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Mrs. Harriet Bemis Harrington. Miss

Mrs. Alice Bigelow Knowles. Mrs.

Mrs. Sarah Bigelow Davis. Mrs.

Airs. Augusta Billings Taintor. Mrs.

Airs. Addie Bird Mclntire. Miss

Miss Cora L Blair. Mrs.

Airs. Julia Blake Clark. Mrs.

Airs. Kk-anor liliss I kxter. Mrs.

Mrs. Susan Borden Sanford. Airs.

Airs. Alary Boyce llobson. Mrs.

Airs. Ida Boyden Day. Mrs.

Mrs. Harriet Boynton Gunnison. Mrs.

Mrs. Emma Briggs Carroll. Mrs.

: I >eceased.

Ella Buffum Hanna.
Elizabeth D. Bugbee.
Martha Burt Wright.
Lucy A. Bushee.
Deodata Chadsey Fisher.
Grace Chase Allen.
Caroline Cheney Eaton.
Calista Church Cottrell.
Elizabeth A. Clapp.
Mary S. Clapp.
Pernella Clark Wight.
Mary Clark Wadley.
Hattie Clifford Murdock.
Ella M. Cole.
Adelaide Collier Parker.
Sarah Crossman Grover.
Abbie Cutler Coburn.
Susan Damon Gale.
Abbie S. Davis.
Etta DeLand Gay.
V. Susie Depew Folger.
Emma Dickinson Newland.
Abbie L. Dispeau.
Eleanor Doane Bigelow.
Emilie Doolittlc Martin.
Eliza Draper Robinson.
Ellen Duncan Spfague.
Emma Duncan Bates.
Ella Eddy Briggs.
Jennie I ".hired Minor.
Emily Fay ( rriswold.*

Members of the Associati


Miss Minnie C. Fisher.

Mrs. Lizzie Flagg Thayer.

.Airs. Annabelle Freeman Woodward

Mrs. Emma Frost Miner.

Mrs. Martha Fullam Blair.

Mrs. Alice Gaskill Wilson.

Mrs. Nellie Gilbert Pervear.

Mrs. Mar}' Gill Ropes.

Mrs. Mary Frances Gilman Peirce.

Mrs. Ella Goddard Scott.

Mrs. Laura Goodnow Mattoon.*

Mrs. Ella Goss White.

Mrs. Hattie Goss Magna.

Mrs. Emilie Goulding Allen.

Mrs. Alice Greene Metcalf.

Miss Eliza M. Greenwood.

Mrs. Hattie Gray Clay.

Mrs. Delia Griggs Harrington.

Miss Sarah A. Hale.

Mrs. Harriet Hamilton Hunt.

Mrs. Carrie Hammond Mason.

Mrs. Etta Hancock Harrington.

Miss Kate A. Harrington.

Mrs. Katie Harrington Allen.

Airs. May Harris Cutting.

Mrs. Annie Hart well Hazard.

Mrs. Nannie Heywood Griswold.

Mrs. Rosa Heywood Brown.

Mrs. Etta Hill Knibbs.

Mrs. Addie Holbrook Rice.

Mrs. Angeline Holbrook Smith.

Mrs. Eliza Hooper Bradbury.

Mrs. Hattie Horton Brown.

Mrs. Idabel House Stearns.

Mrs. Helen Howe Bennett.

Miss Mary P. Hoyt.

Mrs. Harriet Humphrey Baker.

Miss Susan N. Hunt.

Mrs. Abbie Jones Hayward.

Mrs. Genevieve Jordan Forrest.

Mrs. Annie Kemp Ray.

Mrs. Lydia Kendall Newdiall.

Mrs. Carrie King Hunt.

Mrs. Emily Kingsbury Shattuck.

Mrs. Mary Knowlton Nixon.

Mrs. Marion Lakin Warren.

Mrs. Emma Lamb Rogers.

Mrs. Minnie Larkham Johnson.


