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Books prepared for Amateurs

Theatricals. London, 1879.
General suggestions. Old-fashioned.

DAKIN, HENRY J. : The Stage in the Drawing Room. London, n. d.
It contains a few useful hints.


NEIL, C. L.: Amateur Theatricals. London,

BULLIVANT, C. H.: The Drawing Room Entertainer. London,

These four books contain advice on costume, make-up, and the arrange-
ment of small indoor stages, the preparation of scenery, etc. They are
of little practical importance to the director but might prove helpful to
his actors.

ANON. : The Amateur's Hand-book. A guide to home theatricals.

S. French, New York, 1910.
TAYLOR, EMERSON: Practical Stage Directing for Amateurs. New

York, 1916.

Gesture and Pose

STEBBINS, G.: Delsarte System of Expression. New York,

MORGAN, A. : An Hour with Delsarte. A study of expression.

Boston, 1889.
GIRAUDET: M unique. Physiognomic et Gestes apres le Systeme de

Delsarte. Paris, 1896.

These books contain exercises of value to novices.

WENDLANDT, 0. J. : Living Statuary. How it mav be produced by
amateurs. Manchester, 1896.

The Art of Make-up

Fox, C. H.: The Art of Making up. London, 1892.

LYNN, R. A. N.: Lynn's Practical Hints on Making-up. London,

HAGERMANN, M.: Hagermann j s Make-up Book. Chicago,

PAINTER: Turner's Complete Guide to Theatrical Make-up. Lon-

don, 1898.
FITZGERALD, S. J. A.: How to "Make-up." A practical guide for

amateurs. London, 1902.
YOUNG, J.: Making-up. New York, 1906.
MORTON, C.: The Art of Theatrical Make-up. London, 1909.

In addition many of the books on acting contain chapters on make-up.


General Lisi of Books on Acting

This bibliography does not aim to be exhaustive ; its object rather
is to suggest the better known books in the field. In addi-
tion much material concerning acting will be found in theat-
rical memoirs, diaries, and reminiscences.

OVERBUBY, SIR THOMAS: The Character of a Perfect Actor, in


RICCOBONI, LUIGI: Dell' Arte Rappresentativa. London, 1726.
RJCCOBONI, LUIGI: Pensees sur la Declamation. Paris, 1788.

These contain an early exposition of the emotional principle of acting
elaborated into a theory of the art.

SATNTE-ALBINE, REMARD DE: Le Comedien. Paris, 174?.

His theory rests upon emotion. It is the basis of two or three subse-
quent works. (See below.)

RICCOBONI, FRANgois: UArt du Theatre. Paris, 1750.

Francois disagrees with his father, Luigi. An actor should not feel
the emotion he expresses. (See above.)

HILL [AARON? SIR JOHN? JOHN?]: The Actor. A treatise
on the art of playing. London, 1750.

The authorship of this adaptation of Sainte-Albine (see above) was at-
tributed to Aaron Hill. Lowe, p. 2, assigns it to "Sir John Hill." The
British Museum catalogue notes "by J. Hill, M. D., calling himself
Sir John Hill." Reprinted in 1766 with added anecdotes.

LLOYD, ROBERT: The Actor. A poem addressed to Bonnell

Thornton, Esq. London, 4th ed., 1764.
DORAT, J. C.: La Declamation Theatrale. Poeme didactique.

Paris, 1766.
STICOTTI, ANTONIO FABIO: Garrick, ou les Acteurs Anglois. Paris,


An adaptation of "The Actor " (see above) back into French once more.

ENGEL: I dees sur le geste et I action theatrale. Paris, 1788.

ANON.: The New Thespian Oracle. Containing original strictures
on oratory and acting. London, 1791.

ANON. : The Theatrical Speaker. An elucidation of the whole sci-
ence of acting. London, 1807.


ANON.: The Thespian Preceptor. A full display of the scenic
art, including ample and easy instructions for treading the
stage, using proper action, modulating the voice, and express-
ing the several dramatic passions ... London, 1811.

ANON.: An Essay on the Art of Acting. Epistle I. London, 1819.

