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Mrs. Adams had four children, all born at West Natick : Mabel
Almira, born July 4, 1875, died April 2, 1876; Bertram Rinaldo,
born June 29, 1878; Charles Francis, born May 8, 1880; and
Bessie Lenore, born October 25, 1884.

Bertram was graduated from a grammar school in Provi-
dence, learned the machinist's trade, became a member of the
Hospital Corps in the United States Army, and later worked as
a machinist in Boston. Charles Francis was graduated from
the Providence grammar schools, became a machinist, and later
an employee in the office of the Rhode Island Electric Car Com-
pany. In 1899 he was married to Lena Capen of Providence.
They have one son, Harold Earl, born in August, 1900. Bessie
Lenore was graduated from the Riverpoint Grammar School
and the Providence Classical High School, and is at present a
student in Brown University.

Mrs. Adams died at West Natick (Westcott), R. I., January
27, 1886.

Mary Alice Hoyt, daughter of Sylvester C. and Malinda M.
(Reid) Hoyt, was born in Griggsville, 111., in January, 1851.
I Icr father was a native of Charlestown, Mass.

Pupils from 1864-1881


Alice came to the Oread from Griggsville about 1872. After
leaving school she returned home to care for her father, who
was a widower. She died May 24. 1882.

Mary E. Hutchinson, daughter of Edwin H. and Mary Ann
Fisk (Waters) Hutchinson, was born in Sutton, Mass., August
30, 1848. She entered the Oread in September, 1864, and left
in February, 1865. Since leaving the Oread she has taught
school, given instruction in music, and served as housekeeper.
She was married in Sutton, Mass., in 1870, to Samuel \Y.
Penniman, who died in 1874. On February 26, 1879, she was
married to George H. Miller of Worcester, a coal dealer. Mrs.
Miller is engaged in church work, and is at present Treasurer
of the Worcester Children's Friend Society.

Address: Mrs. George H. Miller, 44 May St., Worcester.

Sarah Isabella (Hastings) Jacques, sister of Abbie S. Hast-
ings, was born in Sterling, Mass., February 26, 1829. Her father
was Major Rufus Hastings, and her
mother, Isabella (Howe) Hastings.
Before coming to the Oread, where
she was a pupil in 1866-67, sne nac ^
been twice married, first on October
2, 1856, to Henry Martin Moore
of Boston, and second on March
20, 1862, to John Crane Jacques
of Worcester. After leaving the
< >read she was again married, De-
cember 5, 1871. to Rev. John Dyer
Potter, who died in 1897, and who
was well known, especially in the
West, as an evangelist of unusual

power. The last years of Mrs. Potter's life were spent in
Westboro, where she died July 2$, kjoi.

Abby B. Johnson was a pupil at the Oread in the year 1866-
07, entering from Millbury, Mass. She was married on July
22, 1875, to Charles T. Freeman and died in Millbury September

3 88

Oread Collegiate Institute

Fannie E. Jordan, daughter of Charles O. and Augusta C.
(Hathaway) Jordan, was born in Wrentham, Mass., June 10,
1849. She was at the Oread from 1867 till 1869. On August
15, 1898, at Anoka, Minn., she was married to William D.
Morrill, a druggist.

Address: Mrs. Fannie J. Morrill, Anoka, Minn.

Genevieve H. Jordan was born in Worcester, October 22,
1855, and was the daughter of John W. and Caroline C. (Lor-
ing) Jordan. She entered the Oread in 1873 and left in Jan-
uary, 1875, marrying, on May 19 of that year, Daniel E. Forrest,
a salesman. Two children were born to them, Genevieve on
November 7, 1878, and Oscar E. on August 24, 1881. Gene-
vieve graduated from the Medford High School and afterwards
was married to Rev. George W. Fuller, now of Pomona, Cal.
Oscar is a graduate of Tufts College in the class of 1904.

Mr. Forrest died in Medford, September 30, 1900.

Address: Mrs. Genevieve H. Forrest, 81 College Ave., Med-
ford, Mass.

