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Maine Historical




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JANUARY 2G, 1905, TO NOVEMBER 23, 1905


Smith & Sale, Printers



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Maene Historical Society




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JANUARY 26, 1905, TO NOVEMBER 23, 1905


Smith & Sale, Printers



January 26, 1905.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall in
Portland. The president took the chair at 2.30 p. m.

The librarian read his report of accessions made to the
library since his last report.

William M. Bradley, Esq., of Portland, read a paper on
" Hannah Bradley, a New England Heroine of the Olden
Time," written by Mrs. Horace M. Fisher, of Boston.

Hon. Edgar C. Smith, of Dover, Me., read a paper on
"Two Map-makers of Maine and their Maps, Osgood
Carleton and John G. Deane."

George C. Burgess, Esq., of Boston, a corresponding
member of the Society, read a paper on "Thomas Willett
of Leyden and Plymouth, and later of New York."

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read and
copies requested for the archives.


Report of accessions to the library :

The Illustrated Biographies of Representative Citizens of Maine, from A.
F. Moulton.

Irving's Life of Columbus, the original edition of 1828, from Albert B. Cole.

Diary of Matthew Patten.

History of Bedford, N. H., from Mrs. W. H. Fenn.

History of the Baptists in Maine, from the author, Rev. Dr. Burrage.

Memorial of Charles B. Rounds, from William Freeman.

General John Glover of the Revolution, from the author, N. P. Sanborn.

History of Christ Church, Gardiner, from A. Davenport.

The Kingdom of Siam, from James H. Gore.

President Jefferson's Life of Jesus, from William P. Frye.

Illustrated volume of Portland Homes, from W. R. Wadsworth.


Life of Elias Smith, Religious Ceremonies of 1836, from Miss E. V. Bailey.

Early newspapers and Miscellaneous Reports, from F. R. Barrett.

Jabez Gorham and his Descendants, from F. W. Sprague.

Centennial of Blue Hill Academy.

Biography of Rev. Jonathan Fisher, from R. G. F. Candage.

History and Roster Aroostook War, York Deeds, Volumes XII and XIII,
from L. D. Carver.

The Chipmans of America, from A. Lee Chipman.

The Vermont Revolutionary Rolls, from the Vermont State Library.

The Hallowell Celebrations of 1899, from the Hubbard Library.

Historical Researches of Gouldsboro, Maine, from the Daughters of Liberty.

Lieut. Roger Plaisted and his Descendants, from M. F. King.

Life of General Samuel Thompson, from Nathan Goold.

Works of Jonathan Edwards.

History of the Sixth Evangelical Alliance, from Rev. Dr. Burrage.

Genealogical Chart and Record, from James Shaw.

Coburn Classical Institute, 75th Anniversary, from Rev. E. C. Whittemore.

Proceedings for 1904 of the Supreme Council, 33d degree of Free Masons,
from James H. Godding.

State of Missouri, from the Louisiana Exposition.

Guide to the Archives of the United States, from the Carnegie Institute.

Five large photographs of views in St. Castine, France, the home of Baron
Castine, from William H. Witherle.

City Directories, from Lefavor-Tower Co.

Two large photographs of Thomaston, Me , from Joseph E. Moore.

Log Book of the Brig Polly, War of 18 12, loaned by Mrs. Sybil H. Lincoln.

The Village Mascot of West Sullivan, Me., a small news sheet from the
publisher, R. F. Gerrish.

Vol. VI of the Messages of the Governors of Iowa, from the State Historical
Society of Iowa.

MS. Papers of the Brackett family are deposited with us by Mr. N. B.

The Volume X from the Connecticut Historical Society relates to the
French and Tndian War.

