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Maine Historical Society.

(^tttiquitatis (VHonumenta Cofftgere.

JANUARY 20, 1904, TO JUNE 25, 1904.


Smith & Sale, Printers



Maine Historical Society.

(^nt^uitatifl (Ttlonumenta Coffigete.

JANUARY 20, 1904, TO JUNE 25, 1904.


Smith & Sale, Printers

7A. ^^

The Society

10 My '09


January 20, 1904.

A meeting of the Societ}' was held in the library and
was called to order at 2.30 p. m., the president in the

Rev. Dr. Burrage referred to the approaching 300th
anniversary celebration of De Monts settlement at St.
Croix Island, and it was voted that the committee
appointed last year continue to have the matter in charge.

The president read a memorial issued by the Massachu-
setts Historical Society regarding the preservation of the
frigate Constitution now lying at the Charlestown Navy
Yard, and it was voted that the president write a letter on
behalf of this Society endorsing the views of the Massachu-
setts Historical Society.

Hon. Harry Rust Virgin read a paper on "The Con-
vention of 1819." Vote of thanks was passed and a copy
was requested for the archives.


March ii, 1904.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library and
was called to order by the president, Mr. Baxter, at 2.30
p. M.

The librarian, Mr. Bryant, read his report of accessions
to the library.


Mr. Baxter exhibited a copy of the recently published
"Waldsee-Miiller Map of the World, 1507," and gave an
account of its discovery and its value to geographers and

Mr. Charles E. Allen of Dresden, Maine, read a paper
on some of the "Most Prominent Loyalists of the Kennebec

Rev. Dr. Henry S. Burrage read a paper on "Some
Ecclesiastical Beginnings in Maine."

Votes of thanks w^ere passed for the papers read and
copies were requested for the archives of the Society.


Report of accessions to the library :

Report on the Canadian Archives for 1902, from the Canadian government.

Report of the Auditor, City of Boston, 1902-03, from James H. Dodge.

Mary Rowlandson's Narrative, from Henry S. Nourse.

Annals of Oxford, Me., from M. F. King.

The Hamlin Family, from Gen. J. P. Cilley.

Mistress Alice Jocelyn, Her Letters, from Mrs. C. E. Cheney.

St. Croix Island, from W. F. Ganong.

Reproductions of Early Maps of New York, from the publisher, Major

Memorial Addresses on General Logan, Dedication of Washington Monu-
ment, Maryland Editor Abroad, from Mrs. Horatio King.

Annual Reports, 1902, from the American Historical Association.

PreHistoric Stone Mortar and Pestle, from California, and Early Lignum
Vitce Mortar, Decanters and Goblet, all from Mrs. J. A. Tenney.

Bound volume Mechanic Falls Ledger, 1902-03, from Charles E. Waterman.

Adams' Address on Noah Brooks, from W. H. Witherle.

Fiftieth Anniversary of State Street Church, Portland, from the committee.

Memoir of Joseph W^illiamson, from H. W. Williamson.

Numbers of Jack Downing's Gazette, from Francis E. Kimball.

Volume XII, York Deeds, from L. D. Carver.

Josiah Harris of P'ast Machias, Me., from Herbert Harris.

State of Maine Registers, from G. M. Donham.

Tax List, Second Parish, Cape Elizabeth, from B. F. Woodbury.

Memoir of Hannah Lane Usher, from Ellis B. Usher.

Centennial Celebration at Gardiner, Me., from J. S. Maxcy.

History of the Diocese of Western New York, from Charles Wells Hayes.

Address on Albert T. Dunn, from Rev. Dr. E. C. Whittemore.


Biographies of Mayors of Portland, from Nathan Goold.

Address on Horace Gray, from Clarence Hale.

Historical Sketches, Cushing's Island, from L. B. Chapman.

Seven volumes City Documents, from City of Beverly, Mass.

Biographical Catalogue of the Bangor Theological Seminary, from Miss
Green, librarian.

World of Art and Industry, 1853-54, from Miss Lucy Day.

A Juvenile Life of Gen. Peleg Wadsworth, from Miss M. K. Longfellow.

Biographical Catalogue of Philips Academy of Andover, from C. C.

Cumberland Bar Addresses on Nathan Webb, from Clarence Hale.

The Historic Book, from A. and H. Artillery Co.

Reminiscences ef Brownfield, Me., from Mrs. E. A. G. Stickney.

Life of Abbott Lawrence and Sundry Pamphlets, from Samuel A. Green.

Medfield, Mass., 250th Anniversary Celebration, from George Washburn.