ANON. : The Actor, or, Guide to the Stage. Exemplifying the whole
art of acting. London, 1821.
A condensation of "The Actor," ed. of 1765. (See above.)

BERNIER, F.: Theorie de 1'art du comedien. Paris, 1826.
CGRANT, G?] : An Essay on the Science of Acting, by a Veteran Stager.
London, 1828.

A rambling, discursive book, of no value save for its anecdotes.
ANON.: The Art of Acting; or, Guide to the Stage, in which the

dramatic passions are defined, analyzed, and made easy of

acquirement. New York, n. d. i8553.
LEWES, GEORGE HENRY : On Actors and the Art of Acting. London,


A much quoted work. Chap. X, On Natural Acting, is suggestive.

COQUELJN, C.: UArl et le Comedien. Paris, 1880. ist. Am. ed.
Boston, 1881.

See the Eng. transl. in Publ. Columbia University Dramatic Museum,

TALMA, F. J.: The Actor's Art. London, 1888.

See the reprint in Publ. Columbia University Dramatic Museum, iQi5.
HOUSSAYE, ARSENE: La Comedienne. Paris, 188^.
FITZGERALD, PERCY: The Art of the Stage, as set out in Charles

Lamb's Dramatic Essays, with a commentary. London, i885.

See pp. a4a-a55 on acting and Hamlet's advice to the players.

ARCHER, WILLIAM: Masks or Faces? London, 1888.

A historical study of the controversy concerning emotion versus intel-
lect in acting, supported by a wealth of citations from theatrical memoirs
together with bibliographical notes. The foundation work for any exami-
nation of the literature of acting.

MONROSE, E.: Causeries sur CArt du Theatre. Brussels, 1888.
ADAMS, F. A. F. : Gesture and Pantomimic Action. New York, 1891.
DUPONT-VERNON, H.: Diseurs et comediens. Paris, 1801.


FITZGERALD, PERCY: The Art of Acting. London, 1892.

Often quoted by writers on the stage.
MACLAUGHLIN, E. L. : Handy Book upon Elocution and Dramatic

Art. London, 1892.
IRVING, HENRY: The Drama. Four addresses. New York, n. d.


The second and fourth address are on the art of acting. Excellent.
LAMBERT, A.: Sur les planches. Paris, 1894.
AYRES, ALFRED: Acting and Actors, Elocution and Elocutionists.

A book about theater folk and the theater art. New York,

Too much elocution.

CORLETTE, C. M.: Universal Theatrical Stage Tutor and Guide.
Manchester, 1897.
A catch-penny handbook.

SMITHSON, D. J.: Elocution and Dramatic Art. London, 1897.
GREGORI, F.: Das Schaffen des Schauspielers. Berlin, 1899.
MARTERSTEIG, M. : Der Schauspieler. Ein kiinstlerisches Problem.

Leipzig, 1900.
ROCHAS D'AIGLUN, A DE: Les Sentiments, la Musique, et le Gesie.

Grenoble, 1900.

AUBERT, C.: L'Art Mimique. Paris, 1901.
SYMONS, ARTHUR: Plays, Acting, and Music. London, igb3.

See p. 28, The Speaking of Verse; p. 78, Music, Staging, and Some Acting;
p. 84, The Test of the Actor; p. 166, On Crossing Stage to Right;
p. 78, The Price of Realism. These are a stimulating series of brief

KERR, ALFRED: Schauspielkunst. Berlin, 1904.

IRVING, SIR HENRY: Occasional Papers. London, 1906.

See on Art and the Status of the Actor, and on Colley Gibber's Apology.

BALFOUR-BROWNE, J. H.: The Art of Acting. In his Essays,

Critical and Political, vol. I, pp. 265-77. London, 1907.
WALKLEY, A. B. : Drama and Life. New York, 1908.

See p. loo, The Art of Acting. An interesting analysis of a magazine
article by Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree on "How to Act."


