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Maine Historical Society

(^nti<iuitatifl (jnonumenfa Compete

JANUARY 12, 1911, TO NOVEMBER 28, 1911


Smith & Sale, Printers




Maine Historical Society

(5nti<:|uifati0 (THonumenta Coffigere

JANUARY 12, 1911, TO NOVEMBER 28, 1911


Smith & Sale, Pkintees



JUN 9 1924



January 12, 191 1.

The monthly meeting of the Society was held at the
library hall, No. 485 Congress street, Portland, Thursday,
January 12, 1911, at 2,30 p. m. The president, Mr.
Baxter, being absent, Hon. George A. Emery of Saco,
took the chair and introduced Mr. Herbert Harris of Port-
land, who spoke entertainingly and instructively on the
use of Esperanto as a universal language.

After some remarks by members present the meeting
was adjourned with a vote of thanks to Mr. Harris.

February 16, 191 1.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall,
Thursday, February 16, and was called to order at 2.30
P. M. by the president, Mr. Baxter, who introduced Mr.
Charles Thornton Libby as the reader of the paper which
the Rev. Henry O. Thayer of New York, had contributed
for the occasion. Mr. Libby did full justice to the paper,
which was interesting and instructive as a biographical
sketch of Sir William Phips and his relations with his
birthplace, the town of Woolwich in Maine.

A report of accessions to the library and cabinet was
read by Mr. Nathan Goold, who also read a biographical
sketch of Captain William Burrows of the U. S. S. En-
terprise, war of 181 2, which he had contributed. Thanks
were voted for the papers read and copies requested for the




February i6, 191 i.

The librarian made his last report December 14, 1910.
Since that time the library has been conducted as formerly,
making all the improvements we could, ever keeping in
mind its greatest usefulness. Our funds are not sufficient
for any great change, but we endeavor to make the most
of what we have. With so much being given to other
educational institutions, no more worthy than this, it seems
a pity that we should not get our share. This is a most
important institution to Maine. The State should aid us
much more than it does. This Society is for the public
good and is not a selfish effort. We need a permanent
fund of sufficient size so that we can be assured of income
enough to enable us to keep this work up to the highest
standard. It is worth it. We need this assistance now.

There have been added to the library since my last report
72 bound volumes and 8^ pamphlets, a total of 155. By
gift we have received 116 books and pamphlets, by ex-
change 13, and we have purchased 26.

The principal gifts have been as follows :

Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, etc., from the records of Rev. Ammi Rumah
Robbins, first minister of Norfolk, Conn., from Carl and Ellen Battel Stockel
of that town.

Four pamphlets from Dr. Samuel A. Green of Boston.

Poems, Silver Clouds, by Alice J. Pennell, from Miss Myra S. Drummond.

The Blanchard Genealogy from Margaret Blanchard.

Two copies of Publication of the Piscataqua Historical Society, and also
Volume 18, York Deeds, Maine Register 1910-n, and several public docu-
ments from the Maine State Library.

The Harvard Catalogue for 1910 and 191 1 from that university.

Some Wings of Old Dartmouth, from Wm. Arthur Wing, Esq.

Dedication of the Tablet on the New York Custom House, from T. D.
Huntting, Esq.

Descendants of Edward Small and Allied Families, by Mrs. L. A. W.
Underhill, 3 volumes, from Mrs. Ada Small Moore, his daughter. These
books are the greatest collection of original matter relating to a Maine family
that has ever been issued. It is the result of eight years labor of Mrs. Under-
bill and reflects great credit on her.


Gilbert Thompson, by Marcus Benjamin, from the D. C. Society of Colonial

Old Canaan (Skowhegan) during the Revolution, from Miss Louise H.
Colburn of Skowhegan.

American Monthly Magazine, from the Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, D.
A. R.

Louis Raymond Francine, from Dr. Albert P. Francine.

Volume I, Minutes of the Executive Council of the State of New York,
1668 -1673, from Victor H. Paltsits, the State Historian.

Charles Thornton Libby, Esq., has donated to the library the following:
Somerset, Devon and Cornwall County (England) Geographies, Congressional
Directory for 1910, History of Pownal, Me., Miller on the Second Coming of
Christ, Murray's Hand Book of France, volumes i and 3 Commercial Diction-
ary, Columbian Orator, 1804, and Tales of Brittany, also A Reply to William
T. Dwight, D. D., on Spiritualism, Three Lectures by Jabez C. Woodman,

American and English Genealogies in the Library of Congress and their
Report for 1910, from that library.