Mrs. Hattie La'throp Anthony.
Mrs. Elizabeth Lees Pierce.
Miss Fannie Leland.
Mrs. Cordelia Loring Brooks.
Mrs. Nellie Loring Sidelinger.
Mrs. Eliza Loudon Lumb.
Mrs. Ellen Mahoney Adams.
Mrs. Emma Manley Bailey.
Mrs. Sylvia Martin Moss.
Mrs. Abbie McFarland Buckingham.
Mrs. Alice Mcintosh Stone.
Miss Amelia Merriam.
Mrs. Ida Merriam Simonds.
Mrs. Laura Merriam Mayo.
Mrs. Harriette Merrifield Forbes.
Mrs. Genevieve Merrill Magee.
Mrs. Susie Metz Freileweh.
Mrs. Estelle Miller Weeks.
Mrs. Jennie Moran Benchley.
Mrs. Harriet Munroe Abbott.
Mrs. Esther Munsill Ulrich.
Mrs. Louise Packard Gibbs.
Mrs. Alice Paine Davis.
Mrs. Hannah Pond Taft.
Mrs. Cora Powers Dodge.
Mrs. Emma Prescott Eaton.
Mrs. Sarah Quimby Pettigrew.
Mrs. Caroline Raymond Perkins.
Mrs. Abby Redding Marble.
Miss M. Emma Reed.
Mrs. Josie Reed Noyes.
Mrs. Hattie Reynolds Gleason.
Mrs. Charlotte Rice Robinson.
Mrs. Mary Rice Hunt.
Mrs. Estelle Rogers Boyden.
Miss Nellie F. Rogers.
Mrs. Mary Rose Pepper.
Mrs. Sophronia Rouse Holt.
Mrs. Marianna Russell Bartholomew.
Mrs. Ella Sayles Russell.
Mrs. Lizzie Sayles Bidwell.
Mrs. Nellie Sayles Jenks.
Miss Alice Scott.
Miss Anna M. Seaver.
Miss Huldah D. Sheldon.
Miss Mary E. Shippee.
Mrs. Etta Sibley Crosby.
Miss Adelaide L. Smiley,


Oread Collegiate Institute

Miss Mattie L. Smiley. Mrs.

Miss Hattie A. Smith. Mrs.

Mrs. Mary A. Smith Baker. Mrs.

Mi>s S. M. Smith. Mrs.

Mrs. Emma Spaulding Bartlett. Miss

Mrs. Laura Spelman Rockefeller. Mrs.

Miss Lucy M. Spelman. Mrs.

Mrs. Agnes Spencer Bissland. Mrs.

Miss Frances A. Spink. Mrs.

Miss Mary F. Spink. Mrs.

Mrs. Josephine C. Spinney. Miss

Mrs. Ruth Stafford Bacon. Miss

Miss Hattie L. Stearns. Mrs.

Mrs. Helen Steele Barstow. Miss

Mrs. Isabelle Stratton Otis. ~Mrs.

Mrs. Jennie Taft Wheelock. Mrs.

Mrs. Clara Thayer Perry. Mrs.

Mrs. Clara Thayer Hiller. Mrs.

Miss Cora P. Thayer. Mrs.

Miss Eva A. Thayer. Mrs.

Miss Ida M. Thayer. Mrs.

Mrs. Nellie Thayer Clary. Mrs.

Mrs. Laura Thorpe Woods. Mrs.

Miss Mary Abbie Tilton. Mrs.

Alice Todd Gilbert.
Ellen Tuck McLane.
Libbie Tuller Kendall.
Sarah Underwood Curtis.
Floretta Vining.
Agnes Walker White.
Lizzie Wedge Wells.
Minnie Wedge Wheeler.
Margaret Weeks Shipley.
Harriet Westbrook Dunning.
S. Maria Westbrook.
Almira Elizabeth Westcott.
Grace Weston Allen.
Marietta Wheeler.
S. Jane Wheelock Hickok.
Florence Whidden Stowell.
Juliet Wilcox Reynolds.
Ella Williams Fiske.
Ellen Williams Fairbanks.
Mattie Williams McFarland.
Louise Wood Wellman.
Sarah Wood Reed.
Elizabeth Woodbury Reid.
Caroline Woods Manning.