The Marshall Pierce collection of Bound Newspapers has been received
from Mr. Pierce's family, and is a most important addition to our already large
collection of newspapers. We are indebted also for favors received to the
Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the Boston Public Library,
the Maine State Library, the Michigan State Library, the Indiana Library,
the Connecticut Library, the Several States Historical Societies, the N. E.
Historic Genealogical Society, the Smithsonian Institute, the Essex Institute,
the American Antiquarian Society, the University of California, the University
of Chicago, and the several universities and colleges throughout New England.

Individual givers not already mentioned are William C. Houston, Appleton


Morgan, Stephen Berry, S. D. Peet, A. M. Sawyer, Samuel A. Green, Eugene
Hale, Nathan Goold.

By purchase and exchange have been added to the
library :

Blaine's Twenty Years in Congress.

Guppy's Homes of English P'amily Names.

History of Wallingford and Meriden, Connecticut.

History of Essex County, Massachusetts.

Beneath Old Roof Trees.

Caldwell Family of Ipswich.

Vital Statistics of Chillmark and Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Osgood's American Colonies, 17 th Century.

Goold's History of Cornwall, Connecticut.

Lea's Abstract of Wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

The Winslow Papers of New Brunswick, 1776, 1826.

The Mitchell, Maine Town Registers.

Vol. XII of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution from Massachusetts.

A large number of manuscript documents left by Judge Lewis and his son of
North Yarmouth, 1740 to 1800.

The Ledgers of Stephen and Jonathan Moulton of North Yarmouth and of
Joseph Dingley of Raymond.

March 30, 1905.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library in
Portland, and was called to order by the president, Mr.
Baxter, at 2.30 p. m.

A report of accessions to the library was read by the

Rev. Charles W. Collins, of Portland, read a paper on
"Hon. Edward Kavanagh of Newcastle, Maine, ex-Gov-
ernor of the State, and a distinguished diplomat."

A vote of thanks was passed for the paper, and a copy
requested for the archives.


By invitation of the Society of Colonial Wars, the mem-
bers of the Historical Society were invited to attend an


exhibition of lantern slides of historical places in Maine,
given at the library in the evening, accompanied by a
descriptive lecture by the Rev. H. S. Burrage, D. D., of
Togus, Maine.

Report of accessions to the library :

The first volume of the series of Romances of Casco Bay, from the author,
H. M. Sylvester.

Vol. XVIII, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society of London, from
the society.

Volume of Proceedings and New Hampshire in the Struggle for Independ-
ence, from the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Monograph on the origins of the New Brunswick Settlements from the
author, Prof. W. F. Ganong.

Vol. II, Records of the Courts of Assistants of Massachusetts Bay, from
Hon. John Noble.

Vol. XVIII, series 2, Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society,
from the society.

Seven local Boston pamphlets from Hon. Samuel A. Green.

Register of the Society of Colonial Wars of the District of Columbia, from
the society.

Seventeenth Report on the Public Records of Massachusetts, from Hon.
Robert T. Swan.

Report on the Industrial Statistics of Maine, from Hon. S. W. Matthews.

Proceedings of the Wisconsin Historical Society for 1904, from the society

Journals of the Continental Congress and Annual Reports, from the Library
of Congress.

In Memoriam Revolutionary Soldiers of Dracut, Mass., from the town.

Journal of Lieut. Col. Joseph Vose, from H. W. Cunningham.

Proceedings Bostonian Society, January, 1905, from the society.

Life of General Philip Schuyler, from Philip P. Schuyler.

Early Records of Providence, R. I., Vol. XVIII, from the city of Providence-
Tax List of Brookline, Mass., 1904, from Capt. R. G. F. Candage.

The Biblia, Vol. XVII, for 1904, from Miss E. D. Senter.

Edward Savage, Painter and Engraver, Congress Voting for Independence,
both from Charles H. Hart.

Proceedings on presentation of the statues of Charles Carroll and John
Hanson at Washington, from Douglas H. Thomas.

Also received by purchase, Vital Records of Rutland, Oxford, Wenham
and Marblehead of Massachusetts.