SUTHERLAND, A. C.: Dramatic Elocution and Action. London,

O'CONNOR, J. E.: Chapters in the History of Actors and Acting in

Ancient Greece. Chicago.
HASLUCK, S. L., and A. : The Elements of Elocution and Gesture.

London, 1908.

BREMONT, LEON: UArl de dire et le theatre. Paris, 1908.
HARVEY, J. MARTIN: Character and the Actor, London, 1908.

Publications of Ethnological Society.

Worth careful attention.

LAWSON, ROBB: The Psychology of Acting. In the Fortnightly,

N. S. vol. 85 (vol. 90), pp. 499~5i3. London, 1909.
BERGER, ALFRED VON: Meine hamburgische Dramaturgic . Vienna,

MACKAY, F. F.: The Art of Acting. Embracing the analysis of

expression and its application to dramatic literature. New

York, 1910.

Pretentious but somewhat verbose.

KUTSCHER, ARTHUR: Die Ausdruckkunst der Buhne. Grundriss
und Bausteine zum neuen Theater. Leipzig, 1910.
Important because of its application of the principles of the new staging.

THUMSER, KARL: Vom Dasein des Schauspieles. Leipzig, 1910.
SAVITS, JOCZA: Der Schauspieler und das Publikum. Munich, n. d.


Savits is one of the important leaders of the new movement.

ARMSTRONG, C. F. : The Actors Companion. Introduction by
Arthur Bouchier. London, n. d.
Conventional. Armstrong has l>een an actor and publisher's reader.

FRY, EMMA SHERIDAN: Educational Dramatics. A handbook on
the educational player metruxl. New York, 1913.
Of value to school teachers and directors of school dramatics.

ANGUS, J. KEITH: Amateur Acting. London, 1913.
MATTHEWS, BRANDER: On Acting. New York, 191/4.

A brief essay literary rather than practical.


GILLETTE, WILLIAM: The Illusion of the First Time in Acting.
With an introduction by George Arliss. Publ. I of the Dra-
matic Museum of Columbia University, 1916.

COQUELJN, CONSTANT: Art and the Actor. Transl. by Abby
Langdon Alger. With an introduction by Henry James.
Publ. II of the Dramatic Museum of Columbia University,

The first half of this essay is of particular value to students of acting.

JENKIN, H. C. FLEEMING: Mrs. Siddons as Lady Macbeth and as
Queen Katharine. With an introduction by Brander Mat-
thews. Publ. Ill of the Dramatic Museum of Columbia
University, 191 5.
The critique contains sound theory of the actor's art in general.

TALMA: Reflections on the Actor's Art. With an introduction by
Sir Henry Irving, and a review by H. C. Fleeming Jenkin.
Publ. IV of the Dramatic Museum of Columbia University,
Talma's essay on acting is probably the best analytical study of this art.

Acting at the Paris Conservatoire [^Classic Methods']

LEYMAIRE, L. DE, et BERNHEIM, A.: L'Enseignement dramatique
au Conservatoire. Paris, 1886.

SOLLY, J. R. : Acting and the Art of Speech at the Paris Conserva-
toire. London, 1891.

PEERRE, C.: Les anciennes ecoles de declamation dramatique. Paris,


WEAVER, JOHN: History of the Mimes and Pantomimes. 1728.
NOJAC, R. DE: Petit Traite de Pantomime. Paris, 1887.
HOUGOUNET, PAUL: Mimes et Pierrots. Paris, 1889.
HUGOUNET, PAUL: La Musique et la Pantomime. Paris, 1892.


ALBERT, CHARLES: Pantomimes modernes. Paris, 1896.
PERICAUD, Louis: Le Theatre desfunambules, ses mimes, ses acteurs,

et ses pantomimes . . . Paris, 1897.
ADAMS, FLORENCE A.: Gesture and Pantomimic Action. New

York, 1891. Illustrated.

SCHOEMAKER, R. H. : Delsartean Pantomimes. Philadelphia, 1898.
BROADBENT, R. A.: A History of Pantomime. London, 1901.

One of the few books available on this subject.

ALBERT, CHARLES: UArt mimique, suivi d'un traite de la pantomime
et da ballet. Paris, 1901. 200 plates.