Prof. Benjamin D. Allen.

Mile. Louise Amaron.

Dr. Seabury W. Bowen

Mrs. Cornelia A. Brigham Taft.

Mi^ - Mary E. Brigham.

Miss Penelope Burns.

Prof. William E. Chandler.

Miss Elizabeth Clark.

Mini. Perside A. Clements.

Mrs. Alma E. Curtis Howes.

Mrs. Minerva Cushing Crocker.

Mrs. A. L. Doane.

Mrs. Caroline A. Flagg Bemis.

Mrs. Marcy Foster Beard.

Mrs. Carrie M. Frost Kin,!;.

Mrs. Carrie D. Fuller Fairbanks.

Pres. 1 larrict E. Giles.

Miss Mary C. C. Goddard.

Mrs. Harris R. Greene.

Mrs. Mary B. Grosvenor Woods.

Prof. Edward W. Hall.

Mr. Walter Kennedy.

Miss Helen M. Knowlton.

Miss Harriet E. Paine.

Mr. Everett W. Pattison.

Mr. James William Pattison.

Prof. C. C. Stearns.

Prof. E. B. Story.

Mrs. Marion J. Sumner.

Mr. John Alden Thayer.

Mrs. Mary E. Tucker Faunce.

Miss Ava Williams.

Miss Jennie L. Woodbury.

Mrs. Franziska W. Vagt Fitch.

Rev. George N. Webber.

Additional Biographies 461

The following biographies arrived too late for insertion in
their proper place in the History :


Mary Bishop, daughter of Thomas and Tabitha Bishop, was
born in Lisbon, Conn., on September 20, 1836. She came to
the Oread from Woodstock, Conn., in 1854.

After leaving the Oread she graduated at Mt. Holyoke Semi-
narv, and was married in 1863 to Horace Whitney, a farmer.
She had four children : Alice M. 3 born in 1867, is a graduate
of the Ohio Wesleyan L niversity : Mabel B., born in 1872,
is a graduate of the High School in Toledo, Ohio, and was
married in 1894 to Harry \Y. Wachter ; Lura I., born in 1874,
is a graduate of the Toledo High School ; and Herbert, born
in 1877, ^ s a graduate of Amherst College.

Mrs. Whitney died May 16, 1903.

Jane M. Chick, who entered the Oread in the spring of 1856
from Frankfort, Me., and remained one term, was the daughter
of Elisha and Ruth ( Avery ) Chick, and was born in Frankfort,
February 18, 1836. Her mother was a direct descendant of
Rev. John Avery of Dedham, Mass.

After leaving the Oread, Miss Chick was a pupil for a year
or more at the Young Ladies' Seminary in Warren. R. I. She
is now a partial invalid.

Address : Winterport, Me.

Elizabeth M. Dickinson, a Worcester Oread of 1853-55,
was the daughter of Henry B. and Esther Mann (Thayer)
Dickinson, and was born in Worcester, July 28. 1836. She
was married in Worcester on November 26, 1859, to Daniel
Howard of Randolph, Mass. After her marriage she lived in
Randolph. Mr. Howard was a manufacturer of boots and
shoes. He was three times elected to the State Legislature,
and held the offices of trustee of the Stetson High School and
moderator in town meetings for twenty-rive years. He was one
of the trustees of the Public Library until his death in 1887.
Mrs. Howard has two children, both born in Randolph : Daniel
X. is a graduate of the Randolph High School, is now a drug-
gist in Medford, Mass., and was married in Medford in May,
1885, to Fanny G. Waterman : Mary graduated from the Ran-

462 Oread Collegiate Institute

dolph High School, from Thayer Academy in Braintree, and
from the Ouincy Training School.

Address : Mrs. Elizabeth D. Howard. 70 Mayw r ood St., Rox-
bury, Mass.

Harriette A. Elliott, daughter of Moody and Harriette
Hard}- ( Tyler ) Elliott, was born in Danvers, Mass., April 30,

1836. She attended the Oread about 1854.

She was married in Danvers to George E. Johnson, a sea
captain, and had three children : Elliott Gray, George E., Jr.,
and DeCourcey E. She is no longer living.

