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One ^James Caruthers and his wife lived in Scotland.
Tradition says they went to the north of Ireland during
the unsettled, troubled times in Scotland, in the early
part of the eighteenth century. Four of their cliildren
emigrated to the Colony of Pennsylvania in the year
1765. There may liave been others, of which there is
no account given,

Mohn, -Sarah, ^James and ^Andrew Caruthers settled
first in Carlysle County, Pennsylvania. It is thought
that John and Eobert Caruthers, who came to the
Colony of Pennsylvania about the same time, and after-
wards moved to North Carolina, were uncles to the four
who came in 1765, but this is not authentic.

^John Caruthers, brother to ^Sarah, ^James and
^Andrew, was in the French and Indian Wars, and was
severely wounded in one engagement. He afterwards
held an important position under the Provincial Gov-
ernor of Pennsylvania. His children were: ^Mary,
^Isabella, 'Sarah and ^Eleanor Carothers. Many of
tlie name live in Pennsylvania and all over the Western

^James and ^Andrew Caruthers were twins, so much
alike that their mother could only distinguish one from
the other by looking on the forehead of one for a small
mark just in the edge of his hair. They married sisters.
-James Caruthers married Nancy Neely, and ^Andrew
Caruthers married Margaret Neely. The descendants
of these twin brothers are the only ones we can trace
for moi-e than one generation.

After coming to America they changed the spelling
of their name to Carothers, through the influence of a
school teacher who lived in the family and taught the
children. The two who went to North Carolina at an
early day, Eobert and John, spelled their name Caruth-
ers, dropping one "r."

^James Carothers, born 1739, was in the French and
Indian Ware, and fought bravely in the Colonial Army.


He was in General Armfltrong's command at the battle
of Kiltaining Point

He married Nancy Neelj, about 1767, in Adams
County, Pennsylvania- They had five children, and
lived on tlie Juniatta Biver, near Mount Union, Hunt-
ingdon County, Pennsylvania, on a farm called "The
Loop." His wife, Nancy Noely Carothers, died in 1776.
He then married Abigail Henderson, of Baltimore, Md.,
where her family still reside. They had nine children.
Later he lived near Shirleysburg, in the above-named
county. He had fourteen children by the two wiv^.
The first wife's children were:

^Sarah, married Archibald Henderson.

*James, married Mary Fitzsimons, of South Caro-
lina, in 1800 (her mother was a Miss Randel), and
they had seven children, namely: *Nancy, married
Andrew Froman; ^Patrick, born in 1802, and mar-
ried Betsy Barr; they had a son, ^Robert Carothers,
who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he had a son, ^Thomas
P. Carothers, a lawyer living in Newport, Ky., in the
year 1900. ^Sarah, married James Carothers. Her
brother, *James H. Carothers, married Mary Carothers;
they had one son, '^Neely Carothers, of Kenton, Ohio.

*Eliza J., married ; her daughter, °A. E. ,

married a Mr. Gilleland, of Obisonia, Peun. ^Thomas
M., married Nancy Taylor, and ^Samuel H. married a
I Miss Gilmore; they had a daughter, ^Maria Carothers,

J living in Pennsylvania in 1890.

^John Carothers, married Mary Boal. They had a

son, * Carothers, He had a son, ''James F.

Carothers, who lives in Danville, Va.

^Alexander Carothers.

'Samuel Carothers, bom in 1775; married Ann Zim-
merman. He died in 1858; he had seven children, as
follows: Majnes, ^Davis, *Sarah (married a Mr. Alex-
ander), *Abraham, v*Maria (married a Mr. Mapleton),
*Anne (married a Mr. Gollaher) and *Samuel Carothers.

I have given the five children and their descendants
of James Carothers and Nancy Neely, his wife, and will
now give those of his second wife, Abigail Henderson,
nine in number:

'Thomas Carothers, married Peggy Duncan. They


had five children, namely: *James, ^William, ^Hannah,
*Nancy and ^Duncan Carothers.

^Andrew Carothers, married Jane Fitzsimmons, and
had one *son.

^Frank Carothers, married Peggy Fitzsimmons.

^Nelly Carothers, married Andrew Carothers. They
had one son, ^Jonathan Carothers.

^Polly Carothers married, first, H. llockenberry, and
second, H. Love, and had four ^children.

