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and Vittie Brooks.

Clara Hanaford married Thomas Milton. Their children:




Benjamin. -


Winthrop Young Hanaford (Benjamin, Capt. Peter, David,
John, John) married Dorcas Huckins, born December 9, 1803
(see Huckins). Their children :

Nathaniel Perkins b. Oct. 28, 1827; d. Nov. 15, 1903.

Lewis Burleigh \

Sarah Burleigh /

Mariah Dorcas b. July 3, 1832.

Mary Jane d. aged 26 years.

Arrah Rockwood m. Caroline Ward, b. 1845; d. July 2, 1915.

Nathaniel Perkins Hanaford (Winthrop Young, Benjamin,
Capt. Peter, David, John, John) married Zulema Webster Pres-
cott, born in Holderness, N. H., daughter of Col. John Prescott,
and Lucinda (Webster) (see Prescotts). They were married
May I, 1852. She was born May i, 1832; died April 10, 1872.
Their children:

John Parker b. Sept. 14, 1853.
Jenny Mariah b. March 31, 1856.

John Parker Hanaford (Nathaniel, Winthop Young, Benjamin,
yy')^ Capt. Peter, David, John, John) married Mary Frances Smith,
daughter of Nicholas Marston Smith and Lydia Kimball; she
was born in Sandwich, N. H. (see Smiths). Their child:

Frances Lydia b. April 27, 1880.


Four Generations of Hanafords

Benjamin Hanaford
WiNTHROP T. Hanaford

John P. Hanaford

Deacon John Huckins

Nathaniel P. Hanaford
Jennie M. Webster


John Parker Hanaford married, second, Mary Elisabeth Neal,
January i, 1890. They live in Rockford, 111. (1915).

Jenny Mariah Hanaford (Nathaniel, Winthrop Young, Ben-
jamin, Capt. Peter, David, John, John) married Edwin Webster,
born June 9, 1851. Their children :

Celia Zulema b. Sept. 22, 1877. '

Frank H. b. March 11, 1879.

Nathaniel Prescott b. Jan. 19, 1881; d. Feb. 17, 1915.

Eliza Jane b. Oct. 12 1882; d. Feb. 24, 1884.

Flora May b. June 6, 1884.

Elbridge Hoyt b. March 10, 1887; d. Feb. 25, 1888.

Lyman Watson b. Aug. 5, 1890.

Nathaniel P. Webster (Edwin and Jenny M. (Hanaford)
Webster) married Clara Bessie Welty January 19, 1903; she was
born January 30, 1885. Their children :

Harry W. b. July 17, 1903.
Pearl Irene b. Nov. 22, 1904. ■

Clarence Edwin b. March 6, 1906.
Wayne Eugene b. Oct. 15, 1907.
Wanda Bessie b. Aug. 5, 1909.

Lyman Watson Webster (Edwin and Jenny M. (Hanaford)
Webster) born August 17, 1889, married Pearl Taylor of Chad-
wick, 111., daughter of James Taylor. Their child:
Kenneth b. July 12, 1908.

Flora May Webster (Edwin and Jenny M. (Hanaford)
Webster) married Jesse J. Ports Febuary 20, 1908; he was born
September 14, 1885. Their child:
Edwin S. b. Dec. 9, 1908.

Lewis Burleigh Hanaford (Winthrop Young, Benjamin, Capt.
Peter, David, John, John) married Marion F. Cady, daughter of
Lyman and Emily (Patrick) Cady, born in Windsor, Vt., May

Sarah Burleigh Hanaford (Winthrop Young, Benjamin, Capt.
Peter, David, John, John) married Eben S. Thompson, son of
Rev. Samuel and Miriam (Morrison) Thompson; born in Holder-
ness, N. H., March 16, 1828; died in Stoneham, Mass., Februaiy
3, 1887. One daughter, Eleanor Thompson, who married Rev.
Nathan Palmeter.

