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Digitized by VjOOQIC

'7Aa(. .,:r


Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC






Eiri)rjtt]» from tit flutios'jer Slatjsir Worlu









840 A 848 BSOADWAT.


Digitized by VjOOQIC

7 -2-2-6. IS^

"(. 14 iJO U tr / 1 U V rt^ » • </W tcv^

Entered aooordlng to Act of Ck>ngreBS, in the jear 1854,


In tho Clerk*8 Office of the Dlstriot Court of the United Btotet ibi the Bonthera
Pistrlct of New York.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


The very fevorable manner in which the public has
been pleased to receive Seoane's Spanish and English


LAZQUEz, has induced him to undertake this Abridgment,
in order to render that work more serviceable to younger
scholars, travellers, and men of business ; taking at the
same time the utmost cai*e to retain all the most usual
and necessary words, together with their various and fre-
quent meanings, so as to make it, though small in size, as
copious and complete as such a work can be.

With this object in view, the Editor has again consulted
not only the works which made the basis of said Dic-
tionary, but also other lexicographers and authors, partic-
ularly of Travels through the new republics of North and
South America, from which he has selected a great num-
ber of words belonging to the articles of commerce and
the natural productions of those coimtries, which he has
inserted in this Abridgment, together with many idioms
and provincialisms, not to be found in any other work of
this kind.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


As the Editor's aim has been to make moi^ easy and
familiar the intercourse between the two great nations
speaking the grandiloquons and energetic languages com-
piled in this Abridgment, and thereby to strengthen the
brotherly ties which he wishes may always bind them ; he
hopes that his humble efforts may not prove altogether
profitless to both the Americans and Spaniards ; as his sole
wish is to be, inasmuch as he can, useful to them.

New Tobk, January^ 1861

Digitized by VjOOQIC


L — As the modem system of Orthography lately introduced by
the Spanish Academy has been adopted in this Abridgment, as
well as in the original Dictionary, the student is requested to
keep in mind the following directions :

1st. The words that may not be found in the combinations ^a,
j^fJhJOjjUj ffe, gij should be looked for in the combinations xa,
», i», xoy am, je, ji, and vice versa : as, mujer, muger ; ex^rdtOy
ej6rcito ; relox, leloj, etc

2d. The words that may not be found in the combinations ce,
ci, may be looked for in the combinations ze, zi, and vice versa.

3d. The words that may not be found in the combinations cua^
cuey cut, cuo, may be looked for in the combinations qua, qUe, qui,
qfiOy and vice versa : as, quando, cuando ; question, cuestion, etc.
. 4th. Those that may not be found in ca, que, qui, look for
them in chd, chi, chi, and vice versa : as, arcMngel, arcangd ;
ch^rubin, qu6rubin; cMmicaj quimica.

5th. Words with the syllables os, us, may be found in obs, ubs,
and vice versa : as, oscuro, obscuro.

6th. Those that may not be found in the combinations esc, est,
will be found in the combinations exc, ext, and vice versa : as,
esciiar, ezdtar ; estender, extender.

Yth. Those that may not be found in the combination tras, will
be found in the combination trans, and vice versa : as, traspa-
rente, transparente.

8th. "Words that may not be found with ha, he, in the middle

Digitized by VjOOQIC



of words, may be looked for without it in the Dictionary, or vice
versa: as, azaliar, azar; comprehender, comprender.

9th. Those that may not be found with the letter t, may be
looked for with the letter y, or vice versa : as, /«, ley ; reyna,

10th. Those that may not bo found with the letter b, will be
found with the letter v, and vice versa : as, cibil, civil.

11th. Words with double n are often written with one : as, co-
naturalj instead of connatural.

n. — ^In familiar letters and manuscripts from the former Span-
ish provinces there are to be found some faults, and the most
frequent are the following :

B instead of v, as llebo, in lieu of llevo, I carry.



6, « votetOy


boleta, a ticket.



c, " seremonioj


ceremonia, a ceremony.



«, " selebro,


celebroy the brain.



z, " cawE,


caza, hunting.



Z, " craro,


claro, clear.



W," cabayoj


caballOf a horse.



y, « polio,


poyo, a bench.



m " onbre^


kombre, a man.

Digitized by VjOOQIC







A, pr^noaneed as a In alarnk.