^Jonathan Carothers married, first, Kuth Douglas,
and second, Eliza Ainsley. They had six children,
namely: *Kate, is in a convent; ^Cornelia, *William,
^Hannah, *Sarah and *Amanda Carothers.

^D. Neely Carothers, born in 1791; died in 1862;
never married.

^William Carothers.

^Nancy Carothers ; never married.

This finishes ^James Carothers' line, as far as known.
I will now give that of his twin brother, who moved to
North Carolina, ^Andrew Carothers and Margaret
Neely, his wife. ^Andrew Carothers was born in 1789,
and died in Union District, South Carolina, in 1826, at /
the residence of his son, ^John. He married Margaret {UtAj^
Neely, a sister of the wife of his twin brother. She
was born in 1747, and died in York District, South
Carolina, in 1797. They moved from C:aplfsle"^ County,
Pennsylvania, to Cabarrus County, North Carolina,
before the breaking out of the Eevolutionary War, the
exact date not known.

^Andrew Carothers was a soldier in the Continental
Army, and served throughout the war, being severely
"wounded, but in what battle it is not recorded. See
"Kings Mountain and Its Heroes," by L. Draper, page
424. He and his wife, Margaret Neely, had nine chil-
dren, namely: ^Jane, ^Ollie, ^Margaret, ^Anne, ^Mary,
'Martha, "John, "Thomas and "James Carothers.

Mane Carothers, married William Bell.

"Ollie Carothers married Robert Bain.

"Margaret Carothers married Hugh Caruthers, a

"Anne Carothers married Andrew Davis. He was an
elder in the Presbvterian Church. She died in 1840.


They had seven children, as follows: ''Thomas, ^Mar-
garet, "James Neely, ''Wilson, *Mary, •'Tirza and * Ade-
line Davis. J?ev. "Thomas D. Davis, born in 1793 ; died
in 1851, in Mississippi. He was a minister in the Pres-
byterian Church, and married Sarah Mackey. "Mar-
garet Davis, born in 1797; married a Mr. Morrison;
died in 1858. "Wilson Davis, born in 1801, married
Margaret Stuart; died in 185G. "Mary Davis, born in
1803*; married a Mr. Cochrane; died in 1854. "Tirza
Davis, born in 1808; married a Mr. Parks, and was
living near Stageville, North Carolina, in 1883; they
had seven cbildren, as follows: ^Andrew D. (was living
in Stageville, N. C, in 1887), «John, "^Ada (married Dr.
John Blair), ^Thomas M., ^Sarah L. (married J. H.
Coldwell), ^Baxter and ^Margaret E. Parks (married
J. W. Alexander). "Adeline Davis, born in 1812;
married a Mr. Alexander ; died in 1845.

^Mary Carothers, married Andrew Kimmons. They
had seven children, as follows: "Margaret, "Martha,
"Elias W., "Hugh R, "Polly, "John M. H. and "Wilson
Kimmons, "Margaret Kimmons married A. Bam.
"Martha Ivimmons married Kobert McClelland; they
had three children, namely: "^Martha, '^Lizzie and "Al-
bert McClelland. He died in the Confederate Army-
Kev. "Elias W. Kimmons, of Concord, N. C. "Hugh R.
Kimmon.s married Martha Davis; they had two chil-
dren, namely: '^Mary A. and ^James W. Kimmons.
"Polly Kimmons married Elisha Scott; they had one
child, "Mary Scott. "John M. H. Kimmons married
Judith Dillworth; they had seven children, namely:
«John A.. "William G., "Martha M., "Wilson C, "Lee,
"Mack and ^Sally Kimmons. "Wilson Kimmons mar-
ried , of Concord, N. C.

^Martha Carothers married Charles Bain.

sjohn Carothere was born March 19, 1775, in Cabarrus
County, North Carolina. November 22, 1803, he was
married to Mary Hope, daughter of 'John Hope and
Jane Meek, his wife. .

