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service expired August, 1863 ; at once organized and put
in camp at Readville, Mass., a company of Light Artillery ;
commissioned captain of Artillery and assigned to 2d
Massachusetts Heavy Artillery ; resigned and resignation
accepted (honorably) ; commissioned captain of Cavalry
by Governor Smith of Rhode Island, and given command
of Company C, 3d R- I. Volunteer Cavalry, October 9,
1863; commissioned major of Cavalry, October 17, 1863 ;
commanded the regiment through the Red river campaign ;
in the engagements at Opelousas, Alexandria, Henderson's
Hill, Natchitoch, Burnt Camp and Pleasant Hill on the
advance, and Natchitoch and Grand Ecore on the retreat ;
summoned to Washington from Grand Ecore under order
secretary of war, to answer charges preferred by Governor
Andrew for fraudulently enlisting men in Massachusetts
for Rhode Island service ; was fully and honorably ac-
quitted ; returned to regiment ; held command of District


of Assumption, La. ; president of military commission at
Thebodoux, La., three months ; held command of Teche
District, La., and received the surrender of confederate
forces at that place ; resigned commission ; was general
superintendent of rail, river and ocean transportation until
1867 ; chief clerk for staff quartermaster at head-quarters of
General Sheridan at New Orleans, and afterward in the
Indian campaign until 1871 ; was twice wounded in the
war for the Union, and once in the Indian campaign ; mar-
ried July 25, 1867; three children. Address, 166 Wash-
ington street, Chicago, 111.

620. HENRY OLIVER ELY (Binghamton, N. Y.). Born
in Binghamton, N. Y., November 13, 1841 ; graduated at
Williams College, 1864, and in medicine in New York; is
a practicing physician. Address, Binghamton, N. Y.

631. MARSHALL RICHARD GAINS (Granby, Conn.). Born
in Granby, Conn., November 15, 1839; graduated at Yale
College, 1865 ; teaching Stamford, Conn., 1865-6; in Olivet
College, 1866-7; in charge of high school, Wethersfield,
Conn., 1868-9; in Hartford High School, 1869-72, as
teacher of classics ; studied theology in Yale Seminary,
1868-9, and 1872-4; was private in 6oth Massachusetts
Volunteer Militia, July, 1864, until it disbanded, four and a
half months later; has written a History of HartfoVd Gram-
mar School from its foundation, 1864 to present time ; mar-
ried August 20, 1868. Address, New Haven, Conn.

622. EDWARD WESTON GLOVER (Spencer). Born in
Joliet, 111., January 17, 1842; graduated at Amherst Col-
lege, 1864, and at Law School of Harvard University,
1866, with degree LL. B. ; in practice of law in New York,
1866-9; m mercantile business and manufacturing at
Springfield, Mass., 1869-72; went to Denver, Col., in
search of health; married November u, 1869; one child.
Died 1874.

623. CHARLES GOLDSBURY (Warwick). Born in Win-
chester, N. H., July 20, 1841 ; graduated at Williams Col-
lege, 1865; taught school ; attended Harvard Law School


in 1869, and admitted to the bar at St. Louis, Mo., same
year; is at present a banker; married January 25, 1871 ;
one daughter. Address, Cherokee, la.

624. CHARLES HORACE HALL (Columbus, O.). Born in
Columbus, O., March 21, 1844; graduated at Yale College,
1864; manufacturing since then; married January 31,
1867; two children. Address, Columbus, O.

625. RATCLIFFE HICKS (Tolland, Conn.). Born in Tol-
land, Conn., October 3, 1843; graduated at Brown Univer-
sity, 1864; taught school, 1865; commenced the practice
of law, 1866; representative from Tolland in Connecticut
Legislature, 1866; city attorney for city of Meriden,
1868-70. Address, West Meriden, Conn.

626. DAVID ALLISON IRWIN (Mifflinburg, Pa.). Born
in Union County, Pa., April 2, 1840; entered Amherst
College and passed through Freshman year and first term
of Sophomore ; since then in military service ; entered as
second lieutenant of Cavalry, May 28, 1866; served in I2th
Pennsylvania Cavalry during the war, chiefly in the Shen-
andoah Valley ; was engaged in battles of second Bull Run,
Antietam, South Mountain, and all the principal battles of
the Shenandoah Valley ; at the close of the war held rank
of captain ; elected to Pennsylvania Legislature from Coun-
ty of Urfion, and served one year ; at present first lieuten-
ant 4th Cavalry. Address, care adjutant-general of the
army, Washington, D. C.

