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Maine Historical Society

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JANUARY 26, 1906, TO NOVEMBER 22, 1906


Smith & Sale, Printers




Maine Historical Society

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JANUARY 26, 1906, TO NOVEMBER 22, 1906


Smith & Sale, Printers




The Society


January 26, 1906.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall
and was called to order at 2.30 p. m. Rev. Henry S.
Burrage, D. D., of Togus presided. Dr. Burrage read a
report by the Rev. Henry O. Thayer of his action in
causing to be erected at West Woolwich, Maine, a granite
boulder to mark the site of the Indian massacre of the
family of Ebenezer Preble in West Woolwich, Maine, in


Mr. Thayer's report was accompanied by a deed to the
Society from Edwin O. Day of the plot of ground on
which the boulder stands. The report with deed was
referred to the annual meeting of the Society for further

Mr. Charles E. Allen of Dresden, Maine, read a paper
on John Gardiner, Barrister, a resident of Pownalboro,
Maine, well known as a scholar and broad-minded citizen.

Remarks followed concerning the subject of the paper
and the times in which he lived.

Adjourned until 7.30 p. m.

The evening session was called to order at 7.45. Gen-
eral John Marshall Brown presided.

Edgar Oakes Achorn, Esq., of Boston was introduced,
who read a paper on the early settlement of Waldoboro,
Maine, by German families. At its close, remarks were
made by the chairman, also by v General J. L. Chamber-
lain and Professor Henry L. Chapman.


Votes of thanks were passed to Mr. Achorn and Mr.
Allen for the papers read and copies requested for the


March 7, 1906.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall
and was called to order at 2.30 p. m., Rev. Henry S.
Burrage, D. D., of Togus in the chair.

Mr. Bryant, the librarian, read his quarterly report of
accessions to the library.

The following accessions have been received since
November last :

Annual report for 1904 from the Archivist of Canada.

Volume of Franklin papers, journal of the Continental Congress for 1776.
and Annual Reports from the Library of Congress.

Volume IX for 1812 of the Eastern Argus from Mrs. Carrie R. Bailey.

Mechanic Falls Ledger for 1904, from Charles E. Waterman.

Transactions, Volume XIX, from the Royal Historical Society.

Index to the first forty volumes of Historical Collections from the Essex

Reception to the A. & H. Artillery Co. in London, from the A. & H. Artil-
lery Co.

Sebastian Rale, from the author, John F. Sprague.

Centennial of the First Church of Camden, Maine, from Rev. Dr. S.

Journal 38th Encampment Maine G. A. R., from Arthur M. Sawyer.

History of the Federal Fiie Society of Portsmouth, N. H., from Frederick
M. Sise.

Reprint of the Simple Cobbler of Agawam, from the Ipswich Historical

Vol. XXXIV of Boston Records, from City of Boston.

Memorial of Lucius M. Boltwood, from Mrs. Boltwood.

Vol. XVII & XVIII, Biblia, from Miss E. D. Senter.

National Year Book, from Sons of the American Revolution.

Two lithograph portraits of Indian Chiefs, from Mrs. George H. Pearson.

Bibliographical Contributions, No. 56.

Term Catalogues and Annual Reports, from Harvard University.

W. P. Fessenden's Oration at Portland, July 4, 1827, from Mrs. J. D. Fes-


Photographs of the First Church and its Pastor of Castine, and Historical
Chart, from Charles Wm. Noyes.

By-laws, Littlefield Association, from S. P. Mayberry.

Annual report from U. S. Naval Academy.

Two scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings concerning Paul Jones and the ship
Ranger, from Nathan Goold.

Annual reports from the Interstate Commerce Commissions.

Annual report from the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree.

Proceedings from the American Philosophical Society.

Several volumes from the estate of Dr. J. S. II. Fogg.

Annual reports from Harvard, Yale, Bovvdoin and Colby Colleges; also
from the Pacific, Chicago, Cincinnati, Missouri and California Universities and
the American Historical Association.

Received by purchase :

Portsmouth, N. H., Historic and Picturesque.

History of Lanesborough, Mass.

Vital records of Halifax, Royalston, Douglass and Lynn, Mass.

Moore's Old Derryfield, N. H.

Sketches of Swampscott, Mass.

Jacques Cartier's Voyages, by James P. Baxter.

Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury.

History of the New York Historical Society, 1804 to 1904.

Edward Ward's Visit to Boston in 1682 and 1699, a reprint by the Colonial
Society of Providence.

