $16,500.

The account of the Longfellow Memorial Fund is as
follows, viz. :


June 20, 1911, balance on

hand as per last report, $ 11.28

Income of Wadsworth-Long-

fellow House :
Admissions season of 1911, $2,213.75
Prolit on articles sold at

house, 459-54

Contributions of visitors at

house, 9-4^





Expenses of Wadsworth-Longfellow House :
Salaries of attendants and

janitor, $786.08

Repairs and maintenance, 228.35

Grounds and trees, 37 '40

Furnishing, 7.06

Fuel, lights, water and cleaning, 30.77
Printing, signs and record books, 41 .95

Sundries, 8.71


Interest on debt, 528.52

Reduction of debt, 500.00

General fund Maine Histor-
ical Society, account run-
ning expenses of Society, 500.00

June 25, 1912, cash on hand, 25.14

Present debt, $11,500.00.

Respectfully submitted,

Fritz H. Jordan, Treasurer.


Brunswick, June 25, 1912.
To the President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :
The members who have died since our last annual meet-
ing are reported as follows :


Charles Edwin Allen, born August 26, 1839, at Spring-
vale; admitted, 1890 ; died at Dresden, October 27, 1911.

Franklin Ripley Barrett, born January 21, 1835, "^^
Portland; admitted, 1890; died at Portland, January 5, 1912.


William Wentworth Brown; admitted, 1899; died at
Portland, October 22, 191 1.

Henry Bradstreet Cleaves, born February 6, 1840, at
Bridgton ; admitted, 1897 ; died at Portland, June 22, 1912.

Samuel Thurston Dole, bornJanuar\^ 17, 1831, at Wind-
ham ; admitted, 1897; died at Melrose, Mass., April i,

John Fremont Hill, born October 29, 1855, at Eliot;
admitted, 1889; died at Boston, Mass., March 16, 1912.

Hiram Kelley Morrell, born September 25, 1827, at
Gardiner; admitted, 1862 ; died at Gardiner, June 27, 191 1.

Frederick Robie, born August 12, 1822, at Gorham ;
admitted, 1891 ; died at Gorham, February, 2, 191 2.

John Smith Sewall, born March 30, 1830, at Newcas-
tle ; admitted 1869; died at Bangor, October 11, 191 1.

Franklin Augustus Wilson, born November 6, 1832, at
Bradford; admitted, 1889; died at Bangor, July 2, 1911.


William Pierce Frye, born September 2, 183 1, at Lew-
iston ; died at Lewiston, August 8, 191 1.

Of the twenty-one persons elected resident members last
year thirteen have accepted membership, one has defi-
nitely declined, and some have made no response.

Those members who have not furnished the biograpical
information desired are again respectfully requested to fill
and return the blanks sent to them for that purpose.
Respectfully submitted,

William D. Patterson,
Corresponding Secretary and Biographer.


The Standing Committee beg leave to report that they
have received sixteen formal applications for resident
membership. Approvals have been signed and filed with
the secretary.


The name of Captain Thomas Jefferson Woodward of
New Orleans, La., is highly approved for corresponding
memher ; and also the names of Charles K. Bolton of
Boston, Frederic Apthorp Foster of Boston, and Nathaniel
J. Rust of Boston, as honorary members.


June 25, 1912.
Mr. President and Members of the Society :

The property of the Maine Historical Society in my
charge is in the best condition. It has been put in the
best of repair. The boiler and heating apparatus are
reported to be good for twenty years. The library now
consists of about 43,000 volumes and pamphlets all in
prime condition and ready for use. The Longfellow
House was opened to the public the 17th of this June with
the prospect of a good season. This is the twelfth season
of its opening.

We have added to the library the past year 978 titles,
of which 403 were bound books and 575 pamphlets, with
numerous additions to our cabinet. Since our last report,
Feb. 7, 191 2, we have added to the library 166 bound
books and 245 pamphlets and to the cabinet many inter-
esting articles.