A\ prtp. To, in,* after, according to, on, by,

for, ot np ; an.
4 Madrid, (lt\) To go to Madrid.
4 ]a £spaflola, /nor afUr\bA Spanish ftshion.
a la puerta, At Mxe door. [Castile,

a ley do Caadlla, According to the law of
4 pi^ (Tenir,) To come on foot
tt hierro, (morir,) To dio by the sword.
4 dot reales, (vendene,) To b« Bold for two

4 vino^ (oler,) To smell q^wine.
4 la cinain, (cnizar on rio con el agna,) To

croea a river with the water up to the waist
4 pmeba de bomba, Bomb-proo£
Al is now written instead ofd e^ To the.
A' most be placed before the object direct

of an active Terb, if it be a person, proper

noun, or thing personified; as, Ama a tn

prdjlmo, Love tby neighbor.
A A, Contraction Ibr Authora; and A,, fat

AUeacL, Hlghneas, or for approval
Ab4ba, »/. Bed poppy.
Abaceria, nf. A grocery.
Abaoero, ra, jl A grocer.
Abacial, a. Belonging to an abbot
Aliaco, »m. (Arcbu) Abacna.
Ab4d, mn. An abbot
Ab4diL »/. The female rhinoceros.
Abad^o, wi. Codfish ; yellow wren.
Abad^ngo, ga, a. AbbaUaL
Abad^aa, «/: An abbess.
Abadia,«/f An abbey. [abater.

Abtyador, sm. 1. Stable-boy in mines. 2. An
Abiu^^ne, vr. To abase one's selC
Ab^o, a. Under, nnderneath, below.
Abalaaz4r, to. To bahmce; weigh; dart
AbaIdon4r, vet. To debase, revile, reproach.
AbA]e4r, «a. To winnow, sift, separate.
Abaliz4r. cOw (Nau.) To lay down baoys.
Aballcstar, va. (Nan.) To haul a cable.
AbaI6rio8, «m. pL Glass beads.
AbaaderAdo, »m. A standard-bearer.
Abanderlzad6r, ra, a A ringleader.
Abaaderiz4r, va. To cabal; foment riots.

Abandon4do, da, a. 1. Abandoned, forlorn. SL
Profligate, [debauchery. 8. Forlornnesa.

Abandonami6nto, trni. 1. Abandonment i.

AbandonurM^o, To abandon, to forsake; to

Aband6no, v. Abandonamimto. [give npi

Abanic4r, va. To fon, winnow. ^

Abanicazo, am. Blow with a Ian.

Abanico, am. 1. A fan. 2. (Nan.) A spritsaiL

Abaniqn^ro, 9m. A fitn-maker.

AbaraUir, ta. To cheapen, to abate.

Abarbetar, ta. (Nau.) To rack.

Abarca, a/. A sole of coarse leather, [skins.

Abarc4do, da, a. With the feet wrapped in dry

Abarcad6r, ra, a. 1. Embracer. 2. Monopolist

Abarcad^tra, af. AbarccmUeatOy am. An em-
brace, [monopolize.

Abarc4r, «a. To clasp, embrace; contain;

Abaro6n, am. An iron ring, hoop.

Abario4r, vn. To bear np, hanl the wind.

AbarqaiI14r, vet. To shape like a boat

Abarrac4rse, vr. To withdraw into barrack/^

Abarragan/irse, vr. To live in concubinage.

Abarrancad6ro, sm. A beavv road ; precipice.

Abarrancami6nto, am, Fallmg into pits ; em*

Abarranc4r, tct. To break np a road: to dig
holes. — vr. To fidl into a pit; to oecome

Abarrdz, am. (Bot) Lonse-wort

Abarrotdr, txi, 1. To tie, bind. 2. Overstock.

Abarrdte, am. (Nan.) Small stowage.

Abastadamdnto, ad. (Obs.) Abundantly.

Aba3tard4r8e, im. To degenerate.

Abasteced6r, ra, «. A caterer, provider.

Abastec^r, wk 1. To provide, to cater. 2. To

AbastecimlSnto, am. Providing; provisions.

Abastion4r, «a. To fortify with bastions.

Abasto, sm. The supply of a town; em-

Abatan4r, va. To beat or fiill doth.

Ab4te, am. An abbd.

A'bate, inUrJ. Take care I Away I

Abatidn, da, a. Df^ected, spiritless; abject

Abatlmidnto, am, Discoun^ment lownesa

Digitized by VjOOQIC


of spiritfi, falntneM AhaHmi^to del

rumhc, (NanO The leeway of a flhJp.
Abater, va. 1. To overthrow, to cut down.

