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the said Tract of Land called Fejeiiseot the Xeck of Land
called Merryconeau' i*c the Island called Sebasco alias Se-

Book XIl, Fol. 2(52.

quasco Diggin & also all the Land lyino- five Miles above
the uj)pernu)st of the s'' Aiidrosoogoan Falls & all other the
above given t^ granted or mentioned or intended to be
granted Premisses with their A})})urees c*i every Part t*c Par-
cel thereof unto them the s'' Thomas Hutchinson John
Wentworth Adam Winthroj) John AVatts David Jeffries
Stephen Minott Oliver N'oyes tSc John Puck their several
respective Heirs & Assigns for ever a(iuall\' to be divided
between them cSc not to hold by Survivorshi}) — To their sold
proper Use Benefit t^ Behoof from hence forth & for ever-
more (Reserving only as above reserved) free t^ clear <Sc
fully acquitted exonerated c^c discharged of and from all &.
all manner of (xifts (irants Bargains Sah\s Mortgages Leases
Wills Intails Joyntures Dowries Titles Troubles Debts
Charges & Incumbrances whatsoever had made done comit-
ted or suffered to be done by the s'' Richard Wharton in
his Life Time or doiu» comitted or suffered to be done since
his Decease And, the s'' F})hraim Savage doth hereby cove-
nant proiuise grant & agr<'e to & with the s'^ Thomas Hutch-
inson elohn ^^'entworth Adam A\'inthrop, John ^^'atts David
.Jeffries Stephen Alinott Oliver Noyes & .John Ruck their
several t*^ respcctixc Heirs & Assigns 'i'hat He the s'' F})h-
raim Savage in his (Ja[)acity of Admin' as afores'^ di by A'ir-
tue of tlie Power A: Order from the s'' Superiour Court of
Judicature hath in liimself full Power t*c lawfull Authority'
to grant bargain sell Oi convey the s'' Ti'act or Parcels of
Land Islands di Premisses with their Appurtenances tlv: every
Part thereof in Manner cSc Form as afores'' And further the
s'' Ephraim Savage for himself his Heirs Exec'** & Admin''^
doth hereby covenant grant tSc agree to warrant & defend
all the above given granted & bargained Lands & Premisses
with the Members t\c A})purces belonging thereunto or to
any Part or Parcel thereof unto them the s'' Thomas Hutcli-
iiisoii John \\'entworth Adam W'inthrop John Watts David
Jeffries St(^plicn Minott Oliver N'oyes t*c John Ruck their
several & respective Heirs t'^: Assigns in Severalty for ever
against the lawful Claims i*^ Demands of (he Heii's of the s''
Richard W^hai'ton ov of any other I'ci'son or Persons from
by oi" under him theiii or any or either of them in any man-
ner of \\'is<' iSc at any Time or Times hei-eaftcr at c^ upon
the reasonable Ke(|uest or Demand of the s'' (iraiitees their
Heirs or Assigns and at their ( 'ost ».<. ( "harge to do ))erforni
tSo execute any fui'lhci- Act or Deed Device oi' De\ ices in
the Law for the better Assuring eonlirniing c*^ more sun-
making of the s'' bai'gairu'd Premisses to them or any of
them respecti\('ly for escr, as shall or may he lawfully ad-

Book XII, Fol. 203.

vi.sed devised or required so as such Assurance or Assur-
ances contain no other or further Warranty than as afores''
— In witness whereof the s'^ Parties to these Presents have
interchan<i(Mihly set their Hands & Seals the Day & Year
herein first above written Ephraim Savage (seai)

Signed Sealed & Delivered Received the Day & Year

in Pi'csence of us first within written of the

-lohn Greenough (irantees within named the

Tho* Gross Sum of one hundred & forty

Samuel Tyley Jun' Pounds being the full Considera-

tion within expressed

\) Ephraim Savage
Suffolk sc/Boston Xovemb' ()'" 1714. The within named
E})hraim Savag(> jx-rsonallj^ appearing before me underwrit-
ten one of his Majes'^^ Justices of the Peace for the County
afores"' acknowh'dged the within Instrument to be his Act
and Deed John Clark

N()vemb> 11)^" 1714. liecorded with the Records of Deeds
&c for the County of York Lib" \7II Folio 'u : .'iS : .f)*^).

p Jos : Hammond Reg'
[A true Copy of a Co})y to which the f()lh)wing Deed is
annexed] To all People unto whom these Pres-
Kuck ents shall come Greeting Know ya that I John