"John Carothers, for years a member of the Legis-
lature in South Carolina when the old State was in her
palmiest davs, was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian
Church, a devoted Christian, a public-spirited, patriotic


citizen, gifted with a fine sense of humor, which many
of his descendants have inherited, entertaining in con-
versation, and alwaj's an interesting person. ^Mary
Hope, his wife, was a model woman, a devoted Christian,
an alTectionate, unselfish wife and mother. She was
born March 10, 1782, and died in 1826. After her death,
^John Carothers married Rachel Burrows; he died in
Union District, South Carolina, May :U, 1854. He
had thirteen children. Four died young. His first
wife left six children, namely: ^James Neely, *M. Mar-
garet, ^Jane Hope, "Andrew Meek, *William Washing-
ton and "Thomas L. Carothers. His second wife's chil-
dren were: "Elizabeth, "Amanda and "Sally Carothers.
Eev. "James Neely Carothere, born in 1805 ; graduated
at Washington College, Tennessee, in 1826; married
Mary Baskin; they had nine children, as follows: "Mar-
garet Rose, married Rufus Bean. ^William, never mar-
ried. '*James Stuart, married, first, Mary Morrow; sec-
one, Eugenia Westbrook, He had four children by his
second wife, namely: ^Stuart, *NeeIy, ''Nerva and *Nelly
Carothers, of West Point, Miss. • "^.Joseph Carothei^
was killed in the Confederate Army, in 1864. ''Samuel
Reid Carothers w^as also a soldier in the Confederate
Army, and died in prison in 1864. =John Carothers,
married Mary Miller; they had five children, namely:
^Francis R., ^Kate B., Moe Meek, «Baskin and M. Stuart
Carothers. 'Mary E. Carothers married a Mr. Woodall ;
they have five children, namely : ^Bessie, ®Mattie, ^Jessie,
'Josephine and "James Woodall. '^Martha Carotbers
married Keith Mofl'ett ; they have five children, namely :
"Mary B., "Jannette W., "James Neely Moffat and two
others. *Leroy Carothers died young.

"Margaret Carothers, daughter of ®John and Mary
Hope Carothers, born in 1813, married Eleazer Parker.
She was his second wife. They had six children,
namely : Dp. 'John Parker, of Houston, Miss., married,
first, L. Sadler, and second, a Mrs. Hill. They had three
children, namely: "Pearl, "Victor and "Louise Parker.
"Naomi Parker, married a Mr. Gouldock. "Mary H.

Parker, married . "Joseph Parker, married

, and had one son, "James Stuart Parker.

"Neely M. and "Martha Parker.


*Jane Hope Carotbers was born July 25, 1811, in
Union District, Soutb Carolina, and was married to
Dixon Green Piklier, December 2i, 1S30. He was
born in Chester District, South Carolina, ^<;r^-^ A
1808 and died near French Camp, Miss., June 2'J, 1802.
His wife died at the same place, July 11, 1872 He was
a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church, a noble Chris-
tian mail, whom all loved and respected ; his wife was a
woman of culture and fine character, devoted to her
husband and children. They had seven children, four
of whom died young. The others were: =E. Mary,
"Isabella T. and "^James Stuart Pilcher. This line is
given in the Pilcher sketch.

Dr. *Andrew Meek Carothers, born in 1818, was a
man of prominence in his state, distinguished in appear-
ance and manners, and a devout Christian. He mar-
ried Martha Caldwell, of South Carolina. They lived
at Starkville, Miss., and had seven children, as follows:
=> Joseph C, ''J. Andrew, "^Kate, "^Neil W., '^Charles G.,
"Julia E and "Thomas M. Carothei-s. Kev. "Joseph C.
Carothers married Belle McCaleb; they have three chil-
dren, namely: •'Neil W., "Andrew M. and "Mary Caroth-
ers of Grenada, Miss. "Kate Carothers married Robert
Montgomery ; they had nine children, two of whom died
young, namely : ^Robert and «Hugh. The others were :
«Evelyn (married Mr. Perkins, of Clemson College,
South Carolina, and has two children, namely : "'Eyelyn
and 'Kate), «Pattie, "Kate (married Stuart ^eir),
«Annie "Paul, "Adelaide Meek and "Margaret Stuart
Montgomery, of Starkville, Miss. "Andrew Carothers
married Rosa Beattie. They have five children, namely :
"Lemira (married Fritz Weddell), "Rosa, "Robert,
"Charles G. and "Beattie Carothers, all of Starkville,
Miss "Neil W. Carothers married Cenie Wallace ; they
had four children, namely: "Neil W., "Wallace (died
young), "Stuart C. and "Katherine, of Austin, Texas.
"Charles Carothers, married Mary Blewett; they have
one child, "Blewett Carothers, of Memphis, Tenn. "Julia
Evelvn Carothers, died in November, 1907. "Thomas M.
Carothers married Adelaide Ragon, and had four chil-
dren, namelv : "Andrew M., "Marian B., "Thomas M. and
"Mildred Carothers (died young), of Chattanooga,

376 njSTOiiiCAL sketches.