Mariah Dorcas Hanaford (Winthrop Young, Benjamin, Capt.
Peter, David, John, John) married June 12, 1855, Collin Cady,
son of Lyman and Emily (Patrick) Cady of Newton Center, Mass.


Arah Rockwood Hanaford (Winthrop Young, Benjamin, Capt.
Peter, David, John, John) of New Hampton, N. H., married
Caroline Ward, daughter of Samuel and Nancy B. (Pease) Ward;
born May 21, 1845. Two children. Dr. Howard of Newport,
N. H., and Carrie, who married Guy Buswell and has one son.

Extract from a letter, written Nov. 11, 1907, by Rev. W. H.
Hannaford of Lancaster, Wis.

My interest is always aroused when I see or hear of our name, for it is not
so common as "Smith"; I would be glad to trace my pedigree back farther
than I can, and know something of the original stock. My great-grand-
father lived and died in Canterbury, N. H., only about twenty-five miles
south of New Hampton, N. H. [about fifteen miles]. His oldes: son went west
sometime prior to 1832, and was never heard from. His third son died
young. His second son, Reuben Morrill, my grandfather, came to Ohio in
1832. He was the father of five daughters and four sons: Eliza married Chand-
ler Dunwell, and died in two or three years, and is buried in a lonely cemetery,
ten or twelve miles from Rockford, 111.; Mr. Dunwell still lives somewhere in
Iowa. Minerva married Albert M. Smith and died in Cleveland, Ohio,
about 1880; Mr. Smith, is an architect and still lives in Cleveland. Jane
married Fenner Bosworth, a farmer, in Solon, Ohio, and died late in the 8o's
and is buried in the Solon cemetery, near her father, mother, sister Minerva
and brother William; Mr. Bosworth still lives in Solon. Catherine married
Henry B. Chase, a farmer, and settled near Rockford, III.; she died in Rock-
ford, in 1905; Mr. Chase still lives there; Prof. F. A. Chase, principal of
schools in Oak Park, and J. R. Chase of Chicago, are sons. Charles Augustine
is now living in Traverse County, Michigan; he is a retired farmer, has two
sons, Roy and xMbert, and a daughter living near him, and a daughter in
Cleveland, Ohio, all married. William Foster Hanaford, my father, was a
carpenter; he had a varied experience in Ohio and Michigan, and died May i,
1901, in Grand Blanc, Mich., and is buried in Solon, Ohio. I am the only
living son. His older daughter is the wife of Rev. George Benford, White
Cloud, Mich., with whom our mother still lives. His younger daughter, Mrs.
W. W. Kreamer, is with her husband on a homestead near Kadoka, S. Dak.
Lyman Beecher died near Calumet, Quebec, Canada, in the 8o's, leaving a
wife, now in Watertown, N. Y., a son, Rollin M., who is on the railroad some-
where in Texas, I suppose; two daughters married and living in Calumet, and
one in the city of Mexico, and one is still with her mother. John Roy lives in
Cleveland, Ohio; he is a carpenter, now broken in health; has two sons, Albert
and Frank, both with him; Mary, a daughter by a second marriage, is a widow,
living with her mother, in Cleveland, Ohio. My uncle, Charles, had a son
Charles, who married and later died, leaving two children. I have three
children, two boys and a girl. I am 41 years of age. Uncle Charles has
two living sons, married, but I do not know of sons being born to them.


W. H. Hannaford.


In Auburn, Neb., 1907, lived Richard Hannaford, ex-liveryman,
who had sons or brothers: James, a painter, and George, mail
carrier. Richard's grandfather lived near Cincinnati, Ohio, and
came direct from England.

George S. Hannaford in 1907 was traveling for a candy com-
pany. He and his wife were killed in an auto accident in Indiana,
or Michigan, in July, 1915. His father, George W. Hannaford,
born in Albany, N. Y., lived in Connecticut. The grandfather,
Stephen A. Hannaford, lived in Stokehill, Devonshire, Eng.

