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convt^y and confirm the same as afores'' ; c'c that free and
clear and freely and clearly executed acciuitted and discharg-
ed of and from all former and other Gifts Grants Bargains
Sales Lipases Mortgages Wills Entails floyntures Dowries
Thirds Executions and Incumlirances whatsoever And Fur-
thermore I tlu^ s'' John King for my self my Heirs Exec'* &
Admin'* do hereby covenant ])romise and engage the before
granted Premisses with the Aj)[)ui'tenances imto him the s^*
David Bryant his Heirs and Assigns forever to warrant se-
cure and Defend against the lawful Claims or Demands of
any Person or Persons whatsoever In Witness I have here-
unto set my Hand and Seal y^ Twenty sixth Day of De-
cemb' 1727 John King (scai)

Book XII, FoL. 218.

SiiTiu'd Sc'iiled & Delivered Bri.stol Taunton Decern''

In pseiiee of u.s 26^^'' 1727. Ca})' John King

.Joseph Ti.sdale the Subscribe to the within

Sam" Sunnier written Instrument a[)peared

psonally and did acknowledge the
same to be hi.s Act and Deed
Before me Seth Williams Justice of Peace
Jan'y l()i" 1727/.S A true Co\)\ of the Original Exam"^

by Jos : Moody Reg""

This Indenture made between Joseph Credifer of A¥ell«
in the County of York t^ Province of the Massa-
Credefcr eluisetts Bay in New England Yeoman of the one
I'u Party <Sc Thomas Wells of the same Town & C'oun-

Wells ty Yeoman of the other Party witnesseth that I the

s'l Joseph Credefer for divers good Causes [213]
and Considerations me hereunto moving have given & grant-
ed & do by these Presents give grant bargain sell alienate
^ y. enfeoff convey & confirm unto the s'' Thomas
<: «■ I < ^^'ells One hundred Acres of Land at Merry Land
^' p o^ ^ ct)ntaining sixty Rods in Breadth ; butting c^
i cS H" =" bounding as follows aIz AVest North West on the
'^■(w "^ "^ Town Comon ])(>undinii' Southerlv on Land belons-
^ o ■^' mg to Thomas Penny : bounding Northerly on other
g o, ^ Land of mine bounding East iSc by South on a Town
^ ^ ?^' High AA ay : tSc to lun on the same Course that the
^ S - other Lots do till one hundred Acres be compleat-
^~- - S ed To have and to hold the s'' Land with Land
A < with the Buildinii's & Fencini>s on it toii'ether with
"^ ^ all its Priviledges & A])purces as a free & clear
S '-^ Estate of Inheritance ii. Fee simple To the proper
I f Use Benefit & Behoof of the s" AW'lls his Heirs &
Z :? Assigns for ever And I the s'' J()se})h Credefer do
^ S; for my self my Heirs Exec"* Admin''* & Assigns
i- ^ covenant })romise c*c agree to & with the said
G I Thomas AVells his Hcii's Exec'* Admin''* c^ Assigns
-; "*= £, That imed lately before the Signing enSealing here-
3 ^ "^ of I tun the true t'c lawful Owner of the above de-
^ ^^ mised Premisses t'c have Power to sell iSc dispose
o q ^ of the same & do hereby oblige my self & my
p n S Heirs the s'' Premisses against the lawful Claims

^ £J «; c*c Demands of anv Person or Persons whatsoever

ff era

i= «■ Z to warrant secure iSc defend Provided nexertheless

^ '^ & it is the true Intent tSc Meaning of the Grantor

& Grantee in these Presents any Thing herein contained to

Book XII, Fol. 218.

the Contrary notwithstandiiio- That if the abovenamod Jo-
seph Credofer his Heirs Exec'* Admin'"'* or Assig-ns do well
<&. truly pay or cause to be paid to the said Thomas Wells his
Heirs Exec'* Admin'" or Assigns the full c'c just Sum of fif-
ty Pounds in aood Bills of Credit on this Province upon or
before the first Day of May which will be in the Year of our
Lord seventeen hundred & twenty seven toaetlier with law-
ful Interest for the same reckoninir from the first Day of
May next ensuin<>' the Date of these Presents without Fraud
Coven or farther Delay Then this abo\e written Deed or
Obligation & every Clause & Article therein contained shall
be null void & of none Effect: otherwise it shall abide in
full Force & Virtue Seal'd with ni}' Seal Dated at AVells the
2()''' Dav of ^larch Anno Dom : Seventeen hundred twenty
five ' Joseph Credefer (^^l^)

Signed Sealed & Delivered The Word Course is inter-

in Presence of us lined before Signing c^ Sealing

Joseph Hill York sc/Wells August\)- 1. 1727.