To Ruck Fs(|' one of the Grantees named in the

Wentwortli within written Deed of Sale for & in Considera-
tion of the Sum of one thousand Pounds in good
publick Bills of Credit to me in Hand at & before the Fn-
sealing <Sc Delivery of these Presents well & truly paid hy
Binning Wentwortli of Portsmouth in the Province of New
[263] Hampshire Merchant the Rc^ceit whereof I do here-
by acknowledge — have granted liargain(>d sold aliened en-
feoffed released conveyed c't confirmed c^ by these Presents
do fully & absolutoh' grant bargain sell aliene enfeoff re-
lease convey & confii'm unto the s' Binning Wentwortli all
my Right Title Interest Claim & Demand whatsoever (be-
ing one eightli Part in Coiiion & undivided) of in & unto
all & singular the Lands Island & other the Premisses with
the A}ipurces & every Part & Parcel thereof granted & con-
veyed or mentioned or intiMided to be granted & conveyed
to me (with the other seven Grantees in the s'^ Deed named)
in & by the Copy of the s^^ Deed to which these Presents
are annexed To have and to hold the same unto the s'' Bin-
ning AVeutworth his Heirs iSc Assigns 'I'o his t*c their only
proper Use Benefit c<: Behoof for ever in as full tVc ample
Maimer & Form as I the s'' John Ruck or my Heirs now do,
or hereafter mav miuiit should or ouaht to have hold c'^c en-

Book XII, Fol. 203.

jov the same by Force & Virtue or the beforerecited Deed
or otherwise howsoever And I the .s*^ John Ruck for my self
my Heirs Exec'* & Admin'* do covenant &. agree to warrant
& defend all & singular the s'' granted & bargained Prem-
isses with the Appurces unto the s'' Binning Wentworth his
Heirs & Assigns for ever against my self and my Heirs &
against the lawful Claims & Demands of all & every other
Person or Persons clai/uing or to claim by from or under
me — In Witness whereof 1 have hereunto set lU}' Hand t*c
Seal this twenty eighth Day of October 1727. In the first
Year of his ^Majesty's Beign John Ruck (Seal)

Signed Scaled c*c Deliv' Received the Day tt Year

In Presence of us within written of Benning

Sam' Stevens Wentworth the Sum of one

,Ios : Hiller thousand Pounds the full Pur-

chase Consideration within ex})ress-
ed John Ruck

Suffolk sc/Boston Octob' 28^'' 1727. The within named
John Ruck Es<j' psonall}' appearing before me the Subscrib-
er one of his Maj'^** Justices of V Peace for the County
afores'^ acknowledged the within Instrument to be his Act
& Deed Before me Edward Hutchinson

A})ril 2'' 1728. A true Co\)y of the Original Deed (an-
nexed to a Coin' whereof the foregoing Instrument is a true
Copy) Examined by .los : Moody Reg'

Know all Men by these Presents that I George Wathen
of Amesbury in the County of Essex in the Prov-
Watlien incc of the Ahissachusetts Bay in >.'ew England Yeo-
To man for & in C-onsideration of fifty Pounds in Mon-

Arnold ey i)aid {& secured b\' Bond) by Cap^ Thomas Ar-
nold of Newbury in the County of Essex afores*^
Mariner, for which I do acknowledge my self satisfied ct
contented & \y,ud, and do exonerate ac(|uit cVc diseliarge the
s'* Thomas Arnold his Heirs Exec''* & Admin"* for ever from
any further Demands by these Pivscnts do fully freely c^c
afisohitely give grant bargain sell aliene enfeoff and eon-
firm unto the s'' Thomas Arnold his Heirs Exec''* Admin'*
& Assigns for ever all my Right Title & Int(>rest in one
compleat Moiety of all the Land or one full half of all the
Land Marsh t'c Meadows which Tlionias Men-il of Salisbury
bought of M'' Peter W'ari- of llaini)ton Es(|' by Deed bear-
ing l)at(! Feh" IH^'' one thousand seven hundred OC: twenty
one two as by s'' Deed ma}' at Large ai)])ear Hefen'nee there-
unto being jiad L\'ing iM: being on the Norlhwiirdh Side of

. Book XII, Fol. 203.

