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A partial record of the descendants of John Tefft, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and the nearly complete record of the descendants of John Tifft, of Nassau, New York .. online

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In 1857 he took hold of the steam engine company, built
blast furnaces and conceived the idea of smelting Lake Superior
ore with mineral coal. In 1858 Mr. Tifft became the president
of the New York & Lake Erie Railroad. About this time he
turned his attention to the improvement of real estate and be-
came an extensive builder, putting up the Tifft House, Buffalo,
then the principal hotel of the city ; also the Tifft elevator, be-
sides about 74 dwelling houses. Soon after he came to Buffalo
he purchased about 600 acres of land in the southern portion of
the city, known as the Tifft Farm. This tract he sold, with the


exception of a few parcels which he disposed of to his children.
He also owned an extensive tract of land in Shelby County, Iowa.

The last twenty years of his life was given chiefly to the man-
agement of the Buffalo Engine Works, which was owned by the
firm of George W. Tifft, Sons & Co.

Amid all the changes of his eventful life Mr. Tifft always
maintained an unimpaired credit ; always holding his obliga-
tions sacred. He took a deep interest in public affairs, although
never accepting office. He was a great admirer of Lincoln and
gave largely toward the support of the war.

During the whole of his residence in Buffalo, a period of 40
years, he was identified with the Central Presbyterian Church.
George W. Tifft died June 24, 1882, in Buffalo, N. Y.


I. John Vallett, 8 born March 28, 1828, in Stephentown,
N. Y.

II. Sarah. Ann, 8 born Oct. 25, 1829, in Stephentown, N. Y.

m. Lucy, 8 born April 10, 1837, in Hulburton, N. Y.

IV. George Harrison, 8 born April 13, 1840, in Holly, N.Y.

V. Mary Augusta, 8 born June 24, 1843, in Holly, N. Y.

696 (I) John Vallett, 8 son of George Washington. 7

John Vallett Tifft, married April 17, 1882, in Buffalo, by Rev.

David Frazer, to Maria L. Pitkin.
John Vallett Tifft died Jan. 3, 1884, in Buffalo, N. Y.
Maria L. Tifft resides in Buffalo, N. Y.

697 (IE) Sarah Ann, 8 daughter of George
Washington. 7

Sarah Ann Tifft, married Jan. n, 1854, in Buffalo, N. Y., by
Rev. John C. Lord, D. D., to Charles C. F. Gay, M. D., who


was born in Pittsfield, Mass., Jan. 7, 1821, (the son of William

and Maria Gay,) and died March 17, 1886, in Buffalo, N, Y.

Dr. Gay was a skillful surgeon, and was connected with the
General Hospital of Buffalo, N. Y. , for more than twenty years.
He was also Professor of Surgery in the Medical Department of
Niagara University of Buffalo for a number of years. He was
one of the founders of the Society of Natural Sciences and a
member of the original board of directors. Was also, for many
years, connected with the State Medical Society, and with the
Erie County Medical Society, of which he was president for
some time.

Mrs. S. A. Gay is one of the corporate managers of the "Home
for the Friendless" in Buffalo, representing the Central Presby-
terian Church.


II. Louis Whiting,' born Feb. 18, 1869, in Buffalo, N. Y.

698 (IE) Lucy, 8 daughter of George Wash-
ington. 7 .

Lucy Tifft, married Dec. 2, 1863, in Buffalo, N. Y., by Rev.
John C. Lord, D. D., to Charles L. Whiting of Brooklyn,
N. Y., and died Feb. 27, 1869, in Buffalo, N. Y.

She was graduated with honor when 16 years of age, from the Buf-
falo Female Seminary. She received the gold medal as the best
mathematician of the school. Professor Davies, author of

Davies' Algebra and Geometry, spoke of her ability upon that

occasion in high terms.


I. George W. Tiflt, 9 born Feb. 8, 1866, in Buffalo, N. Y.;
died Dec. 3, 1876.

IE. Louis, 9 born Feb. 18, 1869, in Buffalo, N. Y.