Caroline Hillman was born in Xorth Tisbury, Mass., and was
the daughter of Captain Walter and Adaline (Norton) Hillman.
She came to the Oread from Martha's Vineyard, and was a
pupil there for two years, 1851-53. She was married to Jason
Luce, a fish dealer, and had one daughter, Adelia Hillman Luce,
born in 1865, who is now Mrs. Cromwell.

Mrs. Luce died on September 19, 1870.

Adelia S. Hovey, who attended the Oread in 1851—53, enter-
ing from Sycamore, 111., was married to Elias Hammond, and
died about 1874 in Elmira, N. Y.

Ellen L. King, who attended the Oread in 1851-53. was
the daughter of Maynard Holland King and Levinia Bigelow
Davis, and was born in West Boylston, Mass., on December 23,

1837. She was married to Wilson J. Rider, a farmer, on Jan-
uary 16, 1861, at Geneseo, 111., and had one son, Freddie, born
February 5, 1866. He died July 20 of the same year. She
had also an adopted daughter, Inga T. Rider.

Mrs. Rider died on October 7, 1890.

Hester A. Lovewell was the daughter of Xoah P. and Lucy
I Freeman ) Lovewell, and was born in 1838, probably in Canaan,
( nnn.

< )n her father's side she was a descendant of Captain John
Lovewell of Revolutionary fame, and through her grandmother
she was a descendant of General Putnam.

She was a pupil at the ( tread in 1854-55, entering from
Mendon, Mass.

Additional Biographies 463

She was married to Adin Alexander, and had three children,
John, Emma and Lucie, born in Providence, R. I., and Denver,

Airs. Alexander is no longer living'.

Ama Mazuzan, who came to the Oread from Brandon, Vt.,
in 1855, was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Mazuzan.
Soon after leaving the Oread she was married to G. H. Chatter-
ton of Sutherland Falls, Rutland, Vt. Mr. Chatterton was a
lawyer, and afterwards studied at Auburn Theological Seminary
for the ministry. They had one son, Fenimore, who until
recently was Governor of Wyoming. He was born at Oswego,
N. Y., and received the degree of LL.B. from Ann Arbor

Mrs. Chatterton was often spoken of as "one who loved the
Lord and loved to do good." She died in Brandon, Yt., about

Adelphia Ann Powers was born in Warren, Mass., March
: 9.< l &33- H er father was John Haskel Powers and her mother
Clarissa Amelia Patrick. She was a direct descendant of
Matthew Watson, who came to America in 17 18 and settled in
Leicester, Mass.

Adelphia attended the Oread while Mrs. Curtis was Precep-
tress, and died of consumption on June 6, 1854, in Warren,
Mass. This was very soon after leaving the Oread and when
she was in her twenty-first year.

Helen M. Taft was the daughter of Gilbert C. and Lucy
B. ( Anderson ) Taft, and was born in Worcester on February
10, 1838. She attended the Oread in 1851-53. On Xovember
4, 1858, she was married in Grafton, Mass., to Horace S.
Warren, a shoe manufacturer, and later a farmer. She had one
son, Frank H., born December 30, 1866, in Grafton.

Mrs. Warren died May 8, 1891.


Ann Amanda Greene, daughter of James and Elizabeth
Greene, was born in Mansfield, Mass., in October, 1844. She
was a pupil at the Oread in the early part of Dr. Pattison's
administration, and died at her home in Mansfield in Septem-
ber, i86q.

464 Oread Collegiate Institute

The class of 1861 has now twelve grandchildren instead of
nine as reported on page 164. The new-comers are : Helen
Elizabeth Beach, born December 12, 1904, daughter of Henry
L. Beach (page 169) ; Lloyd Elli Beach, born March 5, 1905,
son of Clinton S. Beach (p. 169) ; Eleanor Weston Hollis, born
April 3, 1905, daughter of Grace (Allen) Hollis (p. 171).