Twenty bound volumes Portland Transcript, five bound volumes Public
Opinion, five bound volumes New York Weekly Tribune, 1877-80, five bound
volumes Hearth and Home, 1870-73, five bound volumes London Graphic, five
bound volumes Gleason's Pictorial, Illustrated History Franco -German War,
five bound volumes Illustrated News and other bound volumes, all from Mrs.
Charles A. Ring.

By subscription and purchase have been added to the
library :

Life and Voyages of Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

Journal of Capt. William Pote, Jr.

History of Reading, Mass.

Arnold's March to Quebec.

Georgetown, Me., Vital Records.

Perkins Families in England.

The Lamb Family.

The Mount Desert Herald, Volumes I to X.

Seashore Oracle, Volumes I to X.

History of Concord, N. H.

History of Second Church, Boston.

Berkshire County Gazetteer.

Vital Records of Massachusetts Towns, Barre, Tyringham, Sudbury, Tops-
field, Bedford, Maiden, Rehoboth, Dudley, Manchester, Holden, Gill, Great
Barrington, Washington, New Braintree.

John D. Long's History of the New American Navy.

George F. Hoar's Autobiography of Seventy Years.

Trevelyan's History of the American Revolution.

Records of Tisbury, Mass.

History of the Congregational Church of Hampstead, N. H.


Hart's Life Masks of Great Americans.

The Bay Psalm Book, Volume III, Records of Plymouth.

Life of Rev. Dr. Francis Wayland.

Smedley P'amily Genealogy.

History of Pittsfield, Mass.

History of Amherst, Mass.

Whiting Genealogy.

Life of Elijah Kellogg.

History of Warren, N. H.

We are indebted for favors received, to the Maine State
Library, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Harvard
College, Amherst College, Yale College, American Anti-
quarian Society, Worcester Society of Antiquity, N. E. H.
Genealogical Society, Boston Public Library, New York
Public Library, Massachusetts Historical Society and
many other societies, libraries and individuals.

April 15, 1904.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library and
was called to order by the president at 2.30 p. m.

An original full length framed portrait of Abraham
Lincoln and an autograph document signed by him, from
the estate of the late Noah Brooks of Castine, were pre-
sented to the Society through the agency of Mr. William
H. Witherle of Castine.

Mr. S. B. Cloudman of Gorham, Maine, read a paper
on the "Early Free Baptist Church at Gorham and Some
of the Peculiarities of its Members."

Mr. George S. Rowell of Portland read a paper on
"Sir William Howe," the British Whig General of the
Revolution, who contributed to the success of the Amer-
ican Cause in the war of the Revolution.

Adjourned at 4 p. m.

An evening session was held at 7.30 i'. m.


Robert Ralston Jones, Esq., of Cincinnati, Ohio, read a
paper suggested by the Old Bell, owned by the Society,
that was taken from the ruins of the chapel of the Indian
Mission near Norridgewock, Maine, which was destroyed
in 1724 and where Father Rale lost his life.

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read at both
sessions and copies were requested for the archives.


May 20, 1904.

A meeting of the Society was held at the library and
was called to order at 3.00 p. m., Hon. George A. Emery
in the chair.

The librarian made report of accessions to the library.

It was voted that the treasurer, Mr. Jordan, be author-
ized to sign a bond for the Society, as required by the
executors of the will of the late Mrs. Mary Longfellow
Greenleaf of Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Report of accessions to the library :

Address on Death of Daniel Webster, and twenty other pamphlets, from
George F. Emery.

Accidental Shooting in the Woods, from John F. Sprague.

Fort Washington at Cincinnati, from Robert R. Jones.

Vol. X of collections and the Ballou Family Genealogy, from the R. I.
Historical Society.

Memorial of Fairman Rogers of Philadelphia, from Mrs. F. Rogers.

H. W. Mabie's address, from the New York Historical Society.

Bibliography of the Algonquians, from Hon. William P. Frye.

Brookline, Mass., Reports, from R. G. F. Candage.

Record of the military services of R. G. Carter, from the author.

Adventures of Ebenezer Fox and other volumes, from Mrs. R. M. Rich-

New Hampshire Men in the Battle of Bunker Hill, from Henry M. Baker.

A large number of Government and State Reports, from the Portland Board
of Trade.


Key of the Dungeon of the Old Fortress at St. Augustine, Fla., from Edw.
M. Rand.

A |>500 counterfeit bill on the Exchange Bank of Worcester, Mass., from
William E. Gould.

Books of manuscript notes and sketches used by Wm. D. Williamson, the
historian, in his History of Maine, from the son and daughter of the late
Joseph Williamson.

