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"When I leant to read a good book, I ivrtte one."

In urging the graduates of Goucher College to write books and magazine
articles, Dr. Edgar Johnson Goodspeed, of the University of Chicago, used the
above quotation in his address,

"Adventures with Books"

at their Commencement at the Lyric, Baltimore, Md.,

June 4, 1934

Compiled and edited by


Daughter of Ozelah M. Linthicum, mar. Chas. W. Jones of J.

1111 Edmondson Avenue

Baltimore, Md.




'If you ever calcli the fever of Genealogy, you it'tH never be cured."

— Dr. Thomas E. Sears.


A record of some descendants of


transported from England or Wales,

bv Capt. Edward Selby, prior to

July 23, 1658

Old Settlers of Maryland, Liber Q, Folio 71
Settled on South River, Md., was a member of Friends Meeting
at West River, later a member of All Hallows Parish Church,
in which the birth of many of his children and grandchildren,
and his own death are recorded.

"A good and free housekeeper in his lifetime."

—Rector of All Hallows P. E. Church in 1701.






Duncan (with Hcnkle)









Jacob (Jacobs)

Lewis (and Yewell)











SwEETSER (with Roger Williams)



Welles, Wells

Williams, Roger (with Sweetser)

Yewell (with Lewis)

Ziegler (with Henkle)

Families :

Adams Jacob (Jacobs)

Arnold Lee

Badger Leeke

Bafeman Odell

Benson Philipps

Chappell Rice (with Thomas)

Cheyney Robinson

Clagett Shipley

Crisp Skirven


Edwards Springer

Hammond Stockett

Henkle Terry

Hodges Thomas — Rice

Hopkins Welles, Wells



Peruse these pages if thou ivouldst see,
The ffroii-lh of the centuries in you and me,
Steadfast and earnest, ivith heart set true,
And mind that leaps to action due.

The door stands open ivide, —
Herein ice gaze at our kinsfolk dear,
Those of today and those of yesteryear.
Ourselves the incarnation real
Of their sternness of purpose and high ideal,
IV e inherit their urcje to otercome,
And hope and joy of life's full sum.

The door stands open tvide.

Life is a neticork of marvelous design,
fVrought in a pattern, intricate, divine/
1934 —M. P. B.

Were the object of this writing the recalling of the period of old
Colonial days in its newly found freedom, the pre- or post-Revolutionary
days, with its broadening outlook upon life, or the Antibellum days of
crinoline, furbelows and stateliness, of the leisure-taking, pleasure-loving,
home-guarding lives of our forefathers, of the lure of living on the old
manorial estates, of increasing beauty in architecture and fine furniture-
building, the theme being worthy of the most facile pen, the result should
be a delightful narrative.

But this work deals with people, their names, whom married, their
descendants, and dates. Staunch hearts rode the waves, and tackled new
problems in the new world, and here in Maryland, they found a country
conducive to health, home and happiness.

The cradle of the Linthicum family was in Anne Arundel County,
the land of flowers, Anne "Arannel" strawberries, green trees and grasses,
waving grain, and all manner of fruits and vegetables. We can well
understand the inspiration of the poet who wrote "Maryland, My

From this entrancing environment, descendants have gone to nearly
every state in the Union. They have blessed the new home, as they them-
selves have developed with the new life encountered. Thirty-three hundred
names of descendants of Thomas Linthicum, Sr., including those married,
are here given ; more than that number could still be preserved if other
names could be procured.

Among the descendants of Thomas Linthicum, Sr., are many prom-
inent families ; — the names in the text being indexed. For further study, by
reason of intermarriage, a section of Allied Families has been added, from
which some branch of the Linthicum family is descended, or otherwise
connected. The individual names in this department are not listed m the
Index, though one may be made later.

That you may find a long-sought ancestor within these pages, and that
you will send the compiler the names of those whose birth entitles them
to a place in this enrollment, this volume is sent forth to fill what is
tliought to be a long-felt want.

Matilda P. Badger.

1111 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
December 15, 1934.


In an criilcavor to connect with the Engh'sh or Welsh family, Mr. Hill

C. Linrhicum secured from his English <j;encalo<jist the following names

spelleel in a similar st\le to tliat fmind in American early records: —

A. D. 1558-78 L\nsecomhe, John, brings suit at law against Bartholomow

Haylcs concerning Snitterton manor. Derbyshire.