The Rev. ^Willicam Washington Carothers, son of
'John and Mary Hope Carothers, was born in 1819;
graduated at Princeton College; married Mary Saddler,
and lived in Alabama. Their children were as follows:
"John Minor Carothers, of Newbern, Ala., married a
Miss Wilson. ^Mary ITojie Carothers, married the Rev.
A. 0. Wilson, and had two children, namely: ^Marie
and ^Margaret Wilson. ^William Carothers, of Selma,
Ala. ^Russell Carothers, married Mrs. Moore, iiee
Morrison. ^Sadler and '^Milton Carothers, of Selma,

*Thomas Leander Carother.s, youngest child of ^John
and Mary Hope Carothers, was born in 1821; was a
graduate of Princeton College; was for a while presi-
dent of Washington College, Tennessee, l)efore he was
twenty-eight j^ears of age. He married Mary Miller,
and they had six children, namely : ^John, married
Sally Hill; they are both dead; they left two sons,
namely: ^Joseph H. and ^Thomas L. Carothers, of Mex-
ico (married Argenta McDonald). "Leander, of Deca-
tur, Ala. , married Loulie Enders; no children. "Samuel,
married Stella McAllister; no children. "Addison,
married Nelly Moody; he died June, 1901; left several
children. "Susan, married I. L. Kron, of Mobile, Ala. ;
issue: "Mary, ^C«cil, ^Leonard Carothers and ^Amelia
Kron. "Minnie Carothei*s married D. R. Lindsey, and
has five children, namely: ^Louise, *Jeaii, "Gladys,
"Collin and "Ii^lizaljeth Lindsey.

The children of 'John Carothers and his second wife,
Rachel Burrows, were: ^William and *John, died j^oung.
^Elizabeth Carothers, married, first, Dr. Wade Fowler,
and second, Mr. Lotspitch; she lived at "Sunnyside,"
her father's old homestead. Her only two children, a
son and daughter, died in early youth. ^Amanda Ca-
rothers, married Rufus Poole, and had two children,
namely: "Jessie and "Sally Poole. ^Sally Carothers,
married Sidney Walker, of Union, S. C. ; died in 1908;
they had two children, namely : "William R. and "Minnie
Walker, of Unionville, S. C.

'Thomas Carothers, son of ^Andrew and Margaret
Neely Carothers, was born in 1773 ; married and lived
near Shelbyville, Tenn., and had eight children, namely :

Dr. Andrew Meek Carothers.

SUrkville, Miss.


Rev. ^Robertson Carothcrs, a minister in the Cuml>er-
land Presbyterian Church; ^Melissa Carothers, married
Mr. Morrison; *Martha; *Polly, married Ora Bradshaw;
*Betsj, *2seely, ^Stuart and *David Cai'others.
^James Carothers, died young.

The Hope and Meek Family.— Mohn IIo\>e had two
brothers who reared large families in South Carolina.
He married Mane Meek. She also had two brothers,
who had families in the same State. From these two
families sprang many people of distinction in South

^John Hope and ^Jane Meek, his wife, had five daugh-
ters and one son ; the eldest, ^Mary Hope, born March
10, 1782, was married to ^John Carothers, November
23, 1803. She died September 25, 1826. He was born
March 19, 1775 ; died May 31, 1854. Their children's
names are given above.

-Margaret Hoi>e married Joseph Adams. They had
six children, as follows: ^John H., of Yorkville, S. C.
'Jane, married Gen. Richard McLean, of Bethel, N. C. ;
they had one son. Col. "*John R. McTx^an, of Yorkville.
S. C. Dr. ^William E., of Bethel, S. C. ; married a Miss
Hayes. ^Leander, of Bethel, S. C. 'Amanda, married
General Neal, of North Carolina. ^Emily, married H.

^Nancy Hope married Thomas Black. They had six
children, namely : 'Thomas, of West Point, Miss. ;
married a Miss Smith. 'Jane, married Rev. G. W.
Davis, of South Carolina. 'John, 'Washington, 'Ed-
ward and 'Richard Black.