Also added to the library by purchase: The History of Guilford, Conn.;
Pearson's Life of Gov. John A. Andrew in two volumes; Ewell's Annals of
Byfield, Mass. ; Town Records of Marblehead, Petersham, Arlington, Waltham,
Middletown, Shrewsbury.

Also added the Mitchell series of Maine, town registers as far as published.
Sixteen volumes in number.

Benjamin Folsom's compilation of Biographical Sketches of Distinguished
Officers of the American Navy, published in Newburyport in 1818.

Le Forestier's Journal and Autobiography.

The publications of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants,
in five volumes.

June 21, 1904.

The annual meeting was held at the Cleveland Lecture
Room, Brunswick, Tuesday, June 21, 1904, and was
called to order by the president, Mr. Baxter, at 2 p. m.

Members present: Messrs. Charles E. Allen, Henry S.
Burrage, Hubbard W. Bryant, Henry L. Chapman, Fritz
H. Jordan, Marquis F. King, James M. Larrabee, Leslie
A. Lee, George Lewis, Weston Lewis, William D.
Patterson, John C. Perkins, Asbury C. Stilphen, Albert
R. Stubbs, William H. Witherle.

On motion it was voted to dispense with the reading of
the records of the last annual meeting as they had been

Mr. Charles E. Allen was appointed secretary ^ro tern.


The annual report of the librarian and curator, Mr.
Bryant, was read by him, and was approved to be placed
on file.

The annual report of the treasurer, Mr. Jordan, was
read by him, and it was accepted and ordered to be placed
on file.

Owing to the illness of Mr. Samuel L. Boardman, the
corresponding secretary and biographer, no report from
him was presented.

The annual report of the standing committee was read
by the recording secretary, Mr. Bryant. The report was
accepted to be placed on file, and it was voted that the
secretary call special attention to the papers to be read at
each notice of future meetings.

Voted, that the secretary forward to the Blundell School
Library at Tiverton, England, a copy of the Popham Cele-
bration memorial volume in the name of the Society.

Mr. Council Greeley of Chicago addressed the meeting
on the subject of certain papers prepared by his father
relating to his imprisonment by the New Brunswick Gov-
ernment and which had been given to the Society about

Voted, to loan the papers to Mr. Greeley and the
matter referred to the standing committee for further

Voted, to refer amendment to Section 2 of the By-laws
to the next annual meeting.

Voted, to amend Section 8 of the By-laws by inserting
after "notified thereof" the words "or neglect to pay his
annual dues for two years."

Voted, to amend Section i6 of the By-laws by inserting
the words "vice president and treasurer" as ex officio
members of the standing committee.

The chair appointed Messrs. Perkins, Chapman and
Stilphen a committee to nominate a board of officers to be


elected for the ensuing year. The committee reported the
following ballot, and on motion, no one objecting, Mr.
Perkins was instructed to cast the ballot, which, being
done, the officers were declared elected :



President — James P. Baxter.

Vice President — Prof. H. L. Chapman.

Treasurer — F. H. Jordan.

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — S. L. Boardman.

Recording Secretary, Librarian and Curator — H. W. Bryant.

Standing Committee — Rev. H. S. Burrage, Portland; Gen. John M. Brown,
Portland; Col. John M. Glidden, New Castle; Franklin A. Wilson, Bangor;
Prentice C. Manning, Portland; George A. Emery, Saco; Augustus F. Moul-
ton, Portland; Nathan Goold, Portland; Asbury C. Stilphen, Gardiner.

Voted, That the Treasurer be authorized to pay to the Treasurer of the
committee of the St. Croix Valley at Calais the sum of fifty dollars, as a con-
tribution of the Society in defraying the expenses of the tercentenary celebration.

On motion of Hon. M. F. King, it was voted that a
committee be appointed to have in charge the King family
burial lot in Scarborough. That they be authorized to
receive such contributions as may be offered for the
improvement of the lot or for its perpetual care, and to
represent this Society in all things contemplated in the

The treasurer of the Society shall be, ex officio, the
treasurer of the committee.

The president appointed Messrs. M. F. King and A. F.
Moulton of Portland, and George A. Emery of Saco, as
said committee.

The following list of names proposed as resident mem-
bers were voted upon by ballot, and were declared elected :

Philip Greely Brown, Portland.
Rev. Charles W. Collins, Portland.
Charles P. Gardiner, New Castle.


Robert H. Gardiner, Jr., Gardiner.

John E. Hobbs, North Berwick.