Mary Keese, daughter of Anderson and Alma (Hallock)
Keese, was born in Keeseville, X. Y., September 12, 1848.
Peter Hallock, the first of her ancestors to come to this coun-
try from England, was one of thir-
teen Pilgrims who landed in 1640
?^-k with Rev. Mr. Young. He and

many of his descendants were
r ^ Quakers, but in spite of the Quaker

-^ prejudice against war, they served

in the army. Distinguished rela-
tives fought in the Revolution, the
War of 181 2, the Mexican War and
the Civil War. Among them were
Major-General Nathanael Greene of
Revolutionary fame, and Joseph
Hallock, Commander of a war ves-
sel in that war ; Lieutenant Joseph
Hallock, wh«» fought in the War of 1812; and Henry Wager
1 hillock, who in 1863 hecame General-in-Chief of all the land
forces in the United States, and who had fought in the Mexican

Pupils from 1864-1881 389

War. Fitz Greene Halleck, the poet, author of "Marco Boz-
zaris," was also of the same family. Every generation of
Hallecks has given a son to preach the Gospel. Among these
is William A. Halleck, Secretary of the American Tract Society.

Her father, for whom the town of Keeseville was named,
was of Welsh origin, and his ancestors were land owners and
iron manufacturers.

She was an Oread pupil in 1866-68. In 1882, she married
Hoyle Lapham, a farmer, in Troy, X. Y., and they have four
children: Elizabeth Halleck, horn in Brooklyn, X. Y., in 1883;
Margaret Keese, born in Keeseville, N. Y., in 1886; Henry
Green, born in Charlotte, \*t., in 1888; Richard Halleck, born
in Charlotte, Yt., in 1890. Elizabeth, who is a graduate of the
Edmonds High School of Burlington, Yt., is connected with the
Mary Fletcher Library in Burlington. Henry is with the
Western Union Telegraph Company, and the other two children
are still in school.

Address : Mrs. Hoyle Lapham, 181 South Union St., Bur-
lington, Yt.

Mary Olive Kershaw, who attended the Oread in the early
seventies, died at the home of Mr. Henry D. Yerxa in Cam-
bridge, December 19, 1899. She had lived in this family for
many years.

Lizzie Kidder was the daughter of Abram French Kidder
and his wife, who was Sarah Maria Burbank. She was born
in Lancaster, Mass., February 20, 1854. In 1876 she went to
California and taught school there for a year, marrying James
McCausland, a ranchman and stock dealer, at Santa Rosa, Cal.,
\Yvember 6, 1877. Her daughter. Amy, was born at Tomales,
Cal., December 4, 1881, and was graduated from the High
School in 1900. Mrs. McCausland was at the Oread in 1872-73.

Address : Mrs. Lizzie McCausland, Cloverdale. Sonoma
Co., Cal.

Carrie A. King, daughter of George T. and Sarah A. ( Lewis)
King, attended the Oread in 1878-80. She was born in Wor-
cester. She has given her time largely to the study of music,
was formerly a pupil of B. J. Lang of Boston, and for twelve


Oread Collegiate Institute

years was organist and director of music at the Church of the
Unity in Worcester. She is a teacher of the pianoforte in
Worcester and a concert pianist. She is a member of educa-
tional clubs in both Boston and Worcester, among them being
the Worcester Woman's Club, the Friday Morning Club, of
which she is a charter member, and the Chromatic Club of
Boston, where she is well known in musical circles. She has
written for the New York Musical Courier and has frequently
given lecture-recitals. She was married to Charles F. Hunt,
but is now a widow.

Address : Mrs. Carrie King Hunt, Hotel Standish, Worcester.

L. Elizabeth King, "Lizzie,"
the daughter of Daniel and Lucy
R. (Child) King, was born in Wor-
cester, March 7, 1848. She came
to the Oread in 1868 and was a
member of the class of 1871, but
did not graduate.