Our thanks are due also to the following for favors received : Stephen
Berry, Alfred Matthews, Charles Dunn, Jr., Francis Ferrier, Dr. S. A. Green,
W. P. Greenlaw, Ernest M. Emery.

Mr. William H. McLaughlin, of Scarboro, read a paper
on the "Cumberland County Convention of 1774" g lvm g
some account of its delegates.

Lewis F. Starrett, Esq., of Rockland, read a paper on
"Cyrus Eaton, a Local Historian ofKnox County, Maine."

Mr. Nathan Goold of Portland read a paper on "Moses
Woolson, a Notable School Master of Portland."

Remarks were made on the papers read and votes of
thanks were passed for the same with requests for copies
for the archives.

Adjourned until 7.45 p. m.


Evening Session.

Called to order at 7.45 p. m., and Professor Henry L.
Chapman, of Brunswick, took the chair and introduced
Honorable Clarence Hale who read a paper on "John
Fiske, the Historian."

A vote of thanks was passed for the paper and a copy
requested for the archives.


April 12, 1906.

Meetings of the Society were held at the library in
Portland. Professor George T. Little of Brunswick, took
the chair at 2.30 p. m.

Mr. Charles Wm. Noyes of Castine, read a paper
which he had prepared from the original documents on
the occupation of Pentagoet by the Dutch.

Rev. Horace C. Hovey, D. D., of Newburyport, gave
a very interesting account of a visit he had made in 1897
to some wonderful canyons and caves in Southern France.

Adjourned until 7.45 p. m.

Evening Session.

At the evening session Mr. Augustus F. Moulton pre-
sided, and introduced Mr. Herbert Harris, who read a
paper on "Church Music in New England from the Earli-
est Settlement to the Present Time."

Mr. Nathan Goold followed, exhibiting some original
order books of the Revolution kept by Adjutant Frost of
Washington's Army in 1780, and reading extracts there-
from especially relating to Arnold's treason and the cap-
ture of Andre.

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read, and
copies requested for the archives.


maine historical society. 7

May 2, 1906.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library in
Portland, and was called to order at 3 p. m., Asbury C.
Stilphen, Esq., of Gardiner, in the chair.

Mr. Bryant read a report on accessions to the Library.

Since the report of March last we have received :

Town of Windham Report, from Nathan Goold.

Acts and Resolves of Massachusetts Bay, Volumes 10, II, 12 and 13, from
the State of Massachusetts.

Connecticut State Library, State documents.

Frank D. Marshall, York, Maine, celebration.

Senate and House Journals, from the Connecticut State Library.

Church and Cemetery Records of Hanover, Mass., from L. Vernon Briggs.

Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson, from Augustus F. Moulton.

250th Anniversary of the Settlement by Jews in America, from the Jewish
Historical Society.

Life of Thomas Morris, Congressional Directory and other items, from
Clarence H. Brown.

Proceedings Part 4 of Vol. 4, from the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Life of Dr. John C. Warren, Anniversary Proceedings at Groton, Mass-
achusetts, and sundry pamphlets, from Hon. Samuel A. Green.

Vol. XXV, New Jersey Archives, from the New Jersey Historical Society.

Catalogue of the Waterston Collection Proceedings for 1905, from the
Massachusetts Historical Society.

Proceedings for 1905, from the American Antiquarian Society.

U. S. Marine Hospital Report for 1905, from the U. S. Treasury.

Memorial of John Edward Russell, from George Sheldon.

Maine Sunday School Report, from Dr. Smith Baker.

39th Report, from the Boston Post Society.

Maryland Magazine, from Maryland Histoiical Society.

The Robinsons and their Kinsfolk, from the Robinson Family Association.

Collections Volume 17, from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Salisbury Memorial, from the American Antiquarian Society.

Montezuma Mounds, from the Missouri Historical Society.

Report of the National Museum for 1904, from the Smithsonian Institute.

35th Report Boston Public Records, from the City of Boston.

Introduction to the Records of the Virginia Co. of London, from the
Library of Congress.

Dedication of Foss Hall at Waterville. from Rev. Dr. H. S. Burrage.

Vol. XIV Publications, from the Jewish Historical Association.

Draper's Essay or Autograph Collection, from the Estate of Dr. J. S. H.

Remains of Maj. General Nathaniel Greene, from the Rhode Island State



Received by purchase :

History of Deer Isle, Maine, a new edition.

Parts 4 and 5 of the Complete Index of the New England Historical and
Genealogical Register.