702 (II) Louis Whiting, 9 son of Lucy, 8 and adopted
son of Dr. 0. C. P. and Sarah A. Gay.

Louis Whiting Gay, married Aug. 31, 1886, in Tonawanda,
N. Y., by Rev. J. P. Smith, to Gertrude Cornell, who was
born in Oil City, Pa., Dec. 8, 1871.

699 (IV) George Harrison, 8 son of George
Washington. 7

George Harrison Tifft was killed by a falling wall at the burn-
ing of the American Hotel at Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1865,
while serving as fireman in the Citizens Taylor Hose Company
No. i.

700 (V) Mary Augusta, 8 daughter of George
Washington. 7

Mary Augusta Tifft, married Sept. 5, 1865, in Buffalo, N. Y.,
N. Y., by Rev. John C. Lord, D. D., to George D. Plympton,
who was born in Buffalo, May, 1839, and died Nov., 1890, in
Buffalo, N. Y.

Mary Augusta Plympton was graduated when 1 6 years of age
from Buffalo Female Seminary. She belongs to the Graduates'
Association of the same school, and is also a member of the
Woman's Twentieth Century Club.


I. Lucy Tifft, 9 born June 26, 1868, in Buffalo, N. Y.
n. Alice Gardner, 9 born Oct. 14, 1870, in Buffalo, N. Y.


704 (IE) Alice Gardner, 9 daughter of Mary
Augusta. 8

Alice Gardner Plympton, married June 28, 1892, in Buffalo,
N. Y., by Rev. S. S. Mitchell, D. D., to Peter C. Cornell,
M. D., who was born in Buffalo, June 28, 1865.



State of Rhode Island,
Secretary of State's Office, Providence.

APRIL 26, 1895.
MRS. MARIA E. TIFFT, Buffalo, N. Y.

Madam: In reply to yours of the 22nd would say that your
former communication was received and have just been able to
make the search for information desired. I find the name as
follows :

Teffb. Tefb. Tiffb. Tift.

Abraham. Daniel. Caleb. David.

Gardner. James. Daniel. Samuel, Jr.

James. John. David.

Robert. David, Sr.

Solomon. George.





The above named persons served in the Revolutionary War, as
appears of record in this office.

Yours respectfully,


Sec. of State.


State of Rhode Island,
Secretary of State's Office, Providence.

OCTOBER 7, 1895.
MRS. MARIA E. TIFFT, Buffalo, N. Y.

Madam: In reply to yours of October 2nd would say, I think
John and Robert Tefft came from the town of Richmond in this
state, as I learn from the records of that town, that
John Tefft was born in Richmond, March 9, 1729.
Robert Tefft was born in Richmond, May 25, 1732.
The name is spelled Tefft all through said town records. The
spelling in our Revolutionary records is very bad, and is
undoubtedly due to the scribe's inability to spell correctly.
Yours respectfully,


Sec. of State.

State of Rhode Island,
Secretary of State's Office, Providence.

SEPTEMBER, 30, 1895.

I hereby certify that it appears of record in this office that
John Teft served as a private in Captain Jesse Burdick's Com-
pany of militia, being a detachment from Col. Joseph Noye's regi-
ment, from Nov. 7 to Dec. 5, 1777, being ordered on duty by
the General Assembly.


[SEAL] Sec. of State.

SEPTEMBER, 30, 1895.

I hereby certify that it appears of record in this office that
Robert Tifft served in the Revolutionary War as a Corporal in
Captain Samuel Gorton's company, under the command of
Caleb Lewis Teft, ordered on duty Dec. 21, 1777, and served to
January 20, 1778 ; also that Robert Teft enlisted in Capt. Benja-
min West's company in Col. Topham's regiment March 12,


1778 ; also that Robert Tefft served as a private in Capt. Benja-
min West's company in Col. John Topham's regiment from
July 16, 1778 ; also that Robert Tift served as a private in Capt.
Benjamin West's company in Col. Topham's regiment from
Jan. 16 to March 16, 1779.