After leaving the Oread Miss
King taught at the Providence
Street School, and afterward, from
1880 until 1882, at the Walnut
Street School. She died in Wor-
cester, November 9, 1889, of pneu-

M. Josie Kingman, who entered the Oread in 1872, was born
in New York City, February 27, 185 1. Her parents were
I lenry Washburn and Martha Crooker (Hopkins) Kingman.
Her maternal grandfather, Joseph Hopkins of Wakefield, was
in the Revolutionary War, being then a boy but sixteen years
old, and serving as one of Washington's attendants. Her pater-
nal grandfather, i fenry Kingman of Reading, was extensively
engaged in the manufacture of furniture, sending the greater
part of it to the South. Her father and four uncles were in
the furniture business in New York City. In Reading, Mass.,
October 31, [876, she was married to George E. Abbott, an
architect of Boston. She has spent most of her married life in
and near Boston, living 1 a short time only in hall River while

Pupils from i8(> /-1881

39 1

Mr. Abbott was building the Durfee High School, a magnificent
structure which cost a quarter of a million dollars.

The\' had two daughters and two sons: Grace Josephine,
born in Maiden, Mass., June 9, [879; Ruby Hopkinson, born
in Fall River, Mass., January 2, 1885 : Edwin Kingman and
Henry King-man, born in Reading, September 29, 1886, and
September 23, 1892. The daughters are graduates of the
High School and Edwin is preparing for Dartmouth. Mr.
Abbott died in December. 1899.

Address: Mrs. George E. Abbott, Reading, Mass.

Emily Priscilla Kingsbury was the daughter of Leonard
Augustus and Anna Bliss ( Holmes) Kingsbury, and was born
at South Natick, Mass., February 23, 1850. Her great-grand-

father. Captain Caleb Kingsbury, commanded a company of
men at the battle of Lexington. She entered the Oread in 1868
and left in 1869. She taught school for two years, and was
married at South Natick, Mass., December 2. 1875. to Charles
E. Shattuck, a retail grocer, established at Wellesley. They
have had three children: Annie Kingsbury, born November 1,
1877, died April 21, 1887; Robert Kingsbury, born January 2.
1884, a graduate of Wellesley High School (1903), now a stu-
dent at Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Mary Kingsbury, born
( )ctober 18, 1887, died September 1, 1897.

Mrs. Shattuck is engaged principally in church work, and
charitable and Sunday School work connected with it.

Address: Mrs. Charles F. Shattuck. Wellesley, Ma - .

39 2

Oread Collegiate Institute

Maria A. Kittredge was born in Monson, Mass., January 30,
1849. She was the (laughter of Rev. Charles B. Kittredge, who

was born in Mt. Vernon, X. H., and
Sarah (Brigham) Kittredge, who
was born in Grafton, Mass. Her
father and mother were married in
1840, and lived in Westboro, Mass.,
where Mr. Kittredge was the pas-
tor of the Congregational Church.
Miss Kittredge entered the Oread
in 1869, leaving in 1870.

On September 22, 1870, at West-
boro, she was married to J. E.
Forbes, a traveling salesman. They
have two daughters : Lucy K., born
at Kansas City, Mo., April 26, 1873,
and Harriet A., born in the same city August 26, 1876. The
family lived in Kansas City until 1880, when they removed
to Ottawa.

Address: Mrs. J. E. Forbes, 721 Cedar St., Ottawa, Kan.

Mary Kingsley Knight entered the Oread in 1874 and
remained one year. She was born November 17, 1857, at West
Hartford, Conn. Her father was Edward Mason Knight, and
her mother Julia (Hutchinson) Knight.

Mary Knight taught in public and private schools for sixteen
years after leaving the Oread, and has always been interested
in educational work.

She was married in Jewett City, Conn., July 19, 1892, to
Charles M. Miller. After her marriage they lived in Mount
Vernon, N. Y. Mr. Miller is proprietor of the Miller School
in New York City, President of the Board of Education of
Mount Vernon, President of the Eastern Association of Com-
mercial Teachers, ex-President of the National Federation of
Commercial Teachers, and Director of the Mount Vernon Trust
( Company.

They have three children: Ruth, born April 22, 1893, in New
York City; William Allan, born July 13, [894, in Mount Ver-
non; and David Knight, born July 19, 18(^7, in Mount Vernon.

Pupils from 1S64-1881 393

Mrs. Miller is an active member of the Educational Section
of the Westchester Woman's Club of Mount Vernon.

Address: Mrs. Charles M. Miller, 225 South First Ave.,
Mount Vernon, X. Y.