Laura Hannaford, Grand Rapids, Mich., 191 5, stenographer
in city attorney's ofihce, is a cousin of George S. Hannaford,
mentioned above.

An Alabaman told of a Captain Hannaford in the Confederate
army, from Mississippi, after the war living at Morrilton, Ark.;
he died before 191 3. Was an elder in the Presbyterian Church,
and a promoter of orphanage — "one of the most urbane and
gentle, most polite, polished and good men — could pray."

J. M. Hannaford, St. Paul, Minn., president, Northern Pacific

Lyman Beecher Hannaford, superintendent of schools, Brook-
lyn, N. Y., about 1880. Said the name was derived from Hanna
— by name living near a ford of river.

Hannafourde, traveling exhibitor of "miracle" painting, at
Knoxville, Tenn., Appalachian Exposition, 191 1.

Charles B. Hanford, Shakespearean actor, Washington, D. C.

Hanaford or Hannaford, architect, Cincinnati, or Cleveland,
Ohio, about 1890.

Hanaford, in eastern Washington, about 1883; later

moved to California, living several years at or near Santa Cruz,
or San Jose.

Several Hanfords and Hannafords in Chicago, 1880-1915.

In Seattle, Wash., 1908, a lot of Hanfords, including Judge
Cornelius H., Arthur, Clarence, Earl, Edward, Frank, Harry,
Horace, Louise, Fort Scott, Kan.

Colorado Springs, Col., 1909, Peter Oliver Hanford, physician-

Clifford C. and William J. Hansford, miner.

Denver, Col., 1909, Thomas Haniford, carpenter; Mrs. Johanna
Haniford, groceries.

Charles N. Hanford, Ella F., George H., Leonard E., Marcus
P., J. Hannaford, mentioned in Black's "Lorna Doone."


Elgin, 111., 1912, Dr. Hanford; daughter Mildred.

Probably Rev. William H. Hannaford's (of Lancaster, Wis.)
great-grandfather was a brother of Captain Hanaford of New
Hampton, N. H.

Aunt Mary Kelly (Elgin, 111., 1908) and Mrs. Mary Ellen
(Hanaford) Partridge remembered visiting cousins at Canter-
bury, N. H., in their youth.

Rev. William H. Hannaford, Congregational pastor — Lan-
caster, Wis., 1907; Sierra Madre, Cal., 191 1 — wrote, in 1907,
that his grandfather lived in Canterbury, N. H.; that his oldest
son went West sometime prior to 1832 and was never heard from,
the third son died just after attaining manhood; second son,
Rueben Morrill Hannaford (Rev. William H.'s grandfather)
came to Ohio in 1832, and was the father of five daughters and
four sons: Charles Augustus, Lyman Beecher, John Roy and
William Foster; they and descendants mostly lived in Ohio and
Michigan — Lyman B. near Calumet, Quebec, Canada. Rev.
William H. was the only living son of William Foster Hanaford.
Rev. William H. corresponded with Rev. Howard A. (son of Dr.
Hibbard Hanaford of Reading, Mass.), and Rev. Phoebe (Coffin)
Hanaford, but found no clue to relationship. Another family
was found in Michigan, who traced back to Vermont and claimed
relationship to the Canterbury branch. (See addition.)

Note — The writer of this book thinks there was a blood relation,
as John Hanaford, who married Abigal Norris and resided in
Stratham, N. H., had seven sons; moved to Canterbury, N. H.,
and his seventh son, Capt. Peter, a tailor by trade, lived in Can-
terbury, N. H., and traded his land to the Shakers for wild land
in New Hampton, N. H. Capt. Peter took land for military
service. There were very few Hannafords in New England at
this time. They settled near Boston, then went farther inland,
to Exeter (from which Stratham and other towns were taken).