[SEAL] Sec. of State.

There appears in the New York State Archives the following
names of Revolutionary soldiers :

Nathaniel Tifft, private, Van Woert, Regiment, Wells Co.
Stanton Tifft, private, Van Woert, Regiment, Wells Co.
Stanton Tifft, private, Van Woert, Regiment, Wells Co.




From the Vital Records of Rhode Island.

Jane Tefft, married George Gardiner Sept. i, 1744.

Sarah Tefffc, married in the Sabbatharian Church, Newport,

R. I., Sept. 17, 1679.
William Tefft, of Pawtucket and Ruth Vaughn of Cumberland,

married by Elder James Wilson in Providence, Aug. 19, 1835.
Thomas Tefft and Abby Millard, married by Rev. Stephen

Gano, Nov, 27, 1808.
Daniel Tefft and Experience Millard, married Dec. 2, 181,5,

Abby Tefft and Charles Holbrook, married Sept. i, 1842, by

Elder J. A. McKensie.

John Tefft and Sarah Aman, married Jan. 22, 1797, by Rev.
Gardiner Thurston.

From South Kingstown Records.

Joanna Tefft and John Webb, married April 28, 1721.
Samuel, of John, and Mary Barber, married Oct. i, 1727, by

Rouse Helme, assistant.
Stephen Tefft and Annie Gardiner, married Dec. 10, 1742, by

Isaac Shelden.
Ebenezer Tefft and Lydia Swift married by Isaac Sheldon,

Justice, Nov. 6, 1746.


Mercy Tefft and Thomas Miller of Dighton, Mass. , married

Dec. i, 1756.

Mary Tefft and Jeremiah Albro, married OcL 15, 1758.
Mary Tefft and Henry Joslin, married May 21, 1769.
Abigail Tefft, daughter of Ebenezer, and James Gardiner,

married June 27, 1771.
James Tefft, Jr., and Mary Wescott, married Feb. 6, 1772,

by T. Perry, Justice.
Mary Tefft, daughter of George, and William Cottrell, married

Dec. 7, 1786.
Daniel Tefft and Sarah Northrup, married Feb. 9, 1765, by

Samuel Helme, Justice.
Susan 0. Tefft, of South Kingstown, and William Davis of Fall

River, Mass., married Dec. 9, 1849.
Lyndon G. Tefft, son of Eligah and Frances, and Anna

Champlain, daughter of Robert and Esther Champlain, married

Aug. 1 8, 1845, by Thomas Vernon.
Amie Tefft daughter of Eligah and Frances, and Benjamin G.

Tefft, of Augustus and Frances, married Nov. 28, 1844.
Mary Ann Tefft and James A. Nicols, married March n,

Stephen Hazard Tefft,son of Stephen and Mary B., of North

Kingstown, and Phebe Weedon, daughter of Freeman P. and

Phebe Watson, of South Kingstown, married Jan. 23, 1849 at

Lonsdale, R. I., by Rev. E. T. Watson.
Stephen A.Tefft,son of Benjamin, of Richmond, and Eunice A.

daughter of Arnold Lewis, of Exeter, married June 20, 1850,

by Rev. George K. Clarke.

Births of the Tefft Family Recorded in South


Ebenezer, born Feb. 14, 1723-4.
Abigail, of Samuel and Joanna, born Dec. 4, 1731.
Mary, born Jan. 28, 1732.


Mercy, born April 24, 1735.

Hannah, of Tennant and Tabitha, born June 28, 1741.

Caleb, born Oct. n, 1743.

Sophia, of Samuel, Jr., and Mary.

Samuel, born June 22, 1742.

Oliver, born March 22, 1743.

Alexander, born July 30, 1746.

Stanton, of Nathan and Isabel, born July 9, 1744.