Rev. Charles FoUen Lee, New Castle.

Edward C. Moody, York Village.

Charles William Noyes, Castine.

Rt. Rev. William H. O'Connell, Portland.

Isaac Frederic Sturdivant, Portland.

Dr. Frederick C. Thayer, Waterville.

Harry Rust Virgin, Portland.

Rev. Herbert Atchinson Jump, Brunswick.

The following names were proposed for corresponding
members, were voted upon by ballot and were declared
elected :

George Gordon Brooks, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Franklin Senter Frisbie, Concord, N. H.
Robert Ralston Jones, Cincinnati, O.

Voted, That the thanks of the Society be extended to the Hon. William H-
Moody, Secretary of the Navy, and to Hon. Charles A. Moses, Collector of
the Port of Portland, for official courtesies in connection with the tercentenary
celebration at Calais.

Annual reports of several County Historical Societies
were presented and read by Mr. Bryant. Remarks were
made by several regarding County Societies, and it was
voted that a committee of three be appointed by the presi-
dent to encourage the organization of such local Societies
among the young people. The following were appointed
such committee :

A. C. Stilphen, J. M. Larrabee, Charles E. Allen.

A report of the Committee on the Wadsworth-Longfel-
low Memorial Fund was read by Rev. John Carroll
Perkins, and it was accepted to be placed on file.

Voted, That the thanks of the Society be extended to Mr. Nathan Goold,
for his gratuitous services in connection with the Wadsworth -Longfellow

Voted, That authority be given to the treasurer, with the approval of the
standing committee, to use six thousand dollars of the Society's funds as col-
lateral security for a loan to be expended upon the new library building.




June 21, 1904.

Herewith, I beg to offer my twenty-third annual report
on the growth of our library and cabinet. The record of
accessions shows that 360 bound volumes and 462 pam-
phlets have been received, but, in addition, a large number
of state, town and government reports were received,
which, being mostly duplicates, do not count.

As is often the case, some of the most desirable gifts
received for the year are from generous women — notably,
the gift of Mrs. Charles A. Ring, of Portland, of sixty
bound volumes of newspapers ; the memorial of Fairman
Rogers, from his widow ; the memorial of Gen. Daniel
Butterfield, from Mrs. Butterfield.

Other important gifts from private individuals are :
Annals of Oxford, Me., from M. F. King; Mary Row-
landson's Narrative, from Henry S. Nourse ; Mortars and
Pestles, from Mrs. J. A. Tenney ; Reproductions of the
First Maps of New York City, from Maj. Henry D.
Tyler; a bound volume of all the pamphlets by F. O. J.
Smith, from Edward M. Rand.

Other gifts of note are additional letters received by
Stephen Longfellow, gift of the Longfellow family ; papers
from the library of our honored friend. Judge Williamson,
from his son and daughter ; The General Register of the
Society of Colonial Wars, from the secretary ; also the
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Society of Colonial

A considerable amount of needed binding has been
done, especially in periodicals. The employment of linen


cloth or canvas has proved, so far, satisfactory. It seems
to be especially fitted for books to be much handled, and
is well adapted for the binding of heavy volumes of

We desire to make a feature in our library of Maine
newspapers and periodicals, and we shall be glad to pay
the freight on both bound or unbound volumes. A box
of early newspapers has been received from Mr. George
H. Witherle, of Castine.

The Rev. Charles D. Sinnett, formerly of this state, and
who has published some church history of Lebanon and
Harpswell, is now living in North Dakota and announces
that he is writing a history of all the families of Harpswell,
Brunswick, Topsham and Bowdoinham.

Mr. Charles L. Clarke, of New York, has kindly prom-
ised us the genealogical history of the Moulton family of
York for several generations.

Mr. Thomas Hillis, of South Boston, has kindly con-
tributed another valuable genealogical paper on the Crosby
family of Maine.

The study of family history seems to usurp the attention
of the majority of students of history from the Atlantic to
the Pacific. Family records and vital statistics are most
called for by those using our library. The indications are
that readers and students are more numerous than before,
and that the privileges we afford are appreciated.

A continued liberal policy on the part of your library
committee has resulted in many valuable local histories of
Massachusetts and other states in being added to our

Cataloguing the library has been kept up since Mr.
Thayer's departure last year.

We have purchased of Mr. Cartland of Pemaquid a
manuscript copy of the gravestone records found in the
burying ground at Pemaquid.


We should be glad to secure inscriptions from other
cemeteries, especially those in the older towns of York
County. The work must be done con amo7-c, and without
the expectation of liberal wages.