Bacon is Shakespeare, by Sir Edwin Durning, from the author.

We received from the estate of Etta B. Parker, New Travels in the United
States, 1794, 2 volumes, volumes i and 2 Napier's History of the War on
the Peninsula and South of France, Two Years and a Half in the Navy,
Wines, 2 volumes, 1832, and volume i. History of the Rebellion.

Judge A. R. Savage has presented a Lewiston and Auburn Directory of
1864, containing short histories of both cities.

From the Smithsonian Institution we have received Part 2, Hand Book of
American Indians, North of Mexico.

Mrs. Mary Rogers Jewett has contributed to the library the works of her
sister, Sarah Orne Jewett, 8 volumes, as a memorial to her.

The Hall of Fame of Maine, by Frank C. Grififith, 1905, from Hubbard W.
Bryant, Esq.

We have obtained by exchange the following :

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society for 1909-10, volume 43.

Transactions of the British Royal Historical Society, volume 4, New Series,
1889, and volume 4, Third Series, 1910. This completes our set of the publi-
cations of this the greatest English Society.

Report for 1910 of the New Haven Historical Society.

Volume II, Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society, 1909-10.

Pennsylvania Historical Magazine.

Maryland Historical Quarterly.

Essex Institute Collections, January, 1911.

New England Historic Genealogical Society Register.

Oregon Historical Quarterly.

Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, October, 1909.

A Memoir of Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, 1867.

The Maine Spencers.


We have purchased the following :

Buell's Life of Paul Jones, 2 volumes.
Camden's Britannia, London, 1695.

Town Registers of Farmington, Wilton, New Sharon and Chesterville, Me.
History of Canaan, N. H.
Wayside Jottings in Concord, N. H.
Among the Turks, by Cyrus Hamlin.

Register of Howdon Parish, Volume 3, Yorkshire, England.
Dorset, Kent and Sussex County Geographies, England.
The Vital Records of Framingham, Sherborn and Hull, Mass.
Who is Who, English, 1910.

History of Kings County, Nova Scotia, The Heart of Acadia Land, Eaton,

Haverhill, N. H., Town Affairs.

English Furniture and Furniture Makers of the i8th Century, 1906.

New Hampshire Genealogical Record, April, 1910.

Records of Naval Men, London, 1910.

To our cabinet have been given the following :

Increas Pote's Account Book, 1772, from Philip F. Turner, Esq.

Sword found at Orr's Island and an axe dug up at Cundy's Harbor, from
Woodbury S. Purinton, Esq.

Map of Lynn, Mass., Mclntire, 1852, from Charles C. Bickford, Esq.

Mrs. Florence Hunt Libby has given an original report relating to the settle-
ment of North Yarmouth, Me., with other papers.

Frank E. Allen, Esq., contributed sixteen copies Columbian Centinel, 1802-
1823, one copy New York Mirror, 1835, i copy Kennebec Journal, 1840.

Lester M. Hart contributed four old newspapers.

Mrs. Thomas Wentworth Higginson gave to the Longfellow House Collec-
tion a manuscript letter written by Mary Storer Potter, the first wife of the
Poet Longfellow, dated 1832.

Mrs. Mary E. Charles, Bryantville, Mass., contributed a lantern used by
Gen. Joseph Frye of Fryeburg, Me.

The Lewiston Journal sent us a manuscript poem written in 181 5.

Mrs. Henry Hersey Coe has given the following articles of historic interest:
Silk menu of the Portland Inauguration Ball of 1858, The History of Little
Henry and His Bearer, Portland, 1818, The Young Lady's Accidence, etc.,
Boston, 1790, Catalogue of Monitorial School, No. 2, Portland, 1828.

Mrs. Edward H. Sargent donated a manuscript arithmetic made by Larkin
Newton of Southboro, Mass., in 1809, and a pamphlet.

Those having English and American histories, town
histories, genealogies, biographies and all kinds of family
histories or manuscripts, can do no better than to donate
them to this Society, where they are carefully and safely


kept and where they are made accessible to all applicants
every week day. We endeavor to conduct the library on
the most modern methods.

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Goold, Librarian.

March 15, 1911.