Isabel, born March 14, 1745.

Mercy, born Dec. 14, 1749.

Nathan, born Aug. 28, 1752.

John, born March 24, 1756.

Mary, born May 2, 1758.

Sarah, born Aug. 14, 1762.

Marriages Recorded in Exeter.

Mary Tefft and William Hesaline, married June 4, 1787.
Mrs. Patience Tefft and Wilcox Barber, married June, 1797.
Mercy Tefft and John Reynolds, married June 4, 1804.
George Tefft, of Exeter, and Alice James of Richmond,

daughter of Stephen James, married April i, 1827, by

Gershom Palmer.
Alice Tefft and Amos Tefft, married Dec. 29, 1839, by Elder

Benedict Johnson.

Marriages Recorded hi Westerly.

David Tefft and Freelove Palmilter, married Nov. 26, 1737,

by Elder John Maxson.

Sarah Tefft and Thomas Wilcox, married July 2, 1739.
Samuel Tefft, of Westerly, and Mary Ellis of Preston, Conn ,

married at Stonington, Conn., May 5, 1753; by Simeon

Miner, Justice.

Mary Tefft and Benajah Brown, married Jan. 25, 1758.
Mary Tefft and Joseph Bundy, married Oct. 31, 1758.


Samuel Tefft, of Westerly, and Elizabeth Mitchell, a widowed
daughter of Joseph Bundy, married July 25, 1767, by Rev.
Thomas Ross.

Elizabeth Tefft and Thomas Partelow, married April 29,

Records of Richmond.

Ezekiel Tefft, of Richmond and Patience Porter of Exeter,

married Oct. 21, 1750, by Stephen Richmond, Justice.
Ruth Tefft and William Clarke, married March 30, 1737.
Joseph Tefft, Jr., and Sarah Maxson, married July 17, 1757,

by Edward Perry, Justice.

Esther Tefft and Oliver Colgrave, married April 28, 1765.
Elizabeth Tefft and Stephen Hoxsie, married Oct. 12, 1766.
Samuel Tefft, son of Joseph, and Amie Gardiner, daughter

of George, married Dec. 9, 1770, by Robert Stanton, Justice.
Joseph Tefft, Jr., of Richmond, and Alice, daughter of Samuel

Albro, of Exeter, married May 22, 1771, at Exeter, by Elder

Solomon Sprague.
Hezekiah TefiEt, son of Ezekiel, and Sarah Lillibridge, daughter

of Ed ward, married March 23,1775, by Edward Perry, Justice.
Tabor Tefft, son of Joseph, and Sarah Barber, daughter of

Caleb, married July 25, 1782, by Elder Charles Boss.
Ezekiel Tefft, son of Ezekiel and Amie Wilcox, daughter of

Stephen, married Oct. '13, 1783, by Thomas Tefft, Justice.
Sarah Tefft married Benjamin Barber, Oct, 16, 1785.
Susannah Tefft and Lawton Foster, married Nov. 4, 1792.
Mary Tefft married John Reynolds, June 24, 1804.
Edward Tefft, of Richmond, and Nancy Turner, of Groton,

Conn., married by Elder John G. Weightman, Dec. 16, 1804.
Lucy Tefft, daughter of George, of Borton.Conn., and Thomas

Tefft, Jr., married Jan. 30, 1805.

Sarah Tefft and Luke Clarke, married Feb. 28, 1806.
Joanna Tefft and Joseph Clarke, married Dec. 10, 1810.
Sarah Tefft and John Barber, married Feb. 2, 1826.


Ray G. Tifft, of Richmond, and Mrs. Mary Smith, of South

Kingstown, married by Elder Henry C. Hubbard, Sept. 24.


Deborah Tefft and John Barber, married Dec. 27, 1847.
Silas W. Tefft, son of Silas.of Richmond, and Sarah Crandall

daughter of Stephen, married by Elder C. J. Locke, Dec. 27,


Births of the Tefft Family Recorded in Richmond.