Eva R. Martin, who was a pupil at the Oread in 1872-73,
was born at Corinth, Vt., November 17, 1850. Her father was
Abner Harriman Martin and her mother Sarah (Jenness)
Martin. She was married at Worcester, Mass., August 8, 1873,
to Guy W. Johnson. Her husband was a physician, and a
graduate of the Bowdoin Medical School in the class of 1869.
He died at Stratford, N. H., on December 15. 1902.

They had five children, all born at Stratford : Ruth Jenness,
born April 14, 1876, graduated from the State Normal School
in Worcester, and is now a teacher in the Worcester Schools ;
Edgar Alden, born November 18, 1877, attended school in Strat-
ford and in Worcester, and is a surveyor ; Edith Mabel, born
September 13, 1880, attended the High School at Bradford,
Vt., and the State Normal School at Worcester, and is a
teacher; Hugh Hunter, born February 19, 1884, graduated
from the Stratford High School in June, 1903 ; Ethel Pearl,
born August 26, 1890, is a pupil in school at Stratford, N. H.

Address : Mrs. Guy W. Johnson, Coos, N. H.

The death of Rev. Charles H. Taintor, D.D., husband of
Augusta (Billings) Taintor (p. 341) and that of Rev. Silenus
H. Fellows, father of Carrie L. Fellows (p. 365), were reported
after this book had gone to press. Mr. Fellows died April 20,
Dr. Taintor May 7, 1905. Mrs. Fellows also died recently.

Dr. Taintor was the first, and for five years the only, field
secretary of the Congregational Church Building Society. He
entered upon his work about twenty-one years ago. His last
report showed that of the 2,699 church buildings in the interior
district, the society had made grants to 2,513, and that it had
helped to erect 752 parsonages. The Congregationalist says of
him : "He has left behind him many enduring monuments of a
busy life whose motive was love to his fellowmen for Christ's
sake, whose faith in the results of the preaching of the Gospel
was unfailing and whose companionship, long prized, will be
sadly missed bv marry."


(Oread names arc given. The numbers indicate the pages on which
biographies may be found. Names of teachers are preceded by their
Oread title, as: — Prof. C. C. Stearns. Miss Carrie M. Frost.)


Cloverdale. — Lizzie Kidder. 389.

Oakland. — Emma R. Babson, 55, Maria R. Babsoh, 57, Laura T. Strong,

Pasadena. — Kate L. Tower, 283.
San Francisco. — Ida E. Conner, 333. Anna T. Farnsworth, 364.

Longmont. — Mary Etta Smith, 427.


Danielson. — Almira E. Westcott, 134.

Hartford. — Minnie M. Austin. 336, Hattie Langdon, 304. Mary A. Smith,

125. Libbie B. "fuller. 439.
Killingly. — Ella F. Sayles, 421, Lizzie M. Sayles. 421.
Middletown. — Emma A. Manley, 400.
Moosup. — Alice R. Gaskill, 374.
Nezv Haven. — Martha E. Burt, 294, Esther C. Mun.sill, 410. Clara L.

Thayer, 435.
Norwich. — Emma F. Briggs, 343. Caroline P. Raymond, 328.
Plainville. — Jennie L. Eldred, 363.
Putnam. — Susan E. Thurber, 287.
South Norwalk. — Abbie M. Cutler, 355.
Stafford Springs. — Lillian P. Crawford, 353.
Stamford. — Amelia M. Bates. 61.
Sufficld.— Miss Carrie M. Frost. 25S.
Wauregan. — Carrie L. Fellows, 365.
Windsor Locks. — Ida G. Converse, 352.
Woodstock. — Jane E. Webber, 132.


Washington. — Sarah T. Bugbee, 68, Emilie M. Halstead, 379, Mary A.
Tyler, 440. Frances A. Waters, 442.


466 Index of Present Residences


Fort George Island. — Hannah B. Peters, 117.
Jacksonville. — Mary L. Tolman, 438.
Valkaria. — Olive Clark, 193.


Atlanta. — Miss Harriet E. Giles, 241.