A meeting of the Society was held Wednesday, March
15, and, in the absence of President Baxter, was called to
order at 2.30 p. m., by Mr. Joseph Wood, who introduced
Mr. Charles E. Allen of Dresden, Me. Mr. Allen read a
paper concerning the Seguin Light House and its first
keeper, John Polereczky. A good audience listened with
attention and a vote of thanks, with request for a copy, was
passed to Mr. Allen.

The subject of early Maine light houses and the impor-
tance of the shipping interests of our State were discussed
at some length by the members present.


Tuesday, June 20, 191 1.

The annual meeting of the Society for 191 1 was called
at the lecture room of Hubbard Hall, Brunswick, Tues-
day, June 20, at 2 p. m.

Members present : Charles E. Allen, James P. Baxter,
Hubbard W. Bryant, Prof. Henry L. Chapman, Hon.
William T. Cobb, Fred O. Conant, Henry Deering, Dr.
Fred H. Gerrish, Nathan Goold, Hon. Clarence Hale,
Fritz H. Jordan, John A. Morrill, Weston Lewis, Judge
Powers, William D. Patterson, Prentice C. Manning,
M. A. Safford, A. C. Stilphen, Henry S. Webster,
Joseph Wood.

Voted, As the records of the last annual meeting have
been printed, to dispense with the reading.


The annual report of the librarian and cabinet keeper,
Nathan Goold, was made by him and it was accepted.

The annual report of ihe treasurer, Mr. Jordan, was
read by him in detail and it was accepted to be placed on

The annual report of the standing committee was read
and accepted.

The annual reports of the Lincoln County Historical
Society, the biographer and the corresponding secretary,
William D. Patterson, were read by him and were accepted
to be placed on file.

The annual report of the Committee on Vital Records,
Henry S. Webster, was read by him, and voted to be
placed on file,

A nominating committee was appointed by the president
consisting of Messrs. Hale, Stilphen and Gerrish, who
retired and shortly afterwards reported that they had
agreed upon the following as a board of officers for the
ensuing year :

President — Hon. James Phinney Baxter.

Vice President — Prof. Henry L. Chapman.

Treasurer — Fritz H. Jordan.

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — William D. Patterson.

Librarian and Curator — Nathan Goold.

Recording Secretary — Hubbard W. Bryant.

Standing Committee — Rev. Henry S. Burrage of Togus; Fred Odell
Conant of Portland; Henry Deering of Portland; George A. Emery of Saco;
Prentice Cheney Manning of Portland ; Augustus Freedom Moulton of Port-
land; Asbury Coke Stilphen of Gardiner; Albert Roscoe Stubbs of Portland;
Franklin A. Wilson of Bangor.

On motion, and no objection being made, the committee
deposited the ballot and the president declared the same
duly elected.

The president made report on the vacant memberships
in the Society, and read the ballot of twenty-one names
which had been prepared by the Standing Committee ; it
was voted to proceed with the election of resident mem-
bers, and on motion the recording secretary, Mr. Bryant,


deposited the following ballot which was read by the pres-
ident, Mr. Baxter, and the following were declared
elected resident members of the Society :

William E. Barry, Kennebunk. Sydney B. Larrabee, Portland.

Charles D. Booth, Portland. Frank A. Moray, Lewiston.

Ira Crocker, Portland. Frederick W. Plaisted, Augusta.

Henry N. Fairbanks, Bangor. Henry C. Prince, Madison.

Raymond Fellows, Bangor. James W. Parker, Portland.

Lore H. Ford, Whitefield. Francis C. Peaks, Dover.

James C. Fox, Portland. Walter B. Russell, Gorham.

George B. Goodwin, Biddeford. Frederic A. Tompson, Portland.

Frederick Hale, Portland. John A. Waterman, Gorham.

Charles H. Hay, Portland. Elmer E. Richards, Farmington.
Mrs. Julia Barstow Kimball, Portland.

The meeting shortly after adjourned.


Brunswick, Me., June 20, 1911.

Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

Sirs :

I have the honor to make the following report of receipts
and expenditures for the past year, viz. :


June 21, 1910, balance on

hand as per last report, $ 8.93

Income of invested funds, $ 698.58
Admittance fees, twelve new

members, 120.00

Annual dues, 191 1, 203

members, $3, 609.00

Arrears of dues, 39*00



Sales of publications of the

Society, $i75-37

Sales of duplicates, 35-73

State of Maine, 500 copies
each Vols. 15 and 16, Doc-
umentary Series, 2,500.00

Longfellow Memorial Fund,






Canal National Bank loan

of June, 1910,
Union Safe Deposit Trust



Co., rent of box and bond

of treasurer,

$ 25.00

Salaries of librarian, assist-

ant and recording secre-

Fuel, lights and water.