The principal gifts have been as follows :

History and Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Historical Association,
Volume 5, from Hon. George Sheldon, Deerfield, Mass.

Five volumes Holy Bible, Scott, from E. H. Davies' estate.

Historia, from Oklahoma Historical Society.

A Narrative of the Life of Miss Lucy Cole of Sedgwick, Me , by Rebecca
P. Pinkham, in 1830, from W. A. Galpin.

The Archives of the General Convention, Hobart Correspondence, Volumes
3 and 4, from the Commission of Archives.

Seventy -two historical books and pamphlets, from the estate of Rev. Edw.

General Index to the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
of Philadelphia, Volumes i to 50, from that society.

American Historical Review for April, 1912, from Prof. J. F, Jameson.


Three Great Epoch Makers in Music, from Edw. C. Farnsworth, Esq.

Bulletin No. 2 of the Newport Historical Society, 1912, from that society.

Two volumes, The Stone Age in North America, by Warren K. Moore-
head, from the author.

Walter Titus Avery, and John Sheldon and the Old Indian House Home-
stead, by J. Arms Sheldon, from the author.

Finding List of Virginia State Library, from that library.

General Catalogue for Yale College Library, from that library.

The Graves of Capt. Danl. Lane and his son. Col. Isaac Lane, and their
wives, from Ellis Baker Usher, Esq.

Five volumes, Transactions, Volumes 8 to 1 2, and Volume 21, part of Pro-
ceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, from that society.

A large lot of volumes, pamphlets and articles of historic interest, from
Hubbard W. Bryant.

Proceedings, 1910-1911, of the Rhode Island Historical Society, from that

The American Monthly Magazine, from the Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter,
D. A. R.

Volume 15, Studies of the Niagara Frontier, from the Buffalo Historical

Exercises at the Erection of a Monument in Memory of the First Settlers,
1725, from the Leominster Historical Society.

Index, A-F, to the Public Papers of George Clinton from State Historian
of New York.

Litchfield, Me., Debating Society Records, from Rev. Dr. Baker.

Opportunity for Historical Research in Maine, from Hon. John F. Sprague.

Orations and Addresses of Hon. Thos. B. Reed, from Mrs. Reed.

Beauties of Nature Delineated, by Mrs. Emma M. Small of Limington, Me.

Five volumes, Maine Congregational Conference Minutes, from Mrs. I. P.

Thomas Boyden and His Descendants, from Mrs. Gertrude Bates.

Banquet to Chief Justice Lucilius A. Emery by the Maine Bar Association-
from Ray M. Fellows, Esq., 191 1.

Seventeen volumes, Old Singing Books, from Mrs. Wm. Chamberlain.

The Chase Chronicle, from Wm. E. Gould, Esq.

Report of President and Treasurer of Harvard College, from the college.

Dedication of Brownfield, Me., Soldiers Monument, and Town of Hiram
Report, 1911-1912, from Hon. Llewellyn A. Wadsworth.

History of Atlantic Lodge, F. & A. M., Portland, Me., from Almon L.
Johnson, Esq.

Dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo Language, 191 2, from Smithsonian Insti-

Volume 40. Portland Transcript, 1876-7, from Mrs. Walter Corey.

Report of 191 1 of Metropolitan Park Commission, from the commission.

Eight magazines of American History, 191 2, from Mrs. Isabella Merrill.

Orations and Addresses of Thos. B. Reed, from Hon. D. H. Ingraham.

Youth's Companion, 1827-8, and 1839-40, from Mrs. L. A. Wade.


Twenty -three Public Documents, from the State library.

Who's Who in America, 1910 and 191 1, Hon. D. H. Ingraham.

Two bound volumes, Gleason's Pictorial, Volumes i, 2, 3 and 4, from John
F. Larrabee, Esq.

Portland Directory, 1912, from Fred L. Tower.

