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Mr. Cole of Buckfield, advises that his work has been
delayed somewhat by ill health, and Mr. Greene of
Boothbay Harbor, reports that his printers have most of
his MS. in hand.

An important accession to the Society's archives are the
Lewis family papers of North Yarmouth. To the his-
torians of that town these will be invaluable. Some
interesting early deeds and commissions collected by our
former president, Mr. Willis, are the generous gifts of his
granddaughter, Miss Adeline Willis.

Among our visitors of the past year was Professor
Willoughby of Cambridge, who quickly recognized the
old wallet in our cabinet as a rare specimen of Indian
work woven of Indian hemp and embroidered with dyed
moose hair. It was the work of Mollock Net, an Indian
squaw of the Anasagunticook tribe of the Androscoggin
valley. This specimen of a lost art was given to the
Society by Mrs. Kimball of Bethel in 1863. Professor
Willoughby has described it fully with a colored illustration,
in a recent number of the American Anthropologist.

Our venerable corresponding member, Dr. Albert B.
Waymouth, of Lahaina, of the Hawaiian Islands, mani-
fests his continued interest in the Society by his communi-
cations and gifts. He claims that the little hamlet of


Cockington, near Torquay, England, was the birthplace
of Captain George Way mouth whose memory we are
about to celebrate.

This is truly the age of books. Never have they
seemed more plentiful nor so cheap. It would be an easy
matter to increase our receipts of books and pamphlets
but we cannot find room for them. In another decade
or two, all, except public libraries, will need to confine
themselves to special lines of collecting.


Brunswick, Me., June 20, 1905.

Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

Gentlemen :

I have the honor to make the following report of receipts
and expenditures for the past year, viz. :


Balance on hand, June 21,

1904, as per last report, $962.81

Income of invested funds, $712.59

Income of Walker fund, 60.00

Admittance fees, 10 new

members, 100.00

Arrears of dues, 36.00

Annual dues, 1905, 149 mem-
bers, 447.00

Sales of 78 copies, Vol. I,

Series 3, i5 6 - 2 5


Sales of other publications of

the Society, $57 . 15

Sales of duplicates, 8.00

— $1,576.99



Union Safe Deposit and Trust

Co., rent of box and bond

of treasurer,

$ 25.00

Subscription towards De Monts



Salary of librarian and assist-

ant, April 1, 1904, to May

3 1 * i9°5>


Additions to library, account,

Walker fund,


Balance of cost of Vol. I,

Series 3,









Balance on hand,



Of above balance, $351.00 belong to the Walker Fund.
The invested funds of the Society consist of stocks and
bonds of the par value of $17,000, $1,000 of which
belong to the Walker Fund, and $2,000 of which are


pledged as collateral security for a loan on account of
new building.

Respectfully submitted,

Fritz H. Jordan, Treasurer.

Brunswick, Me., June 20, 1905.

Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

Gentlemen : —

I have the honor to make the following report of receipts
and expenditures of the Longfellow Memorial Fund for
the past year, viz. :


Balance on hand, June 21,

1904, as per last report, $1,268.55

Interest, 7 z -7 2

Income of Wadsworth-Long-

fellow House, viz. :
Admissions, season of 1904, $1,615.85
Profit on articles sold at house, 349-91
Contributions from visitors at

house, 27.84


Borrowed on treasurer's note

secured by collateral as

authorized by vote of Society, 2,000.00




On account library building, viz. :

Megquier & Jones Co. , beams,

etc., $ 940.00

George H. Smardon, ex-
panded metal floors, 803.56

John Dugan, plastering, 1,352.00

F. W. Cunningham & Son,

drain, etc., 225.10

Spencer Rogers, covered pas-
sage way, carpenter work, 463.92

Consolidated Electric Light

Co., wiring, 4 2 5-34

Plumber, 2.81


Expenses Wadsworth-Long-

fellow House :
Salaries of attendants and

janitor, $573 .80

Repairs and maintenance, 103.80

Furnishing, 91.80

Fuel, lights and cleaning, 54.76

Printing and signs, 30-3°
Photographs for St. Louis

exhibition, 45- 12

Sundries, 33.53

— $933-1*
Balance on hand, 188.03


Respectfully submitted,

Fritz H. Jordan, Treasurer.