Saco River hv the Sesi tlic one Part, And the other Part in
the seeoiid nivisioii as it is exprest in s'^ Deed, One eoni-
pU'ut Moiety or half of all the I'pland Marsh tM: Mea(h)\vs
belonoino; to me as I bought of Thomas Merril afores'^ cx-
])ressed in a Deed of Sale under his Hand 6c Seal bearing
l)at«' the fifteenth Day of February Anno Domini one thou-
sand seven hundred c^c twenty one two (be the sauie more
or less) with all >\'ood ^\"ater Stones and all A})purees Privi-
ledges i*i C'omodities to the same belonging or any \A"ays
appertaining I confirm to the s'' Thoiuas Arnold his Heirs
IvKcc"* Admin'"* and Assigns To have and to hold peaceably
to use ()ccu})v })ossess & enjoy for a firm free and clear Es-
tate of Inheritance for ever And I the s'' (Tcorge AVathin for
my self my Heirs Fxec'* and Admin'*' do covenant promise
grant & agree to & with the s"' Thomas Arnold liis Heirs
Fxec'** Admin'^ iSc Assigns forev(n' that I am lawfully seized
of the aliove bargained Premisses And have in myself
good Kiglit full Power &. lawful Authority to convey iSc
make Sale of the Same and that it is free & clearly ac(|uit-
ted exonerated t^ discharged of and from all Manner of for-
mer & other Incumln-ances of what Sort or Kind soe\'cr
Furthermore I the s'' (ieorge \A"athin for my self my Heirs
ExeC"^ c^ Admin"' do covenant & engage the abovedemised
Premisses to the s'' Thomas Arnold his Heirs and Assigns
against all the lawful Claims or Demands of an}^ Person or
Persons whatsoexcr c'c. for ever hereafter to warrant secure
& defend in all Respects as full}' 6c firmly as it was ever
made sure *Sc warrantized to the s'" Thomas Merril by the s''
P(»ter W'eare Es(]' In Confirmation whereof 1 the s'' (ieorge
W'atliin have hei'cunto set my Hand & S(>al the twenty ninth
Day of August in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of our
Sovereign Lord George King of (ireat Britain t'^c Anno
Domini one thousnnd se\('n hundred & twenty six
In Presents of us (ieorge ^\'arthan (SciU)

.Joseph (ireenlel Essex sc/ Newbury Septemb'

Joseph Maci-es y^ 10 Day 172(; M' (ieorge

AV'orthing ap})eared before me

the Subscriber t^ acknowledged

the ab()\-ewritten Instrument to be

his Act and Deed c^ Hand (Sc Seal as


Edward Snrgent Justice of y Pence
April 'lo. 172.S. Recoi'ded according to the Original Ex-
am^ b\ Jos : Mood\' Rei!'

Book XII, Fol. 264.

Know all Men bv tiicse Presents tiiat I Xathiiniel Keen
of Kittery in the County of York in the Provinee of
Keen the Massaehusetts Bay in New England Yeoman for
'l'<' tSc in Consideration of the Sum of twenty one Pounds

Clarke ^ fifteen Shillings of good ^Sc eiu'rant Money or Bills
of Credit of the afores*' Proyince to me in Hand paid
by (ieorge Clark of Berwiek in the afores'' County & Prov-
inee llusl)andman the Heeeipt whereof I do hereby acknowl-
edge & my self therewith fully satisfied contented & paid
have granted sold assigned & set oyer 6c by these Presents
do grant sell assign & make o\er unto the s^' (feorge Clark
his Heirs c^ Assigns for ever twenty four Acres Part of on(!
hundred Acres Crant of Land w''' was grantcsd to Nicholas
Ilodgdon formerly of Kittery deceased by the Town of Kit-
tery the twenty foiuth Day of June in the Y'ear of our
Lord one thousand six hundred & seventy three as by the
Kecords of y*" s'' Town Keference thereunto ))eing had may
more at large a])})ear, of w' " grant there was thirty four
Acres sold 6c assigned to me my Heirs <&: Assigns for ever
by John Hodgdon of Kittery tifores'^ [264] Son of the s''
Nicholas Hodgdon deceased oi which I do herel)y grant &
make over twenty four Acres unto the s'' (icorge Clark his
Heirs dc Assigns for ever together with all the Profits Priv-
iledges & Comodities belonging or in any wise appertaining
to that Part of the aboves'' granted sold & made over unto
him in these Presents To have and to hold the abovegranted
c^- sold Premisses with all the Rights tJC: Priviledges thereun-
to belonging to him the s'' (ieorge Clark his Heirs & As-
signs for ever 6c to his c^c their sole L"se & Benefit for ever
more — And I the s'' Nathaniel Keen do for my self my
Heirs Exec"' c^- Admin"' l)y these Presents covenant promise
i^ engage to cV: with the s'' (uiorge Clark his Heirs & As-
signs that 1 will warrant t<: defend the abovementioned sold
c't assigned Premisses unto the s'' (ieorge Clark his Heirs &
assigns for ever against the lawful (Maims or Demands of
any Person or Persons whatsoever — In AVitness whereof I
have hereunto set n\\ Hand t*c Seal this eighteenth Day of
March Anno Domini one thousand se\(!n hundred t^ twenty
seven/eight Annex]' H'" H'' (ieorgii Secundi Magna Britan-
nia i^cc Pl'inio Xath" Kene (Seal)
Signed Sealed e\^ delivered Yoi'k Sc/March IS'" 1727/S
in the Presence of us Nallian' Kene acknowledged thi>
.John Hodgdon Insti'iinient lo be his \()hmtai'\' Act
John Shepai'd X Deed