^Isaac Hope married, and had six children.

^Katherine Hope married a Mr. Byars. They had
four children, namely : 'John H., 'Jane, married Rev.
E. A. Ci^enshaw; 'Emelin, married, first, Eleazer
Parker, and after her de^th, he married her first cousin,
'Margaret Carothers; 'Lorena Byers, married a Mr.
Byers, and lived at Chowdry Creek P. O., N. C.

^Rebecca Hope married William Adams; their six
children were : 'John, of Chowdry Creek P. O., N. C. ;
'Susan, married James McCulley ; 'LeRoy, 'James,
'Jane, married Hamilton Barnett, and 'Margaret,
married David Adams.


The above is all that I have been able to collect in
regard to Ihe Carothers, Hope, Meek and Adams fam-
ilies of this immediate branch.

Cabuthers. — I will now give a sketch of another
branch of the Caruthers family, who also settled in
Pennsylvania, and later removed to North Carolina.
They sjjelled their name "Caruthers."

Among the "Black Boys" of Mecklenburg County,
North Carolina, who destroyed the powder of General
Waddell during the Kegulation War, which took place
five years before the Declaration of Independence,
there were two brothers concerned, but on opposite
sides ; they were Robert and James Caruthers. Robert
is said to have made the train for blowing up the kegs
of powder; amidst the hurry and bustle of their prep-
arations for the explosion, James recognized his brother
Robert, notwithstanding the lampblack on his face,
and in a low voice, which was not heard by any one
else, said to him, "You'll rue this, Bob." Robert an-
swered, "Hold your tongue, Jim,'' and went on with his

Robert Caruthers, who was one of the Regulators
before the troubles really assumed a belligerant attitude
between England and the Colonies, was a partisan
officer during the Revolutionary War, and a man of
great courage and enterprise.

The foregoing is taken from the "Old North State"
(North Carolina) in 1776, by Rev. Eli W. Caruthers,
page 37.

Mrs. Margaret Caruthers was doubtless the wife of
Robert Caruthers, though it is not distinctly stated in
the book; tradition says Robert Caruthers married
Margaret Gillespie before they moved from Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, and it was
their sons who were in the Revolution of 1776.

This Robert Caruthers is thought by some to have
been the uncle of ^Andrew Carothers, who married
Margaret Neely in Pennsylvania and moved to North
Carolina before the Revolutionary War. 'Robert
Caruthers and his wife, Margaret Gillespie, were among
the first settlers of the middle region of North Carolina.


They had five sons and several daughters. All were
respectable citizens and consistent meuibcrs of the
church. During the Eevohitiou, three of the sons were
in the service of their country. The eldest son, 'Kobert
Caruther.«!, was an officer with the commission of Cap-
tain, lie was a very active, enterprising officer, and
almost constantly on duty. The youngest son of the
family was kept at home to protect his parents and
sisters and to attend to the farm. Re was killed by
some Tories disguised as Indians. The report of a gun
was heard near the house; the mother and daughters
immediately went out to see Avhat it was, and found the
youngest son on the bank of a creek near by, dead,
with his scalp taken off, and a bloody knife lying on
the ground by his head with which the deed was done.
This knife had the name of a neighbor cut on the handle,
and it was supposed in the agitation of the moment,
arising from the fear of detection, and remorse of a
guilty conscience, he had forgotten the knife. The
other sons were all away in the army, and the father
was too old for military duty. He was born about
1715 or 1720; but it is supposed that he was away from
home at this time with an armed body of Whigs, trying
to protect the border settlements from the barbarities
of the Tories and Indians, as the mother and daughters
were without a protector. This is also from "The Old
North State," by E. W. Caruthers.

From the foregoing it will be seen that at the time
of the Kevolution, ^Robert Caruthers and his wife,
Margaret Gillespie, were perhaps fifty-five or sixty
years of age, and that they were born about 1715 or
1720. Their eldest son, ^Kobert, was perhaps thirty or
thirty-five years of age, as he was the eldest of five sons
and several daughters, the youngest son being old
enough to take charge of the farm, and all of the daugh-
ters had left the parental roof except one or two.

The Kev. E. W. Caruthers says the Caruthers who
married Margaret Gillespie was James, others of the
descendants say that it was ^Robert, and his wife, Mar-
garet Gillespie, w^ho moved from Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, to North Carolina before the Revolution.