Joseph Poak Then the abovenamed Joseph Crede-

A\'illiam Gale fer psonally ai)i)eared & acknowledged
the above written Instrument to be his free
Act cVc Deed

Before me flose})h Hill -I. Peace
August 1;V" 1727. A true Copy of the Original Examined

by Jos : Mood's- Reo'

To all People unto whom these Presents shall come Dan-
iel Pklwards of Boston in the County of Suffolk in
Edwards X^^v England Surgeon Son of Sarah Edwards late

To of Boston afores' Deccas'' who was one of the three
Clarke Daughters of D' Daniel Stone heretofore of Boston
in the Count}' afores'' Surgeon deceased sendeth
(ireeting. AViiereas on the twentieth Day of November An-
no Dom 1 ()()() the Town of Wells granted to elohn Little-
field William Ilainond .John Bush Xichohis Cole iNc .lonathan
Thing One hundred Acres of I'pland apiece above the great
Plain And whereas three hundred Acres viz the Right of
.John Bush Nicholas Cole A!: .Jonathan Thing descended to
the Heirs or Assigns of Robert Brimsdon t*c the said Daniel
Stone And whereas on the twenty fifth Day of Sei)tember
Anno Dom 1717 Mess" Joseph Hill c*^ Samuel \\'heelwright
Surveyors of the Town of Wells Measured or laid out for
the Heirs or Assigns of the s'' Robert Brimsdon Si Daniel
Stone deeeas'' a certain Tract of Land in Wells afores''
which was foimerly laid out by one John Cheater v.'v: \\'il-

JBooK XII, FoL. 213.

liam Hamond for M'' Hcrlackeiiden Simonds & Nicholas
Cole as by their Keturn in Wells Town Book Dated 18i"
Felv^ 1G60 appears & by s'' Surveyors measured & laid out
as follows viz Beginnino- at a Red Pine Tree at the North
East Corner of the s'^ Tract niarkt on four Sides with the
Letter W which Pine Tree is on or near the Ridofe near a
great Swamp ; And from the s'' Pine Tree running North
West & so along by the South West Side of a Pond called
the Pond Marsh and so continuing the s*^' North West
Course to the Head Bounds of the s'' Tract for a North East
Side & from the afores'' Red Pine Tree the Foot Line is to
run South West sixty Roods in Breadth unto a little Piece
of Marsh or Meadow Ground where is a Stake put & from
the s'' Stake to run upon a North West Line for a South
West Side, until with the s*^ sixty Rodds Breadth between
y^ s'' North P^ast Side & South West Side the full Quantity
of three hundred Acres of Land be fully made up & com-
pleated. And whereas one half of the s"^ Land laid out as
afores'' belonged to the s'^ Daniel Stone who left the same
to his three Children namely Mary Walker Sarah Edwards
& Abigail Keitch in a(iual Thirds so that upon the Decease
of s'' Sarah Edwards her third Part of one half of the afores'^
three hundred Acres of Land descended to & became the
Estate & Inheritance of the s"' Daniel Edwards Party to
these Presents. Now know ye that I the s'^ Daniel Edwards
for & in Consideration of the Sum of thirty three Pounds
six shillings & eight Pence to me in Hand well & truly paid
at & before the Delivery of these Presents by Thomas
Clarke of Boston in the County of Suffolk afores'' Merchant
the Receit whereof to full Content & Satisfaction I do hereby
acknowledge have given granted sold conveyed & confirmed
& by these Presents do give grant sell convey & confirm
unto the s'* Thomas Clark his Heirs & Assigns for ever All
my Right Estate Title & Interest (being one full Third
Part of one Moiety or half Part) of & in the s'^ Land laid
out by the s'^ Mess'-'' Hill & \Mieelwright as afores'' with
the A})purces To ha's e and to hold the s'' granted Land &
Premisses with the Appurces & every Part thereof unto the
s'' Thomas Clarke his Heirs and Assigns for ever And I the
s'' Daniel Edwards do covenant for me my Heirs Exec'^ &
Admin''* to & with the s" Thomas Clarke his Heirs Exec'"*
Admin*"^ & Assigns by these Presents That I am the True
sole & lawful Owner of the abovegranted Land having in
my self full Power to sell & dispose thereof in Manner as
afores'' & shall & will warrant & defend the same & every
Part thereof unto him the said Thomas Clarke his Heirs ^

Book XII, Fol. 214.