627. CHARLES MARION LAMSON (North Hadley). Born
in North Hadley, Mass., May 16, 1843 ; graduated at Am-
herst College, 1864; taught Junior Classical Class in Wil-
liston Seminary, one year ; tutor in Latin in Amherst
College, two years ; studied theology at Halle, Germany,
and at Andover; tutor in English in Amherst College, one
year ; pastor of Congregational Church at North Bridge-
water, Mass. ; now pastor Salem Street Church, Worcester,
Mass.; married December 25, 1869; one child. Address,
Worcester, Mass.

628. CHARLES HENRY LEONARD (Southbridge). Born


in Madison, Ind., December 29, 1841 ; graduated at Yale
College, 1865, and College Physicians and Surgeons, New
York City, 1868 ; private Company A, 45th Massachusetts
Volunteer. Militia (Boston Young Men's Christian Asso-
ciation Regiment), 1862-3; * n Charity Hospital on Black-
well's Island, 1868-9; general practice of medicine and
surgery at Providence, R. I., since January, 1870; has pub-
lished Providence City health reports; married June i, 1872.
Address, Providence, R. I.

629. JOHN FISHER McKiNLAY (Wappinger's Falls, N. Y.).
Born in Glenham, N. Y., December 24, 1842 ; had charge
of the books of a cotton factory at Wappinger's Falls,
1860-5 ; in a flouring mill six months ; removed to Ottawa,
111. ; had a position in a banking and insurance office two
years, and then bought an interest in the same, where he
continues; married November 20, 1866; wife died Octo-
ber, 1867; married again June 26, 1872; one son. Ad-
dress, Ottawa, La Salle County, 111.

630. CHARLES HENRY OSGOOD (Norwich, Conn.). Born
in Norwich, Conn., October 16, 1842; entered Yale, Class
of 1864; left in Junior year; entered his father's store as
book-keeper ; assumed charge of the business (wholesale
druggist), 1870. Address, Norwich, Conn.

631. HORACE DANIEL PAINE (Woonsocket, R. I.). Born
in Woonsocket, R. I., October 24, 1841, and died April 17,
1867; graduated at Yale College, 1864; after graduation
he resided at home, engaged in teaching music.

633. BENJAMIN WHIPPLE PECK (Easthampton). Born
in Hatfield, Mass., September 7, 1842 ; was in Williams
College, one year; in California, four years; traveled, two
years ; book-keeper, two years ; deputy collector of internal
revenue, 9th Massachusetts District, four years ; was as-
sistant secretary of Constitutional Convention of Nevada ;
married November 13, 1867; three children. Address,
Northampton, Mass.

633. BENJAMIN WISNER PERRY (Holliston). Born in
Holliston, Mass., August 24, 1837 ; was a merchant's clerk ;

V ^SP^



joined 4th Battalion in Boston ; was on duty at Fort Inde-
pendence,-and in Boston as home guard and escort for regi-
ments going out and returning ; died January 21, 1863, from
injuries received in the act of catching a horse. .

in Lenox, Mass., December 14, 1841 ; obliged by a two
years' sickness to relinquish a collegiate and professional
course of study ; 1863-5, engaged as salesman in hardware
store in Palmer, Mass., and served as secretary school
board, and superintendent of public schools ; removed to
Boston, 1865 ; and has since then been in the business of
importing trimmings, men's wear ; salesman for Foster &
Sibley, one year ; partner in Pettee & Mansfield, two years ;
partner in Hathaway, Pettee & Hill, three months (senior
partner drowned by being lost overboard from a Portland
steamer) ; salesman for Sibley, Cumner & Co., at, present ;
married January 5, 1870. Address, Boston, Mass., 71 Sum-
ner street.