1601 A man or woman named Linchcombe was married at

Amersham in Buckinghamshire.
1707 The will of John Lincicombe of New Windsor, Berks,

gent., was proved this year.
It is probable that Welshmen by the name of Linthicum had come into
England, resided there and intermarried with the people of that land for
a number of years ; so that when Thomas came to United States he was
an Englishman of Welsh extraction. Note the dates and shires above: —
1558, 1578, 1601, 1707 and Derby, Buckingham, and Berks.


"Linthicum is a very pretty name when you see it written."

— Miss Randa, Alba, Mn.

Lin, a waterfall or rushing stream — iilynn, a torrent.

Th. a suffix as seventh or health, or ti (thi) means "the place of."

Comb, as the last s\llable is spelled in many old records, the crest of
a wave, or a valley between hills or mountains; as Wales is mountainous,
the waters of a lin usually run, sometimes rush, down steep declivities,

Linthicum, the place at which the rushing stream or lin throws off a
spray or comb.

Different spellings of Linthicum in old records:

















































(Paul Wilstach's



Tidewater Md.)






. Linsocom (Fa





M.l. Hist.


, Sept.





Acknowledgement of important information is gratefully made to:
Charles F. Linthicum, now deceased, for the use of his extensive correspondence.
Several descendants of Archibald Linthicum:

B. F. Linthicum of Romney, VV. Va.

Dora Linthicum, Decatur, 111.
Hezekiah L. Shipley's record.
Daniel Linthicum of Atlanta.
Slaughter Linthicum of Atlanta.
Hill C. Linthicum of Durham, N. C.
Annie Robinson Corkran.

Elma Pitcher Ryan, May Springer Escavaille.
Annie Louise Fretwell Taylor.

Mary Delmah Brown Linthicum and daughter Mary Delmah.
Elizabeth Linthicum who died at the age of 90 years.
Fannie L. Hales, Dimple Cupp Adams of Mo.
Ora W. Lesh of Indianapolis.
Velma Brooks of Eastern Shore, Md.
Mrs. William F. Thacher of Philadelphia.
Sallie L. Yewell, Jacksonville, Fla.
George Linthicum, Julia Ducker Sears.
Frank C. Linthicum, Gladys Higgins Hammond.
Nannie B. P. Linthicum, Annapolis, Md.
Matilda Dare Hopkins.
Virginia Addison Alford, and Laura Tj'dings Garcelon for access to the Family

Tree of Rev. Cyrus N. Robinson ; to many for assistance in securing family

groups in their branches; to Warfield's Founders, Brumbaugh's Maryland

F(ecords, Vols. I and II.
Wm. M. Marine's British Invasion of Maryland.
Harry Wright Newman's Anne Arundel Gentry.
Charles Hodges Benson.

Hopkins (and Thomas) Records by J. Montgomery Seaver.
Encyclopedia Heraldica, Berry.

Burke's Peerage, General Armory and Landed Gentry.
Colonial Families of U. S., by N. O. Rhoades.

Wells and Allied Families, printed privately for Catherine J. and Frances J. Welles.
Yeatman's History of the House of Arundel.
Thomas Book, by Dr. L. B. Thomas.
Maryland Archives.
Frank H. Stockett's Pamphlet.
West River Quaker Records.
Maryland Historical Society for the use of their Parish Records and Mss. including

Wilson Miles Carey's, to Family Bibles and to
Joshua S. Linthicum, d., and son A. Howell of Linthicum Heights, Md.

The sending of accurate records, of individuals or families, giving names
with or without dates, extending this record, will be greatly appreciated.

17th May, 1699—21 Jan., 1701

Vol. 2 Md. Calendar of Wills— Jane Baldwin Cotton
To son Hczekiah d\\clling: planation Acres

Margarets Fields 280

Hedge Park 94

Lintichom's Stop 50

Lintichom's Lot 70

Laid out for Jeremiah Haslings 200 694

To son Thomas and hrs Morley Grey 150

Davis's Rest 200 350

To dau. Marv, wife of Richard Snowden and hrs personalty

(£100 stg.)
To dau. Jane, wife of Thomas Rutland and hrs.
Chance, laid out for Wm. Frizzell 100

Jesse's Inheritance 75

Jesse's Search 39 214

To grand-child Hezekiah Linthicum Clark personalty

(£50 stg.) at 21 vrs. of age

Wife Jane extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Jas. Saunders, Jno. Gresham, Jane Coster, Rebecca Saunders,

Wm. Harman, Margaret Cosland.