2. Humbla.— ^?n. To deaceno, to stoop. — er.

1. To bo disheartened, dlsuaayed. 2. (Nau.)

To have leeway.
Abdicaci6n, sf. Abdication.
Abdlcdr, «a. 1. To abdicate, resign. 2. Annul.
Abdomen, sm. Abdomen, belly.
Abdominal, a. AbdomlnaL
Abdiiccl6n, «/ (Anal) Abdnetion.
Abductor, 8m. (Anat) Abductor.
Abec6, am. The alphabet, the A B C.
Aboced^o, wn. Alphabet; spelUng-book.
AbedH mu The birch-tree.
Ab6jA, ^f. A bee. Abt^a maestro, Qneen-

bois. Ab^a mtusMega^ Breeding-bee.
Ab^&r, tm. A bec-hlve. [are very fond.
Abd&r, cu. Uioa aJbfiar^ A grape of which bees
Abctjarron, Ab^iirro, tm. A norse-fly.
Abcaardoo, Ab^er6co, tm. 1. The bee-eater,

a bird. 2. (Mot) A mean follow.
Abd6ra, af. Balm-mint or beo-wort
Aba6ro, Mil. A keeper of bee^hivea,
Abd6n, am. Humble-bee ; a drone ; a hornet
Ab^onizo, anh. A large wild bee.
Ab^oncillo, am. dim, A amail wild bee, a

small drone.
Ab€si6rro, am. Humble-bee.
Abellacddo, da, a. Mean-spirited.
Abellacdrse, vr. To become mean; to de-
grade one's self
Abellot&do, <t Made in the form of acorns.
Aberengenado, da, a, Eogr-plant color, lila&
Aborracl6n, af. (Astr.) Aberration.
Aberrugido, da, a. Full of warta.
Abert&n, ^. Aperture; beginning; openings

gap; aleak.
Ab et^rno, (Lat) From all eternity. [fir.
Ab^to, am. The silver-tree; the yew-leaved
Abetun&do, di, a. Resembling bitumen.
Abetnn&r, vo. To do over with pitch.
Abi^rto. ta, a. 1. Open. 2. Sincere,

& Full-blown.— m). irr. of Ahrir.
Ablgarrddo, da, a. Variegated, motley.
AblgarrAr, «a To paint with a diversity of

Abigeito, WL (Law.) Theft of cattle.
Abig6o. am. (Law.) A catUe-thieC
Abigotado, da, a Wearing long whiskers
AbibArea, am. Nardasna, daffodil ; a precious

stone. [b^iinning.

Abinido, (or db iniHo, Lat) Trom the
Abinteatito, a. (Lat) IntcstatA.
Abl^aa, af. Boa constrictor.
AbismiU, a. Beloniring to an abyss.
Abism&les, a. of Clasp naila.
AbismAr, va. To depress, to humbla
Abismo, am. Abyss; gulf; Immense depth.
Abitad6ra, «/! A turn of tho cable around

the bits.
Abltdque, am. A rafter or Joist
Abitar el cable. To bit the cablei
Abltas del molinote, Garrick-bits.
Abitdnea, atn. pi. Top-sail sheet-bits.
Ablzoooh&do, da, a. In the form of a biscuit
Ab1uTaoi6n, s^ Abjuration.
Aunr4r, va. To aUnre. to recant upon oatb.
ADlandad6r. ra, a. Molllfler, softener.
AMandamltoto^ am. MoUillcatioB, Utlgatlon.


Ablanddr, va. & n. 1. To soften, to mollify,
to relent % To loosen. 8. To assuageu

AblandativOjVa, a. Bland, mild.

Ahluno, am. Tlie hazel-tree. [Latin nouns.

Ablativo, Abldtive, am. The sixth case of

Ablneidn, af. Ablution, cleansing, lotion.

Abncgaci<)n, a/? Abnegation, eelf-denial.

Abnesdr, v«i«To renounce, to deny, abnegate.

Abobado, da, a. Btupid, simple, silly.

Abobami6nto, am. Stnpefbcuon, stupidity.

Abobir, vo. 1. To stnpeiy. 2l V. Xmbdbar.-^
vr. To grow stupid.

Abocddo, a. Mild, agreeable; applied to wine.

Abocamicnto, am. Conferonc^ parley.