635. AMASA PRATT (Center Brook, Conn.). Born in
Center Brook, Conn., November 23, 1841 ; graduated from
Williams College, 1865 ; private in Company B, 24th Con-
necticut, nine months' men ; detailed at Baton Rouge as
Post Quartermaster's clerk ; teacher in Deaf and Dumb
Institution at Philadelphia, 1865-6; teacher in Institution
for Deaf and Dumb and Blind in California ; now teaching
in Golden Gate Academy ; married February 3, 1870; one
child. Address, Oakland, Cal.

636. HOWARD EBEN PRATT (Essex, Conn.). Born in
Essex, Conn., October 29, 1840; graduated at Yale College,

1864. He returned home after graduation, where he died,
February 21, 1865.

637. FRANKLIN ALMOND RISING (New Marlboro').
Born in New Marlboro', Mass., February 19, 1842; gradu-
ated at Williams College, 1864; September, 1864, appointed
teacher in the Ohio Deaf Mute Institution ; left in April,

1865, to enter business in Nebraska City, Neb.; returned
east, May, 1866; studied medicine, six months; iri Fall of


1866, entered New York Institution for Deaf and Dumb
as professor ; accepted position of vice-principal of the In-
stitution for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes ; became
principal of the same, September, 1869; married October
17, 1871. Address, Deaf Mute Institution, 642 7th ave-
nue, New York.

Born in Freetown, Mass., March 27, 1839; was i n Yale,
three years ; at last account was living in Washington, D. C.

639. HENRY LYLE SMITH (Hudson, N. Y.). Born in
New York City, June 28, 1843 ; did not complete the course;
eyes failed ; has since lost sight of left eye ; graduated from
College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 1864; has
been resident physician and surgeon to Charity Hospital,
Small-pox Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and to the hospitals
of the penitentiary, almshouses, etc., in New York ; health
officer of city of Hudson, N. Y. ; served as surgeon's as-
sistant in Sanitary Commission ; married November 29,
1869 ; two children one living. Address, Hudson, N. Y.

640. EDWARD PAYSON SPRAGUE (South Orange, N. J.).
Born in West Chester, Colchester, Conn., October 18, 1843 ;
graduated from New York University, 1864; and from An-
dover Theological Seminary, 1867; ordained and installed
over Presbyterian Church, Salem, N. Y., in April, 1868;
married June 10, 1868; one daughter. Address, Salem,
Washington County, N. Y.

641. HENRY EDWARD STORRS (Amherst). Born in Hol-
liston, Mass., November 3, 1842; graduated at Amherst
College, 1864, and at the Georgia Augusta University,
Gottingen, Germany, 1869; studied at the latter place,
Chemistry and Mineralogy ; taught in Maplewood Insti-
tute, Pittsfield, Mass., after leaving Amherst ; has been
professor of Natural Sciences in Illinois College since 1870 ;
married August 15, 1870. Address, Jacksonville, Mor-
gan County, 111.

642. JOHN ARNOLD TIBBITTS (New London, Conn.).
Born in New London, Conn., February 19, 1844; entered


Williams College, but left Freshman year;, editor New
London Evening Star, 1866-9 ; admitted to the bar in 1868,
and has since then been in practice of law at New London ;
judge of City Court, two years ; member City Board of Ed-
ucation, three years ; assistant clerk Connecticut House of
Representatives, 1868; clerk, 1869; clerk of Senate, 1870;
member City Council, 1871 ; member Connecticut General
Assembly from New London, 1872; was chairman com-
mittee on military affairs, and member select committee on
courts and county seats ; judge advocate Third Regimental
District of Connecticut; entered the army, June, 1862, as
private Company H, I4th Connecticut Volunteers ; pro-
moted to orderly sergeant before regiment left the State ;
wounded at Antietam in left hand and right arm ; promoted
to lieutenant, December 15, 1862 ; participated in battles of
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg; after last battle honor-
ably discharged on account of physical disability; in 1864
re-entered the army as captain and commissary subsistence
on the general staff; served mostly with the cavalry in
the Shenandoah Valley ; brevetted major at close of war ;
married February 18, 1869. Address, New London, Conn.

643. WILLIAM WELLINGTON TYLER (Amherst). Born in
Amherst, Mass., October 24, 1841 ; graduated at Amherst
College, 1864; entered the Ames machine shop at Chico-
pee, Mass., as an apprentice ; is now located at Mount Hoi-
ley, N. J., as partner in the firm of Risdon, Tyler & Co.,
manufacturers of water wheels ; at the competitive tests at
Lowell and Holyoke, Mass., in 1871 seventy wheels com-
peting their wheels gave five per cent, more theoretical
power of the water than any other; married September,
1872. Address, Mount Holly, N. J.