Assigns for ever aa-ainst the laAvful Claims & Demands of
all other Persons whomsoever — In witness whereof [214]
I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this third Da}' of Sep-
tember Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred t'i twen-
ty three D. Edwards {^^l^}
Si«-ned Sealed & Delivered Received the Day &
in Presence of us Year abovewritten of
Xath' ^^'illiams :M'- Thomas Clarke the
efohn Jeffries Sum of thirty three Pounds

six Shillinij.s & eight Pence in
full for the aforegranted Land S:
Premisses p Dan" Edwards

Suffolk sc/Boston Septemh' 1723 D"" Daniel Edwards ac-
knowledged this Instrument to be his free Act & Deed

Before me Joseph White Just Pacis
.lan'^^' 12"' 1727/8 A true Copy of the Original Examined

bv Jos : ^Nloodv Ke<>'

Know all Men bv these Presents that I Mabell Hubbard
of Hartford in the Colony of Connecticut
Mabell AVidow now resident in Boston for & in

To John & Dan' Consideration of the Natural Love c'c Affec-
fTnbhaid tlon I bear unto my two Children John &

Daniel Hubbard have given e'c do by these
Presents give c^ grant unto my s'' two Children oiu' Moiety
or half Part of a Parcel of Land lying on oi- lu'ar Saco
River in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New
England which was given by the Last AVill & 'i'cstaiuent of
my Honored (irandfather Richiird Russell of Cliarles Town
Esq'' to my Father M'' Daniel Russell oi' otherwise of Right
belonging to s'' Daniel Russ^my honored Father at the Time
of his Decease And I do herein' confirm the same unto my
s'' two Children John Hubbard and Daniel Hubbard cV: their
Heirs »}c Assigns for ever to have t*c to hold possess l^ enjoy
the same with all the Priviledges t<: Ap])urces thereunto be-
longing or in any wise ai)pei"taining tSc do liereby coNcnant
tSi; promise to make >uch farther Settle'ment hei'cof as shall
be desired at any Time to confirm this Deed of (lift iSc to
make it in all Points Authentick in Law

Providcfl alwiiys t'C: it is the time intent of this Deed of
(lift that if both my s'' Children -John cV!: Daniel Hubbarrl
should die before they oi' eithei' of them arrive (o the Age
of twenty one "^'ears that then y Land hereb} given do re-
turn to my self my Heirs iSc Assigns in as full mannei- as it
it had nevei' been gi'anted — As witness u]\ Hand tVc Seal

Book XII, Fol. 214.

this thirteenth Day of Ootob'' One thousand seven hundred
& seven in the [sixth] Year of the Rei<in of our Sovereio-n
Ladv Queen Ann of (ireat Britain & Ireland
Signed Sealed & I)eliv(>red UnheU Hubhard (^^^^)

in Presence of us Boston of the ^hissachusetts ;

Jn° Marion 1707 M'« Mabell Hubbard ap-

Williani Fisher peared this 13^" Day of Octob'' be-

fore nie one of her Majesty's Justi-
ces the Subscriber & acknowledged this
Instrument to be her Act & Deed

Samuel Sewall
Decendy 22'' 1727. A true Copy of the Original Exanr'

by Jos : Moodj^ Reg'

Know all Men by these Presents that I Richard Tozer of
Berwick in the County of York & within his Maj-
Tozer esty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New
To England Yeoman for & in Consideration of y Sum