DRIESEN, OTTO: Der Unsprung des Harlekin, ein Kulturge-
schichtliches Problem. Berlin, 1904.

SYMONS, ARTHUR: Pantomime and the Poetic Drama. In Studies
in Seven Arts. 1907.

BRONNER, MILTON: The Cult of Pierrot. In Poet Lore, Boston,
1908, vol. 19, pp. 3i&-33i.

DELJTZSCH, FRIEDRICH: Sardanapol. Grosse historische Panto-
mime in 3 Akten oder 4 Bildern, unter Anlehrung an das
gleichnamige Ballett Paul Taglionis, neu bearbeitet von F.
Delitsch. Musikalische Begleitung . . . von Joseph Schlar.
Begleitende Dichtung von Joseph Lauff, Berlin, 1909.

Has the advantage that the accompanying music and verse may be com-
pared with the pantomime action.

FREKSA, FRIEDRICH: Regiebuch zu Sumurun; eine Pantomime in
neun Bildern nach orientalischen Mdrchenmoliven. Musik von
V. Hollander. Berlin, n. d. [1910.3
The prompt-book for the Reinhardt production.

LE Roux, and DUBOUR, G. DE: La Roussalka, ballet-pantomime en
deux actes. Musique de L. Lambert. Paris, 1911.

FOSTER, FRANCES A.: Dumb Show in Elizabethan Drama before
1620. In Englische Studien, v. 44. P- 8-17. Leipzig, 1911.

A number of old French pantomime texts are listed in M. de
Soleinne's Bibliotheque Dramatique in vol. V under books
"relatifs au theatre."




It is difficult to prepare anything approaching an adequate bib-
liography on Costume. Racinet's Le Costume Historique
contains, however, a detailed selection of books. There are
only a few statisfactory books on this subject among the hun-
dreds of titles. It is better to go direct to contemporary
painting, statuary, tapestries, etc., for costume data. For
American Indian costumes, see the publications of the Smith-
sonian. The following list is restricted to standard works.


SMITH, J. M.: Ancient Greek Female Costume. London, 1882.

112 plates.
STUDNICZKA, F. : Beitrdge zur Geschichte der altgriechischen Tracht.

Vienna, 1886.
EVANS, LADY M. M.: Chapters on Greek Dress. London, 1898.

Illus. Bibliography.
ABRAHAMS, E. B. : Greek Dress. A study of the costumes worn in

ancient Greece. London, 1908. Illus. Plates and diagrams.

These four books are all useful.

BIEBER, M. : Das Dresdener Schauspielerrelief. Ein Beitrag zur
Geschichte des tragischen Kostums und der griechischen
Kunst. Bonn, 1907. Diss.


FROHLICH, F.: Die Mode im alien Rom. Basel, i885.
SAUNDERS, CATHERINE : Costume in Roman Comedy. New York,
1909. Bibliography.


Costume General

VECELLJO, CESARE: Habiti antichi e moderni di tutto il mondo.
Venice, new ed., 1698.
5o6 woodcuts by Titian's brother.

LAVACHER DE CHARNOIS: Recherches sur les costumes et sur les
theatres de toutes les nations tant anciennes que modernes. ist
ed. 2 vols., Paris, 1790. 56 plates. 2d ed. 1802.

KOEHLER, KARL: Die Trachten der Volker in Bild und Schnitt.
3 vols. Dresden, 1871-73.

AMMAN, JOST: The Theatre of Women. (Orig. ed. i586.) Man-
chester, 1872. Publ. of Holbein Society.

ROSENBERG, C. A. Geschichte des Kostums. Berlin, 1906.

RHEAD, G.: Chats on Costume. New York, 1906.

LACY, THOMAS H.: Female Costume, Historical, National, and
Dramatic. London, 200 plates.

MACK AY, CONSTANCE D'ARCY : Costumes and Scenery for Amateurs.
New York, 191 5.
A useful handbook, although the costume designs are conventional.