Reynolds, son of John, Jr., and Hannah, born Oct. 6, 1752;

died July 5, 1754.
Clarke, born Jan. 7, 1761.
John, born May 18, 1767.
Mary, born April 22, 1769.

Caleb, son of Joseph, Jr., and Sarah, born Oct. 17, 1757.
Mary, born Nov. 24, 1758.
Tabor, born March 3, 1761.
Jemima, born July 10, 1763.
Joseph, born April 6, 1766.
Sarah, born June 12, 1768.
Anotice, born April i, 1773.
Alice, born June 16, 1775.
Albro, born Sept. 27, 1778.

Phebe Woodmansee, daughter of Penelope, born Jan. 3, 1765.
Joanna, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah, born Feb. 7, 1766.
Edward, born March 12, 1768.
Elizabeth, born Sept. 10, 1770.
Asa, born June 2, 1772.
Jesse, born April 21, 1776.

John Tift (one authority calls him George) must have been an
early settler of Stephentown, N. Y., as his daughter Rhoda mar-
ried Griswald Denison, the son of Daniel Denison, Jr., the set-
tler of 1771. Rhoda's second marriage was to James Jones. It
occurred when she and her husband were between 70 and 75 years
of age. James Jones died in Stephentown, N. Y., 1885, aged 93


years, and she died some years previous. Rhoda had a brother,
John Tifft, who married, had four sons and one daughter, and
settled on a farm in Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y.

Parker W. Tefft, of Chicago, 111. , gives the following con-
cerning his family :

Edmund Tefft (great-grandfather of Parker W.,) was born
in South Kingstown, Kings Co., R. I., Aug. n, 1750. He was a
Baptist preacher and was a volunteer in the Revolutionary War.
His father's name is not known. Edmund settled in New York,
probably in Rensselaer County, prior to the Revolution, as his
son, John Tefft, was born in Stephentown, N. Y., June 28, 1775.
Edmund married Mary Sweet, who was born in Exeter, R. I.

From William Oarleton Tifft, of Marion, N.Y., the following
concerning his family is given. He says :

"We know that our family at first had only one 'f in the

Caleb Tifft (great-grandfather of William Carleton) was born
in Rhode Island. He lived for a long time in Lorraine, Jeffer-
son Co., N. Y., and is buried at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson
Co., N. Y.
Caleb's brothers settled in Saratoga Co., N. Y., where there are

now many Teffts or Tiffts.


Caleb, Jr.,






Thomas Tifft's wife, up to a year or two ago, was still living
with her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Siass, Ellis Village, Jefferson County,
N. Y., at the age of 93. She has taken great pride in the collec-
tion of her husband's family records.


Caleb Tifft, Jr., lived in Mansville, N. Y., or in Sandy Creek,
Oswego, Co., N. Y.



Orange Angell,

William Theodore,

Daniel, (deceased) of Lacona, Oswego Co. , N. Y.

Leander, (deceased) of Pulaski, N. Y.

Orange Angell Tifft always said that his grandfather Caleb had
three brothers.


William Oarleton Tifft, a graduate of Rochester University
and member of the Alpha Delta Phi College Fraternity.
Principal of Marion Collegiate Institute, Marion, N. Y.


William Brainard Tifft of Syracuse, N. Y.


Wilbor S. Tifft, of Sandy Creek, N. Y.
Warren H. Tifft, of Sandy Creek, N. Y.



Organization of the Tifft Family Cemetery

GARFIELD, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1895.
MRS. W. S. TIFFT, Buffalo, N. Y.