Susie Knowlton was the daughter of Charles L. and Alma
(Damon) Knowlton. Her father, a native of Bridport, Vt.,
was a merchant in Worcester. Her mother was a daughter of
Colonel Samuel Damon, a member of the well-known family
of that name in Holden, Mass.. which came originally from
Reading, England. The fine library and high school building
in Holden, called "Damon Memorial," was given to the town
by her uncle, Mr. Samuel Gale.

She was born at Holden, Mass., September 27, 1850. Her
name occurs in the Oread catalogue for 1867. After leav-
ing the Oread she spent a year at Glenwood Seminary, W r est
Brattleboro, Yt. She was married in Worcester, August 7,
1875, to H. M. Morse, a professional singer. A son was born
in Worcester, August 13. 1876.

Since leaving Worcester she has been engaged in kindergarten
work, and for the last fourteen years has been directress of a
large charity kindergarten in Minneapolis, and a supervisor of
the Riverside Mission in that city.

Address: Mrs. Susan K. Morse, 68 South nth St.. Minne-
apolis, Minn.

Emma J. Lamb was born May 24, 1850, in Sutton, Mass.,
and was the daughter of Rufus and Hannah (Battles) Lamb.
Her grandfather, David Battles, was in the War of 1812, and
her two great-grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War.
She entered the Oread in 1869, and remained until April, 1871,
when she became a milliner. She taught school for one year
before entering the Oread.

She was married October 15, 1879. at North Lxbridge, Mass.,
to George H. Rogers, who is an ice and wood dealer, and one
of the selectmen of the town. She has two daughters : Grace
Ethelyn, born January 21, 1882, and Daisy Edith, born October
1, 1883, both at Westboro. The former graduated in 1903
from the Brid^ewater Xormal School, and the latter at the


Oread Collegiate Institute

same time from the Westboro High School. Mrs. Rogers has
always been interested and active in religions and social matters
connected with the town of Westboro.

Address : Mrs. George H. Rogers, 106 East Main St., West-
boro. Mass.

Florence G. Lamson, who entered the Oread in 1876, and
remained till 1879, was the daughter of Darins F. and Martha
S. (Gregory) Lamson, and sister of Helen A. Lamson, a grad-
uate of the Oread in 1878. She was born July 1, 1864, at
Ashland, Mass., and has spent her life at home since leaving
the Oread.

Address : Manchester, Mass.

Hattie Langdon entered the ( )read in 1876 and left in 1879.
Her father's name was William Wesley Langdon, her mother's
maiden name Julia Ellen Phelps.

Hattie was born January 4, i860, in Montville, Mass. On

January 3, iSijo, she was married in Hartford, Conn., to Wil-
liam E. Wallace, a nurseryman.

They have one daughter, born June 6, 1893, in Hartford.

Address: .Mrs. William E. Wallace, 57 Farmington Ave..
I [artford, ( < mn,

Pupils from 1864-1881


Minnie A. Larkham was born in Carolina. R. I., in 1 S 5 7 .
and was the daughter of David Lorenzo and Sarah ( Brackett )
Larkham. She entered the ( >read
in 1878, leaving in December. 1879.
She taught in the public schools
in Connecticut for several years,
and was at one time assistant in the
postoffice at Yoluntown, Conn. On
January 29, 1885, she was married
to Frank H. Myers of Norwich.
Conn., who was manager and col-
lector for the Singer Manufacturing
Company, and who died December
21, 1892. On June I, 1894. she
was married to George E. Johnson,
a locomotive engineer of Boston.

Address: Mrs. George E. Johnson, Lorette St.. West Rox-
burv, Mass.

May W. Larned was born in Auburn, Mass.. in 1861. Her
father was B. F. Larned, probably a descendant of the French
Huguenots. Her mother, M. E. (Lloadley) Larned, was of
Scotch ancestry.

May entered the Oread in November, 1876, and left in June,
1877. She attended school four years after leaving the Oread,
was in her father's office a year and then for ten years taught
school in Massachusetts, in Nebraska, and on the islands on the
coast of Maine. In 1893 she was married to Oliver P. Kibben,
a hardware dealer and ranchman, who had four children.

Address : Mrs. Oliver P. Kibben, Curtis. Neb.