FRENCH'S Costumes; Dramatic, National, and Historical. 2 vols.
New York, n. d.

Shakespeare and Theatrical

MACKLIN: Illustrations to Shakespeare's Plays. London, 1792.

PLANCHE, J. R.: Costume of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Othello, Mer-
chant of Venice, Henry IV, and As You Like It. Selected and
arranged from the best authorities. 70 hand-colored plates,
with description.

BOOCKE, R. L. : Shakespearean Costumes. Illustrations of charac-
ters in each play. London, 1889.

ARIA, E.: Costume, Fanciful, Historical, and Theatrical. London,
With colored illustrations (many Shakesj>earenn) by Percy Anderson.



STRUTT, JOSEPH: A Compkte View of the Dress and Habits of the
People of England. 2 vols., new ed., by J. R. Planche.
London, 1842.
Contains i43 valuable plates.

MARTIN, CHARLES: The Civil Costume in England from the Conquest
to the Present Time. London, i84a.
Contains 61 colored plates.

PLANCHE, J. R.: British Costume. London, i846. Illus.
FAIRHOLT, FREDERICK WILLIAM: Satirical Songs and Poems on

Costume: from the 13th to the 19th century. London, 1849.

Publ. Percy Society.

A mine of interesting, amusing, and valuable information on English

MEYRICK, S. R.: Engraved Illustrations of Ancient Arms and
Armour. 2 vols. Reprinted. London., i854-
A collection of 160 large plates, with a brief descriptive text.

SHAW, HENRY: Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages. 2 vols.
Reprinted. London, i858.

Contains g4 useful colored plates and 128 woodcuts. Furniture and deco-
rations are also included.

PLANCHE, J. R.: A Cyclopaedia of Costume. Including a general
history of costumes. 2 vols. London, 1876-79. New ed.,
Bonn's Artist's Library, 1907.
A standard work elaborately illustrated.

SCHILD, M.: Old English Costumes. London, 1888.

FAIRHOLT, F. W.: Costume in England. A history of dress.

3d ed., by H. A. Dillon. 2 vols. London, i885.

One of the best works on this subject. Vol. 2 is a glossary.

HILL, GEORGIANA: A History of English Dress. 2 vols. London,
A popular handbook.


HOLDING, T. H.: Uniforms of the British Army, Navy, and Court

London, i8g.

GARDINER, F. M. : The Evolution of Fashion. London, 1897.
SCHILD, M.: English Peasant Costumes from Boadicea to Queen

Victoria. London, 1898.

Valuable for folk-dance costuming.

DRUITT, H.: Manual of Costume as Illustrated by Monumental
Brasses. London, 1906.
Brasses are an excellent costume source.

CALTHROP, D. C.: English Costume. 4 vols. London, 1906.
The best work on this subject. Illus.

CLINCH, G.: English Costume from Prehistoric Times to the End
of the Eighteenth Century. Antiquary's Books series. London,


A convenient and accurate manual.

ASHDOWN, EMILY J.: British Costume during Nineteen Centuries
(civil and ecclesiastical). London, 1910.
459 engravings, no plates, 9 colored reproductions.

WEBB, W. M.: Heritage of Dress. London, 1912.

Old English Costumes. Talbot Hughes Collection. London, 1918.

PRICE, J. M.: Dame Fashion. London, 1918.


NORTH, C. N. MAC!. : A Record of the Dress of the Highlanders.

2 vols. London, 1881.

ANON.: The Scottish Clans and their Tartans. Edinburgh, 1892.
STUART, J. S. and C. E.: Costume of the Clans. Edinburgh, 1892.


RACINET, A.: Le Costume hislorique. 6 vols. Paris, 1876-1888.
Contains Boo plates.
An elaborate standard work. Bibliography. Costumes of all nations.

DEMAY, GERMAIN: Le Costume au moyen-age d"apres les sceaux.
Paris, 1880.


JULLIEN, ADOLPHE [pseud, of Jean Lucien Adolphe]: Histoire
da costume au theatre depuis les origines du theatre en France
jusqu'a nos jours. Paris, 1880. a4 plates, some colored.