Your committee feel justified in saying that since the
beneficent gift of Mrs. Ann Longfellow Pierce and the
action of the Maine Historical Society, there has been
created among us an historic monument quite unique in
Maine, and to be compared only with the more famous
historic shrines of foreign lands and a few great monu-
ments in America, like Mt. Vernon, the home of General
Washington. To a degree no one could have anticipated,
the Wadsworth-Longfellow House is stimulative of a true
historic spirit toward domestic conditions and the family
and civil life of Maine a century ago. It has revived the
part played by the Wadsworth family and many others of
similar influence during the development and successful
expression of the spirit of liberty in the British Provinces
of America and their final erection into the United States of
America ; and the succeeding pioneer service in legal and
educational ability that lay at the foundation of our nation.
It has encouraged a knowledge of the works of Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow, and has shown the lasting popu-
lar power of his poetry over English speaking peoples.
It has become a center for literally thousands of tourists
who annually enter our State.

For the Lewis and Clark Exposition at Portland, Ore-
gon, the Wadsworth-Longfellow House was chosen as the
type of building to represent Maine with her industries
and resources.

During the summers of 1903 and 1904, 12,440 people
paid admission to the house, and by this means a net sum


of $2,137.16 was added to the treasury of the Society.
It is a most interesting spectacle on any day during the
summer to see the old house thrown open to the visitors,
the attractive arrangement of the rooms under the super-
vision of Mr. Nathan Goold and his assistants, Mr. Mc-
Lellan and Miss Kaler ; and the generous women of the
Women's Literary Union, the Daughters of the American
Revolution, and the Daughters of 181 2, who are in daily
attendance to give information and extend courtesy.

The house still proves one of the chief sources of
income for the building of the new library of the Society.
This building is now fast approaching completion. Your
committee have proceeded slowly in the progress of the
work, a slowness that has justified itself. For many new
conditions have arisen which could not be foreseen, but
which have gradually shaped the character and arrange-
ment of the library for its wider, fuller uses. Another
year will doubtless witness the completed work.
Respectfully submitted,

John C. Perkins, for the Committee.



July 6, 1905,

The celebration of the three hundredth anniversary of
Waymouth's voyage to the coast of Maine was held at
Thomaston, July 6, 1905. At 9.30 a. m. there was an
excursion to St. George's Harbor by members of the
Society with invited guests on the revenue cutter Wood-
bury. A granite cross, erected under the auspices of the
town of St. George was unveiled after prayer by the Rev.
Charles E. Gould of Martinsville, and an address by Mr.
Arthur George Smith of St. George.

On a flagstaff were raised a flag and burgee presented
by Mrs. W. R. Grace of New York, a native of St.

At 3.30 p. m., a bronze tablet on a large bowlder placed
by the town on the mall at Thomaston, commemorating
Waymouth's voyage and discovery, was unveiled with
services as follows :

Address by the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Joseph E. Moore

Invocation, Rev. W. A. Newcombe, D. D.

Addresses, By Hon. James P. Baxter, Hon. William T. Cobb, Hon. J. B.

Keating, Gen. J. L. Chamberlain, Hon. C. E. Littlefield
Music, By the Band

Singing, By the School Children

Benediction, Rev. E. M. Cousins

At 7.30 p. m., at Watts' Hall, Thomaston, a meeting
was held. Hon. Joseph E. Moore presided.


A paper on "The Initial Act in the English Possession
of Maine" was read by Hon. James P. Baxter.

Miss Rita Creighton Smith of Thomaston, read a poem
entitled "Westward."

Vocal music by Mrs. Ernestine Fish of Boston.

The closing address of the day was by Rev. Henry S.
Burrage, D. D., of Togus, Me. It was an extended
review of the facts connected with Waymouth's voyage
and its results.

November 23, 1905.

The Society's first meeting of the season was held at the
library in Portland and was called to order at 2.00 p. m.
In the absence of the president, Mr. Asbury C. Stilphen
of Gardiner, was called to the chair.