Dear Friend: Yours of the i3th inst. received, and in reply to
your inquiry will say, the name by which we unanimously decided
to become incorporated was "The Tifft Cemetery Association,"
which was organized the i4th day of June, 1882, at the residence
of Joseph Tifft, deceased. There were present :

Mrs. Sally C. Tifft, Sprague Tifft and wife, Stephen E. Williams
and wife, Willard D. Tifft, Charles Wicks and wife, M. J. Lester
and wife, Mrs. Abigail Smith, John R. Knapen of Nussau, N. Y.,
Jeremiah V. Tifft of Stephentown, N. Y., David Tifft of New
Lebanon, N. Y., Wrilson S. Tifft and wife and Mrs. Lily Lord Tifft,
of Buffalo, N. Y., and Mrs. Cordelia Gardner of Newark, N. Y.

It was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York,
authorizing the incorporation of Family Cemetery Associations.
Certificate made out, signed and acknowledged the iyth day of
June, and recorded in the office of the County Clerk the 3oth day
of June, in Book No. i of Certificates, at page 74.


The cemetery is situated on the Tifft Homestead, Nassau, N. Y.
A memorial stone was erected there in May, 1895, by the grand-
children of John Tifft, with the following inscriptions engraved
upon the four faces :




FEB. 19, 1758.
DIED IN NASSAU, N. Y., APRIL 26, 1813.




FEBRUARY 13, 1760.
DIED IN NASSAU, N. Y., MARCH 23, 1834.


ROBERT, born, Exeter, R.I., 1779; died, Stephentown, N.Y., 1860.
ABIGAIL, born, Exeter, R.I., 1780; died, Orleans Co., N. Y., 1863.
JEREMIAH, born, Exeter, R. I., 1782; died, Nassau, N. Y., 1873.
SIMON, born, Exeter, R. I., 1784; died, Nassau, N. Y., 1873.
POLLY, born, Exeter, R. I., 1786; died, Nassau, N. Y., 1835.
DAVID, born, Exeter, R. I., 1788; died, Vetuna, N. Y., 1854.
NANCY, born, Exeter, R. I., 1790; died, Lebanon, N. Y., 1844.
CHARITY, born, Exeter, R. I., 1792; died, Stephentown, N.Y., 1838.
JOHN, born, Nassau, N. Y., 1795; died, Buffalo, N. Y., 1868.
SPRAGUE, born, Nassau, N. Y., 1800; died, April 28, 1896.
JOSEPH, born, Nassau, N. Y., 1802; died, Nassau, N. Y., 1879.
GEORGE W., born, Nassau, N.Y., 1805; died, Buffalo, N. Y., 1882.


John Tifft removed from Exeter, R. I., to Nassau, N. Y., in Feb.

1793, with his wife and eight children, one span of

horses, two yoke of oxen, and farm stock.



The son of Robert.
" " " John.
" " " John.
" " " Samuel.
" " " John.
Who was a freeman of Portsmouth, R. I., 1655.



Outline of the ancestors of Marion S. Lamb, wife of Edwin
Vallett Tifft, as given by herself.

First Generation.

Isaac Lamb and his father settled first, after coming from Eng-
land to America, on a large tract of land in Haverhill, New
Hampshire, from which they were driven by the Indians, and for
safety, they went to Connecticut. In 1696 Isaac Lamb became a
freeman and purchased land,in Groton, Conn., 50 acres, of Peter
Crary. He lived on this farm 18 years. In 1714 he bought 200
acres in Mystic, Conn. This purchase became the homestead, and
has been occupied by his descendants for over 180 years. Isaac
Lamb is said to have been a soldier in Cromwell's army. He was
one of the founders of the first Baptist Church in Connecticut,
and he died in 1723.
Isaac Lamb and Lydia had nine children.

Second Generation.

Isaac Lamb, born in 1705 in Mystic, Conn. It is recorded that
his brother Daniel was a teacher. The baptism of two of his
sisters is recorded as occurring in 1695 and 1698 in Stonington,
Conn. His brother Ezekial had a son who was a Baptist deacon
in Holyoke, Mass., and his brother Daniel a son who was a deacon
in a Baptist Church. He married Tabitha Wightman, who was
the daughter of the Rev. Timothy Wightman. Two of his sons
were Baptist clergymen.