Augusta. — Mary J. Clark, 74, Essie Davids, 194.


Cairo. — Kate Barry, 189.

Chicago. — Sylvia K. Adams, 52, Augusta Billings, 341, Charlotte A.

Litchfield, 106, Abbie F. Lovell, 290, Mr. James William Pattison,

155, Ella F. Ross, 419.
Danville. — Nellie S. Loring, 398.
River Forest. — Elizabeth M. Hodge, 274.
Utter Alton. — Mary E. Stall, 222.


Gallaudet. — Charlotte S. Hobart, 100.
Peru. — Ellen Walker, 441.


Burlington. — Martha G. Williams, 331.
Cedar Rapids. — Kate W. Hervey, 97.
Charles City. — Maria L. Clinton, 76.
Des Moines. — Josephine C. Spinney, 429.
Dubuque. — Miss Carrie D. Fuller, 259.


Kansas Lily. — Marcia Leland, 396.
Ottawa. — Maria A. Kittredge, 392.
Pardee. — Mary J. Willis, 446.


Auburn. — Eliza l'>. Hooper, 101.

Bangor. — Jennie A. Philhrook, 321.

Belfast. Addie M. Bird, 341. Florence A. Hawkins. 382.

Kennebunk. — M. Evalyn Howe, 308.

Portland. -Abbie S. Russell, 420.

South Paris. — Addie Q. Mathews, 405.

Waterville. -Prof. E. W. Mall, k.i, Ella P. Marston, 402, Elisabeth B.

Philbrick, 214.
Winterport. — Jane M. Chick, 461.

Index of Present Residences 467

Hyattsville. — Ellen F. Capron, 70.


Amherst. — Harriet M. Hamilton, 96.

Athol. — Lula M. Sly, 304.

Attleboro. — Annie Newcomb, 213.

Auburn. — Hannah Bond, 342.

Auburndale. — Emma E. Davis, 196, Harriet B. Davis, 358.

Barre. — Loura F. Ainsworth, 188, Mary Ellsworth, 364, Mrs. Mary B.

Grosvenor, 23^ Elizabeth Lees, 396, Marianne Russell, 420.
Barre Plains. — Mary R. Adams, 279, Ellen A. Mahoney, 399.
Boston. — Helen E. Aldrich, 53, Miss Mary E. Brigham, 250, Mrs. Alma

E. Curtis, 28, Etta E. DeLand, 333, Emma M. Galon, 374, M.

Cordelia Loring, 106, Helen M. Wood, 32^.
Brighton. — Lizzie M. Loudon, 212.
Brockton. — Julia M. Ball, 60, Abby Leach, 297, Anna Leach, 298, Edith

Leach, 395, Louise A. Packard, 184.
Brook field. —Annie E. Brown, 346, Sarah A. B. Crossman, 78, Belle

Forbes, 369.
Brookline. — Exie Baker, 59, Nettie R. Beebe, 340, Annie L. Bisco, 342,

Susanna B. Brigham, 66, Marietta C. Carr, 71, Ellen M. Clifford,

76, Ella M. Eames, 84, Martha Fullam, 372, Carrie L. Hammond,

380, Helen F. Howe, 101, Harriet M. Humphrey, 103, Harriet

Westbrook, 133, S. Maria Westbrook, 134.
Cambridge. — Jane Bullard, 69, Mary Coes, 330, Ella M. Eddy, 288, Mi>->

Mary C. C. Goddard, 260, Belle B. Mackintire, 399.
Chariest own. — Annie E. Willard, 445.
Charlton Depot. — Anna F. Hammond, 380.
Chelsea. — Lucy H. Taylor, 128.
Clinton. — Helen P. Butterick, 348.

Dorchester. — Elizabeth A. Clapp, 71, Mary S. Clapp, 71.
Duxbury. — Pamelia A. Fitch, 368, Fraulein Franzisca W. Vagt, 37.
Enfield. — Dora H. Gross, 379.
Everett.— Ella S. Hill, 383.
Fairhaven. — Mary G. Bancroft, 318.
Fall River. — Susan Borden, 64, Mr. S. W. Bowen, 163, Helen B.