History of Bristol, N. H., 2 vols. Commander-in-Chief's Guard in the Rev-
olutionary War, Revolutionary Soldiers of Redding, Conn.

Site of old Jamestown, Va., received for the Society's cabinet and archives.


A manuscript subscription list for opening the ioth N. H. Turnpike through
the White Mountain Notch, signed by Portland merchants in 1826. Given by
Mrs. Joseph E. Oilman.

A folio volume of Early American Newspapers, Government Broadsides,
Commissions from the estate of William Willis. Given by Miss Adeline

A large parcel of maps and plans from the heirs of the late Alexander W.

Polly Price's gold earrings. Gift of Miss Julia A. Pettingill of Raymond.

Portland newspapers and other papers of 1831, taken from the vane of High
Street Church, 1868; also some anti-slavery documents. Given by Charles
B. Thurston.

Lock of General Andrew Jackson's hair and a commission to Gen. John W.
Smith, signed by General Andrew Jackson, both from Grenville C. Smith.

May 25, 1905.

An evening session of the Society was held at the library
at 8.00 p. m.

Hon. Joseph W. Symonds read a reminiscent paper on
"The late Rev. Horatio Stebbins, D. D., formerly of
Portland and later of San Francisco."

Report of accessions to the library :

The Stevens Genealogy, from C. Ellis Stevens.

The Book of Sports, 1618-1640, from E. F. Shafter.

Shores of Casco Bay, from Nathan Goold.

The Shaw Records, from Mrs. H. F. Farwell of Bethel.

Ten volumes State Documents from the Maine State Library.

Six volumes State Documents, from the Connecticut State Library.

The XXVth volume of the Archives of Maryland, from the Maryland His-
torical Society.

Ten volumes of Whitaker's Almanac, 1875-1885.

Fifteen volumes of European Guide Books.

One hundred and ten miscellaneous pamphlets, all from the estate of A. W.

Tate and Brady's Psalms and Hymns of 1765, done in shorthand by Deacon
Samuel Freeman, bound up with the Essex Harmony, by Daniel Bailey, 1770.
Freeman's Columbian Primer of 1790, all from William Freeman of Cherry-

Messages and proclamations of the Governors of Iowa, from the state of


A Brief History of the Works Erected for the Defense of Portland by C. F.
Porter, from the author.

The Proceedings of the 212th Anniversary of Hatfield, Mass., from the town
clerk of Hatfield.

Journals of the Continental Congress, from the Library of Congress.

Publication No. 12 of the Jewish Historical Society, from the society.

Inauguration of Charles W. Dabney and University Studies, from the Uni-
versity of Cincinnati.

The Iowa Journal of History and Politics, Vol. II, from the State Histori-
cal Society of Iowa.

Studies, Vol. I and II, from the University of Missouri.

The American Historical Magazine, Vol. IX, from the Tennessee Histori-
cal Society.

Historical Magazine, Vol. IV, from the West Virginia Historical Magazine.

Fort Casimir, Its History and Location, from the Historical Society of

The 10th report from the Lake Mohonk conference.

A general history of the New England states, edited by W. T. Davis, in
four volumes quarto. A pictorial history of The World's Great Nations,
three volumes quarto. Willard's Glimpses for Fifty Years. Memoirs of
William and Lucy Smith. Concord Guides, U. S. Navy Register, Mansfield's
Life of General Scott. Mitchell's Universal Atlas. D'Anvilles Folio Atlas
of 1794. Tributes to Longfellow and Emerson. Memoir of S. S. Prentiss,
two volumes. Worcester's History. Banquet to Dr. H. H. Hill. Phillip's
Washington Described. Appleton's Handbook of New York. Emerson's
Maternal Ancestors. Brinton's Guide Book to Florida. Eastman's Coast
Guide. Willard's Universal History. Memorial of Wheelock Craig. Hora-
tio King's Twelve Months in Europe. All from the estate of Mrs. Helen A.