Edith Leach was born in Brockton, Mass., October 28. 1861.
She is a sister of Anna and Abby Leach, who were graduated
from the Oread in 1871. After leaving the Oread in June,
1878, she was graduated from Smith College (1883). and then
taught in private schools in Xew York and Xew Haven. She
is at present Corresponding Secretary in the Woman's Club
of her town.

Address: 710 Crescent St.. Brockton, Mass.

396 Oread Collegiate Institute

Elizabeth Lees ("Lizzie"), daughter of John and Elizabeth
(Heathcott) Lees, was born in Manchester, England, October
14, 1847. She attended the Oread from September, 1864, to
June, 1867, and was married in Barre, Mass., May 4, 1869, to
George L. Pierce. She had four children, all born in Barre :
George S., born August 2, 1872; Carrie L., born August 9,
1874; E. LeRoy, born January 10, 1878; Henry L., born Sep-
tember 19, 1880. Only the last two children are now living.
The younger son is in business in Barre, and the other in Boston.
Henry was married February 23, 1905, to Sarah M. Packard
of Barre.

Address : Mrs. George L. Pierce, Barre, Mass.

Marcia Leland attended the Oread one year, entering in 1874.
Her father was Lorenzo Leland, and her mother Marcia Maltby.

The earliest Leland known is John Leland, who was born in
London, England, about the year 1512. He lived during the
reign of Henry VIII, and was one of the most accomplished
scholars and voluminous writers of the sixteenth century.
Henry VIII made him his chaplain, and created a new office for
him, that of the King's Antiquary. The first member of the
family in this country was Henry Leland, who came here in 1625.

Aaron Kimball, another of Miss Leland's ancestors, was com-
missioned Captain in the Revolutionary War, on account of his
past experience and his valuable services at the battle of Lex-
ington on the 19th of April, 1775.

Miss Leland was born in Ottawa, 111. She was married to
Dr. C. H. Davies, October 16, 1878, at Ottawa. They have
had three children: Charles Leland, born August 6, 1879;
Arthur Johnston, born August 16, 1881 ; and Frank Everett,
born April 16, 1885, all in El Dorado, Kan. Arthur died Jan-
uary 13, 1884, and Frank December 28, 1887. Their only sur-
viving son, Charles Leland, was graduated from Kansas Uni-
versity in 1902 with the degree of A.B., and a Phi Beta Kappa
stand. He has entered a law school and will make the law his

Mrs. Davies has lived a quiet home life at El Dorado and in
Kansas City since her marriage. She belongs to several social
clubs, a literary club, and a ceramic club.

Address: Mrs. C. H. Davies, 628 Freeman Ave., Kansas
City, Kans.

Pupils from 1864-1881


Martha B. Lincoln, who entered the Oread in 1869, was

born at Lancaster, Mass.,

She died December 24. 1!

November 30, 1846, and was the
daughter of Doctor Henry and
Martha (Bond) Lincoln. After
leaving- the Oread and spending a
year with private teachers in Bos-
ton, for a few years she conducted
a private school in Wilkesbarre,
Pa. Later she taught for a short
time in a public school in Lancas-
ter. Finding her strength unequal
to that work, she gave it up. After
a long rest she took a private school
in East Greenwich, R. I., but a
weak heart caused her to leave it
before the close of the school year.
7, after some months of invalidism.

Mary E. Lincoln, daughter of William Lincoln of Oakham,
Mass.. and his wife, Maria Allen, was born in Oakham, July 18,
1853. Her grandfather, James Allen of Oakham, was a sol-
dier in the War of 1812, and her two
great-grandfathers in the same line,
Jesse Allen and Xathaniel Crocker,
fought in the War of the Revolution.
Among her Mayflower ancestors were
Isaac Allerton. James Chilton and
Richard Warren. Other Pilgrim an-
cestors were Thomas Cushman, Rob-
ert Bartlett, Xathaniel Morton and
John Winslow.

Her father was an intimate friend
of John B. Gough, the well-known
temperance lecturer, and after her
mother's death, married again into his family. Mary was often
at Hillside. Mr. Gough's hospitable home in Boylston, where
she met many distinguished persons and had access to Mr.
Gough's fine library and art collections.

She was a pupil at the Oread in the year 1871-72. On July
18, 1872. she was married at Worcester to George I. Alden.