Reuben Morrill Hanaford, born May i, 1800, in Canterbury,
N. H., married, first, July 8, 1828, Nancy, daughter of Abiel^
and Susannah (Moore) Foster; she was born in Canterbury
February 9, 1803. They moved to Solon, Ohio, in 1832, where
both died. He was second, . Children by first wife :

Eliza m. Chandler Dunwell; d. in 111.
Minerva m. A. M. Smith, about 1852.

Jane m. Fenner Bosworth, in Solon, Ohio. They had two
sons, Archibald and Newton, Bosworth.


Catherine m. Henry B. Chase; d. in Rockford, 111., 1905.
They had six sons and one daughter.

Charles m. Helen Sill; d. in 1909 in Traverse City, Mich.
They had ten children.

William Foster m. Julia M. Barnard; d. in Grand Blanc,
Mich., May i, 1901. Their two sons d. young; a daughter,
Ellen, m. Rev. George Benford. They had four sons,
one, William Henry, a clergyman in Lancaster, Wis.; he
had two sons and one daughter.

Peter Huniford (Hanaford) was a volunteer at Bennington.
In the Train Band and Alarm List from Canterbury, N. H.

Among the Canterbury signers of the Association Test was
Peter Hanaford, who signed about 1780.




By Henry Winthrop Hardon

Robert Huckins (Huggins) was born probably in Devonshire,
or Cornwall, about 1620. History states he was one of the forty-
two signers of the Dover Combination. In 1641 he was in
Oyster River (Durham). As he was not taxed the writer infers
he was in the fish business, as the fishermen were exempt. "Old
Mr. Huckins" was killed by the Indians at Oyster River, July
18, 1694, history states. No name of his wife has been found,
but names of two children are James, born about 1644, and
Sarah, borli, 1654.

Lieut. James (Robert), husbandman and miller, married Sarah
Barnham about 1671 ; she was a daughter of Robert and Frances
Barnham. Sarah deposed December 31, 1673, age 19 years.

Lieut. James Huckins had a Garrison House on the road from
Durham to Dover. In August, 1689, the Indians ambushed and
slew him and seventeen men belonging to the garrison, while they
were at work in the field. This place, in 1908, belonged to Mrs.
Joseph W. Coe, near the Huckins Brook. The victims of the
massacre were all buried under a mound in the southeast of the
field, which could be distinguished in 1908. The Indians fired
the Garrison House and carried away the inmates. Lieut.
Huckins' wife was recovered, after a year of captivity, at Fort

Robert Huckins (Lieut. James, Robert), yeoman, miller, was
born at Oyster River Parish, Dover, about 1672. He married
in 1692, Welthean Thomas; she was born in Dover, N. H. Doubt-
less Robert Huckins rebuilt the Garrison House on or near the
old site. In 1701 he had a mill on Huckins Brook. He was
successively selectman, assessor, and constable at Dover. They
had ten children, among them James Huckins (Robert, James,
Robert) born at Oyster River Parish about 1701; in 17 19 he
married Hannah Williams, born at Oyster River; he is probably
the James Huckins who married, May 6, 1756, Abigal Spencer of

James Huckins was killed in the French and Indian War,
I755~i763. In 1740 he was a member of the Second Foot Com-


pany at Dover, N. H. In 1755 he was in Taskers Company, for
the Crown Point expedition, wh" 'h took part in the battle of
Lake George on September 8, 1775.