By purchase have been added these Massachusetts histories : Hubbardston,
Princeton, Longmeadow, Belchertown, Whateley, Pelham, New Bedford,
Plainfield, Ayer, Barre, Berkeley, Clinton, Falmouth, Lowell, Easton. Also
the vital records of Charlton and Oakham, Massachusetts.

History of Newbury, Vt. ; History of Ancient Wethersfield, Conn.

Triumphant Democracy by Andrew Carnegie.

Parts 8, 9, 10 of Vol. II, Hoyt's Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury.

For the cabinet we have received :

A manuscript document of 1S60 from F. O. Conant.

Bust of Augustus E. Stevens, ex-mayor of Portland, from Mr. Charles C.
Bickford and the Stevens estate.

A Civil War time Portland subscription list from Albion Keith.

Large roller maps of the state of Maine and the United States from the
estate of Mrs. Helen A. Gilman.


Maps and plans from the A. W. Longfellow estate.

The Limerick lead plate inscribed with the names of the first settlers, found
in 1845, f rom the late Hon. Horace H. Burbank of Saco.

Photographs of Cockington Lane, near Torquay, England, site of the birth-
place of Capt. George Weymouth, from Dr. A. B. Weymouth of Lahaina,
Hawaii Islands.

Early weather reports kept by Capt. Lemuel Moody at the observatory,
from the estate of A. W. Longfellow.

June 20, 1905.

The annual meeting of the Society was held at the
Cleveland Lecture Room, Brunswick, Tuesday, June 20,
1905, and was called to order by the president, Mr. James
P. Baxter, at 2.00 p. m.

Members present : Messrs. Charles E. Allen, Hubbard
W. Bryant, Henry L. Chapman, Frederick O. Conant,
George A. Emery, Nathan Goold, Fritz H. Jordan, James
M. Larrabee, Leslie A. Lee, Rev. George Lewis, George
T. Little, Joseph E. Moore, William D. Patterson, Asbury
C. Stilphen, Albert R. Stubbs, Archie Lee Talbot, Joseph

On motion, Mr. Nathan Goold was appointed secretary
pro tent.

Also voted to dispense with the reading of the records of
the last annual meeting as they had been printed and sent
to each member.

The annual report of the librarian and curator, Mr.
Bryant, was read by him and was accepted to be placed
on file.


The annual report of the treasurer, Mr. Jordan, was
read by him, together with the report of the auditors, and
they were accepted to be placed on file.

Mr. Jordan read also his annual report as treasurer of
the Wads worth-Longfellow fund, which was accepted to
be placed on file.

The annual report of the standing committee was read
by the recording secretary, Mr. Bryant, and it was
accepted to be placed on file-

On motion, the president appointed a committee of three
to nominate a board of officers for the ensuing year and
accordingly appointed a committee, consisting of Messrs.
Jordan, Little and Talbot, who retired and shortly after
reported the following ballot, which, on motion, was cast
by Mr. Jordan and the board were declared elected :

officers 1905-06.

President — Hon. James P. Baxter, Portland.

Vice President — Prof. Henry L. Chapman, Brunswick.

Treasurer — Fritz H. Jordan, Portland.

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — William D. Patterson, Wiscasset.

Recording Secretary, Librarian and Curator — H. W. Bryant, Portland.

Standing Committee — Rev. Henry S. Burrage, Togus ; Gen. John Marshall
Brown, Portland; Col. John M. Glidden, Newcastle; Franklin A. Wilson,
Bangor; Prentice C. Manning, Portland; Hon. George A. Emery, Saco; Hon.
Augustus F. Moulton, Portland; Asbury C. Stilphen, Gardiner; Nathan
Goold, Portland.