Dana of ten Pounds in public Bills of Credit to me in

Hand well & truly paid at the Ensealing & Deliv-
ery of these Presents by Jonathan Dana of the Town Coun-
ty & Province afores'' Cordwainer the Receit whereof I ac-
knowledge and own myself fulh' satisfied contented t^ paid
& do exonerate acquit and discharge the s'^' Jonathan Dana

his Heirs Exec'® & Admin'® of all & everv Part for ever


have given granted bargained sold assigned set over & con-
firmed And l)y these Presents do fully freeh' clearly & ab-
soluteh^ give grant bargain sell aliene assign set over & con-
firm unto him the said Jonathan Dana a certain Piece of
Land & to his Heirs Exec'® Admin'® Si Assigns for ever s''
Land contains one Acre by Measure & is lying & being in
s*^ Barwick & is Part of my Homestead & is bounded as fol-
loweth South Westerly on the High Way leading from
Qnamphegon to the great Falls which is seven Poles four-
teen Feet & an half & is bounded with Stakes & Stones at
each Corner twenty Rods & five Feet North AW'sterly on my
B'l Land & bounded on the Corner on an Elm Tree mark-
ed D on the South & T on the North seven Pole fourteen
Feet & an half Northerly on s'^ Tozers Land & twenty Poles
five Feet Easterl}' on s'^ Tozers Land the Easterly Corner
Bounds with a Stake & Stones Together with all & singular
the Ways Profits Priviledges Rights Coiiiodities Heredita-
ments & Appurces & whatsoever thereunto belongs or is in
any manner of Ways or Means appertaining

To have and to hold the s'' Acre of Land & all other the

Book XIT, Fol. 214.

above granted & ]')aro'ained Premi.sse.s with their Appurces
unto him the s'* Jonathan Dana & his Heirs Exee'-'' Admin'^
& Assigns To his & their own only proper Use Benefit & Be-
hoof for ever And T the s^' Richard Tozer for myself my
Heirs Exec'^ & Admin'^ do covenant ])romise grant & agree
to & with the said Jonathan Dana his Heirs Exec'* Admin'^
& Assigns in Manner t*c Form following that is to say that at
the Time of this present Bargain & Sale & until the Ensealing
& Delivery of these Presents I am the true s(jle & lawful
owner of all the abovegranted cVc bargained Premisses with
their Appurces in a pfect Estate of Inheritance in Fee sim-
ple without any Manner of Condition Reservation or Limi-
tation of Use or Uses whatsoever whereby to alter change
or make void this psent Deed of Sale liaving in my self full
Power good Right & Lawful Authority to give grant liar-
gain sell & convey all the above granted & barg-ained Prem-
isses in ^Manner & Form as abovesaid And th(» s'' Jonathan
Dana his Heirs Exec" Adiuin''^ & Assigns shall iSc may from
henceforth & for ever hereafter lawfully peaceably t'ccjuiet-
ly have hold use occupy possess & enjoy all th(> abovegrant-
ed & bargained Premisses they being free & clear c^ clear-
ly ac(|uitted exoiu'rated & discharged of & from all former
di. other Gifts (irants Bargains Sales Leases Mortgages Ti-
tles Thirds Dowries floyntures Executions Judgments
Claims & Demands whatsoever And further I the said Rich-
ard Tozer my Heirs Exec'* & Aduiin'* shall iSc will from
hence forth t*c for ever hereaft(U' warrant & defend the said
Acre of land & all other the above granted <!^ bargained
})remisses with their Appurtces unto him the s'' Jonathan
Dana & to his Heirs Exec'* Admin'* & Assigns for ever
against the lawful Claims & Demands of all & ever}' Person
whatsoever. Li Witness whereof I have hereunto set my
Hand and Seal & Elizabeth my Wife in Testimony of her
Relinquishing & Renouncing all her Right of Thirds cVc Dow-
ry in the above granted & bargained Premisses Septemb'" the
twenty first Anno Domini seventeen hundred & twenty sev-
en and in the first Year of his Majesty King (ieorge the
Second over Great Britain S:v — v'' words fourteen between

Book XII, Fol. 215.

y^ 21 & 22'' Lino & the 22 & 23"' interlined before Sio-nintr
& Sealino- Richard Tozer (}^)

Sio-ned Sealed tt Delivered „,. , ,, ''.^"^ .,, , . ^ ,

in the rresenee oi us ' , vseai/


Jos : Chadbourn York se/Berwiek Oetol)' y'* 11.