His son, Deacon James Huckins (James, Robert, James, Ro-
bert), was a cordwainer, born in Madbury District, October 14,
1746; he married, first, about 1774, Dorcas Bickford, daughter
of John Bickford; she was born in Newington, N. H., October 29,

1755; died October 24, 1810; he married, second, Ruth ;

third, Huldah Batcheldor Garland, born in New Hampton, N.
H., May 10, 1757. Deacon James Huckins died March 2, 1837.
He lived in Barrington, Barnstead, in 1773 in Gilmantown, and
in New Hampton, N. H., in 1783. He bought fifty acres of land
in Gilmantown about 1776; in 1783 he sold it and bought eighty
acres in New Hampton, N. H. He later bought 244 acres and
settled on it, on the north side of Cooley's Hill, at the head of
Ames Brook, in New Hampton, N. H., which later fell to his son,
Robert; later to his grandson, Stephen P., and in 1910 was owned
by his great-grandson, Almon Huckins. In 1782, he enlisted
for three years in the Revolutionary War. Among children by
his first wife, Dorcas Bickford, was Deacon John Huckins (James,
James, Robert, James, Robert) of New Hampton, N. H., farmer
(his picture is in the Hanaford group of four generations) ; he was
born at Gilmantown, N. H., December 17, 1782; died October 3,
1877. He married, first, February 17, 1803, Judith Perkins,
daughter of Nathaniel and Judith (Smith) Perkins; she was born
at Haverhill, Mass., March 4, 1785; died June 20, 1820. He
married second, Mary Burnham, March 4, 1821; she was born
October 2, 1796; died June 17, 1867.

Eliphalet Huckins (Robert^, James ^, James ^, Robert •\ James 2,
Robert of Holderness, N. H., was born in New Hampton,
March 17, 1802; died, June 3, 1835; married November 19, 1826,
Frances Hanaford, daughter of Benjamin Hanaford and Sarah
(Wait); she was born October 9, 1800; died in Chatham, 111., in

Stephen Pitman Huckins (Robert'', James ^, James*, Robert^,
James^, Robert^) was born in New Hampton, N. H., June 5,
1826; died February 12, 1906; married May 7, 1856, his first
cousin, once removed, Rachel Jane Hanaford, daughter of Peter
Hanaford and Nancy Smith; born in New Hampton, N. H.,
August 14, 1827; died January 18, 1906.


Nancy Smith, daughter of John Smith, son of John Smith, at
New Hampton, N. H. NanVy born, February 6, 1807; died
September 7, 1881 ; married December 19, 1825, Peter Hanaford,
son of Benjamin Hanaford and Mary Wait; born May 6, 1803;
died May 3, 1882.

Deacon John Huckins (James ^, James ^ Robert ■\ James 2,
Robert^ of New Hampton, N.H., was born in Gilmantown,N.H.,
December 17, 1782; died October 3, 1877; married February 17,
1803, Judith Perkins, daughter of Nathaniel Perkins and Judith
Smith; born in Haverhill, Mass., March 4, 1785; died June 20,
1820; he married, second, Mary Burnham. Child by first wife
was named Dorcas, born December 9, 1803; she married Win-
throp Youjig Hanaford, son of Benjamin and Sarah (Wait)


Coat of Arms, Az, on a bend arg cotised or, between two demi-Iions' rampant
erm, a rose gu, seeded and leaved ppr, between two boars' heads, couped sa,
languid, of the fifth. Crest, a dragon's head couped regardant quarterly per
fesse, embattled vert and or, flames issuing from the mouth ppr. Motto,
Fides et Justitia (Faith and Justice).

Lineage, John Webster of Bolsover Co., Derby, was returned into chancery
in the twelfth year of King Henry VI, 1434, who made oath of the observance
of the peace and of the King's laws; through Peter Sir Godfrey, Sir Thomas,
Sir Whistler, down to the Creation, May 21, 1703, of Arms.




R . ■ L



John Webster came from Ipswich, Eng., settled in Ipswich,
Mass.; was Freeman in 1635. He married Mary Shatswell.
Their children were, John, Thomas, Stephen, Nathan, Israel,
and four daughters. He died in 1647. '

Thomas Webster, born in 1632, lived in Hampton, N. H.;
married in 1656; died in 1715. His children were: Ebenezer,
Thomas, Nathaniel, and others.