The president reappointed Messrs. Franklin R. Barrett
and Henry Deering as the auditors of the treasurer's

The recording secretary read abstracts of the reports
which he had received from the following County Histor-
ical Societies : The Pejepscot Historical Society of Bruns-
wick, the old York Historical Society of York Village,


the Sagadahoc Historical Society of Bath, and the Ken-
nebec Historical Society of Augusta.

Mr. William D. Patterson, the president of the Lincoln
County Historical Society of Wiscasset, made a verbal
report of the transactions of that society.

Mr. A. C. Stilphen made a brief verbal report on a plan
for increasing the number of county societies, especially
among young people, and asked that the committee be
continued for another year.

On motion of Mr. Stilphen it was voted the annual dues
of the venerable Ex-Governor, Sidney Perham, be
remitted and that his name be transferred to the list of
honorary members.

On motion of Mr. Stilphen it was voted that the names
of five resident members, who had not paid their annual
dues for several years, be dropped from the roll of resi-
dent members.

On motion of Mr. Stilphen it was voted that the limit of
resident membership be increased fifty by the following
amendment to the By-laws, Section 2 : Insert after "two
hundred" the word "fifty."

The following ballot for resident members was distrib-
uted and collected by a committee, appointed by the chair,
of Messrs. Henry L. Chapman and Frederic O. Conant,
and it was reported that the entire vote cast was for the
whole number of twenty-seven :

Percival P. Baxter, Portland.
Clarence B. Burleigh, Augusta.
Edwin C. Burleigh, Augusta.
William T. Cobb, Rockland.
Morrill N. Drew, Portland.
Ernest M. Emery, Augusta.
William O. Fuller, Jr., Rockland.
Wooster P. Giddings, Gardiner.
Forrest Goodwin, Skowhegan.
George M. Hanson, Calais.


Wilfrid A. Hennessey, Bangor.
Arthur S. Littlefield, Rockland.
Charles E. Littlefield, Rockland.
Rev. W. F. Livingston, Hallowell.
Frank B. Miller, Rockland.
John Adams Morrill, Auburn.
Benj. B. Murray, Calais.
George C. Owen, Portland.
Henry C. Peabody, Portland.
Frederick A. Powers, Houlton.
Lindley M. Staples, Washington.
Lewis F. Starrett, Rockland.
Louis C. Stearns, Bangor.
C. S. Sewall, Wiscassett.
Albeit M. Spear, Gardiner.
Charles E. Swan, Calais.
Andrew P. Wiswell, Calais.

Mr. Stilphen gave notice of a proposed amendment to
the By-laws to be reported upon at the next annual
meeting, to give to resident members without cost the
publications of the Society on the payment of their annual

The president appointed Mr. Charles H. Boyd as a
member of the King Burial Lot Committee.

Mr. Jordan read the annual report of the Rev. John
Carroll Perkins, as the secretary of the Wadsworth-Long-
fellow House Committee, and it was accepted.

Mr. Joseph E. Moore of Thomaston, made a verbal
report on the proposed arrangements and plan of the
tercentenary celebration of the voyage of Captain George
Waymouth at Thomaston, on July 6 next, and it was
voted that the recording secretary send to each resident
member the order of the day and to request each member
to reply if they would accept the invitation and attend the

Adjourned at 4 p. m.



June 20, 1905.

Another twelve months has passed and once more we
find ourselves in this ancient hall of learning. So many
of our members have passed over the border within the
past year we are somewhat surprised to find ourselves
here again.

Since our last annual report, have been received four
hundred and eleven bound volumes and five hundred and
eighty-nine pamphlets.

The library has been opened daily, as in former years,
with about the same attendance. Members desiring to
to use the library in the morning hours have been accorded
the privilege. We should like to see more original inves-
tigation going on, but those who have the wish to do this
cannot afford the time it requires.

The usual amount of binding of periodicals has been
done and we should like to expend a large amount on
newspapers. The current history contained in many of
the higher class magazines may properly be added to our
shelves, chiefly for future reference.