The Hamlin Family Genealogy, by H. F. Andrews.

History of Hancock, N. H.

Volume XIV Massachusetts Records, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolu-

History of Milford, N. H.

History of Concord, Massachusetts.

Currier's History of Newburyport.

Vital Records of Norton, Edgartown and Dalton, Massachusetts.

The Last Cruise of John Paul Jones, by H. Marion.

History of Hartford, Vt.

Blue print maps of Westfield, Mass.

For the cabinet we have received :

Wooden mortar and pestle and apple parer, used by the Silas Estes family,
from Leonard B. Chapman.

Fragment of the Revenue Cutter, Caleb Cushing, destroyed in 1863.

Two MS. sermons written by Rev. Samuel Eaton of Harpswell in 1784,
from Philip Q. Loring.

Fragment of French brick found on St. Croix island, a relic of Dr. Monts'
Expedition of 1605, from Dr. Vose.

Rev. Henry S. Burrage, D. D., of Togus, read a paper
on "Exploration Schemes in 1606 with Reference to the
Coast of Maine."

Adjourned until 7.45 p. m.

Evening Session.

Mr. Bryant called to order at 8 p. m., and introduced
the Hon. Augustus F. Moulton, who read a paper on
"Sir Ferdinando Gorges."

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read, and
copies requested for the archives.



June 26, 1906.

The annual meeting of the Society was held at the
Cleveland Lecture Room at Brunswick, Tuesday, June
26, 1906, and was called to order at 2 p. m., the president,
James P. Baxter, in the chair.

Members present: Messrs. Charles E. Allen, James P.
Baxter, Henry S. Burrage, Samuel C. Belcher, H. W.
Bryant, Henry L. Chapman, Frederick O. Conant,
George A. Emery, Frederic H. Gerrish, Nathan Goold,
Fritz H. Jordan, George T. Little, Ira S. Locke, Henry
Johnson, Leslie A. Lee, Joseph E. Moore, John C. Per-
kins, William D. Patterson, James M. Larrabee, J. W.
Penney, H. P. Seymour, Albert R. Stubbs, A. C.
Stilphen, Joseph Wood.

On motion of Mr. Bryant, Mr. Goold was appointed
secretary pro tern., also voted that as the records of the
last annual meeting had been printed, the reading was
dispensed with.

The annual report of the librarian and curator, Mr.
Bryant, was read by him and it was accepted to be placed
on file.

The annual report of Mr. Fritz H. Jordan as treasurer
was read by him in detail and it was accepted and ordered
to be placed on file. Mr. Jordan's annual report as
treasurer of the Wadsworth-Longfellow Fund was also
read by him and it was accepted and ordered to be placed
on file.

The annual report of the corresponding secretary and
biographer, Mr. William D. Patterson, was read by him
and it was accepted to be placed on file.

The annual report of the standing committee was read
by the recording secretary, Mr. Bryant, and it was
accepted to be placed on file.


The president appointed the following as a committee
to nominate a board of officers for election for the ensuing
year: Prof. Henry Johnson, Samuel C. Belcher, Dr.
Frederic H. Gerrish, who retired and shortly after reported
the following ballot for election :

officers 1906-7.

President — James P. Baxter.

Vice President — Henry L. Chapman.

Treasurer — Fritz H. Jordan.

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — Wm. D. Patterson.

Recording Secretary — H. W. Bryant.

Librarian and Curator — Nathan Goold.

Standing Committee — Henry S. Burrage, John Marshall Brown, Franklin A.

Wilson, Augustus F. Moulton, Asbury C. Stilphen, Albert R. Stubbs, George

A. Emery, Prentice C. Manning.

As there was another vacancy on the standing com-
mittee, on motion of Mr. Goold it was voted that the name
of Henry Deering of Portland be added to the ballot, and
no objection being made the entire ballot was cast by Dr.
Gerrish, and each officer was duly declared elected.

The president appointed Messrs. Henry Deering and
William H. Moulton auditors of the treasurer's accounts.

On recommendation of the standing committee it was
voted that the name of Prof. Allen Johnson of Brunswick
be added to the list of candidates for election as resident

It was also voted that the names of Rev. A. Aaron
of Chicago, and Dr. Chas. S. D. Lincoln of Shanghai,
China, be added to the list nominated for election as cor-
responding members.

On motion it was voted that both ballots be distributed
as one.