Mr. John W. Penney of Mechanic Falls, presented a
fragment of an old Spanish Mission Bell from San Diego,
Cal., bearing the date of 1796; also a copy of the news-
paper, Oracle of the Day, printed in Portsmouth, N. H.,
in 1798.

The librarian, Mr. Bryant, read a report of accessions
to the library and cabinet.

Rev. Dr. Burrage of Togus, Me., read an abstract from
a paper contributed by Rev. Henry O. Thayer of Brook-
lyn, N. Y., on Waymouth's voyage and the Mountain

Dr. Burrage read also a paper by himself on "The Case
of Atticus, a fugitive slave, who was brought to Maine
from Georgia in 1837."

Both papers interested a large and appreciative audi-
ence, and votes of thanks were passed for the same, with
requests for copies for the archives.

Adjourned at 4.00 p. m.


Report of accessions to the library :

The Diary of a Soldier in the Philippines, privately printed, from the family
of the late Philip Henry Brown.

Ecclesiastical Records of the State of New York, from the New York State

Catalogue of early maps of Boston, Thirty -third Report Boston Records,
Reports Boston Cemetery Department, all from the city of Boston.

Historical Collections for July and October, from the Essex Institute.

Genealogical Register for July and October, from the N. E. H. G. Society.

Vol. V, Series 7, Collections from the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Vol. XI, New England Farmer, from Mrs. Charles B. Rogers.

Statistical Year Book of Canada, from the Canadian government.

Review of the Stevenson Maps, from the author, V. H. Paltsits.

The South Meeting House of Boston, 1669 to 1729, from Mrs. Mary F. Ayer.

Six miscellaneous pamphlets from Dr. Samuel A. Green.

Sketch of Keene, N. H., from the author, Thomas C. Rand.

Tribute of Respect to Mrs. S. B. Dearborn by T. M. Harris, from John H.

Blockade of Quebec in 1775, from the Historical Society of Quebec.

Year Book No. 10, from the Oneida Historical Society.

Dedication of the Merrill Memorial Library of Yarmouth, from J. E. Merrill.

Proceedings Wiscasset Fire Society, from William D. Patterson.

Proceedings from the Bunker Hill Monument Association.

Upham's Ratio Discipline, from E. M. Barton.

The Lundy Family Genealogy, from Mrs. R. T. Armstrong.

Scheme for the Conquest of Canada in 1746, from Victor H. Paltsits.

A set of the fifteen Reports of the Free Library Commission of Massachu-
setts, from Charles B. Tillinghast.

Lionhearted Flusser by C. W. Stewart, from Miss F. W. Flusser.

Proceedings from the American Antiquarian Society.

Miscellaneous pamphlets, from Charles T. Libby.

Dedication of Bowlders and Tablets at Blue Hill, Me., from R. G. F.

Register with Cobb's Journal of the Lake George Campaign, from the
Maine Society of Colonial Wars.

Jonathan Fisher's Scripture; Natural History and Sundry pamphlets, from
Mrs. E. C. Cummings.

Year Book of the Eastern Maine Conference, from Rev. C. A. Plummer.

Bound volume of the Mechanic Falls Ledger, from Charles E. Waterman.

Received by purchase :

Boxford, Mass., Vital Records.

Vol. XIII, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution.


Street's History of Mount Desert.
Waters Ipswich in the Massachusetts Colony.

Two parts of the New Index to the N. E. H. Genealogical Register.
Town Registers of Hillsborough, N. H., Pittsfield, N. H.. Conway, N. H.
Goffstown, N. H.

Meadow City quatro Millennial Celebration Proceedings.
New Hampshire Genealogical Record.
Swift Memoir and Genealogy.

Cabinet record :

Account Book of J. Newell giving names of residents of the Isle of Shoals,
1754 to 1756, from John T. Loomis.

Lithograph views of San Francisco in 1849 and 1876.

Photograph group of ten surviving members of an early literary club of
Portland, from Mrs. Charles B. Rogers.

Bust of General Henry Dearborn, from John H. Carroll of Gorham.

Two bank bills of the Passamaquoddy Bank, from James I. Hutchinson.

MS. copies of letters relating to the war of the Rebellion, from Hon. Ellis
B. Usher of Milwaukee.



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