Maintenance and repairs.



Sundry miscellaneous items.





Additions to library,


Account Vol. 15, Documen-



tary Series,
Account Vol. 16, Documen-


tary Series,




Cash on hand June 20, 191 1 ,




The invested funds of the Society consist of stocks and
bonds of the par value of $16,500.

The account of the Longfellow Memorial Fund is as
follows, viz. :


Balance on hand June 21,

1910, as per last report, $ 21.23

Income Wadsworth-Long-

fellow House :

Admissions, season 1910,


Profit on articles sold at



Contributions from visitors

at house.



Expenses Wadsworth-Long-

fellow House :

Salaries of attendants and



Repairs and maintenance,




Fuel, lights, water and



Printing signs and record







Interest on debt, 541.73

Reduction of debt, 200.00

$ 859-49


General fund Maine Histor-
ical Society, 1,000.00
Cash on hand, 11.28



Referring to the above reports, I will make the follow-
ing general statement of the finances of the Society, viz. :

The Society moved its library and cabinet to the new
library building in 1907. The building complete, with
iron fence and brick walk, cost $38,201.18; of this sum,
$16,682.42 was raised by subscription, $6,518.76 was
received from the income of the house for the years 1902
to 1906 inclusive, and $15,000 was hired. This debt has
been reduced to $12,000 by the income of the house for
the years 1907, 1908 and 1909, and a portion of the
income of 1910.

The occupancy of the new library building has necessi-
tated an increased expense in the way of salaries, heating,
lighting, etc. The increased value of the library to mem-
bers, to students and to the community in general, fully
warrants this increased expense. The cost, however, of
running the library is considerably larger than the income
from interest and dues, viz. : Running expenses, such as
salaries, heating, lighting, printing, etc., and without
including publications or purchases for library, average
about $2,200 per annum. The income of the Society
from invested funds and dues of members averages about

By the removal of the library to the new library build-
ing valuable rights in the Baxter building were surren-
dered to the city of Portland, and since the occupancy of
the new building the library has been opened as a free
reference library to school children and the public gener-
ally, and the city of Portland has paid to the Society the
sum of $1,000 annually, during the years 1907, 1908 and
1909. Portland having met with heavy losses by fire, this
sum was not paid us in 1910 and has not been appropriated
this year. It results that it has become necessary to use
$1,000 from the income of the house for necessary ex-
penses of the library instead of devoting it to the reduction
of the debt.


The estimated income of the Society from all sources for
this year is sufficient to pay running expenses and interest
with small sums for addition to library and reduction of
the debt, but no money will be available for publications.
The Society published its last volume of collections in
1906 ; since then it has published, with the assistance of
the state, eight volumes of the Documentary Series.
Copies of these have been sent to the members.

Those members, therefore, who live in remote sections
of the state and receive no direct benefit from the use of
the library, have received during the five years past a
good equivalent for their annual dues.

Respectfully submitted,

Fritz H. Jordan, Treasurer.


Brunswick, June 20, 191 1.

To the President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

Your corresponding secretary and biographer reports
that eleven of the thirteen persons elected to resident
membership in 1910 have accepted membership.

The record of deaths is as follows :


Charles Hamlin, born 13 September, 1837, at Hamp-
den; admitted, 1903; died at Bangor, 15 May, 1911.

James Morrill Larrabee, born 4 December, 1833, at
Wales; admitted, 1894; died at Gardiner, 24 October,


Seth Leonard Larrabee, born 22 January, 1855, at
Scarboro ; admitted, 1897 ; died at Portland, 8 December,

Luther Ray Moore, born 25 March, 1869, at Limerick;
admitted, 1895; died at Saco, 16 January, 191 1.

Everett Blanchard Norton, born 8 June, 1861, at Farm-
ington ; admitted, 1903; died at Farmington, 22 June,

Henry Clay Peabody, born 1839, ^^ Gilead ;

admitted, 1905 ; died at Portland, 29 March, 191 1.

Levi Turner, born 1859, ^^ Somerville ;

admitted, 1907; died at Portland, 18 February, 1911.