^^'illianl Peare 1727. Then M' Riehard Tozer &

John Bradstreet M'^ Elizabeth his Wife appeared be-

fore me Sam* Plaisted Escj' one of his
Majesty's Justices of y® Peace & ackfiowl-
ed<>ed the within & abovewritten Deed of
Sale to be their xoluntary Act & Di^ed

Sam" Plaisted
Decemb' 12"' 1727. A true Copy of the Oriirinal Exam*^

bv Jos: M(>()d\' Reu'

[215] Witnesseth these Presents That I William EU-
inaliam of York do fully arant baruain aive &
Ellingham confirm my whole cSc Sole Rii>ht c*c Interest of
To the Part of my [(irants] Mills Lo,i>os Boards

Webb Timber House & House Lot or Lotts with all

the a})pr()priations Priviledu'es & Aj^jjurces what-
soever belon_i>in_ii' to them or any of y'" unto M' Henry
Webb of Boston or his assigns in Consideration of two hun-
dred & sixty Pounds which by an Award of three Persons
was oivcM to the s'' ^^'illiam Ellini»ham for & in the Consid-
erations above specified & all c^ every of which I do hereby
ratify & Confinu accordinu" to the Tenor of the aboves'' Ar-
bitration — witness my Hand at the Day c^c Date hereby 6:
xVpril : .')4 : beino- y .') : of April : ')4:

William Ellinuham his ]\hirkx
Grants the hereby William Ellingham
was interlined before the Sionina" hereof
Witness Jei'eiuiah IIul)berd

Thomas AVheelwriaht
Decemb' 2(5 1727. A true Copy of the Orio'inal Examin-
ed * bv Jos : Moody Reo'

To all People unto whom this Present Deed of Sale shall
come ^hirv (iibbs of Boston in the County of
Mavy (libbs Sutfolk in" the Prox'ince of the Massachusetts
To Bay in New En,o"land \\'idow sends _aT<'etino-

Hon. (iibbs KiJow ye that the s'' Mary (Tibbs for t^ in Con-
sideration of the Sum of forty Pounds currant
Money of New England to her in Hand well c^i: truly paid

Book XII, Fol. 2l5.

before the Ensealino: & Deliveiy of these Presents by
Henry Gibbs of Boston afores'" Brazier the Receit whereof
to full Content & Satisfaction she does hereby acknowledge
& thereof & of every Part thereof do acfjuit exonerate &
discharire the s-^^ Henry (iihbs his Heirs Exec'* Admin"^* &
Assigns for ever by these Presents as also for divers other
Good Causes & Consideration them hereunto moving She
the s'^ Mary (xibbs have given granted bargained sold alien-
ed conveyed enfeoffed t^ confirmed t*c by these Presents for
her self & her Heirs do fully freely clearly & absolutel}'
give grant bargain sell aliene enfeoff convey & confirm un-
to the s'l Henry Gibbs his Heirs & Assigns for ever the one
third Part of a certain Tract or Parcel of Land in the Town
of York in the County of York in New England contain-
ing about fift}^ or sixty Acres more or less lying in the New
Mill Brook bounded by certain marked Trees on the North
Side on the afores'' Creek beginning on the Westward Side
of a small Creek and so to run North \\'cst a little above
the Head of s'' Creek through the Swamp cVc & over the
Southard Side of the Hill unto the Fall Mill Brook a little
above the Mill (granted unto M'' Henry \A^ebb Cap' Thomas
Clark & M'' Edward llishworth Novcmb' th(> 20^'' Anno
Domini KJoS as p s'^ Grant lieferrence there to being had
will more fully ap})ear) To have and to hold all the above
<&, beforementioncd granted & bargained Premisses with the
Appurces and every Part tVc Parcel thereof unto the s'' Hen-
ry (libbs his Heirs Excc'^ Admin'" t\i Assigns To his c*c
tlieir only sole tSc proper Cse Benefit c*c Behoofe from hence
forth & for ever more absolutely without any manner of
Condition Redemption or Revocation in any wise — And the
s'' Mary (iibbs doth hereby Covenant promise grant t^ agree
to & with the s"' Henry Gibbs his Heirs and Assigns in
Manner & Form following That is to say tliiit at tSc iraediate-
ly before the Time & Delivery of these Presents She the
s'' Mary Gibl)s is the true sole c*c lawful Owner of all the
Aforebargiiincd Premisses & stand lawfully seized thereof
in her own Right of a good sure & indcfcaziblc Estate of
lidieritancc in Fee simple having in hersch full Power good
Right & lawful Authority to grant sell convey & assure the
same unto the s'' Henry Gibbs his Heirs t<: assigns for ever
in Manner c^ Foi'in as afores'' tSc that the said Henry (xibbs
his Heirs & Assigns shall tSc may by Force c^ \'irtue of these
Presents from hence foi'th tSc for e\'er hereafter lawfully
peaceably tSc (|uietly have hold u>e occupy possess tSc enjoy
the above & within bargained Premisses free cVi. clear and
clearly ac(|uitted exonerated iSL di>charged of iSL from all iS:

Book XII, Fol 215.

all manner of fornior and other (Tifts Grants Baraaiiis Sales
Leases Releases Mortaa,ii<'s floyntures Dowers fludiiinents
Kxeeutions Entails Fines Forfeitures Seizures Aniereia-
nients & of & from all other Titles Troubli\s Charocs & In-
eumbrances whatsoever" — And farther the s'^ Marv Gihbs
does hereby covenant promise <:rant & ngree bind iSc oblige
her self her Heirs Exee'^ & Admin'** from hence forth Oc for
ever hereafter to warrant vSc defend all the aforegranted &
baroained Premisses with the Appurces & every Part there-
of unto the s'^ Ilenrv (xibbs his Ileirs & Assigns for ever as
afores'' against the lawful Claims & Denrands of all & every
Person & Pers<jns whomsoever And at any Time or Times
hereafter on Demand or reasonable lieciuest of the said
Ilenrj Gibbs his Heirs or Assigns to give & pass unto them
such further and am])le Assurance and Gontirmation of the
Premisses as in Law or E((uity can or may be desired or
required — In Witness whereof She the said Mary (libbs
have hereunto set her Hand (^ Seal this twenty seventh Da}'
of March Anno Dom' One thousand seven hundred & twen-
ty two in the eighth Year of his Majesty's Reign
Signed Sealed S^ Delivered Mary (Tlibl)s ("t>eai)

in the Presence of us Suffcdk sc/Boston March

Caleb Lyman 27"' 1721/2 M'« Mary (iibbs

Zee Hul)bart ajjpeared before me the Sub-

scriber one of his Maj'^** Justices
of the Peace in s'' County & did ac-
knowledge this above & within written
Instrument to be her free Act ct deed

.John Clark
Received on the Day of the Date of the within written
Deed of the within named Henry Gil)bs the Sum of forty
Pounds in full of the Purchase Consideration within men-

p Mary Gibbs
Decemb' 2(5. 1727. A tru'^ Gopy of the Original Exam-
ined b^' Jos : Moody Rei>''

To all People to whom these Presents shall come Greet-
ing Know ye that I John Linscot of York in the
Linscot County of York in the Proxince of the Massachus-
T« etts Bay in New England Husl)andman for & in Con-
\Vittum fsidcration of the Sum of twenty Pounds Money to
me in Hand before the Ensealing hereof well t)c
truh' paid by James Wittum of Kittery in the s'' County of
Y'ork t"i Province t^ Couiitrv afores'' Turnt-r the Keci'it

Book XII, Fol. 21(i.

whereof I do herein- acknowlediiv & my .sell therewith fully
.satisjied tVc contented c*^ thereof c^c of every Part and Parcel
thereof do exonerate ac(|uit tVc discharufe him the s^^ Jame.s
Wittuni Si his Heir.s Exec'* iSc Admin" for ever by
Pre.sents have given granted bargained sold aliened convey-
ed t^ confirmed tV: by these Presents do freely fully & ab-
solutely give grant l)araaiM sell aliene convey cVc confirm un-
to him the .said James Wittum his Heirs & Assigns for ever
a certain Piece or Parcel of Land situate lying & being in
the Townshi]) of Yin-k containing about ten Acres more or
less butted l^ bcnuided as followeth viz Beginning at a Stone
set uj) standing two Poles North A\'est from the Western
Corner of the Land that Jose])h Smith lately sold to JosepJi
Kilgore at a Place called Bricksaju & runs from thence fift}"
three Poles North East leaving a Strij) of Land two Poles
Wide betwixt said Land hereby sold c<: the Land of s'^ Kil-
gore c^ the Land of .John Smith & runs from thence up
North West the same Breadth of fifty three Poles the full
Extent of my Land there till it comes to the C'omon Land
it being Part of a thirty three Acre Lot of Land which was
laid out to Jcjsiah Bridges June H'' 171<S iSc b}' him sold to
me Decemb' 2<S"' 17U) as by a Return on York Town Book
& a Deed on Record from s' Bridges to me may at Large

To ha\(' and to liokl the s'' granted <S: bargained Premisses
with all the A|)})urces Priviledges & Comodities to the same
belonging or in any wise appertaining To him the s'^ James

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