644. LYMAN HAMILTON WARREN (Chesterfield, N. H.).
Born in Westmoreland, N. H., June 26, 1842 ; enlisted Sep-
tember 17, 1861, in I7th United States Infantry; rose rap-
idly from the ranks to second lieutenant in 1862 ; brevetted
captain July, 1863, u for gallant and meritorious service,"
and promoted captain, December, 1865 ; " took part in very


many battles ;" died in Houston, Tex., September 18, 1867,
of yellow fever.

645. HENRY WATERMAN WARREN (Holden). Born in
Auburn, Mass., March 18, 1838; graduated at Yale Col-
lege, 1865; taught in the public schools of Nashville,
Tenn., six months; purchased a cotton plantation in Leake
County, Miss., March, 1866; when reconstruction com-
menced, appointed president Board of Registrars of Leake
County ; chosen to represent this county in the Constitu-
tional Convention of 1868 ; probate judge for Leake
County, 1868-9; elected in 1869, member of State Legis-
lature to represent Leake County, and in 1871, chosen
speaker of the House ; Leake County having gone demo-
cratic in election of 1871, he lost his seat; chosen chief
clerk of the House of Representatives, 1872, and holds
the position at present. Address, Carthage, Leake
County, Miss.

640. BENAIAH WATSON (Milford, Del.). Born in Mil-
ford, Del., December 30, 1841 ; was member of Yale College,
1860-3; graduated at Harvard Law School, 1866; admit-
ted to the bar, October, 1866 ; clerk of the Delaware House
of Representatives, 1869. Address, Dover, Del.

647. LEWIS FREDERICK WHITIN (Whitinsville). Born
in Whitinsville, Mass., January 20, 1844; graduated at
Yale College, 1864; appointed acting assistant paymaster
United States navy, January 20, 1865 ; resigned Novem-
ber 10, 1865 ; became partner in firm of Collins, Atwater
& Whitin, August, 1866 ; is now of the firm Collins, Whitin
& Co., dry goods commission business; married April 16,
1872. Address, Care Collins, Whitin & Co., New York.

648, NEWTON FRANCIS WHITING (Monson). Born in
East Holliston, Mass., January 24, 1842; studied law at
Norwich, Conn. ; admitted to the Connecticut bar, Novem-
ber 19, 1862; soon after formed partnership with State's
Attorney for New London Co., (firm being Chadwick &
Whiting,) removed to Washington as protege of Hon. L.
F. S. Foster ; while there was one of the confidential clerks


of Hon. E. M. Stanton, and later, was detailed for the more
important position of confidential clerk of the paymaster
general of United States army ; returned to New York at
close of the war; in 1866, accepted position of financial
editor on the editorial staff of the New York Evening Post ;
holds that office now, and has been for three years past
part proprietor of and writer for the New York Daily Bul-
letin. Address, Care Evening Post, New York.

649, MOSLEY HOOKER WILLIAMS (Terryville, Conn.)
Born in Farmington, Conn., December 23, 1839; graduated
at Yale College, 1864; at Union Theological Seminary, two
years, and at Andover, one graduating, 1867; ordained
and installed pastor of Second Congregational Church,
Philadelphia, Pa., March 26, 1868; preached at Grand
Avenue Chapel, Brooklyn, N. Y., April, 1869, to July, 1870;
installed pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church, Port-
land, Me., November 29, 1870; resigned, 1874; married
February I, 1870; one son. Address, Philadelphia, Pa.

650, HENRY MARTYN ADAMS (Amherst). Born in
Shutesbury, Mass., May 8, 1844; completed the course of
English at Williston Seminary ; spent one and one-half
years at Troy Polytechnic Institute ; graduated from Unit-
ed States Military Academy, at West Point, 1866, with
the first rank ; commissioned first lieutenant of engineers,
and remained at West Point three years as instructor in
engineering ; ordered to New Orleans to survey the delta,
repair Forts Jackson and St. Philip, and assist in surveying
for a ship canal. He has been engaged since then in engi-
neering work of various kinds throughout the south-west.
Address, Care Adjutant General of the Army, Washing-
ton, D. C.