AbooAr, «a. To take or catch witn the mouth.
Abocar la arUUsria,To point tho guns.
Abocartm eatracho^ To enter the moutli of
a channel or strait— vr. To meet, to have
an interview.

Abocardido, da, a. Wide-mouthed.

Abochom4do, da, a. Out of countenance,
flushed. [voke. w. To blush.

AbochomAr, 9a. 1. To overheat 2. To pro-

Abocin4do, a. Bent

Abocin4r, «n. (Low.) To fldl upon tho ftco.

Abofetead6r, ra. a. Buffeter. [insult

Abofete&r, wk 1. To slap one*s Ikcei 2. To

Abogacia, af. Profession of a lawyer.

AbogAda, rf. A mediatrix; a counsellor's wlfb.

Abogade&r, vn. To pbiy the advocate; iron.

Abogndo, «f?k 1. Advocate, oonnsellor. 2. A
mediator. [cause. 2. To mollify.

Abogir, vn. 1. To advocate, to plead the

AbobetAdo, da, a. Inflated, swollen.

Abol^ngo, am. L Ancestry. 2. Lineage, do-
scent inheritance.

Abolici6n, af Abolition, extinction.

AboUr, WK To abolish, annul

Abo11Ado,V. Alechugado.

Abolladiira, af 1. Inequality. 2. Bruise.

Abolidr, «ck 1. To emboss. 2. To annoy
with an unpleasant diaooursoi 8. To stun
and confound. 4 To bruise. [the vine.

Abolldn, am. (Prov.) A bud, in particular of

Abollonir, «a. To emboss. [purBQ.

AbolsMo. da, OL Puckered, folded like a

Abomln&Dle, a. Detestable, odious, heinoua.

Abom{nad6n, af Abomination, detestation.

Abomin&r, va. To detest to abhor.

AbonMo, da, SL A subscriber.

Abonddo, da, a. 1. Creditable, rich. 2. Fit for.

Abonador, 6ra, a. A ball or surety.

Abonanzir, vn. To dear up.

Abon&r, «a. 1. To bail, to insure. 2. To Im-
prove, a To manure. 4. To glvo one
credit— rr. TV) subscribe; warrant

Ab6tto,«m. Warrant bail; manure; areoelpt

Abordiid6r, am. (Nau.) Boarder; an intruder.

Abord&ge, am. (Nan.) Boarding a shin.

AbordAr, foa. 1. To board a ship. 2. To run
foul of a ship.

Ab6rdo, am. (Met) Address, attack, shock,
force. A hofdo. on board. In the ship.

Aborigines, am. pL Aboriginea^ [flamed.

Abomch&do, da, a. 1. High-€olor«d. 2. In-

Aborrasciirso, or. To be stormy. [hator.

Aborreeeddr, ra, a. Abhorrer. detostor, a

Aborroo6r, «a. To abhor, hate, detest, desert

Aborredble, a. HatofUl, detestable, [tlon.

lAborroclmidnto, am. Abhorrence, deteet*-

Digitized by VjOOQIC


AbortiunlSnto. «m, Abortion.

Aborts, va. To miscarrv.

Abortivam^nte, ad. Abortivdf.

A])OTtivo, va, a. Abortive.

Ab6rto, 4mi. A iniscarriafi;e; a monster.

Abon^jarve, rr. To be moffled or wrapped np.

Abotag^&rae, vr. To be swollen, to be inflated.

Abotin&dojvda, cl Made in the form of half-

A1)otonad6r, sm. buttoning instnunont

AbotMi^, va. To batton; bud; to furm a

Aboredldo, da, a. Arched, vanlted.

Aboved^, va. To arch, to vaatt.

Aboj&do, da, a. A &rm rented, with oxen

tar p1oaghiD£,
Aboyar, va. (S&vl)

To lay down bnoysL

AlihtS/.Abay^ haven; creek; Talley;fis8are.

Abradfo, «nk (CoIL) An embrace.

Abmboz^, va. To hold one by the garment

Abraaaddr, ra, & A bamcr.

Abraumidoto, mk Burning; inflammation.

Abrae^, vr. To bum ; Are ; squander ; pro-
Toke. — vr. To be agitated by any Yiolent
passion, to glow.

AbrasUado, diL a. Brazil-wood color.

Abrazad6ra, «/ 1. A band. 2. A deat

Abrazad6r, ra. «. 1. Embracer. 2l (Low)
Thief-taker, a A hook.