Melville Weston Fuller, born 11 February, 1833, at
Augusta; died at Sorrento, 5 July, 1910.

Respectfully submitted,

William D. Patterson.


Besides the regular meetings of the Society held during
the past year, a field day meeting, w^hich was notable in
the annals of the Society, was held in August, 1910.

The year closes with an increased membership.

The present officers of the Society are :

President — William D. Patterson.
Vice President — Franklin L. Carney.
Treasurer — Albert I. Phelps.
Secretary — Harvey E. Winslow.

The secretary's address is Damariscotta.

William D. Patterson, President.
May 31, 1911.



Brunswick, June 20, 191 1.
To the President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

At our last annual meeting it was hoped that some
amendments of the law relating to the publication of vital
records might be secured, which would hasten and facili-
tate the work. The committee appointed for the purpose
of obtaining such amendments decided, after a conference,
that it was not advisable to apply to the legislature for the
desired changes, and we must therefore remain content
with the slow progress which alone is possible under the
present inadequate provision.

The Seventy-fifth Legislature appropriated for the pur-
chase of vital records the sum of $500 for 191 1, and the
same amount for 191 2. Both of these appropriations will
be required for the Vital Records of Pittston, and a con-
tract has been made with the Secretary of State, by virtue
of which both will be used for that purpose. The book is
now being printed and will be ready before the end of the

I expect to have the Vital Records of Gardiner com-
pleted by 1913, which is the earliest possible date for the
issue of another volume.

Respectfully submitted,

Henry S. Webster.


June 20, 191 1.

Your committee beg leave to report that since the last
annual meeting we have sent out the call for six meetings
of the Society, and that number of papers has been read
and added to the archives.


Copies of the Portland newspapers containing very good
reports of our meeting have been mailed to our out of
town members.

On October 26, the first meeting of the season was held
and we listened to Professor Chapman's scholarly address
on Joel Barlow, the poet of the Revolution.

In November following we were especially interested in
Mrs. Abba Goold Woolson's timely narration of her visit
to Portugal.

In December, the Rev. George S. Delano gave us the
result of his philosophic meditations in an address on the
"Humanity of Historical Societies."

On January 12, Mr. Herbert Harris, one of the earliest
advocates and students of the Esperanto language,
appeared and gave us a historical resume of what had
been done in the invention and adoption of new and
strange tongues.

On February 16, a meeting was called to enable the
Rev. Henry O. Thayer of New York city, a correspond-
ing and honorary member of our Society, to present a
fresh instalment of his history of the Kennebec valley, in
a chapter of the life and work of Sir William Phips, a
native of Woolwich, Maine. The paper was well pre-
sented by Mr. Charles Thornton Libby.

On the same occasion Mr. Nathan Goold read his orig-
inal biographical sketch of Captain William Burrows, the
naval hero of the War of 1812.

On March 15, our meetings for the season were con-
cluded with Mr. Charles E. Allen's annual contribution,
which proved to be especially interesting as an account of
the Seguin Light House and its first keeper.

Your committee would be pleased to receive written
communications respecting future meetings of the Society.

The list of twenty-one candidates for election as resident
members has been approved in due form and sent to each
resident member.


June 20, 1911.

I beg leave to make the following annual report. The
library is in good usable condition ; each year shows an
inprovement over the last. Our buildings are in good
condition for their use. The Wads worth-Longfellow
House is a source of great credit to the Society. Last
year was a success, and yesterday its doors were thrown
open for the season of 191 1, with every prospect of success
for this season. Eleven years make it an unqualified

We have added to the library the past year 1,214 titles,
of which 458 were bound books and 756 pamphlets with
numerous additions to our cabinet. Since our last report,
February 13, 191 1, we have added to the library 231
bound books and 312 pamphlets, and to the cabinet many
interesting articles have been added.

The principal gifts have been as follows :

George Eliot and Her Heroine, Browsing Among Books, and Dress Reform,
from the author, Mrs. Abba Goold Woolson.

Rules and Orders of the Senate of Maine, i860 and 1861, from Charles H.
True, Esq.

The Foreshadowed Way, from Henry Deering, Esq.

Hartford Seminary Record, from Hartford Theological Seminary.

University Studies, Volume 8, No. i, from the University of Colorado.

Dedication of a Memorial Tablet at Ticonderoga, gift of Ticonderoga Pulp
and Paper Co.


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