Year Book of the Empire State Society, G. A. R., 1911-1912, from Thos.
D. Huntting, Esq.

History of the Effort to Combine into One Society the Descendants of
Revolutionary Sires, from the same source.

Maine House Documents, also those of the Senate, 191 1, four volumes,
from the State library.

Maine Legislative Records, 1903, from A. J. Huston.

We have exchanged the following :

The Diary of Rev. Cotton Mather with the Massachusetts Historical So-
ciety, 7th Series, Volume 8.

The Woodworth Genealogy of Scituate, Mass.

Descendants of Francis Le Baron of Plymouth.

Missouri Historical Collection, No. 4, Volume 3, 191 1.

September, 191 1, Quarterly, Oregon Historical Society.

Maryland Historical Quarterly for March, 191 2, also April.

Proceedings of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, i9ioand 1911.

Essex Institute for April, 1912.

Proceedings for 1912 of the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Society.

Iowa Journal of History and Politics for April, 191 2.

History of Connecticut by Cruffut and Morris.

Missouri Historical Review, from Missouri Historical Society.

Arkansas Historical Association, Volume 3.

Proceedings of the Historical Society of Wisconsin, 191 1.

We have purchased the following :

Gazetteer of New Hampshire.

Dedication of Gen. John Sullivan's Monument at Durham, N. H.

History of Sturbridge and Southbridge, Mass.

History of Suffield, Mass.

History of Harnden, Conn.

History of Reading, Mass.

History of Great Harrington, Mass.

History of Westfield, Mass.

History of Farrington, Conn.

History of West Springfield. Mass.

History of Northampton, Mass.

History of Pawtucket, R. I.

History of Hopkinton, R. I.

History of Plainfield, Roxbury, and Fayston, Mass.

History of Truro, Cape Cod, Mass.


History of Cheshire and Sullivan Counties, N. H.
History of Woodstock, Vt.
History of Needham, Mass.
History of Hanover, Mass.
History of Koyalton, Vt., 1,146 pages.
Dictionary of the Abnaki Language, Father Rasle.
History of The French Press in America by Alexander Belisle.
Journal of American History.

Cornwall Parish Registers, Marriages, Volume 20.
King Philip's War, by Ellis and Morris.
Robert Fulton and the Claremont, 1909.
Atlas of Piscataquis County, Me.
An Islesboro Sketch, by Joel Cook.
One Hundredth Anniversary of Westminster, Mass.
Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Westfield, Mass.
One Hundredtli Anniversary of the First Church of Templeton, Mass.
Sketch of Wakefield, Mass., Congregational Church.
Sketch of Beechwood, Mass., Church.
Rev. Robert Mitchell's Journal, Freeport, Me.
Magazine of History.

Life and Letters of Mrs. James G. Blaine, two volumes.
History of 6th New Hampshire Regiment.
Life of Zachariah Chandler.
The Granite Monthly, 1 904-1 907.
Massachusetts Magazine.

Biographical Review of York County, Me., 1896.
New England Family History, April, 191 2.

Nine volumes, 1902-1911, Historical Collections of the Topsfield Historical

Vital Records West Bridgwater, Brockton, Abington and Walpole, Mass.

France and the Confederate Navy, by John Bigelow.

The Canadian War of 181 2, by C. P. Lucas.

Life of Major-General Birney, U. S. Volunteers.

English Costumes, Tudor and Stuarts.

English Costumes, Georgian.

The Passion, by Grenville Mellen.

Adventures Ned Minton, by Edwin J. Miller

The Sterling Furnace and the West Point Chain.

Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries, April, 191 2.

Since February 7 we have added to the cabinet :

A 25-cent Scrip of 1862, from Miss Emma Gould.

A Navigating Machine of Dr. Thos. Hill of Portland, from Mr. Lionel Cobb
of Somerville, Mass.

One-half of a window shutter from the house and room where the poet
Longfellow was born, on corner of Fore and Hancock streets, from Miss
Artenam Carney.


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