Abrazamiento, »m. Embracing.

Abrazir, va. 1. To embrace, to biig; to clasp.
2. To surround.

Abrfiza, am. A hug, an embrace.

A'brego, am. A southwest wind.

Abrenundo, int. (Lat) Far be it from ma

Abreradero, mn. A watering-place for catUe.

AbrerMo, o. softened in water. [Waterer.

AbFeTad6r, 9m. 1. He who waters cattle. 2.

Abrevir, va. To water cattle.

AbreTiaci6n, »f. Abbreviation.

Abreviaddr, ra, «. An abridger.

Abreviir, «& To abridge.

AbreTiatura, */. Abbreviation.

Abreviatuiia, a/. Office of a breviator.

Abrfbondrse, vr. To act the scoundrel ; stroll.

Abrid^ro^ ra, a. Aperitive ; easily opened.

Abriddr. am. 1. Freestone-peach. 2. Opener.
^&r»d!or(2«{(ifn»»aa, An engraver. Abri-
dor en huecOy A die or punch sinker.

Abrlgaddro, am. Sheltered place.

Abrig&fio, am. A shelter for cattie.

Abrlg&r, va. To shelter, to protect, to pat-
ronize; to warm.

AbriKo, am. Shelter, protection, aid.

Abril, am. April

Abrillantar, va. To cut a diamond into ihcets ,
to make any precious stone sparkle by
polishing it

Aorlmiento, am. An opening.

Abrir, va. 1. To open ; to unlock. 2. To re-
moTe obstacles. & To engrave. Abrir
U dia. To dawn. Abrir el ojo. To be alert
Abrir la mano. To accept bribes: to be
generous. Abrir loa cjoB d uno^ To un-
deceive, to enlighten. 4 Abnrae con
olfftMOy To disclose one's secreta Abrir
reffiairo (speaking of a vessel^ To begin
to take in cargo.

Abrochad6r, am. An instrument to button


Abrochadura, af. AbrochamiSnto, am^ But*
Abrochar^ To button on. [toning on.

Abrogacion, «^ Abrogation, repeal.
Abroeir, va. To abrogate, to annul
Abrojdl, am, A place covered with thistlea.
Abrujo, am. 1. (Bot) Caltrops, thistle, thorn,

prickle. 2. A crowfoot 8. A lash.— />&

Midden rocks in the sea.
Abromiulo, d«L a. 1. (Nan.) Dark, hazy,

foggy. 2b Worm-eaten.
Abromirse, vr. (Nau.) To be worm-eaten.
Abroquelirsej^r. To cover one's self with a

shield. 2. To defend one's selC
Abr6tano, (Bot) Southernwood.
Abroton6r, vn, (Nan.) To scud dismasted.
Abrumido, da, & Weary.
Abrumaddr, ra, «. A teaser.
Abrum^, va. 1. To crush. 2. To cause great

pains or trouble. 8. To overlay.
Abrutudo, da, a. Brutish, ungovernable.
Absc^eo, am. An abscess.
Ab6it,<n/. God forbid 1
Absoluci6n,#/ Absolution; acquittal.
Absol&ta, af. Dogmas universal proposition.
Absolutamdnte, ad. Absolutely.
AbsolAto, ta, A, 1. Absolute. 2. Imperlou&
Absolutdrio, a Absolutory.
Absolvdr, «a. To absolve ; acquit
Absorci^n, af. (Med.) AbsorptiDn.
Abs6rta ta. a. Amazed, absorbed in thought
Abaorvencia, af. Absorbing.
Absorvinte, am, &pa. (MedO Absorbent
Absorver, va, "L To absorb. 2. To hurry alon&
Absorvido, a. (Med.) Absorbed.
Abst6mio, mla, a. Abstemious.
Abstondrse, vr. To abstain, forbear.
Absteigente, Abster^vo, va, a. Cleansing^

Absterger, va. To cleanse.
Abstersi6n, ^ Abstersion.
Abstlndncia, tf. Forbearance, abstbieneei
Abetin6nte, a. Abstinent [ment