Segar, 423.
Fitchburg. — Miss Minerva Cushing, 29, Rosa Heywood, 98, Louise H.

Wood, 139.
Framingham. — Emma A. Harding, 381.
Franklin. — J. Annabelle Freeman, 371.
Gardner. — Lucie D. Pratt. 41(1.

Grafton. — Sarah A. Hale. 95, Ella M. Williams. 305.
Groveland. — Miss Harriet E. Paine, 263.
Hamilton. — Jennie L. Woodbury, 272.
Haverhill. — Mattie L. Smiley, 333.

468 Index of Present Residences

Holbrooh.— Ella A. Buff urn, 346, Hattie A. Reynolds, 285.

Holdcn. — Marion E. Lakin, 211, Ellen L. Williams, 138.

Holyoke.—M\ss Elizabeth Clark. 254, Hattie S. Goss, 377.

Hopedale. — Anna M. Bancroft, 293.

Jamaica Plains. — Alice W. Paine, 214.

Kingston. — Helen B. Steele, 431.

Lancaster. — Abbie F. Greene, 319, Mary A. Marvin, 404.

Leicester. — Hattie Clifford, 194.

Leominster. — Laura S. Merriam, 298.

Lexington. — Annie W. Saville, 123.

Lowell. — Idabel A. House, 3S5, Emma Prescott, 216, Marietta Wheeler,

Maiden. — Hattie S. Horton, 206.
Manchester. — Florence G. Lamson, 394.
Mattapan. — Harriet L. Boynton, 166.
Medford. — Genevieve H. Jordan, 388.
Melrose. — M. Gertrude Greene, 204.
Melrose Highlands. — Sarah L. Bosworth, 192.
Millbury. — H. Louisa Sabin, 421.
Needham. — Miss Helen M. Knowlton, 262.
Neponset. — Augusta P. Banvard, 182.
New Braintree. — Almira L. Fuller, 373.

Newton. — C. Annah Leland, 106, Mary Paige, 41 1. Caroline E. Woods, 448.
Newton Centre. — Mary J. Farnam, 203. Florence Thompson, 223.
Newton Highlands. — Lizzie M. Newell, 410, Grace M. Weston, 170.
Nezvtonville.— Sara B. Eddy. 362. Mary E. Howe, 385.
Northampton. — Cora L. Blair, 329, Lucelia H. Blood, 27$. Alexine M.

Fuller, 371, Ella F. Randall. 217, Prof. E. B. Story. 266, Mr. G. N.

Webber, 37.
North Attleboro — Florence R. Whiting, 444.
Northboro. — Anna M. Seaver, 218.
North Brookfield.— Ida F. Butler, 347.
North Oxford.— -Ella A. Gleason, 376.
Norwood. — Mary B. Blake, 191, Emma L. Morrill, 409.
Oakham. — Susan F. Fairbank, 85.
Oxford. — Mary Angell, 336.
Pepperell.—Harriette A. Shattuck, 423.
Petersham. — Juliette Ayres. 337.
Plymouth. — Ruth W. Stetson, 127.
Princeton. — Ellen M. Gregory, 378.

Leading. — M. Josie Kingman, 390, M. Abbie Tilton, 1X2.
Rockland. — Harriet I'.. Poole, 414.
Roxbury. Pernella E. Clark, 75, Elizabeth M Dickinson, 461, Mary C.

Dunbar, 82, Harriet C. Gray, 377- J" s ^' M. Taft, 434-
Rutland. Minnie A. Wedge, 312.
Saundersville. — Cora T. Powers, 414.
Sharon.— Abbie F. Baker, 317. Prof. C. C. Stearns, 265.
Shrewsbury. — Alice 1.. Mcintosh, 406.

Index of Present Residences 469

Somerville. — Fannie A. Boyd, 193. Georgia E. Turtle, 326.

Southboro. — Charlotte K. Rice. [21.

Southbridge. — Ella M. Cole. 351.

South Royalston. — Addie J. Day. 359.