.lohn Newmanli ( Dram rIo> : Hammond Jus: Pac'

.V})ril 2. 172S A true Copy of the ()riginal Examined

by Jos : Moody Keg'

Book XII, Fol. 2(U.

Know all Men by these Presents that AVilliaui Goorlin of

Berwick in the County of York & within his Majes-

Guudiu ty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Eng-

'i'c land Husbandman & Abigail (ioodin his Wife For tV:
Libby in ye Consideration of the Sum of forty Shillings in
passable Money in New England afores'' By Benja-
min Libby of tlie Town County & Province afores'' Hus-
bandman [in Hand paid] the Receit whereof they acknowl-
edge and own themselves fully satisfied contented c^ paid &
do acquit <)c discharge the said Benjamin Libby his Heirs
Exec^'* & Admin'^ of all & every Part & Parcel thereof for
ever have given granted bargained sold aliened assigned set
over t'c confirmed & by these Presents do fully freely clear-
ly & absolutely give grant bargain sell aliene enfeoff set
over tfc confirm luito the s'^ Benjamin Libby & to his Pleirs
Exec""' Admin*® tVc assigns for ever all that their Right Title
& Interest that they now or hereafter may have unto a cer-
tain (irant of forty Acres of Land granted to their honour-
ed Father M' Daniel Stone deceased by the Town of Kittery
May the 24. 1(>91) as appears of Record To have and to hold
all the s'MVilliam (Joodin i.*c Abigail (loodin's Right Interest
c^' Title unto the s'' (irunt unto the s'' Benjamin Libby t^ to
his Heirs c*^ Assigns for ever To their own only pro})er Use
t'c Further the said William (ioodwin cSc Abigail Goodin his
Wife their s'' Right c't Title to s'^ Grant & their Heirs Exec'^^
c*t Admin"^ shall warrant tVc [defend] unto the s'^ Benjamin
Libby his Heirs Exec"* Admin'® & Assigns for ever against
the lawful Clahns & Demands of all Persons from by or un-
der them or l)y their Procun^ment — In AVitness whereof they
have hereunto set their Hands <Sc Seals August the thirteenth
Anno Domini seventeen hundred & twenty five c^ in the
twelfth Year of his Majesty King Cleorge his Reign — c^c* —
The Words [in Hand paid] interlined before Signing &
Sealing and the word also [defend] interlined before Sign-
in o- & Seal in o- ,„.,,. '"sM^rk
r..^ J I J D J 1- 1 >\ illiam X tTOodni (Seal)
Signed sealed & delivered ^Q ^ '

in Presence of us Abigal -f Goodin (Seal)

John Bradstreet ,. " 'T"" „ ..,,1-)- 'v\ •

his Mark ^ ork sc/ Aug®' 30. 1 i 2.) I his

George-|-Clark Day the above William Goodin &

^lehetable Allen Abigail (ioodin his AVife both psonal-

ly a})})earcd before me the Subscriber one

, of his Maj'^'* Justices of the Peace for s"^

County t*t acknowledged this foregoing Instru-

m' to be their free Act & Deed

AV" Pei)perrell Jun''

April 2^' 1728. A true Copy of the Original Exm*'

b}^ Jos : Moody Reg""

Book XII, Fol. 2(io.