CHALLAMEL, J. B. M. A.: La toilette des femmes depuis fepoque
gallo-romaine. Paris, 1881. Eng. transl. by Mrs. Cashel
Hoey and Mrs. John Lillie. 2 vols. London.

GREVIN, A.: Costumes de theatre. Paris, 1 88 1. Continued annu-

MONVAL, GEORGES: Le Costume a la Comedie Frangaise. Paris,
1884. i5o plates in color.

RICHARD, J. : UArmee frangaise par E. Detaille. 2 vols. Paris,

ANON. : Directoire and First Empire Dress. London, 1889.

RENAN, A.: Le Costume en France. Paris, 1890.

UZANNE, 0.: Les Modes de Paris. 1797-1897. Paris, 1898.
Eng. transl. London, 1898.

ALLINSON, A.: Days of the Directoire. London, 1910.

HOTTENROTH, F. : Handbuch der deutschen Tracht. Stuttgart,


ANON.: Die Uniformen der Deutschen Armee. Leipzig, 1897.
HOTTENROTH, F.: Deutsche Volkstrachten vom XVI Jahrhundert

an bis zwn Anfange des XIX Jahrhunderts. Frankfort,


One of the most elaborate of the German standard works.

Zur Geschichte der Kostume: nach Zeichnungen von Diez, Froh-
lich, Haberlin, Heil, Rothbart, Walter. Munich.
An elaborate and accurate work.

SPIESS, KARL: Die deutschen Volkstrachten. Leipzig, 1911.
342 illustrations and a bibliography.

The United States

WALTON, WILLIAM: The Army and Navy of the United States, from
the period of the Revolution to the present day. Boston, 1889-95.
Issued hi twelve sections.


EARLE, ALICE M. : Costume of Colonial Times, New York, 1894.

LEONARD, G. C.: The Cap and Gown in America. Albany, 1896.

CARR, LUCIEN: Dress and Ornaments of Certain American Indians.

Worcester, 1897. Proc. Amer. Antiq. Soc. vol. II, pp.

GUMMERE, A. M. : The Quaker. A study in costume. Philadelphia,

EARLE, ALICE M. : Two Centuries of Costume in America. 2 vols.

New York, igo3.

Illus. Plates and portraits.

MACCLELLAN, ELIZABETH: Historic Dress in America, 1607-1800.
Philadelphia, 1904. Vol. II, 1800-1870. Philadelphia, 1910.
Plates and bibliography.


PAPWORTH, J. W.: An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms
belonging to families in Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols.
London, [i858>74.

A valuable work.

ELVIN, C. N.: Dictionary of Heraldry. London [1889}
A valuable work.

WOODWARD, JOHN, and BURNETT, GEORGE : A Treatise on Heraldry,
British and Foreign. 2 vols., Edinburgh, 1892.
The most exhaustive treatise on English heraldry.

WOODWARD, JOHN: A Treatise on Ecclesiastical Heraldry. Edin-
burgh, 1894.
Useful in its field.

BONTELL, CHARLES: A Manual of Heraldry. London, 6th ed.
1899. 45o illustrations.
The best handbook of English heraldry.




The following books were used by the authors in preparing the
chapter on color. This list is in no sense a bibliography of the

HAY, D. R.: The Principles of Beauty in Colouring Systematized.
Edinburgh, i845.
The color scales are theoretical but quite useful.

WILKINSON, J. GARDNER: On Colour. London, i858.
Numerous tables of harmonies and discords.

CHEVREUL, M. Z.: The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of
Colors. Transl. Charles Martel. 3d ed. i85g.

A standard work. Planned on a practical basis, but theoretical in
its results.

RUSKIN, JOHN: The Elements of Drawing. New York, 1869.

Suggestive sometimes too plausible.

GOETHE: Theory of Colours. Eastlake's translation.

TAINE, H. A.: Lectures on Art. Transl. John Durand, 3d ed.

New York, 1876.