Isaac Lamb married Lydia Richards of Preston, Conn., in June,
1733. They had six children. Daniel, their third son, moved to
Camillus, N. Y., from Eastern, N. Y.

Third Generation.

Daniel Lamb was a deacon in the Baptist Church of
Camillus, N. Y. He had seven children and lived to be 80 years
of age a long life " full of good works."

Fourth Generation,

Isaac Lamb, born in 1778, died in 1843. He married Serena
Moore in Stillwater, N. Y. They had two children, Daniel
and Henry, their mother dying soon after the birth of Henry.

Fifth Generation.

Daniel Lamb, born June 28, 1809. He married July 7, 1833,
in Lebanon, N. Y., to Lydia Groves, who was born Feb. 3, 1814,
and who was the daughter of John and Percy Lily Groves, of
Lebanon, N. Y.

Lydia Groves Lamb died June 29, 1849, i n Lebanon, Madison
Co., N. Y. They had five children :

Marion Serena, born Aug. 4, 1835, in Lebanon, N. Y.

Lewis Moore, born Nov. 4, 1837, in Jordon, N. Y.

Marietta Latetia, born Sept. 14, 1843, in Lebanon, N. Y.

DeWitt Groves, born June 16, 1849, in Oneida, N. Y.

Marion Serena Lamb married Edwin V. Tifft.
Daniel Lamb married the second time July 20, 1853, in Hor-

nellsville, N. Y., by Rev. T. S. Sheardown, to Lorinda Dilldine of

Hornellsville, N. Y. They had five children.

Daniel Lamb went from Hornellsville, N. Y., to Toledo, Ohio,

where he lived 25 years, and from there to Roscommon, Mich.,

where he died Sept. 30, 1886.


From the Roscommon News: " Mr. Lamb was well known as
a temperance worker and was universally esteemed by our citizens."

From the Toledo Blade: "Mr. Lamb was a great worker in
the cause of temperance, and his kindly face and winning ways
will be sadly missed by his numerous friends."

His oldest child well remembers when but five years of age
hearing him plead with a man of drinking habits to give them up,
while the tears streamed down his face. He became a member of
the organization of the Sons of Temperance at their inception and
remained in the order till the close of his residence in Toledo,

Sixth Generation.

Lewis Moore Lamb, married June 12, 1863, in Friendship,
N. Y., to Mary Grace Willard. He enlisted at the beginning of
the Civil War, May 16, 1861. in the 23rd Regiment, Col. Hoff-
man commanding. He was in the battles of Rappahannock
Station, Sulphur Springs, Second Bull Run, Chantilly, Antietam,
South Mountain and Fredericksburg, and was honorably dis-
charged May 22, 1863, in Elmira, N. Y.

Residence, Friendship, N. Y.

Seventh Generation.

Edwin Willard Lamb, married June ii, 1849, in Wellsville,
N. Y., to Harriet Sisson, who was born Jan. 15, 1878, in Wells-
ville, N. Y.

Residence, Danbury, Conn.



Outline of the Paternal Ancestors of Maria E.
(Maxon) Tifft.

First Generation.

Richard Maxson of Boston, Mass., and Portsmouth, R. I.,

married Good wife . He was a blacksmith. Oct. 1634, he was

admitted to the church, being at this time in the employ of
James Everill. 1638, Portsmouth. He and others were admitted
as inhabitants of the Island of Aquidneck, having submitted
themselves to the government that is or shall be established. 1639,
Feb. 7. "Richard Maxson, blacksmith, upon complaints made
against him, was accordingly detected for his oppression in the
way of his trade, who being convinced thereof, promised amend-
ment and satisfaction."

1639, April 30. He and 28 others signed the following compact:
"We whose names are underwritten, do acknowledge ourselves the

legal subjects of his majesty King Charles, and in his name do
hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politicke, unto his laws

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