II. 159.


Lib. 15, Fol. 301, Leonard Wayman, Sr., of Anne Arundel, Service 1675.
Lib. 18, Fol. 128, John Jacob, Sr., of A. A. Co., Service 1665.
Lib. 2, Fol. 74, Richard Cheyney. Immigrated 1658.

Charity Cheyney wife of Richard. Immigrated 1650.

All Hallows Parish Church is located south of South River, on the
Davidsonville Road, Md.

Some of the other Parish Records used are St. Anne's, Annapolis, St.
Margaret's, St. James', and the Eastern Shore, Md., Records.

Margaret's Fields, the dwelling plantation of Thomas Linthicum, Sr.,
is located near the mouth of South River, south side.

To son Hezekiah dw. plantation viz. Margaret's Fields 280 A near
mouth of South River, and Hedge Park 94 A on Harwood's Creek, Rhode
River, bordering on Margaret's Fields, Linthicum's Stop 50 A -{-, Lin-
thicum's Lot 70 A and Haslings 200 A, s. s. South River.

50 A Lincicomb's Stop, surv. 1676 8/19 s. s. South River at a marked
tree of Margaret's Fields.

70 A Lincicomb's Lott, surv. 1678 1/15 n. s. 3 Island Bay, at ye
head of a great Bond.

LIBER No. 15, FOLIO 484

Tho: Lincccombe's Patent

''Lincccombc Stopp' 50 acres

Charles etc. To all persons to whom these presents shall come Greeting

in our Lord God Everlasting, know Vee that we for and in consideration

that Thomas Lincecombe of Anne Arundel County in our said Province
of Maryland hath due unto him fifty acres of land within our said 'Prov-
ince by assignment from George Yate the assignee of Richard Hill part
of a Warrant for four hundred ninety-one acres, granted to the said Hill
the one and thirtyeth day of May 1676 as appears upon record and upon
such Conditions and Terms as are expressed in the Conditions of Planta-
tions of our late father Cecilius of noble memory under his greater Seale
at Armes bearing date at London the second day of July Anno Domini
1649 with such alterations as in them is made by his declaration bearing
date the two and twentyeth day of September Anno Domini 1658, ar.a
remaining upon record in our said Province of Maryland do hereby grant
unto him the said Thomas Lincecombe all that parcell of land called
"Lincecombe Stopp" lying in the said County on the South side of South

Beginning at a bounded Poplar being a bounded tree of the land of
the said Lincecombe called Margaretts Feilds, and running South fifty
perches, to the land of Adam Delapp then with said Delaps line to the
said land called Margaretts Feilds then with the said lands to the first

Containing and now laid out for fifty acres of land, more or less,
together with all rights profits and benefits thereunto belonging Royal
Mines Excepted.

To Have and to Hold the same unto him the said Thomas Lincecombe
his heirs and assigns forever.

To be holden of us and our heirs as of our Manor of Ann Arundell,
in free and common soccage by fealty only for all manner of services
Yielding and Paying therefore yearly unto us and our heirs at our receipt
at our City of Saint Marys at the b.vo most usual feasts in the year viz:
the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and at the
feast of St. Michael the Arch Angell by even and equal portions the rent
of two shillings Sterling in silver or gold and for a fine upon every
alienation of the said land or any part or parcel thereof one whole years
rent in silver or gold or the full value thereof in such commodities as we
and our heirs or such officer or officers appointed by us or our heirs from
time to time to collect and receive the same shall accept in discharge
thereof at the choice of us or our heirs or such officer or officers as
aforesaid —

Provided that if the said Thomas Lincecomb his heirs or assigns shall
not pay unto us or our heirs or such officer or officers as aforesaid the said
sum for a fine before such alienation and enter the said alienation upon
record either in the Provincial Court or in the County Court where the
said parcel of land lyeth within one month next after such alienation the
said alienation shall be void and of none effect.

Given at our Citv of St. Marys under the great seal of our said
Province of Maryland the fourth day of July in the second year of our
Dominion over our said Province Anno Domini 1677.

Witness our trusty and well beloved Thomas Notely Esq'r our Lieu-
tenant General and Ciiief Governour of our said Province of Maryland.


Generation I — Only Thomas Linthicum, Sr.