It seems to be a wise step on the part of many of the
Historical Societies of the Western States to support a
quarterly journal. We are in receipt of several such as :
The American Antiquarian of Chicago, The Indiana
Quarterly, The West Virginia Quarterly, The Tennessee
Historical Quarterly, The Pennsylvania Historical Maga-
zine, The Iowa Journal, The Gulf States Historical Mag-
azine and The Oregon Historical Quarterly. These as
the organs of their respective State Historical Societies
are doing much good work. Our Society combined with


the several County Societies might unite in the support of
a historical journal in Maine if an editor can be found.

Sets of American periodicals are destined to become
more scarce and difficult to obtain, as the Salvation Army
in our large cities is soliciting the gift of periodicals as a
source of income. In the city of Portland alone, this sea-
son more than fifty tons of magazines have been sent to
the paper mills. We can find a place for numbers and
volumes of any of the New England magazines.

Among the principal donations of the past year is the
collection of newspapers formed by our corresponding
member, Hon. Marshall Pierce of Oakland, Cal., given to
us by his daughters. The collection numbers over one
hundred nicely bound volumes and consists of The Boston
Investigator, 1831-1897 ; The Index of Toledo and Bos-
ton, 1870-1884; The Anti-Slavery Standard, 1858-1870;
The Liberator, 1846-1865 ; The Boston Commonwealth,
1862-1876; The Eastern Journal of Biddeford, 1852-1853,
and The Saco Union for the same period.

Sundry other journals of minor importance, and perhaps
more or less scarce, are in the same collection. We have
placed in each volume a plate bearing the inscription :

Bequest of Hon. Marshall Pierce

of Saco, Maine,

and Oakland, California.

Born, Standish, Maine,

August 16, 1S23.

Died, East Baldwin, Maine,

March 25, 1900.

It is believed that there is no wood pulp in these news-
papers and that they will survive longer than a marble

Mrs. Israel P. Warren has kindly promised us her set
of the Christian Mirror.


W. R. F. Gerrish of West Sullivan, a young printer
and publisher, is sending us his little sheet filled with local
news and is well worthy of preservation.

The publishers of the Rumford Falls Times has also
placed us on his free list.

The North East, Masonic Token, Maine Journal of
Medicine, The Mechanic Falls Ledger, are sent to our

In response for our Popham Memorial Volume sent to
the Blundell School at Tiverton, England, we have
received a copy of a handsome volume of biographies and
portraits entitled, Blundell's Worthies, 1604 to 1904,
together with some numbers of the School Journal and a
pleasant note from the librarian, in which he refers to Sir
John Popham as our Common Founder. Travellers from
Maine will do well to visit this famous old school and
other points of interest in our original Home County of

During the past year we have added twenty-five local
histories to our library, chiefly of Massachusetts and Con-
necticut towns, the latest accession being the magnificent
work by Dr. Henry R. Stiles of the history and geneal-
ogies of Ancient Wethersfield. Our collection of the Vital
Records of Massachusetts towns now numbers forty-four

As our Maine towns have not yet had their early vital
records printed we have subscribed for the next best thing
in the shape of Mr. H. E. Mitchell's Maine Town Regis-
ters ; these number forty volumes already issued, and
contain facts of local history not to be found elsewhere.

The year has been somewhat prolific in the issue of new
books of special interest to us and we may briefly men-
tion Mr. King's two volumes of the York deeds, the
history of the Aroostook War, and the York celebration.


History of the Maine Baptists, by Dr. Burrage, the Cen-
tennial of Blue Hill Academy, The Chipman Family of
America, The Coburn Classical Institute Centennial and
the Romance of Casco Bay by H. M. Sylvester, and
some pamphlets.

Among the historical works in preparation of interest is
a new history of King Philip's War. It is by Mr. George
W. Ellis of Hartford, Connecticut.

The several Maine local histories announced last year
are growing and we expect will be ready in another year.


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