To all Pt-ople to whom these Presents shall come Sainuel
Trcdwell sends greetinji'. Xow know }X' that 1 iSam-
Tieilwoll.Liel Tredwell of Wells in the County of York &
To Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Eng-

Stewart land with Mar}' Tredwell my Wife divers good &
lawful Causes & Considerations us thereunto mov-
ing but more especially for l^ in Considerfition of the full &
just Sum of twelve Pounds currant Money of Xew England
to me in Hand paid by Sanuud Stewart Jun' of Wells afores'^
at & before the Ensealing & delivery hereof the Receipt
whereof I do hereby acknowledge & my self to be therewith
fully satisfied & contented have given &, granted & do by
these Presents give grant bargain sell alienate enfeoff & con-
firm unto Samuel SteAvart Jun' afores'' a certain Tract of
Land situtitc lying <SL being in the Townshij) of Wells afores*^*
the s"' Tract of Land being ten Poles wide bounding on the
Xorth Easterly Side of Moses Stevens his Home Lot & is to
begin two Miles back from the Foot Line of s'^ Sanmel
Tredwells Land & then to run back half a Mile into the
Country ten Poles in AA'eadth ifc alscj to run on West Xorth
AVest Line on both Sides the afores'^ Tract of Land as
bounded tSc above e\j)ressed with all the Pri\iledgcs Coinons
Klghts Injunities c^c all Appurtenances thereunto belonging
1 the s^' Samuel Tredwell in the Behalf of my self my Heirs
Exec''^ Admin"" c^ Assigns iSc from me my Heirs Plxec" &
Admin"* have given granted bargained sold <'nfeoffed & con-
firmed with all c^ singular the Premisses t*c Ai)i)urces unto
the afores'' Sanmel Stewart Jun' his Heirs iSc Assigns for
ever To have and to hold the same free from all Troubles &
Incumbrances without Lett or Molestation from me or any
Person or Persons whatsoever Furthermore I the afores"^
Samuel Tredwell do further covenant & engage to & with
the afores'' Samuel Stewart Jun'' that the at Ensealing &
Delivery hereof I am the right full Owner of the above bar-
gained Premisses & that I have in my self full Power & law-
ful Authority to dis])ose of the same in Maniu'r as afores'' &
also that the same is free cV: clear »Sc clearly ac(|uittcd exoner-
ated & discharged of t^ from all <.<: all tSc all Manner of for-
mer or other (lifts (rrants Bargains Sales Leases Wills Judg-
ment Executions or Extents had made done or suffered to
be done b}' me oi' au}^ other Person in or under me — Fur-
thermore We the aboves'' Samuel Tredwell c^ Mary Tred-
well do hereby covenant ct engage for our selves oiu" Heirs
Fxec"* adniin'^ & assigns with Sanaicl Stewart Jun' his
[265] Heirs Exec"' Admiii'^ t^ Assigns to warrant & defend
the above recited or demised Premisses from all or anv Per-

Book XII, Fol. 265.

,sun or Persons whutsocvcr hiyin:;- iiiiy K'i^al Chiiin thereto— -
In Testimony whereof we th(> al)()ves'^ Samuel Tredw<'ll and
INIary Tredwell have hercsto set our Hands <Sc Seals this
eU'venth Day of January in the Year of our Lord one thou-
sand seven hundred & twenty seven eiizht iSc in the first Year
of the Reii>n of our Sovereign Lord (ieori:<- the Sceond of
Great Britain Fraiiee tSc Ireland King Defender of the Faith
iSce Samuel Tredwell (Seal)

Signed sealed t^ delivered Mary Tredwell (Seal)

ui Presence of York se/Welis :\Iareh 2!»'"

John Stevens 172.S M' Sanuiel Tredwell

Beriah Welch psonally a})pearing acknowl-

Kichard Deane edged the within Writing on

the other Side to l)e his free Act
cVl Deed

B(>f()re me Jose])h Hill J. Peace
A\m\ 2'' 172.S. A true C'o})y of the Original Examined

])y Jos : Moodv Keii'

To all People to whom these Presents shall come (i reef-
ing Know ye That we John Watson cSc Jabez Dor-
Watson iV ,,,(,,) |),,t|, ,,f Arundel in the County of Y^ork in
Dnrniaii Xew Kiiglaiid Yeomen foi' iSc in Consideration of a
'!"«' (^uit Claim or Deed frouj Thomas Perkins Jun'" of