CRANE, LUCY: Art and the Formation of Taste.
BRACQUEMOND, FELIX: Du dessin et de la couleur. Paris, i885.
CRANE, WALTER: The Claims of Decorative Art. Boston, 1892.
WARD, JAMES: Historic Ornament. 2 vols. New York, 1897.
CHURCH, A. H.: Colour. An elementary manual for students.

New ed. London, 1897.

CRANE, WALTER : Line and Form. London, 1900.
BARBER, F. Louis: Binary Combinations of Tints and Shades

Among Themselves and with One Another. University of

Toronto Studies, Psychological Series. Toronto, 1907.

An elaborate and valuable scientific study of the emotional effects of


BABBITT, IRVING: The New Laokoon. Boston, 1910.
See p. 1720". on color-audition.

RAYMOND, G. L. : The Essentials of Esthetics.

A useful elementary text-book.

CLEMENT, C. E.: Handbook of Legendary and Mythological Art.

HULME, F. EDWARD: Symbolism in Christian Art. 6th ed. Lon-
don, 1910.

RIDWAY, ROBERT: Color Standards and Color Nomenclature.
Washington, D. C., 1912.
Fifty-three colored plates and eleven hundred and fifteen named colors.



ARBEAU, THOINET [jpseud. of the monk Jehan Tabourot]: Orche-

sographie. ist ed. i588. Reprinted, and ed. by Feuillet, Paris

1701. Another ed. with an essay on the dance of the i6th

century by Laure Fonta, Paris, 1888.
BOISSART, ROBERT: Mascarades recueillies el mises en laille-douce.


FAVYN, A. : Le Theatre d*honneur el de chevalerie. Paris, 1620.
MENESTRIER, C.: Des ballets anciens el modernes selon les regies

du theatre. Paris, 1682.
WEAVER, JOHN: An Essay towards an History of Dancing . . .

containing the several sorts of dancing, antique and modern,

serious, scenical, grotesque. . . . London, 1712.
CAHUSAC, L. DE: La danse ancienne el moderne, ou un traite his-

torique de la danse. Eng. transl. i85. ist ed. The Hague.
NOVERRE, M. DE: Lettres sur la danse el sur les ballets. Lyon, 1760.
DUPLAIN, GUIMARD, ou Cart de la danse-pantomime. Poem.

Paris, 1783. A pamphlet.
COMPAN: Dictionnaire de danse, conlenant I'histoire, les regies et

les principes de eel art. . . . Paris, 1787.


CZERWINSKI, A.: Geschichte der Tanzkunst. 1808.

BARON, A.: La danse ancienne, moderne, religieuse, civile, et thea-

trale. Paris, 1824.
BLASIS, C.: Code complet de la danse . . . suivi de nouveaux airs

de danse. Paris, i83o.
BLAZE, F. H. J.: La danse el les ballets depuis Bacchus jusqua

Mademoiselle Taglioni. Paris, 1882.
CATLTN, GEORGE: Manners and Customs of the American Indians.

London, i84i.
CZERWINSKI, ALBERT: Geschichte der Tanzkunst bei den cultivirten

Volkern von den ersten Anfdngen bis auf die gegenwartige Zeii.

Vienna, 1862.
CELLER, LUDOVIC: Le Ballet de la reine et les origines de F opera

au XW siecle. Paris, 1868.
LACROIX, PAUL: Ballets et mascarades de la cow, 1581-1682. 6 vols.

Geneva, 1868-70.
BUCHHOLTZ, HERMANN: Die Tanzkunst des Euripides. Leipzig,


FLACH, H.: Der Tanz bei den Griechen. Berlin, 1880.
BLASIS, C. : Notes upon Dancing. Transl. by R. Barton, London,

1847. French ed. r'p't'd. in Librairie Encylopedique de

Doret. Paris, i8i4-
BOHME, FRANZ H. : Geschichte des Tanzes in Deutschland. 2 vols.

Leipzig, 1886.
VESTRIS, D.: Les danses d'autrefois, de la pavane a la gavotte.

Paris, 1889.

BERN AY, MLLE. BERTHE: La danse au theatre. Paris, 1890.

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