Generation 11 — A, B. C, D. and E, combined as Gen. II-A.
Generation III — a, h, c, d, c, f, y;. h, i, j, Ic, 1, combined as Gen. III-a,etc.
Generation IV — 1, 2, 3. 4. 5, 6, 7, and 8, combined as Gen. IV-6, etc.
Generation V — A, B, C, etc. (Drop the word Generation here and

from this point to the end.)

Generation VI — 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
Generation VII — a, b, c. d, e, f, g, etc.

Generation VIII— (1), (2), (3), etc.
Generation IX — Simply IX-1, IX-2, etc.
Generation X — X-1, X-2, etc.
Generation XI — XI-1, XI -2, etc.


Includes a Tale of the Chesapeake Bay and a dozen Rivers and more.

1 Thomas Linthicum, Sr., had land and lived on South River.

2 Thomas Linthicum, Jr., had land and lived on Patuxent River.

3 Member of Friends Meeting on West River.

4 Hezekiah of Thos., Sr., married a lady from Rhode (Rhodes) River.

5 Revolutionary soldiers and some living in Frederick Co., on Potomac

6 Abner, Sr., came to live on Patapsco River.

7 Hezekiah, son of Abner, Sr., married a lady from Magothy River.

8 Harriet J\L Johnson lived on Severn River, and Margaret Hodges
lives on Severn River.

9 Some descendants of Gen. IV-6, Frances, and Gen. IV-7, Richard,
on the Choptank River.

10 Descendants of Frederick lived on Monocacy River, Octorora River,
and Linganore River.

Jones' History of Dorchester Co., Md., refers to Linthicum's (sons
of Richard, son of Francis) ship-yard at Church Creek (not far from
Chesapeake Bay) as one of only two yards in the County where vessels
were then extensively built.


"A little ring
Encompasses our lives,
And many generations
Link the rings of theirs,
Thus forming a chain
That is ivithout end."

— Goethe.

Gen. I Thomas Linthicum, Sr., (name written Linscombe in list),
b. about 1640 in England or Wales, transported by Capt.
Edward Selbv to Maryland, prior to Julv 23, 1658, buried
Nov. 12, 1701. Will, May 17, 1699. Prob. Jan. 31. 1701.
By will at his death, he disposed of over 1200 acres of land.
Married Jane .

Children of Thomas axd Jane Linthicum

Gen. II-A Hezekiah, mar. Oct. 5, 1697, Milcah Francis b. Nov. 14,
1666, d. Dec. 22, 1721, dau. of Thomas and Ruth Francis
of Rhodes River. Issue later.

Gen. II-B Mary mar. Richard Sno\vden III. before 1688.

Gen. II-C Jane mar. Thomas Rutland, Sr. Descendants lived at South
River and in Annapolis, Md.

Gen. II-D Thomas, Jr., mar. June 22, 1698,

Deborah Wayman (sometimes Weyman) daughter of Leon-
ard, Sr., and Dorcas Wayman. Deborah received 100 A of
"Happy choyce" by will from her father. Issue later.
In will, Thomas, Sr. wills to grandson Hezekiah Linthi-
cum Clark £50 to be paid him upon becoming of age of
21 years.

The names of kinsmen, Richard Snowden and Thomas
Clark, are given as guardians of the three sons of Hezekiah
and Milcah (Francis) L., these sons to be free at 15. Will
June 14, 1721-22, of Hezekiah Linthicum. The name of
Richard Linthicum is affixed as witness to will of Morris
Lloyd in Charles County in 1694. As no other Linthicum
than Thomas is in Old Settlers' list, Richard may be a son
of Thomas, Sr., dying before death of Thomas in 1701, as
his name is not mentioned in will.

Children of Hezekiah and Milcah (Francis) Linthicum

Gen. Ill-a Mary b. Jan. 20, 1700, mar. Nov. 13, 1716, Edmond Way-
man, son of Leonard and Dorcas W.


Gen. IV-1 Hezekiah Wayman d. Jan. 13, 1747.

Gen. IV-2 Ann Wayman, d. Oct. 26, 1750.

Gen. IV-3 Mary Wayman d. July 7, 1756.

Gen. IV-4 Edmond Wayman d. July 24, 1761.


Gen. TV-5 Tohn Wavman d. July 9, 1765.