651, PIXLEE JUDSON (Bridgeport, Conn.). Address, 18
Beaver street, Bridgeport, Conn.

652, HENRY AUGUSTUS MINOR (Plymouth, Conn.).

653, WATSON HEZEKIAH WRIGHT (Easthampton). Com-
pleted the course in English at Williston Seminary ; stud-
ied surveying in Wesleyan Academy; farmer and surveyor;


married May 23, 1866; one child. Address, Easthamp-
ton, Mass.

Born in Amherst, Mass., September 5, 1844; left the Clas-
sical Class at middle year; private in Company C, 52d
Massachusetts Volunteers; in 1864, entered office of Wil-
liston, Knight & Co., in New York, where he remains ;
married October I, 1874. Address, 74 Worth street, New

655. ROYAL ELMORE DAVISON (Northampton). Born in
Cummington, Mass., February 4, 1836; left the Classical
Class at middle year ; pursued preparatory studies else-
where, and passed two years in Amherst College ; since
leaving college in 1864, has pursued watch-making; married
May 29, 1866; wife died June 2, 1869. Address, North-
ampton, Mass.

656. HORACE WRIGHT GAYLORD (South Hadley). Stud-
ied English ; farming since leaving seminary ; married No-
vember 5, 1862. Address, South Hadley, Mass.

657. GEORGE HENRY GILBERT (Ware). Born in North
Andover, Mass., April 24, 1841; began Classical course;
in dry goods commission, 1865-9 firm Gilbert, Farnham
& Co. ; since 1869, banker in Wall street, same firm. Ad-
dress, Gilbert, Farnham & Co., New York.

658. FRANK ELLIS HALL (Ware). Born in Ware,
Mass., February 12, 1839; occupation, farmer. Address,
Ware, Mass.

659. S. PARKMAN JANES (Westhampton). Born in West-
hampton, Mass., September 26, 1839; in Classical Depart-
ment to middle year; entered army September 10, 1861 ;
served in Signal Corps ; station agent Milwaukee & St.
Paul Railroad, and express agent; married September i,
1868; two children. Address, Tunnel City, Wis.

660. ARTHUR COLTON WRIGHT (Easthampton). Born
in Leicester, Mass., September 7, 1839; studied English
course; was a farmer; died February 28, 1866.

661. LUTHER LYMAN WRIGHT (Easthampton). Born in


Leicester, Mass., August 3, 1836 ; studied English course ;
has taught, and is now a farmer; was a member of 52d
Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, with Banks' expedition in
Louisiana; married October 17, 1866. Address, East-
hampton, Mass.

CLASS OF 1861.

663. EDWIN ALDEN (Cincinnati, O.).

663. JAMES LORD BISHOP (Rochester, N. Y.). Born
July 1 8, 1843 ; graduated from Amherst College, 1865, and
Columbia Law School, 1869; taught between leaving col-
lege and studying law ; practiced law in New York, then in
the West. Address, St. Paul, Minn.

664. WILLIAM HENRY BISHOP (North Woodstock,
Conn.). Born in Dobb's Ferry, N. Y., May 28, 1844; re-
turned to Williston Seminary for two terms after the war ;
served three years in the war for the Union in ist Connec-
ticut Cavalry as quartermaster's sergeant ; is ,a farmer and
gardener since 1866; married October 30, 1872. Address,
Toledo, O.

665. CHARLES EDWARD BOLTON (South Hadley Falls).
Born in South Hadley Falls, Mass., May 16, 1841 ; gradu-
ated at Amherst College, 1865 ; business safe and lock
trade and real estate ; in Christian Commission during
war; married October, 1866; one son. Address, 182 Su-
perior street, Cleveland, O.

666. HENRY BUTLER (Groton Centre). Born in Dor-
chester, Mass., November 27, 1843; entered Yale in Class
of 1865, but left at the end of Freshman year to enter the
army ; served nine months as private in 44th Massachusetts
Volunteer Militia; entered Yale, 1866, at beginning of
Sophomore year and graduated ; has taught at Longmead-
ow, Mass., Danbury, Conn., Groton, Mass., and at Saxon-
ville, Mass. Address, Saxonville, Mass.