Ebenezer Webster, son of Thomas, was a grantee of Kingston,
N. H., in 1692; his son, Hon. Ebenezer, born in 1739, settled in
Salisbury in 1763.

Thomas Webster, son of Thomas of Hampton, married Mary
Greely of Haverhill, January 19, 1717. His son, Thomas, married
Judith Morse in 1738. Their children were: Levi, Enoch and

Caleb Webster, born in 1751, died in 1808; married Mary
Tilton of Hampton, N. H. The children were: Elijah Clough
and Mary. By second wife (Abigal French) : Sally, Levi, Lois,
Nathaniel, Betsy, Eunice, Abigal, Caleb, Samuel.

Caleb Webster, son of Caleb, born in 1791, married Hannah
Peaslee in 1826. Their children were: Sidney and Warren.




The name of Thompson has long been known in England,
Scotland and Ireland. In England it was first spelled Tompson.

From Hartfordshire Pedigrees: "Rob* Thomson, that com
out of y^ North of Watton, in Hartfdsh, wife Elizb*^^, dau of
John Harnsett, of Watton, Hartf'd."

His descendant, Sir William of 1664, settled in Ipswich, Mass.
His will was dated March 25, 1676; his wife was Rachel. They
had a son, William.

The History of Durham, N. H., states that William Thompson
had a grant of land in Dover, N. H., in 1656, the same year,
that a dozen Scotchmen, who had worked in the sawmills of Kit-
tery, Me., had their grants. The tradition that he was a Scotch-
man is found in both the Maine and New Hampshire branches of
the Thompson family.

The indications are that he was one of the prisoners taken by
Oliver Cromwell at the battle of Dunbar, and sent to Boston.
The grant of land to William Thompson, in 1656, lay "beyond
Cochecho log swamp"; it was conveyed by John Thompson of
Dover, Nov. 8, 1715, to John Tuttle. The conveyance states it
was land "granted to my father, by the town of Dover." It is
probable he married a daughter of John White. He died in
1676, and left a house and orchard at Kittery, Me., and fifty
acres of land in Dover, N. H.

John^ Thompson married, between 1678-1680, Sarah, daughter
of Capt. John and Mary (Field) Woodman. He was the son of
William of Kittery, Me. He and brother, James, conveyed
land at Cold Harbor, now Eliot, Me., to Francis Allen; the deed
was wit by Robert Huckins.

John Thompson and Mary (Woodman) Thompson had a son

John^ born in 1687, who married Mary . They had a

son, Nathaniel, born May 29, 1726, who married Elisabeth
Stevens of Durham.

Nathaniel Thompson (John^, John 2, William is called "En-
sign." He was a surveyor in 1768; was of Durham, 1770. He
had land in Pembroke, N. H., but settled in Holderness, where he
was selectman in 1773. He was killed while assisting in launch-
ing a ship at Durham, N. H. He married Elisabeth, daughter


of Deacon Hubbard and Mary (Thompson) Stevens. Their

DoLLY^ b. Oct., 20, 1761.
JOHN^ b. March 15, 1763.
Nathaniel^ b. April 21, 1765; m. April 11, 1786, Olive Dow

of Gilmanton, N. H •

Elisabeth'^ b. Aug. 17, 1767.
James^ b. Aug. 27, 1769. ' .

PoLLY^ b. Feb. 6, 1772; m. John Hill.
Jane^ b. May 9, 1774.
Ebenezer^ b. July 15, 1776.
Rev. Samuel^ b. Feb. 28, 1779; d. 1853.
Hubbard b. 1783.