The president appointed Messrs. A. C. Stilphen and
Nathan Goold as a committee to receive and count the
ballots. This having been done the following lists were
declared elected :



Edward W. Corey, Portland.
George A. Curran, Calais.
Charles C. Harmon, Portland.
John F. Larrabee, Portland.
Edward P. Ricker, Poland Springs.
Reuel Robinson, Camden.
Prof. Allen Johnson, Brunswick.


Edgar Oakes Achorn, Boston, Mass.

Rev. Horace C. Hovey, D. D., Newburyport, Mass.

John True Loomis, Washington, D. C.

Rev. A. Aaron, Chicago, 111.

Dr. Charles S. D. Lincoln, Shanghai, China.

The recording secretary, Mr. Bryant, read annual
reports which had been received from the Old Eliot His-
torical Society, the York Village Historical Society, the
Kennebec Historical Society and the Lincoln County
Historical Society, and the same were accepted to be
placed on file.

Rev. John C. Perkins read his annual report as secre-
tary of the Wadsworth-Longfellow House Committee and
it was accepted to be placed on file.

On motion of Mr. Stilphen it was voted that the follow-
ing be adopted :


I. That Section 2 of the By-Laws be amended so that as amended it
shall read as follows :


Section 2. Resident members must be residents of Maine, and shall not
exceed two hundred and fifty in number. They alone have the right to vote.
In addition to the admission fee, each Resident member shall pay three
dollars annually for the general purposes of the Society, and this annual pay-
ment being duly made shall entitle him to a copy of all the publications of
the Society for the current year without further payment therefor, but any


member may become a life member and shall be exempted from such annual
payment, if, at any time after his admission, he shall pay into the treasury
thirty dollars in addition to his previous payments. Life members shall be
entitled to all the rights and privileges of Resident members."

II. That Section 8 be amended so that as amended it shall read :


Section 8. Any Resident member who shall fail to attend three suc-
cessive annual meetings of the Society, or shall neglect to pay his annual dues
for two years, may forfeit his membership unless he shall send to the Presi-
dent within the period embraced by said annual meetings such excuse as shall
be satisfactory to the Society. Forfeiture of membership shall not take effect
until declared by a vote of the Society."

On motion of Mr. Jordan it was voted that the treasurer
be authorized to borrow on the credit of the Society with
the approval of the standing committee the sum of five
thousand dollars or such part thereof as may be from time
to time found necessary, the same to be expended upon
the new library building.

On motion of Rev. Dr. Burrage it was voted that the
Portland newspaper containing a report of each meeting
of the Society be mailed to each resident member outside
of Portland.

Dr. Burrage referred to the steps taken by Rev. Henry
O. Thayer to mark the site by a memorial stone of the
Preble massacre in the town of West Woolwich, Maine,
and it was voted that a committee be appointed by the
president with reference to a general memorial.

The following were appointed the committee :

Rev. Henry S. Burrage of Togus.
Charles E. Allen of Dresden.
Joseph E. Moore of Thomaston.

The deed of the site to the Society was accepted.

It was voted that the committee appear before the next
State Legislature to request that the State cause to be
marked, historical sites, within its borders.


Dr. Burrage called attention to the proposed celebration
of the 300th anniversary of the Pophatn colony settlement
at the mouth of the Kennebec river in August, 1907, and
it was voted that the tercentenary celebration committee
communicate with the U. S. Government to request that
the memorial stone prepared for the celebration in 1862
be transferred to its proper site.

On motion of Prof. Henry L. Chapman of Brunswick
the following vote was passed unanimously :

Voted, That the Society has received with, regret the
resignation of Mr. Hubbard W. Bryant of the office of
librarian and curator, and it desires to place on record its
cordial appreciation of the earnestness and fidelity with
which he has discharged the various and important duties
of the office for the past twenty-five years.

Adjourned at 4 p. m.

CURATOR, JUNE 26, 1906.

The Accession Catalogue shows that 149 bound vol-
umes and 291 pamphlets have been added to the library
in the past twelve months.

No extraordinary gifts have been received, and we have
sailed on with even keel and the good old ship has not
been overloaded with gifts from deceased members.

Your library committee have been liberal as usual in the
purchase of new local histories.

The publications received which are of especial interest
to us are the Diary of a Soldier from Maine in the
Philippines, The Index to the N. E. H. Genealogi-
cal Register; also the Index to the first forty volumes of
the Essex Institute, Historical Collections, Memoir and
Voyages of Jacques Cartier, by James P. Baxter, Volume


VI, with Index of the Journal of the Continental Congress
for 1776, The Documentary History of Congress, pub-
lished by the Department of State.