Abstracddn, af. 1. Abstraction. 2. Betir»>
Abstractivo, va, a. Abstractive.
Abstr&cto, ta, a. Abetract
Abstraer^o. 1. To abstract 2. To reftain

from. ^ To differ in opinion.
Abetraldo, da, a. Retired.
Abstrtiso, sa, a. Abstruse, difficult
Absu61to, ta, a-. Free.
Absiirdo, «m. Absurdity, nonsense.
Absiirdo, da, a. Nonsensical, absurd.
Abubilla, af. (Om.) the hoopoe, or hoopoa
Abu61a, af. Grandmother, { -_„,*„
Abudl?, am, Grandfother, f ancestor.
AbultAdo, da, a. 1. Increased. 2. Bulky.
Abultad6r, am. Stiffener.
AbulUkr, va>. To increase, to enlarge.-^vnb

To be bulky or large.
Abundami6nto, am. V. Abundanda,
AbundAncia, «f. Abundance, opulence.
Abund&nte, a. Abundant, pientifhl.
Abundantem6nte, ad. Abundantly.
AbundAr, vru To abound, to have plenty.
Abufiuelar, va. To make something in the

shape of a fritter.
Aburelido, da, a. Grayish.
Aburrido, da, ct. Weary.
Abnrrimi^nto, am. Vexation, despondeney*
tediousness; weariness, sorrow.

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Abnrrfr. «a. To vex, to perplex, to weary.

Aburi^udo, da, a. 1. Trosijod together. 2.

Abunijdr, ffa. To press or heap together.

Abosdr, Vii. To abuse or misapply a thing.

Abusivo, va, a. Abusive.

Abtiso, sm. Mlsusngc, abase.

Abyocdon, sf. Abjection, abjcctness.

Abyecto, ta, a. Abject, dejected.

AcA, ad. Here, this way. De cuanda acd T
Since w hen ? AcA no se estila^ That's not
tiio custom here. Vtn acd^ Come along.
Add y aUd, llere and there. AcAf lley,
nsod in calling.

Acab&ble, a. What may be finished.

Acabado, da, ck 1. Perfect 2. Old ; ill-dressed.

Acabad6r, ra, a Finisher, completer.

Acaba]:ir. «ak To complete, to finish.

Acaballaduro, wn. The time and place when
horses cover mares. [mare.

AcabalL^do, da, a. 1. Covered; applied to a

Acaball&r, va. To cover a mare.

AcaballerMo, da, a. Gentlemanlike.

Acaballer6r, «a. 1. To render genteel. 2. To
make a person behave as a gentleman.

AcabamI6nto, gm. End, completion, death.

Acabnr, i?a. & «k 1. To finish, to conclude;
to achieve. 2. To harass. & To obtain. 4.
To terminate, to come to an end. 6. To
die: to consume; to extinguish ; to fall —
«r. To grow feeble. La vela m etid, oca-
hando^ The candle is flickering. J^ co$a
de nunca acdbarne^ It is an endless affair.
Acaba ds llegar, He hasjuii arrivofl.

Acabcstrillar, vn. To go fowling with a
stalking-honse or ox.

Acabildar, va. To unite persons by penoa-
sion to do something.

Acalx>Bito, ad. Tbafs enough.

Acabronddo, da, a. Bold, unembarrassed.

AcacheteAr, vr. To tap, to pat, to strike.

Acdcia, «^. Acacia. [2. A naked figure.

Acadomia, #/ 1. Academy ; literary society.

Acad6mico, rnn. 1. Academician. 2. a. Aca-
demical, he

Acflocedero, ra, a. Tnddontal.

Acaec^r, vn. def. To hap])en, to come to pass.

Acaecimi^nto, «m. Event, incident

AcAL rnn. A canoe. [to assuage.

Acallar, va. To quiet, to hush ; to mitigate,

Acaloramidnto, mn. Ardor, heat; agitation.

Acalor^, va. 1. To warm. 2. To inname. 8.
To urge on. 4. To promote. — tr. To grow

Acamiido, da, a. Laid flat
Acambrayiido, da, a. Bcsembling cambric
Acamellado. da, a. Camel-like.
Acampamento, sm. Encampment, camp.
Acamp^, va. To encamp.
Acampo, sm. A common pasture.
Acamuzado, da, a. Chamois-colored.
A'cana, sf. A hard re4ldish wood of Cuba.
AcanaUdo, da. a. 1. Passing through a chan-
nel 2. Striated, channelled.
AcanalAd6r, sttk Groovlng-plane. [back.
Acanald^los, am. pi. The ridge of a horse^s
Acanal&r, vu. 1. To make a canal 2. To flute,

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