Gen. Ill-b Francis, Sr.. h. Sept. 29, 1709. hap. Sept. 12, 1722, d. 1765,
mar. Oct. 15, 1732, *Eleanor Williams, dau. of Richard, Sr.,
and Eleanor (Stockett) Williams. Issue later.

Gen. lll-c Thomas Francis Linthicum, Sr., b. Feb. 23, 1716. (Will
Aug. 24, 1790— Feb. 10, 1807). Bap. May 22, 1722, mar.
^Elizabeth Williams, also dau. of Richard, Sr., and Eleanor
(Stockett) Williams who deeded to her for self and son
Richard Linthicum 57 A Hickory Hills and Franklin's
Enlargement. Ch.

Gen. IV-1 Richard b. Feb. 9, 1745-6.

Gen. IV-2 Thomas Francis, Jr., mar. Sec page 78.

Gen. ni-d Hczekiah d. s. p. The 400 A of Duvall's Range left him
by his father went to Thomas Francis above.
*Eleanor Stockett was the grand-daughter of Capt. Thomas
Stockett, Sr., b. 1625 (?), will April 23-May 4, 1671, who
mar. Mary Wells, dau. of Richard (J. P.) of Herring Cr.,
A. A. Co.', Md., will June 20-Aug. 31, 1667, and Frances,
his wife. Their son, Thomas Stockett, Ji"-, b. April 17,
1667, will Oct. 13-Dec. 8, 1732, mar. March 12, 1689,
(1) Mary Sprigg, b. 16 — , d. Jan. 27, 1694, dau. of Thomas
Sprigg and Eleanor Nuthall his wife, by whom he had two
children, Thomas HI, and Eleanor Stockett. Thomas HI,
mar. Elizabeth Noble, dau. of Joseph and Mary Noble, by
whom he had Thomas IV (who had three sons), Mary
Elizabeth Stockett mar. Nov. 10, 1771, Samuel Harwood,
son of Capt. Richard Harwood and Ann Watkins, his wife,
and Thomas Noble Stockett, b. July 12. 1747, d. May 16,
1802, mar. Nov. 13, 1770, Mary Harwood dau. of Capt.
Richard and Ann above. Thomas Noble and Mary (Har-
wood) Stockett had ten children, one of whom was Joseph
Noble Stockett who mar. Sophia Watkins. Eleanor Stockett
b. Dec. 8, 1693, mar. Feb. 14, 1709, Richard Williams, Sr.,
b. 1684, will April 2-Sept. 13, 1768, son of Joseph Williams
of Calvert Co., b. 1660(?); will Sept. 24, 1692-Mar. 11,
1693, and (1st) wife. Joseph's (2nd) wife, whom he mar.
1692, was Edith Cromwell.
See Stockett, A. F.

Children of Fran'cis, Sr., and Eleanor

Gen. IV 1 Francis, Jr., b. May 28, 1734, living in 1797; mar. Jan. 28,
1755, Mary Mayo. In Revolutionary War, 5th ]\ld. Regi-
ment. Disch. 1780. Issue later.

Gen. I\'-2 Milcah b. Nov. 21, 1735, mar. Thomas Wayman. Issue

Gen. lV-3 Eleanor b. Feb. 23, 1737-8.

Gen. IV-4 Thomas b. Aug. 29, 1743.

Grn. IV-5 Marv b. lulv 15, 1746.


Gen. IV-6 Frances Linthicum b. Nov. 30, 1749 in Maryland, d. May
4, 1806, in Guilfo'rd Co., N. C, mar. cir. Jan. 1768, Daniel
Sherwood, III. son of Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth (Rice) Sher-
wood, b. May 20, 1749, in Talbot Co.. Maryland; d. May
18, 1838, in Guilford Co., N. C. Daniel, III, mar. (2nd)

Rachel , who survived him. Will of Daniel filed in

Greensboro, N. C. Issue later. See A. F.

Gen. IV-7 Richard b. April 12, 1752, mar. Nov. 25, 1778, Mary Lee
whose mother was Willoughby. Lived on Eastern Shore,
Md. Issue later.

Gen. IV-8 Jane b. April 22, 1755.

Children of Francis, Jr., and Mary (Mayo) Linthicum

A Joseph b. Oct. 19, 1759.

1 John b. 1780, received from grand-father Francis May 21, 1797,
155 A my dwelling plantation Margaret's Fields. Hasling (Hast-
ings) and Turkey Ft. 25 A.