The Massachusetts Records of Services in the Revolu-
tion, fourteen volumes in all, are completed to S, T, H
and two volumes more will probably complete the work.

Besides the new Maine local histories about to be pub-
lished are the centennial anniversary proceedings at Cam-
den and at Sedgwick already received. Palmyra has in
preparation an account of her centennial celebration.

A history of Camden and Rockport, by Reuel Robin-
son, is now being published in the Camden Herald.

A new edition of the Historical Sketch of Deer Isle, by
George Lawrence Hosmer, has appeared, with correc-
tions, by the son of the author, Mr. F. L. Hosmer

The De Burian Club, of Bangor, are about to publish
the Revolutionary Diary of Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, with
historical notes.

Town library buildings have been completed and dedi-
cated in the past year in the towns of Rumford Falls,
Damariscotta and Newcastle, Weld, Yarmouth and Free-

The Fogg Memorial Library at Eliot will probably be
completed this year. Your president and librarian are
especially interested in this library at Eliot, being appointed
trustees by the will of the late Dr. Fogg.

A popular history of Mt. Desert, by the late Rev. Dr.
Street has appeared, and of course is added to our shelves.

Of the new Maine local histories it is reported that Mr.
Greene's history of Boothbay Harbor and adjacent towns
is now nearly ready for the binder. It will contain over
600 pages, besides maps, portraits, etc. The histories of
Hampden and of Buckfield, Maine, are well under way,
and material for other Maine locals is being gathered,
especially in the neighborhood of Waldoboro, Cushing,
Anson, and possibly some others not yet reported.


The seventh volume of Old Eliot will appear in quar-
terly parts this year.

The Maine Society of Colonial Wars have made a val-
uable contribution in the publication of the Roster of
Jedediah Preble's Regiment, and Capt. Samuel Cobb's
Journal in the Campaign of 1758. It is well annotated by
Rev. Dr. Burrage.

Life of Sebastian Rale, by John F. Sprague, and The
Waterhouse and allied families of Stroudwater, by L. B.

Our meetings have been fully reported by the Portland
newspapers, with the new feature of half-tone portraits of
those who participate. No societies in other states have
been so liberally treated by the newspapers.

By the recent death of the widow of Dr. John S. Hill
Fogg, we have come into possession of the famous Fogg
collection of the autograph letters and documents be-
queathed to our Society by Dr. Fogg at his death in 1893.
The collection was largely made up by purchases from all
parts of the world, and many specimens were given him
by loving and sympathetic friends.

The doctor was confined to his chamber for many years
and, aided by his noble and generous wife, placed these
papers in order, arranged and catalogued them.

It was the life work of Dr. and Mrs. Fogg to make this
collection, and they hoped it would be appreciated and
kept intact forever. It could not now be duplicated.

And now, my friends, the time has come when I must
decline a reelection as librarian. Failing eyesight, and
other infirmities, have led me to this conclusion, and a quar-
ter of a century in office is long enough for most men.

Soon our new building will be ready for the books, and
younger hands must place them in order and more nimble
feet run up and down the iron stairs.

I thank you for your kindnesses in past years, and I hope
for forgiveness of sins of omission and commission.



Brunswick, Me., June 26, 1906.

Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

Gentlemen :

I have the honor to make the following report of receipts
and expenditures for the past year, viz. :



Balance on hand, June 20,

1905, as per last report,

Income of invested funds,


Income of Walker Fund,


Admittance fees, 19 new mem-



Arrears of dues,


Annual dues, 1906, 150 mem-



Sales of publications of the



Sales of duplicates,




Union Safe Deposit Co., rent

of box and bond of treasurer, $ 25.00

Salary of librarian and assist-
ant, June, 1905, to May 31,
1906, inclusive, 300.00

Additions to library, account,

Walker Fund, 212.51


Account Vol. 2, Series 3, $450.00

Account Vol. 9, Documentary



Reprints, de Monts, Way-

mouth, Pring,




23- 6 5

Transferred to Longfellow

Memorial Fund,



Balance on hand,



Of the above balance, $198.53 belongs to the Walker


The invested funds of the Society consist of stocks and
bonds of the par value of $17,000, $1,000 of which belongs
to the Walker Fund, and $6,000 of which are pledged as
collateral security loan on account of new building.
Respectfully submitted,

Fritz H. Jordan, Treasurer.


Brunswick, Me., June 26, 1906.
Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical


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