667. SAMUEL SOUTHMAYD CURTIS (Watertown, Conn.).
Born in Watertown, Conn., March 15, 1843; entered
Yale, but left Freshman year; engaged in business in


Lockport, N. Y. ; since then has been in California, engaged
in prospecting and working gold and silver mines. Ad-
dress, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Cal.

Conn.). Born in Mt. Carmel, Conn., June 5, 1843; grad-
uated at Yale College, 1865, and Yale Theological Semi-
nary, 1868; ordained August 5, 1868; since then engaged
in the ministry of the Congregational Church ; was settled
at West Haven, Ct. ; removed to his present charge. 1874;
married November 29, 1870; one child. Address, Lewis-
ton, Me.

009. ROBERT EDWARD GRANT (Chittenango, N. Y.).
Born at Chittenango, Madison County, N. Y., April 19,
1843; entered Yale College, but left in Fall of 1862, to
enter the army; enlisted in Company I, I57th New York
Volunteers, August 7, 1862, as private ; mustered out May
2, 1865, as first lieutenant of same regiment ; served one
year as salesman in wholesale dry goods house, New York ;
then retailed dry goods at Faribault, Minn., firm Grant &
Gates ; holds appointment of government store-keeper at
Chittenango ; was mustered out of the army for physical
disability from wounds received, having been shot through
the lungs at the battle of Grahamsville, S. C, November
30, 1864; had previously been a prisoner in Libby; has
never fully recovered from his wound ; married May 4,
1871; one child. Address, Chittenango, N. Y.

070. JAMES TAYLOR GRAVES (Easthampton). Born in
Townshend,Vt., February 2, 1841 ; graduated at Yale, 1866;
was one year in the army, 1862-3; graduated at Andover
Theological Seminary, 1870; supplied the pulpit at Austin,
Minn.; then supplied a church in Chicago; is now pastor
Congregational Church at Marshall, 111. ; married October
24, 1871 ; one child. Address, Marshall, 111.

071. PORTER WOODS GREENE (Hadley). Born in Had-
ley, Mass., August 21, 1842 ; was in Amherst College three
years; left college to enter business at the West; married
November 21, 1870; he died November 21, 1872.



673. AUGUSTUS JOEL HALL (Wallingford, Cenn.). Born
in Wallingford, Conn., May 14, 1842; was in Yale two
years ; has been connected with auction business, firm
Murdoch & Dickson, many years. Address, Care Murdoch
& Dickson, St. Louis, Mo.

673. JOHN CHESTER HAMMOND (Hadley). Born in Am-
herst, Mass., August 15, 1842; graduated at Amherst Col-
lege, 1865 ; taught school, 1865-7, studying law at the same
time; in 1868 studied in office of Hon. Charles Delano,
Northampton, and was admitted to the bar October 22, 1868 ;
is practicing law at Northampton, firm Delano & Ham-
mond; married November 16, 1871. Address, North-
ampton, Mass.

Born in Easthampton, Mass., April 12, 1842; graduated at
Amherst College, 1865; taught in Cooperstown, N. Y.,
Seminary, 1865-6; book-keeping and mercantile business
since then; married August 12, 1866; two children. Ad-
dress, Easthampton, Mass.

675. CHARLES ELLIOT HARWOOD (Enfield). Born in
Enfield, Mass., June 16, 1842; graduated at Amherst Col-
lege, 1865, and Andover Theological Seminary, 1869;
licensed to preach by Andover Association, December 8,
1868; ordained pastor of Congregational Church, Orleans,
Mass., June 7, 1871. Address, Orleans, Mass.

inWhately, Mass., June 6, 1843; was clerk in a store in
Whately; died February 3, 1864.

677. ALBERT STEPHEN HULL (Danbury, Conn.).

678. CYRUS AUSTIN LELAND, (Ottawa, 111.). Born in
Ottawa, 111., August n, 1843; graduated at Yale, 1865;
entered office of clerk of Supreme Court of Third Division
of Illinois, October, 1865; made deputy clerk of the same,
1866; admitted to the bar of Illinois, 1867; since then en-
gaged in the practice of law; married December 7, 1870;
one child. Address, Ottawa, 111.

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