Oread Collegiate Institute

Mr. Alden was Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
in the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and had charge of the
Department of Mechanical Engineering. When he left the
Institute, in [896, he was Dean of the Faculty. Since that
time he has been Treasurer of the Norton Emery Wheel Com-
pany, and Treasurer of the Plunger Elevator Company of
Worcester. His degrees are B.S. from Harvard (1868), and
M.M.E. from Cornell (1890).

Professor and Mrs. Alden had two daughters: Clara Louise,
born April 26, 1873, graduated from Wellesley College in the
class of 1897, and continued her studies there for nearly a year
after her graduation; Mary Francis, born May 1, 1876, died
in December, 1879.

Mrs. Alden died November 2$, 1876.

Nellie S. Loring was born December 1, 1849, a ^ Rockport,
Me., her parents being Edwin and Nancy (Tngraham) Lor-
ing. She entered the Oread in 1864.
After leaving school in 1867, she
traveled in Germany and Sweden,
lived for one year in Boston, and
then went to Maine, where she was
married, in Rockport, June 20, 187 1,
to George 13. Sidelinger, Superinten-
dent and General Manager of the
Water Company, Danville, 111. She
has had three children : Bertha, born
October 11, 1872, now Mrs. John W.
Thomas of Rockland, Me.; Eleanor,
born September 5, 1874, now Mrs.
111.; and George, born Februarv 12,

David Beyer of Danville.
1877. wli died in 1886.

Address: Mrs. George l'>. Sidelinger, Danville.


Emma Lyford, daughter of Nathaniel Adams Lyford and
Emeline Frances Forbes, liis wife, was born in Cazenovia, N. V.,
\ugust 30, 1850. Her ancestors were English and Scotch.
( >n her mother's side she traces her family to the Forbes clan
of Scotland. After the death of her mother she was brought
up at her uncle's home in East Brookfield, Mass.. and entered

Pupils from 1864-1881


the Oread in 1866. She was married March 30, 1882, in East
Brookfield to T. A. Curtis, who is in the corset business. They
lived first in North Brookfield, and afterwards in Newark, N. J.
Of her four children only two survive : Harold Forbes, born
March 9, 1883, in Xorth Brookfield, is a graduate of the Newark
High School ; Kenneth Ray, born April 27, 1889, in Newark,
attends the Franklin Grammar School in that city. Mrs. Cur-
tis is engaged in charitable work along church and W. C. T. U.

Address: Mrs. T. A. Curtis, 220 Clifton Ave.. Newark. N. J.

Belle B. Mackintire, the daughter of George E. and A. \Y.
( Barker) Mackintire, was born in Charlestown, Mass., in 1858.
of Scotch and English ancestry.

She entered the Oread in 1872 and left the following year.
She has been a Sloyd teacher and has written a number of
papers on Sunday School and boys' club work, in which she is
much interested, and in which she is herself active.

She is now living at 51 Avon Hill St., Cambridge, Mass.

Ellen A. Mahoney, daughter of Jeremiah and Alice (Ford)
Mahoney, was born in Salem, Mass., October 30, 1848. She
attended the Oread from January. 1864, to June, 1867. She

remained at home, keeping house for her father, until her mar-
riage in Barre, Mass., October 1. 1890, to Austin F. Adams, a
farmer. He has held several town offices and served two terms


Oread Collegiate Institute

in the Legislature. Mrs. Adams is a member of the Ladies' Aid
Society at Barre Plains. As a result of the labors of this society
a Union Chapel was built in Barre Plains in 1899.

Address : Airs. Austin F. Adams, Barre Plains, Mass.

Alice Isabel Mallalieu, known at the Oread as Belle Malla-
lieu, was born in Millbury, Mass., July 28, 1856. Her father
was George Washington Mallalieu, brother of Bishop Willard
Francis Mallalieu of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her
mother's maiden name was Lydia Dyke Tourtellotte. Both
were of Huguenot and Puritan descent.

Belle was a pupil at the Oread in 1878-79. She was mar-
ried in Millbury, June 16, 1892, to Herman J. Molt, of the
firm of Molt Brothers, indigo blue dye manufacturers. One
son, George Mallalieu Molt, was born August 5, 1896, at Mill-

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