Spencer.— rMrs. C. A. Elagg, 258.

Springfield. — Ida A. Aldrich. 334, Ida L. Boyden. 324, Laura A. Goodnow,
91, Sarah E. Quimby, 416, Margaret H. Weeks. 132.

Sterling. — Fannie M. Houghton, 101.

Still River. — Almira S. Burbank, 69.

Taunton. — Belle Southwick, 427.

Uxbridge. — Amy P. Fowler. 370. Jennie G. Taft. 433. Sarah W. Taft, 128.

Wakefield. — Eliza M. Greenwood, 289.

Walpole. — Anna M. Hartshorn, 96.

Waltham. — Janet Gay, 89.

Warren. — Nellie M. Sayles, 422.

Webster. — Emma Spaulding, 178.

Wellesley. — Emily P. Kingsbury, 391.

Wenhain Depot. — Genevieve Merrill, 408.

West Auburn. — Lydia A. Warren. 441.

Westboro. — Ellen M. Belknap, 62, Sarah W. Fayerweather, 86, Abbie F.
Fiske, 367, Kate A. Harrington, 183, Emma J. Lamb, 393, Amelia
Merriam, in.

West Brook fie Id. — Clara E. Hamilton, 379.

1 Vest field. — Florence H. Allen, 277, Augusta L. Blood, 273, Agnes I.
Spencer, 428.

II 'est Military. — Emilie F. Goulding, 318.

West Roxbury. — Minnie A. Larkham. 395.

West Somerville. — Harriet H. Brown. 66.

West Upton. — Rosa A. Wood, 447.

Whitman. — A. Josie Reed, 417.

Wilkinsonzrille. — S. Lizzie Wedge, 312.

Williamsvillc. — Miss Ava Williams, 270.

Winchester. — Mira W. Hurd, 103, Annie L. Kemp. 208. Celia C. Kemp,

Wollaston. — Angeline E. Holbrook, 50.

Worcester. — Josie F. Allen, 334. Melinda Andrews. 54. M. Ella Bacon,
3,37. Carrie J. Bassett, 323, Ella F. Bassett. 280, Harriet E. Bemis, 62,
Alice J. Bigelow. 340, Sarah H. Bigelow, 341, A. Jeanie Bradley.
343. Miss Cornelia A. Brigham, 26. Miss Penelope Burns, 251.
Grace T. Chase, 348, Caroline M. Cheney. 71, Adelaide S. Collier,
77. Abbie S. Davis, 303, Ella M. Dean. 360, Emma J. Dickinson, 81,
Mrs. A. L. Doane, 257, Eleanor J. Doane/82, Eliza H. Draper, 280.
Emma F. Duncan, 199, Marion L. Fiske. 367, Ella F. Goddard, 376.
Ella M. Goss, 376, Delia M. Griggs. 37S. Nellie M. Grout. 94, Etta
L. Hancock, 380, May F. Harris, 381, Nannie G. Heywood, 98. Etta
E. Hill, 383. Flora C. Holt. 384. Mary E. Hutchinson, 387. Lydia
E. Kendall. 105, Mr. Walter Kennedy. 261, Carrie A. King, 389.
Sylvia A. Martin, 403. Sarah A. Mayo. 109. Abbie McFarland, 406,
Anna P. Merriam. 112, Ida E. Merriam, 407. Harriette Merrifield,

47° Index of Present Residences

II 'orcester. — Continued.

308, M. Jennie Moran, 409, Harriet A. Munroe, 114, Alida J.
Norton, 411, Abbie Perry, 412, O. Frances Phetteplace, 118, Hannah
D. Pond, 118, Marian E. Pratt, 416, Abby E. Redding, 416, M.
Emma Reed, 314, Lizzie S. Rice, 217, Mary A. Rockwood, 123,
Estelle A. Rogers, 218, Nellie F. Rogers, 185, Alice Scott, 423,
Hattie A. Smith, 186, Sarah M. Smith, 125, Nellie A. Sprout, 311,
Hattie L. Stearns, 431, Ida E. Stratton, 302, Isabelle C. Stratton,

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