Through the aid of Mr. W. H. Witherle, of Castine, we
have received from the estate of the late Noah Brooks a
large original photograph of President Lincoln. Mr.
Brooks prized this portrait very highly, as one of the most
interesting and rarest. It was taken in the summer of
1862 in Mr. Brooks' presence.

A full account of the Gardiner Centennial Celebration of
last year has been published in an attractive form, giving
Mr. Maxcy's excellent historical address ; also a large
number of interesting illustrations of Gardiner, past and

The old York Historical Society is about to publish the
proceedings at the 250th Anniversary Celebration of the
Settlement of Old York. It will make a volume of 136
pages, and will be well bound and fully illustrated. All
will be pleased to have Mr. Baxter's history of the
ancient settlement in such an attractive form. The vol-
ume is edited by Mr. Frank D. Marshall.

Mr. George W. Drisko's Narrative of Machias is now
ready, and it makes nearly 600 pages. It is a very read-
able historical narrative, but we regret to say lacks an
index. Mr. Drisko will do well to publish an index at
once and increase the demand for his book.

Mr. H. E. Mitchell, of Kent's Hill, has begun the pub-
lication of a series of City and Town Registers in this
state. Sixteen numbers have appeared, which we have
placed on our shelves. They contain considerable local
history and statistics.

Mr. L. B. Chapman's Genealogy of the Southgate and
allied families is quite completed. It has grown much


beyond its original plan, and now awaits a favorable time
for its publication.

Other Maine publications of historical value which have
been added to our library by gift are Reminiscences of
Brownfield, by Mrs. E. A. G. Stickney, The Biographi-
cal Catalogue of the Bangor Theological Seminary and
The Centennial of the Portland Benevolent Society.

Of other Maine locals announced, we learn that Mr.
Herbert M. Sylvester's literary and artistic venture is
meeting with encouragement, and we trust that his plan
may be successfully carried out. A series of five hand-
somely printed volumes, containing so much local history
and written and illustrated by the author in such an attrac-
tive style, will surely constitute an event much to the credit
of the author and his native state.

Mr. Francis B. Greene, of Boothbay Harbor, writes
that he is making good progress with his History of Booth-
Bay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport, and hopes to send
it out next year. The records since 1765 are remarkably
complete. The settlers of those towns excelled in having
their families duly recorded on the town's books.

Mr. Greene has kindly agreed to transcribe for our
library the marriage publishments of Boothbay.

The Society's new volume, being the first of the third
series, is nearly completed and may be ready to be sent
out in the early autumn.

Mr. Henry Gannett, Geographer of the United States
Geological Survey, asks the cooperation of the Society
in defining the origin and naming of place names in this
state. It is to be hoped that our members generally will
take an interest in this matter, and give such information
as they can.

We have recently received official invitation to attend
the tercentenary anniversary celebration of the founding of


Blundell's School at Tiverton, Devonshire, England on
the 29th inst. This matter is of interest to us, as it is
claimed that the school was organized and established by-
Sir John Popham, as executor for Peter Blundell.

In a lecture recently given at Tiverton, Sir John is
spoken of as a colonizer and the founder of the United
States. Dealing with Sir John, as Peter Blundell's friend,
the lecturer read sections of Blundell's will, in which
Popham was asked to supervise the erection and organi-
zation of the school.

Sir John evidently was a man of great force and indus-
try, and besides his many duties as a lawyer and politician
found time to interest himself in the doings of the two
great land companies of Plymouth and London, and
thereby became, as it were, a promoter and encourager of
those who sought for homes in the New World.


Brunswick, Me., June 21, 1904.

Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical
Society :

Gentlemen : —

I have the honor to make the following report of receipts
and expenditures for the past year, viz. :


Balance on hand, June 23,

1903, as per last report, $647.48









Income of invested funds, $711.72

Income of Walker Fund, 60.00

Admittance fees, 14 new mem-
bers, 140.00

Arrears of dues, prior to 1903, 22.00

Annual dues, 1903, 17 mem-
bers, 51.00

Annual dues, 1904, 150 mem-

One life membership,

Sales of Societies' publica-

Sales of duplicates, etc.




Union Safe Deposit Co., rent

of box and bond of treasurer, $ 25.00

Salary of librarian and assist-
ant, April I, 1903, to March
31, 1904, inclusive, 300.00

On account Vol. I, Series 3,

Societies' publications, 200.00

Premium of insurance on

library, 112.50

Additions to library, account,

Walker Fund, 282.58

Henry O. Thayer, labor cata-
loguing, etc., 24.30

Printing, 67.50


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