2 Marv from grand-father Francis 75 A part of Margaret's Fields.
B Eleanor 'Tuly 24, 1761.

C Thomas July 23, 1763, from father Francis, 1787, 1794 A, Hedges

Park and Margaret Fields. Issue later.
D Sarah Sept. 4, 1763, from father Francis, April 20, 1787, 47 A,

E Richard Oct. 8, 1767, from father Francis, April 27, 1787, 53 A,

Hedge Park.
F Anne Feb. 13, 1777, Wm. Johnson.
G John June 24. 1779, from father Francis, April 11, 1794, 50 A,

Hedge Park, d. s. p. Nov. 1, 1803 Will.
H Joshua mar. May 24, 1800, Elizabeth Beard, from father Francis,

May 19, 1794, 135 A, Hasling. near Jub's Cove. Issue later.

Had seven children. The eldest of whom was

1 Stephen, grandfather of Mrs. Minnie Duvall, d.

"To eldest son Stephen all my r' est consisting of 135 A of Has-
ling, described in deed 5-9-1794, from my fa. Francis Linthi-
cum." Issue later.

Descendants of Francis, Jr., and Mary

Children of H. Joshua mar. May 9, 1800, Elizabeth Beard
by Rev. Nicholas Lane

1 Stephen b. about 1801, mar. Margaret Johns Lee. They resided
and he died on South River, Md., Sept. 15, 1829.

2 Richard Beard L. mar. Amelia Linthicum, dau. of his distant
cousin, John, Jr.

3 Sarah Ann mar. Stewart Robinson as his 2nd wife.

4 John b, 1803, d. s. p.

5 Mary b Mav 14, 1806.

Children of \ Stephen and Margaret (Lee) Linthicum.

a. Elizabeth Ann b. Feb. 21, 1825, mar. Wm. Hall Jurney.


b. Stephen Lee b. Jan. 26, 1828. mar. Sarah Elizabeth Shcrbert.
Thcv resided and he died at Galesville, West River, A. A.
Co.,'Md.. Aug. 6, 18%.

Children of Stephen Lee and Sarah E. (Sherbert) Linthicum

(1) Alice Minnie b. lune 20, 1858, mar. Richard Clarke
Duvall, d.

(2) Helen _May L. b. April 28, 1858, mar. Wm. Henry

(3) Mar-aret Jane b. Sept. 5. 1860.

(4) Ella Minerva b. Oct. 26, 1862, mar. Rev. Wiltz Ray-
mond Stricklen, d.

IX-1 Maud Linthicum Stricklen b. Aug. 26, 1887, mar,

Richard William Gallon.
Richard William Gallon is son of John from New Castle,
on Tyne, England. John is son of William who inher-
ited from his brother John. John mar. Edith A. Chew.
His father, William Gallon, returned to England.

Children of John and Edith (A. Chew) Gallon) :
Esther Chew Gallon.

Richard William Gallon b. Jan. 11, 1886.
Children of Maud (Stricklen) and Richard Wil-
liam Gallon.

X-1 Maud Wilson Gallon b. Aug. 3, 1911.

X-2 Edith Linthicum Gallon b. Jan. 1, 1914.

X-3 Elizabeth Chew Gallon b. Feb. 8, 1917.

X-4 Richard William Gallon, Jr., b. July 29, 1919.

X-5 Frances Virginia Gallon b. Aug. 10, 1921.

X-6 John Stricklen (Jack) Gallon b. Aug. 15, 1922.

(5) Sarah Elizabeth b. Mav 23, 1855, d. Nov. 1931, mar.
David Porter Smith, Jr., d. April 27, 1933.

IX-1 Wilson Porter Smith b. May 23, 1892.

IX-2 David Percival Smith, business man of New
York, b. Tune 10, 1896.

IX-3 Eleanor King Smith b. Dec. 21. 1902, mar. Ed-
ward Wade who came from England, 1910.

(6) Stephen Joseph b. April 1, 1869, mar. Susanah James
Knell, dau. of Henry. No children.

(7) Harry Jurnc}- Linthicum b. Aug. 6. 1872, d.

(8) John Henry Linthicum b. Dec. 28, 1873, mar. Ella
Lavania Ball.

IX-1 Walter Noble Linthicum, radio and concert
singer, h. May 3, 1894, mar. Mary Bowerman.
X-1 Anne Hf/llingsworth Linthicum, b. April 26,

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