The above-named ^Robert Caruthers and his \rife


were the ancestors of Judges Abram and Eobert Ca-
ruthers, of Lebanon, Tenu. Both Avere men of dis-
tinction in their State.

As above stated, it is thought that this Robert Ca-
ruthers was the uncle of James and Andrew Carothers,
twins, who married Nancy and M^argaret Neely, sisters.

-James Carothers and his descendants remained in
Pennsylvania, while -Andrew Carothers went to
Cabarrus County, North Carolina, before the Revo-
lution, and later to South Carolina.

^Rol)ert Caruthere, born about 1715, married Mar-
garet Gillespie, in Scotland, it is supposed. He, with
his two brothers, ^James and ^John Caruthers, settled
in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with their families,
upon arriving in America. ^Robert and ^John removed
to Middle North Carolina before the Revolution of 1776.
^James remained in Pennsylvania, but one of his sons,
^Andrew, moved to Cabarrus County, North Carolina,
also before the Revolution. His history and that of his
brother ^James has been given in the foregoing pages.
^John Caruthers, brother of 'Robert, had one son called
Jockey ^John Caruthers, and he a son, ^Elias Caruthers,
of Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

'Robert Caruthers and his wife, Margaret Gillespie,
had two daughters and five sons, as follows: -Robert,
^Sarah, Mohn, -James, a daughter, -William and -Sam-
uel Caruthers. Margaret Gillespie had two brothers.
Col. John Gillespie and Daniel Gillespie. Colonel John
was in the Revolution of 1776.

^Robert, the eldest son of 'Robert and Margaret Gil-
lespie Caruthers, married Elizabeth Patillo in North
Carolina. He was a Captain in the Continental Army;
was wounded on the head at the Battle of Kings Moun-
tain, and had a large scar from this wound. See ''Kings
Mountain and Its Heroes," by Draper. He moved from
Burke County, North Carolina, to Columbia, Tenn., in
1812, and died there in 1828. He left four children,
namely : 'Robert, ^Mary, 'Susan and 'Elizabeth

'Robert Caruthers married Elizabeth Porter. They
had six children, namely : ^Sarah H., *Robert, *Jaraes,
^Elizabeth, *Mary and *Susan Caruthers. *Sarah H.


Canitliers married Colonel Myers, of Cohimbia, Tenu.
They had four daughters, namely: "^Belty (married
a Mr. McDowell), 'Annie (married a Mr. Brown), "Lena
(married a Mr. xVnderson, of Jackson, Tenn.) and ^Mary
Myers, of Nashville, Tenn. ■'Robert Caruthers, born
in 1827, married; his children live in Nashville, Tenn.
Mames B. Caruthers, born in 1818. ^Mary Caruthers,
born in 1810; married M. Davidson. ^Elizabeth
Caruthers, married Robert Loouey; they had one son,
^Robert Looney, who lives in Texas. '•Susan Caruthers,
married William J. Sykes, and has two sons, namely:
■* James, of Memphis, Tenn., and '^Charley Sykes, of
Nashville, Tenn. (married Ella Gillespie, and has one
son, ^Gillespie Sykes).

^Mary Caruthers, married George Patton ; they had
three children, namely: "George, married and had two
children ; "Susan, married a Mr. Whitacre, and "Bettie
Patton, married.

^Susan Caruthers married John D. Love, and had
three children, namely: "Joseph (married), "Jane (mar-
ried a Mr. Wilkes) and "James Love (married, and lives
at Culleoka, Tenn.).

^Elizabeth Caruthers, married John D. Love, no kin
of the one her sister Susan married.

^Robert Caruthers and ^fargaret Gille.spie, his wife,
had a daughter who married a Mr. Finley. ITer first
name is not known. They lived in Lincoln County,
Tenn., and had a Maughter who married James Caruth-
trs, probably a relation. They had a son. Judge "John
P. Caruthers, of Memphis, Tenn., who married Flora
McNeil, of Bolivar, Tenn. They now live in Chicago,
111., and have one son, "^Robert Caruthers, and perhaps

Online LibraryMargaret Campbell (Margaret Hamilton Campbell) PilcherHistorical sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and kindred families : including the Bowen, Russell, Owen, Grant, Goodwin, Amis, Carothers, Hope, Taliaferro, and Powell families → online text (page 31 of 37)