I'crkins Arundel afores'^ bearing a(|ual Date with these
Presents do acknowledge our selves fully satisfied
c^ contented, iSc by these Presents have given granted bar-
gaiiu'd aliened enfeofft coin'eyed c<: confirmed & by these
Prest*" do freely fully absolutely gixc grant convey tVc con-
firm iSc for ever (|uit Claim unto him the s'' Thomas Perkins
his Heirs t*c Assigns for ever all our Right Title Interest
Claim or Demand we have had or ought to have in or imto
a Tract or Parctd of Salt Meadow or Mowing Land lying iSc
being in the Townshii) of .Vrundel afores'^ it being a Part of
the Right of Mtirsli or Salt Meadow bought l)y James Tyler
of Nicholas Morey as b}' Deed may fully ai)pear, and by s'*
Tyler conveyed to the s'' \Yatson t*^ Dorman as by Deeds
will fully appear, bomided as followeth vi/ with a Stake <Sc
Stones by the Creek known iSc called l)y the Xame of Mus-
sey's Creek about four Rods to the Xorth of a great Rock
by the Side of s'^ Creek towards the Ri\er then from s''
Creek running South East to the North End (next to Bad-
sons River) of y^ Lsland called & known by the Name of
Mountetiuies Neck or Islands then bounded by the Ui)land
to the North East Corner then by Stakes with Stones by

Book XII, Fol. 265.

thorn to a Creek known by the Name of Bartons Creek &
so bounded by the two s'^ Creeks & Ditches to the River or
Cove that comes up between the Land known by the Name
of Bartons farm or Land & the Land which is know^n by the
Name of Mountequies Neck which Cove is the South Bounds
of the afores*^* Marsh To have and to hold the s*^ granted &
bargained Premisses with all the Appurces & Priviledges
thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining To him the
s'- Thomas Perkins his Heirs & Assigns for ever To his &
their only proper Use Benefit & Behoof for ever And have
in our selves good Right full Power & lawful Authority to
convey s'' granted Premisses as aboves*^ And that the 8*^
Thomas Perkins his Heirs & Assigns shall & may from Time
to Time cS; at all Times for ever hereafter by Force & Vir-
tue of these Presents lawfully & peaceably have hold use
occu[)y & enjoy the s*^ demised Premisses with the Appur-
tences free & clear Furthermore we the s'' John Watson &
Jabez Dorman for our selves our Heirs Exec" Admin" do
covenant & engage the abovedemised Premisses to him the
8*^ Thomas Perkins his Heirs & Assigns for ever against the
lawful Claims or Demands of any Person or Persons what-
soever to Avarrant secure & defend from by or under us our
Heirs Exec" Admin" In Witness whereof we have hereunto
set to our Hand & Seals this fourth Day of August One
thousand seven hundred twenty & seven

Signed sealed & delivered t i '"^ «xr . . ^

^ T> John X Watson (Seal)

in Presence ^^^^ ^ ^

Stephen Averell

John Alltimes Jabez Dorman (Seal)

Arundel March 2. 1727/8 York ss/
.Jabez Dorman a})peared before me the
Subscriber & acknowledged this Instru-
ment to be his free Act & Deed

before me John Gray J. Pac^
York ss/John Watson appeared & acknowledged this In-
strument to be his Act & Deed

. Coram John Gray Jus : Pac*
April 'M 172S. A true Copy of the Original Examined

by Jos: Moody Reg""


Book XII, Fol. 266.

To all People unto wlioui this present Deed of Sale shall

come llenrj Gibbs of Boston in the County of

Gibbs & Wife Suffolk in the Province of the Massachusetts

Cotton & Wife Bay in New England Brazier & Hannah his

To Wife & John Cotton of Newtown in the Coun-

Pickerin ty of ]\Iiddle^ in New England Clerk & Mary
his Wife Grand Children & Heirs of Henry
Webb late of Boston af ores'' ]Slercli^ dec' sends Greeting Know
y®that they the s'' Henry Gibbs & Hannah his W^ife & John
Cotton & Mary his Wife for & in Consideration of the Sum
of forty Pounds currant jNIoney of New England to them in
Hand well & truly paid before the Ensealing & Delivery of
these Presents by Thomas Pickerin of York in the County
of York and Province afores'' Millwright the Receit whereof
to full Content & Satisfaction they do hereby acknowledge
& thereof & of every Part c<: Parcel thereof do accjuit exon-
erate & discharge him the s'' Thomas Pickerin his Heirs Ex-
ec** Admin'^s and Assigns for ever have given granted bar-
gained sold aliened enfeoffed conveved & confirmed & bv
these Presents for themselves & their Heirs do fully freely
clearly & absolutely give crant bargain sell aliene enfeoffe
convey & confirm unto the s"^ Thomas Pickerin his Heirs &
Assigns for ever one full Third Part of the sole Use for

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