Rev. Samuel^ Thompson, (Nathaniel'*, John^ John^, William^),
Free Baptist minister, was ordained as an evangelist in 1836. He
labored in Holderness, N. H., in 1836-1853. He was postmaster
in Holderness from 1824-1828; represented New Hampton and
Center Harbor in the Legislature of 1811-1812, and Holderness
in 1828-31-38. He died August 12, 1853. He married first,
Polly (Mary), daughter of Nathaniel and Anna (Prescott)
Chandler of Northwood, N. H., about 1801; she died in Holder-
ness. He married second, Miriam, daughter of Jonathan and
Esther Jane (Perkins) Morrison of Sanbornton, N. H., Septem-
ber, 1823; she died at Stoneham, Mass., May 6, 1872. Children
by first marriage:

Joseph C.*' b. March 18, 1801; d. July 17, 1855.
Eliza'' b. Nov. 4, 1802; d. Sept. 12, 1803.
David S.^ b. June 10, 1804; d. Nov. 30, 1870.
Nancy C.^ b. April 22, 1806; d. April 22, 1839.
John H.^ b. May 23, 1808; d. Aug. 2-], 1862.
Samuel P." b. June 5, 1810; d. Dec. 16, 1865.
James M.^ b. Aug. 15, 1812; d. April 18, 1872.
Nathan H.'' b. June 19, 1814; d. May 12, 1841.

Children by second marriage :

Nathaniel S.'' b. April 26, 1825; d. Jan. 5, 1908.
Eben S.6 b. March 16, 1828; d. Feb. 3, 1877.
Person Cheney^ b. Oct. 24, 1829; d. March 29, 1898.

Eben" S. Thompson married December 31, 1851, Sarah^ Bur-
leigh Hanaford, born August 22, 1829; died November 22, 1855.
She was the daughter of Winthrop* Young Hanaford and Dorcas
Huckins. Benjamin^ and Mary (Wait), Capt. Peter^ and Abigal
(Norris), John Hanford. (See Hanaford family.) Eben S.


Thompson married, second, Martha A. Neal (John, Joseph,
Samuel, Samuel, Walter, Capt. Walter) (see Neals).

Eben S.*^ Thompson and Sarah Burleigh (Hanaford) had one
daughter, EUena^ Hanaford Thompson, born December 4, 1852;
married Rev. Nathan Sanford Palmeter, born May 9, 1846; died
November 10, 1901, at Loudon, N. H. He was born at North
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. They both were graduates of the
Academy at New Hampton, N. H. He later graduated at Bates
College, Lewiston, Me., in 1875. He is buried at Stoneham,
Mass., where his wife resides; she is quite a prominent woman
in public work.

Nathaniel^ Thompson was one of the pioneers who aided in
settling Holderness (Ashland) N. H. He removed from Durham
about 1 77 1. He was baptized an infant at "Oyster River"
May 29, 1726; married Elisabeth Stevens of Durham, N. H., as
early as 1761. He was a trader and shipwright. Ensign Na-
thaniel^ Thompson was a cousin to Judge Ebenezer of Reverend
Fame. In 1771 he was in Pembroke, N. H., and was offered a
large tract of land if he would build and run a grist and sawmill
in Holderness, N. H. At the outlet of Lake Asquam he made a
home, and settled with five children, and built his mills. Polly
(Mary) the fifth child, was born in 1772; married John Hill of
Durham, N. H., when she was 13 years old. Her father Nathan-
iel^ Thompson, was sent for to come to Durham, to inspect a
ship. He made the trip on horseback. He pronounced the ship
seaworthy. When it was launched and slipping into the water,
one of the skids broke and flew with great force, striking his
limb and causing a compound fracture, from which cause he
died four days later, in 1785.

Polly Thompson was the ancestor in the second generation of
Frances Willard, late president of the W. C. T. U.


Orders of Knighthood were conferred on some branches of the family; the
Prescotts were among the noble families of England. A Coat of Arms was
conferred on James Prescott, of Dryby, in Lincolnshire.

The Coat of Arms was as heraldry. Ermine, a chevron sa (sable or black)
on a chief of the second two leopards' heads or (gold or yellow). Crest, out of
a ducal coronet or, a boar's head and neck or (silver or white), bristled of the

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